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Club Meats
In Wallace
The Duplin Shrine Club cele
brated Ladies Night Friday even
ing at the Wallace Comunity
: Building with more than 80 present.
- v Shrlners brought their wives and
friends to an evening of fried chick
en, humorous speeches, and dancing.
President John H. Croom of
Magnolia, who was recently ap
pointed ambassador to the poten
tate of the. Oasis of New Bern,
Sudan Temple, presided at the ga
thering. The president and vice
president, Dr. H. W. Colwell of
Wallace, got the meeting under
way with brief remarks before in
troducing Shrlner Rivers D. John
son. Noble Johnson discussed the
shrine's financial obligations to cer
tain institutions and of Shrine acti
vities in general. He urged Shrlners
to take an active part in securing
new members and make the Duplin
Shrine Club one of the most out
standing in this section. The speak
er illustrated his talk with a num
ber of personal stories which shew
ed the lighter side of club activities.
Following the dinner, Shrine of
ficers held a brief business meet
ing at which it was decided to hold
their next meeting June 22 at Max
wens mui. .v.r.',-?t.-
A dance from 9 P.m. until mid
night-concluded the evening'! ac
tivities. Music was furnished by
sweeter Williams' band."
: It wa announced that the Rocky
Mount snrine Club and Sudan Tem
ple will hold ' a - pre-ceremonial
dance v Wednesday, May 17, at
Planters Warehouse. Shep Fields
ana nis orchestra will furnish the
In addition to the president and
vice-president, other officers at the
meeting were Secretary Earl Whi
taker and Treasurer Grady Mer
Bids Called
Duplin County
The State Highway Commission
this week called road bids on 26
highway projects In the state.
Among those called were the following:
Duplin County - Bond project -
Structure over Northeast Cape
Fear River between N. C. 41 and
Bond project - 7.8 miles of hard
surfacing: part 1 from Wayne
County line near Mt. Olive to
Calypso; Beautancus road, part 2-
frora a point 2.6. miles east of Fal-1 someone mo
son to Friendship,
Bond project 11.2 miles of
hard surfacing from N. C. 11, 1.2
miles south of Charity east to N. C.
41, 3.4 miles, from Sloan northeast
to N. C, 41, 2 miles, from HallsvUle
north to N. C. 24 for 2.3 miles and
from N. C. 24 to Ray West's for
3.5 miles.
Produce Market
Opened May 17
I am a candidate for County Commissioner from
the 5th District comprising Rose Hill, Magnolia and Ke
nansville Townships.
Your vote and support will be appreciated.-
W. H. Fussell
The Warsaw Produce market
opened for the 19S0 season on
May 17th. Twenty-five crates of
squash were sold for $5.00 per
bushel hamper.
Weather conditions last week
were mostly favorable, improving
the crop outlook in all areas of the
state. Rainfall was light to ample
for the most part. Soil moisture
mostly satisfactory.
Transplanting of tobacco made
excellent progress while seeding
of corn and cotton were reported
as nearly complete. Due to a long
dry season in April the crop sea
son is now considered as. being
two weeks late, however, this sit
uation should not have serious ef
fects on final outcome of most
you enter two talents. Tliere will
be first, second, and third nlai
winner in-, the Junior and Senior
garment you nave made, or have
divisions. The Senior winner will
represent Duplin County in the
State Dress Revue. :i
The most serious ; boll weevil
threat in 25 years faces North
Carolina cotton farmers this year
and State College is urging farm
ers to get reaay to wage an all-out
ngm against mis pest - .
Over-wintering weevils In trash
show the number to be three times
as large as at the same-time last
year. The State's loss from weevil
damage in 1849 is estimated at
$25,000,000. ;",,-.
Peanut growers are advised not
to plant peanuts on cotton land
treated with BHC-DDT, as there
is some indication that peanuts will
pick up the flavor of BHC from
the soil and be unfit for use. Toxa
phene and chlordane are Especially
recommenaea ; ror weevil control
in peanut areas, y',; , ' ; '
There will be a Sunday School
Rally at the Warsaw Methodist
Church Sunday, May 21st at 9:45
a.m. Members will assemble in the
auditorium and each class will par
ticipate in the program. All mem'
bers and prospective members are
urged 4e attend.
