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THTCBSDAy, .APRIL 25th 1985
- jubville Citizens After
City Water Supply Service;
To Put Ban On Fast Drivers
Citizen of the Town of Beula
ville gathered in the school audi
torium: there ' last Monday , night
: and discussed plans for securing a
water supply system for the town.
Also the matter of new town of
fleers was taken up and it was
found that time had slipped up on
them 'and it waa too late to call as
election,1 Some 1 members 1 of the
9 M vue
of relinquishing their position n) .night when Dr. Geo,
L, Xt?lw8Srt of the University of North
Zh i!id I Caroltaa will deliver the address at
w!25;2XS ?l r, -Kenansville and Dr. Howard J.. Mc
-one at each meeting, ana a new, , w r t r win ho at
one appointed in hi. place- Present 'gS? 'Tt u
officers are Mayor , WjG. Jones;
v. W. Jackson and J.-Q. Bostic.,
?., A commute composed, of J. Q'
Bostic, J. M. Hargett, W; Q.
es and W. R, Sutton was appointed
10 meei wun mr. Murpney, aisinci
in Goldsboro, and find out what,
fMlin fflA n Art ft Aflrf WhOT TlrWPni11A
Tl TfllfN In AflirA D ttrtirai, BVHrPTTl '
for the town. - A aurvey has been-
.' made of all people who will take
: " , i ,lanier is toe cnus 'nuiwuk
: The question of fast and wreck-1 The program for the night is as
i less driving through the city limits follows;.- Invocation, Rev. J. L.
. was taken up and it was decided to Powers, class program: radio an
post signs at the town entrances nouncer, Woodrow Mercer j y class
warning the driving pubUc that the history. Rossie Thomas; Class Sta
State speed law will be enforced ' ttetica, Odeil Pickett; class 'song
In Bevlavllle. i - ' Class; prophecy, Estella Jones; gift
o " ' jorlan, Lillian Sandlln; classj pdem,
' .t -'V r "Evelyn Kennedy! Quartette; ; last
WaiaCe pCnOOl tiaS ; -f
' - - - 1
- Wallace, April 22. The flnals of,
.Clement , high r school, ; Wallace; f
came to a close Friday with an 1
able address by Lieutenant-Govero
or A.tW .Graham of Raleigh. '
Graham was heard by an overflow
'audience. The baccalaurate sermon
was given Sunday morning, April
14, with Dr. H.-G.' Beddinger; bt
rra M.cdonai
, av. . ' . .v,,','t'(A"'"
Claas day exercises, .held by the,.
seniors, ook pjace nuraay ev-
ning, tn connUdn with a fashion
. review by. the
home economics
James Cavenaugh, class president,
was assisted by the following mem
bers of the '38 class; Mary Franc
es Wells, secretary; Virginia Sou
therland, statistician; Helen Evans
salutatorlan; Hattie Turner, his
torlan; ; Eloise' Boone, . prdphet;
Martha McCluhg, poet; Melva
Hansley, testator; Henry Zibelyn,"
grumbler; C.'J. Carr, gUtorian;
Lottie Watkins valedictorian; mar
shala were: O.' C. Blanchard, ' Jr.,
chief, assisted by Charles FarrioW
Tommie Adams, Betty Blanchard
and Helen Zibelyii. "';- ' ' ' .vV;
-Xn Tuesday evening," a highly
entertaining play, "Hre Comes
Charlie," was presented by mem
bers of the junior and senior Class
During the past few weelcs vari-1
oua entertainments have been cred-;
itably presented by the grammer
grades, which, performances were
presented very creditably Prof. J.
S. Blair, with members of his fac-
. mendation for the, past year's work
::'.Y:0''4 " ! "' - '' ' '''4:tft
New bond, offerings are the lar
gest since April, 1931.-, . !
' , 0 ,
v Surgeons warned against alter
i lng criminals' features.
