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    5rt '"-
Sclico! Teachers Hold
County-wide Meetpere
No. 47
For Half Dmy Teachers Become
Pupil and Study and Prac
tice What They Require of
Student ; Four Other Meet
ings Called.
Superintendent Johnson stated
that the county-wide teachers
meeting held in the high school
here Tuesday was most successful.
The afternoon was devoted to real
class work for the teachers. Rev.
J. G. Morrison conducted the de
votional and work was soon un
derway. Our teachers not only teach the
children but they take classes and
become pupils and study and prac
tice Just what they require of the
pupils. During the afternoon . the
teachers were divided into the
following groups: reading and
spelling, art, laboratory material.
visual education, elementary sci
ence, directing group singing, phy
sical education, rhythm and folk
dancing, use of library, high school
equipment, and supervision of in
struction. Two leader were named
for each group and they seereeat
ed themselves into different rooms
and instead of hearing someone
lecture, the teachers became the
pupils and went through with ac
tual study and
iimilar. meetings will be held o&
November 20, 27, and December
4 and 11. -
Two weeks aco the Times car
ried an article concerning Clifton
J. Quy, R. M. lie, who is serving
aboard the USS COWPENS.
Through misinformation, the story
stated that Guy was a Warsaw
Negro. This was an error and we
are pleased to make the correction.
Seaman Guy is the son of Mrs.
Daniel Guy of Warsaw. He has a
brother, Cpl. Henry Guy who ar
rived home two weeks aco with an
honorable discharge from Robbing
Field in Macon, Ga. He was in
the Signal Corps, entering service
on Jan. 16, 1942. He served for 28
months in the Carribean.
Unemployment Agent
Hours In Duplin
John Knight" Unemployment
Agent, from Goldsboro, or his as
sistant has quit coming to Ke
lansvllle and now has regular
ours In the county as follows:
Warsaw each Wednesday from
1:30 to 3:00 p. m. at the Post Of
fice or City Hall. Anyone wishing
information or aid from the un
employment office are requested
to see him either at Warsaw or
Wallace. No need to come to Kenansville.
School Will
Open Mon.
Classrooms built into auditor
ium and gymnasium; Neces
sary sanitary facilities Install
ed; Desks and equipment arrived.
Larger Packages
May Be Sent To
Men Overseas
New Postal Regulations permit
larger and heavier packages to be
sent to men overseas. All pack
ages must be requested. Pack
aces mav weieh as much as 11
pounds instead of 5 in weight and
42 inches in length or 72 inches
in length and girth combined. The
new ruling became effective on
November 15.
Jurors for a two week's term
of Superior Court in December
have been chosen. The term will
convene on Monday, Dec. 3rd with
Judge Walter Bone of Nasheville
scheduled to preside. Only civil
cases will be tried at the term.
The list follows:
CD. Evans, Leroy Bland, T. C
Edwards, J. G. Dickson, Jesse Wil
liams, Albert L, Sanderson, A. E.
Pierce, Jesse Bryant .Roberts, L.
R. James, J. M. Holland, F. C.
Rhodes, Chancey Kennedy, Ran
som Kornegay, M. B. Odom, Jesse
Grice, E. F. Jones. R. E. Brinson,
Lewis Keathley, Henry W. Hun
ter, C. Blackmore, E. R. Brown.
D. B. Murphy, C. T. Fussell, Jay
Kennedy, A. J. Carr, N. P. Blan
ohard, Manly A. Carr, Roscoe
Sholar, M. F, English, Henry Tyn
dalL Finley Carr, M. W. Williams,
A. E. James, J. C. Pridgen, and
J. M. Wells.
P. E. Rouse, G. H, Blanton, L.
L. Bland, J, O. Guy, O. W. Ed
wards, J. L. Quinn, W. A Dixon,
C S. Scott, J. L. Rich. W. C. Will
lams, W. D. Pate, W. E. Wells,
Z J. Jones, Oliver Sloanf D. W.
Swinson, Arthur Dempsey, Jesse
Dixon, W. H. Hall, Elmer Goodson,
F. B. Chambers, H. T. Quinn, D.
C. Batts, Kirby. Whaley, Carl Tea
hey, G. T. Brinson, J. E. Teach
y, N. F. Brown, John M. Sumner,
Ernest Dixon, James Lanier, G. A.
