run i WEHS DUPLu; i. J A RCOJ AY, FES. 11. 1937 ELirAITrILLL, II. C. , , NUMBEB SEVEN : ef- CI --... J, - liir:- tat 1 ? who . ; !i:r:;r native in .V J: 'rs ii this , j t: :y ciJ with- the Ltzrs asms the The psychologists a Wcri to say about he who attempts :ler usually succeeds I. ir::lf;,i;-:,,.;'tvi''; it the General "As cecn fit to reject the r .nnendiaent 'to the : etitntion, chiefly ; on i cf Etates' Eights, we .3 titat august body to 1 bring the State Jaws! . , : it is a question whi : left to the : States, 3 C ' tea act. North Ca - j'llfdlyjax set of .7 child . labor. A earth cannot be . suc'i a feeble founda- TT2 rrtain fcrias cf li re leeir-lla iau pro ly yczti and among !; ca. the farm ; when :" ; rircd with sane reg : t j I ezrs, wcilirg cca It is not our purpose 3 a prehilition cf such . It i3 precisely what t ii intelligent mod- 5 vC3 ji it) i education or physi ' 1 development. If r rrectly, work n the j ; Dcparhhc::!; i !j Insurance i low Manager ? in accomplishing : I7;rth Carolina needs a-llr-s. is a, stricter enfor i 2 the school attendance : t'i white and a colored .The age '.requirement i be raised a year or two -fal effect- County wel 1 rricultural agencies i. irerrthened and extend t fix Jcrs should be urg ; zzA of their own- and children an equal chan ces in the urban : dis- i are staunch ; believers H-hts, if you will, but 3 reason why North .Ca 1 Eiplin County cannot 1 children, unhandi ; ttztsd minds and bod- Vjrg Democrats of Dap xiLy are to reeet in " ci r: "7 27 for a cf their thief cb- . : cf the krj T I xruxt. It is a ' cf th:ir s:ri;-3 ccn - 7 rr ht v;cll lead : : :ta C:r:Iiza to a 3 cf, C zzz cczii T t tihs szitatle is .Hrf;:iraUe r r:eiety. 7hat say Eranch Eanking and Tr:t Co., servirg Duplin County v.illi tran ches in Warsaw, Wallace, IIcna-3-ville and Faison anse-rea this week the expansion cf their izzzx ance and nublic relatiena erart- ment. Itr. J. C. Thcnpeea, Czehier announced that Hr. L. D. Lail will become manager of this branch of the business and will work 'out of each of the four branches. . villr. Thcmpssn has been desig nated Associate Trust Officer by the Branch organization and trust business relative to Euplm Coun ty will all be handled in Duplin direct from the four 'branches and not from the hszin effice in Wil son.; In other wcr3 Xranch Bank has beccrre an individual institu- atioa in Eixlin County with Dup lin County men on; the board .of directors. This set tm enables the local unit to serve Duplin business and individually much better and surely h. a manifestation of the rejutatiea : : as la banker -"J, that Jese" Thompson : has made fef or tine elf with; one of f the largest t-i ttrrrrest banking institutions ii tl3 C;th. ' .. . , Xlr. Tail will represen the tori, coverirs the entire county, vi the interest cf their clients' in truet, lezds.ari all phases of in surance except life. EranCh - does not enter the life insurance, field. The fire insurance department has been a Uxz item with the insti tutien since its ccziizg to Duplin bzt they never have expanded the department very much.. , v ' i,v ; llr. DaiL former cashiisr of" the Bank of Zlagnolia leaves the tel ler's window in Warsaw and is replaced by Miss Betty ' Jenkins who was employed by the county i in me tax collectors off roe until IES D. DAtD . S;:p error Court To C: sn. Here : ' ; '" . v r.iarch 0; J;:l jj Sinclair Presides Biclrop Mouzon ; !. Dies Suddenly "' Bishon Edwin D. Mouzon. senior Bishop, of the Methodist Church died suddenly at his home in Char lotte Wednesday from a heart at tack, Bishop Mouzon is well known in Methodist circles and has been the leading 5 spirit toward r the church union movement. He will be remembered' m eastern North Carolina Conference. , ( -The Bishon was 68vears' old. I He was born in Spartanbtirg, s.iF- Maready, C. B. Batts, ; C. He -is survived by his widow I Whaley, A. C. Young, W. J. wno was Miss Mary Langdon of Dallas,; two ": sons, ;T. Mouzon ' at W.: N ;C and J.i C. Mouzon of Duke, and two; daughters, Mrs. C. H.' Thomas and Mrs. J. G. Venn. foy, both, of Dallas'.' His first wife Perry, Hugh Hunter who was Miss Mary Elizabeth Mi ; Duplin County Superior court convenes March 8 for a two week term of civil cases. Judge Sinclair of Fayetteville will preside. 