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Sailing Regella
Planned Morehead
Sponsored by the Merehead City
Sailing Club, the Olst annual 4th
of July races held in that area will
be presented on Sunday, July 4.
Several classes will compete for
the prizes offered by the Sailing
Club. Commodore D .G. Bell, in
nknftfa rt Air Ants an 11 filaaooa earl 1 1
include comets, dead rise skiffs,
16-foot class, a handicap, small 12
to 14 footers, and possibly a fleet
of Lightnings from Cherry Point.
Veteran sailboat racer, Capt. Gib
ble Willis, plans to enter the event
and he claims it his 55th
Fourth of July race in waters there.
n nas a number of trophies.
Fourth of Juiv rjkrott rinvo haAM
held in Morehead City area since
loo, mat was the year John M.
Morehead. founded thfl land Ho
velopment on Sheppard's Point in
arierei county which was to be
come a city bearing his name. Each
Fourth of July since races have
been held and this year will be the
1st event held on that date.
Mrs. Cora O'Daniels
Mrs. Cora E. O'Daniels, 79, of
near Seven SDrincs died at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. S. M.
Massey, Wednesday of last week
at 8 p.m. Funeral services were
held from, the home on Thursday
afternoon with burial in the fam
ily cemetery. Surviving are two
sons, G. D. Westbrook, Rt. 1, Seven
Springs, and Graham Westbrook of
Warsaw; one daughter, Mrs. Massey
14 grandchildren and six great
grandchildren. , r .
Negro Farm Notes
By Biddick E. Wilkins
Negro Farm Agent
There have been reports hat
numerous losses have occurred in
the storage of sweet potatoes last
To safely keep sweet potatoes
they must be well matured; care
fully handled; well dried and cured
and after being put in storage, kept
at a uniform and relative high
temperature and low humidity af
ter they are cured.
Now is the time to plan and build
storage houses. Anyone wishing to
do so, may receive all the proper
information they need from this
office. '
L L. LjiJtswj
Last Saturday
W. L. (Susie) Byrd, 76, died at his
Can Blask-Omgit
Help an ( '
y-t, n'aitt-Draneht may help an Upael
ii.';;Ka'-.u If tho only reason you huvs aa
r.p-iet et.nrch la becnus of constipation.
XVadr-U.-nus'it, tlw Irlendlr laiaUva, la
.... m i .!,' ..U I1IV1UH5U IMKCU
u-f ' '. It corta only a penny or leu
' .,-. a why it bag been a bait
: v;..i lour narrations. If yoii are
: 'mi i cutti symptoms aa loss ol
.u, r-.f; die, upset atomncb, flatu.
.i i- . aiecpi-ssness,
?. Y?? o-i'uth anrtlf thesa
r.ugut may do for
home in WaJLace at 2:30 o'clock oo
Sunday morning. Funeral Sfervfces
were held at the borne Sunday
MA . A m t lit. alt-. nu
aiiernoon ai o o ewca. wiio vie iwj
W. B. Hood pastor of tho Presby-I
lenau cnuxxu uuiuwuug. omw
was in Rockf ish cemetery. Mr. Byrd
was in the livestock and hardware
business for 37 years. He served as
mayor of Wallace and waa a mem
ber of the Town Council for 14
years. Surviving are his widow,
Mrs. 'Mamie Johnston Byrd; one
daughter, Mrs. Sam' Bloom; one
son, Frank Byrd; one brother, Fred
Byrd, all of Wallace; a sister, Mrs.
Lillie Belle Hall of Stamford, Conn,
and two grandchildren.
Dick Deaver
Buried Sunday
R. A. (Dick) Deaver, 79, died on
Friday afternoon at h.a to ue tor
'a v nnAv ftahnnl after an extend
ed illness. Funeral services were
held a tthe home Sunday afternoon
at 4 o'clock with Rev? W. S. Wat
kins, Peritloostal Holiness minister,
in charge. Burial waa in the Turner
cemetery. Surviving are his wife;
seven children, Mrs. C. C. Bell of
Wilmington, Mrs. John Grady of
Rt. 4, Kinston, J. J. Deaver of Deep
Run, Mrs. Clarence Alphfn of War
saw. Rl. 2. Mrs. Kirby 8mlth of
Hampstead, Kt l .and Mrs. Harry
E. Williams of the home commun
ity. Mr. Deaver had operated a
blacksmith shop near his home for
the past 40 years and was still ac
tive when taken 1JL
Pete the pet pelican which Capt.
