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    T 4 " T T V' f CIRCULATION
In Jail
..H ill
Qltthli To
Parents ,
t r
turd ay local officers went
h, west or waiiace, um
Ueddie Bostlc at ms
. l brought him and two
i to County jail here. Bos-
. o is charged Witn operating a
t iwdy house, possession of liquor
und transportation -.of Uquor. ; , ; ;j(
Two younsr f -iris,- Margaret Merr
onr and Kathline Garner from
Wllminrton who were staying at
the BosUc home, it is said, for im
moral purposes, were Jailed with
him at the request of Wilmington
roiice. After- being requested by parents of the young girls the
Wilmington police called local; of
ficers to hold them. The girls were
14 and 15 years old. . Sunday their
parents came for them, ;
, Bostlc was . arrested about five
years ago in this county but skip
ped bond and dissappeared. .After
being gone several months he re
turned to Rocktifih. ( ,
This is the first arrest in Dup
lin County of this nature In about
- .O
Our Fire Pre- !;
. ventive Program
Duplin County is now folly or
ganized to take, care of the forest
fire situation and prevent ; the
treat loss of timber and property
which she has had to suffer during
, the past years. i '
County Forest Warden, Ralph
. Miller of Beulaville, has been working-
on the organization for some
tune and now has everything .lined
i fr any emergency that might
;. The county has been divided
i i fifteen districts wit a deputy
v ,uin in each -trirt who is re-j
"i.lile for tae promotion agent: In his district, The flowing
( -nty wardens have been t, oint?
1 1 and are equipped to hanuie the
situation: . -
District 1." Around Falson, t C.
Lewis. ' i i ' -
; District 2. Scott's Store section,
J. W .Waters. . , ( f '
-'District 3. Maxwell Mill section,
i i, R. Gooding.. , .
District 4. Two miles; east of
Bowden, Hallie Moore. (
District 6. Between Sarecta and
Highway JU, Arthur Whitfield.
District 8. Smith's Township, Joe
K. Miller, ' ';;-;: i ;r V:?' "-w A ' ' P
' District 7J Potter's HU1 section,
: Marvin Houston. .- War-v'.Mtt-'
District 8. Warsaw to Magnolia,
..' W. E. Carlton. :.' -,"i--F:.; tfnS
District 9. Pobson Chapel, sec
' tion, J. H. Carr. -.r""..-.' .
" District 10. Muddy 5 Creek sec
tion, Chesley Williams. '?"? f v
. matrix 11 West of Magnolia,
' R V. Byrd.. . 'Vs. wV"t
' District 12. Maxwell Creek to Is
land Creek, Sprunt Hanchey. -'
' District 13. Cypress Creek aec
tion. Two wardens, Edgar. S. Eng-
lish and Lemuel jnereaay. - :
District 14. BockfishTownsnip
section, D. H- Blanton. t
; District : 13. Around;,. Tin .vPlty,
. These deputy wardens, together
,wlth the forest warden have the po
wer to arrest any person for the
violation of the forest laws. They
are to patrol the territory of their
section and be on the lookout for
1 fires, or for any condition - that
might result in a forest fire.
' Section 6137 or tne e oresi Dire
'Laws of North Carolina says in
" part: The forest warden and. his
deputies shell have charge of all
I !:-.'':Ii Carolina" Farmers
Gz: .'. 3,000,000 From AAA
072,0 CO To Duplin Farmers
Rcntrl ArJ Benefit
Gt Li:n'3 Zlizre of ,
Ti e -AAA poured -almost $3.
! ' 1 Into the pockets of North
x t irmers during the mon
! c J , y, August and , Septem-
' i 1 lioneflt payments to
si co-oj ting to the crop
t p 'rams aedbunted
. i r i.7j of, the total,
i I. O. Schaub, of State
vt to.