1 The - following jurors have been chos en: - ,K ' ,J-r - K 1ST, WEEK : Willie Davis, Freely Smith, J. R. Teachey, James P. Brown, J. M. Jones, Almon James, C. E. Brown, H. M. Lanier, Edward Brown, Geo. Dunn, J. H. Ellis, I. C: Ennis, Ja- - mes W. Powell, S. V. Byrd. N. A. . Kennedy, M. D. Davis, L. B. Pow ell, J. w. Teachey, Off ie A. Cav enaugh, Elbert E. Cavenaugh.B. Kobert . Cav- enaugh, Bilbro Brinson, Mat Biv enbark, Pierson Johnson, - W. M. ' Sumner, Jr., J. E. Kennedy, Her bert G. Sholar, E. 0. Hanchey, M. E. Jones, Tharon Baynor, H. G. ke died in 1917. manager of insurance, trust and public relations department of Branch Bank in Duplin Coun ty. Mr. Bail was formerly Cash ier of the Bank of Magnolia. KOSE-EYING AROUND WITH il?EDiTORl; We were- glad to see, J. 0. Bowman in town ? today. He is looking well and says life is treat ing him and his family fine.. Lit tle Anne Brvan is iust as ' nrettv sae resneo a lew days ago. miss as she ever was. he said. , Jenkins is well qualified for this r ' ' " J. wcrk as she Jias a 'good bit of I Speaking of pretty little girls banking experience' : behind, her, we, would like. to nominate Sarah having acted as an assistant cash-West Outlaw,' daughter ofour Beg lerat m,,.0:;imM9; ister of Deeds, as a competitor "VC'TT.3rS2 170 . J jt l AJ t I; ' ilea gets under ci - :rs cf the tro- r: "-e-.-e-ea ,) ziz?., cf whom riore rt the project. '-''U.; ' i -y -nen.will -;b3 t l eea detemined : I "it it is r ot" ex- I -."t rill em - : : :-l th3 flret Officers of the Dunlin nnits nf Branph Bank are J. C. Thompson, cashier and assistant Trust officer of the entire Branch system ; Way. ne Jordan, assistant cashier j . B. M. Erowder; assistant cashier: 1. D. Bail, manager public relations and insurance department ; A. F. Bectpr, manager Faison branch : Mrs. Mabel E. Waters, ; book keep er ; 13ss Eetty - Jenkins,;, teller, jLiss Hary Xeney; teller 'fvH w " Ecard ' cf directors. Warsnv with Shirley Temple .for . the na- uvu ii uiiwat ) utw ft-'- crazen, 11. it. uates, raisbnj-B. C. r 'field, We aw; W B. a Eritt. CIer, WraT II. rarriaf and hnhrf " ' . Lr. lie ;;a st:ei that the czzzi) U ceererate with all the lawyers in r:;:ia Ccnty and io ku every cirj ;;r::n fe;:;lly. Lin. Liuaceth Ltranil dfpH o rsr tome near nnn tm Rn. d - - - - jr- , ' aa ay and was buned at Deep Run tlcnday afternoon. She has been a widow for several years. Surviv- apprcxi- ;ing are six sons, Ashley, Lubie, yscar, uoraan, cim and Leslie and five -daughters;-. llrs. Z. B. , Turn er, Mrs. llartin Turner, Mrs. Won dell Wathins, Mrs. William-Smith and Mrs. Eaymond Stroud. All the children live close to the old ho ne. . - ' 1 IS IT AX, AXE OB AXEN? How do you spell ax or is it axe ? If axes is the plural of axe then what is the plural cf ax ? If axes is the plural of ax then wouldn't oxes by the plural of ox! But no, oxen is the plural of ox, then we might conclude that 'axen is the plural , of v ax. Now wd ask you confidentially which is who ? ' ' Just such silly problems as a bove i ors pt .the millions; f things wMch cause 'errors in a newspaper. This happened in ' the A. Brooks," proprietor of Brooks Department Store; in Warsaw leav es Catarday night for a trip to ncrthern'markets. He will visit raltimore, Philadelphia, . New York and possibly Boston.' " Mr. Brooks expects to make bis spring purchases. On his return, new spring merchandise will 0JC' gm.Amvmghe':Mid; - J: A. (Albert) Newkirk of War saw announces the opening of fbe ETjlia rarmers i 'Exchange, -Mr. ITewkirk carries . a complete . line of farm supplies. 