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VOL. 17, , , No.39
v The quota for Uie North Carolina
Farm Bureau In Duplin County
has been let at 1600. It will be nec
essary for the county tp reach this
quota in order to jetaln R. Flake
Shaw as a represents tire. ,
Mr. Shaw is an Ex-SecreUry of
the North Carolina Farm Bureau
and Is a member of the National
Board of Directors.
The North Carolina Farm Bureau
Ms important to the farmer aa 'i
strong organization to aid in the
solving of agricultural problems.
Much more can be obtained for the
farmer through fan organization
: than individually, , '
The purpose of the Farm Bureau
Is, to work for a fair share of the
National' Income for all farmers,
sharecroppers, tenants and land
owners alike.. The .Farm Bureau
operates In 45 states, binding more
than 1,409,000 farm families.
The. Farm Bureau over the years
has consistently supported the
price support program based upon
the parity concept The Bureau
has perfected a Master Livestock
Industry -for use in: the various
counties of the state. Also ithas
initiated action whereby the poul
try Industry could develop a long
range program. . Increased - prices
have been obtained1 for peanut
producers. . cr-'-.:..:- 't'V' r-:,-.'
t" The Bureau has set up and maln
xtalned a tobacco program which
has stabilized the price and has
been of tremendous value. It spon
sored the flue-cured Tobacco Stabi
lisation Corporation. . -j
The organization has been active
-in sponsoring and supporting legis
lation eliminating the sales tax on
fuel for farms, the reduction of in
surance on tobacco in pack barns
50. a bill to provide rural tels
ffcone service; andavoredrqhal
and adequate education . tor all
children. ,. !, . ,
v The annual dues are $3.00 per
family which includes subscriptions
to The Nation's 'Agriculture and
the North Carolina Farm Bureau
News, both monthly publications.
The $3.00 membership fee Is divi
ded as follows: $1.00 remains In
. the county, 50 cents to the Ameri
can Farm Bureau, and $1.50 for
. the operation Of the State Office,
Including the publishing of North
Carolina Farm Bureau News.
The accounts of the North Caro
; Una Farm Bureau are audited each
: year by a Certified Public Accoun-
Ceteris Sponsored
h CliiiJoa Apii;;
The i Clinton Community Con
certs, sponsors of high class con
certs last fall and winter will again
sponsor Columbia Concert artists.
A banquet of officers, directors
and workers in the association was
held In the Hotel Rufus King in
Clinton Monday night Mrs. Robert
"C. Wells, formerly of Kenansvllle,
Is spiking the drive for members
'. this season. No tickets are sold for
the concerts. One may be admitted
by membership only. Last year the
organization r sponsored r Donald
Dane and two other such outstand
ing artists. This year more expen
sive artists will appear. The Clin
ton Association is open to all from
Duplin who are interested. The
membership drive is-going on this
" week and will close Saturday night
: Workers' in Kenansvllle are Mrs.
J. R. Grady and Mrs. Louise Mtch
ell; in Warsaw, Mrs. Paul Potter,
Mrs. Robert L. West, Miss Helen
- Brown and some others. They have
membership cards. Fees are $6.00
for adults and $3.00 for children
' for ' the. season. , The . Community
Concerts operate on a reciprocal
basis. Members of the Clinton As
sociation may attend concerts free
of charge in other towns sponsor
ing the Columbia artiste. Among
these in this section are Kinston,
JoIdJboro, - Wilson, - Greenville,
Emlthfleldr and others. Anyone
wishing to Join should see one of
the above named persons before
tomorrow nljlit .
r: rT, cttc clu:
I. . : . v ."y c
Cl.i r t 1 y r," .t,
ix f . . : t. :
. A. L. i. s ff
- V ( t , A. C.
i :
:a Farm Ouroau Eitz
For Jb County lO
United Nations Flogs
HI-. -
A Made By Home Demonstration Clubs
United Nations flags to be flown
United Nation's Day October 24th
are to be made in this County by
the women of the Home Demon
stration Clubs. Flags are available
to any merchant, organization or
interested persons. Orders may be
sent to Miss Hilda Clontz, Home
Demonstration Agent, "Agriculture
Building, Kenansvilte. .:. e:i- - " the material. JEach flag will sell
This is part of a nation-wide for $3.00. v '
project to stimulate Interest and As a part of the project the
bettes understanding of the United . Home Demonstration Clubs plan
Nations as an instrument through to present a flag free to each schoof
which free people may Jointly ex- In, Duplin County. ' v -press
flieir determination- to re- v . ,
Burning Permits
Cduhty Warden Raloh MUler
stated that as of October 1st and
until November 30th, Inclusive, it
will be necessary for all people
burning any brush to first obtain
from him or a duly authorized
agent a Burning Permit to start
or cause to be started any fire in
Duplin County. - -
' The law reads as follows: "It
shall; be unlawful for any person,
firm or corporation to start or
cause to be started any fire Or ig
nite any material in any of the
areas of woodlands under the pro
tection of the State Forest Service
or within 500 feet of any such pro
tected areas between the first day
of October and the 30th day of -
November, Inclusive, or between
the first day of February and the
first day of June, inclusive, in any
year, without first obtaining from
the State Forester or one of his
duly authorized agents a permit to
set out fire or ignite any material
In such above mentioned protected-
areas; no charge shall be madeTTor
the granting of said permits. " ' , .
