- ' k -j .V ' .-.'.v;. -. . ' - -" k - ;.- j.-'.,: - ..: ""t -; ''"' J 1 -V ' J "' "A v .,r-. : '' vci Huns"- .-..6.s.il .jf, . . .. i.. lyr-ocN wCr Iran i mi i3 . v . . frtfrf6- 7 I! 49 .". X. Vi IMVftf V VlVmUPyu VOLUME NUMBER SEVENTEEN EDITORIAL .. .: . " LISTEN AGAIII WARSAW u ?& v Last week we pointed out some of your weak spots N and some of-your strong spots. We suggested a meat : processing plant to be established at the present location ""of your abbattoir and encouraged more exploitation of ) your transportation advantages. Warsaw not only is K , now standing at the crossroads of its history - Warsaw v.is. i-the crossroads g Duplin County;When we think in : , terms of the county as a whole.' When we inake this I statement it follows that - With this phase of Warsaw's Kenansville and Warsaw represent a situation in Duplin County that once . ..ford was the largest town S boro.just a short distance away, was the county seat A Sanford grew by leaps and bounds as Jonesboro sat f. idly by. But as Sanford ; Jonesboro.;There was for 1 : which --naturally fermented k I to move the courthouse to Sanford. There was believed I f no hope for the future of Jonesboro. As time moved on, K : Sanford grew,: Jonesboro held its own, until one day i not so long ago the two towns became one. bamora is 'i now the county seat, but the pride and joy of Jonesboro If retains the courthouse and II forward towards a greater.and nobler day. f f We are not suggesting . ' Kenansville nor vice-versa. idly by! -Though the process may be somewhat slower i .' , than other towns, such as Beulaville, Rose Hill, and of f course Wallace. Kenansville J homes are going up and : nansville is the heart center be. Once Warsaw, tried to tit there; but ' themovement ever attemoted. ' I ..But, this fact cannot be HHhlf mark rplat.irtnshin j:gwo towns iaQvaffj&f -.ttfe- jlp rfWaVs :i r)usiness depends to a very la ,Their interests are in common. A closer tie in relations Between uiewo, especially in Dusiness anu inuusiruu 1 1 developnient, will be for the best interest of both. Ke ;?.'; r'nansvUle must rely on Warsaw for rail service, power and telephone 'service. In many fields Warsaw serves Kenansville and their close proximity does not justify ff; any 'changes' at present. Warsaw should extend more i r ' service to Kenansville.; It has been proven many times r .--that Kenansville goes to the aid of various undertakings I of its neighbors. For instance, the baseball club, even ? : though a flop, is a good example of the support Warsaw ! : may expect from the county seat. Kenansville residents, T, 3hop in Warsaw daily as if they lived there. '" V: A" movement may be undertaken in Kenansville fc 'in tle hot too far distance to build a hotel. The county I" "seat needs pne. The. closeness to Warsaw will justify fXi Warsaw supporting such an undertaking. Kenansville V would be justified in supporting a packing plant near " Warsaw. ' , "y-- : -i;!-, , r':-;.;. . . i?; -The hew auditorium at the county seat, now a fact ,f toot a dreamVls going to result in many. more gatherings : aim mwsu. icugci uiica uiau operation as given, Warsaw the building than any other i The auditoriura'is not a Kenansville project but a county ' wide project. ) ' - ff' Kenansville needs more business houses. Several is new ones have opened in recent years but weneed more. J , Thfr more new businesses in the . county seat, the more ti-i people will be drawn to this section to trade. The more ;t- people drawn to Kenansville the more will Warsaw i ..business attract. The town of Kenansville is your best & feeder. The Duplin Pageant is just as much Warsaw's as it is Kenansville's. It belongs to every community ; in the county. The pageant is going to benefit every X community in the county, but next to Kenansville it " stands to reason that Warsaw has more to' gain by it than any other town. -Yet ticket sales tor Warsaw is almost at the bottom; Little interest is manifested. At the called county-wide meeting Saturday night to dis- . cuss further plans for the Pageant