w ' CIRCULATION 22 5 0 -d-J IT? T1U' Q ! 1 I : ... I ; 1 II ii lv J iLL O ME TC.IES COVERS DUPLIN LIKE A KOOP it KENANSVIIXE, porth Carolina 't t... invited guests : ;t y of the Ken- :.a i .. . is ciuo as t t a party held In 1 , i huZL It goes i t t sat the Invite J t. o j 'j-Iy men. Altoge i i " '-t r y young fttks took ; J i V o fei" ' y frolic which 1 w'' 'a f" yiiig of various i and was brought to hap-.- i ,'iclii!iua try dancing. 1 he club room was attractively " orated for the occasion, and a 1 - !y Christmas tree wag but j .id by gifts for all those pres- t. The . party started with a ' . sry Cliristmas" , contest, . and , t .mes- songs and dancing furnished- other entertainment.- . - - - - Coffee, m '.dwiches and salted ruts were served later in the ev e 'ng, after which the Christmas t - e became thev center of, attrac- l Although Santa wasn't pres- i xor me occasion, ne naa prev- uy visited the club room, in one f his jolliest moods, and the gifts i- ft were jokes on most' of . the guests present'." f v , . o Christen-sTrc-Trains In Kenansville There will be a special Christmas rf rram riven at the , aietnoaisi Church Fridav evening at 7:00 and a Christmas tree following'. We hope that the community will join in the Christian Spirit of Christ- raa. . .,,, - 't . , ' The service at the Presbyterian (' nrch will be .Monday evening at 7:, J with service by the Sunday i. t-ool and a tree fllowing. ' - - i leclal emphasis this year- will 1 (i laced , on the singing of ' the i -tmas Carols and we hope thajt . t ill join in thai joyful praise,. o r-.: V-' v. Arid i. i. ii i B$, 8 ANT A CLf .ill it j,ib.v . ? hu bert for the v Ya : y" r 4 htm.. Si ' : S i ' f A1: . , , r 1 8H1B1J5T A i i FLE RBHEAB8. l. j E8 HER XMA8 f . ft S !S VIGILw-Here you l TV I v - I "' adorable J0 )(.; si I child star showing Ol !' ' lt howshewlU wait ,f t . O i r Santa n Vjf '- V Christmas Eve. , , LI II PCBUSHEO EVEB1T THURSDAY v " thousand pounds of plucked va wera flold raoDeratlvelv re y by Anson County farm' f am-! i lor uie nonaay marKeu LAST APPEAL -, In last week's Issue we carried a notice' that the, TIMES Would be glad to receive any cd cloth- ' e, toys or anything that might serve tome of the county's poor and make . their , Christmas brighter. - ' . I Again we are making an ap peal to the people of our county to remember those less fortunate and do something for them. If It b not convenient for you to brine; whatever von mlo-ht uiak to give to the TIMES office take upon yourself to see that some lamuy in your community who Is In need gets- something. Af- au uiere is more real pleas ure In giving than to have some 6ne else give for you. Take some oH clothes, some food, old toys ur anyuung you have to the home of some destitute family and see how good you feel when vyou leave. - Mr. Harvey Boney, the Coun ty Welfare Agent, will be glad to distribute anything that may be carried to her office. If the people of this county eannot make happy the poor in our midst at Christmas time then may the Lord have mercy on us when the final accounting time comes.- The Editor. THURSDAY, DEC 18th., 1985 NUMBER 24 RooseyeltOpen '36 Camnaion Jan.Sih.; Jackson Day Dinner; jougsather Here To Be Honored By Nation-Wide Dinners if 1 I 1 I The Champion Hog Some weeks ago we published an article on hog killing and asked our readers' to report the weight of hoes killed this season in an ef fort to find the largest hog that was killed during the season, in the county. So far a hoar WKlsrhlnv K11 lha killmi hv Mtn. harhnw. TraiM nr Kenansvlue last Tuesday la the lea- "Life Is A Christ mas Stocking" It is a loner and rienn Tm pannnt w um3 uuiiom ox ii, nor reach JV1U VIGBOllU H.L. K HiniTICi BTIBT. ch; you must take them out one at A Htnm. life Is a Christmaa atnnkincr Tf la long and deep. Take your bles sings from the top, one at a time. uuaiiiniiHii xuwuay u un lew- grauMuuy out not too fast and Hm , Thla tlM, ra n Q MBM .J m&Imi .1 . Mrs. Jones' hog will remain cham-lrous with them, and reach down mmbv wv ivyviwu. fiuj. nuu jruu nave pUUCQ OUt au ine gut you thought were Special Notice In order to give our emttov- ees several davm off for rhrit. mas the TIMES will Imim Mti week on Tuesday. Everyone Is urgea to get their news Items and adverttsementu in th TIMES office not later than Monday afternoon. Alt -.. pondents please take notice. FRANKLIN D. RbOSEVSLT Past and present leaders