Pope, F. N. Brinson, J. M. Sumner,
W. V. Parker, A. B. Winders, Dix
on DaiL Willie Parker, W. H.
Taylor, D. Walter Dall, B. J. La
nier, J. W. Quinn, John A. Will
lams, J. W. Hollingsworth, and H.
T. Brown.
Superintendent Johnson said
today that regular school pIrskpr
will resume at the Beulavilie
school at the regular hour Mon
day morning, November 26th. All
teachers and buses are expected
to be there at the usual time.
Through engenuity, quick plan
ning,'" and loyalty on the part of j
workers in the Beulavilie section
the auditorium and gymnasium
have been converted into class
rooms sufficient to take care of
the thousand students attending
the school. Chimneys have been
constructed at the gym and heat
ers placed in every room. The
auditorium has a heating plant.
Desks and other necessary equip
ment have arrived and sanitarvi
facilities sufficient for the emer-'
gency have been installed.
In spite of the huge loss of the
main school building by fire, little
time has been 'lost and students
will feel little if any effect from
the break in their routine work.
Plans are being rushed to be
gin construction .of a new plant
as soon as practical.
New House
November 25th Is Opening Date
With Picture of "Wilson'' at
Beulavilie; Modern Theatre
Building With New Equip
ment; Third Anniversary of
Demorests In Limestone
Bob Demorest, a newcomer to
Duplin, arrived in beulavilie on
September 14, 1942. Rather incon
spicuous in their car -trailer Mr.
and Mrs. Demorest came up trom
Florida with much experience in
tne motion picture business, 'iney
pitcheu a lent in Beulavilie and
began showing wild west pictures.
Business was brisk to begin with
Wreck Victim Found Dead In
gJail Here; DiesjOf Heart Attack
Warsaw Armistice Celebration Is
Most Successful; Quiet And Orderly
Found dead Sunday morning at
nine o'clock; was alive at one;
Injured in wreck near Faison
day be ore; arrested while un
der influence of liquor.
Methodists Make Two
Changes County Churches
Two New
Town Showing Life of Much
Progress! veness; New Furni
ture Store and Soda Shop;
Drug Store Being Planned.
From the looks of things down
Beulavilie way Duplin is going to
soon have another business town
competing with Wallace and War-
saw. For years past Beulavilie has
Kenansville heads new "Duplin"
charge with Friendship and
Wesley; Rev. John M. Cline
new Minister; I 'also n grouped
with Sampson churches; Rev.
W. N. Vaughan pstnr; other
Estimated Crowd of 15,000 At
tended; Congressman Barden
Delivered Principal Address ;
Dance and Football Game
Citizens of Warsaw are proud of
themselves, their town and their
guests when the 27th Annual Ar
mistice Celebration went off Mon
day without any untoward event
Probably for the first time in the
history of the celebration no ar
rests were made, no one was
thrown off the carnival grounds
except a few gypsies who showed
The North Carolina annual ; ihm.i,.ra m i,
Methodist Conference concluded ! rpnnrtnrt nnH i;ti -;i.:
. IV.J 11 -' 1 Vll llllJi
its session in Gcldsboro Sunday
when appointments ere announ
ced. Only two new ministers will
be seen in Duplin churches. One
church grouping el r.nge was made.
Kenansville bccnr.ies the head of
the newly created Dublin charge
consisting of Kenansville, Wesley
miniutop urill
thriving agricultural Community, reside in Kenansvihe. Tne appoint- L . Inhe aftertMX
Slowly new business houses have ment went to Rev John M nin I berton Hlgh footbail team
ooened there and it is a rare or- vourm minictoriol t, t r..i ' lne eleven from E- M. I.,
" o oiuuui. a i Jsuxvtr.
casion to hear of One going out 1 Rev. Mr. Cline will graduate from
anu uiey iook a uiung to tne r . . : .
t, ti . I Deen recognized as a small and and Friendship Tl
town. Being more or less actors . . .....
and entertainers themselves, they
entered into the hie of the com
munity and now everyone, old and
young in and around Beulavilie,
know Mr. and Mrs. Demorest
Bob's business has been hampered
several times from storms dama
ging his tent and causing tempor
ary interruptions in his business
but he carried oh just the same.
