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The Wayne sville Mountaineer i ?
I ] j-j Published Twice-A-Week?In The County Seat of Haywood County At T he Eastern Entrance Of The Great 8moky Mountains National Park ? ' C
71st YEAR NO. 37 14 PAGES Associated Press WAYNESVILLE, N. C., MONDAY AFTERNOON, MAY 7, 1956 ' $3.60 In Advance In Haywood and Jackson Counties
REUBEN B. ROBERTSON, president of Champion Paper and Fibre
Company, left, shakes hands with Patrick Greeley, just after the
latter was installed as president of the Canton-Clyde-Bethel Cham
ber of Commerce at Camp Hope Saturday night. (Other picture on
page one, section two. (Photo for The Mountaineer by J. M. Deaton).
Haywood And Champion
Have Developed Together,
C.ofC. Audience Is Told
I : : - ?
Over 200 attending the annual
Canton-Clyde-Bethel Chamber of
Commerce banquet Saturday night
at Camp Hope enjoyed good food;
good music; a historical review of
Champion's 50 years in Canton; a
humorous talk, and saw the new
officers installed.
All said and done, it was an en
joyable evening, bubbling over
with enthusiasm, as civic and busi
ness men and women came togeth
er and discussed the future based
upon accomplishments of the past.
The feature of the evening was
the review of the past 50 years of
Champion and Haywood county
growing "up" together, as Reuben
B. Robertson, president, unfolded
a factual record of the half century,
mixed with numerous humorous in
cidents that have taken place dur
ing the era. Mr. Robertson's ad
dress is being published in full,
and will be found on page one,
section two, this issue.
Patrick Greely had the office of
president turned over to him by
Guy Roberts, and ^11 other officers
for the coming year were installed.
They included: W, G. Rogers, vice
president; C. C. Nichold. treasur
er, Ri V. Bailey, secretary. Di
(See Champion?Page 3)
The Hazelwood Boosters Club
will meet at 7 p.m. Thursday, May
10. in the school cafeteria.
This Will be a regular meeting of
the group, according to Glen Wy
att, secretary.
Lake Spotlighted <
Before Gathering j
In Minneapolis
Lake Junaluska came in for
some excellent "spotlighting" at
the Methodist conference in
Minneapolis last week, as Bishop
Ivan Le? Holt of St. Louis made
a talk about the Lake before an
audience of some 8,004 people.
James W. Fowler, Jr.. superb
lntendent of the Lake also dis
tributed 1,000 copies of the Lake
8-page newspaper, "Lake Juna
luska News" printed especially
for this and other Methodist
conferences held during the
Bishop Holt is president of the
World Methodist Council, and
his talk was arranged by Dr.
Elmer T. C'lgrk, also of Lake
Methodist Delegates Report
Voluntary Integration Plans
W. Hugh Massie of Waynesville
and R. D. Coleman of Canton, two
of the Lay Delegates; Dr. Elmer
T. Clark (representing the World
Methodist Council*; and J. W.
' Fowler, Jr. (representing the
Methodist Assembly), returned
from Minneapolis this week from
the Quadrennicl General Confer
The delegates report that a very
lively and Interesting conference
was held, with representatives from
all over the world participating in
the discussions. Among other im
portant legislation considered, the
conference adopted a three-prong
ec program to make possible vol
untary "local option" racial inte
gration in the church. This pro
gram came under the leadership of
the Southern representatives, and
stas accepted with almost complete
The action called for the creation
of a commission to study and rec
ommend action concerning the
Jurisdictional system of the church,
which includes the Central Juris
diction (an all-Negro division*.