not a soul from War saw was Dresent. - Warsaw, again we say, take, advantage pf your natural obDortunities.: Kenansville doesn't even have a doctor, it has to depend c'A thought in closing. A hospital located between Warsaw and Kenansville would not only be a-benefit - to both towns but would- give to every Duplinite some: hing tiiat is sorely heeded.: At present an4 for the past several years most all hospitals in a 100 mile radius of Duplin County are overcrowded, ana unaermanea. -.. , By: J" R. GRADY New officers for next year'a se or, junior and sophomore class i at Fast Carolina Teachers Col- in Greenville, have been clect- "'1 according to custom, have r (V !'cs this spring. They ' " r ml el "s of t'.e Kenansville must be tied in business and social life existed m Lee County. San- in the. county .while Jones- grew-it developed towards years in Lee County an urge, and fomented in banford, together they are moving that Warsaw try to asorb Kenansville is not standing is definitely growing; New new businesses opening. Ke- of Duplinand always will have the courthouse moved failed and will fail again if overlooked. There is an in- eiistihff between Warsaw large degreefa Kenans'villa tu ure pah u j(ivj.i vu- stands to profit more from 'town besides Kenansville. on Warsaw, - Carroll ' James of Falson Is treasurer of the Fhl Delta Gamma Fraternity and President of the Methodist Youth Fellowship. lie is a member of the Christian f crvlee Club and was rece'v trej!-rr of tte TW 1 Sam Byrd To Broad cast Author Sam Byrd, author, direct or and actor in the Pageant "The Duplin Story" is expected to ar rive in Kenansville today. He will be accompanied by the engincc. who is to lay out the amphitheater. While here Mr. Byrd will broadcast over station WRRZ, Clinton and Wallace, at 3 P. M. Sunday. Tune jn your dial at 880. Local School Program The activities of the commence' ment exercises at Kenansville High School began on Thursday evening April 28 when Mrs. H. E. Latham presented her students in the an nual piano recital. . On Sunday, May 8, at 11 a.m the Rev. A. D. Wood, pastor of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Charity, will preach the baccalau reate sermon at the hiph school auditorium. The Senior Class will present its Class Day exercises on Thursday evening. May 12. Then on Friday evening, May 13, Dr. J. D. Msssick, president of Eastern Carolina Teachers College will de liver the cummeuceihcnt adJress. Beulaville Closing Event Scheduled Bculavillo, Duplin's large con solidated Fchool will open commcn ftrtnent exercises Sunday vcning; 1lajr 8, at 8 o'clock vftbfi Rev. Alvis MI Whit (ed of Fuquay Springs witl deliver ,the Baccalaureate sermon. Class bay exercises will be held Thursday, May i2, at 8 p.m., and Graduating exercises, Friday, May 13, at 8 p. m. Prof. J E.,Wond house of the University of Chapel HiU, will deliver the address to 24 girls and 8 boys who will receive diplomas. Boy Scout Court Of Honor Be Held The Duplin District Boy Scout Court of Honor will be held at the Hallsville Presbyterian ChurcrT on Monday night, May 9th at 8 p.m. All the Scout Troops in Duplin County are eligible to participate in this Court of Honor, and parents and friends of Scouting are urged to be present. At the present time there -are Scout Troops in Ke nansville, Hallsville, Chinquapin, Warsaw, Unity Church, Faison, Calypso. B. F. Grady School, Out law's Bridge, Rose Hill, and Wal lace. Mr. John Dlefel, Council Advance ment Chairman, will preside at the Court of Honor. . Breaks Arm Miss Helen James, daughter of Albro James of Chinquapin and school bus driver is in a hospital with a broken arm suffered Tues day morning when the partially loaded school bus she was driving plunged into a washout while en- route to school. Miss James was gripping the steering wheel so hard In an effort to control the bus she broke her arm. No other occupant nor the bus was injured. She was driving .through a shallow puddle of water in the road and could not see the wash-out. ;; Vhy The Bibie Has Endured Where from?. Why Provided? What does It contain? Hear the answers at the. Court house in Kenansville on Sunday, May 8th. at 3:00 P. M.