!l S
7 C
.' No Gii-fasas?,' .
v Suppose the lUue chUoren In
your Home siioultt wake up on
thristmas morning to find that
Santa had failed to visit your
home. You would feel worse than
the little ones, wouldn't yon? i
Woi, that ia just exactly what
Is going to bi pen in about 115
families in Duplin County un
less, the people in the various
communities take it upon them
selves to see that Santa visits -t
every home In the community.
It would be a shame and dis
grace on the good people of our
county if we, 89,000 strong, let
one single family go by Christ
mas without some . cheer being
. brought to their home. What do
you think' about Itf :r'-''vi'-;
1 If you have any old clothes
you can part with; especially for
boys between, the ages of 8. and
14; any toys that have been dis
carded, please bring them or
send them to the TIMES office
in VenansvUle. The TIMES wU
bo glad to give, its time to aid
ing. Mrs. Harvey Bohey Is distri
buting these gifts to the poor of
the county. ' , '' :
Christ said: "Inasmuch as ye
have done it unto the least of
these ye have done It unto me,"
Don't anyone hold back and say
that someone else will give e .
nough without my going to the
troubte- to look up old things.
Let's all give something that ev
ery poor famiy in. our county
will be made ' happy Christmas'
morning. -,',
There-will be preaching at Lime
stone Advent Christian Churchy at
Potters Hill next Saturday and
Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m.
Sunday . School at 10 .. m. , 'The
public is cordially invited to at
tend all the church services. y;'-"
, Q. W. SHEPARD, Pastor.
5SExtended Dec 15
r Mrs.' Harvey Boney. announoed
this week that the time for clos
ing the Old Ago Pension survey
for this county has been extended
to the- 15th in order to get a more
complete survey. To date 1260 ap
plications have bean received. All
persons over. 65 years ot age and
without as much as $30 per mon
th 'income are entitled to the pen
sion. , J ' '
- In several communities there are
J people who do not understand the.
movement ana mra. duucj 4 i
questnig the citizen to look out
tor these persons and see that ths
get their applications in. :
firs fighting apparatus.1 He may
arrest any one violating the For
est Laws, without warrant and car
ry the guilty one at once before the
poper judical officer. In case of a
serious fire he shall have power to
summon any i male resident ' be
tween the ace of 18 and 45 to si'
sist in extinguishing fires and may
require horses, mules or
nertv that is needed to control the
rire. Any person who la physically
able ana is so summoned, and who
refuses to assist or allow his- pro
perty to be used, shall be guilty of
a misdemeanor, subject to a fine
of from five to fifty dollars. No
action of trespass shall lie against
any warden in the performance, of
his duties. ::;hi:lKZ::-p:- J'-V:
Next week we will have more a
bout the Forest laws and more a
bput the workings of the Duplin
County jOrtanization.. Information
ia being furnished by County For
est Warden, Ralph Miller.
$128,642.57, and wheat , growers
In addition, cotton, growers who
placed .surplus tax-exemption 'cer
tificates in the national ! pool re
ceived $1,861.73 from ths sale of
these certificates to other- grow-
el ' ....
The $437,904.53 in administra
tive expenses went largely to pay
committeemen, farmers who help
administer the program locally. .
- The rental -and benefit .pay
ments are still flowing to the
farmers, he adds ,but the amount
for October and November . have
not yet been tabulated.
The payments are made from
funds raised by the processing
taxes on the commodities .cover
ed by the various adjustment pro
grams, '.i. .- :' -' (
Payments in Duplin, to date,
have amounted to $72,735.02; . in
an nxon to $u5,115.0y; in Wayne
to $(2,01.76. '
KANSVIIXE, North Carolina
New. License Plates i
; Go On Sale Saturday
- Sale of '1936 automobile license
tags will begin Saturday, Decem
ber . 14. ' jt . y; :',) i,x , '.A..
. By law the sale starts usually on
December 15. but at that is Sun
day this year, plates will go on
sale a day earlier.
