ILmj, 27." C. humtliltwo 1l t wXmaX cf :i Z7 years eld. lie "-C3 about 2 years a- nt was the first acci in North Carolina in f: 4. - Cf ra!!ice .:t cf- - ry tu- 33. I .ii::3 dar- 11 . 3 aal c -cchllv the month cf L;;:aLcr was much better than in Revenue for the entire year cf 1CC3 was $3,181.83 as compared with ,$3,831X3 in 1935. The last quarter of '33 showed a gross of $2,165,53 as, compared with $2,561.88 for the same period : JiHY. 14lh. Arrargements are complete for btc! In Prironer's - SIic 2 As Convicts teave Camp ' :t:r.Ient of the Kenans t3 Prison Camp reported 1 t a convict by the name 3 x?z sent to Ealdgh yes-' he was found carry " 1 Iver Johnson pistol " i. TI:e pistl was very : rZ3 hsrs Lave no idea -i c:!l have secured It. - c; :;::ts were beirT tak T ? c:pto wcrk yester- j r-i was well concealed :rancb Rally I : :rJ:ters of the county' are 1 1j i lan a schedule for Jan. : 3 that there will be preach i every community in - the 7 e smetime that day on the ranee movement. The minis T V s county will be asked to 'i in neighboring 1 churches, t every ; congregation!;- will ting minister that day. f at all our ministers : ; jation will cooperate in rr.e.nt-'aadbf.'13t:v every : 11.3 county will have , a . iLhin reach of kin on 1 1: a: 3 get in touch with r.;f: !nan, Cole C. lar ;.ar c aunty chairman at rat-i-'-n , ... j I 1 . i - ' C:aa:!3 :!;-j.'-cf :r ct a County Fatlicro Koiai:c3u!arMeet Duplin's board cf commissionen met in regular monthly .session Uonday and dispatched usual rou tine business. Cther matters com ir g before Jheia were I Archie Ste wart Smith was appointed Town ship Constable for Island .Creek Township. Ho one was elected for the job ,in the geueral election, . resolutions were passed request ing C. E. Quinn, Duplin's repre sentative, in the General Assembly to pass an act and amend acts fromerly passed authorizing the ueric or uourt to pay all moneys received for County Solicitor fees to the county treasurer to be cred ited tothe general county .fund; authorizing tax collector to pay all moneys collected for doe taxes into the general county furid. These.moneys heretofore have been deposited to , the .'credit of the i scnool fund. - ,, Eeasons for this action was ex plained as due. to a reduction of the general county fund to the ex tent that it cannot meet all nec essary expenses. The county solic itor is paid out of this fund. , , ;"A resolution was passed request ing that the State Highway and Public Works Commission-to pro ceed as rapiaUy as possible, - hard f -r"7.i;i erjt it v.22 1 . leral i aa:i3 to pave the 7ar:a-.7-:i- clla-r.cce Hill -Tea-chey-w'allaee read as early as pos- BALEIGH.N. C, Jan. 7.- V i Clyde Roark' Hoey, , who : today became the 90th man to occupy the chair of the chief executive of N. Carolina, was bom in Shelby, Cle veland county, N. C. on Decem ber 11, 1877. He celebrated - his 59th birthday 27 days before tak ing the oath of office as governor. U Hoey was educated in the pub lic school of Shelby, ,but by the time has was eight years old he was working on the family farm. At the age of 12 he entered fa Shelby printing shop as an appren tice and began to learn, the trade. the annual meeting of the Eenans vilb Production Credit Association which will be held on January 14 at the Kenansville High School Auditorium in Kenansville . at one o'clock, according to S. V, Wilkins president of the association, who said that a large attendance ' of farmers are "expected. -, . ' The Kenansville Production Cre dit Association serves ' Duplin County and furnishes short-term credit for , production and other purposes to its members.. The as sociation now has a membership of 534 and Mr, Wilkins says that every member is expected to . at- teal 1' 3 annual meeting at which , a c: "ate report of last year's , cr;r-t.-as will be made, directors ; will tz elected and plans made for ' ' 1CC7 cperations, ' . The meeting will, be attended ', by Ilr. H. L. Gardner; Vice-presi dent cf the Production Credit Cor- poration of Columbia, who will ad-; dress, the stockholders at the con- elusion of the business session ' The officers and directors of the Kenansville Production' Credit As sociation are: - - ' S. V, Wilkins, President; I, P. -: Wells, Vice-President; Eugene R. Carlton, director; M.' W. Sutton' Director; and M. R. Bennett, Di' rector.', I " ', . -:,t'. - " John Bowden Oates,Faison, TcJces Life "Blows Hole Through Head With Gun John . Bowden Oates, age 55 of uougmon oiq not cnoose to run, and Hoey ' became a candidate. Bitterly, opposed by Ralph W. Mc Donald, sales tax foe, as well as by Lieut.-Gov. A. H. (Sandy) Gra Five vftars lfttftr h honpit tii:ham. and John McRae; Charlotte shop in which he had been work- attorney, Hoef led by a slight mar t oin 'in -fhA tint. TIp-ftiArrofin tw- t; ru; t n n vTirLn Faison took his own life last Fri- approached, Hoey made it known day ; double - barrel ; he favored Congessman Robert 1. ; ??uf .ann ' Doughton, dean of the state's del- ?0W1f t out lm brains. Only one , egation in '.Washington. , M S? ?M "L!"! :ath -Tl3 c!a:::o artchitexture1'' of I :e C;::t:l, l:r- the admi " l ct every vi:iter' to the ca I as at last been, frowned ! 