i a cor:, . DEVOTES EST? OF '. PL- ..I3Y J THE TIMES COVERS' DUW.UJ LIKE A ROOF, . : H KENANSVILLE, N."C. I L HUSHED EVERY THURSDAY ! March 21, 19S5 ... ; a Kenansvllle basketball team a County' 1935 tourney t piohs, coached by Amos' Brin .1, walked away from Wilming t 1 last Saturday night with the 1 u.veted honors-ln the Wilmlngton f tar News tourney. ' Seizing the lead in the first two i .imites of play and building it to a point where It was never threat- tiled, a fast, well' .drilled vine high five defeated the favored 1 -iaoetntown team 23 to 10, aai- M much time and work keeping iixinv nip-hf in th final of th'j.L . 1- ... -2 " j a r . first annual Wilmington Star-News -Y M.- C. A. Invitational basket-). ball tournament to walk away with a handsome "leg" trophy and: other honors of the highly success ful three-day event ' " ' -.The following Is an excerpt from : a' write-up appearing In the Star News' of last Sunday, ; ) The final game was an excellent example of a team reaching its greatest height at the moat oppor- tune time while Elizabeth town ap- pcared stale, wild under the dart- . ing KenansviUe forwards time and again. The Duplin county lads, ac - customed to playing under pres-'. sure, ' made the most : of - their peered Jinxed at the cage time and . time again. A bit of overconfidence based on easy wins in the earlier , games, played a part In keeping the Bladen i boys from reaching their true form. '. . . . 1 - ' 1 1 Kenansvllle ' entered the' finals' UFltll..vt'tjWka AIM T mnrr 4 1-onl.j f All of the contests were . close, Elizabethtown won the right to bat tie for the title by beating Leland 37 to 20, Tar Heel, 47 to 16, and Jacksonville 27 to 14. . 1 R. B. Page. .' publisher - U..IV the I "1 "''f1"r - t "3!i:r bnanKubTt composed of - Maurice y Brlnson, mson, Durwodd Mur- LXlro mZ'1 niua, J. w. Wiiuamioft anH Murphy Dobson. Coach ; Brlnson H rvlver by his widow who was also given a miniature bask-. 'ormeriy Mia Ula Kennedy etball.- . k u 'iv.'pK'.01 - Beulavllle-'-anhrteo childreiv The ioefti quintet pleX'tnre .Udd'' "-aatd. Kehnethr one men on the old-tournament first 1.'' team. They " were Williams, for-; H1U" ; . ,' ; . , ward, ; Sitterson .. and Brlnson t'? P. ". 'i guards; Murray placed all-tourna- ment second tejam.i.j':','J;lj, C0AIJ1ISSI0NERS SKT ; ON PERSONAL' 2t XSl1 average valuation for listing per' ' sonal property In. Duplin County 'for this -'year.: . 'ilfh-yf.Ki ':fC:'i:. The valuation are as follows: . No. 1 mules $250.00; No. 2 mules $150.00; No. 3 mules $50.00; NO. 1 horses $200.00! No. 2 horses $128.- 00; No. 3 horses $50.00;: Pet pon-j ies $20.00; No. 1 milk cows $75,00; No. 2 milk- cows, $40.00; No. 3 milk cows $20.00; Beef cattle. 4c per lb.; Live hogs 4c per lb. ( Meat and Lard average 10c per lb.; Corn ; 60c per bushel ;-; Soy ' beans $1.00 per bushel; ; Field , peas $1.00 per bushel ; ' Cotton 10c per ' lb. ; Goats 60c each; Sheep $1.00 each; Bees $1.00 per hive; Hay $1.00: per 100 lbs.;' FDdder $1.00 per 100 lbs,; Lumber on hand $10.00 per thous and feet ' - ' ! , --o - i. 'j i "' Retail' food prices rose 34.2 per : cent in two- years to Feb. .15. : roucE cc::.: . SOLVES crx? . : UYSTBY- ' The reason some crops are weak and. poor when on the other side of the fence they are thick and luxuriant has been solved to the satisfaction of Police R W Walker of Barn- wall s l, tie sayi aooa cruu. ' always grown when American nifate nf ioda is used, because of its high nitrogen content and purity. , According to Police Commissioner Walker, farmers who use American nitrate of , soda are helping themselves by following Dr. Charles H. Herty s recent advice of "Southern fertilizers lor the Southern farmer." , i For these reasons use and recora-m-'"l N ' ' ' ARCADIAN, TIIS AMERICAN NITPvATZ C? SODA part and r I - ed Adv. . " .1:'3 Add ,7 winning ::!:rLca tournament Introduce Tile Irrigation Farmers "of Duplin County are I ever worklne to - imnmvA thnlr ' farmg and twem conditions. A for, ward Btep m modern agriculture in our county Is the use of tile for Kenans-'drainage