1 Your attention is called to his advertisement. se your children V I Jasked. "Yes sa," she replied "three is by my husband and three is by myself. ' Duplin County schools report gains in. Red Cross drive for re lief funds. New reports show Mag nolia PT; A. $10. for a total of $55 for the Magnolia school; Beu laville colored $3 ; total ii $6.50 ; $3.50 by Adorum Colored 'Sunday School lor Wallace colored school, total $13.67. $8.20, B. F. Grady colored, total $10.23; $l.v Magno lia colored, total $8.22. -- This . brings the county schools contribution to a grand total of $598.78 Good work schools. V John Franklin Croom, father of Commissioner John Croom, and one of Magnolia's best loved" citizens will celebrate his, 90th birthday Saturday, February 13th. Mr. Croom says that "13" is not un lucky for him. Mr. Croom came to Magnolia in 1863 or '64 from Wilmington. He settled there and 2ND. WEEK, MAECH 15 t . James T. Murray, Herman" B. Fussell, T. J. Bivenbarkjc Van Nor ris, N. B. Best, Johnnie Bland, ' W. H. Knowles, Wilson Dail, B. S. Brinson, J. E. Best, ' Jacob Wells, B. A. Jackson, J. D. Carr; J. L. Norris, J. Marvin Bass, Ja mes B. Outlaw, Clayton Lanier, G. W. Sholar, Z. J. Jones, JL L. Sholar, V. W. Hines, Fred Parker, A. S. ; Quinn, : J. G. Lanier, - Sr., Walter Brown, L. H. Hobbs, T. P. Books, Lacy Sholar, Ernest Mur phy, J. K. Southerland, S. D. Smi th,; Jt. D.; Clifton, - H. H. Hines, Henry 4R. Cates, W ,B.. . Harper Sidney Cavenaugh. has made a good name for himself, raised . a nice - family and settles back in his old age comfortably fixed. With him to reflect back over the years is his ever faithful wife who was 84 the 28th of Ja nuary; , . Representative C. E. Quinn has not yet introduced his bill to create five commissioner districts Continued on back page) I Never Knowed That Peple Wuld Vote Dry And Drink Wet C 3 ? r i:rs" Ernr.1 -:t:2 rr.d one h'U "3 cf ITenassvlIIe Mr. Editur:-. . 3 I wonder ef you would hev. a few . words . frum an old coger like me but I jist want to tell you that when I driv. inter town tother da. an as I walked down them durty streets, I hern difrent fellers er talking about Ukker and nore likker asd about votin to put it back is Noth Car liny and wantin to put it in Bur-gsar..l'- - ; d Well Sur,' Mr, Editur, I'm' jist ktrt to tell you, ef its er ben out, it was when sum of them ofisers ot the law dnnked it dry. Yes sir Likker is called spirits and it sho is a spent, it will jist come to you from any them corn ers in that town and befo you can tell whose sperit is. hantin you, some ? them jedges and sich as them has made its quantnancece and dun gon wid de win. - , r Yas Sur, ef probishun culd hev kept peple from makln it and dnnkin it, we'd thot we was livin in the days of mericles but I tell you, the da's of mercies dun gon and bootlegers her tuck its place. - I too hern that them legislatures was a tryin to make our good ol caroUny , and even jt Kenansville wetter than ilk ever ben; - Thet peers to me to be & joke, and TU be gosh darn ef they ken do that, they sho hev got to go sum. . Tas sur Mr., editur, I . never knowed that peple wuld vote dry an drink wet tu I hern about it tother; da, an it semes ther taste must nave changed purty fast but you no the devil sho tends to his bisnes. , " Ef you prints this' I mite rite agin sumtime. , Your friend, Ezra Drinkwater. Ain't the weather, grand? To day its fall, tomorrow its spring, the r?xt day its summer an the t Ly its winter. Wonder whut i-ezt day will be ? ' t: BEULAVILLE GIRLS TAICE 25tK. STRAIGHT VICTORY OF SEASON rose 3 two : Beulaville sextette defeated; Moss , son by downing the "1 Lmf mjfu Bcnooi Dasxeu , oau: team games already. , a . t , ldst night, to the tune of 25 to 15 1 : Beulaville teamsters are! for for; the 25th straight WF&WV? Edwards,. Delia season, season , theeulaHle x.vciyn, good cn cn every '' c . r- ' icc-j c: :f to TJimhr thsmarity Livs 'i-r a c. :-.f-r8. '-They ifcLcel Ic-sr rcll rractl-Ily , : re-. :r c: ..::2 hZl C.h r,?.- tnenil Z:zx. . - Ton

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