'T3 f - ... i. . i 13 V .... r "rt 7. w'jane, Jr., relates t' t ; r. "clviouelv a far- - ; tclc," ashel him C "1 v,as located. v - i.x lia.dL r stepped " 1II3. Wynne ing on credit, and became a news paper;publisher;' He continued - to publish and edit his weekly paper, but three years later, at 20, poli tics called, and he was, elected to the General Assembly as represen tative from Cleveland county.' He served two terms in the House and one in the' State Senate. ' " .While he was in" Raleigh for 'the istate- assembly, he began his work in the University of North Carolina law school; and ui 1899 he was ad mitted to the, bar , Since 1908, when he : disposed of the . weekly paper in Shelby, Hoey has devoted his full time to - law and politics. In 1913, he "became assistant U. S. District Attorney for the West ern North Carolina district, a post he held until 1919 when he was elected to the 66th congress to fill the unexpired term of E. Y. Webb, who resigned; ; - - : A year and a half later, when his j term v expired, . Hoey declined rs-toiaiiatiod tri Returned to the private practice cf law, X practice which in the next 15 years carried him to a high place in ! the -legal councils of the' state. He retained his strong interest in the fortunes of the Democratic party, although not as a candidate 'or office hold er. He took the stump for Demo cracy, speaking in behalf of party candidates at each election. Soon he was recognized as; the state's leading public speaker,' a designa tion he has not since relinquished. ' Ilcliirg loyally to the party of which he has been a member for so many years, Hoey teok .the stump again in 1C23 for 1 Smith Democratic canIlate for pres ident. Caiith was defeat:! aal N. Carcllaa went HcralHean fer the o'clock by. his cousin W. . Bow den.'', - He disappeared Friday : about 1' o'clock stating that he was going to Green County with Ben ' Oates of Faison: Shortly after he left t a ' shot was heard in the woods back of his home but no one paid any attention to it. Sunday afternoon' mary after record :, balloting. 'In his nearesUpponent, soundly and'f 'clock W J? became the . Democratic nominee f or governor. : The election was merely a f or, mality, and Hoey was elected with the rest of the party ticket in the V accidentally came upon the body ' in a sitting position propped ; a gainst a pine stump with his head y,,; -hanging over his right shoulder. ' The gun was lying in his lap and the stick which he used to nush i the triffffer was still in his rtelit tfnorr ir , 1 (Mt ' rnornna Haiti. l.-j mi.: . a j. ...j. n . . i uH"vu . xfuoisiv j juami,: xae xoaa tore oui me oacK Gardner, sister of 0. Max Gardner J of his head. " . , ' 1 another North Carolina governor, , , Members ! of the family, stated ; They have -.'three .-.children A Uhat he had been' depressed for "V staunch Methodist, Hoey. has been .'some time. His wife died 18 years consistently active in church af-'ago by taking her life He is sur- fairs, and for. many years has) vived by one son, Bowden, Jr., of , ueen leacner oime largest men s; Miami, Fla., four sisters, Mrs. Dan 4 . Mallory of Monticello j Fla.; Mrs.' ? ' W. I. Walker of Decatur, Ga., Mrs;- A. Hawley, Goldsboro, Miss Louise' . Oates, Faison and, one brother, J, 7 L. Oates ot Faison. ; t Funeral services were held Mon-. day, morning at 11:00 o'clock bible class in the state. j GREENSBORO, N. C, Dec. 31 (UP) This is y& eulogy to a Winner of fint places at the Winston-Salem and Forsyth Coun ty fairs for the past two years, a Irom hoin f ilzs rolandCLIia hog; Weighing Uoncceetery. -from the home and burial in Fai- approximately 900 pounds, V, died recently , of an unknown malady." R. lee AneeL of the Greensboro , ' , KIRB HAS THE MUMPS Deputy Sheriff and jailer KirV Road, had owned the AM'y.JtoV! . animal for three years., - V. the Mump, : k Fire Varderis For Duplin County ; i. filler Announces List Sixteen ; : ; .Ralph Killer, County1 Forestry,- " ' ' S Warden furnished the Times with 'JL 1 J .) ; ' ' 1 ' 1 - of the distrirt firi ' my ' agai u -weep nottom; w xnc aistnci lire t .mn.i ifj. w.-. n:'. a complete list wardens as they are serving at the beginning of the year, -He states that there will possibly be some changes which will be announced later. , The district fire ; wardens are : D. J. Oates, Taison ; John W. Water, Scotts Cicre; W. R. Good ing, IlaxweUs lull; Hallr Moore finttiae in r-.y y:ars, . but ?.Ar wuuieia, : 'r--V T-""1'"- r'"1 r-4- c- 'Vr lci;i'A ri-c2 aejjaera, cmitn's . ; "7j:..- r., IIIH; H. R. Carlton,' irrzclia- .. -r r-T v.aria ca,;:u; .xrusy Carr, El- .s t:a t;r:3 :r V a "-j a rac- VJ1 Z''JZ' :'-t r cf . a; ,.raat ..-rchcy Cia- lemuel Maredy Lanier's Store; G. H. Elanton, Rockfish; and Fred Byrd at Tin Cityl-V'v People living in the", different sections of the county will reccg nize 'at once the nearest fire war- de and will keep him in mind in case of fire.' These district firs wardens have the power to sum mons all help necessary to trir-; a fife tinder ccntrcl, and to crrc:! anyons vha violates any pit it the farcciry lar, 7e shcall I: :z to'kno men. ari r.:a'.. a c ery, cf":rt U r.::l:t t' :n ia -1 " Cicat fli2 ccntrcl c-Iravcr;'!- .

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