North Carolina Newspapers

    :r3 21ST, 1937
1 E.
y wsve also
J. II. Eiock,
i by her hus-
woiUJrg , in
'.'.a sL
' !, Z v Jrrsry, have
2 l -,"'e p-.oraTO-,-.
E.: i lis.-W. J.
; i. ir Irew Iklctt.
i Loe via Tiaetops
if i s of days mere.
: .3. Alb I'ickett.el Mt.
i vLliors lere last. Cun-
:. 3. roster, of Woodland
' ' heT daughter,- Mrs.
1. 1 .:e was accompanied
!ier duster, -dag.
, Harris and baby, Charl
.:s, Ca, - ,"..,.,
-wood Eoney attended
C '.reus ia GoLbboro last
' ..t. le went to assist
r F. L. Goodman carry
? Coouts who entered inj
"tot there that .night.
ing members - of the,
'i , "oman's Club attend-,
.? of the 11th. dis-.
0. F. W. Cw- which i was
' 'iiiPton last Satury
a IIf.ll: I.Tesdawps A.
2. XT. KcGowen, K,- a
Wells, W.J J. Pickett
, Mrs. Height, also Mes
I!. Eoney Harvey r.m
"a!,, J. M.' Erock,'
i and J. A.-, Gavin.
vi"e Junior Woman's
represented by the fol-
' ps Helen Griffin, The-
;-w9rct McGowena
(T. -ii: I!L: TVs is the sec-
' t t.-,, x tubers of
r...l c.f, irrrovisig
r-jJs ii tlis 6 " i wl'.Lin the
p.t t o wp:.Ls, u vtlich treat
mcLt as not vsr ..atcly given
tctuu cf lack of 1 r -. weee of
first t 1 by any. metier of the
crew. '-The fic: aci-rnt result'
ed in ,r'.h to a nrro uhose leg
was cr" 3, re:' -V Lrom 1. i
of tlooi to f..U?i- to en -7
tle simple met-are cf cording the
leg. Our state derirtments teach
safety but fail to have a man who
knows first aid treatment on crews
engaged in so dangerous a job as
pourinsr hot asphalt in road re
pair work.) . '
Fair C:i hi
M. W, Mason, workman on the
orew repairing roads in this sec
tion, was severely burned' about
the head and face, and on his left
hand Thurs lHV when v a con
gasoline which he was pouring in
to a heating unit for heating as
phalt exploded. ' ' 1 -
The: accident occurred near the
depot in Kenansville where 'the
asphalt Is heated. He was carried
downtown in search of Dr. Guy V.
Gooding, and received' first aid
treatment from Gilbert Honeycutt,
at the -Kenansville Drug Store,
wmie inv, Gooding
found, , f -
' Howe B. Dunn. Secretary of the
Wallace-Duplin fair1 Alsociation,
has long been a prominSnt figure
in vablicitr nromitions of Wal
lace and Duplin county.He was a
leader : in the organization of the
Strawberry Festival held in Wal
lace recently, and' bears i the
brunt of much of the work in plan
ning the fair to be staged in Wal-.
lace next week.
) . The Eegro Minstrel, scheduled
to be hell m tne &.enansvuia mgn
sJiool auditorium, Triday ' night
has been postponed until Tuesday
night, October 23th. ; ,
' Bev. Frank L Goodman; pastor
of the Kenansville Presbyterian
Church will conduct services'1 here
Eaaday morning at his regular ap
pointed hour. Sunday's service will
be' communion. . - y
Bev. B. A, Cadle, sew pastor
in the Kenansville, -Warsaw and
Johnston Baptist Chnroh charge,
has kindly consented to write the
Sunday School lesson , each week
for The TIMES. Bev. L. Good
man has been writing the lesson
Mr. Cadle's first lesson , appears
thia week. 4i,-,'' - '
Duplin Youth
was . being 'jiter lNavy .
