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Frank Graham Chairman Advisory Council of Commit
tee On Economic Security. Said Roosevelt: "The work of
this Council and Committee led to the recommendation
made by me to the Congress and the adoption by the
Congress of the SOCIAL SECURITY Act of 1935."
LOYALTY . . . Senator Clyde R. Hoey:
"He (Senator Graham) is as loyal as any American who
walks this earth."
ABILITY . . . General Geo. C. Marshall:
"The work Frank Graham did in Indonesia for United
Nations was a diplomatic miracle."
CHARACTER . . . Senator Wayne Morse:
"Frank Graham is the most Christ-like man I know."
WOMAN'S VIEWPOINT ... . Mrs. W. T. Bost:
"I think this famous quotation can be applied to Frank
Graham: 'There are some men who lift the level of the
age in which they live until all men stand on higher
ground.'" '
STATESMAN ... Senator Charles Tobey:
"Frank Graham's Senate Speech on the Atlantic Pact was
the greatest I have ever heard in the U. S. Senate."
DIPLOMACY . . . Mrs. O. Max Gardner:
wife of late Governor and Ambassador Gardner and sister-in-law
of Senator Clyde R. Hoey: "While I have many
reasons for being for Senator Graham, I shall state only
one I believe that he works effectively for the, preven
tion of war and the establishment of permanent world '
peace." '
Frank Graham is a teacher and educator. He is A life-long champion of labor, he has consistently He was a fighting Marine In World War I, enlisting. He actively supported Governor Scott's Better
well known for advocating the nine months school fought for labor's right to collective bargaining. He , after being turned down three times on account of Schools and Roads Program. Frank Graham has al-
term and 12 grades for all. He has consistently fought was primarily responsible for the Workmen's Com- - poor eyes. Since being in the Senate he has champ- ways stood for the extension of rural electrification
for sufficient appropriations for the public schools pensation Laws of North Carolina; was among the : ioned the cause of Veterans, fought against breaking and rural telephone service. In the U. S. Senate he .
of North Carolina. first to advocate Child Labor Laws and he voted for up of the wise unification of the Veterans Adminl- has consistently voted for the present farm price ,
Minimum Wage Laws. stratum. -t : support program.
C. E. Quinn
L. H. Quinn
Amos Q. Brinson
W. J. Sltterson
Leo Jackson
J. O. Stokes
Billie Lewis
Ivey Bowden
Vance B. Gavin
Arthur Whitfield
Ellis V .Vestal
Reba P. Gavin
Doris N. Sltterson
Mrs. D. H. McKoy
Sarah P. Bland
Mrs. R. L. Sykes
Mrs. C. B. Sltterson
"Bit" Patterson
Mrs. Clarence Murphy
Mrs. Leo Jackson
Bertha HoUlngsworth (R. E.)
Roseoe Jones
Pearlie Rivenbark
Sprnnt Hanchey
L. Rivenbark
Mr. Mrs. E. J. Johnson
Mr, ft Mrs. Roy Carter
Mr. ft Mrs. A. C. Hall
Dr. ft Mrs. John D. Robinson
Mr. ft Mrs. David N Henderson
Mr. ft Mrs. Harry Kramer
Mr. ft Mrs. Melvin Cording
Mr. ft Mrs. J. S. Blair
Dr. ft Mrs. A. B, Bland
Ir. ft Mrs. E. R. Aokerman
Mr. A Mrs. D. B. Townsend
:r. ft Mrs. W. G. Wells
""r .& Mrs. I N. Henderson
;r. ft Mrs. J. WUlard Hoffler
r. ft Mrs. A. B. Bordeaux
- r. ft Mrs. E. C Sanderson
r. ft Mrs. James C. Gregory,
r. ft Mrs. J. C. Williams .