Body Of George Brinsoh ;
Found, Badly Decomposed
The colored man who. was re-... the left aide of the head and '"cee protfram 'ww'taVchawe oi
ported found in a ditch near Mtwas badly crushed, and his ploin- Robert O Wells who gave a very
Olive In last weeks issue of.the'ea were .bloody,
Times, was vieorfio . ormsuu u
Mount Olive who was married and
has two children. George was last
seen in company with three Negro
men on March 2nd., and was re
ported missing to the Mt live
nnilnn hv hia wife. Wavne Countv
officers report that the report came
to them that a negro man was,
seen dead on the town Junk yard,
hut on investigating they found
that the body had been removed,
and no trace of it could be tound L
Evidence now seem to be that the
body was moved from the Junk
wd1 to the . ditch where found,
P"'n- " '...M o To
April 111a m a u.ctu oi
s enst of Mount Olive fid 300
"3 f in
V"3 1-1!!''
' '! ! . t r
r.f V I
in'e and I
1 in te l.iua anai
n left e body.,
1! 11 i '-a,
t r
School Finals Tomoi
row Night, Bcula
ville Program ,
Closlnir exercises ,T for uupnn
schools will come to an end May
3rd when Calypso and Chlnqua-,
v... ..,, TtMilavllln.
BeulavUle , J
''' . . ' !
I' - The grammar graaes oiaue ecu-.
' laville scncoi win nora,ureir caci -
pIiiph tnniPht and srraduating exer-
Jon-.'cl8ea ani class day will be tomor-1
.n niirht Rievsn seniors will re-
ceiVe their ' diplomas they
ton, Evelyn Kennedy,. Rossie Tho-,;
mnl.A,4- Fnlall. I n-rtOO '
V lllfnH ' Dnnfll . - TnnD A'I'ri.l OrriOTl
Grace Baker Charles. Baker, and
woodrow Mercer. Martha Celestial
will abd testament, Grace Baker;
tiaeut, uram Jaivm i
'mrgett? b 2W
j L-,powers. i- 4 ; ;
Commencement sermon was
ipaached in the BeulavUle v High
. ; .:. , " i 1 . ...,..
fSTnT' - r B Rtf
. "f ffT' "
'tt,w?txZinX ''V Plana by his , mother, Mrs, L.
. iUnti-LrJ' m anflwer to m
,P caU each of the 18 clubs sang
r , . , . . ,' . .
rh m hv Miss Nao
mentrendered several; approbate
hn , on , of mrinv' outstanding
rhI,vmmt. Amnnr thm mmnlB.
.'. th Hrtt TvmnMinm
new water Plant . installed.
?100 spent; on tM Jibrary : both
basket bait teams equipped with
suits. Over : J1000 was 'raised
through various activities ; : , i
, Enrollment totaled 92d with 789 second, to Rocknsn ciud. -!
in the elementary school and 137 J. O. Bowman presented the silver
in the high school, exclusive ' of loving cup for attendance to Mln
Potters Hill which .enrolled appro- eral Springs club. Second prize
ximately 200. ; - - went to the Rockfisb club. Prizes
... Prof. Hargett stated that the av-1 m the winter garden contest were
erage daily attendance' based on 8 j won as follows : First, Mrs; R. J,
months has been sufficient to just-j Ward; second, Mrs. J. L. Miller;
ify another teacher in "the elemen- i third.' Mrs. Zack Williams; ;5 and
tary grades under the present:
school set up. At present Beulavllle .!
has 20 teachers Including the agri-
cultural teacner.
i " - , o-
WaFSaW DrilfiT
Company Special
, Your attention la called to
advertisement of the . Warsaw'
Drug Company. . Next week., is .the
annual Rexall 1 cent sale. You will
profifby reading their ad.;Ai
jury said tnat the man came to his
, death 1 by " Hands ; of an r unknown
' person or persons . i ' - '
I . nrn nlonflnT ,tilU rTt'
March 2, and after finishing yta&
paid off and given a bag of the, ln-
sides of cut potatoes to take home.
His coat" and the bag of potatoes
was found in an old building near
where he lived. ' ' , . v
Evidences seem. to show that the
committed inWayne
the Wayne officers
" . .
made to locate' and
- n vJL men last seen with
Brlnson but to date no arrests
have been made.