'. This section shall not apply to
any fires started or caused to be
started within 500 feet of a dwell
ing house. - -
Any person, firm or corporation
violating this Act shall be guilty
of a -misdemeanor, and upon con
viction shall be fined not more
than $50.00 or Imprisoned for a
period of not more than 30 days.
(Chapter 14-139, General Statutes
of North Carolina as amended by
Chapter 120 of Public Laws of 10
39 session.) . ,:,;:-vi,
Burning permits can be obtained
from the following permit Issuing
agents: G. R. Cowan, Beulaville,
RFD; B. F. Maready, Chinquapin
Fire Tower; Edgar English, Wallace
RFD; A. C. Hall Hardware Store,
Wallace; Leland Sheffield, Rose
main free.
The United Nation's flag is a
symbol of peace. The-flag has as
Its emblem a globe of the world
surrounded by olive branches in
white against a blue-background.
The flags made by the clubs will
be of blue Indian Head material
and charge will be made only for
Hill Fire Tower; B. V. Byrd, Rose
Hill, RFD; Farmers- Hardware
Store, Warsaw,; H, A. Parker, Bow
denryann;1 H. Wkters,- Mt Olive,
RFD; Pink' Ml' FJfre Tower; C. E.
Stephens Hardware Store, Kenans
vllle; Faison Hardware Store, Fair
oa; Walter
Hinson Store, Mt.
1 Olive, RFD.
Depositors Nov
hscnfd To $10,000
. Deposits in the Branch Banking
and Trust Company in Warsaw,
Wallace and Faison are now lnsur-.
ed up to $10,000 for each deposit
or. This will mean increased pro
tection for depositors, 'i ! ; .
v- The niaxlmum amount previously
covered:1 by this insurance was
$5,000. This increase in coverage
4snade possible largely by the ex
cellent safety record of banks
since the Federal Deposit Insur
ance: Corporation was formed in
1933. -V.iy C:-
. The 'Federal Deposit Insurance
is an extra measure of protection
to depositors of the Branch Bank
ing and Trust Company. To qualify
for this insurance, the bank must
meet ' rigid .standards which , are
checked regularly through bank ex
aminations' .?:; ( ''; '. v,. i-. .. .
". Banks pay for Federal Deposit
Insurance in the form of "insur
ance premiums" from assessments
on deposits.
R:v. Morrison -To
Pi czch Sunday
- Rev. J. G.- Morrison, former pas
tor of the Grove and Hallsville
Presbyterian churches will preach
In the Hallsville "church Sunday
morning, October l,'aTll:00 A. M.
All his friends are cordially Invi
ted to attend this service. -
4-H Club Officers
Are Eelecfed
In Duplin
The 4-H Club officers elected
for the year 1950-51 were, announ
ced by the Duplin County Agricul
ture : Department this week. , ...
.. Senior officers for the Kenans
vllle School are: John Gilbert Al
pbln, President; Hazel Parker, Vice
President; Sarah Brown, Secretary;
Mary Lee Rouse, Song Leader; and
Mary Beth Southerland, "Reporter.
. The Junior officers are:- Emer
son Prldgen, President; ' Francis
Carolyn Rivenbark, Vice President;
John Heath, Secretary; and Caro
lyn Faye Burgess, Song Leader.'.1
The Warsaw High School elected
as. Senior officers: 'Gene Holland,
President;' Stella Herring, Vice
President; "Vann Bostic, Secretary;
and Billy Houston, Reporter., The
Warsaw-Junior officers are Major
ie Davis, President; Shelby- Jones,
Vice President; Bobby Lanier, Sec
retary; Doris Blanchard and Joyce
Whittle, Song Leaders. .4,
The Warsaw School Junior offi
cers are: Lillie Mae Phillips, Pres
ident; Lynn Veach, Vice President;
and Judy Standi, Secretary. .
