r : I'- VOLUME NUMBER SEVENTEEN: Vcrsav litilavrWeekly Auction Sale , .. r-'-.'Vv,-,.-,..; , 1 Beginning next Saturday, Janu 'ary 22. there will b$ an '.auction sale held in Warsaw every Saturday at 2:00 p.m. , This, ajuctjon 'tale, is being sponsored by," Xhe. Warsaw J Junior Chamber of Commerce arid " will. be managed by Bill Hines as Auctioneer and Ed. Hlhe's as'Assist ' ant: There Win be no charge Unless ' Ihe Items offered are-told. For any Item selling for frotB.$i-t $50 there . will be a charge of 10 and for all ' Hems selling over $50 a -flat charge of $3.00 will be made. The auction ' nale will be held on the vacant lot beside. the Lewis Motor Co. and is open to all "Who have anything to sell and. to all whd Wish to buy. Of, course, all sales are strictly- cash. Sellers may bring and have auction- ed anything they may :he.Ye to sell Pinyafello Home , tThe new home of Dominlck -PJTny-atello at Bowden was burned, to. the ' ground last Saturday, night- The house had only recently been com pleted and only the -kitchen was furnlshed.v According to Sher' f Ralph J, Jones there was.definite evidence that the house was enter ed through a window and the house' set afire by someone intentionally. A short distance from the jtousc : officers discovered a-ailon jar con taining kerosene. Sewral good fin tiev Chevrolet On A product of three years' devel opment work and more than a mil lion miles ot engineering-research, the 1949 Chevrolet goes on display in dealer showrooms Saturday ; The latest model has been com pletely restyled. Jt is lower,, wider and awK.illslaiiiBtttiaii! JlaifeiB8 ttie j;ff (ftfof rfght Sijdjprt vious series. Not only does the de sign introduce superior beauty to the lower-priced ranks, but numer ous body and chassis Improvements promise to add to Chevrolet's repu tation for comfort, safety and con venience. ; " 'The two series of cars, the Fleot line and Stylcllne, are included with De Luxe treatment an option in most body types. De Luxe cars lay Increased emphasis on the styl ing 'of fabrics, trim, and appoint ments. The lineup shows: - Fleetllne - Two and four-door se dans. This design .is distinguished by the extension of the roof line in an unbroken sweep to the rear. It is kriown to the trade at a "fast back," -.the form : achieved great . popularity on the 1948 two-door Aerosedan. , , ' Stylcllne - Two and four-door se- dans sport coupe, three-passenger , business coupe convertible, wooa t and all-steel station wagons. Style line sedans carry the "notch back." Here the curvature of the roof meets the rear deck at the body belt line. The first impression of the new cart Is one of smart styling, structural strength and generous ' dimensions. From the passenger'? standpoint perhaps the chief im provement in bodies is the immense increase in glass area. All windows have been deepened and widened. ' Another important factor Is foet- Graduate I'urse -Exams Open ' A civil service examination for the position of Graduate Nurse in the Federal Government is no-' open, it was stated today by Fred J. Baars, Secretary of the Board of U. S. Civil Service Examiners at ' the Warsaw post office. Positions to be filled as a result of this ex amination include Staff Nurse, Gen eral Duty Nurse, Head Nurse, and ' Ward Nurse. .-.-.i : The examination is being held by the Fourth V.. Civil Service Re- r'on, Washington, D. C, to fill po ltlons in various Federal agencies within, the States of Md., W. Va,, N. C, and Va. Salaries range from $2974 to $3727 a year. Applications must be received by the Director, Fourth U. b. Civil Service Region, Third Street and Jefferson Drive, S. W., Washhlngton 25, DV C. not later than February 23, 1949 In or-f'-ar to be considered in this examin- A written test of about 5V6 hours i 1 r-"n will be required In this ' ;!t!on. Applicants who re- grad -s in the written " - i s' " v t";e rrouired v:'l J from poultry to farm tractors and automobiles. Already listed for sale next Saturday - opening day - are a Pontiac 1947 Station Wagon; some plows; plumbing fixtures - scats, lavatories, etc. - household goods, radios, tables, etc.; two tractors.and other items. Those items have al ready been listed and the sellers notified to have them on the lot on Saturday morning. If anyone else has anything to sell please have it on the lot by 1:00 p.m. Saturday. See cither Bill or Ed. Hines. This is your opportunity to sell the things you have no use for and which others may want and med -The Times congratulates Warsaw and the Junior Chamber of Com merce on this worthwhile under taking. See their ad in this issue. Burned Jn Bowden ger prints were secured from 'this jar by officers of the SBI and are now in Raleigh being processed. 