'2FSiit:ri:J'il-llolland' To Head Glton, Com Flog Control ommi&ess For This County Ikcting In Court II. Wednesday tyorning TOBACCO ; ; AHottment Contracts Not Yet Received - " . By L .1 McUENDON ' -The Hog corn control committee for the year 1935. was appointed ' - Wednesday morning' in a public meeting held in the Court house; The purpose Of the committee is to handle the hog and corn contracts : in the county. They axe to review adjust and approve for the Wash - . ington office each of these con t tracts, receive and distribute checks, And transact all business in connection with the program. Most of th old. committee was ap pointed for another year. ? ; The officers for this year are: ' Pres., J.-G. Holland; V-Pres., Eu- gene R. Carlton; Secy., Miss Nan i nie Korengay ; Treaa., Majot W. Sutton. ' - ' . The 'Allotment Committee. J.-G. Holland, Eugene R. Carlton, W. G. .Kornegay. n . . -The Community Committeemen: , H, D; Kornegay, Eugene RT Carl . ton, J. G. Holland,.!. P. Rummer lin, Paul E. Smith. - ,-, Special Base Tobacco Contract ; The AAA Tooacco Becuonna a special base-tobacco contract for all f ramers that In 1934 were eligi ble for allotments under the Kerr Smith act .and those eligible underi the same act in 1934. The forms to y n vtorj by the producer under this . .uU have not yet been receiv ed in the county office. All farmers will be notified when the forms are received, -so that they can sign them. It will not be necessary for all applicants for allotments and those wishing to sign contracts, to come to - the county: office untty they are notified. . Yi-V'-k-K, " The Cotton Control Committee tracts to arrive at the county of fice in a few days. Signers will be' notified, and will go to the mem-, ber of the Community Committee in their sections at appointed time and place. - , - The; New Cotton Control Asso- - elation which . was 'formed last week by the cotton contract sign-. ers is as follows; . ; , . County Committee: Albert Mar tin, Calypso; t J. Sandlin, Beula- ville; D. J. Brock, Mt. Olive; Alter rtnttk JfAaalA nHnfl. Ptalirrmn. ' ' nate, Jessie Grice, Calypso, ., Community Committee Lewis, Falson; J. W. Warren, Fal on; John Kmg, ML dUve Dallas Jones, Warsaw; J. B. Thlgpen Beu laville; Moses T. Mewbern, Seven Springs;' -Fred , Outlaw, " Seven Boubwillo Baclieteers Off To Good Start; Take 3 Games ' ; BeulaVille, Feb. 2-The Girls' Horne, Dorothy WllUford tlllian ffSSS Basket Ball team of Beulaville MiUer, Delia Kenned, Mabel Ken-j Hlu Methodj'at church. Inter High has hit its stride and is hold- ; nedy, Opal Baker, Annie Lou Jack-' nt followed Maplewood Cem Ing it. The last eight games this son, Gladys Edwards, guards. ;. jetery Kinston. I - , ' rm Kf rTtJZ to Sr eM ?fp Surviving relaUves include her them. Some of the last teams to with a great deal of interest to i,.u j .L .wm, . get a drubbing at th hands ot County Tournament which 1.' these lassies were Wallace 10 B. F. Grady 7 . . . KenansviUe 8 . .';, Magnolia 13.'. Chinquapin 14 B. F. Grady 8 . ... Beulaville 20 ....Beulaville 24 . . . .Beulaville 35 At the beginning of the season Beulaville had neither boys7 nor plrls team. This, was due to the fact that they had nowhere to play last season and did not develop a team.. There isn't a girl on this year's team tlyit had played a f ame of basketball r"!r to this fu-ason. Out of 0 ga. ua i';:yed tills season Beulaville lias scored f 0 points while, t'i. ir opponents j ive scored 317 poiu i. EMilaville Baskelli "1 r, d rnmp,; '.fid" of the f.'" T I I :,i.es Iona Thin i, A . "I rds, Lillian AlH'i-l.fi, 1 .e NetheiTui t, I l , " .e WiV ii '., ' '" 'i O. Stokes. Kenansvil'le; ,n, Warsaw; L. B. Pow. Springs; X D. H. Carlton, eU, Wallace; . W .D Fussell, Rose Hill; W. D. Campbell, Wallace. . ATTENTIO N READER S ... , ... , , . , your attention Is called to an advertisement In this Issue of the TIMES entitled "What .The Times Is Doing." ' The reception the TIMES Is receiving since nwvlng to Ren acsvUle almost approaches the spectacular.. Last week two of .our advertisers wrote us a letter stating what they thought of our meuTS;. MerTnanTyou wiS do weU to read, this advertise - - mcnt. . t -. The TIMES has one purpose In this ' county - And that Is to give to the people of DupUn