purposes. Tile not only makes far better drainage but sav- uiKuvB upcu, tutua Haiiwi cum ana ' gave, much wasted land. This week three car loads' of drainage tile arrived in Kenana- Viiie to be used on-county farms. I mis uie is oeing unioaa ea and nunea true week. The tile aa pur chased cooperatively by several far mere in the county, namely: J. W. Home, Fountain's Store; H. T. Horne,' Fountain's Store; L. H. raay, wan urove; t. a. wernigan, Summerlln'a Cross Roads; IS. W. Simmons and W. T. Mewborn of OuUawa Bridge; M. F. Frederick, PoUock County CommisBioner Fred l Bna " vumy urm. . Farmers who; are interested In ',m" taepect the fields of these men at anv time they wish during the year aa," A -X!!ZZTV?Ti "S? u umng uie are very enU,uMUc ovep " " 0-7 (' Funeral SprvlrPS" V 4 . p.. t T;i T fOr K JarVIS Lanier, , , I Funeral services were conducted atreaay been introduced In Con for R. Jarvis Lanier at lUs late rw and Is being favored by a home in. Beulaville Tuesday ing. Service were w charge of the Masonic s The deceased paasril way Tues- mominr foHci, oroiod ' TDB oflceun mm inv inn i illnei commenctowllhneumi ble waa the immediate cause of his de?th-ft Interment was made In WjCeaUUnited States man or waa aw hedy cenwtory In BeulaviUe- on relief headsS f amtUes- worriea. FERA VALUATIONS PROPERTY FOB 1935 . Tide Water Employees Meet In Warsaw 03 The Tide Water Power Company Warsaw, unit, held a -meeting of all employees In the office in War- I saw last; Friday afternoon with F, ' ZI" .Mnt ihVm 'n f m pany Pre5enl- t The Tide Water la putting on a drive this spring to sell General Electric Refrigerators. Addressing the gathering In addition to Mr. Matthes were L. : C. Driscoil of Charlotte. General Electric distrl- i - - Ihutnrs. Ben Allen Of AUanta. Ua.. jdlstrict manager of appliances for General Electric, Mr. Murray, cam paign manager for the Tide Water. The meeting was very Interest ing. Much valuable ; Information waa given! to the employees by the speakers. jMr. JHatthea stated that th. -.im,tiA -ftaiirt 4' he territory; so inat anotlw reduclonwlll be -possible. - - j ' xi wrr Jh .tar. i. ririSned r"""? " uw uwfiw,. Propw ior the meeting Uic tae, which he ys now manu- m TOO I factures refrigerators to suit every weeit::Ov v; home and every pocket book. , I was- Ben Allen, who Incidentally, has written quite a bit of poetry i for the Saturday Evening Post. Mr. Allen gave a splendid talk on salesmanship. One thing of partlc- uuu1 mwivoi. mo &h.i. .wm u every ugui viu ui uie uiuwu Quiz per cent It would only .. JlrZ es was cut 50 save each user erage of 5 cents per day, or. the price of Coca-Cola. a inn interesting was the revela- i tlon of the fact that" there la an"' average saving or z per eeni on all groceries purchased On Satur- dava. Mr. Allen ' aald Of money'orav for him "nrav for Governor Mtutov hnnn't anv value excent uv,y as vou can interpret It In terms of O- t - Justice Holmea left to govern- ment half of his fortune. EARL HARDISON WILL WALK IN HEALTH AGAIN Karl Hardiaon. 21 var old Chin- quapln man, again may face Mfe,ter the -Issue , went out Outlaws with an optimistic view. After hav-j Bridge Community was the first to 1 1 . 1 . 1 MI ' .. .t .1. naaMli AAiiln. ing been crippled since he was five years old and ' for the past few years practically helpless, Mr. Har diaon wll be able to get around like any normal person hi a short time now, ' . , Two weeks ago the TIMES ran an account of Mr. Hardiaon stat ing that he had been carried to Duke Hospital and doctors there had straightened his body to norm alcy, practically. When he was car ried to Duke Iris . head literally touched his toes. Doctors . there stated that it would be necessary V'"' " 7.h n.Tttl.Z bracea and shoes made If he were for . Mr. Hardiaon to have special to remain In the straightened con dition. ( , v .':', ' The TIMES sent forth an appeal to its 'readers to contribute and help raise the necessary $ 35.15 to Closing Date Fcjr Making Base W eed Contract Is April 1 st. notice; . ;'-'- - r v--..