New Grocery for i
J. "I. Jcrrit left, last
t for Chicago v and
,. a will be gone about
in's Missionary TJnion
' raptistiJhurch,met on
moon at o'clock in
t T Krs. Claud Dobson
.'y number of members
s fvc-uIenVMrs. C. a.
; rilzett and - Vance
1 an oyster roast last
..son at Grant's Place
E & II Grocery and Market i is
the. name of a new grocery store
opening in Kenansville next ; Wed
nesday in the biulding formerly
occupied by : Sittenon Brothers.
The store has been remodeled.- r
The operators are 0. C, Moore
and N. A. Book of the Long Creek
piseciwn ot r","r wv; ana j
A. it. VJ 01 MiuiulL Jut. xTlU-
gen will have active charge of
the store, and mUx his wife '. will
move here shortly. ' ''''',
Messrs.1 Moore and .-' Book - are
engaged in the wholesale sausage
business and will continue in that
capacity in Pender County. ,
The new store will carry a com
plet line of heavy and fancy gro
ceries and fresh meats, gelling- at
prices low enough to compete with
the chain, grocery stores, it was
said. ''. ' '
I Mrs. J. A. Gavin made
i trip to Baleigh on Tnes-
i week,' ; " -' t '
. A, Eeasley accompanied
' r, I'rs. H.. I.- Stevens,
i a to a D. A. B. meet-
v'Ze 1-st Citturday.T
'.jronl B. -Poney was
' e B. 11. G f owing Club
j., .jl-y Rft'"","on at 3
e were e' t members
1 two yiwtors. Memben
; -.limes 0. P. Johnson,
v, J. E. Jerritt F. WJ
. J. v A. " Gavin, Moses
. V. Veils and - the
were. Mrs. L. A.
t lula M. Hin-
" e sewing "bee
1 ?d at two ta-
occasion and
'.id with ao.
" 's ihd Miss
i r.,t to Greens.
1 to a special mu
1 -JinW.Cof the
' i "a B. V. Wells at
3 state fair in Baleigh
L,t week. . " ,1
1 ITrs. A." J. Elanton and
t" :ted the State fair one
rta Lois' Dobson has
. 2 relatives in Wilming-
y AlJerman'has betn
i rter, Mrs. P. J.
j went to Coldsboro
. v.?tk. -:--'
' A. W. Greshair,
r '"y and iie
t . 1 Mrs.' Lu;. ne
tMiltafl- Wi"im nf lUnlav.
ills and Warsaw is confined at his
home here with influenza. -
-The home of Dr. Deane Hnnd.
ley was damaged by fire early Sat
urday mornings ; -'
- Misses Boma Dare, Jones, Mild
red Lanier, Johnnye Brown Kent
nedy, ani Julia Lean Bandlin at
tended a i Inner at Pink Hill Wed-,
nesday nib' t. It was given by Mrs;
Leslie Turner ia honor of the bir
thday of her sot, Aubrey..
Mr. and .Mrs. William Hender
son and- sons, Cecil, Bradford, and
Eryson of Smithfield' spent the
weekend with relatives here.
' 1 1 H. Outlaw continues very ill
Friends hope for him a speedy re
covery. : j . , ' . -
Mrs. C. G. Sandlin of Baleifh,
Mrs. Bate Jarman of Potters Hill
and John 'Erinson of Bichhands
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Sam
Elimri T-nliy.: ;l '
Misses T-uy Lucas of ihe facul
ty was c "ed to her home in Speed
Friday die to the death of her
grandmother. .: . r
LI. s V.'Linie Wallace Wells of
Tc- ' ry las been visitirj Mrs. Cly
de I c An. - i ,
IZ. ,es Johnnye Erown Kennedy,
LJared Lamer, Messrs Paul Hun.
tor,-liars,:! Ilatliews and Korman
We wish to thank Bev. Frank
Goodman of the Kenansville Pres
byterian Chnroh for his aervioes
in writing the Sunday School Les
son for the pasti few, months.
i i
t J Ly u. 3v3 U L-s.J ULyULww.