Gib Willis of Morehead City rescu
ed following a losing battle with
an eagle, last fall has faund it....
and winged away to some coastal
rookery. The giant bint which be
came so gentle that it would eat
from Its benefactor's hand, made
out alright during ' the winter ,,
months It was not long after the
rescue before the giant bird was
ahinchane Again. But Pete did not
fly away. That is, Pete did not fly
away until love overwhelmed him
recently. One day he brought a
visiting pelican in to shore and his
adopted home. They courted awhile
and then disappeared. That was
several days ago. Capt Willis Is
of the opinion that the birds may
have gone to Shell Island in Pant- 1
lico Sound near Ocracoke to set
ud housekeeDUMC. He hopes the
big bird returnes in the autumn.
' aJ
Presbyterian Churches
Her. J. G. Morrison. Pastor, Ke
nansvllle, N. C. '
Grove Church, 2nd & 4th Sunday
11:15 A M.
IlallsvUle. 1st Sunday 10:00 A. M.
Sri Sunday '.:00 A. M.
Beulaville, 1st Sunday .1:00 A,
M. 3rd Sunday 7:30 P. M.
Rev. Ben F. Brown, Pastor, Wal
lace, N. C ,
, "ntts yemclj, 1": f wday 11:08
A. M. 2nd Sunday 7:30 P. M. 4th
Sunday 7:30 P. M.
Willard, 1st Sunday 7:30 P. M.
3rd Sunday 11:00 A. M. -
Rockfihh, 2nd Sunday 11:00 A. U
3rd Sunday 7:30 P. M. 4th Sunday
11:00 A.M.
Rev James Garvin, Pastor. Chin
quapin, N. C
Salem Chapel, 1st Sunday 11:00
A. M. 3rd Sunday 7:30 P. M.
Bethel, 1st Sunday 7:30 P. M.;
3rd Sunday, 11 A. M.
Ohintuapin, 2nd Sunday 11 A. M
4th, Sunday, 11 A. M. ,
Bethany Chapel, 2nd Sund f
7:30 P. M. 4th Sunday 7:30 P. til
Rev. Murphy Smith, Pastor, Fat
son, N. C
Falson, 1st, 3rd, and 5th Sundays
r7:30 P. -I. 2nd, and 4th Sundays
11 A. M.
jlypsj, i , c -d 5th Sun
days, 11 A. M.
Stanford, 2nd and 4th Sundays
7:30 P.M.
Rev. F. M. Bain, Pastor, Sees
Hill, N. C
Rose Hill, 1st, 4th, and Mb. Sun
days 11 A. M.
Teachey, 2nd Sunday 11 A. M.
4th Sunday 7:30 P. M.
Oak Pl-in, 1 f -nday 7:30 P. M
3rd Sunday 11 A. M.
Wallace, Rev. W. B. Hood. Pastor.
Church, 11:00 AM. - 8:00 P.M.
S, S. 9:45; YPU 7 PJI. Prayer Meet:
ing, 8 PJH. Wednesday
Jones Chapel, S. S. 3 PM. each
Sunday; Church 3:45 each 2nd and
4th Sundays.
. Pink Hill, Rev. N. P. Farrior,
Minister. 1st Sunday, 7:30 P.M. 3rd
Sunday, 11 AM.
Pleasant View, 1st Sunday 11
AM. 3rd Sunday, 7:30 PM
Harper-Souther land, 2nd Sunday
7.30 PM 'A Si nday 11 M
Smiths: 2nd Sunday 11 AJU. 4th
Sunday, 70 PJU,
Hebron, By appointment only.
Warsaw Eugene H. Clarkn, min
ister; Sunday School 10 AJd. Morn
tag Worship 11 AM YJ.U. 6 JO
' Bowden YJ.U. 0:15 AM Sun
day School 10 AM. Worship Ser
vice 1st and 3rd Sundays 7:30 PM.
Methodist Churehes
. rl
' 9
! 4 , ?V
i lie Bible bqsbeen the .Magna. Chartaof Jhpoprand oppressed,
' Unity, 2nd Sun. 2:49 P. M 4th
Sun. 2:45 P. M.
Wesley, 1st Sun. 10 A. M. 3rd
Sun. 7:30 P. M,
Pink tH Circuit Rev. R. C Good
ehUd Noble's Chapel, frJ Sun. 3 P. M.
p V Hill, 2nd Sun. 11 A. M. 4th
Sun. 7:30 P. M.