4 1 is understood that the home cost nearly $12,000 to build and had never been occupied. Also that there was only $3,500 of insurant on the home.. , It is , understood that Dominick Pinyatello is now living somewhere around Lake Waccamaw where he Lis In the lumber business. Display Saturday ter roadabifity in the adoption at the front and rear -of direct douhic acting shock absorbers. A new steering geometry will he found significant by drivers. The master arm is now located in the center of the chassis front end. eq, turns. This type of steering, avail able previously only in higher priced cars, reduces "wheel fight," any tendency of the car to "wander" and adds to tire life. The gearshift is new. Recent de velopments in shift linkage caused engineers to substitute the manual shift for the former vacuum assisted mechanism. The lever remains on the steering column, but has been lengthened to equalize the effort of shifts. Although the (jix-cylinder valve-in-head . engine ' is basically un changed, several refinements have enhanced smoothness and service accessibility. The carburetor is im proved and contains a "fast-ldV" device. The exhaust has been "unN tlzed" for Improved sealing. A bet ter hydraulic,, system and weight redistribution improves . braking. Wheels are sirtajler and carry low- pressure uresy Alsd notable 3s a new means of ventilation. With the cowl vent 6 mllted, fresh air is now drawn into the passenger vpnipartmcnt through ducts located between the front fen der -skirts and the radiator. -'While all details cannot be cover ed in a limited description, worthy of mention are:' larger trunks; a concealed gasoline filler pipe; par, king lamps' built into the grill; a ball-bearing mounted fron scat adjustment, etc. . test. . ; ) ' .Complete information and appli cation blanks may be obtained from any first or second-class post office in the Fourth U. S. Civil Service Region; or . from the Director, Fourth U. S. Civil Service Region, Temporary Bldg., "R", Third and Jefferson Drive, S. W., Washington 25, D. C, - Duplinife AtGuam . Corporal Charlie J. Cooke, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Cooke, Rt. 2, Warsaw Is stationed at North West Guam Air Force Base with the 23rd Installations Squadron as a power man. This organization is a pa;t .if the 20th Air Force. - . ... .: ---V, ' ; -'.' ' Cooke entered" service July 13, 1947 at Ft. Bragg. He attended High School in Warsaw before entering service, He attended Engineer School at Ft. .Warren, Wyo. and studied to 'be a heavy equipment operator. Cooke was promoted to rank of C. 1 June 1, 1948. Be fore leavii g he worked for 'BILLIE IIAMP" GRADY i ' William Hampton. Grady, son of. Mr. and Mrs. Hamp Grady of the Wesley neighborhood has received ant in the U. S. Army, following his graduation from' the Officer Can didate Course at the Ground General School at Ft. Riley, Kan. , . "Billie Hamp" is a graduate of the Konansvillc High School, 1937. He then attended E. C. T. C. and volunteered In the Navy at the age of 18. During the war ho was chief radioman at Brooklyn. He spent 11 years In he -Navy. J , He is married to Ihe former Clmidiue I.rc of Portland, Maine. They have one child. In 194(i he was fiivou an hnnnrahle discharge from the Navy and then enlisted in the Army. Mr. And Mrs. A. J. Jenkins Present Hut To Warsaw Boy Scout Troop Warsaw Scout Hut Dedicated The Warsaw Boy Scout hut was officially dedicated at a ceremony held Monday night, Jan. 20th, at the hut. Mayor and Mrs. A. J. Jenkins of Warsaw presented the hut to Boy Scout Troop 20 of Warsaw. The building was dedicated to the late Rev. Eugene H. Clark. Rev. J. G. Morrison, Scoutmaster of Troop 47, Hallsvllle, was Master of Ceremon ies. He presented the deed to the property and building to Mr. Lee Brown, Scoutmaster of