of Democracy to be honored at 3,000 dinner In every State in the Union on Jackson Day. - ANDREW JACKSON , January 8th. The Duplin Coun ty Dinner will be held at Ken-ansville. One Rutherford rinnntv hrmnr told a'groun of men in Rutherford. ton the other day that farmers of the county were better off. this there, search yet another time Tea, search again for some of the Glee Club Party The Kenansvllla Hip-h wee uiuo, under the direction of uus Annie Kate Craig, gave a lovely party Wednesday evening, December 11th in ftis Pnmmiinitv Building. The rooms were beautl- if c Of Jiidre Gradv D ie A ii an.; Funeral Mon. In Clinton 'Cue of The Largest Crowds Ever ras held. Among the offerings m anm a imwnu w iu ow wot wreaths from the Duplin Hoa; Kins ton. Paper Editorial. ! County of flciaU and Bar, the One1 of the largest crowds tha( ever attended a funeral service nnrhana In STfldtArn North rAM. i Una attended the funeral Monday afternoon or. jura, Auue h.uwhjui : Grady,, wife of the Judge Henry Grady, at Clinton.-,, , . Lawyers from v almost every county in the eastern -part of the i State, Lieutenant Governor A. H. Graham of Hillsboro, members of the - North" Carolina Superior Court bench and 'other business nnd personal friends . of1 the- well .own lurlst were in attendance', Tiia funeral service was : held from, the Clinton Presbyterian Church of which Mrs. Grady . was i a life long and devoted member, ' with her pastor. Rev. M. O. Som- .'nscrs in ' charge, . : assisted by s f i mer pastor. Rev. George M. I Uhls of Durham. The church could not begin to hold the throng of people who paid their silent I ' ute to a beloved woman. In t iient followed in the Clinton i celery. , ' r t ' Irs. Grady passed away at her a In Clinton Sunday morning :13 o'clock, following & week's s from double pneumonia. . ides her husband, Mrs. Grady irvived by three sons, Henry Jr.,, of Clinton; Dr. Franklin and Graham M. Grady, ' of resville. There daughters died fancy. One brother, M. Mcu am, member of the Clinton , and of the State School Lision, also survives. - -i. Grady was a daughter of "t Pr. and Mrs. D. .-Mcl i, of Wallace, and a first i tf Dr. Frank Graham, it of the University, of. N. u Che was a loyal mem- t".e Clinton Presbyterian t 1 took an active interest t ' 'ora, educational and ; .i t' e community. i sn active .'members of , V. D. C. Garden dub, . i r organizations. found only after vou have coma tn winter than they had been; in ten 1 5e.uT i We ePty . and sad. years dtinr SDedfio instance nf TnaakOod for the, length; of the the Improvement -. 1 mMK,ans ana xor ine variety of its w wu.uAwu-,icEvt7 pre sents, the unexpected presents, the gifts of love and cheer and friendship. When Vnu hum ivanharf th. . bottom of the stocking may it be jruur privilege to Know that you have made good use of every gift, and lie down in peace, ready for uie umamiess Sleep WhicA enfolds us all at last D, B. CARTER. KenansvUle, N. C. - w, -. vfjaMA un aviue ux uie i tin iwuu were ueautl best gifts are hidden deep, to be. fully decorated in keeping with the found Anlv after mi han mama fvHof Mnn nnn H i . mm 5VUV.VIM .U1UUIH IlUHtlC- toe and holly yplaeap-eff ectively board of county commissioners, the Gradv-Outlaw Association and the Outlaw's Bridge community. . Scores of neonle. relatives and friends from Duplin County at tended. . The follownifir editorial arfeared In the'Klnston Morning Herald on i Wednesday of this week: v , ;T: SYMPATHT FOR JUDGE ' GRADY , i The Mornins' .Herald Inina with, Judge Henry A. Grady's host of friends In expressing to him deep and sincere svmoathv in the death of Mrs. Grady which occurred at her home in Clinton after a brief illness. Mrs. Grady lived a life of great usefulness to her church and tn her community. It was attested by the fact that a crowd far too large to get Into the church , attended the funeral larvinea. Ttiua lnrtrA number of lawveni. tvuint.v nfflHalti and others were there because of tneir high regard for Judge Gra dy, the aorrowins' husband, hut for the most part they went to pay a suent iriDUte to We memory of a good woman. ... She was a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. D. Mcl Graham of Wallace; a cousin of rwwnir tt na- ham. the brilliant oresident of t.h University . of North : Carolina; a cousin of Malor William A. n. 1. . in .. . . .... imuu, cuy supermtenaent of schools M. W.Pope Mount Olive M . , W. Prw- 7K died at his home here early Wed nesday morninc. H huA iwm in ill health for two or. three years. - Funeral services wlU be held at the home Thursday morning at 10:30 o'clock, with the Rev. W. L. Loy. pastor of the Methodist Church, officiating. Interment will be In Maplewood Cemetery.: ' The widow, who was formerly through out the room. A large red bell held a commanding position in the center- of the room. Candle ngnt was used to soften the scene Tea and wafers wer nprvori n- and Mrs. G. V. Goodine- nH vr. ana Airs, a j. inxon were chaper- UUCS. -;-':i.