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Mr, and Mrs. D. S. Viliamson
Suffers Auto Accident Here
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Williamson
of Kenansville, bad a narrow escape
from serious injury Tuesday morn
ing when their car, driven by Mr.
Williamson, overturned near Mid
dleton's Mill on the Kenansville
Warsaw highway. It is understood
that; neither, aside from being
shaken-up, suffered any injury. The
accident happened while the high
way was wet during a rain. It is
said that a light pressure on the
brakes caused the car to skid on
Wallace Girl Drinks D D T; Dies
.. In Wilmington Hospital
, Wallace, Nov. 22. The frst case
,' on record in this section of death
. caused by a draught of a solution
x, containing DDT was officially
closed this afternoon, when Duplin
County Coroner C. B. Sltterson
" wrote "suicide" on the death certi-
v ficate of Eloise Johnson, 15-year-old'
-Wallace High School student,
daughter mt Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Johnson t Wallace,
" The girl died in a Wilmington
hospital Saturday afternoon about
five hours after she. drank the 'solu
tion. Hospital authorities, after ob
taining permission from Coroner
Sltterson to perform an autopsy so
they "could study the effects of the
, poison" officially declared that the
death was caused "by acute hemor
raghic gastroenteritis apparently
from ingestion of poison, probably
- t The girl drank the solution from
an unlabeled fly-spray container,
. about 10:30. Saturday morning. She
feared punishment from her father
because she bad . beenskippiagl
scnoor lately, accoramg 10 i-oiice
Chief Norwood Boone who talked
7 with her father and mother follow
ing the tradegy.
Chief Boone quoted Mrs. Johnson
i as saying that she had told the girl
earlier Saturday morning that
"your father is going to give you
a beating" for skipping school.
Shortly afterward, according to
- Chief Boone, the girl' drank the
A Proclamation
WHEREAS,-despite the remark
able - progress made against the
menace, tuberculosis remains a ma
' Jor cause of death in the United
States. In 1947 it claimed the lives
of 50,000 Americans' of which 1056
were citizens of North Carolina.
Public health authorities place the
: number of cases of tuberculosis in
' ' the United States at 500,000; one
, half of these people do not know
. they have the disease; arid
k-WHEREAS, science and techno
logical progress have made the yast
cost of tuberculosis in lives and pro
perty a sheer waste. For more than
half a century mankind has known
the cause of the disease, its meth
ods of spreading and ways of pre
venting it. Tuberculosis eli
minated by public action - - if in
, dividuals and communities take the
' necessary steps to detect, diagnose
and treat it; and r
' WHEREAS, the tuberculosis as
sociation and committees through
out North Carolina are dedicated
to the task of achieving this note
worthy goal;
- Cherry, Governor of North Caroli
na, do hereby proclaim the period
-from Monday, November 22 .thru
:. December. 25 as the period for the
42nd Annual Christmas Seal Sale
- In North Carolina and do call on
the people of our State to support
this worthwhile funds-raising cam
paign of the North Carolina Tuber
culosis Association and Its 12 local
affiliates. North Carolinians make
use of a powerful weapon against
tuberculosis every time thep pur
chase Christmas Seals. ' - ;
hereunto set My hand and caused
. the Great Seal of the State of North
Carolina to be affixed at Raleigh,
this sixteenth day of November,
One Thousand Nine Hundren and
. Forty-eight. - ''
- R. Greg Cherry, Governor.
O'Quipn Enters
1 1
i r. r-
the wet, slippery road, and it over
turned on the shoulder.
This accident brings to mind the
bad condition of the Kenansville
Warsaw highway which is in dire
need of resurfacing. The highway is
rough and full of holes and this
condition could have been, and per
haps was, a contributing cause of
the "accident. The traffic on this
highway is heavy and it should be
kept in good condition at all times.
Dr. John D. Robinson, who atten
ded the girl before ordering her to
the hospital, said she admitted to
drinking the poison, but wouldn't
tell him the reason.