Plates will be sold here ; 'and
from 45 branch offices. . 4 .-
"At resent more than v 611,000
pairs of 1935 licenses, a record for
a single .year nave oeen uwueu.y : ; :
Mrs. Lena M'Gowan
. Warsaw Mrs. Lena McGowah,
73, widow of RoberCW. McGowan,
of Bowden, died at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. Floyd J: Strickland,
in Warsaw: 1 She had been ill for
several months. Funeral services
were conducted by her pastor, Rev.
B, F. Joyner, of Falson Methodist
church, who ws assisted by Rev.
R. C. Foster, of the Warsaw Bap
tist church. Interment was made
in the .McGowan cemetery near
Falson. Mrs. McGowan' was born
and reared in Kins ton, the daught
er of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hender
son Nunn. She is survived by two
sons, ft. W. McGowan, of Tarboro,
and J. R McGowan, of Bowden;
three daughters, Mrs, W. S. Korne-
gay, of Bowden; Mrs. M. v. Lewis
of Falson, ana Mrs. j. BincK
land of Warsaw: one sister,. Mrs.
Lola Edwards of Kinston and two
brothers John and Tom Edwards
of Kinston.;? .?.-'V.Mv'.j""vf-vj
SpecialPrivaegre .
. Ordered For Pupil
. : Wilson, D(c. 11. - Ki R. Curtis,
superintendent of ; county- schools,
Monday tol4 the teachers of Mil
ton King, 16-year-old Negro pupil
of the Negro high school here, to
let the boy go on drawing pictures
Un his classes-while the other stu
dents got their studies. ; , .
- Milton was caught drawing pic
tures during a history examination
the other day by his teacher at the
school, and the incident was made
known to Mr. Curtis. The pictures
said Mr,' Curtis, were good. So he
decided it was wise to let the boy
follow his bent . ... .
' 1 . J 1 O ' ' ' .... '
.Universalist Church
. Notice
' -fleVrWrH. Skeela of Aocky Mt.
will preach Sunday at 11 A. m.
Col.; Edgar H. Bain will speak
at 11:45 Ar M. - '!-
V,;i,wt:; o rs.v
Lonnie E. Newsome
. , ? Near Faison, Dies
Funeral services for Lonnie E.
Newsome,' 66, who died Saturday,
.were held from the home near Fal
son Sunday afternoon. Rev. F. B.
Joyner was in charge of the rites
Which were attenaea Dy a urge
crowd of friends and relaUves.
PaUbearerg were John Warren, W.
Jkraher and E.
. Mr. Newsome, a a
Byrd, R. H. Hobbs, c. a. xayior,
m.- a. vwena
native of North-
amtpon county was a highly : re
spected citizen of the Falson sec
tion where he had resided for the
past twenty-two years. He moved
to Duplin from Wayne where he
had resided for many years. '
o o
Arc Ycu Safe On (
The Hi jhway Today
s A-' notalle expert recently
made public these facts: As you
get Into yonr car and start for
your destination 100 miles av
way, you have the same chance
to get there alive as the boys
who answered the call of the
colors and i went . to .Flanders
Field, had to return to Ameri
ca alive. Put it negatively, you
have the same chance of get
ting billed in traveling 100 mil
es on the highways of North
CartUna as you would have if
you enlisted (H the world war.
That startles us, yet when we
tad the facto we have to admit
that it is trne; . rve:i':'-i-;.iv;
I The writer had occasion to
travel from Warsaw to Kenans-ville-veach
evening of last week
between 8:80 nd 9.00 .o'clock.
Each nlrht he would meet and
nass several .i ears ; and there
.would' be from one to five .of
these ears witn defective. . ugnu
leach night .By defective. I am
(not encludlrig the one weak, and
one bright jight, hut the cars
IJJ with one head light and no rear
light We Wonder how so many
of these cars manage to escape
the highway partol, but ' some
how they art doing It. ' ;
i- We appeal to the citizens of
DupOn county to- see that the
car yon drive Is properly, light
lied regardless of whether : the
pairounan aavises a, ana mane
our roads safer, s .