On Sunday, November 25th. Mr.
Demorest will christen his new
theatre. "Model" is the name, with
the much talked of picture "Wil
of business.
To a casual paser-by Beulavilie
gives the appearance of a small
community doing not much more
than a crossroads- business but
spending a little time In the
Limestone metropolis . one finds
it is a thriving business commun
ity with far-looking town-minded
merchants, leaders who are de-
son". The story of the late Presi-1 stined to lead the town into a lar
ri ,. 11; 1 . i p-1 r I. . : . J A ,1 A
the Divinity School there next
spring and until then will com
mute on week ends between his
appointments in the county and
Duke. His first sermon will be
here Sunday morning, Nov 25th,
observed. In short, it was a gay,
orderly and thankful crowd.
An estimated 15,000 attended
the celebration and observed one
of the longest parades ever put on
there. Congressman Graham A.
Barden made an impressive Td-
dress in from of the graded school
building. In the afternoon Lum-
and the i
day was climaxed with a fine
dance at the gymnasium that
Lacy McDonaly, Fayettevllle
Negro who was injured in a wreck
near Faison Saturday afternoon,
was found dead Sunday morning
in the county jail here by Deputy
Sheriff W. O. Houston. The Negro
was found dead in his cell about
nine o'clock.
Coroner Ralph Jones called Dr.
Sraughan of Warsaw and Dr Nor
ris of Beulavilie to make an exam
ination. They termed his death a
result of blood clots and heart
I rouble. Deputy Houston said the
Negro was alive Saturday nitrht
about one o'clock when he made
his last rounds.
McDonald was arrested for
drunken driving following the
wreck. He was taken to a Golds
boro hospital for treatment and
examination and lodeed in tail
here following his release from
tne hospital.
Ag. Agent
Edwin B. Wright, native of Ta
bor City in Columbus County, as-
The streets were well decorated, ' hf nCW dutieS aS assistant
thanks, the ofieial said tn HM C.Unty ent in P"" n Oct-
crritt. Chief of Polic Thnm9 ! th' Mr" Wrl6ht will assist
Men-itt, Chief of Police Thomas
Rogers, RusseJl Morris, '"Red"
ana In the afternoon at 3:00. he I Hitchcock. Jesse Garner. James
Will preach at Friendship. The Miller. Tom Garritv and Graham
scheduled lor the group has not ; Quinn
dent Woodrow Wilson
Pvt. Johnnie R. Gray of Beula
vilie has been given a discharge
from the Army -at Ft, Knox, Kjr.
Lt. Dickson Goes To
Ft. Sill, Olcla.
After spending 45 days leave
with his parents at Calypso, 1st
Lt. James T. Dickson left for Ft.
Sill, Okla., last Thursday, Nov &
for a special assignment in train
ing Liaison pilots for over seas
duty. He served in the European
theater of war, and has been
awarded the Air Medal, and two
Oak Leaf Clusters. He also wears
four battle stars.
H. T. Jackson, c. iri. m.
Serves Aboard
U. S. Phobos
H. T. Jackson, chief machinist's
mate, of Beulavilie, served with
the crew of the "fleet issue" ship.
PHOBOS, which was credited
with one of the most noted accom
plishments of the war.
' Not specialized In the art of
fighting, the Phobos nevertheless
has a claim to distinction through
ner feat of supplying an entire
task force In a 36-hour period in
preparation for Gen. MacArthur's
return to the Philippines.
The Phobos saw action In th
Admiralty Islands and was in the
midst of the fiehtine at Levt and
Lingayen Gulf in the Philippines.
The new Model Theatre is lo
cated on the corner across from
I the old tent location. The house
will nave a seating capacity of
378 on the main floor and 75 in
the balcony. It is modern in every
respect and will be weU heated.
The acoustics are eood and a new
9X12 silver screen has been in
Bob believed in Beulavilie and
the town has confirmed his belief.
The new theatre is ouite an aaoot
to the town and is destined to
have a great future.
The farmer or cltv trardner who
has a good patch of collards la In
iluck because research men of the
Agricultural Experiment Station
have found this vegetable is an ex
cellent source of three fammrtant
Hot lunches are served in manv
schools in the county, however,
there are still several schools, es
pecially colored schools, that have
no -hot lunches for the children.