Paul S. Newton, Jr., age 20, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Paul 8. Newton,'
of 'Wallace. N. C.,k andl Edward
Grey Wells, Jr., age 18, son of
Mrs. Clara I.' Wells of Wallace, N.
C, were enlisted in the Navy, Oct.
12 1937, both have been sent to
' Navy Training Station Hampton
Koads, Va., where they wfll receive
three months naval training prior
to being assigned to duty in some
ship of the fleet. ' V?' L J.t seems that The TIMES ha a
These boys applied' fot enlist-.habit of forgetting Smith Town
ment and were enlisted through Jjhijr when it eomea.te aetjvilrf
the Jlecrniting of f ice" loeatei ia j moitg'he - "lenng DeHertf
room w rost . uiuce fiuiuung, iXut week we failed to state-that
Wilmington, N. C. '-jf (Jerry Smith and Paul Williams
. " 1 '. 1 1 ; l i ","'; were named on the membership
Sam NewtCSl - , "SS iomittee fot their township, in
' Bev. Mr; Cadle preached his sec
ond regular sermon in Kenans
ville' Sunday to a large 'audience.
He made a strong impression on
the audience and u fast becoming
popular in Kenansville ias well as
in Warsaw and the Johnson
Church Community. "X -
v v a"
! Warsaw Drug Co. hast, received
a ton and a half of - merchandise
for the one-cent sale to ibe held
there week after next, Mr. Shef
field said this week. This is quite
a plie of merchandise for a drug
store saie. -.,,
Creaks Arm
Sam Newton of Kenansville has
had the misfortune to Hreak' his
left arm , while returning from
Wilmington Saturday night.-Mr.
Newton had been , to Wilmington
on business and was returning
home when the accident happened.
He was meeting a oar with bright
lights at Washington Creek. .Mr,
Newton says that he was, unable
to see anythinft except the lights
and did not know what was hap
pening until his arm was hit by
what -fee supposed to be a trailer,
There was a lick on the front fen-,
der and another on the back fee
der of the car but thetrunning
board was not injured which seems
to indicate that the trailer was
twinging from one side to the oth
er. His arm was lying in the: win
dow of his. car when struck. The
impact was very - slight , and thm
noise was not enough to stop the
other car. Mr. Newton, drove hjs
car on to Kenansville and was
given first aid there and then tak
en to Kinston where it was found
that his arm' was broken just
below the elbow. Just One bone
was broken,but the arm will have
careful. attention for several
weeks. . ,. ' -4V'
' Mrs! T. ' W. Smith spent ' Sun
day with her son, I Dr. Frank
Smith, of Warsaw. .' I ;
Mrs. 0.. Newton and Mrs. J. ,
the drive ior new members.
s Several weeks ago in writing up
the State; Young Democratio Con
vention ' in .Winston-Salem V we
failed to list Jerry Williams as
one of the ' Duplinites attending
the eonveation. We are sorry, Jer
ry, but at last we recognize yon.
Speaking of Young Democrats.
Our readers among that group will
be glad to learn that New Bern is
planning a big time for us there
wef are expected there, at the
court house, about two o'clock in
the afternoon when we .will be
taken for. a historical drive over
the city. At five we will gather for
a feed and speaking by Arch All
en,' President of the State Organi
sation and following the speaking
a dance, via ' , of grapevine we
heard that Bob Beynolds might
appear and make a talk. We-are
not vouching for that, however.
f Capt'n Jimmy Jerritt left last
week for Chicago where he attend
ed the Amercian Association of
Hog Shipments , ,
County Agent Beynolds has is
sued a report on the last shipment
of hogs from Warsaw,: 271 hogs
sold brought $10.95 per hundred
pounds, FOB Warsaw.- The hogs
were shipped to Baltimore :
According to Beynolds a major
ity of the hogs belonged to the top
class, which was as he requested.