"She told me," Dr. Robinson said,
"she'd drunk something with DDT
In it. I asked her why she drank it,
but she wouldn't. tell me. I don't
know whether it actually was DDT,
or what. I didn't see the bottle."
Dr. Robinson said the girl was
obviously in much pain when ho
attended her and that he ordered
her rushed to the hospital imme
diately. She apparently was con
scious until shortly before her
death about 3:30 p.m.
The potion she drank apparently
was a solution containing 5 DDT,
according to account's of neighbors.
Coroner Sittersoq said the hospi
tal wanted to determine the effect
of such a poison on the human bodv
when they sought his permission
for an autopsy. Apparently, the case
is one of the first anywhere in thfip
section of. a death so caused.
' ;- t r ; ; " -'- V' 1
Coroner Sltterson, who examined
the body after it- was returned here
from Wilmington, said it was "red
and apparently blistered."
Dr. Robinson said it was the first
case of death he's heard of caused
by drinking DDT.
Funeral services were held this
afternoon at 2:30 in the Pentecostal
Holiness Church with burial in
Rockfish Cemetery.
From Our Readers
Please publish this article in
next week's issue of the Duplin
We are very fortunate indeed to
have freedom of speech here . in
America, but so many times we ex
press our opinions too freely with
out first considering the feelings of
'others. In other words, we seldom
think even once "before we speak.
Often we make remarks about our
very best frieneds, and afterwards,
when we have time to think it over
wer are sorry; but too many times
we think only after it is too late to
make amends. A loose tongue will
lose many friends.
The issue of The Duplin Times
for the week of November 1st car
ried an insulting and disgusting
article concerning the recent elect
ion. It really goes to prove that
politics are rotten. The article sta
ted that if Mr. Thurmond and Mr.
Wallace were worthy of aspiring
to the presidency of .the United
States, they should take their Dixie
crats and Wallacites. make a pil
grimage to Washington, and with
their heads uncovered, their shoes
removed (so as not to defile his
house) and with humility in their
hearts, stand before 'Mr. Truman
and assure him of their support for
the next four years. .
Of course, Mr.' Truman needs
and must have the support and
prayers of every true American if
the next four years are to be suc
cessful ones, but I think that such
remarks as these will often cause
a person to lose support of the
people instead of gain. I wonder if
the same remarks would have been
made in regards to Mr. Truman
making a pilgrimage to Washing
ton if the Dixlecrats or Wallacites
had won the election. Why not take
this for a motto: "Think Twice Be
fore You Speak."
. Thank you,
Louise Bostic
Hot Dog! Come on Folks, pour it
on mi inese rabble-rousers. ' t, I-t r -i I-
Texas. The
Thankful for the glory of the Old Red, White and Blue,
For the spirit of America that still is staunch and true,
For the laughter of our children and the sunlight in their eyes,
And the joy of radiant mothers and their evening lullabyes;
And thankful that our harvests wear no taint of blood to-day,
But were sown and reaped by toilers who were light of heart and gay.
Thankful for the riches that are ours to claim and keep,
The joy of honest labor and the boon of happy sleep,
For each little family circle where there is no empty chair
Save where God has sent the sorrow for the loving hearts to bear;
And thankful for the loyal souls and brave hearts of the past
Who builded that contentment should be with us to the last.
Thalnkful for the plenty that our peaceful land has blessed,
For the rising sun that becons every man to do his best,
For the goal that lies before him and the promise that he sows
That his hand shall reap the harvest, undisturbed by cruel foes.
For the flaming torch of justice, symbolizing as it burns;
Here none may rob the toiler of the prize he fairly earns.
Today our thanks we're giving for the riches that are ours,
For the red fruits of the orchards and the perfume of the flowers,
For our homes with laughter ringing, our hearthfires blazing bright,
For our land of peace and plenty and our land of truth and right;
And we're thankful for the glory of the old Red, White and Blue
For the spirit of our fathers and a manhood that is true.