One of the duties of the commis- s
sion will be to develop greater t
racial brotherhood. The plan must t
be ratified by a majority of the
132 Methodist Conferences t
throughout the world, 102 of which f
are within Continental America, c
The program, according to Bis
hop Costen J. Harrell of Charlotte, f
is, "a triumph in good churchman
ship and brotherhood." It recog- c
nizes the right of original and local
self?determination, he said. I
Changes in conference boundar
ies can be made only with the con- f
sent of those concerned. The meas- 1
ure, if passed, will provide a 70- 1
member commission which will
(See Methodists?Page 3> i
Scattered showers, mild and hu
mid today and Tuesday. *
Official Waynesville tempera
ture as reported by the State Test
Date Max. Kin. Pr.
May 3 71 S9 1.33
" 4 7!) 58 .00
" 5 80 45
. * 6 74 52 .01
Civil Court
Term Now
Under Way
The May civil term of Superior
Court opened here today with.
Judge J. Will Pless of Marion pre
A total of 34 cases are scheduled
to be heard during the two-week
term of court.
On the motion docket for today
were four cases: Herschel Owen
vs. K. E. Browning; Ray Owens
B.N.F., Minnie Owens vs. K. E.
Browning; R. N. Barber, et al., vs.
N. C. State Highway and Public
Work Commission; Mary Ruth
Jenkins, administratrix of D. C.
Jenkins, deceased, vs. N. C. Depart
ment of Motor Vehicles.
On the trial calendar for today
were three cases: Lyle W. Coffey
T/A Coffe Motors vs. Ben Messer
at.d Lela Messer; Ruth Underwood
Kelly vs. A. T. Ward, administra
tor of the estate of David Under
wood, Jr.. deceased; J. E. Rush vs.
Frank M. Hampton and Tate
Miss Parkman
Wins Prize In
N.C. Science Fair
Word has been received at Way
nesville Township High School
:hat Pan I'arkman a WTHS stu
lent, won third place for her-es
say on "The Cardinal, Our State
Bird", at the North Carolina high
school science fair held on the
UNC campus at Chapel Hill April
As a prize, she was awarded a
gift of $15 in cash by the N. C.
\cademy of Science, which was
presented by Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Vlebane of Wilmington.
Miss Parkman was awarded see
HM place for her ??"?? in the dis
rirct fair at Western Carorlina
College last month and received
i book from the Audubon Society
>f America.
Board Studying Converting
WTHS Auditorium Into 5
Classrooms And A Library
The Board of Education is study
ing an engineer's report of con- '
verting the auditorium of the s
Waynesville Township high school
, .? s
nto five classrooms, library, and
itudy hall.
The engineer is recommending
i second floor be built in the audi
orium, and the library, and study
iall be on the first floor, with
hree classrooms and audio-visual
education room on the second,
rhe present library would be con
certed into two classrooms.
Lawrence Leatherwood, county
iuperintendent of education, said
he additional classroom space is
irgently needed.
The gymnasium would be used
is an auditorium, the school of
icial said. The gym has a seating
apacity of about 1,500.
The present auditorium is 80
eet long, and 69 feet wide.
Estimates are that the project
:ost between $22,000 and $25,000.
Increased enrollment has
irought about the crowded con
litions at the school, Leatherwood
minted out. The proposed project
las been approved by the Parent
reachers Association.
"The matter is now in the study
ng stage," Leatherwood said.
Dr. A. Hey ward Smith
Richard Bradley
nun(vu-i/ii/tiRinr,.! oi lUf mooo But program in the Waynes
villp area are Dr. A. Hey ward Smith and Richard Bradley, who re
place Clyde Fisher and Ytrctl L, Helleway in those potlUwn. The
next vislit of the Red ctosn Blood mobile to Waynesylle will he
Tuesday, May 29, at the First Methodist Church, under sponsor
ship a* the Waynevrillr Uona Club. The Red Cross Gray Ladies,
trader chairman Mrs. Felix Stor all, will assist in the aparattons. <
Dr. Fender
Will Head
Lions Club
Dr. James E. Fender was elected
president of the Waynesville Lions
Club Thursday night, and will take
office July 1 along with other
nominees selected ty>r 1956-57. He
succeeds Ernest Edwards.