The County 4-H Dress Revue
will be held on Thursday, June 1,
in the Kenansville High School
Auditorium. The Home Demonstra
tion Clubs will have their Spring
Federation meeting and Flower
Show at this time and our Dress
Revue will be held sometime during
their meeting, which, will begin at
z:uv p.m.
ror tnis 4-11 Kevue, you may
enter anything you have made
yourself. There will be a Junior
division of all girls up to 14 years,
and Seniors are those 14 years or
over. Garments may be play clothes,
sports dresses,, dressy dresses, or
evening clothes. You will model the
- . (COLCXLD) ,
1 Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Frederick
of Warsaw announce the birth of
a daughter, Emmie. Jean, Friday,
May 12th, at Henderson-Crumpler
Clinic, Mt Olive. . Mrs. Frederick
is the former Libby Kenan, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Llllus Kenan
of Kenansville. ';;'
7cll:ce Senior
Captures ftpk
College Award
Six high school seniors,' five of
them from North Carolina and one
from New York state, were named
as winners of competitive scholar
ship awards at Peace College' in
Raleigh for the, 1950-61 term. ,-. .
Joanne Jackson of Wallace won
top honor In the field of contest
ants and a $300 scholarship. In
second place, Mary Wygsnt of
Marlboro, N. Y. was awarded a $200
scholarship. The four other win
ners Included Emma Elizabeth pel-,
ham, N. C, Julia Elizabeth Shields
of Chapel Hill, Frances Mae Crab,-'
tree of JMieign.Nind Peggy Anne
Cherokee, N. C In response
to a flood of Inquiries, Harry Davis,
director, and Carol White .general
manager of the Cherokee Drama
production, Unto These Hills, an
nounced - eight successive nightly
showings of the drama-sage -here
in Mountainside Theatre beginning
Julyl. ; ; ,t ;
After the Sunday July 9 pre
sentation the show will go on Wed
nesday through. Sunday evenings
at 6:00 through Labor Day, Sept
4. Seat prices have been establish
ed at 60 cents and $1.80 for gen
eral admission and $1.20 and $2.40
for reserved seats, federal tax In
eluded. ....;',:" y
iuui,,u,.,..i ,. a maun
tain beside Citut L...y foun
tains National Park carved away
and fitted with atone-and-wood
seats for 3000, Is being fitted with
three stages, one- revolving, for
night-time blackout scene chang
ing..' Unto These Hills will show
17 scenes with four dance sequen
ces and original music in an hour-and-a-half
performance. : ;
Three Cherokee residents of this
400-year old . capital of redmen,
Anderson Saunooke, Council Mem
ber; Mrs. Ethlyn Saloll. eatNavy
Wave; and Arsene Thompson, an
other Council Member, this week
donned for publicity cameras, their
role costumes .;."
Reservation requests for first
week performance of the drama
are arriving in steadily increasing
mall batches. ' i i .' s -v.
Cannibalism is a vicious habit
that may develop In growing tur- Howe of Gastonia.
Keys oi any age, ana once started
can cause considerable loss and
trouble. , " . s
Cannibalism Is usually caused
by poor management which in
cludes crowding,, use of too few
feeders and wfaterers, improper
diet, or failure to ' teach' poults
to eat and drink.
The best way to stop cannibalism
seems to be toieed fresh cabbage
neads or other greens to the birds
in oraer to Keep uiem active and
out of mischelf. The greens should
be kept before them until the
trouble has stopped, usually from
a tew days to a week.
For birds more than 8 weeks old.
oats is recommended as a feed to
reduce cannibalism.
Friday, May 27th is the Democratic Primary election. Every
Democratic voter in Duplin County should vote. Each of you want
a voice in your government and the best way you can have a voice
is to go to the polls and cast your vote for the- man you think best
qualified to hold office.
I want to be your Senator. Naturally I want your vote but I
feel that the choice of a candidate is of lesser importance than the
fact that you decide to go and vote. If you feel you had rather vote
for one of my opponents than for me, I urge you to go and cast that
vote. If the majority of the people of Duplin feel that someone else
is better qualified to represent them in the State Senate than I am
then I want to see that man elected and will give him all the support
that I can If the majority feel that I can qualify, then I think' that
my opponents have the same feeling that I have. Our county must
be put above the individual.