r. & Mrs. Hayden Turner
D. Stokes Williams
Mr. & Mrs. G. H. Blanton
Mr. ft Mrs. Faison Sontherland
Richard Boyce
Mr. ft Mrs. McCoy Herring
Mr. ft Mrs. Col well Smith
Mr. ft Mrs. Walter C. Moore
Mr. ft Mrs. W. B. Register
Mr. ft Mrs. Robert H. Jones
Miss Ida M. Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. EmU James
Mr. ft Mrs. Solon James
Mrs. Nell Forlaw ;
Mr. ft Mrs. W. H. Forlaw
Robert B. Herring '
W. G. Fussell
Mrs. L. B. Bmmmltt
L. H. Fussell
Homer Taylor
Charlie J. Thomas
L. M. Sanderson
C. H. Pope
J. N. Home
R. T. Croom
H. L. Pippin
L. L. Potter
J. E. Tucker
J. A. Smith
Ssm E. Pope
Stacy J. Evans
E. R. Pope
J. P. Smith
E. G. Chestnntt
A. li. Brown
G. Carr "
J. H. Route
Marvin Bradihaw
M.'Carr '-,
I. T. Quinn
R. G. Tucker
W. L. Bostte ; ,.'' 'I-'
A. Q. Smith '3 ;
O. D. Drew, Jr. V
Shelton Batts : f'r
R. H. Best f
h. B. Hnie V ,
Robert Frederick
W. E. Fussell
Dr. J. W. Strsughan
M. R. Oates
Frank Lee
C. D. Lee
P. G. Adams
J. B. Stroud
Frank Casteen
James H. C. Hill
C.T.Ellis -
F. F. Matthews
Rodolph Harper
Harvey Harper'
Johnnie Harper
Willie Harper
Jim H. Byrd
Major W. Sutton
Durham Grady .
Robert - Grady
Mr. ft Mrs. Egbert Grady
Floyd Smith's
Dempsey Smith- i
Thad Kornegay
H. D. Maxwell
Mrs. Sadie Maxwell
Jamie Sontherland
Blanchard Sontherland
Mr. ft Mrs. Charlie E, Brewer
wiiuam carter
Pan! Lee ' C;?''".
M. B. Holt
Ben Frank Outlaw
Mrs. Annie M. OnUaw '
Marvin Stroud'
Rv. L. C. Prater . .
Earl Smith - ' -
Mr. ft Mrs. O. S. Thlgpen
Mr. ft Mrs. Archie Lanier
Mr. and Mrs. O. M. Thlgpen
Hampton Baker ,
Mr. ft Mrs. Jesse F. Brinson
Mr. ft Mrs. WUlard D. Brown
Mr. ft Mrs. Warren A. Thomas
Don Williams , .
, - r --1
A Socialist NO! A Communist NO!
"Perhaps I have known Frank Graham longer than anyone
here. When we were boys both of us visited at Garland In the
home of his uncle, so I hsve known him sis long as I have known
anyone. As a boy be was endeared to mo for Ms kindness and
considerations for the feelings of all In contact with him. I fol
lowed his career through college, although w did not attend,
the same schools. After college he entered the teaching pro
fession and I studied medicine. ,
, ',,..;,V'rff"t.-v ' '
"Soon afterwards, World War I came along and Frank entered
the Marino Corps and I the Medical Corps attached to the Air
Corps. After the War we came back to North Carolina; Dr. Gra-1
ham first ss professor of History and later as President of the
University of North Carolina. I returned to Wallace for general
practice of medicine. As early as his Inaugural address, when lav
stalled as President of the University, Dr. Graham spoke firmly
and strongly against Nssism, Fascism, .Communism and any
thing leading to dictatorship and curtailment of the Individual
freedoms. In all this time I have never known him to say erl
write anything tending to show that he changed his mind n
these subjects. . , "
Dr. Graham Is perhaps the most conscientious and Christian
genUeman ever to represent the State of North Carolina or any
other state in the United States Senate. He (s not only Senator
for North Carolina, but for the whole United States."