He insists that farmers continue
to feed their hogs until they reach
the top class, which is 180 to 250
pounds, as that is most profitable
from every angle. ,
Another shipment wfll be made
October 29th., and the farmers are
urged to let t the county agent
know - two or three days previous
to this in order that arrangements
may be made for taking care of
Farms Finished
Measurements of farms for pro
duction compliance has been al
most completed, according to Cou
nty Agent Beynolds, with but a
few left to be measurea. inese are
expected to be finished by the
first of the week. , ,
The Fourth and Last Quarterly
Conference of the FaisorfXenans
vflle charge of .the Methodist
church, which has - come - to be
called a ictory Conference, was
heldrin Faison Church ron Wed
nesday, October 20th, 1937. Pre
siding Elder,, Bev. W. A.Cade, of
the Wilmington District preached
a most anurouriate and tUowerfal
sermon for the occasion, , takinttithe theatre to the Main and. Hill
. . . . . . - "ibi i i a .... . a
J John Wflliams Quian more af
fectionately knowu as "Mr. Jack,"
departed this life at 10:50 Tnes-",
day night in a Goldsboro hospital,
after being carried there follow
ing a train-truck crash in which
he was the victim, about two hours '
Mr. Quinn had attended the
picture show in Warsaw, after
closing his day's work, which was
his usual habit. Leaving !he
theatre he started home in his red
pick-up Ford truck. Driving from
his text from Mark 1:17.
For the past three years this
Charge has paid in full its finan
cial obligations, indudinsj&the pa
stor's and Presiding Elders sala
ries and all the benevolences and
the incidentals by the Fourth
Quarterly Conference, which is
held about one month before the
Annual Conference. Under the
leadership of a former pastor,
Bev. F. B. Joyner, this plan was
put in motion and this year un
der the able leadership of the pro
s' ent pastor, Bev. A. L Thomp
son, every Church on the' Charge
made a full and cmopletaaeport of
all finances to the Conference held
The Conference elected the of
ficials for the Charge for the Com
ing year, and 0. P. Johnson, of
Kenansville, is the newu Charge
Leader. The Charge consists of the
Time is Short
. . u . j ."ilouowing churches: Faison, Fn-
October 31st marks the end of endshi Keminsville,
the period in which farmers may gj'a Wesl
A. full and complete prpgram is
finish planting soil-conserving
crops aocording to compliance
terms and carry out any soil-conserving
practices not yet complet
ed. "
Co Agent Beynolds declar-
' " w - m a a a
es' v je never berore xne am
hac . men such interests as the
farafcrs have expressed in control
program. He says that u per cent
of the iarmers witn wnom ne
talks are in favor of some means
continnatkm of controL
Woman Burns
in Home
1 v.
on Friday of next week when the
district rallv ii held.? Latest re
ports from New Bern tell us that fternoon. She had been visiting
' Maria Biley, respectable colored
woman living between jsieuianue
nil HaHsviUe was burned to
death in her home last Friday af
the home of her daughter and had
Just cone home when the accidenT
occurred. A son vassin gthe house
noticed smoke .comine . through " ja
Inoken window.;light. and ran to
l-tm linnaa On ini71I: tllft dOOlT,
3te feand his moother standing in
tae twor witn msi i ner wnuuss
bsraei off. He nut' out the fire,
and carried her , to the hospital at
Kiastsm but she was 4 so ..badly
burned Oat she died before reach
in ethe kosvital She was about 58
vears eld. A few coals in the heat-
er led tne 'ianuiy xo oeuvs mat
she was trvinir to start ; a fire
when her clothes caught. - (
being planned for the nw Church
year beginning with December.
The Annual Conference ref the N.
C, Conference win convene in Ed-
enton Street Church in Baleigh,
on November 18th.
The Fourth Quarterly j. Confer
ence of the Pink. Hill Charge of
he Methodist Church wiU be
held at the Pink Hfll Church, Sat
urday, October 30, at 3:45 P. M.