- r -Address by J. F. Cochran. .) Welcome Good-Will Persons I f FREE KENANSVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA i' KENAN MEMORIAL AUDITORIUM mmmmmmmm ft :-nt nww us FOLKS - your new county-wide auditorium and gym nasium. Through the generosity of Win Rand Kenan of New York, Mi s. Graham Kenan and Mrs. Lou ise Wise of Wilmington, the untir ing efforts of Supt. O. P. Johnson and the liberal donations of hun dreds of, Duplinites and their fritnds outside jf Duplin, this mag nificent building is now readv fur construction. The contract was let las, week to the Taylor Construct ion Company of Goldsboro on a fixi;d fee basis and construction is expected to begin within a few das. The overall dimensions will be 100 feet wide by 140 feet long. The main auditorium will be 100 ft. by IOC feet; will seat comfortably 4000 people or, 5000 in a Jam. The seat ing capacity during athletic con tests wilLbe 2345. The athletic area will take care of a maximum size playing court. On each side of ti e court wjfl be the dressing room with showers. Two toilets will be provided s for spectators. At the front will be the portico, lobby and two cfjces,, on each, side. In the rcdrwflt he a stage 23 ft hy 42 ft The building will be of concrete, steel and brick construction. The face brick will be red to corres pond with the present school build ing. The auditorium will be loca- ELECTIONS ARE QUIET Duplin Towns Hold Municipal Elections; Mayors, Commissioners Named Local politics in Duplin towns came to an end Tuesday when all towns held their elections except Magnolia which was held Monday. See Magnolia News for results there. Most excitement was ev'nced in Warsaw where the entire slate vas composed of new candidates. Re sults: WARSAW W. E. Currie was elected mayor, while five commissioners were also chosen out of a field of nine candi dates. The Commissioners are Woodrow W. Blackburn, A. Askew, G. A. Best, Glenn C. Brown, and W. . Fussell. Currie polled 238 in the race for mayor, while his opponents Samuel E. Godwin and Mangum Carrcll, had 154 and 5 respectively. Votes for commissioners were: Blackburn 255,' D. Matthis 165, As kew 172, Best 304, Brown 270, S H Porter 157, M. V. Orr 165, and F J. Thomas 140. WALLACE Mayor W, G. Hoffler was re elected without opposition, polling 254 votes. The only incumbents seeking renomlnation to the board of commissioners, Dr. A. R. Bland, and Melvin Cording, were reelect ed.. . For commissioner: . Dr.' A. R. Bland 236; M. G. Cording 224; E. J. Johnson 189: D. B. Townsend 208; J. S. Blair 180; C. L. Shields 166. The five highest were named to the board. ' ,, , , , FAISON The , incumbent mayor, L. U ilroome, was re-elected, uniy one incumbent was returned to office from the two seeking renomlnation. For mayor: L, D. Groome 152' D. J. Oats 62; T. E. Adams 28; A S. Thornton 16, . '. For commissioner; C. A. Decker 101; J. M. Faison 154; C. X. Mc- Ciillen 142; Perry Lewis 129; C. R. Lewis 124; P. G. Adams. 103; S Murphy 46; J. B. Stroud 105; Frank itfartin 51;- Paul Clifton 76; J. C. Bell, Jr., 80. Five candidates are named id the board. - , .' TTULAVILLE Vows cVc I S. P. r''c msyor FRIDAY, ted on the north side of the present school building facing highway 11. Ample parking room will be pro vided at the ivar of the building. Walks and green lawns will adorn the front grounds. The building will be completely fireproof with eleven sets of double doors. Also on the inside, will be a balcony. When complete the auditorium is expected to cost in the neighbor hood of $100,000.00. Leslie Boney, Sr., and Sons. Wilmington archi tects, drew the plans. Before any set ideas was made to the appear ance local officials visited a num ber of gymnasiums in surrounding counties. It la said that Kenan Memorial Auditorium will be one of the most attractive and conven iently arranged in North Carolina and the only publicly owned audi torium and gymnasium built as an outright donation by residents and friends of the county. The Kenans, In whose honor the building is named, gave $20,000 as follows. Wm. Rand Kenan, $10,000; Mrs Graham Kenan, $5,000; Mrs. Louise Wise, $5,000. The Kenansville school district raised $10,000 in one concerted drive.' Profits jfrem the Pageant, rThe Duplin Story" will go towards completing and furnishing the building. To date more than $60,000 has been raised in cash and bona fide pledges. lead the council race. Others na med were M. M. Thigpen 61; W. D. Brown 54; Gardner Edwards 38; Archie Lanier 56. Unsuccessful candid: te were: Richard Bostic 3?