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    -I'Vn .,n
"FRIDAY, OCTOBER 29th, 1948
No. 44
I T 11 1 II K
"t I THINK that with the General
Election day at hand it Is time for
fie voters of North Carolina, as
ell as the entire South, both Dem
' ocrats and Republicans, to settle
'.'down and five serious and careful
thought to the question as to liow
4hey will cast their ballots. Consld
' r ALL of the issues involved and
" pot be blinded by -fanatical opposi
tion to one or two. Scan with calm
ness, with reason and with logic
the claims and promises of the Re
publicans, the Dlxlecrats and the
K Wallace-rats and , then give equal
-consideration to the RECORD of
the Democratic Party. A vote for
we Dlxlecrats or the Wallace-rats
; is nothing, more nor less, than a
vote for the Republican Party. Un-
" der a Republican administration
- the South tan hope for nothing
h more than economic slavery. Are
we to vote ourselves back into the
Hoover carts, the soup lines, six
. cent cotton and nine cent tobacco?
, ! I THINK that Mr. TJewev is sin.
i. 'cere in his desire to be president;
. that he is sincere in his belief that
' he would be good president for
the Repub.kan Party, which has
been in the past, is now, and will
be in the future, the party ot big
. businesses and the Tycoons of Fi-
. nance. Should he be elected Tyche,
fickle Goddess of fortune, will
- abandon the agricultural south and
fly to the gilded Hall3 of Finance
to bestow her favors upon its
glutonous overlords. . .
s i THINK that the Dlxlecrats and
- the Wallace-rats are but festering
Sores on the body politic, wmcn
time and ignominious defeat will
naiuiw rhv are headed by men
1 whose reason , has been dethroned
' , by bitterness and hatred. Men who,
Mifuteil hv a oasaionate hatred of
. . ha it A 1tat thslr IWF8DeCt-
ive. The Dlxlecrats seek-to defeat!
sMr. Truman because el His stand
on Civil Rights and are willing to
rtft th Democratic Party to gain
' this end. If Mr; Dewey is elected
with him. a Reoublican Cong
ress - it is doubly certain inat
, Civil Rights legislation will be en
acted by the list Congress. If Mr.
- Truman is defeated we lose every
: thing and gain absolutely nothing.
. I THINK than any North Caro
linian who will study the following
figures will find it Impossible for
him or her to vote for anyone other
than Mr. Truman and the whole
, Democratic ticket:
In 1932 factory products were
valued at 1,02A,000.000; now they
j .f In 1932
farm products were valued at $14v-
000,000; now f7,ww,vw. iu asm
the average weekly wage was $12;
now It U $40. In 1932 price of tobac
co wu 9 cents; it Is now over 60
cents. Cotton in 1932 was 6 nts;
' it is now 30 cents. Bank deposit,
in 1932, were $202jl973.97; to-
V day it is $1,843,518,034.33.
', I THINK that the voters of North
o.n. mAn stinir (a the narty
whose record of accompUshments
i MittiMAH n lvanir balances, farm
and business prosperity and higher
Inmma for All. l ao no: mm
Annual Meat Of
Duplin County
Farm Bureau
Tht Annual MeetinK of the Du
plin County Farm Bureau was held
at the High School in. Kenansville
on Thursday, October aist, wiin
uimA nnn nrenent. The meeting was
opened at 2:45 p.m. and the foil .wr
ing officers were elected for th
coming year:
t. w Outlaw. President, Seven
Springs; E.-V. Vestal, Vice Presi
dent, Kenansville; buss uora, . m
on, Secty-Treas. Kenansville.
': Mr. Flake Shaw, Executive Vice-
President of the Nortn uaroiina
Farm Bureau, gave a very interest
ing talk on his trip to Europe.
Among other things Mr. Shaw said
that it is necessary for the farmers
of this country to be organized if
they are to get a fair share of the
national income.
The membership, goal of the W
plin County Farm Bureau is set
at 1500. There are now 1318 paid
members. Every fanner and busi
imu man in the county is urged to
join at once. The membership fee
is $3.00 and Can pe paid to Miss
Two n nwnn in the Agriculture
Building in Kenansville or to Farnt
Bureau leaders in your community
. ' 1 VA.
who are soliciting new memoers. n
is to your interest to Join the Farm
Bureau. The drive for memoers
will continue through Novero" -.-r -'Ut
don't wait! Join Now!
Mr. LeRoy Simr.o;?r. gave a prize
of S25.D0 to tho B F. Grady Vet-
-ar. s uiass ioi i:n..i.j f
niembM than a.i velc-m's class
in I ho county.