Miss Dorothy rWightman. county
librarian in Kenansville, is a boost
er of the local Boy Scout troon. A
few days ago the scouts, headed by
Jimmy Bowden, approached her
and asked if she wanted the library
grounds cleaned up and told her
wanted to do their good turn for
the day. Miss Wightman was-de
lighted with Jimmy's suggestion
and the boys pitched in and 4ld
a first class job, inside and out
Gavin Post To
Install Officer-
The scholarships were awarded
on a competitive basis determined
by the school record, character,
qualities of leadership and an. ap
titude test. Each entrant was re
quired to write an autobiography
relating major interests, reasons
for attending college and plans for
the future. The committee which
selected the scholarship winners
was composed of the Peace College
administration and faculty. The
scholarships are renewable after
the freshman year If the holders
qualify for their continuance,
Frances Golden, Peace College reg
istrar, said.
Joanne Jackson Is the ward of
Mrs. Alvln Thompson of Wallace
and a Senior in the Wallace High
School. .
Tests conducted by N. C. Exper
iment Station show that stem an-
thracnose .one of the most serious
diseases of lima beans, can be
controlled through the use of fun
gicidal sprays and dusts.
Lower grades of cattle are ex
pected to decline seasonally in the
coming months, x
If you plan to finance your next
new car on monthly payments, be
sure to see the nearest Waccamaw
Bank for substantial savings in fi
nance charges.
mimir n t
The Chas. R. Gavin Post Ameri
can Legion will have annual In
stallation, of officers at a Ladles
Night meeting on May 28th at 8:00
M. Commander R. C. Godwin of
the North Carolina Department
American Legion,' of New Bern,
will deliver; the ; installation ad
dress. During the banquet hour
Mrs. James Middleton will sins
My fluaajr.'it will be recalled
she drew much praise for her sing
ing in .The Duplin Story. .
Glenn Holland
Glenn "Holland, president of the
Warsaw t Junior Class will repre
sent warsaw at Boys State to be
neid in Chapel Hill June 11 through
the 18th. He will be sponsored bv
we cnas R. Gavin Post, American
Iowa is the leading state in the
production of hogs.
A new type of brittle candy made
in part from sweet potatoes is ac
ceptable to a large portion of U. S,
Go To
L ft.
ft i
Candidate For State Senator
UncIe Sam Says
Yanag America, represented
by ume 2M,0 newapaperbera, is
a firm beuever in the principle ef
inaependenee and ef a free De
mocracy as exemplified by the V. S.
Baylne Bends Drive slogan "gate
For YOUR Independenee, Bay V. 8.
Savings Bonds," as well the
Drive aymboL the "Liberty Bell."
These newpprbeys wUl again
demonstrate their desire for.
strong America by dlatrlbeUng
15,000,WW Bavlngs Bends folders
right to yonr door, dnrtnff the Io
dpenenee Drive May 13-Ju! 4.
The folders I show yon how to
become liian"tally . bid '.liit
thronah the r- r, wter. 3 -y
ef eavlr I .- t
to match-ttie J?
riiiT gaiety of , , ;
: mzr am. 1 v r
,.-7V'iOr"..-. - vr vw - Am
f.; f. w l . j "SI v , A
. . lOVEttlATJf.-hiU lacs edge: rsadslesm' ' .i0tM WXi-a.-si ml -
...adds, 1 bodice front on tint irl.tocr.tic ? ; " "0H...l(.ulr SfWs ia -i
' tfc. t 1 tpua um. There's extnrio. i 8S '"1 the solU Ions to Rut
; terest, o. to - full skirt with hs bright v ftebrK-t ipo isyes to Jwwei sth "
; Hnelprint JgwLjwt9tol5. . - ahM ni
I V ' Other Shirley L Junior fcCrTi l
'Su ,:..'Sa; . i , - tf .'XI u . , I
: L ) ' 1 11I r"
' . v l; m .JU T. 1'

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