-r-. C, a State Manager for the Town send Old Age' Pension Flan will explain- this PENSION BILL to the people of ' Duplin County in "ri ous at Kenansvllle, n. C:. on Saturda, March SSrd., 1935 at 1:00 o'clock P. M. This Bill has wge number of congressman, About 35,000,000 voters have at reuiy ugnea ana aeni in petitions a , - . hut- mnrt. tit iluu n A .,.1 v- wvucu, voters are invited to sign lanittonftTTCTIl Opportlimty The BlU provides that the Govern- nwui pay o ., au ciuzens of the of age, $200. per month the rest of their Uvea upon two conditions, viz: Job if any given up to the yottng runemployedr and to spend the eatrre amount of the Penatoweverjr 80 days. This may sound too good to- be true,- but do not make up your mind, until "you have heard . the Bill explained. I would nice for. all citizens, men and women,, to the County to become lamuiar with this Pension and Bu- smesa ttecovery Plan, j,, Should anything happen to pre- me mentioned Mn thiT notice I wiu wire your Kditor. . .. , t . , , ' W. R FISHER, -State Manager. 14 Year Old Girl .J Desirous Of Home i .The County Welfare Department hM to young girl whom .they wouldljike ti place In a good home The girl will be fourteen on her next birthday, August ls. She 1 a blond, with pretty curly heir. light compIexUon, blue eyes and In the pink of condition; She la very " wui oe a great neip in nome-t :i ' l . it . i , . . . . -- yrvaeni. sue im unqr u. un county home. Any one Interested are asked to communicate with Mrs.. Harvey Boney. u Baptists To Gather At Sharon April 9th The social called meeting of the Ea,,te'r,l P4 Am " eW sharon Baptist Church ,CWiPW " Tuesday April fMnne announcement by McGowan this Asks Foil tiqiibirS Goes o DeatK WitK Devil . Sidney Etherldge, convicted of ; Etherldge was a native of Cho- Upchurch, News and Observer re am Onslow County slaying went to wan Countv but in recent years Dorter who visited' him, "I can his death In the electric chair In the Raleigh State Prison last day. carrying with him the Jinx of the black cat that had followed I him through his. sojourn ; of . 45 v. f nf mrhaHdn. nt t hi. ...rin. Ts.- w m the devil for 24 years. I don't deal with religion. Religion don't hold here. ije told a minister not to m.-t,. r.mmioim.- nm ju4UMicfiui au vvuiiuhmivuvi vjati Thev am the one. that need 1L "1 lean throw my hat Into the air and it will fly away like a buzzard," boasted the doomed man to C. A. with him.' buv the shoes and bracea. Soon -afi respond with nearly five dollars. I Then last week the TIMES sent a $1.00, .W. B. Parker, 1.00; Mrs. H. second appeal and another couple. Beems 10c, Mrs. M. B. Hinea 10c, of dollars came in Immediately. ' Mrs. H. Steward 15c, M. H. Cana This week immediately before go- :dy 25c, Miss Velma Murphy 25c, tag' to Press contributions Just Miss Mary Alice Blackmore 25c, rolled in until we qot only had the Mr.: P. O. Lee, 25c, Miss Marie necessary amount jbut a good bit Dobson 15c, C. J. Marshburn 25c; over. The extra money will be used ! Presbyterian Sunday School, col to help Another worthy case In lection,'. Beulaville M-86; D. D. need. , . I Sandlln,: Beulaville $1.00; E. A. Donations to the case were as Lumsden, Kinston 50c; Mark Smith follows r i - - jl5ci Gertie Everton 25a, B. J. Norr J ... n.i1ona : ttrllln nimmnnKn rti Obi IWall Wlllifnnl Rn hhf. .t...b .llnnHnll 'CO UK 11 T 1 ! Maxwell, $1.00; MJbs Annie Max- well, $1.00; Mr. and Mrs.. M. L. Outlaw; Sr, $1.60&lrs: C. D. The mas, Kenansvlllei ll.OO; Chinqua - pin;. Mrs. C. . iu u ut a a , Kenansvllle, $1.00 W . D. Blanchard, $U Joseph'' Wll- ! liams, 50c; Rev. C. Smith, Sue;. Take Place Allotments ' MarlA 'lW Ypar i 1 PROVISIONS FOR Adjustments W h ere Poundage Unavoid ably Low The forma for making applica- ', . m, . . bt.i p., nnntpnnt " ". r ' . . . whinh n.ni Mfkiflp tha a lArmoTUa . or 194 and who grew make appllcatjon , shouVI do so through) the cpunivnt' grace or through' thecommlttee at once, stated County Agent McLendon to day. Tobacco growers who have an equitable base . acreage on - their own farm for the years 1931, 