The meeting w : closed at 4:30
om 'barb-uc dinner was
served on the grounds.
TrievlL Do It Every Time (w&A a foimu j(h0wstt4wwf tpmy fatty
- i
A pick-up truck overturned on
the Beulaville-Kenansviue m-w
lust outside Beulaville Saturday
s n m. driven by Charlie
nt wishoro and Beau,
nuunuvu v .
fort. While approacning a uw
. u h. ninv.nn was said to have
run onto the shoulder of the road
causing the driver to lose com
j ti.t h iMir tiirnea over a
(UU um,
or 4 times.
; r i..v.iri iL-pre Mr. and Mrs.
. 1H W5 liwp m
m rlar- anil dauehter. 7. 01
Wade'sboro and the driver Robert
son. The truck was ownen uy .
i.. Than warp enrouie w
r k Mr TmKier suffereo
UWaminnv , .. . .
broken leg. It was reported that he
was recovering from an
...t hM months aeo in wincn
he lost a leg when he came in con-.
tact with the biaue OI '.,"'.
Aching. Both of Mrs Trexler s
arms and a collar bone were broken
and shortly after the Md
sed into aaTT2rn
ghter suffered a fractured skull.
broken shoulder blade. taidNmd
bad cuts about the neck. Mr. Rob
ertson received head injuries and
. a. km tna mn in ias4
oaa cui wu w -- --
EJt the Convention the botc
an0 6irls work up a lot of
l0u0 hatred for each other!
Bui before Election Day
Judge H. L. Stevens To Deliver Principal
Address On Armistice Day Progo
Now is the time that all good people should
come to the aid of their party.
Have our recollections failed us?
Next Tuesday is national election tlay. We
in North Carolina and, the South surely under
stand the principles of the Democratic Party.
The South is the birthplace ofthis party and of
liberalism. Washington, Jefferson and, Jackson
were all Southerners. Franklin D. Roosevelt, al
though a Yankee by birth, and Governor of the
State of New York, adopted the SoutB for his
new home and set up the Warm Springs Foun
dation for the care of Polio patients. He; m? Ms
wisdom and foresight, agreed for Harry S. Tru
man to become vice-president of the United
States. At that: time, surely, he realized that
Truman might become president.
Let's not throw away our heritage and go
back to 1928. '
Let's go to the polls Tuesday and vote the
straight Democratic ticket.
Let's Hot Forget-
Judge Henry L. Stevens, Jr., of
Warsaw, resident Superior Court
Judge, will deliver the principal
address at the Big Armistice Day
Celebration to be held in Warsaw
on Thursday, November 11. Judge
Stevens will speak at 11 a.m.. or
immediately following the parade.
Other events announced today
by Graham Phillips, Commander,
and A. Walker McNeil, Adjutant, of
the Chas A. Gavin Post, No. 127,
American Legion in Warsaw, lor
observance of Armistice Day in
clude a big street parade wifi
floats, bands, National Guard Jn
its, Boy Seoul Troops and other ex
hibits; County-wide beauty content
with girls from the ten High
Schools in the county participating;
grand ball and dance in the War
saw High School Gym: and vanous
contests for farmers and I heir
wives with cash prizes to tbe win
ners. The big parade will start at 10:30
a.m. and will form at the high
school building. All floats and mar
chers are asked to report to the
parade committee at 9 o'clock at
the school. The cimmittee is com-
Norwood Smith Is Exonerated
In The Shooting Of His Father
in 1032 here in North Carolina
tk value of farm products was
$144,000,000; now the value is $744,
000,000. The average weekly wage
in the State was $12 in i3z; now
140. The per capita Income in 1932
was $300; now $890.
The industrial pay rou in me
State In 1932 was Sizoooo.uuu;
nAU Number of mo
tor Vehicles in the State in 1932
... 907 455; now 04.38'i.
Electrified farms in North Caro
lina in 1932 - 6.000; now iM,oa.
Th nriee of tobaCCO in IVii
a an mr Dound: now over SO
cents. Price of cotton in 1932 -;6
cents; now 30 cents.
Bank Deposits in the State in 19-
32 $20251978.97; now l,w,oio.
034.33 - over 9 times as great.
Bank failures in North Carolina
1Q9Q throueh 1933. 185: now None.
Since 1933 there have been only
i turn hank lailUKS in U( oiuie, auu
1 reeLB UTArA minimised by Federal
Deposit Insurance Corporation in
surance guaranteeing payments ui
all accounts up to $5,000.