Special emphasis Is beimz nut on
oetter dieu for FSA families and
an important phase of this is the
school lunch. So that all the school
children may have a good whole
some lunch at the noon hour, dem
onstrations are beln iriven h
Mrs. Madeline E. Smith, Assoc
iate FSA Supervisor, on making
peanut butter, cottage cheese. Dre-
paring and packing a well-balan-
cea lunch. Some large families
find it too much for their budeet
to buy lunches at school for all
their children but that does not
mean that they will not be well
fed for more women are using
weir surplus milk for cheese;
planting enough peanuts for pea
nut butter; growing fryers; pro
ducing plenty of eggs and milk;
canning Juices, fruits, vegetables
and meats and urlng meats. The
homemaker will, by careful plan
ning and storing, provide enough
foods to give her children varied
and wholesome lunches. ,
Well-fed children make healthy
adults and it is important to ourl
future generation' to see that the
school children are well fed.
ger business and trading center.
It is suggested by many that if
the merchants, as soon as possi
ble, would build attractive brick
stores with modern fronts Beula
vilie would become one of the lar
gest trading towns in the county.
Neiv Soda Shop
This week two new businesses
been set but Mr. Cline will Dreaeh
in Kenansville on Uie 2nd and 4ih
Sundays. He is the son of a Meth
odist preacher, Rev. John Cline of
The other grouping was Faison.
The gymnasium decorations
County Agent Lacy Weeks.
The new agent is a graduate of
State College in the school of An
imal Husbandry in the class of '45
During the summer months ho
worked with the Poultry Market-
ling Marriner. Town officials re
quested the Times to thank the
above fellows for their splendid
cooperation and work.
Plans are already under way
for a larger and better celebration
next year. The same carnival, R
With , the Faison church goes j Hitchcock, Arthur Apple and Ster
njnjjs, uosnen and Keenan. all
three in Sampson County. Rev
W. N. Vaughan was assigned to
that CharPP Mo nnmno U
........ ...... O - "i i . i- .1 .LUI11 tlJC
opened there. For the first time in LUlmgton church.
years the town now has a soda ' D
fountain service. Arthur Thomas ' J DfD- Bme' for the Past
has opened the new attractive pa f f the Kenansville-
Beulavilie Soda Shop next door to " 86 l lhe
. ,ville charge,
his grocery store on the corner on-:
posite the new theatre. The Soda 1 n h nts affecting
Shop is all new and a new and DUphn ChurcheS werc:
modern Walrus snda fountain has ' Rev C. T t)nTOn- ,,, ,
been installed. Mr. Thomas says the Wallace-Rose Hill churches- ?Pear ""ZL
that arnnnd th firat of th vr Rev. A m ,.,." . i , ' . most cooperative. There was no
iciurueu 10 evidence of nv rnnrotti at
a prescription department will be j the Warsaw-Magnolia charge; ?ZnZ 2 1 ? T,
St"6 V" ,h6HMt- 0UVe -na 1 would not all:; a
Pink m. w returned; show r concession that was the
Pink HUl-Woodland charge, Rev. least distasteful to town officials.
W. G. Lowe, new; Seven Springs . .
cnarge, Kev. H. L. Harrell, return-
were almost breath taking. The lnS Branch of the War Food Ad
ministration. He comes to DnpUa
highly recommended and is look
ing forward to becoming acquaint
ed with the people of the county
as early as possible.
committee in charge and doing
the decorations there was com
posed of Finn Lee, Chairman, Rus
sell Morris, Henry Merritt, ' Red"
Rachel C. Martin. MAM lc, of
Faison was returned to civilian
life through the Navy's personnel
r i o - ' t t a i Kfiri ntz I
&S,headed by Mr. Raiferty is I separation center in Mpmnhi
planning 10 return lor the 19461 enn. ane is the daughter of Mr
1.1 t-M-f . t Uf r r . . -
celebration. Officials said Mr.
Rafferty conducted one of the
cleanest and finest carnivals ever
to appear in Warsaw. They were
added and the Soda Shop will be
come Beulaville's first drug store.
Mr. Thomas went to Beulavilie
on November 15, 1944 and opened
a general erocerv store. He is do
ing a fine business and operates ed
a modern, un-to-date market
where one will find fresh beef MAGNOLIA RAPTKT
ing to Beulavilie he opened a busi
lng to Beulavilie he operated a
business in the Cabin community
for six yean.