Alert nomrul a1i>K Affioao .
- ..UU ?xuivu vu vtuu Ullivva "lie.
M. T. Bridges, first vice presi
dent; Ben Pmllips, second vice
president; Harry Whisenhunt, third
vice president; Lawrence B. Leath
erwood, secretary; Tommy Curtis,
assistant secretary; M. R. Whisen
hunt, treasurer; Pritchard Smith
and Dr. A. Heyward Smith, Jr.,
tail twisters; Phil Medford, lion
tamer, and Jack Felmet and Euel
Taylor, directors for two years.
Bids Are Due
Tuesday On New
Education Unit
Bids will be received Tuesday at
11 a.m. on construction of the new
Administration Building of the
Haywngpd CounVTfoard of EdMa*.
tionrAccording to Lawrence Leath
erwood, secretary of the board. 1
The 6,006 suare-foot building is
to be erected behind the Court
To be let are the general plumb
ing, heating and electrical con
tract* for the building. Plans and
specifications have been available
to interested persons since April
17 at the Board's present offices
and at the office of the architect,
Lindsey Gudger of Asheville.
Church To Have
First Service In
New Auditorium
The first service in the new
auditorium of the Richland Baptist
Church will be held Sunday morn
ing, May 13.
At this service special music will
be presented by the junior choir
and a special message will be given
at the 11 o'clock worship hour.
At 2 p.m. a group of Cherokee
Indians will present a special
musical program.
The pastor, the Rev. Edgar
Willix, extends an invitation to the
public to attend all services of the I
Haywood Highlanders
To Meet Here Tonight
The Haywood County Highland- :
ers will hold their May meeting at
7:30 p.m. tonight at the court
house. ?
President L. E. DeVous will pre
Kurt Cans of Gans Jewelers
has returned from spending two
weeks at Hot Springs, Arkansas.
Sheriff Puts Brakes
On Local Litterbugs
? Sheriff Fred Campbell has come up with a new idea in the
campaign against Public Pest No. 1?the litterbug.
It used to be that a short lane connecting the Fairview and Eagles
Nest roads whs popular hereabouts as a lover's lane. Lately, its popu
larity has diminished considerably.
About two months ago, acting on complaints from property own
ers In the area. Sheriff Campbell started making nocturnal checks of
Lover's Lane. When he found it inhabited, he ordered couples to
pick up a load of trash from the spot arid leave forthwith.
From an area that was once littered wtth trash, Lover's La rife is
now clean as a hound's tooth and Sheriff Campbell hopes to keep it
that way.
He said he has utilized this new technique only at this particular
spot, but be served notice to persons who strew trash and litter on
other persons' property that be and his deputies plan to put a stop
to the practice.
Democrats Name Precinct Chairmen;
Seventeen Incumbents Re-elected
Returns From
25 Precincts
Are Reported
Precinct chairmen were named
by Haywood Democrats Saturday
afternoon at meetings at each of
the 29 polling places. Each chair
man becomes a member of the
Haywood County Democratic Exe
cutive Committee, which will meet
this coming Saturday at a county
convention to name a county chair
man. Members of the committee
serve for two years.
With 25 out of 29 precincts re
ported, the present chairmen have
been re-elected in 17 precincts.
Present chairman Frank D. Fer
guson. Jr., has stated that he is
not in the running for another
term. Other officers are Mrs. Mary
Robinson, vice chairman and Mrs.
Fred Campbell, secretary.
Following arc the names of the
precinct chairmen reported so far.
(* denotes re-election.)
East Waynesville. E. R. Cogdill.
West Waynesville, John Grasty*.
South Waynesville, Major George
Beaverdam No. 1, Harry Hog
Beaverdam No. 2, John Chap
Beaverdam No. 3, Carliss Sides*.
Beaverdam No. 4, Bill Franklin*.
Beaverdam No. 5, Ernest Messer.
