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AM OFFERING FOR $15 PER ' roken glasses with new Shatter HOW FAR YOU LIVE FROM TON. .: COME FOR SAME - AT oof glass. YOUR PCSTOFFICE. ONCE.T, " ;; - ' ,f,v A. C. HOLLAND, HEATER WELL COMPANY, INC W. E. BELANGA, KenansvUle KENANSVHXE. HALEIGH, N. C. . ll-18-2t :' - - ." Beulaville High School News PRANDY KENNEDY, Reporter Mi-Lights Staff Elected The following members of the unior Class have been elected to erve on the School Paper staff for "i coming year: Editor-in-chief, Joseph Jackson; Assistant Editor, Hazel Brown; 1 :lementary Editor, Reba Sholar; . ports Editors, Reglnia Thigpen and Colon Whaley. "lumor Editor, Mary Ida Sandlin; Art Editor, Staoley Bratcher; Business, Manager, Mary G. Jones; Typing Editor, Nell R. Mercer; Mimeograph Editor, Angela F. Wil liams; Sales Manager. Dinah Eubanks. Contest The Senior Class held a contest recently between the sections. The contest between the two sections was to sell the annual that will be published in 1950. The contest de ed after being in progress for two eeks. The section selling the most mnuals was to be guest of the other. Mrs. Mercer's section sold 17 annuals while Mr. McWhorter's section sold 45. A total of 92 an nuals have been sold. As a result Mrs. Mercer's section was guest of the losers at a wein er roast at Maxwells Mill Tuesday night, Oct. 18. A good time was enjoyed by all. Annual Staff Elected Beulaville Hi School Annual, "The Globe", is sponsored by the Seniors each year. They have elec ted the following to serve on their staff: Editor-in-chief, Jacqueline Will lams; Assistant Editor, Mab'e Brinson; Sports Editors. E'eanor Kennedy and rvr'ea Albertson; Buslne.- e Manager, F.lvts Miller; Advertising Manager, Wilms Brin son. Halloween Carnival The Annual Halloween Carni val was held in the High School Auditorium Friday night, Oct. 28. In the Baby Popularity Contest, Billy Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Miller, sponsored by Rosa Bell Miller was winner. Several stunts were given by the grades. Mrs. Grady's 10th grade gave a one-act play entitled "Oh, Teacher". The winners in the popularity con test were: High School: Mattie Frances Kennedy; Elementary School: Faye Kennedy. John Martin Entertains . John Martin, "King of the ey board" entertained a large audience of attentive and interested students in the auditorium Friday, Oct. 28 He took his listeners on a tour of foreign countries in Latin-Ameri can, Scmiclassics and brought them back on popular music such as "Donkey Serenade". FHA Meets ' The Beulaville Chapter; - FHA met Oct. 31 for the purpose of dls cussing plans for the Trl-County Rally to be held at Penderlea on .Nov. 19. Mrs. P. E. Thigpen Is anx ious for each member te attend. Mesdames Gordon Thigpen and Vera Beetle were elected Chapter mothers. Janice Bostic, president. announced that there would be an other meeting soon to cetebrate F. H. A.. Week. N Ili-school Honor Roll v SECOND MONTH: 12th Grade: Jane Bostic, Ada Pearl Mercer, Patty Faye Kennedy, Eula Jane Mobley, Rosa Bell Miller, Minnie ' Raynor, Melba Sumner, Darrell Edwards, Elvis Miller, Car olyn Baker, Velma Brinson, Prandy Kennedy, Annie Rae Raynor, Eve lyn Williams, Mable Brinson, Jac queline Williams, P. B. Edwards, 11th Grade: Hazel Brown, Sybil Pickett, Nell Rae Mercer, Reba Sho lar, Mary Grace Jones, BerneU Mil ler, Joseph Jackson. 10th Grade: Pearl Norris, Qlenda Edwards, Minnie Simpson, Dorothy F'ards, Grace Mercer, Murphy wards, Ralph Cottle, Rubert Hine., Ciiar.es Hunter, John G. Jones, El wood E. Kennedy, Glenn Lanier, DeWItt Miller, W. L. Miller; Archie Muldrow, Delano Simpson. Beauty Queen The beauty queen of Beulaville high, school has been selected. She is Sue Lanier, a freshman, the dau ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Archie La nier .She won over four other con testants, one being Miss Maltic Frances Kennedy, Popularity queer of Beulaville Hi. Other contestant were Betty Jean Brntcher, Ju.init Sumner and Ramo:?.