County a NEWSpaper that car ries the county news. If we can publish .clean and. wholesome news In our news columns, give you editorials that will at least promote ' thought, whether ; yon agree with us or not,' and carry you news of merchants who have something to offer In the way of good merchandise, then we will be hahpy to continue " Duplin County's County JNEWSpapor. Mom & Pop Club To Meet Monday The Mom and Pop club of Kan- ansville meeting community building. Educational 'talks will be given by two of our young men on snakes and birds in Duplin County. Special inspiration al speaker will bring a fifteen min ute address. v - Much of tha business period will be taken up with the discussion -of th& -' development V of the tennis court, and it is hoped that a f avor able report will be accepted l and work on the- court will begin at once. i ; ;::'.:'iK''!::?S-:;:i;''f.v -The social hour win develope in to a track-meet, and much interest and excitement is assured. ' Each Mom is asked to bring a' .pie. The Pops will guess the make of pie, and the one getting the most correct guesses will receive a pie all to him self. He will have the privilege of asking one Mom to share in the eating of tho prize. v 1 ' O ' " "'li.''Vi UTTLE SON LESLIE MIIXER DDES '.3. . ' Ressie Avon ' Miller, 2 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Miller of Beulaville died last Friday. He was burled the same day. -- - j X to be played in Beulaville's New .Beulavlllo 25 .Gymnasium on Friday, and Satur .!. Beulaville 22 day, March 8th and fith. They are .Beulaville 23 considered' the favorite by many 4v nl,, l -PatilriilWa 'Man, who have been watching them play. At any , rate they are going to make. an honest effort to. carry off first honors. : - WINS TWO " ' Beulaville, Feb. 21 Beulaville takes a double header from Chin quapin. Boys score; Beulaville 20, Chinquapin 13. Girls score Beula ville 24, Chinquapin 14. ' . : I The Beulaville girls 'and boys fc..uk an -early lead and at no stage of the game were they in any se- ! nous duncer of havine that lead in t ,licn away from them. The gam t: ' en were cleanly foiifht. ' Good - t,n 1 im-inshlp was pra ticed by ' i i 1 : luul player, thus caus- i, j 3 t t " "3 to he thoroughly en - ' I ' e crowd that had iflf in William Maj(H VV llliamS , v JbuneraModay i Faison, Feb.. 26 Full honors will be accorded Malor Mar- BhaU McD. Williams, U. & Army, I retired, for whom funeral services I will be . conducted here Thursday I afternoon at 8 o'clock. " i , v A detachment of Infantry from Fort Bragg will participate in the military rites and all . ex-service men attending the funeral will act as honorary pallbearers, under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel Henry L. Stevens, former National uommanaer or the American Le- g,"- " : wi?!f'rin -J Wllanif died last Friday in Tuc- nAizoa&..KnUxlng the Army In 1917 as a second lieutenanV he went pverseas as a majtr. in the vuv ruuery: n we age or a. ld1vr'tah1tCher at Vniversityjhcre for, the hearing today. . v xm, viMuiuii iuiu wciuuer r of the Philadelphia Athletics base-- ball toam. Members .of his college foam win Im uH Mi. tneral Pa"bcorera at County Music , , Teachers Meet v,it""f !-Dvn.?U off WiTot the" Conntv arrintpn - dent fn Wednesdav afternoon for the purpose of stimulating greater interest in Music instruction . and Home Denstratiori Club Officers To Hold FiriioupWia Meeting Mar. 4 Prominent Pink ; Hill Woman Dies ' Pink HU1, Feb. 25 The' death of Mrs. . J, A. Worley at Parrotts Hospital, Kinston early Saturday mroning, cast a gloom over the ent tire town- and community although she' had been seriously ill for sev eral days, 'her ' death was not ex pected. i ' . . ; She was a woman of ,splendid christian character add no woman in Pink Hill was more universally loveo, ( vSHie wa a -, conacienuous worker in the PresK(fterian church of which she was a member. J .Mrs.'