Webbs Chapel, 1st Sun. 7 30 P
M. 3 4 tun. 11:30 A. M
Woodington, 2nd Sun. 7:30 P. M.
4th Sun. 11 . M.
Woodlands, 1st Sun. 11 A. M
3rd Sun. 7:30 P. M.
Toss Hill, Rev. C. T. Rogers,
Pastor. 3rd Sunday 11 A.M 1st
and 2nd Sunday 7:30 P.M. Church
School 9:45 A.M.
Charity, 4th Sunday 11:0C A.M
Church School 9:45 A.M.
Providence, 3rd Sunday 3:00 P.M.
Church School 3:30 P.M.
Wallace, Rev C. T. Rogers, Pas
tor; S. S. 10 A.M.; Chut h 11 AM.
1st and 2nd Sundays; 7:30 PM 3rd
and 4th Sundays. YPU 6 P.M. caah
Seven Springs - Rev. R. N. Fltta,
Pastor. Services 4th Sunday morn
irj end 2rd Sunday night at 8.
S :nday Sc'iorl at 10 o'clock each
Sunday morning.
Universalist Church
Outlaw's Bridge, Rev. L. C Prater'
Seven Springs, N. C
Church School 10 A. M.
Morning Worship (2nd and 4th
Sindays) 11 A. M.
Eve. ing Worship (1st Sunday)
7:30 P. M.
Free WiH Baptist Churches
Dailey's Chapel, Lloyd Vernon,
?astor, 1st Sun. Morning A- Jigbt.
- -est U-i, ., , I.MWiirwj.iVAWW
Dnp'- n Or' nit Kev. J. M. Cline
Friendship. 1st Sunday 70 P. U
3H Punday II A .
Kenansvllle, 1st Sunday 11:15 A.
M. 2nd Sunday 11:15 A. M.
, Warsav. - Every Sunday morning.
Carlton - 2nd and 5th Sun day af
ternoons. - -:"
Magnplla, 2nd Sim. 70 P. M.
4a "tin. 11 A. It
It is impossible toJeWtollyTornclQliyenslove a Bible Redding Public:
! , . ... .HORACE GREELEY.
tf.rm&m itfi;f ''-''
Almncr pvprv nun wrSoTrTill Cvl .
vliich the race is proud.ToffcWhichTour
L--sd his life work jorgflylupbntthei
Vhen asked which boogilFav1l0
New Testament.
Indian Springs, 2nd Sun. Morn
ing & Night
Beulaville, 3rd Sun. Morning &.
Lanier's Chapel. 3rd Sun. Morn
ln t Ni t
IVarsall's Chapel, Rev. S. it. Ken
nedy; 4th Su - g It night
Sandy Plain, 3rd Sun. morning 3t
Christian Chapel, 1st Sun. morn
ing & night
Mrunt Zion, Rev. R. C. Kennedy.
1st and 3rd Sun. morning & night
Gray Branch, 4th Sun. mornlru
and night
Piney Grove, 2nd Sun. morning
and night
Cabin, Rev. W. L. Jernlgan; 4th
Sunday morning and night
Deep Run, Rev. S. A. Smith, 3 d
Sunday morning and night
Bethlehem2nd Sunday mprnlng
and night
Snow Hill, Rev. T os.E.Bea n;
2nd Sunday morning and night
Root:' Branch, Rev.' J. D. Vernei
son; 3rd Sunday morning and night
Sar -ct. . Rw arol Hni-sley.
Wesleyan Methodist
days at 11 A. M. and 7 P.M. Sunday
School at 10 A. M. Youths meet
each 4th Sun. 6:30 P. M.
Missionary Baptist
Wallace, Rev. W. W. Hasty, Pas
te S. S. ":45 AM.; Church 11 A.M.
and n P.M.; YPU 7 P.M. Sunday;
Prayer Meeting 8 PJd. Wednesday.
Calypso, T. K. Woody, Pastor
2nd and 4th Sundays.
Garner's Chapel, J. W. Lambert
pastor. 2nd Sunday afternoons.
Fai - - un. Night; 3rd Sun.
Bear Marsh, T. K. Woody. 1st and
3rd Sundays.
Warsaw, G. Van Stephens, Pastor,
every Sunday.
Johnsons, 1st Sun. mo-nlng and
3rd Sunday night
Kenansvllle, Laurens Sharpe, 3rd
Alum Springs. Gilmer Beck, 3rd
Sun. morning.