Troop 20. A bronze plaque of dedication, lo cated over the fireplace of the hut was unveiled by two Scouts in uni form. Bruce Boyers, Scout Executive of the Tuscarora Council, and William Craven, Field Executive, attended from Gbldsboro. ' Following the dedication, a Du plin Court of Honor was held in the Mother Duplin People Dies With 75 Grandchildren Jacksonville. Mrs. Clara Davis Howard, 78, died Sunday. night at the home of her daughter, Mrs. C. R. Bush, near Holly Ridge after an extended illness. Funeral services were held Monday afternoon froir. St. Phillips Episcopal Church at Tar Landing, conducted- by Rev. R. L. Sturgis, pastor, assisted by Rev, David Hansley, Free Will Bap tist minister of Folkstone, with burial in the church cemetery. Mrs. Howard is survived by 10 children, Duplin Scouters Plan Annual Mc:!ing: SA large number of Duplin Conn-, ty Scouters gathered at the spacicu? home of Sheriff Ralph Jones In Warsaw Friday evening, Jan. for a dinner 'meeting. After a bountiful meal, a business session was held, This portion of the meet ing was presided over by Mr. Earl W. Faires of Wallace, who is Dis trict Chairman of the Scouting Or v -inflation in Duplin County. Com- '" reports were mn'le by the KENANSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA his commission as Second Lieuten American. Legion building at War saw. Those attending Duplin Court of Honor and Dedication: from War saw - Lee Brown, J. N. Fonville. T. A. Rogers, Mrs. H. J. Mgee, Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Jenkins, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Wall, Mrs. Eugene Clark, Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Best, F. J. Strick land, Rev. G. Van Stephens, Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Peterson, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Huie, Mrs. J. W. Farrior, Mrs. H. L. West, R. F. Wadkins, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Cavenaugh, Mr. and Mrs. Simon Katz, Mrs. Mitchell, Sheriff Ralph Jones, and Fred Barrs; Mr. Dobson, Beulaville; Flave Mercer' and Ash Miller of Halls ville; Bob Herring, Rose Hill; E. W. Faires and John Deifeil, Wallace; Owen Bishop and David, Magnolia; Dr. G. V. Gooding, Rev. J. O. Morrison, and Mrs. Vance B. Gav in of Kenansvlllc. Mrs. Bush of the home, R. B., Vance and Kater of Holly Ridge, Leroy of Warsaw,; John of Wilmington, Lu ther and Willie of Galveston, Tex., Mrs. George Lloyd of Bowden and Mrs,-Harry Wilde of Jacksonville, Fla.; three sisters, Mrs. Tom Home, Mrs. Frank Sanders of Hqlly Ridge and Mrs. Council Rochelle. of Jack sonville, Rt. 3; three half-brothers, 73 grandchildren,. 35 great grand children and one great great grand chHd. V of Rose Hill; Health and; Safety. Pr. G. V. Gooding of KeHansvllle; I Advancement, John Deifeil of Wtl; lace; Camping and Activities, Rev. J. G. Morrison of KenansVflle; Fi nance, J. C. Thompson Qf 'Warsaw. Other men participating? ia the meeting were Rev.' Gi Van Steph ens, A. F, Rector, Ash MrW, Elite Vestal, E. W. Stevens, T. 1 . Roger., Flave Mercer, llev. R. L. Crossno, Lee E. Krown, Perry f J. V.' ron- a. r. t r., p.. j FRIDAY, JANUARY 21st, 1949 Brooklyn Lovin' This was sent to us by Charlie Herring, sea of Duplin, and proprl etor of Big Star Warehouse in Kin- ston. NEW YORK, Jan. 11 A tale of love Brooklyn-style was un folded in magistrate's court where Abe Glintz, 38, a lovesick plumber, was charged with presenting to his lady love as tokens of his affection: A fire engine, a elty ambulance, an emergency truck from the gac company, a wagon from an Insane asylum, a load of lumber COD, a hearse complete with two under takers, "and more, lots more." " Miss Esther Sandgarten, 31, had Abe and a feUow-Brooklynite. Will iam Schneider, 26, arrested on d!. orderly conduct charges. She allow ed as how Abe's variety of loving was too bizarre even for Brooklyn Sent Bletert. Esther-didn't show up in court She stayed demurely at borne at home and sent her sisters, Beatrice and Frieda, to sign complaints and describe Abe's antics to Magistrate Roland Sala. According to her sisters, Esther had dated Abe for about a year ard a half. He always brought his friend Schneider along, but she and her family finally decided that Abe, big and muscular as he