In his bright red pajamas, Francis
Louis Lambe, Jr., four-year-old son
of Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Lambe of
1206 Brooks Ave., Raleigh, N. C,
officially opened the 1948 Christ
mas Seal Sale by selling the first
sheet of seals to Gov. R. Gregg
. The Duplin Mercantile Company
will begin a gigantic sale on Wed
nesday, December 1st. The entire
stock of g'-oreries, hardware, elect
rical anp'iances, mens, women's
and children's ready-to-wear, shoes,
rubber boots, etc., wilt be reducad
to the lowest possible prices. This
will be a clearance sale in every
sense of the word. It will give you
a chance to buy things that you
want and need at prices which will
Little Child, little child,
I see you in your crib
You need a bib
But you're not so wild.
You cry, yes, you cry,
As all children do.
But your mother dreams
For a future for you.
Sometimes you plague us
But we hope that your fuss
Will give pleasure to us
In the days afore.
At times you sleep
But mostly yop peep,
As your eyes explore
What has gone befqre. '
It P- Ifr
Cherry. .
Governor Cherry Officially pro
claimed November 22 to December
25 as the period for the 42nd An
nual Christmas Seal Sale and urged
all North Carolinians to give full
support to the campaign.
leave you with money in your pock
et, which you never dreamed you
would have after buying the things
you want and need. It isn't often
that the buying public has an oppor
tunity to buy what they want at a
price they are glad to pay. Be sure
and visit Duplin Mercantile Com
pany in Kenansville on December
1st and save money. You won't get
another chance like this in many
a moon. It's the sale of the season.
ty Schools not yet heard from the
Red Cross Enrollments have been
coming in- slowly. Total so far li
$88.16. Mrs. Geo. Bennett urges
schools who have not as yet re
ported to do so this week if pos
sible. Report so far, is as follows:
White Schools: B. F. Grady, $1');
Outlaw's Bridge, $5.22; Chinquapin,
$30; Warsaw, $8.04; Potter's Hill,
$5.15; TOTAL $59.41.
Colored Schools: Kenansville,
$5.50; Kenansville High. $3; Beu
laville, $2; Wallace, $6.41; C. -W.
Dobbins High, $2.84; Warsaw, $8;
Douglass High. $4. TOTAL $29.75.
GRAND TOTAL, $88.16.
Mrs. Bennett wishes to thank the
teachers and pupils of B. F. Grady,
Outlaw's Bridge, Potter's-Hill and
Kenansville for. their ' Educational
Gift Boxes to bc s?nr.tor children
pwr"i These FkIiou is furnished
Dear Robert G.
Maybe you wonder why I've not
sat down and written you letters
these past two weeks instead of
just coming on out and beating out
a colyum for you like any self-respecting
colyumist would naturally
Well, it's this way: There're so
many things I'd like to ask you
personally that I never get around
to thinking about when you come
through with one of your telephone
calls and I keep so busy looking
out the window I just don't seem
to find time to write you a private
letter. Thus, I'm killing two birds
with one stone, if you'll permit me
to be so highly original by coining
that phrase.
First off, do you want me to
write pieces about what goes on
around Wallace, in addition
to this colwuh?
Second off, I've got to hand it to
you on this Bi-Centennial Deal.
You've got big ideas. But I never
could see any use having Little
Ideas if you're going to summon
the mental energy and time to have
any Ideas at all. -:X
Looks to me like the deal to
have Sam Byrd stage something in
keeping with the County's back
ground should kick up a lot of in
terest over the country and draw
a lot of people here.