New Furniture Store
A report to the Times says that
letter have been received front
W. J. Middleton, Jr., saying that
he is in Shanghai, China.
The Maenoia Hnntist r'hnrv.K
On Mondav nf thi ueoir th wiH have their annual Annivers-
Guy-Brown Company opened a , ary Sunday. with Rpecial message
new furniture store, the second at 11:15 A- M-. and picnic dinner
such business within reopnt;on Tounds. At 2 o'clock a spec-
(nl . ...111 1 ....
ii service win De neia honoring
the boys whose names are on our
service flag and other service men
present. The families of these boys
are especially invited. All whole
families present will be recognized.
Bring your families, your friends,
a basket and offeri ng to complete
the work on the parsonage. An en
joyable program will be carried
out. We hope to have service men
of World War I and a special in
vitation to all our returned boys
who are here now. This dav will
be dedicated to our service boys.
Sunday School at 10 A. M., A.
G. Bradshaw. Sunt
There will be no service Sundav
J. B. Sessoms, pastor.
months. The new store is located
in the Eastern edee of the town
near the school building In the
store house formerly occupied by
yulnn ft Parker. They carry a
general line of furniture and fea
ture Westinghouse and other na
tionally known electrical applian
ces. Also they sell oil heaters,
water pumps and other items that
go along with electrical applian
ces. As fast as possible the firm
Is adding a complete line of hard
ware. Owners of the business are
W. D. Brown, Leslie Brown and
G.' M. Guy. Mr. Guy is the mana
; . New School Plant
Unfortunate though the recent
fire was, It was a God-send in the
march of progress for the town. A
' Miss Gladys Johnson, field rep
resentative for North Carolina Li
brary Commission, spent a cou
ple of days in Kenansville last
( Mrs. Harvey Boney, Supt. of
Welfare, took a number of pa
tients to Duke Hospital Thursday.
Mrs. Ruby Kornegay, of the
Health Dept., took seven children
to the clinic in Goldsboro Wednes
day. The District Music Club will be
held in New Bern, Saturday, Nov.
17. Mrs. L. A. Wilson of Rose Hill
is District Chairman.
The Welfare Department has a
white baby boy three months old
who wants a home.
Mr. F. W. McGowen, who has
been a patient at the Goldsboro
Hospital is returning home today.
W. B. Martin of Faison. Sh
listed in the Navy on January 8
1944 at Raleigh. Miss Martin ser
ved in the FPO San Francisco,
California. Her sister. Lt. Mariet
ta Martin is serving in the Army
Nurse Corps in China.
umiuii ui progress ior. tne town. A I , i
new modern school plant is being i ports indicate that it will consist
planned to house ' the largest
school in Duplin CountyComplete
of several modern fireproof build
ings ahd will be a very attractive
plans have not been made but re- j asset to the town.
Farmers need to give then
hogs warm, dry Quarters for the
winter, free from drafts, because
undue exposure in cold or damn
weather may result in outbreaks
i of influenza and large losses re
sult to the herd.
; During outbreaks of flu. brood
sows should be given special at
tention and good nursing to pre
vent still births and complications.
Town officials at Rns Mm ..
. thorized the opening of two more
reei. tm week and work began
immediately on clearing and gra
ding of the rights-of-way. South
Elm Street is being opened from
Church Street to Charity Road
and south Street is being opened
a (distance of five blocks from the
ACL railroad eastward x7i..
Street, one block east of Highway
It is understood that property
owners on these streets are pre
paring subdivisions so that the
louy be sold to prospective
Rose Hill Seaman
Member 127th Naval
Construction Bn.
Theodore C. Fennell, cook, 2c,
Rose Hill, and other members of
the 127th Naval Construction
Battalion have won a commenda
tion from the brigade to which it
was attached for its work In the
Philippines when the war in the
Pacific was blazing to Its climax.
The group went to the Philip
pines In May, 1945, and waa at- -signed
a harbor control ' project
with a tough construction sched
ule. Members of the unit nut i
bettered construction schedules all
along the line, a feat which won
the commendation, . '
! t
1 1
i I
i r
I !
I f

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