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Published each Frid. y In .Kenatisvdle ,. C, County Seat f
v DUPLIN COUNTY ' " . - : '
1 Editorial business and printing plan;, Kenansvllle, N. C.
Entered at the Post Office, Kenansville, N. C.
a second class matter.
Kenansvllle. 255-6 Warsaw 50-7
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $3.00 per year In Duplin County
Lenoir, Jones, Onslow, Pender, Sampson and Wayne coun-
ties; $3.50 per year outside this area in North Carolina; and
Advertisinr rates furnished on request
i Democratic Journal, devoted to the material, educational,
wonomlc and agricultural interests of Duplin County.
For Accurate Reports
Employer's Are Responsible
Mr. N. A. Avera, Manager of the
Wilmington Field Office of the So
cial Security Administration point
ed out that every employer is re
sponsible for reporting the correct
names and Social Security number
of his employees under the Federal
Insurance Contributions Act. In
some Instances, employers who take
pride in their accuracy of their
books and records have been sur
prised to learn that the Social Se
curity number or name of an em
ployee was listed incorrectly on
their Social Security tax reports.
As a result not only were the em-
State College
Answers Timely
Farm Questions
Q. Some kind of insect is mak
ing holes in my lawn and piling up
little mounds of dirt. How can I
stop this?
A. The holes are caused by large
white grubs. Immediate kill can be
obtained by using either a 5 DDT
dust at the rate of 4016 per acre or
a 5 chlordan dust used at the
same rate.
Q. What growing conditions are
best for camellias and azaleas .'
A. Grow in semi-shade protect
ed, from too milch winter winds;
and always place plants on well
drained locations.
State College Hints
To I'm Makers
To put buttons on so they won't
budge, remember to use thread
strong enough for the weight of
me uuiiun; use iaie ur uiuei ic
inforcement underneath the fabric
and perhaps most important, is to
arrange for a shank of thread which
gives room for the buttonhole to
slide under the button without pull
on the fabric.
" Zippers hold best if they are
stitched on by machine rather than
by hand.
Buttonhole stitches hold snaps
better than ordinary stitches.
Ben Frederick At
Ben Casey Frederick, son of Mr.
life - Fire - Storm - Automobile, etc
TeIephone496 ' ; ' y
.'Jarsaw.Ji. C.
v , - Foot of Waynesborough Avenue
Former Weil Brickyard : I
t l PHONE 1532 OS 2330 COLLECT : ;
Ycrs:;? Fish Msrkef
' ' ' : tttmr TWum A Lni ' . '
hCanHuw V4
ployer's records inaccurate but his
employee's account with the SSA
was incomplete. Employers are ur
ged to copy the number and name
from the Social Security card only.
This will insure their employees of
complete accounts with the SSA.
Every employer of one or more
employees engaged In work covered
by the SSA is required to submit
Social Security Tax reports to the
Collector of Internal Revenue four
times a year. For further informa
tion call or write the Wilmington
Field Office of the Social Security
and Mrs. John Frederick of War
saw, has enrolled for the full quar
ter at Transylvania College, Lex
ington, Ky. Mr. Frederick is maj
oring in mathematics.
Having qualified as Administra
tor of the estate of Lucy Williams,
deceased, this is to' notify all per
sons having claims against said es
tate to present them to the under
signed at Calypso, N. C, on or be
fore the 15th day of September,
1950, or this notice will be pleaded
in bar of Hheir recovery.
All persons indebted to said es
tate will please make payment im
mediately to the undersigned.
This the 15th day of September,
B. C. Sellars, Administrator,
of Lucy Williams, deceased.
H. T. Ray, Attorney
10-28-6t. HTR
In The General County Court
State of North Carolina,
County of Duplin.
Notice is hereby given that the
above entitled action has been Insti
tuted in the General County Court
for Duplin County, State of North
Carolina against the defendant,
wherein the plaintiff seeks to re
cover of the defendant an absolute
divorce from the defendant on the
grounds of Annulment on account
of a Bigamous marriage which was
void. The defendant is required to
be and appear at the office of the
Clerk of the General County Court
in Kenansville, North Carolina on
the 15th day of October 1949 and
answer or demur to the complaint
which has been filed in said office,
on or before the 15th day of Nov
ember 1949 or the relief demand
ed in said complaint will be gran-
InlOTWxxMl Undom
; SCRIPTURE: faalah 1:10-20. Jera
llah 7.
S4:t-. ....... .
Seven-Day Religion
Lessen for October , 1949
EMPLOYERS dln't care-much
for letters of recommendation
signed by preachers. Not that they
think preachers are dishonest.
The employer is glad to know
where the chap is on Sunday morn
ings. But he would rather have a
letter - from - a omebody who sees
him every Saturday night and Mon
day morning. .-
BeligioB Won't
Keep Sweet by Itself
rr IS a temptation as old as
'religion,- to put It on one side of
a 4rall and life on the other. But
the prophets showed, once and for
all, that Goo Has
literally no use for
religion which has
been dissected - off
from life. Religion
which is kept
apart from life
turns sour and
bad. In Isaiah's
time, everybody
Vnan tfiera was
something, wrong Dr. Foreman
with the country. i
Isaiah's diagnosis was shocking:
Religion is our principal trouble.