North Carolina made greatest
progress in' 16 Democratic years
since 1932. Figures snow prusirewu
ivmoerats saved us from
Republican Depression.
posed of Woodrow Blackburn, chin.
Ralph Jones ana Jimmy ncnui. j
mshinti in Warsaw have been
asked to enter a float in the big
parade. Several high school nanas
have been invited to participate.
of Wilmington will march in the
parade. 't
Committees aDDointed by Com
mander Phillips to work out details
of the observance are as follows:
Speaker Committee; J. C. Page.
J. C. Thompson and A. W. McNeil.
Show Committee: Frank Thomas,
N. H. Baar and R. L. West
Finance Committee: E. D. Pol
lock, H. F. Lee and A. W. McNeil.-
Dance Committee: H. H. Hatcher, ,
J. C. Page and H. D. West.
Beauty Contest Committee: H.
H. Hatcher. J. C. Page and H. D.
Decoration Committee: Dan Sou
therland, Tom Aikin, Graham Phil-,
lips, Jimmy Whitfield, Henry Mer
ritt. M. H. Baar, Jesse Garner and
J. C. Blanchard.
Feed Committee: Robert Winders
O. H. Fields and Norman Baar.
(Stag) Ballantine In Kenansville
Dsia Cub VMM -ar m -
lUHst WVJ vvam . - .
at .UltMQ PtnntV DrOmll
es of the Kep ibUcan Party Jfle
tt.irt iir Wallace-ratii. What
that they be lured by the ques- f"' fpftM .hocv the victims
. . - . . J 1U1" V. .
ViMmiiM - . . .
rerora of accompiinneuw
llepublican Party pskcrs orMr.
. Dewey, its 'ea Ur. shown as worthy
of any praise or nsideration. in
no newspaper article, nor in any
speeches by Mr. Dewey or other
Republican spellbinders, have . I
read or heard the Tecords of the
- nr Hoover ao-
mlnlstraUon mentioned even with
faint praise. Mr. Harding wfll be
, a ik tm Pot Dome
scandaU; Kr. CooUdge for his ali
enee and Mr. Hoorer as tne proou.
- - tet of the Hoover cart ana ww -venter
of the American Sore Neck,
America's necks were mad? sore
from looking 'around cornejs for
the prosperity Mr. Hoover said rs-
" " peatedly wrs Just around the corner.-
Look however closely they
... t.. Bniihlfcan Party can find
oth-tg worthy of mentloa in tte
- laM. three RepubUcan Adrolnlstra
" ilon. Why should aiyonc beUeve
- TT. u- tvmiwv'b Reouhlican Ad-
' jinnifctration. would be diifcrent. ir
-wouldn't be any anwri
r:il always be the tool o: tno tlch,
jtM oopressor ot the farmer and the
" J amali business man.
. rmiwff thai' thn record of tne
i r.w mhloh wax ruled DV
-r .he RepubUcan Party, gives proof
- of toai party a aisrvsofu v
4nct nf the farmer and the little
. man and shows clearly the high es
em in which it hoLIs E!g Bust
s tu Money. T 's Congress
' t-s Tie 'little r an's in
i r- 1 r r f-l'S
of the wreck could only tell that
they lived in Wadesboro.
TKi Mavor of Beulaville, S. P.
..S- -.ii-rf nhirf of Police, in
and asking that tney o -and
relatives notified
Louis Norwood Smith, 20, was
cleared of blame in connection with
the death of his 63-year-old father
by a coroner's jury here in Kenans
ville, ' ' .. .
The jury ruled that the deatn oi
Thomas Webb Smith, wno was
found fatally woundea Denma ms
h,u. n Rt. 2. Pink Hill, cany
Saturday, was an accident.
Louis Smith tow onicers um -t
ihf while his father was
absent from his home, he beard a
noise In the turkey lot. ine sun
said he called Ms father, i got
no reply. Tho:i, said the s.m he
iired a 22 rifle blindly into the lot.
o'clock ths youth sain nc w -to
the baik yard and found his fa
ther with a 'ii'liet wounft in nis
forehead. Huswd to a Jn
pltel, the elder Smith died 12 hours
Vntins Smith was arrested at the
hospital and lodged In the Duplin
County jail by Sherin itaipn jone.
pending a coroner's inquest. Later
Smith was released.