was, was Cording (lamed Head Of Better Farming For Better Living In Duplin Melvin Cording of Wallace, ex pert dalrist in Duplin, was named chairman for Duplin of the "Better Farming for Better Living" at a meeting of a group in Kenansvllle a few nights ago. M. F. Allen was named vice-chairman and Mrs. Da vid Williamson, Secretary. Lacy Weeks, County Agent, pre sided over the1' meeting. -Nell Bol ton of Wilmington, contact man for Million Dollar Fire Reported In Wilmington This Morning According to radio reports the old Orton Hotel, in Wilmington, once a noted hostelry, was virtually destroyed by fire this morning. Four adjoining stores also were re ported toJuve been destroyed. The flames leaped to nearby docks and set afire one tug boat. At the time of the report flames were stilt spreading. It is said the loss may reach a million and a half dollars. The old Orton is located on Front street in the middle of the business district, just about a block from the post office. Mother-lti-Law Local Native Dies Mother-in-law of Mrs. Mary Ellis Beasley Loth, daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Beasley of Kenansville. Mrs. W. J. Loth, mother-in-law of Mrs. Mary Ellis Loth, died at her home in Waynesboro, Va., a few days ago. Interment was In the family lot in Riverview Cemetery in Waynesboro. Mrs. Loth's husband preceded her in death in 1904. Mr. and Mrs. Loth established their residence in Waynesboro Immediately after mar riage in 1890, and founded one of Waynesboro's first major indust ries, the W. J. Loth Stove Company shortly thereafter. Loth stoves are still being manufactured in Way On Wednesday night, January 28 at 7 o'clock, at the Boy Scout Hut In Warsaw, an annual county-wide Boy Scout meeting for parents, Scouters, and all interested adults are-urged to attend, At this time officers will be elected. Duplin County is very outstanding in tcout workv espe cially in this district. This will be a dinner meeting and ticket can be bought for $1.00 purpose of electing new officers, and, to review Scouting progress over the' past year. This meeting will be held in the American Le gion1 Hat id Warsaw at 7 p.m. on January 29. All Scouters and Scout pitfefits are urped to be present on This oc ':!". The meeting will fce a !'s: r rieet'rg with the ladies r t. T " 's f r the occasion ... ..n any Scout . A f'"i IsTo Much For Her not the man for her. Then, the sla ters said, the wild assortment of gifts begin to arrive at the Sand garten home. "I am very much in love with Esther," said Abe with conviction. "You're a regular caveman, the atavistic neolithic product of the primitive type," said Magistrate Sala. Is That Nice? "I think he's the paeoUthlc type", added Esther's sister Frieda. Abe looked confused by all the verbiage. They don't use them words in Brooklyn, not in front of ladies any how. "You know," said Judge Sala to Abe in a conciliatory tone, "when prehistoric man had to flee to the cave, into the cave with him went his dog. Scientists and others indi cate that a woman can be unfailli ful, but a dog never." "So long as the girl doesn't want you and her family doesn't want you, why don't you put your affect ions on a nice dog?" asked Sala. Abe looked puzzled. He indicated he didn't think much of the idea. Sala looked puzled too. He held Abe and Schneider on $250 ball and set another hearing for Friday before another magistrate. Tide Water Powey Company, was present and made a short talk. This program is financed and sponsored by Tide Water in an effort to help the farmers nf Out Tiilo Woi uu. tion improve their living conditions. noe water should be congratulated for their efforts. On their ivirt it is an unselfish expldenture and the program has souqd motives. Many Duplinites are familiar with the Orton. No one was injured, according to I reports. Two firemen were over come by smoke but soon recovered. All guests of the hotel escaped with no Injuries. It appears that the Wilmington Fire Department and police did a swell job in keeping things under control. At this writing 9:25 a.m. - on Friday, the flames are said to be still going but firemen are getting them under control. nesboro by the Rife-Loth Corpor ation, although the family's interest In the business was sold shortly after