Beaverdam No. 6, Loranzo
Beaverdam No. 7, Fred Setzer*.
Pigeon, Gaston Burnett.
Center Pifteon, Glenn Able*.
E. Fork, Gryan Meatherly*.
Clyde, Mrs. C. E. Brown. Jr.
Lake Junaluska. Charl^ Ed- (
; Ivy Hill, Joe Campbell*.
Jonathan Creek, Jule Boyd
Cataknchee, Lush Caldwell*.
Big Creek, Mack Caldwell*.
Fines Creek No. 1, Frank
Fines Creek No. 2, Earl Brad
Iron Duff, Raymond Caldwell*.
Hazelwood. Jerry Rogers*.
Saunook, Jimmy Miller.
Aliens Creek, Bill Ferguson*.
Five' Haywood
Men Inducted
Five Haywood County men re
ported to Charlotte last week for
induction into the armed forces,
according to an announcement by
Selective Service Board 45 at the
courthouse. They were:
Bennett Brown Rogers, Route 1,
Clyde; Doyle Rubin Hannah, Route
1, Waynesville; Howard Messer,
Route 1, Clyde; Kenneth William
Clark, Route 1, Clyde, and Rich
ard Harrison Trantham, Route 2,
cot off to a good start Saturday with a parade
which started at Bethel and passed through
Canton, Clyde, Waynesville, and llazelwood. The
parade Included safety queens from the county's
six high schools riding in.convertibles, the Bethel
High band, and cars bearing town and county
officials. (Mountaineer Photo).
Car Safety Check Gets Under Way
As Auto Inspection Lanes Open Today
Despite drizzling skies, Haywood
County auto owners this morning
were taking advantage of the car
checking lanes in Waynesville and
Canton which signified the begin
ning of Vehicle Safety-Check Week
May 7-12.
A meeting Friday night and a
county-long parade Saturday morn
ing started the ball rolling for the
Daw enforcement officers, skilled
mechanics and others cooperated at
the lanes in checking each auto's
safety and speeding it on its way.
Prizes will be awarded at each
lane at the end of the day. Every
car going through the check lane
will be eligible to receive such
services as oil change, grease job,
and wash, or merchandise including
a rug set and a fender mirror. The
week's grand prize will be 60 gal
lons of gasoline.
Merchants cooperating include
Charlie's Texaco, Walker's Esso
Service, Leather*ood & Francis,
Charlees Shell Service, Crawford
Gulf, Firestone Home & Auto,
Western Auto, Waynesville Esso,
Waynesville Auto Parts, Hazelwood
Service Station, James Shell,
I Scrugggs Texaco, Dickson Auto
Parts, Potts' Esso, Pless Pure Oil,
Allison & Duncan Oil Company,
Burnette's 66, and Potts & Med
ford 66
A change has been made in
the hours of the Waynesville lane,
on hospital hill. It will open at 8
a.m. instead of at 7 a.m. as previ
ously announced. The Canton lane,
located on the four-lane highway
west of Canton, will be open be
tween 7 a.m. and 6 p.m. Monday
through Saturday. Open the same
hours as the Waynesville lane?
8 a.m. to 6 p.m.?will be a lane
near Five Points in Hazelwood. but
on Tuesday and Thursday only.
Receiving perosnal gifts were the
six Safety Queens named by each
high school in the county, together
with their attendants. They rode in
Saturday's parade, accompanied by
the Bethel band and majorettes and
a procession of cars and trucks
bearing safety slogans. Gifts for
(See Safety Check?Page 3)
Lions Raise
Money For
Band Trip
A costume concert which he* i
been termed "loud end successful" I
was presented by the Waynesville '
High School Senior Band Thurs
day night to raise money for the
band's trip to the Lions Interna
tional Convention in Miami.
The "loudness" came from the
nature of the program which in
cluded marches, rock and roll, and
The success of the event was
indicated by the enjoyment of the
capacity crowd and the' total
money raised The final count from
M. T. Bridges, fund-raising chair
man of the Lions Club, shows a
total of about $1,200 from the sale
of tickets and popcorn.