Junior Ked Cross
.Reports 100 Percent
Mrj p. ; pjBlancnard,. principal
of the Chinquapin school, brought
his school through In flying colors
in the Red Cross drive. The Junior
Red Cross there reports a hundred
per cent , membership. The adults
have reported 40 members. The
school will purchase, a First Aid
kit. .- r :-f '
.,-4 i- i o :
Home Wanted
, The - County- Welfare Depart
ment is seeking, homes for two
young children One - is 5 weeks
old, a bOy with blue eyes. The oth
er is 4 months old boy with blue
eyes. Anyone interested please no
tify Mrs. Harvey Bcjtey.
Dependant Children
Survey To Be Made
CiiW;-'' -'"'P'1'' W; " :
Mrs Harvey Boney has been ask
ed to make a survey in. this county
of all dependant children, that is
those whose father and mother
bothi are dead, those whose father
is dead or in prison. Also data
will be secured on the blind and
cripple children , in this county.
Mrs. Boney stated that she would
be grateful for-any names sent in.
..'' -"I' o
Hamp Grady To
S. H. Grady of near" Kenans ville
under a ' twelve months sentence
for driving dnunk, was given a in
aulsition hearing this week and
hsent to the State hospital in Ra-
leight. -. '-'-- :-- :
' V. Four things you can do without: Headaches t
' v '.vWre feet". :V wasted time . . . wasted
, money! How you can do without them; By ;
- ', reading " the newspaper " advertisements.
- For the ads can be your greatest shopping
friend ; . by showing you what to buy. . . h
where to buy it . .and how' much you'll have .
1 to pay. No tramping from store to store , . i
. no needless worrying .'. . no wasted time.
. And the ads indicate bargains Chat will save :
you money! ' 1 t
- Tito BnilIimeQr ;rr.
"The Tims Covers Duplin like A Roof " ,..,,
1935 Cotton Es-
. . . timate Is Lower
Washington, Dec. 9 The 19S5
cotton crop was estimated today
at 10,734,000 bales -of 600 pounds
gross weight each by the Depart
ment of Agriculture. . .
A month ago 11,141,000 bales
were forecast and last year's pro-
auction was v,cksb,uuu paies. -"
Ginnings of this year's ' crop to
December 1 were reported by the
census bureau to have totaled 9,
862,343 running to that date last
year and 12,106,377 in 1933.
An indicated yield of 188 pounds
of lint cotton to the acre was re
ported by the agriculture depart
ment which estimated the area for
harvest this year as 27,331,000 a
cres after abandonment of 1.9 per
cent of the 27,872,000 acres in cul
tivation July-1, this year. -
- The acre yield last year was
170.9 pounds and the 1924-83 ten
year average. 177.1 pounds.
The estimated production this
year by states included North Ca
rolina 585,000 bales.
Ginnings prior to- December .1
this year-reported by the 'census
bureau Included North Carolina
534,127 bales.
From ' The' Ctoidsboro News-Argus
Mrs. Paisley Boney, Jr., of Wal
lace suffered painful (bruises and
shock when : the automobile in
which she was riding with a color
ed driver turned over on the Golds-
boro Mount Olive highway near
Genoa after midnight Thursday
when it was struck by a car driv
en by an unidentified man.
Mrs. Boney, who was on her way
home from a visit witn relatives
and friends in Goldsboro at the
time of the accident, was brought
back to Goldsboro by a passing
motorist and later went to a hos
pital. She was still under treat
ment at the Goldsboro Hospital
Friday and an x-ray picture was to
be taken during the day to deter
mine whether a bone might have
been broken in one shoulder.
State Highway Patrolman Kir
by was called by Mrs. Boney as
soon as she was brought tack to
Goldsboro and went immediately
to the scene of the wreck.