-The 4-H Club Senior officers
of B. F. Grady School are: Sarah
Waters, President; Annie 'Lois
Grady, Vice President; Gaston F.
Grady, Secretary; and Settle Smith,
Song Leader. The- Junior officers
aref Jeanne tte Kelly, President;
Charlotte Outlaw, Vice-President;
and Lewis Westbrook, Secretary.
The Chinquapin School Senior
officers are Ellen' Ann Dail, Pres
ident; Joan Maready, Vice Presi
dent; and Milton pixon, Secretary.
The Junior officers are Delmaphine
Brown, President Flora Lee La
nier, Vice President; and Norwood
Dail, Secretary . V -v..- ' '
-.-- - .kj-H. 7' ;' '"v
. The Senior officers of the Caly
pso School are-Jean Swinsonl Pres
ident; Billy, Nunn, Vice President;
and Edna Jean1 Lewis, 'Secretary.
The Junior officers ' are Rachel
Davis, s President; Ed Lewis, Jr.,
Vice President; ; and Betty Jean
Kin$: Secretary, j;'.; :-'; .
The 4-H Club Senior officers of
the Wallace School are Betty Shef
field, President; Carolyn Williams,
Vice President; and Dick Cording,
Secretary. The Junior officers are
Gloria Rivenbark, President; Bill
Rivenhai; Vice President; and
Emily Grey Boone, Secretary. '
Officers of the Beulaville 4-H
Club are Charles Miller, President;
Mona Jean Brinson, Vice President;
and Jerry Sandlln, Secretary.
The Faison School officers are
Mary Lou JHill,. President; Nancy
Lois ByrdTVlce President; and
Clara Lane, Secretary.
The officers elected for the year
at the Rose Hill School are Elwood
Murray, President; Horace Fussell,
Jr., Vice. President; .and Peggy
Chestnutt, Secretary.
The Junior officers of the 4-H
Club at Outlaw's Bridge School
are Janet Hardison, President; Cur
tis Simmons, Vice President; and
Carolyn Stroud, Secretary. .
Mrs. Hubert Brown of Kenans
vllle has recently become an op
erator .for Patsy's Beauty Shop in
Kenansvllle "
Mrs. . Brown was formerly with
the Vanity Beauty Shop. Id Warsaw.
She is a graduate of the Carolina
Beauty School Jn Raleigh. She has
had extensive experience In hair
styling and is a specialist In hair
dyes....,;: ';;,;? -J., :
Mrs. Brown wishes to extend a
cordial invitation, tq, all her former
patrons of Warsaw and Kenansvllle
to visit her at Patsy's Beauty Shop.
Congre This
1 by ' e C.h
Prostitution Case
Filed Here
s -. ; ; tu -.. ..
Thursday night Dr. O. V. Good
ing, Duplin County Health Officer,
filed charges against, Lola Hall
and Maggie Hatcher of Island
Creek Township for operating a
house for Immoral purposes and
having Venereal Diseases which
they did not report to the Health
Authorities. They were also charg
ed with leaving children under 12
years of age alone with no. onet
to care tor them. Further charges'
were made against the pair for gessi0n on the subject "Planning
running around the community schools for National Defense."
with various men for Immoral pur- D. Hiden Ramsey, Vice-President
poses and becoming public unian- Xne Asheville Citizen-Times Com-ces-
-i 1 pany, and Vice-Chairman of the
Lola Hall was bound over to the
County Court under a. $300 bond
and . Maggie Hatcher , was bound
over to the County Court under a
$200 bond.
Sheriff Tries Flying
Attorney Early Sanderson had a
big fish fry for the sheriff and his
deputies at his island five miles
south of Carolina Beach. The only
part that was unplanned as far as
Sheriff Ralph Jones is concerned
was that he was to fly down with
Early- in his aluminum air cub.
- Before going to the plane Early
and Sheriff Jones stopped by Ear
ly's home in Wallace to pick up
his mascot, the dog. - Just for good
luck. As an extra measure of pre -
caution and assurance to Sheriff
Jones' nerves every instrument on
the dash board pf the plane was
carefully checked. There was plen
ty of gas and the pressure was
good. -
Everything was set for the take
off except Sheriff Jones. As the
plane ascended the 'sheriff held on
tighter and tighter to the dog sit-1
ting at his feet a matter of fact
to nard he almost choked him.