1 .
Students of nation stage peace
rtiorrtpr nr few '
'. 'aulu rs w- .
Prenidrnt to runh grade-crossing
Our Popular Demonstration Agent
- . : Ik
" ni ' I "
Mrs. Pratt C. NcSwain, Home
. . "i- I 1 ,kt.J
i;ouiiijr wnw is ervius imtu. jr
omm n luumur
Mrs. Mc. you'll find her Chevle,
Mrs. McSwain la beloved by all
lent a fa oantrv shower riven by
Demonstration Clubs here last Frl
McSwain . Is doing to o
l.r n.m..l nf MW , .....'..'::
I" '' ';"
Over 400 Women Gathered
Here In Annual Meeting
Of Demonstration Clubs
The annual meeting of the Dup
lin County Federation of Home
. . . . vyj tn
Mr. Hubert Boney
Federation presldt: jf.resdlng.
About four hundred club women
nd f riends were presents
' Special music was 'rendered by
Alderman, Jr;, of Rose Hill,,
on xyophone accompanied on 1
whicft was luagea on- its menu
Cut flowers; were presented
f; wer Dresentea . ana
- displayed for Judging,
- r ' -
of the flower dis-
r visitors was won by Mrs. John
Croom. These awards -were i.pre-
rented by Mrs..R. C. Wells,
m ine song coniesi awaros were.
announced by Mrs. Estelle Smith, '
district agent, with timely remarks
j and were to: First Magnolia Club; '
fourth, Mrs. Willie Mercer. These
awards Were announced by ; the
president, ' .'J Mrs.. ' Boney. Judges
wereMrsf R. C.'Wells Mrs. Har
vey Boney and Miss Winnie Faison.
The home demonstration agent
was given a pantry shower by the
club women which was an expres
sion of their appreciation of what
1 their agent, Mrs. C. H. McSwain
has done for them.'- '
Rotary Club Holds '
' :-i'1:j':'r" '0 1 iiii',:rfi:f!f' A 'ir.; "
The. kenansville-Warsaw Rotary
Club held its regular weekly meet
ing Tuesday-evening In the Ken
knsville high' school cafeteria with
Ed. Strickland, its new president
gerprintine. ' ; i" ' .'
j ' ' ' 0 ' ' . t&4:
r,ycr y" "r s"""
" fSjthe.
e County Health Department Facts About Tonslla And The Ton
inning to hold a tonsil clinic r .-' r,"- -l y.isllCUnlo'':,
is planning
in Kenansville, beginning May 13.
Operations wilr be performed by
one of Eastern Carolina's outstand
ing eye ,ear, nose and throat spec-
lalists. Those wishing to take ad-
vantage of the clinic may do so for
a charge not exceeding $15,000. If
you are Interested you are asked
tn rpr in rmioh . ixrirh Tiv . V.
' OoUng of Kenansville or Dr. C,
H. White, County Health Officer,
xj,, following Item on tonsils
was prepared bv Dr. White for this
, NKWSnnnfiP. :, ,
Demonstration Agent for Duplin'
.... - U ho( '.anaAltv Mm, fn. ,
. ,.,.,,. ....... ...
close at hand,, j .-, .
who know her. She va th reclp -
i members s of; the various Home
day when mora than four hundred
nr county anir peple are Just-
. ' ' '.IV.
' " 1
Pres:.! s At Meeting
- . .' Mrs. Hubert Boney
of Teachey, Persldent of the
Federation of Home Demonstra
tion Clubs of Duplin County
nd vice-president of the state'or
ganlzatlon. '..-;.