-l time limit: extended for entering kenansviixe CHRISTMAS CONTEST Because of the bad weather of last week end. the ttma limit fn- enterintr the Chriatmna Ya.nl rwrv. raGon Contest sponsored by the KenansvUle Junior Woman's Club, was extended until this Saturday, December 21st .althouirh aruvial consideration will, of course, be given to those who had their deco rations completed on December 14, the orieinal. daft, not tn- final en tries. The yards will be judged on aavnaay evening, jjecemDer 23rd, The members of the Junior Wnm an's Club are proud of the enthu Warsaw School Committee Offers Trophy To Classes Miss Alice Wood of Wayne County 1 aati! resPnse to and the lovely re and one daughter, Mrs. S. C. Keech "f thelr PleM 'or Proper and one daue-htnr. Mra R n ir. or new xorK city, survive. One brother and four sisters also sur vive. Willie Pope, of Rose Hill; Mrs. Robert Dixon, of Rose Hill; Mrs. Isaac Cotter, nf Mnimf rtii,,. I Mrs. R. F. Marks, of New Hill; and aun. j. ju. uixon. OI ureenabnrn "aresslncr ud" of Kenanavllle rn- this season, and wish to thank each mm every person entering the con test. Remember that- three neuig onerea: irst prize, ?5.00, given by the Junior Womans' Club; Mr .Pope was engaged In ; the isecon(1 P1556.. three rose bushes, do mercantile business in Mount Olive ior .more man 40 years, retiring about two years ago because of faiUncr health. At. the um. tim, resigned his post as secretary of the local Methodist Sunuay School in which capacity he had' served for 30 years. ' . i i o i - Presbyterian Young People Meet inated by the Goldsboro Nursery; uiu uuru prize, a living ennstmaa bree. 'UonaLea nv Mra Hmn, uu uicwu, vvarsaw, The PrealivtAHan vAiina tumnis of Wilmington Presbytery will hold the mid-winter rally at St An drew's Presbyterian Church in Wil- umigiun on uecemoer ZYtn. at 11 or lunston. She was thus a mem-1 The mornins; nroeram will .nt her of one of North Carolina's out' around the presentations of the ob- standing families. She was an act ive member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Unl jectlves for the year, and an ad director of Religous Education in ted Daughters of the Confederal f, STi01' The afternoon session ie Parent- t .w auu wm oe duiic in Clinton rave r time and means of tSiose things- " fci'fnrment of 1 t.!.e aid of oth t a j -'l of sor- ' y. - ! omr .1 I acy. the Garden Club. th Pant. Teachers Association and other or ganizations in Clinton. .In all of these she took a leadins- nart ana to them she gave unstintingly of ner tune, aer energy and her re sources. She was an active wom an in all that worked for the bet terment and the uplift of her ham town, which she loved. --';'. , i : The community and rVin Rtata. wiU miss Mrs. Grady for her life was entwined about it' all. And while the judee's head is bowed in grief the. people of the State will piace a sympathetic hand upon his shoulders. And in the group that sympathizes now will be found this t - poir for it holds him in high r - 1. around the Installation of officers ana ine reports of various commit tees. -Each person attending is asked to bring lunch. ...... j. , n, " Schools Close For The Holidays ,.' - 6 -v V All schools in. the county are elfin. tag Friday for the Christmas ho lidays. A week will be taken fcy all except Wallace. Chdnauanin. Mas-. nolia and Warsaw, which will have J i . . . 