God is tired of it. What? The pious
people would exclaim. Look at the
crowds in the Temple every holy
dayl Listen to all the prayers,
count the number of tithers. If
anything is wrong with our country,
it can't be religion! But religion it
Why God Was Tired
A CATHOLIC priest would shock
everybody should he call Vat
ican City "Hell's Half Acre."
Isaiah shocked his fellow citizens
iby calling Jerusalem "Sodom anp
Gomorrah." Those cities were the
worst places the Hebrews had ever
heard ot
They , were, so bad,, the Lord
had to destroy 'Iken by fire
not 19 good people conld be
found there. The prophet fol
lows np that first shock by an
other. Every single expression
, of organized religion comes
onder the prophet's lash.
Sacrifices and offerings (v.ll),
attendance at the sanctuary, ob
servance of the Sabbath and other
holy days (v. 13), church gather
ings, corresponding to our rallies
and conventions (v. 13), even
prayers (v. 15).
Put that Into modern terms: at
tendance at church, Bible reading,
tithing, praying if. that is all, then
all is no good. It may be religion,
and of course it is one kind of
religion; but not the kind God
Indeed, Isaiah aaya God
hates It; he ia "fed np" with J
(vs. 11). "What was wrong? ,
Isaiah tells them that, toe, In
short simple words. "Your
hands are foil of blood."
Oh, the people would protest,
we are not killers, we don't lay a
hand on anybody. Isaiah goes, on
to explain: seek Judgment (I.e.
justice), relieve the oppressed,
Judge the fatherless, plead for the
widow. ""
You don't kin outright, if you
churchgoers, he would say, but
you are so indifferent to justice
In your city, you take so little in
terest in the people at the bottom
of the heap, 'that people die here,
widows and; orphans die, simply
because no one cares. r ,
What Makes a Town
Worth Saving?;; s
ALAS, -. nobody did care. One
i hundred and more years went
by, and Jerusalem came close to
Its end. But nobody thought Jthat
disaster - could strike. The belief
had grown in every one's jnlnd
mat the Temple of the Lord would
forever insure the safety of the
city in which It stood. . V" '
t v But a young prophet, , Jere
miah, preached a sermon on
the same theme as Isaiah's
(Jer. 7) It la net the temple
that win save you, it is not
i church attendance that ' win V
As the men ot Jerusalem looked
back to the great days of Moses,
they .thought of the sacrifices and
offerings, the tabernacle and the
rituals and all the pageantry and
paraphernalia , of a picturesque
religion, as the .great thing that
God had given them.
. But God remembered it other
wise. Jeremiah even says (with
understandable exaggeration), that
God had not said a word about
sacrifices and. offerings; the Ten
Commandments,- with all they im
plied, were the main thing.
What God looks Jor. back of an
our church attendance and Bible
rending, Is "justlcebetween a man
44 his neighbor." A place where
that can be found is a good place.'
(Cop 'tit br tha irntrnaonl Cwn-
eu or: j 1ij.i.-r n on I 1,""
til j c n.-uuuuona. X..
.. i r ,- i e
civ- Hirh i.uti- t;
Under and by Virtue of the power
of sale contained in a certain Deed
of Trust executed by Fred- Hardy,
dated the 28th day of September,
1945, and recorded in Book 429,
page 275, in the office of the Regis
nt riaoAa nf Dunlin Countv.
Mnrth Carolina, default having
been made in the payment of the
Indebtedness tnere,DV securea ana
iri rwrl nf Trust being by the
terms thereof subject to" foreclos
ure, the undersigned trustee will
offer for sale at Public Auction to
the highest bidder for cash at the
Court House door at Kenansville,
North Carolina, at 12:00 noon on
the 15th day ot October. 1949.- the
property conveyed in said Deed of
Trust the same lying and being in
the County of DupMn, State of
Vnrth rarollna. in Kenansville
township, and in the Town of Ke
nansville and more particularly de
scribed as follows:
PTTJST iHRAf!T; Tn the Town Of
Kenansville and known as the John
D. Southerland store lot, BEGIN
lvmn at the Samuel Albertson
Northeast corner on the street lead
ing from opposite the Dr. A. J.
Jnn Tlruir Store bv the old jail
aita tn thA Snutherland and Far-
rlor stables, and now owned by A.
J. Pickett (formerly) thence Nortn
mrrl With aald street 87 feet to a
stake, corner of said street and thd
street leading eastward from the
Court House Square;- thence west
ward with saia last namea street a
feet to a stake; thence Southward
87 feet to the Albertson line; thenco
with said Albertson's line jsast
ward 4!5 feet to the beginning, con
taining 3915 -aquaria feet, more or
less. .'v.. ."
STiirnNn TRACT: In the Town
of KenansvlHe adjoining to and
lying to the back of the above Lot,
BEGINNING at the Southeast cor
ner of the above, lot on the street
leading toward A. J. Pickett's sU
bles from in front of the Dr. A. J.