1932 and 1933 would not be eligible for a Special Base Contract Farmers who have not grown tobacco prior to 1929 would not be eligible for a Special Base Contract. A 'farmer who has a tobacco reduction con tract on one farm and owns or operates one or more , farms, not under1 a regular tobacco contract would; not be eligible for one of the new base contracts.' A farmer that was under a regular reduction' contract In 1934 and has sold 8 part of his farm with the under standing that his farm was to get no tobacco rights to the con tract would not be eligible for a Special Base Contract All applications must be in the County Agent's Office by April 1, 1935 so that they can be investlgat ed.by the committee with view to an early approval. :f;; X Regular contract Signers whose acreage or poundage is abnormally-low due to conditions beyond 4k. . .1 . n.f11 UIO JAJWCI Vt. U1V JHWIKCl, .Willi have an opportunity to make ap-j ward,, provided they .agree not to Mnf.i nr .rf,,.tm.i nIv. ment (o"j 1B35 -j appUe, oniy to Uie contracting signers who have signed a' regular tobacco reduc tion contract. Ji , . : The closing date for filing appli cations for an upward revision will be April 15, 1935. Please get in your applications and give the cor- ect information aa soon as possi-' We, This wiU mean that you will) what you can do at a much earlier date if you give In your ln- formaUon with reference to the a-l molmt of toblcCO vou have pro-1 :duced to a conservative and ac-, S ; r has resided In Portsmouth. Va. , w.on Wnne,vrnt the? Bute - W" ??!S P80? who have occupied Death Row none was , comparaoie o oioney 1 Etherldge. ( There was no mlstak- mT nta mc6 Warden waa tuuiluc"'' rT"6" " ""J taklnK Insanity. Prisoners on Death . w. usuwiy giveu wijr- MV M W-MW O thing they asK for jusr. prior to r - . , f. King to the electric chair. The day before Etherldge died he was j aske1 whath wanted and 'he..re- piled a pint of liqour. Me oio noi.eviaence' out wm uoi oiicuu-obi,-iget it' ' t t J an, himself , he believed would walk J. F. Futrell. 25c:.' Joe Wood. 25c: Gib JBatchelor, Weavers Bridge, $1.00; raised in the relief office at VflnanBirlllm Uho llAnim If lM1Atnn Kenansvllle; Mrs. Henry Middleton 1 - 4, Wtllt . U. T Ilk . I 10c, L. J. Albertson 25c, Daisy NorrU $1.42, Wesley Williams 50c, lizzie Brown 15c, Joe F. Edwards 25c, James C. Brown 25c. Edmond! QtMnun oKn nr a -i.,., or. r o t .. f14"111 A4Jvt MJvruuiy uuiicrw, ui MORE ON BACK PAGE COMMITTEEMEN WILL MEET All 1934 and 1935 Contract Sign ers will have to meet the Coramu- jnlty Committeemen in their res pective townships for the purpose ' of signing forms in connection with the contract for 1935, according to announcement by Agent McLen don this week. These forms can only be signed at the places and during the time designated below they cannot be signed In the Agent's office at Kenansvllle, ex cept those In Kenansvllle town ship. ' All persons who grew cotton in as tract for the year 1935. Those per sons growing .leas, .than five acres of oottog ia-iaaag 934 can -tent aa many whole acres as they may wish; they may also plant fractions of acres where this appears in their base acreage. The amount of Tax-Exemption Certificates to be issued with which to gin cotton in 1935 will not exceed 65 per cent of the base acreage .therefore all persons elig ible to produce cotton in 1935 that sign a contract will receive Rental and Benefit Payments. The place, date and committee men are listed below, all meetings are to be held during this month. Albertson, Holts Store, March 20-21-22, John F. Southerland. Smith. Freelv Smith's March 23- 25-26, John F. Southerland. Smith, Freely Smith's Store, March 23-25-26, John F. Souther land. Limestone, Sandlin's Store, Mar. 20-21, J. B. Thigpen. Cypress Creek, Lanier .School, March 23-25, J. B. Thigpen. Island Creek, Z. T. Carter's Store, March 20, W. D. Campbell. Island Creek, Charity March 21, W. D. Campbell. Island Creek, Wallace, March 22, W. D. Campbell. Rockfish, Snyder Carr's Store, March, 20-2122, L. B. Powell. Rose Hill, Rose