Urge Farmers To
Be Exact In Measur
ing Tobacco Acres
1 w armers are urgeu igjiecsmiui mauea oui a large numoer 01 cir-iwith these other states, you pro
measurements of acreage planted ' cular letters to representative ' ducers must improve the quality
to tobacco this year: Before trans- growers urging them to pay moreof your pack
planting tobacco, It will be advls- attention to this phase of the bar- ' , , , ,
able for each contract signer to! vest. He is especially anxious that ! ,o;.nef .?,?. 1 J
Carefully measure his tobacco land .growers give this matter their at- IJtr Ws rrPresetative to
with a wire, chain or some instru- tention this season since Louisiana , g, w r r r
ment that "will not stretch, A rope land Alabama will market the bulk ' ,and ostav teif,e"8
not recommended .- of their crop at the sme time K"JS,BS
43,560 sq.ft. (4,840 sq. yds.) per this section. Both these states 'V) "-8
area of. tobacco fields instead of
the usual method of 44,100 sq. ft.
(4,900 sq yds.). Areas will be cal
culated to the nearest tenth.; The
acreage allotments already mailed
to contract signers from the Coun
ty Agent's office will be used by
field supervisors In checking on
acreage. Supervisors who work on
compliance in the field will make a
close check-up and all excess acre
age will have to be destroyed, how
ever farmers : should not destroy
excess acreage until notified to do
so from the County Office. Measur
ing of land before transplanting
will save considerable time and ex
pense to-famers.-vv:i5f;':.'T'f- 'i
' Compliance work is expected to
be completed this year in'' June. :
i-j- -: ft ii'Lw' McLendon ',&
; What Are Tonsils r-a t
Tonsils are two glandular struc-.
tures located on each side of the
throat They are unlike the ade -
nolds in that they do not disappear
as the child grows older, but re-
main through life, gradually con-
trading and becoming smaller un-
. loan HlapanAfl. Trhiia rMiMTa wvIiau in tha luwiv nf th.fnn.
uently trouble .people ovee.fty'
years old, and when diseased should
be removed even that late in, life.
Sometimes when simnlv abnormal. ",
Hv enlnrp-pd thpv atnml nut. nlnlnlv
Struck Hell
New 1Tork,A prll S2. The In- ;
dlans sold-Manhattan Island .
to the Dutch for 124, but they
; weren't such simpletons In all
their deals. ' ' ' '
k Dr. Gustav Egloff,' Chicago
search- chemist, ' told the A
merlcan Chemical Society to
day that some of them were
able to sell the then ; little
known substance petroleum for
f 20 a quart 98,400 it barrel. :
During Colonial days Indians
conducted profitable business
In petroleum as a medicine.
Dr. Egloff said the Mat
- American cil produce' became -one
by accident when dlrlling
for salt water. Oil spurted
" from the ground, Ignited and
. flowed blazing down a river.'
I've struck hell Itself," shout-
ed the driller.' "May Ood have
mercy upon me!"
I 1 n a u I I
ixCilll nUUSc OUcdKcr
At Warsaw Closing
Warsaw. ADril 20. Warsaw
schools closed SVidav. Dean R R
Carolina, Chapel Hill, addressed
Vt m.HliaHn. a)...
in the' auditorium. Dr.' Leland
Cooke of Kinston presented the
Class. Seermon on April 14. Class
day exercises were held Thursday
ovonw . inn is, "rh. Or. ft i no. t ,
evening,. April 18t "The Parting of j
the Braves,", a play by Beulah Bai-1
ley Wollard of Charlotte, was used
During the past few weeks, the
following features of commence
ment were held: The Golden Whis
tle," operetta, by the grammar
grades; ''Mother Goose Island," by
the primary grades, and the recitation-declamation
contest Seventh
grade graduating exercises were
held Friday morning at 10 o'clock
1 Prizes and medals were . awarded
1 FHdRV Avanlncr
(-y.-i -o , . .
Campaign For Office
., In Wallace Starts
j'.' jV" V''.'; " 0 . ;
WaUace," April 23.-r-As the Mmit
for" filing draws near, the Coming
town, election jof-flcera; promises
to be one: of unusual interest" Al
ready one name, that of J. A. Har
rell, has filed for Mayor, with the
following seekers for the office of
commissioner; Roy Carter, Wil
liam Farrier ,M. J. Cavenaugh, H.