The thing to do is keep on push
ing it, yourself. Why, I don't be
lieve you'd have heard of Paul
Green's "Lost Colony" this side of
Kitty Hawk if it ha3n't been for
my old friend, Brad Fearing - - rest
his soul! - - - and his single-minded
efforts to get the "Paj", as we used
to call it in the Albemarle section,
across. ,
Brad gave just about his whole
time putting it across. Yet, I don't
believe he ever got a dime out of
it. That's what the Bi-Centennial is
going to take. And X don't care if
you have 500 people on your com
mittees. You're just going to have
to keep whooping things up, your
self. If you need any additional
whoops from me, let me know.
You know about Wallace's Sec
ond Annual Christmas Festival.
Well, we're getting things all lined
up so the festivities ought to b&n
Improvement over last year?' And
a lot of the folks say it was okay,
last year. -, . . :t.;S;. .' r"-
Wei ..'hoping jlo round up as
many as 500 singers- to carol the
old Christmas favorites in the musi
cal part of the three-weeks-long
celebration. Last year we had nine
choirs with a total of i be 850 to
400 singers.' v; :
Kt!.wv.!ie ' wa I't "
Duplin Boy Missing
It is reported that Russell Mur
phy, age 16, of the Charity section,
Who has been attending Weslyan
Methodist College, Central, S. C,
left the school on November 11th,
and has been missing since then, it
is understood that he called on a
girl friend in Raleigh on November
22nd, but has not been seen since
FHA Guarantees
Farm Loans
Farmers Home Administration
will guarantee loans for non-veter
an tenant farmers or sharecroppers
to Buy a farm on which thev nlan
to live and operate as a family-type
tarm up to 90. The applicant
must make a down oavment of 10
7c . The applicant pays 4 interset
on this type of loan and also pays
the insurance on the farm and thp
taxes. FHA administration Drovides
supervision for this type of loan.
Todate approximately 50 loans of
this type have been made in Duplin
County. Of this number 24 have
paid in full; none are behind pay
ment and most of them are ahead of
schedule on their payments.
Persons interested in obtaining
this type of service should contact
either of the committeemen, David
Lane. Beautancus, Albert Lanier of
Charity Cross Roads," H. S. Tyn
dall, Rt. 1. Seven Springs, or the
Farmers Home Administration Of
fice located over the Warsaw Drug
Store. This office is open each week
day except Saturday.
body in that community in getting
.themselves up a singing group and
cfmiing over here to be with us?
Rose Hill and probably Penderlea
will hs with is this year besides
nine others and 1 certainly would
like to have the County Seat repre
sented. See what you can do.
Off-hand, that's about all I know
this week. Except: Maybe you saw
a piece I wrote about you for the
Wilmington papers last week and
another my new Editor-in-Chief
did for some of the other State pa
pers. If you didn't you ain't reading
A Final Appeal - - -
A final appeal to farmers to at
tend their Township Committee el
ection was issued today by Joe E.
Sloan, chairman DCACC.
The nominating meeting in each
township will be held at 8 a.m. on
Thursday, Dec. 2 and voting will
start at 9 o'clock a.m. and close at
6 p.m. Sloan states he would like
to urge farmers to attend the nomi
nating committee and elect people
of their choice to administer the
1949 Farm Program. Each of the 13
Townships in the county will elect
three committeemen and two alter
nates, as well as a delegate to the
County Convention where a three-
man County Committee will be el
Article III of the Articles of As
sociation has been amended, under
date of November 17, 1947, to read
as follows:
"Any person who is participating
or cooperating in any program ad
ministered during the current cal
endar year through the county agri
cultural conservation association.
Including an owner, operator, ten
ant, or share cropper on a farm on
which any of such programs are
being carried out, shall be a mem
ber of the association and entitled
to vote in the community election
until such time as It is determined
(I) that Such person has no crop
insurance contract with the Fed
eral Crop Insurance Corporation,
2) that no payment or grant of con-,
servation materials or services can
be made with respect to such farm,
and (3) that such person Is not eli
gible for coopera tor's loan or
other price support with respect to
any eommody grown on such
This Amendment will permit
owners, operators, tenants, or share
croppers to Vote in the community
elections provided they are parti
cipating or cooperating in any of
the programs administered by the
county committee or are on a farm
on which any of such programs are
being carried out, and. provides
that such individuals shall continue
to be association members until
they are disqualified under all
three of the provisions- named in
the amendment The effect of the
amendment is to make the c-nw,
No. 48
From Methodist
ie In Central, South Carolina
that time. It is believed that be
may have gone to Richmond, Va. as
he is said to have mentionel going
His father died in 1940 and his
mother died some two years later.