- Wortey,' before''' marriage was Miss Mabel Davis, youngest daughter of the late E. K. Davis and Laura Jones Davis." She was married to Mr. Worley, December 22nd., 1920. ' ' ffyy"'-y 'Funeral services were held .'at 2:00 o'clock, Sunday afternoon from the home, officiating minis ters were Rev. F. L. Goodman and the KenansviUe and. Puik :. Hill J ' mona Worley,' her mother, Mrs. E, K. Davis, two sisters, Mrs. J. B. May of - Wilson and Mrs,' Thomas Heath of Kinston and two' broth ers, Mr. Thurman Davis of Rocky Mt and Mr. Rudolph Davis of Pink HilL , i V Colored Schools Hjld Oratorical Contest A county wide Oratorical Con test will be held in' the. Charles E. j Perry High School at KenansvUle Friday evening, March 1st at 8:00. ! Representatives from ach of the colored high schools In the county Rave, been invited to take part and it la hoped that all schools will be represented. The subject ' of the orations will, be some "phase of Temperance. , Gold, silver and1 bronze medals will be awarded to j tho winners of first, second and third honor. The riicihua will be I I 'vnf.M.l by Attnwy L. A. Jv-.ui.' ...VJLLjX A VXVU , , u ; i JAILED TUESDAY MAY BE INSANE , Mrs-. Ada. Ford Smith A (Viette Ford) was lodged in Jailhere Tues day on a charge of trespassing. The warrant Was sworn out by M. B. Holt, Last week Mrs. Ford was tried for attempting to burn Mr. Holt's store.' She was at that time put under a $800 bond for Appear ance at the next term of court and placed under a ?500 peace bond al ( ' Yesterday the case against her - , was canea at iu:uu o ciock wun ' " Solicitor J. J A,-Powers to attend mlutary I ance. Justice Of the Peace C. B. Sitterson beard the case. Solicitor Powers went Into conference with the prosecuting parties and made a study pf the case, " At his suggestion the case was postponed until next Monday morning by,.1 order of Justice of Peace, C. B. Sitterson. Tho hearing Monday Is to be held before Coun ty Judge, A. J, Elanton. A Jury I be tea ; ed for sanitv If the lurv de- cldes bs mjane taken.tohandie the cJ with $ Sey fine her sane, then a datewlU be set for a hear- lng m the crimwal charge. She is!Ask Aid For Countv'a sWi in JaU at Kenansville .having i V" f Vr "UIUy S failed to raise tlie $500.00 bond. i : a large,, crowd of people from Mittncvuuu in uie cuiuibr were . ! ,l. . & v ' v . and commltteoo of ,tb3 county, and mciaoniauy, iQ exenange opinions as to the best methods of instruc- tion and .to formulate plans for evolving, a.; more standard Music iuiiu,uiuiu, win cuuEimuis iu ntandardiae the course of instruc - the music program of the County, 1 'i-' -', '' ' : . Macon witnesses lay disaster to u. fluuviuim i5v.i .v v..: ; , , , Educators Mress need of mathe - You wiU enjoy our new, feature of By Russell Lord ' Q;V; Occasionally we-find a "feature such s this filled withJnterest for every reTder,' because the characters it pot-' j trays are real living nen and women and because it is written by a man "who knows his subject. MEN OF, EARTH is a series of sketches of men and women who have won outstanding success in farming. It ( tells, of their struggles, their hardships; and how they finally' over-' came them. The stories are very human and in tensely interesting. Each is complete in itself. Be ' sure to begin reading-, them in this newspaper. o Johnson and Carr On TI13 In Raleigh; Work After, Pay For Teachers County Basketball Tourney Beulaville March 8th.-9th. The Basket Ball Season seems to be progressing rather satiafac torily toward ' the . County-wide Tournament to be held at. Beula- ville on the 8th and 9th of March. Tbe Committee in charge of the iuuiuameub uuiibislb ui. nr. Arw es. iNOrbn Carolina unaer mr. ur Ranes, Principal of the Chin-1 Koosevelts new deal, has been quapin School, Chairman and allotted five of tbsse discussion Messrs. W. D. Harrell, Coach of groups to be directed by Mr. Gai the Beulaville School, Lucian H. tha, District Agent of State Col- F1183611- Coach of the Rose Hill School. T A. Carson Coach of the Principal of the Magnolia Scbaol. Agea xieeay From the list of old people in the county who are asking for I county aid and claim that they are ! dependent on sv.cb aid, one would ' think that the old age pension would be much favored by the Dup- in C0Unty people. Mrs. Boney re- ports that she now has ofl her list rnany names of these unfortunate people who are above 75 years of asre. Four above 90 years have ap- pueu ior aia ,ana one or tne anpii-i 1 cants. Horn Beadv of near Wnr- old.' Many of these applications ' coft, from towns ln the couty wnero one would think that they wvuig