Janea Drua Store: thence North 75
West 3$ feet to a stake; thence
South 15 West IS feet to a stake;
thence Soutly 75 East 35 feet to a
stake at the edge of the street;
thence North 15 East 16 feet to the
beginning, and known as the Sam
nai Aihortain StorAlot and convey
ed to him by J. F. Sutherland and
wife as per Deed registered in ine
office ot Registre ot'DeedsDf Du
plin County In Book 28, page 554,
DatavMnfm la nl en Yrtid to mortMSe
JL. .-....-.. ! "
r. v. f.fpnliens and wife to
Bank of Kenansvme, as ser. out
J ( 0
rj::'i ikxvje
LI 1 1 0UYM
ef fTarae Ppfle
Bnrlnl Aasoclallew
l!rarorsa Ulnar
AirilwMt t v V Of ylofcl
Tor. I
a t
I...JU l
. SMtS
Milsrisy I
m wA thm Srwiahst .
above for a description of said
The above being the same lands
as conveyed in a Deed to E. J. and
R. D. Dail as recorded in Book 242,
page 359, of the Duplin County
The said E. J. Dail having re
ceived the interest of R. D. Dail in
the above described property under
and by virtue of the Last Will and
Testament of R. D. DaiL which is
probated and recorded in the off
ice of the Clerk of Superior Court
of Duplin County, Will Book No.
10, page 2M.
And further being the same land
as described in a deed dated Sept.
21, 1945 from E. J. Dail to H. E.
Phillips as recorded n Book 428,
page f 601, of the Duplin - County
Advertised this the 14th day of
y: This is, Jesse James no foolin', cross arms carrying as much a
T (, that's his real name. But this one of 33,000 volts of electricity. Jesse's
the James boys is really on the tip an aviator, too, and flies air patrols
' ' and up! His job is to wprk high up , of our transmission lines to locate '
" . ' on a pole replacing insulators and - possible trouble spots. , , . '
. -, Tide Water is proud of Jesse James and the 420 other Tide
l "vl 's s j Water folks in plants, offices and in the field who work so hard
' t IJ-T- V " ' to bring you the best possible service at the lowest possible rates. T "
.",'. y' i' ' .' ' . ; y.-.; '" :y .-..(. ,....- , ...r ,;"
Will Get tEe Rest, Too
September, 1949.
N. A. Phillips, Trustee.
10-14-4t. HEP
In The Superior Court
The Defendants, Mrs. Julia Hall
I i ...
t. - , i ' as above
has btcii con, ue. a i gainst them,
In the Superior Court of Duplin
County, North Carolina, and that '
the purpose of the said action is to .
summarily eject the Defendants
of the following described . real
property: x . ' ' --
.LYING and being la' Warsaw
Township, Duplin County, North
Carolina: jff, f wy. .
"BEGINNING at' a pine on the
West side of Faison-Warsaw Road,
Knot Belcher, Newton and Jackson
corner, and runs thence with road
South 18 East 378 feet; South 34 .
East 270 feet; South IS East 560
feet to a stake; thence South S8
West 2535 feet to a stake; thence ;
, North 18 East 1225 feet to a dead
nine; thence North 86 East 1375
feet to a stake; thence North 80
East 270 feet to the beginning, con
taining 54 acres, more or less.' :
That the Plaintiffs claim owner-
1 ship, in fee ,to the said property;
and the said Defendants will fur
ther take Notice that they are re
quired to appear at the Office of
the Clerk of the Superior Court ot
Duplin County, North Carolina, and
answer or demur to the Complaint
in said action, on or before the 80th
day of Novembef, 1840, or the Plain
tiffs will apply to the Court for thex
relief demanded in the Complaint.
This the 26th day of September,
R. V. Wells, Clerk
Superior Court of
- .Duplin County.
10-21-4t '
There la an unusual interest In
seeding improved pastures in Du
plin County' this fall and the ones
who are most interested are those
who planted a small pasture last j.
vear anil -have; atnrlleil itfli effect
on their livestock and-their bank .
account' V; f y.. :'' ,'.;.;';:.,...,.
LeRoy Simmons said his pasture
saved him at least $100. per acre
in feed for his hogs. He la doubling
his pasture acreage' this fait
viu iuukc aaiu itia poaiui hhu
him more than its cost in mule feed
V.llla Vaatal AnA nf tfta niinlln
County supervisors for the South
eastern Soil Conservation District '
and former livestock specialist
from State College, makes the fol
lowing suggestions for starting an
Improved pasture: prepare the land
thoroughly, as near like a tobacco
bed as possible, lime and fertilise
liberally; VA to 2 tons of lime per
acre., Sow the seed carefully, and
pack them in by rolling a log over
the if a cultipacker is not available,
and sow the seed before Oct 15.
v. ,
, .r:
t I DE '.WAT P o"V 2 R C- O M P A NY, "j
....... s
, ,. Both Wholesale and Retail
Know Your H "i er r--v Your Tizhssnn
ed.- . ; 3
This -the 15th day of September,
1910. . ; ' '
end ' islrolv
k. v. vr-i, c
r i

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