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Community Choir ,
Rakes Funds '" ? ' ?-
The Community Choir U selling
occasional cards, ; stationery, and
thank you notes. Orders are being
' taken by Mrs. Ivey Bowden at her
home. Phono 2482. Proceeds will
to to the Community Choir, -
New Brownie Scout
Leader Announced
Mrs. V. B. Reynold hat resign
ed as leader of the Brownie Scouts.
Mrs. John Currle will replace her.
The Brownie Scout meeting! will
be held at the regular time.
Bridge Club Meets ,
The Thursday night bridge club
met Wednesday night of last week
at the home, of Mrs. A. R. Bland.
Visitors were Mrs. J. B. Wallace
and Mrs. O. H. McKay. Miss Mar
tha Pickett received club high and
Mrs. Wallace received guest prise.
Lemon cheese cake and coffee were
- served, the players.
Initiation Ceremony
The Kenansvllle Chapter Order
of the Eastern Star met Tuesday
at 7 JO pan. in the lodge building.
The business -portion was presided
over by the Worthy Grand Patron
and Worthy Grand Matron. Dr. and
Mrs. G. V. Gooding. Following the
meeting an Inltlatian Ceremony
was had for Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
Holland. The Valentine motif was
the theme of the social hour. Serv
ing on the social committee were
garet and Matoka Westbrook, N. B.
Boney and Walter Hlnson. V ;
Birthday Party
Mrs. Boy Dunn gave a birthday
party for her daughter, Dorothy,
and the Brownie Scouts Tuesday
afternoon at her home.' Many
games were played and birthday
cake, punch and assorted cookies
were served. Favors of apples and
baloons were given each child. ;s
Mrs. O. P. Johnson visited Mrs.
A. J. Dickson in Garner last week
end and spent Monday In Burgaw
With an aunt who is 111..
; Mrs. Margaret Tucker is In New
Orleans with her husband who has
Just returned from a trip to South
America.",'- .'.V;1".'."" '? vv
Mrs. Matthew Burke of New
Bern spent Wednesday night with
her daughter, Jacqueline Burke, at
the home of Mrs. E. W. Sadler.
Miss Marie Wells spent the week
end at her home In Rose H11L
Miss Jean TyndaU recently visit
ed her mother Mrs. E. C. TyndalL
' Mrd, . Amos Brlnson and son
Doc" vlblted her parents, the
Edgertons, In Wallace Thursday.
Miss Nell Qulnn spent the week
end at her home In Beulavllle.
Mrs. N. B. Boney and Mrs. N. B.
Boney, Jr. were In Goldsboro on
Monday.' . U t t,
Lt. A. R. Bland, Marine Corp
Reserve,, will report March 12 to
Cherry Point for active duty. '
y Mr, Oliver Stokes is In" James
Walker Hospital for treatment "
' Mr. and Mrs. Bill Futrelle moVed
to Goldsboro Tuesday where he is
with the Singer Sewing Machine
Company, - - i -
Miss Anna Hines went to Durham
Monday for the day., - , , 1 .
Mr. E. W. Sadler spent the week
end at his home in Kenansvllle.
; Mr. and ; Mrs., Cjr Tldlebaum
spent the week end at Carolina
Beach with Mrs. Wilbur Adams
, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. WilUams and
Miss Margaret Williams spent Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur
Mr. and Mrs.; W, D." Reynolds
and daughter of Lumberton spent
the week end with Mr. and Mrs,
Vance Gavin. , t
Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Stokes and
Dlanne and Mrs. J.- B. Wallace
ahoobed In Raleigh Saturday, n
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Grady and
children spent the week end in
Norfolk and Rich Square with Mrs.
Grady's sisters.
, Mrs. Wslter Stroud and Mrs. An
drew Patterson shopped In Golds
boro last Wednesday. ' a s
Mrs. N. B. Boney attended the
UDC meeting In Warsaw Wednes
day afternoon.
- Mesdames E. W. Sadler, A. R.
Bland and D. H. McKay shopped In
Goldsboro Saturday. " "
I Mesdames J. B. Wallace, J. R.
Grady, N. B. Boney, Jr., and Misses
Hilda Clontz and Jacqueline Burke
accompanied" Mrs. Vance Gavin to
Weil's Fashion Show in' Goldsboro
Tuesday night' " V'";:r
Mrs.: Lester Brlnson who' Is in
Quinn, located on her farm, burne J
last week,. , - .
Jinunie Johnson .spent the week
end with: Robert Williamson at
StateCollege. -fevC;. '
: 1 . . '.. ,...-. t
Returns To Arizona 1 "
'Sgt Jesse L. Tillman who has
been spending a few days with his
foster parents Mr. and Mrs. Francis
Bowman' .Gray Hospital In- Wins-1 Taylor of Kenansvllle Bt 2, has re-
ton-Salem is reported to be impro- turned to Tucson, Arizona. Ggt
Mrs. M. F, Allen, was called Tues
day to her mother, Mrs. Sears, in I
Whiteville where she suffered a I
Tillman is a veteran of four years
In the Air Force. He is an airplane
ngine mechanic. - ,
Jehovch's Witnesses Assembly In :
Goldsboro, February 23, 24 And 25.