:J5tota1'B,ffIetors' u the addition of several
ruuug, uwyromi Bnw wo ""'"I
en. jy jvMiiigBjiniwBS, .n " -
vy m uvuhxu urirci. ii vmi.& vw,
a Chevrolet roadster, was headed
north at the time of the accident.
Immediately after the crash- the
driver jumped from the machine
and ran. Mrs. Boney told the high
way patrolman. Both cars were
badly damaged. y
Wife Of Judge ,
Grady Seriously 111
Mrs. Henry A. Grady, wife of
Judge Grady, is critically 111 at her
home in Clinton. Mrs. Grady is
suffering with Pneumonia in both
Amsterdam, Dec. 7 The news
paper Telgraaf today published un
confirmed reports that 40 persons
died as a result of mass food poi
soning at Tulungagung, in the
Treng Galek district of Java.
II "' I I I It :
THURSDAY, DEC.' 12th, 1988
Cotton Program Tor
Three Years Changed; More
Flexible, So States' Schaub
; - Charlotte, Dec 11 Drunken
drivers today , were warned
that It will be at least 60 days
of road work Is they are con-
- vlcted in the Superior Court
of Judge Wilson Warlick.
Announce Engage
ment Of Kenans
vUleGirl Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Stephens of
Kenans vllle, announce the engage
ment of their daughter, Ruth Lee
to Davis Hollingsworth of Warsaw.
The wedding to take place during
the Christmas holidays; .
.-;,, 1 o r i
State Farmer Section
To Be Rotogravure
In January, our STATE FARM
ER SECTION, monthly agricultur
al feature of Uuplin Times will
appear completely in rotogravure
comparable to the rotogravure sec
tions of the largest metropolitan
This will permit the addition of
a great many illustrations and
pictures of Carolina farm life and
igf individuals prominently identi
fied with the farming interests of
our state.
In addition to changing to roto
gravure, we have adopted for this
section a larger size type, which
will greatly Improve the readabili
ty of the section.
The homemakers section has been
expanded to include several new
features to further serve the inter
ests, of our women readers. In a
like manner, the news coverage of
4-H Club and Future Farmer act
ivities has been expanded.
In each issue of THE STATE
1936, it is planned to provide a
comprehen8e review- of farm
ew d trjoTmnUon.
I r onl .11 nt -
picture pares.
. - - - rnr n j. fii
fitSKwiiay- mt . .
; Kenansville
Saturday ia the closing day in
the Chnatmas decorations contest.
The Junior Woman's Club, spon
soring the program, is offering 3
grizea to the best decorated yard
i Kenansville.
W. D. WUson Of Magnolia
Shoots Self Through Heart
Magnolia, December 10. Fune
ral services for W. D. Wilson, pro
minent. Magnolia citizen who com
mitted suicide at his home here
Friday morning about 8 o'clock
by shooting himself through the
heart, . were conducted from the
home Saturday afternoon at 2.00
o'clock by Rev. Frank Julian of
Snow Hill, Jehovah Witness min
ister. Interment followed in the
Magnolia cemetery.
Mr. Wilson, who was oZ years or
age, died almost instantly when ne
fired a charge from a shotgun in
to his chest, the load- penetrating
the heart. No motive for his act
could be ascribed by friends or re
Fanners Invited Annual Meet
Kenansville Proiiction Credit
Associaton Here January 8th
An invitation is extenaea 10 au
farmers of this county to attend
the annual meeting of the Kenans
ville Production Credit Association
at Kenansville on January 8th in
the High School Auditorium, it is
announced by Garland P. King,
secretary of the association.
The Kenansville association ser
ves Duplin county and this year
made loans to farmers in this coun
ty totaling $117,000,000. Every
farmer who borrowed hi o n e y
through the association is a stock
hnldor and ia expected to attend
i this annual meeting of Stockhold
ers which is held for the purpose or
hearing a complete report on the
year's work of the organization,
ths election of officers and the
transaction of such other .business
as may come before the body. .