After he was In the air and con
vinced that 8200 feet was a safe
flying height Sheriff Jones began Public Relations for the NCEA,
to. enjoy the trip. --i I w111 speak to the Division of Prin-
' They flew over Angola Bay and 1 cipals. Dale K. Spencer, Wilming
Sherlff Jones said it was a beautiful , ton, will preside,
view, saw the ships dock at Wilr Mr. Ramsey will also speak at a
mington, and landed at the Wll- Joint luncheon meeting of super-
mington Airport -for a Coca Cola.
Flight was resumed and the plane
landed in a pasture on Sanderson's
island amid 45 head of goats. .
Sheriff Jones is back in his of
fice, incidentally he drove back;
says he enjoyed it but wouldn't do
it again. , ! .-
- Marriage licenses have been is
sued recently by the Register of
Deedsto the following:
Thomas Whitley and Carrie Mae
Williams of Duplin (colored).
Rudolph Halwell, Wayne Co. and
Winnie Eleanor, Herring,' Duplin
Co. (white). , ;
Delmarr Warren King and Mary
Edna Kornegay of Duplin (white).
James Montgomery and Cather
ine Boone of Duplin (colored).
Hoover Pickett, Duplin and Odell
London, Pender (colored).
Wilton Casteen and Marie Brad
ley of Duplin (white).
William Allen Stallings and Mar
garet Jones of Duplin (white). '
. . Charles Banks McNalry III, Way
he Co. and Ella Theresa Gooding,
Duplin Co. (white).
W. H. Kornegay and Kittle Mil
ler of Duplin (white).
Douglas "Smith - and Sara Mae
Kornegay of Duplin (colored).
Highway 11
An automobile and oil truck ac
cident on Highway 117 Thursday
night resulted in the death of Jim
Stokes of Wallace Rt 3, and In
juries to several others.,
A: 1948 v Mercury, - operated by
Robert Lee Russell of Wallace, Rt.
3, was headed North on Highway
117. about 1 mile South of Rose
Hill, was hit In the rear by an oil
tanker headed North which wreck
ed both vehicles. John Stokes, ri
ding in the Mercury, was killed,
and the driver, Robert Lee Russell
was injured. The unidentified op
erator of the oil tanker was . also
injured, v -,;; '(' v.v-" ' - ' . j. -
Bootleg whiskey was found In the
automobile. Charges nave not been
filed. r . .j ; ,
' A winter cover crop is good
Investment i for Southern' '; gard
ners and fruit fow i. 1 ' ,
r -we f-l r !? -It tree's art
" ' ' - t in I ' T'.i
Supt. Johnson On N.C.E.A. Program
At Fayetleville Meet October 5
An outstanding trainer of teachers
and a school-minded editor will be
the two main speakers when teach
ers of the Southeastern District of
the North Carolina Education As
sociation gather at Fayetteville
High School, October 5, for their
twenty-eighth' annual convention.
Guy B. Phillips, Dean of the
School of Education, University of (
Nortn Capoljna,; Chapel Hill, will
AATm the ten o'clock eeneral
state Board of Education, will
speak at the afternoon general
session. Editor Ramsey's topic will
be "Cul Bono."
E. C. Sipe, Clinton City Schools,
President of the Southeastern Dis
trict, will preside at the general
sessions. Other officers of the dis
trict are M. G. Isley, Whiteville
Schools, Vice-President; and Mat
tie Belle Rogers, Fayetteville, Sec
retary. ..The Southeastern District inclu
des the following thirteen counties:
Bladen, Brunswick, Columbus,
Cumberland, Duplin, Hoke, Jones,
New Hanover, Onslow, Pender,
Robeson, Sampson, and Scotland.
Divisional meetings will be held
following the first general session.
Dr. James Miller, Executive Sec
retary of the Good Citizenship
! Foundation, Portland, Oregon, will
speak at a luncheon meeting of the
1 Classroom Teachers. Mrs. Sally
Allen, Fayetteville, will preside.
Dr. Clyde A. Erwin, State Super
intendent of Public Instruction;
Wade M. Jenkins, Division of Text
books; Dr. J. Henry Highsmith,
Division of Instructional Service;
Walter R. Dudley, Red Springs;
and O. P. Johnson Dtgiyt County,
will appear in the pSoggam of the
Division of Superintendents. L. A.
Bruton, Whiteville, will preside.
Henry C. McFadyen, Director of
. M . .
II KanlfOrC DairfilVA Aui3ln
At A.B.A. Convention For Agri. Work
The outstanding service by North
Carolina banks to the agriculture
of 'the state was recognized at the
closing general session of the Dia
mond Anniversary Convention of
the American Bankers Association,
when the Norht Carolina Bankers
Association was presented with a
1000-point rating award of the A.