Jones Chapel, 1st Sun. morning
Beulaville, A. L. Brown, 1st and
3rd Sun. nights; 2nd and 4th Sun.
Cedar Fork, 1st Sun. norning:
2nd Sun. night.
Hallsville, 3rd Sun. morning; 4th
Sun. night
Dobsons Chaptl, N. E. Gresham,
2nd Sun. morning; 4th Sun. night
Cabin, Sunday afternoon.
Sharon, 1st Sun. nigfat; 3rd Sun.
Shlloh, 2nd Sun. night; 4th Sun.
ri-.. .
Island Cieek, 1st Sun. morning;
3rd Sunday night
Teacheys, A. H. Slazier Pastor
n-e Hill J. V. Case, 1st and 3rd
Sun. night; 2nd and 4th Sun. morn
ing. Magnolia 1st and 3rd Sundays.
Union Baptist
Pinhook Union Baptist, Rev Jim
Bonds, Pastor.
Services every 1st Sunday
For The Benefit Of The
Free Will' Baptist Holiness
Churches In Duplin Co.
Sent In By Rev. H. J. Whaley
Bet--!, at C&ulty Crossroads. Rev
A. D. Weed. Faster
Services each 2nd and 3rd Sun-
Time for holding services at Oak
D. 11, ever. 3rd Saturday nigit rt
7:30 o'clock. On Sunday at 11 o'
clock. Pastor, Fay Tylor.
Gum Branch, every 1st Saturday
night at 7:30. Sunday it 11 o'clock,
W. R. Kennedy, pator.
Cole Chapel, every 2nd Saturday
night at 7:30. Sunf-iy 11 o'clock
Rev. H. J. Whaley, pastor.
Springfield, every 1st Saturday
night at 7:3 . Sunday ; 11 'clock.
J. W. Norria, pastor.
Pi ry Grov w -y 4th Satui lay
night at 7:30 and Sunday at 11 Jf
clock. B. A. Daughtry, paster.
Beulaville, every 2nd Saturday
night at 70, Sunday at 11 A. M.
B. B. Carly, pastor.
Mt Zion, every 2nd Saturday
night at 70. Sund-y at 11 A. M.
Fay Tylor, pastor.
Sponsors Of This Ad Are The Following Merchants
First Citizens Bank
J F. Williamson Branch Bwiklng and Trust Co. Sanford Packer
Henry Vann Motor Company
, MargoHs and Lieberman
L. P. Tyndall'a Sons
General Mdsa. Farm Supplies
Barden - Johnson Motor Co.
Ferd Sales and Servtoe ,
Calypso Veneering Plant
H. B. Kornegay
Farmer's Hardware Company
"We Appreciate Your Basin ess"
Mack Oil Company s
I. J. Sandlin Company
General Mdse. ; Beulaville N. C.
Shop Regularly At
Style and Thrift Leaden in WaUaee, N. C
Carroll and Riggs Mfg. Co. Smith - Livesay Implement Co.
General Mill Work . Case and Oliver Tractors . Farm Mach-
f ... . m ' mmtim ur-11- a g
1671 - . Warsaw, N.C , mery ram Nn, nwa, m
Barden Motor Company
Year Ford Dealer
ROSE KJLL. N. C. ' .
Wallace Wholesale Company
Groeerles Tobaccos - Feeds
P. S. Can Company
V -''H.
Wells - Oates Lumber Co.
W.E. Stout
lee Coal - Freeai
. Quinn - McGowan
Fnmersl DUertssa -'
Ea and B. Oil Company :
The Bose HiH Hardware Co.
Blanchard Pontiac Co.
Simmon's Hardware
Mount Olive Pickle Company
Bitter Mill Work Company A and F. Motor Company
Everything m Woodwork Hoeae Of The Mighty Jeep - Farm aVraln.
Mil Warsaw, N. C nam 4ei - wauaee, . u.
Williams Repairs and Supplies
"We Repair Anything On The Farm
M. B. HOLT .
Seatenl Merehamdlse
J. tLPeirce Manufaruring Co. Kenansvllle Dry Cleaners
Tan BaQdmc Supply HeaiAqnartera . -We Can Far Ami Deliver ,
T. A. Turner. Inc.
. "A Enare Deal To AH"
. " rri tUj, w, c.
i2421 . . ' Waraaw. N. C ' aaXXAKSVIXLIa N. C

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