The audience was furnished ad
ditional entertainment by the ap
pearance of band members in cos
tume and 4he "acting" on the part
of the individual students in por
traying the characters represented.
Almost "everybody" was there in
cluding mountaineers, Negroes
Indians, circus characters, in
dividuals from the gay nineties,
and the flapper era.
Three cash prize* of $15 for out
(See Lions?Page 3)
speed Zone bought For
fown-To-Lake Highway
Efforts on the part of officials
and others are being made to
create a 35-mile-per-hour zone
from the Hospital to Lake Juna
luska on Highway 19A-23.
Officials in their letters to high
way engineers relative to the
"conjested area" point out that
there are about 50 Residences in
the Hillside Terrace urea, besides
in the vicinity are the Health
Center, a business place, and the
heavily traveled Francis Cove and
Ratcliffe Cove Roads which turn
off the main highway. The REA
building is also nearby, with a lot
of traffic going in and out of their
One letter pointed out that there
are . 12 residences on Stanley
Drive, about 20 on Charles Street,
plus four Individual driveways
leading off the highway.
Residents in the area remind
ed the highway officials that six
persons have died as ,the result of
accidents at the intersection of the
Highway and Ratcliffe Cove road,
and there have been numerous
other accidents there, resulting in
high property damages.
School officials have pointed
out the growing danger from the
standpoint of safety for school
buses, and health officers have
shown that the danger of getting
to the Health Center from the
highway is steadily growing worse
because of the present 55-mile
speed limit in the area.
Local Jaycees
Will Install New
Dfficers Tonight
Charles "Buddy" Psrris will be
installed as the new president of
the Waynesville Jaycees tonight
it a dinner meeting at the
Lodge. He will succeed Elmer
Hcndrix as president of the 22
member organization.
J. P. Brady, district vice presi
lent, and hewspaperman of Frank
ln, will be the speaker of the even
ng. ..
On Health
Held Today
A county-wide school health con
ference?possibly the first ever
held In North Carolina?-was 'con
ducted today at the Health Center
under the joint sponsorship of the
Haywood County Health Depart
ment and the Board of Education.
The program opened at 9 a.m.
with a general 'discussion of health
problems in schools, by a five
member panel made up of Law
rence Leatherwood. superintendent
of schools, presiding; Mrs. Rubye
Bryson, county health nurse; Miss ?
Mildred Barry, state nutriotionist;
Bill Milner, sanitarian, and Stanley
Nale, state clinical phychologist.
(See Health?Page 3)
Accident Victims
Return To Homes
Mrs. Earl Price, Jr., of Clyde
and Mrs. James Hardin of Canton
returned to their homes Sunday
from the Mulkey Hospital in Mil
len, Ga.. where they had been hos
pitalized following an automobile
accident the Sunday previous. They
were accompanied by Mr. Price
and Mr. Hardin.
The two couples were returning
from a Florida vacation when their
car was struck by another. Mrs.
Price received a fractured knee
and chin and Mrs. Hardin a frac
tured ankle. Mr. Price and Mr.
Hardin were treated for bruises
and lacerations.
: Apple Growers Board
To Meet Here Tonight
Directors oi the Haywood Coun
ty Apple Gravers Association will
meet at the county agent's office at
7:30 p.m. Monday to discuss the
organization program for the
year. ^
Herb Singletary is president of
the association.
will be Installed as the new presi
dent of the Wayneeville Junior
Chamber of Commerce at a din
ner meeting at The Lodge to
night. He succeeds Elmer Hen
* Highway
Record For
In Haywood
Killed 1
(1955 _ 1)
Injured ...? 32
(1955 ? 21)
Accidents... 78
(1955 ? 51) .
Loss . ?. $27,529
(1955 ? I17.J94)
from rtwA W State Hit*

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