B. A. Agricultural Commission.
The award was presented in re
cognition of the high quality of
regular banking services provided
to farmers of the state as well as
for special activities conducted by
the Association's member banks
in the agricultural field during the
past year. This is the 6th consecu
tive year that the North Carolina The N. C. B. A. also sponsored a
banks have received this award. public speaking contest for both
Points toward the award are giv- white and negro high school stu
en by the Agricultural Commission dents, using the subject, "Social
for such activities as promotion of t Aspects of Soil Wastage", and con
soil conservation and land manage- ducted an Agricultural Division of
ment; encouragement of farmers , its regular educational program
to cooperate with the extension held at the University of N. C.
Response To T. B.
Says Dr. H. W.
Dr. H. W. Colwell, chairman for
the T. B. Fund Drive now on, re
ports that the response to his ap
peal letters for funds to promote
TB Control in Duplin is very good
at this time.
The lirst day's mail brought
donations from the following:
i From .Warsaw - G. D Bennett,
$10; Dr. Otto Matthis, $10; J. C.
Russ, $10; A. Brooks, $5;' Ralph
Applewhite,! $5; Gordon Korne
gay, $5.
, From .Wallace -,L. R. Brown,$5;
Rev. Wv B. Hood, $3; J. J. Deifel,
$4; G. " A. Pope, $2; Mrs; Henry
Zberlin,$l; A. W. Rivenbark, $1;
Mr. Ginsberg, $2; E. C. Sanderson,
$1; Dr. D. Hundley, $10; Mrs. Hen
ry Best, $3.'
From Beulaville Grady Mercer,
$1; Marion Quinn,$l;, R. V "Wil
liams, $1. ' -.?!;!--' :V .),:'' t :f .- -f
From Mt. Olive Joel Jones, $1.
" From Chinquapin R. V; .South
erland. $1. '"':"') '"
From Teachey Mrs; E. G. Far-
low, $1.
intendents and principals.
Sixteen Departmental Meetings
round out the program for the day.
These meetings begin at 4:15 and
last one hour. They are as follows:
Agriculture, W. C. Blackmore,
Burgaw. presiding; Art, Mrs. Helen
Howard; Salemburg, presiding;
Bible, Elizabeth McMurray, White
ville, presiding; Business Educa
tion, Louise G. Wright, Raeford,
presiding; Council for Social Stu
dies, Mrs. Maurice Durham, Wil
mington, presiding.
District Principals, W. H. Lath
am, Clarkton, presiding; Element
ary Education, Mrs. Margaret Wil
lis, Fayetteville, presiding; English,
Louise Black, Fayetteville, presi
ding; Foreign Language, Mary La
throp, Wilmington, presiding;
Health, Physical Education, and
Recreation, Robert Shuford, Wil
mington, presiding; Hoie Ecane
mics, Mrs. WilnukiBaker,-. iliyi,
siding; Mathematics Texys iflprros,'
Wilmington, presiding.
Music, Mrs. A. D. Wood, Kenans
ville, presiding; School Librarians,
Mrs. Jean Davis, Lumberton, pre
siding; Science, Robert J. Chinnis,
Fayetteville, presiding; Vocational
Guidance, J. B. Chase, Wilmington,
service of their state agricultural
college; sponsorship of 4-H Club,
F. F. A., and other farm-youth
group activities; and special acti
vities such as farm credit schools,
educational projects, and tours. In
addition, prime importance is pla-
ced upon the appointment of bank
ers in each county to represent
the state bankers association in ag
ricultural matters, and cooperation
with the Agricultural Commission
in providing data for its various
studies and surveys.
Among the outstanding agricul
tural projects carried on by the
state's banks during the past year
were six banker-farmer meetings.
Appeal Splendid
Colwell, Chairman
mons, $2.
From Calypso - David Grice, $1.
From Rose Hill - E. G. Murray,
$2; Mrs. Ethel Johnson, $1.
From Kenansville - Z. W. Fraz
zelle, $5; O. P. Johnson, $2; Rev.
Sam Hayter, $5; Mitchell Allen,
Many more have evpressed an
Interest in the Drive and Intends
to donate. ' v
Mistake . .
Not Hurt
Word was out last week that Sgt.
Jpsse L. Tillman, 22, now stationed
in England and a veteran of three
years was. hurt This was a mistake.
Sgt, Tillman is the foster son of
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Tiylor, Rt
2, Kenansvllle,' and we have heard
from him and proud to say he's
well and O. .K.'.t.i';,,;:
. Mr. and Mrs. Frshcis Taylor.
From Seven f rrins - R. D. Sim

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