- Charlton Sand lin 25; Sidney Hunter 37; R. R. Mercer 18' snd Herman Tlietuas 32. ROSE HILL W. D. Herring, mayor for ten years, was unopposed. Town commissioners vote was cast as iollows: E. L. Lanier 178; W. H. Hall 153; Reed Fussell 137; Horace Fussell 141; and E. G. Mur ray 130 were elected. H. S. Johnson teceived 108 votes. KENANSVILLE Amos B-lnji n was elected mayor in :he town election by defeating Paul Ingram. Brinson polled 180 votes to Ingram's 19. In the race for commissioners Ralph Brown led the ticket with 140 votes; Leo Jackson 138; D. H. McKay 115; Ivey Bowden 99; and S. W. Westbrook 96. Others in the race, but lost, were William Lewis 79; O. P. Johnson 3; Harold Jcnei 1 and Miss Margaret Williams 1. Reports from Calypso have not been received. School Called To Meet Tuesday flight According to Supt O. P. Johnson Duplin County . Schools stand ro receive approximately one-quarter mlKion dollars&om the State U be used in school construction and repairing during the next fewye.irs .This tital amount is contingent up on passage of the school bond issue.. It Is fortunate for our schools that the Scott administration has gone on a spending spree. - Supt Johnson has called a meet ing of all the school boards to be held In the Kenansville auditorium Tuesday night, May 8th to discuss the prqposed school bond issue. The Board of Educ tion has endorsed t' e tmd vote. ' 't. Johnson-says V4' - i r'proved it wilt MAY 6th., 1949 . VOTE AGAIN NEXT MONTH June Date Set For Road Bond Election The Stall' U-iard of Election:; has set May 7 as I he dale for registra tion books to open in all precin?ts ior the school ami road bond elect ion on June 4. The regisl ration period will run from May 7 to May 21. Registrais will be at polling places on May 7, 14 and 21. Saturday, May 28 will be challenge day. Persons who already are register ed in general election books will Time Of Ticket Sales Seats Extended, The Officers of Duplin County Historical Association extended the Ticket Sales for Reserve Seats to "The Duplin Story" until May 28Ui. On this date all tickets not sol i will be called in and stamped for Section B, which will be the next section to the Reserved Seals. Tick ets bought during August and Sep tember will be sold for Section C, which will he the remaining Se. -tion in the Amphitheater. COUNTY FATHERS MEET Duplin Commissioners Favor ABC Vote; Passage Road Bond Issue At the regular meeting of the board of minty commissioners h?re Monday, the board voted to author ize the county board of election to call a special election on the matter of ABC stores in the county. "' The board als wiyit on nwl - r endorsing the proposed $200,000, 000 School end Road bend vote 100':; . " The special election on the ABC store question will be held provided the calling of the election is leal. The board of commission! is auth orized the elections hoard lo call the election without beim; request ed to do so by petition from cither the dry forces or the wcl forces. Allied Church League Meets; Asks For County-Wide A. B. C. Store Election The Allied Church League t f Duplin County met at the Teactuy Baptist Church on Friday niRl l. April 29. Officers were elected for the coming year as follows: Hev J. V. Case, president; Rev. S. A. IN SPITE OF RAIN Boy Scouts Of Tuscarora Council Enjoy Week-end Encampment In spite of rain and inclement weather throughout the whole week end, 156 Boy Scouts and 10 adult leaders braved the elements