Hill, March 20-21-22, W. G. Fussell. Magnolia, Magnolia, March 20-21-22, Dallsa Jones. Warsaw, Warsaw, March 20-21-22, D. H. Carlton. Faison, Town Hall (Fal.) Mar. 20-21-22, M. C Lewis and J. W. Warren. Falson,Calypso, March 23-25, J. W. Warren. Wolfsorape, Cobb's School, Mar. 20-21-22, John King. Wolfscrape,i Sumnerlin's Cross Rads. March 23. John King. Glisson, Scot's Store, March 20- 21-22, Fred Outlaw. KenansvUle, . Agent's I March 20-21-22. Office, I throw a blanket over the sun and 'ht out the llght-rve done that Ifour orlve Umes today Just to show the boys in here. ' Etherldge claimed that chewing the bones of a boiled black cat en dowed him with the power of the devil. , He waa convicted of the axe- Slaytng of Mrs. Mamie Moore, 71, ipUtyillQ l Wl. , ired recluse of Onslow , county, - - . .i... but went to his death maintaining hta uuioncence. He said he thought be waa going to hia death on alim School Bus Crashed Into "7-1 Blind Crossing By Speeding Driver, No Brakes Said Calico Juniors Organize At Chinquapin o ". . frhinnimnin Lodsre of the Junior Order was organized by O. J. Nye past councilor and organizer with ... . . the following list oT charter mem bers and officers: I Major G. Hurlburt," Richard XlCKelt W. H. Register, Herman Foy, A. E. Williams, Roscoe Pierce, R. M. Evans, Albert San .?t-.1JJ ,x ' "J" w""' IT """n "! v. t t-. r, -i Major G. Bostic, L. C. Bradshaw, Jas. F. Futurell, Marvin B. Wall, Rev. W. C. Smith, Jerry S. Pad gett, Murray Wood, G. E. Pickett, W. J. Parker, Clifton Cavenaugh, S. L. Lanier, Robt. E. Cavenaugh, f U !nmn. Tf D Dln.l. 1 T ieph Harrell, Roy Futurell and Donald Costune. The officers elected and install- i ed are Junior Past Councilor T. O. J Parker, Councilor G. E. Pickett, jVice Councilor O. H. James; Re I cording Secretary, U. P. Blanch ard; Asst. Recording Secretary, 'Chas. Sewell; Financial Secretary, Carpan Cavenaugh; Treasurer, J. i: r-ucurei; uonauctor, Kobert Evans;- Chaplian, Rev. W. C. Smith; Warden, James Ward; Sentinals, Elbert Cavenaugh and Albert Sanderson. Trustees are O. H. James, Ellis Williams, Roscoe Pierce; Representative to Grand State Council, O. H. James; Alter nate, T. O. Parker. The Lodge meets every Thurs day night in the school building. The crack degree team from Wal lace Council will confer the de grees and put on the floor work the latter part of April. O : McGowan Speaks To Rotary Club The Kenansvllle-Warsaw Rotary (Jlub held its regular weekly meet- ing Tuesday night in the local school cafeteria. Faison McGowan. I County Auditor spoke to the group on county government. His talk was very Instructive and was enjoyed by all. Relief costs nation $58 a second, with rolls increasing. NEGRO KILLED BY TRAIN IN TEACHY WHILE ASLEEP ON TRACKS . manic tt ciis, uuiuiru, uuuul n years old. was killed instantly last Dn-nnn Hf.. 1 1 1 ,1 ........ Hfl Thursday morning in Teachey ) when he went to sleep on the rail I road track and was hit by a south j bound freight about eleven o'clock. A .coronor's Jury returned a ver dict that Wells was killed by the train while sleeping on the tracks. Wells had been fishing with a party of white and colored peo ple. They left home in the morning soon after mid night and were re turning to their homes from the trip. He carried a string of fish wer his ahnulilor Wolla tiro a l and it is believed that he sat down on the cross tires, mnvha tn tv.at I a minute, and dropped asleep. The! train did not run over his body, but apparently knocked him over, I hitting his head on a corner of a I cross tie, knocking a hole In it and breaking one arm and leg. Appa-, rcmiy uie ixegro was silling on i the outside of the rails as his fish were found between the tracks i Mth the string that was holding j them cut into on one of the rails, o 1 (JCC To Accept 156 Veterans County Welfare Officer, Mrs. Harvey Boney, this week received a letter from the Veteran Admin istration in Charlotte advising that 156 white veterans will probably be accepted for CCC work between the period of April 1st and April 15th. Mrs. Boney is anxious to re ceive as many applications aa pos sible immediately. The CCC pays veterans $37.00 per month, board room and all expenses. o i- ALBERTSON TAX LISTER . APPOINTED Mrs. Magnus Outlaw of the Out laws Bridge community was ap pointed tax lister, for Albertson township last Monday by the Board of Commissioners. ; . ;v: A .