The Bev. E. L. Hillman, D. D.,
presiding elder of the New Bern
district will preach and preside ov
er the business session. ' Beports I We believe it can be said of Mr.
will be made by all six churchesj Jack that he did'not have an ene-
in the group. The goal is to have 'my in the world and . had more
all financial obligations paid in
full by that time. The conference
is important fo rthe members, for
they will get to say what they
think about a preacher fot the
next year. Bev. Howard.. M. Mc
Xomb is closing his third year as
pastor. There have been-aS addi
tions to the churches during his
filiATf Vmlmuli After thfil ! ' ", , ' i 11
oonvention he went to his iBucIfs'Cut Rate1
few days. He is expected back iifWm in WnrsaW
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Brock, of
C Precythe Sunday afternoon. '
Kt. Olive, were STiests of Mrs. It.
V,'ii::un s ere recent visitors in I i'u TTaV'ri VTarren. of Lonis-'
f-pnville. . ' , i hnrw Collpfe. snent the weekend
s J. O. .ros'ic, Tad with her parents, Mr. C and . Mrs.
L. r CV" ' i John 'Warren, x . -. . x
n i. .mor"? those who attended the
" e 1 r.'jtrict IT. D. C. meetir? in- Wil-
i-i srn were MrsA. H. Witbermgtbn,
Kenansville early next week.
vMiss Esther Stevens, daughter
of Mr. and, Mrs. C. E. Stevens of
Kenansville, is in a .Wilmington
. ixi i "L J a. .
Faison spent MfiSSX
waay inai sue nas aeveiopea pnea-
monia ana is in a orutcai vonu
tion. , r ', V " '
t 3
i. C.
e. z
Jr., r
i :
r'jc: "
u. Pt i s r .
E.e 1 --.-I r.r.A.
a ya'l i t, rr.
on Til's? -y a '
l..:i at Vi e '
V'i a f 1 V t i
1 t.
u r.
-1 .
:l '
I'arJLaa Williams, Mrs. AI
"icVs, Mrs. Brest T-ylor.;-.
v., rs at. a t .jti
t, J. II. Lamar, tf I "n, ar .
r 'Hu.1 Cdtton, cf ( -.r
i : . r.A. r y-
Tt-Vuiie, j. "1 I.
r i iri r vi
. ' y f i I 1 . . ,
-.. : V 4 1 ' 1 ;
Friends of B. G. Maxwell "
Albertson will be glad to learn
that he has returned to his lome
from a Wilson hospital, . '
' Work was commenced this week
on a spacious office building for
Dr, G. y. Gooding in Kenansiylle.
The structure is going up opposite
ue Duplin Times oe. , ,
Jammie Whitfeild, operator of
e tioco Eervioe E'-.tion in Ten-
".Je. has reccrt!r ccr ..r-cl
'.nctisu cf a tx-r-c I 1 "-.f
Bev Howard M. Mclkmb will
preach at Woodland Methodist
Church, Sunday. October 24. at 11
'A. M. and at Pink 3SilJ Methodist
Church at 7:30 P. M. The public
is cordially invited. Tail will be
the last service at Woodland be
fore the preacher goes to confer
ence in Baleigh. Only jone other
service will be held atrthe Pink
Hfll Church. A full attendance of j
the laentDersnip is urgea.
In tKis week's issue wflt be
found as'' announcement of the top1
eninr af rBnck's Cat Bate". War-
saw's new drug swre.
The new holiness will be opeii
ted by W. ICl Buck and F. P. Me
onev of Waisaw. The store , openis
Fridav in the ' newly remodeled
building fornierly occupied by the
DUS IvttUOII 4iu new AUavtuB uaw
Street crossing, at the drug -store
corner, the rear half of his truck
was struck by a fast Coast Line
passenger train, number 49, at 8:
27. His truck was knocked 50
feet or more and totally demolish
ed. Mr. Quinn was not thrown
from the truck. He,was taken out
in an unconscious condition and
rushed to the Goldsboro. At times
he would rally and ask what hit
him. He was told a train, but it
is believed he never fully realised
what happened. In the hospital he
would complain of not being able
to get his, breath and the nurse
would raise him but the pain was
so severe he could not bear it.