Funeral services for the victim
were held Tuesday at 3 p.m., from
the Hebron church and burial was
n the church cemetery.
e..iinn an, three sons. Norman
UUI...'.0 ..... -.
of Seven Springs, Robert and Xouis
cmith twth nf the home: three dau-
ghters, Mrs. Hess Davis of Seven
Springs, Jean Carroll and Irene
i cmith Knth of the home: one
brother. Henry SmRh of Mt Olive;
three sisters, Mrs. Tom Flynn of Mt.
Olive, Mrs. Jesse Dixon ox vok
boro, and Mrs. Fannla Redding of
Pink Hill.
r- fmory SADLER the continuance of a
A crowd of some 200 good Demo
crats from all sections of Duplin
County heard Lt. Gov. L. Y. istag
Ballantine deliver a brilliant ad
dress and make a strong plea for
support of the Democratic Party
mi Ail its candidates on General
Election Day, Nov. 2nd. He pointed
wrv forcefully the progress
maris hv the State under Demo
cratic State Administration since
Avv.b He said that when Aycock
became governor that the revenue
nf the State was some $36,000,000
dollars and that today we are spen
ding on schools alone $65,000,000.
The total State revenue for 1947-
48 was $197,000,000. Legisiai.on
proposed for enactment by the next
General Assembly will increase the
outlay for schools to between S95,
000,000 and $106,000,000. Mr. Bal
lantine pointed out that only by
Achievement Day
National Democratic Admlnistra- ,
tion could North Carolina farmers
be assured of continued prosperity
through (air prices for their produce.
Mr Rallantine asked that all of
he remember the Hoover Adminis-'' J
tration and our six cent cotton and
nine cent tobacco under that aw-.-ministration.
He said that what the' 'u . ,
Democratic ,PartyJias done, far, thei
farmer and small business is a ssatr . ..
ter of record and that the Repub
licans are making empty promises ?-r
with nothing of record to back them
up. He urged every voter to go w -ih.
nniu nn Tuesday. Nov. 2nd. and .
cast his or her ballot for the party '
of the LITTLE MAN - tne oasw
Mr. Ballantine will be the next
State Commissioner of Agriculture.
Harvest Day Sale Be Held At
Snow Hill Church On Nov. jrd
hnlanee and
. .. t j., carried them
to Memoria General Hospital to
Kinston where uwjr 7T'"
mediate attention. The latest re
ports were that they wew all im
proving but Mrs. Trexler, who con
tinues to be in a serious condition.
Purchases Drive-In
Theatre; Go'.dsboro
Representative Graham A. Barden
: Speaks At Democratic Rally
iik. rtunlin County Federation
sit nnmp Demonstration Clubs held
their annual Achievement Day Pro-
- in th Court House at lie-
nansvllle on October 21, 1948 at
. o m with the County Presi-
dent, Mrs. A. B. Lanier, of Rose
Hill presiding. -
m .itin0 miened with tne
1UC .ll--."0 M
group singing America after which
the Collect of Club Women of Am
erica was repeated. Mrs. uinmau ;
Williams, County Secretary, read
the minutes. Nineteen Clubs ans
wered to the Roll uau wiin au at
tendance of 97 women. The group
then sang ''It's A Good JTime To
Get Together". A report of the
Club Achievements was given by
Mrs. Lehman Williams, Mrs. Hol-
T..e Mrs J. H. Parker, Mrs.
I I lava iwiiowj - - - ,
.a vino and Mrs. Robert
KMak aiii m....o
I Davis.
Snow HiU Free Will Baptist
fh,,nv win have a Harvest Day
Sale on the church yard November
3, beginning at 2 o'clocx. a large
quantity of farm produce will be
v.onri fnr sale, as well as many
pieces of beautiful hand work do
nated by the community.
merchants of Mt. Olive, enansville,
Seven Springs and Kinston have
donated useful items of merchan
dise to be sold.
A free picnic supper will be ser
ved at 5 o'clock to all w.n attend
the sale. -. '
Rev. Thos. B. Beaman, pastor of
the church, extends an invitation to
the public to attend the Harvest
D?.y Sale.
' ... nnh'nemoreet. nop
, mt. an mto. -
. . . -A nnratorS Of the
Uiar owners 7" .... v- in
recently Pjucnaseu -
. . . ut-urav. The beuan
M-nacrment on OCT. w ""
have good movies booked for show
to visit tnem at tne - -
In Theatre.. ,
' Representative Graham A. Bar
. j .v .t a Democratic Rally
at O..Q. Lenler's Store in Cypress
Creek Township last rnaay msuv
a - uiin.tM) crowd of 250 heard
Mr. Barden urge voters to support
the whole Democratic toki
Tuesday, Nov. 2nd, and enumerated
oassed under the
Demecratic Administration of the
past 19 years wmcn nv iuk
it... 9mi ann amaii Dusmrawire
of the State and entire South. He
Minted out that the 0tn congress
j.i..ii hv Reoublicans - a.-
imuunnv .