His sisters and brothers are very
anxious that he return home.
World Crisis
A prophet in his own right, who
lives in Kenansville, once predicted
that Russia would march to the At
lantic and take over the British
Isles. That prophet is L. A. Beasley.,
a scholar of the old school, and a
man of knowledge of world history
and of human nature.
Turmoil today in the world com
pares itself with a century ago. The :
Bible tells US there will altvava h
wars and rumors of wars. The Strug- '
gie Detween tne United States and
Russia is for world dominance. Thu
United States is slowly losing the
democracy that Washington and
Jefferson, Patrick Henry and John
Randolph of Roanoke and John
Paul Jones of Halifax: helped to
develop. ...
The mind of the cnmmnn man
today, in the United States, is build-
ing a country comparable to the old
British Emnire which Wnini-t a
the world. Marshall Stalin is strain-1
ing to combat us. There is not going
to be an immediate war. But toe
United States is moving forward to "
Decome tne dominant world power
Abraham Lincoln, led a war to
free the "Negroes, he won and justly
so. But as we reflect over history,
back to the days of Rome, if the
world does not slow down the Uni
ted States is going to suffer another'
"fall of Rome"; so will Russia.
In history vou will find the Flrif.
ish Empire had its una and dnwna '
The "Spanish Amada" attempted
to DUt an pnrt tn Rritsln Stalin ' 1
has said that there will "alwavn '
be an England". Britain is being '
more or less quiet, but developing .
rapidly new territories in Africa.
They are exploring new horizons ;
and they will arrive.
America, which is usually recog
nized as "The United States" tn ,
the Western Hemisphere, is a son
of Britain. America is the melting
pot of the world. We need to slow
down. Discontinue this laborite
revolution and build results on a
staunch foundation, then we really
can lead the world.
If your last name begins with
the letter "E", "F". or "G", you'd .
better visit your nearest driving :
license examiner right away. ':
You only have until midnight of
December 31 to take a new driving -examination,
according to the Mo-,
tor Vehicle Department, and if you '
don't get it now, along with your
Christmas shopping, you may find
that the lines get awfully long near
the end of December.
It was stated that the E, F. and G
group of drivers had been slow to ,
report to the examining stations.
This group began taking exams on
July 1 and will be given through
December 31.
After that date, in any E, F, or G
driver is caught on an old license,
he will be found guilty of a misde-
meanor and will be fined not less .
than $25, or imprisoned for 30
days, or both, at the discretion of
the court. ;
Beginning on January 1 and con- ;
tinuing through June 30, 1949, the Y
H, I, J, and K drivers will be re-
licensed. Other examining periods:
L and M - July 1 thru Dec. 31, r
1949; N, O, P, and Q - Jan. 1, thru
June 30, 1950; R, S, and T - July :. -
I thru Dec. 31, 1950; U, V, W, X,
Y, and Z - Jan. 1 through June 30.
1951. -
Death and Funeral
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs.
R. A. Kennedy, Edmond, aged 19
months of Cabin, died Saturday, v
November 20. Funeral services were .
held Sunday with the Rev. J. G.
Morrison officiating. Interment was . ,
in the family cemetery near Cabin.
Mrs. Kennedy is the former Mary
Ruth Rhodes, daughter of Edward
Rhodes of the Cabin section.
loan under any of the loan pro
grams or who is el'-" fT r
s'TPort vnicT avy c f '
-, t -t rr ' --e

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