Mr. Loth's death in 1904. Mrs. Loth Is survived by five sons. W. J. Loth, Jr., Miami, Fla., Morltz A. R. Loth, Roanoke, Carl C. Loth, Francis R. Loth, and J. Ellison Loth, all of Waynesboro. She was a member of the St. John's Episcopal Church and was active in helping the church to get started in Waynesboro about 40 years ago. wide Jan. 29 per person from any Boy Scout. Appropriate speakers will be present and goal entertainment furnished. We urge every interest ed person to be there and help car ryon the fine work in Duplin County. . READ All motorists are requested who do not have to meet a January ?i Inspection deadline to wait until the lanes are lest crowded In order that motorists who do have to meet the deadline may get their vehicles checked. . ' .-' '- ' . : TZ ' The Inspection Regulation state that all vehicles of the year models up to and Including 1938 must be in-eced fcy January 31.' . t ! va teen received j v ' o (imw J w hides No 3 CcuntyAgents' Office L.F. WEEKS Pure Bred Ouroe Jersey Hec There will be a pure bred Duroc Jersey Breeders Sale at Clinton next Monday, January 24. Farmers in this area will have a good oppor tunity to see and buy some of the finest duroe hogs ever offered fe sale in this area. Breeders from Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and North Carolina have consigned both Boars and Gilts to this eale. The public will have an opportunity to look the hogs over in the morn ing and the sale will begin after lunch. Green Pastures Mr. Fred Outlaw, Seven Springs, N. C. believes in keeping hit farm covered in a green blanket during the winter. On his 115 acre farm, every acre is seeded to a winter cover crop. 75 acres seeded to rye grass, 20 acres are seeded to wheat, oats and barley, 6 acres of a per manent pasture consisting of Ladi noClover, Orchard Grass, Dallas Grass and Alta Fescue. 14 acres are seeded to wheat for harvest. 100 acres of this farm is fenced. The number of livestock, hogs and cattle, that Mr. Outlaw carries depend on the grazing that hit pas ture and other grazing crops will support. Last summer his crops consisted of n.5 acres of tobacco, 65 acres of corn, 8 acres of wheat, followed by Lespedezt, 14 acres of soybean to harvest and 6 acres of permanent pasture. Most of the work done by t actor. Mr. Outlaw says that be learned several years ago that it paye to keep hi9 land growing something all the time and to follow a crop rotation. BOB 6RADV SAYS Mrs. Hlghsmith, our acting Sup erintendent of Welfare, Is doing sa unusually aood lob according to County Health Officer, Dr. 6. V. Gooding. He says she is handling the finances of the office tn a very vood manner. Her work is efficient and he thinks should be retained as permanent Welfare Officer. So is cooperative with every county official and shows a definite Inter est in the work. We like our friends. We bop they like us. The proof of the pud ding is in the eating. Recently Lu ther Rice Carroll came in with nice package including spare ribs, liver pudding and sausage. A few day later Bill Williamson came la with back bone, sausage, liver pud ding and spare ribs. Isn't it nice to have such friends as these? The following poem was penned by Louis SpUlman, editor of toe Waynesboro News in Virginia. It was dedicated to the memory of Mrs. W. J. Loth whose son married Mary Ellis Beasley. daughter f Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Beasley of Ke enansville: "I would not have a single tear Upon my grave to fall. But if some friend should there I appear. I And think ot me in some far year, May that good friend recall Some circumstance to woo a smile, Some foible or some whim, Something I did or said tftt wtuie In high good humor, without guile, I walked along with him." In this group, who bad been forced tn wlt In lane line filled mutlf with newer model cart, which do not have to meet a deadline nam later this year. - Other deadline datet tbrouga June 30, are: - . Models 1837 and 1938 nust be inspected by Feb. 18. Model 1838 and 1M by Mate Models mi and 1942 by April 40. Modelt 1943 tv"oi?h H1 aunt be inspected by 1. f 31. BT"flcis 1918 ard l"'9 are to be in-;, !?d by June 3 J. .i ! 1 1 I if ii ft' 'I' -1 r A. I s 'i a

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