-.j .i;, 'm'.'V.A!'. ' Harvey Boney, Jr and ' Guy , Teachey, both of Rose Hill, made the honor roll at the University of North- Carolina last term. Their I friends are proud of them. An accident occurred in War saw Monday afternoon that might have resulted in one of Duplin County's moat - tragic accidents. oome wouia oeiieve TJiai iate yuty 'ed a hand in the affair. Tf nroa riffr A .nVtvil : lima ' A school bus driven by George Henry Best had delivered its first toad of children and was returning to the Warsaw high school for its second , load. The bus was headed, towards the school from highway, forty from the direction of Kenansvllle. About half way between the high' way and the school at the road In- tersection at Swinson's filling Sta tion a Dodge sedan driven- by a man named Price crashed Into the. bus, knocking it about ten feet and turning it completely over. The bus rested on the side hit by ' the automobile. The driver was said to have been going at a rapid speed and ap proached the' crossing with no brakes on his car. The Impact waa 80 heavy that the front of his au- tomoblle was completely demolish- ed and the body of the truck waa torn into smltherings. It waa said. If the bus had been loaded with children it would probably have cost several lives. The intersection is blind and is dangerous for an automobile to approach at a slow rate of speed. A hearing will be held shortly to determine who was to blame for the wreck. Edit Note: If the bus driver ! was at fault he. should be sever ely punished, the Times believes and if the driver of the automo bile was approaching as danger ous a crossing as that one la knowingly without any brakes no punishment is too good for he is just as guilty as he would have been If the bus had been loaded with children and a score of them killed. But for the grace of God lives of many Duplin's vounr children ara uvmL) -Superintendent Bowman went to Rftleitrh Tuewtav " Muf wnirt a 8econd hand bU8 to 8chool , arrangements could made to nurchase a new on CAPTURE STILL j Deputies Dale and Powell captr ured a slxty galIon stl about Jy .en miles west of Magnolia last Friday. With the still the officers found seven barrels of masht No one was caught. -m kT .MrS. MarjOrie Murray Buried Last Fridav Miss Marjorie Murray, native or this county and for many years resident of near KenansviUe, died in a Goldsboro hospital last Thurs day night at 8:00 o'clock. The de ceased was 75 years old. Funeral services were Held Fri day afternoon at the family bur burying ground with Kev. O. """"". "y nr tw,a nf i" "I -iv. i ... i i Rev-. 5:. f0" Jf ' Miss Murray was the daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Murray. Six years ago she moved to Goldsboro to make her home with her neice, Mrs. Dr. Turlington. Pneumonia, and ArvainAlajt wan the immediate cause of her death, She is survived by a brother, John Murray of Warsaw and a sslter, Mrs. Dave King of Samp- son County. George Sumner Has Wonder Hen George Sumner of near Halls- - . vtlle feels that he has something . of record when It comes to egg laying hens. When he went to gather up the egga one day last week he found that one of . s his hens had laid a very large egg, said to be the largest hen egg ever seen by some of the oldest people In the community. He describee the egg aa being ' laid en March 10th. The egg , measures $ 1-1 inches long and -t 1-2 Inchea wide.. It measure around the short way, 1 Inchea and the long way nine Inches. ', The egg weighs oc. :;' f i ': George has no geese or turkeys i and la sure that the egg waa laid , by a hen. . Rockefeller fund crave iS.02A.T2S I to education In year. ' v .v, 4 T. ' X" " t . i ; I f i 7 1

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