"We will be delighted to have
au farmers who are not stockhold
ers also attend the meeting," Mr.
King said, "in order' that they
might learn of the credit service
which is offered to the farmers of
this section by the assclation. By
means of production credit associa
tions farmers have been able to re
duce the--cost-of making and col
lecting loans and by keeping the
system on a sound basis they can
obtain funds at costs vas low as
those available to any other Indui
try,, v'r 4 ' .
Adapt Program To s
Local Conditions
On Average Produc
tion For Idle Land
The new 1936-39 cotton pro
gram, to be administered through
cotton adjustment associations in
each county, will be more flexible
than the old program, according to
Dean I. O. Schaub, of State col
lege. The . associations, composed of
growers, will be In a position to
adapt the program to local condi
tions and the requirements of indi
vidual growers, he said.
The associations will be organ
ized in the next few weeks. All
contracting cotton growers will be '
eligible , for membership. .
;' Under the new contracts, grow
ers may adjust their 1936 crops by
an' amount equal to 30 to 45 per
cent of their base acreage, and re
ceive adjustment payments ac
cordingly. '" The rate of the payments will be
five cents a pound on the average
production of the land retired
from cotton cultivation. The entire
amount of the payment each year
will be made at one time.
- Payments to landlords and ten
ants will be divided thus: 37 1-2
per cent to the person furnishing
the land, 12 1-2 per cent to the per
son furnishing workstock and e
quipment, and the remaining 50
per cent distributed in the same
proportion that the cotton or its
proceeds is divided.
A grower may terminate his con
tract at the end of any contract
year during the 1936-39 period.
Landlords signing contracts will
be required to keep on their farms
the same number of tenants they
had in 1935.
Acreage withdrawn from cotton
cultivation may be used, for soil
improvement or erosion-preventing
crops, pasture, fallow, forest trees,
'food and feed crops for home con
sumption, or any other purpose the
Secretarjj'of -Agriculture 'may pre
scribe. ,
The new four-year contracts will
be offered the growers shortly,
Dean Schaub said.
. . o
New Bern, Dec 7 A forest fire
burned over 250 acres in the North
west Creek section of Craven
County Wednesday, said to have
been started by fishermen.
latives. He was a prominent and
successful farmer, and was gene
rally considered to be in indepen
dent circumstances.
Surviving' besides the widow,
Mrs. Eila Batts Wilson, are six
children,.: Francis, Ophelia, Helen,
Mel va, Theresa and Donald; two
sisters, Mrs. Annie Baker and Mrs
Lessie Powell;' two brothers, Loen
and John Wilson, all of Magnolia.
Raymond Wilson of Wilson, W.
H. ' Bonham of Warsaw, Henry
Martin and Stanley Cassaboon of
Tarboro, Henry Weber of Snow
Hlil and William E. White of Van
ceboro. "Interest on loans made by the'
association is payable when loans
are due and the borrower pays 0
per cent interest only for the time
he actually has the money. Each
borrower is required to take out
Class B stock in the association in
an amount equivalent to 5 per cent
of the loan when he gets his ini
tial loan and may obtain new loans
without purchasing additional
"Thousands of farmers all over
the country are now stockholders
in production credit associations
and are thoroughly sold on the idea
of cooperative credit. We are anx
ious that every farmer in this sec
tion shall at least have the oppor
tunity of knowing of the credit
service that we offer and we cor
dially invite all to our' annual
The officers of the Kenansville
association are: .
S. V Wllkins, President. Rose
Hill, North Carolina,
1 P. Wells, Vice-President, Mt.
Olive, North Carolina.
M. W. Sutton, Director, Seven
Springs, North Carolina.
v Eugene Carlton, Director, War
saw, North Carolina
M.' R. Bennett, Director, - Mt.
Olive; North Carolina. , Lw

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