vuivu ivi, cuiu mc lvjwii 1 people are ignorant of the fact that Two hundred Home Demonstra- tion club officers and project lead ers are expected to come to Ken ansville March 4th to hold the first County-wide Council meeting of the year. The following officers and lead ers in each of the 17 Womens clubs will be in attendance: President, Secretary, House Fur nishing, Garden, Health, Clothing, uiauiiiu, uaracii. xietuui. v.iuuiiui, Food, Child Development. BTrZT ' tion and Education Leaders and the nine County Project Chairmen: Namely: Mesdames Stedman Carr, House Furnishing; Paul Smith, Garden; Paul Owens, Yard;.H. D. McMillan, Health; John Dial, Clothing; S. I. Fountain, Foods; John Middleton, Child Development Fab Newkirk, Recreation; and Tommie Williams, Wallace, N. C. Education Chairmen. Mrs. Hubert Boney, Federation President, will, have charge of the- meeting, an dthe following pro gram will be carried out: Meeting called to order by Coun cil president, Mrs. Hubert Boney. Song: The More We Get To gether. Prayer. Minutes. j 10:15 Roll Call: Stand, give name and club name. 10:35 New business: Officers, tree to be dedicated to president on Court House lawn, Spring and Fall Federations. 11:15 Old Business: Report on Club Dues, Bus for state Short Course, Camp. 11:40: "v Group meeting with County Chairmen; House Furnish ing, Mrs. Stedman Carr; Clothing, Mrs. Jno. Dail; Health, Mrs. H. D. McMillan; Recreation, Mrs.' Fab Newkirk r Child Development, Mrs. John Middleton; Foods, Mrs. S. I. Fountain; Tarda. Mrs. Paul Owens: Garden, Mrs. Paul Smith; Educa tion, Mrs. Stokes Williams. ' ; 12:30 Luncheon. ' ' -" ' Program ' ' ,i Toast' Mistress: , Mrs. Hubert Boney, Teacheys, N. C. V . ., v .Greetings: Council president .- Accomplishments during Janu ary (To be read from place cards). Program of work for 1935, Home Agent, J ' ' - . Program of work , for 1935 on Minor projects by Project Chair-1 man ' ' men, Song: Blest Be the Tie. That 4-H Club' Discuss Rural' Problems On Friday mornings February 22 at 10:00 o'clock the first of a sreies of joint meetings of older, 4-H Club boys and girls was held in the Home Agents Office in Ken- ansville for the purpose of discuss. Ing problems of vital importance to rural people of the United Stat- .lege. The entire series of pro- grams will be ,a discussion of "FundaVnental Agriculture Issues of The Present Day." The topic of the next meeting will be, "What Kind of Foreign Trade Policies Do Farmers Want?" All members are urged to listen to the radio, broad cast of the Farm and Home Hour next Tuesday at 12:30, at which time this topic will be discussed. At the frist meeting the follow ing officers were elected. A com mittee of three; namely, Hester Swinson, Doris Dobson and McMilliam, were elected to Ray have charge of a similar discussion next Wednesday af ternon, Februarir 29,' at 4:30 o'clock. All members are urged to be present. Patten Addresses Rotary Club The Kenanaville-Warsaw Rotary Club held its reeular weekly lunch- eon last Tuesday evening in the . iiihii sciiuui caiaieria at t.enans-1 ville. Rotarian Wellington Patten h Mont Olive Club brought a of. the very fine message on the subjectl of Character Development, which ' was greatly enjoyed and appreciat ed by the local Club. The program chairman outlined a very interest-1 ing program for the next meeting, the details of which are not to be made public until a later date. o Richard I Hall Dies At Sarecta Richard I Hall, age 63 died at his home in Sarecta community on Wednesday of last week and was buried on Thursday. The deceased is survived by his widow, Eliza Hall and four girs and one boy. j The deceased went out to work ' .TT .. , . .... i. family went to look for him. He was found about 7:00 o'clock sit- tin? beside a tree with his head' ting Desiae a tree wun ms neaa dropped over and hands m his-face. He died from a heart attack. He 1 ved on the farm of Branch WU-I tin m a nihAiia IVt mnnn1 AO t?aaa ago. I "X" Marks The Spot; White Crosses Seen Here This Week Faison, Mt. Olive, Warsaw and ' Kenansville people are much excit ' ed over the mystery of the white crosses. i White crosses mysteriously ap I peared on dwellings in Faison one 'night last week. That night sev eral homes were robbed. Then