-. B.V.; .!. Weiner Roast Teh Sophomore's of Beulaville enjoyed a weiner roast at Deep Bottom recently. Special guests were Mr. and Mrs .Bill Thigpen, Miss- Mary Quinn Brown and Mrs. Cecil Miller. After the roast mem bers of the class weit to the movies at Wallace. Grammar Honor Roll SECOND MONTH: 1st Grade: Hdward Cottle, Lin wood Cottle, Bonnie R. Maready, Colon Quinn, Eugene Taylor, Sloan Thigpen, Joe Thomas, James Wil liams, Betty F. Baker, Mary F. Bos tic, Mavis Ann Hall, Agnes Lanier, Edna Strickland, Annette Whaley, Billy W. Sumner, Linda A. How ard, Mary Helen Lanier, Patricia Ann Norris, Carroll Miller, Romn Dare Kennedy. 2nd Grade: Patsy Albertson, R becca Sue Brown, Mary Alice Gray. Stella May Smith, Evelyn F. Jones. Julia D. Williams, Jim K. Brinson, Benny Thomas, Kenneth Cottle Bennett Kennedy, Eugene Sumner, Jessie R. Futrall, Gerald H. Cottle, Walter D. Miller, Steve R. Rhodes, Bobby R. Whaley, Bruce Whaley, Donald R. Brown, Jo Anne Grosh am, Katie Sue Grady, Jean Ray Humphrey, Mary Linda Kennedy, Linda Gray Raynor, .Norma Faye Kennedy, Kenneth Brinson, Henry Guy Willie Horne, Douglas Mercer, MacArthur Thomas, Fred Pickett, Gerald Smith, Franklin Whaley, Glenda Thomas. 3rd Grade: Susie Pickett, Owen Quinn, Frederick Lanier. 4th Grade: Josephine Cottle. Mary Creech, Oleta May Edwards, Evelyn, Hall, Janice Henderson, Phyllis' Quinn, Pansy Sandlin, Vic toria Sandlin, Myra Ann Thomas. Marie Weston, Elaine Brinson, Wil lie Owen Guy, Myrtle Whaley, rt'il ma Sumner, Barbara J. Miller, Sal- LI ul rs r- Kennedy, Judy Sandlin, Rosalie Aiktns, Lucilje Hili, Lillian Futral, BiUyj'Lou Williams, Patsy-Ruth Jones, - Harry D. Bratcher, Gerald Ncthercutt, Roger Craft, Bennett Hunter, Tominle Miller. :.. 5th Grade: Mary E. TyndaU, Bet ty Lou Duff, Doris Hill, Jimmy D. Bostic, Randall Miller, James Ray nor. ' iit!i ftraile: Fann;e it. Hall, Betty l-.us Mercer, Susie Gresham, Imo e:ic Jackson, Usrtha Mae Simpson, El.a Rose Mercer, Lou Ann Thomas, Patricia Williams. Carroll Mercer. Chas. T; Miller, D. C. Quinn, W. J. Thomas, Gordon Raynor. 7th Grade: Jessie Lee Kennedy. Shelby Jean Sumner, Pearline Wha ley, Sylvia Raynor, Janice Albert son, Jean Craft, Naomi Brown,; Bobby Lanier, Billy Bostic. 8th Grade: Carolyn. Brinson, Katie Grey Miller, Mary Lee Coley, Evelyn Penny, Marie Garner, Jes sie A. Thomas. , Split Twin Bill Beulaville and Chinquapin split a twin bill cage event at Beulaville Volunteers are mighty important to the V. .8. Savings Bonds Program. During the fall when farmers aire brinsrtng in their 'harvests, an out standing group of U. 8. Savings Bonds volunteers will be traveling the eoon tr t i!in j people about Bonds, ,i These volunteers are. the cartoon ist who draw your favorite eomie straps and they will put. on a show In connection with a Treasury- De lia rtm.-nt sponsored art exhibit, "20. (.03 Years of Comics," in several American cities. - They are freely giving or their, time and effort to coii'.:n-.:e telling their readers that D. S. Ravings Bonds are the safest and hrst investment in the world. U.S. Tttuurr Dentrtmnt Uncle Sara Says DR'- Li L t no nnr- Is. y La SALESMEN WANTED: s ;i MAN WANTED for 1500 family Rawlelgh business. Permanent Mf you are a bustler. Write Rawlelgh's, Dept. NCK-931-J23, Richmond, Va. Windows, Fir Plywood, few bundles Hay wire at $150. J. C. RUSS, Warsaw. 12-25-3t.C ; - - Friday night. The Chinquapin girls won 24-19 while the Beulaville boys won 36-22. SPORTTAFIErD . By: TED KESTING If you're a real fisherman don't overlook this 'late season fishing. You won't get' is many fish as you did earlier in Joe season you may get very few. JJut during no other part of the season are your chances of snagging into some of thexeally, huge ones nearly so good. This holds not only for bass but for pike and waBeyes too. Very late in' the season is. the time to get really big plk. . . Bass, after 'liavifia been in shal low water for j while, are now back in deeper spots. I generally, have best luck finding them at sharp drop-off s with weeds at the edge In the colden months, I've found them much less finicky as to what lure they'll take, just so it's fished deep and very slowly. Now, you are likely to find them "bunting"T-hftting