, I tr::nx that North Carolinians
in ma to the co'Js on Tuesday.
Novewr 2- . fl cast their 1
tempted, until 3 cclook on the mor-
law requiring, payment of Pty
of farm products, ne ataxea mwj
the man who led this fight to repeal
parity payments would be Chair
man of tne House agrauinu
..imi chnuifi b Henunucas vobk
uumvv wtvw . :
v. .Wat nn next Tuesday.
Mr. Barden advised voters of North
Carolina to stand by we party wv
has done so mucn tor tne
its people and to vote tne uemow
tic ticket next Tuesday.
Baltic Farmer Killed When
Farm Tractor Overturns On mm
Rev. Smith Precching In Vilson
Rev. Stephen Smith of Beulaville
is holding revival this week at
Rock Ridge Free Will Baptist
Church in Wilson County. s
r'-"e is within 7 m"ns ct
Leading families la the community
are the Barnes. Boyuns ana weans
Tin City won the attendance cup
for having traveled tne most miies
u j t. outlaw. Jr. of the Out
i ...... 'nrria rinh oresented the
awards. $10 was awarded the Mays-
ville Club for having tne nignesi
score for the year. Mineral springs
and ePimy Brancn neio near
est scores.
In the exhibits penny ranc
received 1st place, Rose Hill second
and the Frienaiy uu mru.
The meeting closea ny singi.n
"Lead On, O King Eternal" and the
group went to tne Agricuitu.
Building to visit the exhibits and
to enjoy a social hour.
rv niinurin ciuds naa cnaitte
of the program: Stage - Outlaws
Rridse: Registration - Miller; Re-
freshments - Penny Branch.
t Tnrrans. 42. prominent
farmer and merchant of Baltic, was
accidentally killed Monoay bdoui,
p.m. when his tractor overturn
and pinned him beneath it.
Tnmni nnri his Son ana a uiumci
were working together when the ac
cident occurred.. Young Torrans
rushed to get aid from nis tamer
filling station some distance away
but it was some 35 or 40 minutes
before the body could be freed.
The tractor burst into names a
minutes later.
Torrans was rushed to the office
of Dr. J. W. Straughan in Warsaw. .
He never regained consciousness
and died shortly afterwards.
Funeral services were held on
i, .joqr t 3 n m at theQulMI-
McGowen Funeral Home stt war-.
saw. Burial fouowea in ro"
Cemetery. J.i
He is survived by hU wife. Mat
tie Spell Torrans; one son, Bucky;
one daughter, Helen; hl Pents,
and several brothers and sisten
ln . It. 1 .
Mr. Morrison was in Richmond,
Va. on the 4th SSunday, conaucung
revival, so this service was post
poned to the 5th Sunday.
At 8:30. pan. we uiramumij
v.iiAwehln Sunner will be held in
ti sundav School building. After
supper the young people will pre-
E. H. Woodward Dies Suddenly
In Doctor's Office In Warsaw
Woodward, 54,
died suddenly from a heart attack
Tuesday afternoon in a doctirs of
fice in Warsaw, ne nau
the doctor. The doctor and nurse
were out and when the nurse came
in she saw him sitting m vm
dead. Funeral services were held
Wednesday, at 4:30 1 p.m., conducted
by the Rev. G. Van Stephens, pastor
nf the .Warsaw Baptist Church,
Burial was in Pinecrest Cemetery. 1
Surviving are his mother, Mrs. Mag
gie Woodward of the home; four
sisters, Fannie Woodward of the
home, Mrs. Sam Albritton of Snow
Hill, Mrs. Mary Shaw ot Evergreen,
and T'rs ' "-t W. Worthingfn rf
r j!.-ny.1. 1
Mayor Holder Is
Elected To
League Bozrd
At a recent convention in Char
lotte of the N. C. League of Muni
cipalities, J. WVHoffler,. Mayor of
Wallace, was elected to the Execu
tive Board of the League. As di
rector Of the Third .District, Tr.
Hot'fler will repreert r
ties in the com - '
Sfrt a "Youth r;:j ..f program.
Z -"n-9 is vr:i it) attend both
- t - "n V r

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