'f " 0 .i ' - The DUPLIN TIMES will molii a nice Christmas Gift for your boy or gin who are off at college or away rrom home. - , Fined $25 For Passing-School Bus Did you know It was unlawful to pass, a, school bus while load ing or unloading children? Well It is. And so P. E. - Williams of Chinquapin found out last week when he went shooting by one while children were getting off. Williams was indicted convicted and fined 925.00. "If s loU chea per to stop a minute than to pay ' szo.uu. saia county superinten dent Johnson this week, and, he . added "we are going to put a stop to this. People In Duplin , County, If they have no respect for the lives of our5 children,' had better respect the law, for we are going to put It to them." ROBERT WEST IN HOSPITAL The school committee of War saw, of which J. C. Thompson is chairman. Is offering- a committee trophy this year to the high school cuias in warsaw, tnat manes tne highest ratine In acholanhlD. cha racter and citizenship, attendance, prompt attendance and reneraJ schocfi activities. The purpose of the troohv. it was stated, is to stimulate more interest in general school work a- mong the groups of classes. At the end of each1 month each teacher grades his or her erode and reports the results on each major division, giving the total number of points recorded. The following rules ' erovern the 'grading: Scholarship: 1. Grade making highest aver age, 1000 points. 2. Grade making second highest average, uoo points 3. Grade making third highest average, 800 points 4. Grade making fourth highest average, 700 points. U. Character and Citizenship: Includes cooDeratlon. courtesv. self-control, reliability, and other desirable character traits. 1. Highest average in conduct grades, 1000. points. 2. Second highest average in con duct grades, 900 points. 3. Third highest average in con duct grades, 800 points. 4. Fourth highest average in conduct grades, 700 points. III. Attendance: 1. Highest percentage in average daily attendance 500 points. 2. Second place in average daily attendance, 400 points. 3. Third place in average daily attendance, 300 points. 4. Fourth place in average dailv attendance, 200 points. Tardies: 1. Lowest percentage of tardies. 400 points. 2. Next lowest percentage of tar dies, 300 points. 3. Third lowest percentage tardies, 200 points; 4. Fourth lowest percentage tardies, 100 points. IV. school activities: 1. Highest percentage of club members, 700 points. Second highest oercentace of club members, 600 points. 3. Third highest percentage of club members, 600 points, v 4. , Fourth highest percentage of ciuo members, 400 points. Every school month after renort cards are given out each teacher will determine her-tr-ada standine- on each of the four major divisions. where more than one teacher is concerned, 'i : the a-rada ' atandlne- should be worked out by the tea chers Involved. Grade standings in the contest will be posted as soon1 as the reports are compiled Horses And Mules Arrive In Rose Hill Murray and Jerome of Rose Hill are announcing in this issue of the TIMES the arrival of a car load of horses and mules. These ani mals are all voune and broke rpn. dy for work. Prices on team are expected to advance after Jan uary 1st. Murray and Jerome in vite you to see these teams be fore purchasing. See their add this issue. Robert West of Warsaw wa operated on in a Wilmington hno. pltal Wednesday night for appen- aicius. ne is -reported to oe getting along nicely. 1 - o New Roof On Beulaville School Through PWA grants a new roof is being Put on the Rmilavlllc school. Completion of the work is expected soon. New roofs will al so be put on B. F. Grady and Chin quapin school buildings. o A legume crop that may be uaerl for Improving the land is the best crop to plant on acres removed from the cultivation of cash crons. say extension officials at State College. For Annual Democra tic Rally and Supper tommFgresham County Head; Bob Wells District Chairman FortV-eight states n.r maaalno- behind a nation-wide drive to make the comine- Jarksnn riuv- dinner, January 8, 1930, the great est demonstration in the hlstnrv of the Democratic Party, according to word received from rhainnan James A. Farley of the Democra tic National rSnmmittoe hv Run. ert C. Wells, chairman of the Si 4 iMsirict, young Democratic Clubs. Mr. Farley and Frank Wickhem, National President nf the Vnnno- Democratic Olubs of America sent word to Mr. Wells, that there is evecy indication that there will be in the neighborhood nf a nnn din ners that night. Having, by their presence there made a contribu tion toward the cost of the mafi campaign, the dinners will later gather around radios and listen to President Rooseplt hmarinapttno- from the Nnmher 1 riinne. in Washington, fire the opening gun of the campaign. Onslow County Younir crats are Invited tn -loin with tho Duplin group in celebration