E. Kraner and W. G. Wells. The
present governing body is compos
ed of J. n. nose, Mayor; Roy Car
ter, William Farrier, M. J. Caven-
augh, William Brice and J. D. Carr
as Commissioners.
County Agent Advises More
Careful Packing Of Berries
in an enorc 10 sumuiaie more
interest in the grading and pack- thig gection have Deen far below
ing of strawberries In this coun-1 tnat of the above mentioned sec
ty. the County Agent last week ; ( r nn , .nnln..
.order for North Carolina growers
to successfully compete with them
he feels that growers must im-
"It is important and necessary
that every strawberry producer In
this section try to do his best
during the present and future sea
sons' to grow and pack the best
quality in order to obtain highest
market prices and some surplus
profit above cost of production.
This is especially important dur
ing the present season, due to the
fact that the bulk of crop from
Louisiana and Alabama ' will be
marketed along With the crop of
this section. In the past several
years the quality of fruit, appear-
almost closing the opening to . the
throat in the .back part of the
mouth, "in other cases, and often
when badly diseased, they are "im-Jt
pacted." "imbedded"; o? tajected,
, that is, submerged Into the tissues
of the surrounding structures of
the throat, so as to become hardly
visible on a casual simple lnspec
tlon. There are, numerous crypts
sils which have outlets toward, the
throat surf ace,, These crypts freq-
uently, in diseased conditions of the
tonsils, become dilated in nlnrA
I . r M An P. V
Convict Killed
Last Month Pardoned Cy
The Gov.
May Term Court
The May term of Duplin Super
ior Court has been abolished by an
act of the ' Legislature. Senator
Rivers Johnson secured the passage
of the following acts '
A Bill to be entitled an act to
amend chapter 2S4 public laws one
thousand nine hundred tbirty-tnree
relating to the terms of the Super
ior Courts In Duplin County.
Section 1: That section one of
Chapter 234 of the Public Laws of
1933 under sub-title Duplin Coun-
ty, be, and the same is hereby a-
mended by striking out the words,
"Twelth Monday after First Mon-
day in March, to continue for two
weeKS. me nrsi weeK oi wmcn
cases or civil cases ,or, both, and
.1 .J e .1 r nl.rll u -
cluaively," In the line of said
Act. It being the intent and pur-
pose of this Act to abolish the May
civil and Criminal Term for Dup-
nr. f,nt
lin County.
Section 2: That all laws and clau-
Act be, and the same are hereby
Section 3: That this Act shall
be in full force and effect from
and after its ratification.
The next term of court will be in
July when a two week term of
civil and cirminal cases will be
Within another week practically
all the. tobacco crop in this coun
ty will be planted. Farmers are
busy and in some instances rushed
to getLtheplanta wit Wore - they -
get too large.
Commissioners Sell
The County Board of Commis
sinoers ordered that a tract of
land containing 107 3-9 acres in
Magnolia Township be sold to B. D.
! Johnson for a sum of $166.01. This
j land was taken in by the county
ior taxes,
anand standards of pack for
1-4 inch stem and cap attached,
(b) One berry at the time. (c
Each berry should have 3-4 of sur-
fata o ffnnH twt nlnb .aIa. i A
Keep out trash and as much
dirt as possible, (f) Have decayed
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To Hold Strawberry Day ?
At Test Farm Tomorrow
On April 26 the Coastal Plain
Station of the N. C. Department)
of Agriculture at Willard, N. C,
will , hold Its annual strawberry
day. At this Station the U. S. De
partment of Agriculture and the
N. C. Department of Agriculture
are co-operating in extensive
strawberry research and breeding
work and It is the purpose of this
day to 'feature the results from
this co-operative project The pub-
Ue is invited to visit the Station
any time during the strawberry
' sesson, but particularly on April
wnen the several State : and
Federal representatives will be
Present to explain the work. There
,wlll be no public 'speaking, as this
la strictly an informal day for the
benefit of strawberry growers and
others interested In this crop. Vis
itors to tha Station at this time
will have an opportunity to see the
following features: .Strawberry
Breeding. New ' Introduced ' and
In Du
Cast Week
I Charlie Green, twice a murderer,
isits in the State Penitentiary in
! Raleigh today with; not only the
i blood of two dead' men on his
! hands but with the consciosnes ;
that he cheated Joe Hme Out of
a freedom taken from him wrong
ly through the courts of this state.