crosses appeared on nomes ln Wrasaw, Mt. Olive and this week they were discovered in Ken ansville. One home entered and two rob bers captured ln an attempted store robbery at Warsaw added to the excitement there. ' , " ; ' Saturday night in Warsaw Mrs. George Bennett sat up reading af ter bar husband bad gone to bed. The book Was an interesting one. Finally she prepared for bed. De cided that she would see if the VtnMr ilnnv wan 1vVarl Kofna eVta I rnri a. .h. .tomuM int ' hall she collided with an Intruder sh3 thought was colored. The man held Mr. Bennetts pants ' to his , hands, dropped them . and 1 " k Afternoon' ,r : . Parliamentary Procedure, Mrs. ; Estelle T. Smith,- District Agent ' j ' Dedication of living Christmas Tree to Mrs. Hubert Botfly, Dup- lln folintv Federation 1 Ttresident-J and first vice-president of the; Ft Federation of Home Dem. In Duplb& ' Johnson Leads Carr In Local Bills - '. 0 -5 ' ' CARR LACKING ' '. . 0 , . , Punch Necessary, To Get Bills Passed . (Edit., note:. The. following ;. -" story was wrtiteh by our Ra- : ( lelgh correspondent especially ; ' ' for the TIMES for the purpose ' of giving our readers the low -down on what' our representa- tfves In the General Assembly , , are doing.) v , ' y ' By M. I 8HIPMAN ' Raliegh, Feb. 26 Close harmony on local legislation between Sena tor Rivers Johnson and Represen tative R. L. Carr in the State Leg islature. The Duplin county Demo- f cratic convention went on record as favoring increased fees for reg-. istrars and members of boards of . elections and also for Jurors. They" bill making provision for this' has not been introduced yet by the two law-makers for the reason that ,s they are waiting to see if a State- ., wide bill Is put through, isn't done, then they will. If that put in a local one. ,; Another local matter on which they are working in harmony Is that of getting back pay for teaoh ers in Duplin. Some teachers had never been paid in full before the. State took over the schools. Alt ofFnpt is being made to get the state to pr0vide for payment cf ick unpaid salaries. Dr. Carr has beat Senator John- ; son ln the number of bills of state wide significance, but the latter has him beat in the local bills in troduced and passed. So far Dr. Carr has put through only one bill, one to amend an act of 1929 relat ing to compensation of members of boards of commissioners, - . Senator Johnson secured the pas sage through the Legislature of a : bill to balidate certain waterworks bonds of Burgaw, and also a bill to , transfer certain unexpended funds of the county to the general fund. Another bill passed permits the payment of $500 by the board of commissioners and the board of ed ucation for money loaned to Faison "uuul v..... -..v... " -T!J& Potter, a Justice of the peace, this halnff a Kill 1ooo11va a rv. a ! a rra T . , Senator Johnson was among the. fl t to t, a blll outlawing but the House acted on m intducea by member8 Mecklenburg before the Sen- ate got around to Senator John (Continued on back page)' broke from the house at a fast clip. Mrs. Bennett rushed to her husband, shook him awake.. But the robber had gone. Sunday night officer night po liceman Mills Hodges heard a noise in the A. Brooks department store. . He called help, got Mr. Brooks. Left men guarding the front and back doors of the store. Went in. , Captured Raymond Outlaw ? and , Henry Jones of Duplirf colored, ln the act of picking out what they t. wanted. . ; . .. .:..:..'.. "Though the two captured and the one seen at the home of the ' Bennetts waro colored, folks don't ' believe they were responsible for ' ' the white crosses." ., J i .J, ! "Everybody thinks that thecros--;' sea marked homes 'where scouts ' decided an easy entry could 'be' ade. Then the colored folks sorty fantage the excitement. Tou know men claiming to want uy oW Boli had v8"0 pin ",e ore ine roDoer- i "Biggest sufferer at Faison was Mayor Martin. He lost 1)40, money he bad Just got to buy fertilizer.' ; The white crosses' on the homes are made with chalk. Residents of the three towns discount the idea that .the- mle-ht hnvn Ivpii mirfn by practical Jokers. . Though no robberies Binds. Adlonrnment, have r- e) (Continued on bat

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