of the event ai a supper m Kenansvi e. Unless Pender County can get organized and have a dinner of their own, Mr. Wells stated, they 1 also will be asked to meet with the j Duplin group. It was announced here todaV In ' that officers for the Duplin Coun ty x oung Democrat Club and pre cinct chairmen have been designa ted by the State organization with approval of the National headquar- mey are: j. t. Tommy ' Gresham, Warsaw, chairman; Ro bert Grady, Kenansvllle, Secre tary; Miss Nancy Jussley, Kenans Wile, treasurer. Precinct chairmen: W. Frank Blackmore, Warsaw; Ben Bvrd. Mae-nnlia- Jnei n,wi.n Rose Hill; Moaeley Carr Bowden' Faison: Ben Sell P. TH Co J vn an TP si j. win Dale, Wolf scrape; Frank' Wa- icib, uuasun; Aivin "Ked" Kor negay, Albertson; Paul Williams and Jerry Williams Smiths- a chie Lanier and John Hargett, Beu laville; Will Miller, Hallsville; E. J. Whaley, Chinquapin; Mrs. Mary (Continued on back page) 'Prettiest Little T own In" North Carolina, That's Whsit Kenansville Is This Christmas of of Mrs. Redfearn Ap pears On Farm Broadcasts Rural women by tuning in on the Carolina Farm Features pro gram Thursday will be given a chance to hear one of the State's foremost home agents, Mrs. Rosa lind Redfearn, tell of home dem onstration activities in Anson County. Mrs. Redfearn has made an en viable record as home agent in her county, and was recently given a national award in Washington in recognition of her work among her people. The full schedule for the week of December 16-21 includes: Mon day, Fred M. Haig, "How to Select a Dairy Cow;" Tuesday, George B. Lay, "ttoaent tjontroi ; Wednes day, Dr. M. Taylor Matthews, "Co operative Rural Communities"; Thursday, Mrs. Rosalind Redfearn, "Home Demonstration Club Work in Anson County"; Friday," C. J. Maupln, "Preparing for the Next Breednig Season"; and Saturday, R. W. Graeber, "Improved Fores try Practices." A survev of the radio stations carrying the Carolina Farm fea tures program was made recently by a representative of the Kxten- sion Service along with Mr. Alan end of the third' month that rha. racter and citizenship are leading the other groups. The 9th grade is in the lead with 8200 points while the 8th with SWMVI thn 11th with 2800 and the 10th with 2500 follow For hearts, if true and lowely, respectively. ' , The manger cradles are, v ; The class winning the cup will Where comes the Christ guest holy keep it until some other class takes . With love, the guiding Star. It by outpointing. Winners are de- , . Anon, termined on a yearly basis. i.. . , . , ... Lfauey, extension radio specialist It is Interesting to note at the from Ttmted stfttM V- Junior Woman's Club Responsible For Decorations CHRISTMAS-TREE Street Lights And De corated Homes; Bright And Cheery o People of Kenansville can boast the "prettiest little town" In Nor th Carolina this yuletide season. We say this without fear of con tradiction. Through the insDiration of Ken- ansville's Junior Woman's Club the business and professional men in Kenansville with their finances, have made possible the dream of the Club becoming a reality. In front of the court house, facing I East, a beautiful Christmas Tree stands at the foot of the square sparkling in colored Christmas lights, while going out from the tree down Kenansville's main bu siness street, a string of colored lights are hung on each side of the street approximately twelve feet from the ground. At the intersec tion of the street and Highway 11 the two strings are brought toge ther making a complete circle nf lights with the tree producing the connecting effect next to the Court House. In addition the passerby sees Christmas lights burning in tne windows of uie first floor of ment of Agriculture K Adluntment ' the Administration; The Federal men1 Throughout the whniA inn. k,m. expressed themselves as being es are seen lit up with Christmas highly pleased with the presenta tion oi ana tne response irom tnese local farm programs. , ' i" '' 1 ' . ; : -A flock of 154 leghorn hens re turned '$1,89 profit . each above feed coat to C. A. Slmoson nf J Unison County this past year. lights and decorations. - Saturday night will contest for the best decorated front In the re sidential section, and prizes will be awarded the winners. , Kenansville Is worth a drive from. any part of the county at night tn see the decorations. o

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