Death came at 10:50. An exami
nation revealed that he suffered
a severe cut. on the head, possibly
a skull fracture and internal in
juries from a crushed chest. '
Mr. Jack Quinn operated the
Quinn-McGowan Company, furni
ture store and was founder and
secretary of the Duplin Burial As
sociation in Warsaw. He was a
brother to the famous Quinn Bro
thers in North Carolina who were
made famous in the business world
by their successful" operation of
furniture stores. He was as well
liked as any citizen . itf Duplin
County and will be missed by peo
ple in every corner of 'Duplin.
His generosities to his customers
resulted in ; more- comfortable '
homes in our county- than any
other one thing could have. He
never failed a friend and wa al
ways ready and glad to help one
when he possibly could. He was a
home loving man and a good pro
vider for his family.'
Attention! Duplin
Ministers v V
t Dr.'E. C. .Cooper has been ap
pointed Director of BeVgious Ed
ucation in the prisons of the state.
J He wants to arrange tofcave a rel-
been installed" and a new and com-jigmus service in each prison camp
friends than possibly any man in
Duplin County. His Me was an
example of modest living, spread
ing good cheer and being a friend
of his; f ellowman.
Mr. Quinn was slightly deaf,
and wore an earphone regularly,"
and it is belived that if he had not
been deaf he probaly would be
living today.
He was born in Duplin County,
near Beulaville in 1878, son of the
late Mr. and Mrs. Owen W. Quinn.
He was married to Miss Mary Bell
West, who survives, with one
daughter, Mrs. J. T. Gresham, Jr.,
of Warsaw. The following broth
ers and sisters survive: Jerry
Quinn, Kinston, Mrs. Oscar Miller,
Kinston; Mrs. J. S. Miller, New
Bern . Mrs. Paul Parker, Beula
ville; Mrs. A. L Cavenaugh, War
saw, ; ,T , ,. J
He was a member of the Presby-
i terfsa church in Warsaw.
' Funeral services were held
Thursday afternoon from the
nome in nr.arsaw conducted oy
Bev. Mr. Jones of the Presbyteri
an church assisted by Bev. Cadle
of the Baptist and Bev. Walters
of the Methodist.
The TIMES extends . sympathy
to the family. '
plete stock 'xrf the weU-knownBoch Sunday. Onr responsibility is
Wallgreen linfe of drug store sun-If or the Camp at Kenansville. I am
deriei. towthrtr with many other J-reoueSfing that h all ministers in
nationally adv nosed products and!j the county who are willing to con
duct one service at tne ;;amp ant
ing the -ear, write to me &t once,
statine the Sunday of the month
best suited for you to come for the
service. .The services .win be con
ducted ia the afternoon and shou
ld , last Over 45 minutes. If yon
could bring along some tine to sing
it would add to the services. Jfiea
the Eli Lily 1 tne of drugs.
Mr. Buck. better ' known
"Gib" is the (ion of Mrs. George
Bennett of W arsaw. He attended
Eiverside acadtemy in Georgia and
was employed by the Jenkins To
bacco Compaity for a time after
Ln-shmsr schnot.
Ue. Lsroney as a native or liur-
I fy and a grfcauate in let me "tear from y-"i at once,
ad of Kats Store in Warsaw. We'"'
do particularly because of a series '
of ads the store will run in the 1
TIMES carrying a coupon.: Each ';
week Katl wlU give some special
item at a very low price to every
one clipping tihe coupon and pre- .
seating it at the store once during '
the hour and day" mentioned ia
the oounon. Watch for their el
each week. The items listed aie
SKZ lted hauy particular nm
f i Lis s'.a-
cy 1,0m the ttiuversity of Lorthl .
la l' ' i'X"3tenansvCe, N, C.
Iber of people.
1 r.
twU to tLe LIa::z!s L
Carolina. A i
il 1 ' c t' ti. .

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