H. A. Kennedy
Mrs. Mattie Brads haw
Freeman Edwards
Sam Bass '
R. BVThornley
John Warren '
C D. Preeythe
Jesse Grice . -
Herman Berwick
B. C Sellers
N. A. Sloan
James A. Lambert '
John T. Albrltton
Bruce Griee
James G. Dickson
Ray Smith
Ralph W. Wallace
Raymond Wallace
Paul Grady
Mr. ft Mrs. P. E. Thlgpen, Jr.
Mr. ft Mrs. Clyde McDoweU
Mrs. Maude Simpson
Murphy Simpson ,
Hubert Simpson
Mrs. Louella T. Smith
Herman Smith -
Luther Pickett -Walter
M. Thlgpen -
Delbert Batto
Mrs. Beraloo L. Thlgpen "
W. G. Jones , h '
Stokely p. Bostie -
W. G. Jones, Jr.-
Mrs. Loubelle Williams ' -
Rlohard F Williams
Raleigh Lanier
8. W. Greshsm
J.- D. Sandlin
I J. Sandlin, Jr.
Eldrldge M. Thlgpen
Ralph Thlfpeni
Mrs. Mavis B. Thlgpen
Earl T3?c?en
Mrs. Lis Q. Thlgpen'
Cor; "n E. T" ' "en
Mrs. C. L. Davis
J. W. Smith
James Albertson
Chesley WilRams.
Carr Smith
James Miller
Ash Miller
Norwood MiUer
Neal Smith '-
John B. Rhodes
L. C. Miller .
A. H. MiUer
Wells Thomas
E. B. Bishop ' - ,
Mrs. Walter Rhodes . '
Mrs." J. H. Sanderson
John R. Brinson
Gorman Brinson
Graham Sontherland -
Freeman R. Raynor
Ralph Pickett ' ,
Gordon B. Thlgpen :
Dossle Lanier
Mrs. A. R. Wood "
Margaret W. Oakley -
LB. Brown - fM
Mr. ft Mrs. Wyatt Hunter
Mr. ft Mrs. H. M. Lanier
Joe E. Sloan '
J. D, Sloan '
Mr. ft Mrs. Harrel Bryan
EUls Hstcher .
Bertie Hstcher ' ,.
Hugh Hunter ' ' - .
Peachle Hunter
Mr. ft Mrs. Roswell Sholsr
James O. Finer ... . ' ,
R. D. Sloan -
Nettle Sloan ' '
Mrs. Edmond Brinson
C. D. Sloan
Oliver Sloan .
Mr. ft Mrs. G. C. Sloan
P. T. Fountain . '
F&nond Erlnson '; ;- .' .
W. B. Wsrd
Jack J. Lanier
Hunter Heath, MD. !
Mrs. T. F. Sanderson
Mrs. J. L. Quinn -L.
Eugene Quinn
Mr. ft Mrs; WUUam DaU
McAllen Brown
Myrtle Landen
G. F. Landen . ,
O. J. Register
G. E. Pickett
Sam Bostie '
Jay Sloan
Z. J. Jones '
H. B. Brown , ' ,
Sudie F. Bryan
L. T. Fountain " ,'
R. N. Jones '
W. C. Brown
S. I. Fountain ' ,.
Lloyd Padrlck " ,
L. N. Lanier, Jr. " "
Edgar EnglUh. '
C. R. Lanier
J, H. DaU
Robert R. DaU
W. E. Maready
Mrs. Elmo Maready
Mr. ft Mrs. E. f .Wnaley
J. M. Smith ( ., .
M. Lanier '
Robert F. Maready , .
Eneas Lanier
Joe Raynor t
Exunt James r ,
J. R. Kelly '
Graham B. Hanchey
John W. Holilngsworth
Frank Caveaaugh
E. R. Penny ! ,fj, - u ,
Jim Penny ';
Anfr Penny . , ;
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