On March 28th Charlie Green
and Joe Home were working side ;
by side on the roads of Duplin
County wnen Green hit Home on
th h d lth . aM faUlly
wounding him. v 1
Last week the truth was learn
ed about the case against. Home
and he was pardoned by Governor
Ehringhaus, but his pardon camo
too late for Green had been kill-
ed. Green, an innocent man, , sent
t " tHa .lt-nHrtrw h n. North
Caroltna Court where he was the
of a bloode(j and ylc.
, murderer. , ,
The following story , appears in -
7.j "fJJ" "
and Observer
Prison gates will swing wide in
two North Carolina convict campa .
today to liberate three young white
men whose innocence of a crime
Ior wn'Cn' were conviciea nas
been established two and one-half
years too late.
. ' . . ' v,,,.
ler, 22-year old High Point white .
'men will leave with "no ill will ,
toward the State", from the Cary
, Prison Farm near Rallegh "to be
gin life over," while Walter
Bridgeman will be released at'
Kenansville camp at Duplin county-
Death cheated J oe Home, a
fourth man convicted in the same
crime, the robbery of the Bank of .
Denton in Davidson County Sep- :
tember 6, 1932, of the benefit of a
pardon. He was fatally injured by
a convict with an axe at the Dup-'
lin camp just 22 days ago, but Gov
ernor Ehringhaus took, cognizance
01 We lact and extended the par
don'tJw ilwng 'pMOiuTMcIy.
for he, no less than those living, is ;
entitled to such exoneration as this '
act can give." -
Ben Lowe, serving a sentence
from Guilford county for larceny
of several automobiles, "told the '
truth" and an investigation estab
lished the innocense the four ;'
young men had protested at their
trial and conviction. 'c
Strangely enough, it 1 was Ben
Lowe, incarcerated with Palmer
and Fowler at Cary, who; broke
the glad news of the pardon to
them today when he read it In The
News and Observer. ' -Palmer,
blue-eyed and blond,
waa washing his face, and Fowler,
swarthy and of slight stature, was
donning the familiar stripes when
Lowe, who occupied quarters near
by, yelled across, "Well, ' boys, :
you've got it",
"Got what," they chorused.
"A pardon and I'm glad." Lowe
shot back, and the paper was
snatched from his hands as Palmer
and Fowler reached him at once. -"I
could only read the first para
graph," Palmer declared.
"I couldn't read at all. t Just fill
ed up," Fowler said. "We went to
breakfast and I couldn't eat."
"I knew it would all come out
some time. We were Innocent aU
the way through, but nobody
would believe us. It was W
country Jury that convicted us and
they thought they were doing
a" ,b: I' ,s ""H
m nomine
mor wa'dily ,a7d.'
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named varieties. New North Caro-
una seedlings in 60 feet row testa. .
(11 See Blakemore, Dorsett,
Fairfax, Southerland and Bellman
(2) See N. Car. 105 Klondike V
Howard 17, very early, large vigor
ous, producUve; 115 Blakemore X
778, early, firm, 778 X Blakemore,
early firm, long; 151 778 X Fair-'
fax, early, firm, long, fine- - cap.
large; 216 fine cap; 302 Blake
niore X Fairfax, early, firm, large
cap;! 312 Blakemore"' X Fairfax,
early, firm, fine quality; 334 652
X Fairfax, very large, hot earliest;
337 Bellmar X Fairfax, very large,
firm, not earliest; 367 Missionary
a runax, nrm, very . fine quality,
early; 869 Missionary X Fairfax,
very vigorous, very produtive, ear
ly; 419 Missionary X Fairfax, ve
ry vigorous, very productive, sweet
early; 1021 Kallcene X. Howard
17, very vigorous, very productive,
large, early. ,
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