to en joy the Council-wide Camp-o-ree held at Selma, April 29, 30, and May 1. The program was followed very closely as planned and the Camp-o-ree ended with no casualties and everyone happy even though it was a rugged experience. The Campfire scheduled for Saturday night had to be canceled, but the group met in the auditorium of the Selma school where Mr. D. A. Buteman of Goldsboro entertained with his mu sical saw, and where moving pic tures of the last Camp-o-ree were shown by Thomas Meece of Selma. The group was led in some livelv Camp singing by Bobby "Cotton ' Klutzz. "On Sunday morning, Rev. Fletch er Ford, pastor of the First Baptist Church at Four Oaks, conducted the religious services. ,The contests on Saturday after noon consisted of rope throwing, log sawing, tent pitching, match lighting, and knot tying. The rope throwing contest was won by Bea ver Patrol, Trooy 2 of Goldsboro. The log sawing contest was won by the Bear Patrol, Troop 12 of Fre mont. Tent pitching contest "was won by the Beaver Patrol. Match lighting contest was won by the Wolf Patrol, Troop 12, Fremont. The knot tying contest was won y the Wolf Patrol, Troop 6 of Golds boro. - a Final awards for the Camp-o-ree were' Issued at the close of the Church service on Sunday. The No. 19 Books Open Saturday. May 7 not have to register for the election . The outcome of the election wlU he determined by a majority of voles cast. Both bond Issues $200. 000,000 for roads and $25,000,Mtf f r Mhool buildings will be sub mitted on one ballot. Governor Scott has Issued proclamation formally setting June 4 as the election date. For Reserved Says Alphin If you would like a Reserve Seat lirket to "The Duplin Story", soo I he Ticket Sales Committee in your town or community or write to M. F. Allen, Jr., the Treasurer, K nansville, N. C, before May 28, 1949. ADMISSION: Adults. $2.50; Schooi children. $1.23 Duplin County Historical Assoc. Inc G. E. Alphin, Jr.. County Auditor F. W. MeGowen and elections board clerk A. T. Outlaw were instructed to go to Raleigh and take the matter. iip with Attorney-General Harry Mc Mullan's office,. to determine tho. Reality oJ their authortxattoo. While the county board took (fete action without being requested to do so by petition, it was reported that petitions are being circulated in the county requesting the elec tion. II' the election is found to be kK.'ii and is held it would automati cally halt any town election OS) the ABC question which might bo called. Smith, vice-president; Rev. A. D. Wood, secretary-treasurer. At this meeting plans were nade to ask for a county-wide election on ABC stores and strategy to carry forward the dry cause discussed. on Patrol: Trooo 2. Goldsboro: ! ver Patrol, Troop Goldsboro; Wolf Patrol, Troop 6, Goldsboro; Standard Patrol Banners WW -awarded to Troop 28, Sanders Chapel; Cobra Patrol. Troop S, Goldsboro; Eagle Patrol, Troeat 74. Herring High School; Rattlesnake Patrol, Troop 74 Herring Ugh School; Seal Patrol. Troop TS, of Westbrook; Bear Patrol, Troop U. Fremont; Wolf Patrol, Troop 13. Fremont, Flying Eagle PatroL of T-oop 26, Sanders Chapel; leaver Patrol, Troop 75, Westbrook; Hy ing Eagle Patrol, Troop 32, Selma; Indian Patrol, Troop 32, Sebna; Beaver Patrol, Troop 10. rovt dence. Church; Wolf Patrol. Troop 28, Micro. Participating lean era were awarded to Troop 39, Clio ton; Troop 28, Micro; Troop 19. Pikeville; Troop 32, Selma; Troop 18, Ram Patrol, Troop It, Ovt Pa trol and Troop 18, Flying BagM F trol all of Meadow High School. May Fellowship Day The annual MAY FKJXOW3H1P DAY will hold their meeting ft Kenansville on May 6th, This year instead of having a luncheon, tao meeting will be observed wit A "Come and Sit" tea from fc39 until 9:30 o'clock in the Presbyterian Sunday School rooms, anaoMCee the chairman.' of the Cowaei! of. Churches. The theme for study thw year la "Freedom's roundest em The Christian Home." . . ; Do' It nov' Don't be a 1 -'r-V r"v vonrf' -t tl " 1 J -V fx - r t.. p.,.ci. wore "-"ft"

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