the lure gently so you can' hook them well. Ja son Lucas, well knovn angler, sug gests you use; a very tiny plug of the sort that, one would use for small crappies. These remarks hold true of the extreme northern parts of the country during November. Farther souths they will apply in December, even January. When winter really sets in and you must put your gear away, be sure you store your line properly. More lines have to be discarded because of Improper storage in winter, than because of wear. Armistice Celebration CONTINI ud FROM FRONT Chamber of Commerce second and that of Clark's Drug Company won third. A pet 'parade, held In con Junction withHhe program; brought a first placprize to Nina Garner and .second place to Mac McNeu. A cloudless sky and warm sun greeted those who turned out for the celebration. Heading the sched ule in the afternoon was a football game between Warsaw and Mount Olive high schools. A carnival was held In conjunc tion with the celebration with the Rafferty shows of Wilmington pro viding the entertainment. The mid way was crowded with fo'.ks taking in the shows ana patronizing wide open gambling concessions. " - A beauty contest and dance end ed the festivities. Miss Evelyn Da vis, 1948 queen, crowned this year's winner, 14-year-old Sue Lanier of Beulaville, queen of the Armistice Day Celebration. Second and third place winners were Peggy Kenan of Wallace , and Mildred Falson of Faison. Other contestants were Cynthia Taylor, Warsaw; Edna Wilson, Rose Hill; Marie Brock, KenansvUle; Jule Sheppard, Seven Springs; and Magdalene Henderson, Chinquapin. n nrro U L i, j kj Li Lk i Other dignitaries on hand In cluded State Senator Rivers ' D. Johnson, J. C. Page of Warsaw, 9th district American Legion command er, Lee -Brown, president of the Warsaw Junior Chamber of Com merce, George Bennett, Duplin county 'commissioner, and others. . The celebration is sponsored an nually by the Chas. R. Gavin Am erican Legion Post. W. W. Black burn is commander of the unit .- Red Cross Meets Ameeting of the Duplin County Chapter, Red -Cross, was held on Wednesday night in KenansvUle. Dr. H. W. Colwell of Wallace, presi dent, presided. Minutes of the last meeting .were read by the newly named recording secretary, M'.is Isobel Jones, Mrs. Marian Everett, field representative for the-Red Cross of WUmlngton, gave an inter esting talk, emphasizing the prom inent ' place ', the Duplin chapter holds in the National organization. She said the Duplin chapter has a good record of outstanding work. The interest of the local people In Red Cross has resulted in the Na tional chapter sending $1,000 to the courity to continue the work. If we are to continue our record and be prepared for any event Duplin must plan now to carry rorwara its wore and lay the ground work for the 1950 drive. Duplin failed to meet its quota in 1949 by about '50 per cent. The chapter must do better in the next drive if it Is to continue the services it is now rendering. Miss August Futch, Red Cross Nurse, of Wilmington was present and reported on her work in the county this year and for the past several years in Which she had been conducting home nursing courses In the various schools. At present she has classes In the KenansvUle and Branch colored schools and the B. F. Grady white school with an enrollment of nearly. 75. She re-1 ports the interest fs very4 good.-',. The group voted unanimously to ask George Bennett of Warsaw to head the 1949 drive for members and he is to name five district chair men composing the five commiss ioner .districts.,- . , Geo. D.Fiitrelle George Dixon Futrelle, 58, died at his home in Rose EU) Saturday night after a long illness. Funeral services were conducted from thf home Monday at 2 p.m. by the Rev. K. D. Brown. Burial followed in Batts cemetery near Chinquapin. In addition to his mother, he is sur vived by the following children: Mrs. R. L. Blair. Langley Field, Va.; Earl W. of U.S. Air Forte, tyrs. J W. Abbott of Sandstone, Va., Mrs. l.. a .Kiggs, Tempe, Ariz., Huby Futrelle, Washington, D. C ; four brothers and five sisters. JUNIOR RED CROSS ' There has been only 3 schools to report on the enrollment service. Those" reporting were B. F. Orady School, Calypso Colored School and Teachey Colored School. .,1. ;i ; t 1 T7nMh7oeomal "I.SmoW lu.. it win be as lovely a Cnrtetmae u Jaok.Wernpe ..i2"...Aailnat Ha baeknround of I a plum out of. mtrittea 2 cufCMilk U cwweter snmse-f ; "( w.i nuddlnroowder ln saucepan. .,t.i ChFo'r Christina tree garnumrcut pie. and fill open space wttn remaiaiaf wwr -X"- cL-i- ' "-T"1 :-" - - Z'17i ' " ' '' i if ' : irrr Warsaw Officers Attend Road And Street Meetings Town Commissioners M, V. Orr, and Albert Askew of Warsaw at tended a meeting In Klnston Wed- NOTICE OF SALE NORTH CAROLINA. DUPLIN COUNTY. Under and by virtue of the power, of sale contained in a certain deed of trust executed by Nathaniel Glgher and wife, Lula pigher dated the 3rd day of March,-1949, ?and recorded In Book 453 at page 113, In the office-of ' the Register of Deeds of ' Duplin CountyJjTdrth Carolina, default having been made in the payment of the indebtedness thereby secured; and, said deed of trust being ;hy jhe. terms thereof subject to .foreclosure, the under signed trustee will of for for sale at public auction to the highest bidder for cash at the courthouse door in KenansvUle, N. C. at noon, 1:00 P.M.. on ihe 12th day of Dec ember, 1949,- the property convey ed in said deed of trust the same lying and being in .the County of DUpll$and State? of North Car of Una,' in1 Limestone' Townahip and in tne Town of Beulaville, N. C. and more particularly described as follows: .:"..-; Being lots Nos. '65, 66, 67, 68 sit uated in the Town of Beulaville On a plat of properly- formerly owned oy J. iV. Greshani and known the G.csham ..mil as surveyed and plotted by W. D. McBtayer ' C.E. which said plat or map js Recorded in hook zio at page 30 of the Pub lic Registry of Duplin County, and being described in a deed dated November 8, 1944 from L J. Sand lin et al to Nathaniel Glgher et al recorded in .Book 428 at pace 93. to which reference is hereby nude for a more accurate description of tne aoove lots. This 7th day of November, 1949. ; - f ;y A. L. Mercer, Trustee " For Grady Mercer v . Grady Mercer, Attorney s; ; For A RearTaslfe Thrill 4 EAT IlillFS i ruby red crae- ever puiieo Mvomji mnmm Add milk atin-tnr cnuiuntly. Cook stir a tree -tencU paper, place of cup imeaoM coconut, ct" t , 1 MM .9 Of WWl .. 1 K tups cmmJ w fcole enmfcetry saner i - - -v,.. .'. ''. r .... nesday night of State officials mak ing a survey of needs of towns and ; cities ih-North Carolina in the way, i' f, street Improvements A large number of towns throughout this 4 section of the state were represent ed.' Wallace was also represented Mr. Orr pointed out the dire need of something being done in Warsaw ;. to relieve the congestion on the main 'street there due to through- (raffle and ' heavy commercial vet- 'h.lcles. 'He recommended that high- i way 117 continue - norm from tne u present Intersection of highway 24 ? along Pine street to come out In the pretent 117 at about the intersect-' r ion of, Memorial drive bn the north- 7"t ern edge of town..-AIso that -the - r. ' . .-.ivt i f-Si'i :?.;-' o , i. state, take. pver and. pave Gum St , from the graded school to the bUh , Khool.'.Alsothat Gum St, be takes over from the edge of town on the . northern edge north to the bo$ mar. P. ket and thence to highway 24 on the W western; edge of town.' j , fW..J - , ThoMande of farmer and ranch ers au over America are maktnr certain today that their fat ore wld be bright and promising by continu ing to invest all they ean in V. 8. Savings Bonds. They realise that this la the safest, surest way to build that financial reserve ae necessary to the successful management et a fich tr faim4 provide new boiluiva,1 to flnanse repair and Inmrovemeiu,' to Bnrohase additional livestock and equipment, and te lnrar a future inodm en which te retire. Every f7S planted tn U. S. Savings Bond today wi(i grow,: in Jut ten yean, mi . . , n Tnuarr Dnutmt ICE 'hi I CREAM ,.3 'P r":?.Y DAY C 1 r, Jan-cv

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