A three-day Circuit Assembly of
Jehovah's Witnesses will be held
In the Goldsboro High School audi
torium, February 23, 24; and 25th,
It is expected that there will be
well. over 700 delegates to attend
coming from the 24 congregations
in Eastern North Carolina. This Is
the territory, this convention ser-
I ves. The local congregations oi
Magnolia and Pink Hill will be
follows: B. F, Grady and Outlaw's
Bridge: Rev. L. C. Prater, $250;
Kenansvllle: Emmett Kelly, $475;
Teachey: Mrs. Charles Hearn, $100;
Rose Hill: Mrs. LilUe Bell Brum
mitt and Mrs. Herbert Cottle, $625;
Warsawi'M. V. Orr, $900; Magnolia:
John D. Hunt, $150; Faison: ' J. B.
Stroud, $300; Chinquapin: Ms.
Best James and Mrs. Leona Ives,
$175; Potters Hill: L. M. Bostle,
represented by more than 40 dele-? J. Beulavnle: Bob rjemorest,
gates. , . '. $400; Calypso: "Needham Sloan,
,1Mrei,Mn 2 Ida, -di M00 Bowden: Mrs. Thelma "Lloyd
will participate during the hree BarettX,143 ,WaltaBK., Louis
day program. ... Much instruction .... 1nRn mlnrM, m.
will be given and some will explain
, munities ' will be ' supervised by
Miss Annie Mae Kenlon.
';. -iiy,-'-- . " 'v'. V - : , - h-- ;,.; n.'f
f - i . U -h-h-t
.-. Sat - ' ' -
' lira B
1 .v- - .
ombre gtripe '
-'V 1 ,.,4.;-vnnAreMaiMl
ev'iigcniousNclIyDon A jacket Jrfn 1
: combines a new smooth- , y35 i l
f shoulder jacket with camisole-cut t- y$ f '
sundress ..does it in her own parfait-hucd r
i ottornan cotton with Evcrglazc crease-resistant :
1 finish. Takes to the sun or goes dancing t "i "
Tile or coral, brown and beige, rose and . " ' -u ? '
' pink, navy and dark red. 10 to 16.
tav test 'Saj t VHtl
how to conduct home Bible studies.
others showing how they should
apply- the Bible knowledge gained
by putting it Into' practice In their
every day lives. Still others will ; CONTINUED FROM FRONT
show how the Bible prophecies j on the eastern edge of town, which
are being fulfilled by current world fe, elevated , Just enough to , look
events. The Assembly will greatly jover the tree tops and the down
aid ministers of Jehovah In Eastern town section, we were awakened
Carolina In promoting their un-' Dy a popping 0f our gas furnace,
sefttirian education to all people , Almost with the, seconds it would
of good Will: in the requirements
for everlasting life in the righte
ous New World now at hand.
, Mr. N. M. Downle, an ordained
minister from Brooklyn, N. Y., will
beV the principal speaker. Mr.
Downie who travels through east-
pop on and -off. We looked out the
window towards the South and saw.
what seemed to be unusually fre
quent flashes of lightning. As the
light flashed the sky from that di
rection appeared 'jet. black. Going
across the . house to the western
era United States Is a well known ai&e we looked out over town to
speaker and an authority in the . war(jg the court house. The sky
Scriptures, f The key note speech wouid Ught up wIth a a brll.
will be delivered Sunday, Feb. 25th usnt glow one second and the next
on the; subject "Surviving This WOuld be blurring pink. Bright,
World's End", By Mr. Downie. The iw flashy, flickering, bright, dim,
chairman will be Mr. F. P. Eld-j etc. We turned the house lights on
ridge, an, ordained minister. Mr. ian(i M the light would flash the
Eldridge travels extensively , In
eastern North Carolina visiting the
24 congregations twice a year to
aid them in expanding their public
preaching activity. .;" -T
Two ministers' from this area
will have; a part in the program.
F. C. Wilson of Magnolia will give
a 20 minute taut "Participation
With Demons Forbidden". This Will
be on Sunday afternoon, Another
ordained minister, John F. Cochran
also from Magnolia,- will direct a
15-minute Song Service 'and be
chairman of a variety of experi
ences to be given by several minis
ters of Jehovah's witnesses. This,
also will be on Sunday afternoon.
The Assembly will open officially
Friday Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. Throughout j
Saturday and. Sunday Jehovah's
Witnesses jmd their friends will!
listen attentively while suggestions
and Bible instruction are given to
better equip them for their Christ
Ian educational work. :-' 'h
-. The climax of he Assembly will
be the talk Sunday, Feb, 25 at 3 p.
m. on 'Surviving ' This ' World's
End": No collection will be taken
nor are there ever any collections
taken at any of Jehovah's witnesses'-
meetings. All persons of all
beliefs are being cordially Invited
to attend this special talk. j , ;
' RED CROSS ' ; r
drive begins. March 1st and-will
be concentrated in the first ten
days ' of the month. .
The 1951 Fund Campaign Com-.
W Chairmen . and goals for
each township were announced as
Mrs. Clarence Murphy
Phone 248-1 - Agent
lights would almost dim out
Yes, as you expect, our thoughts
flashed to the atomic bomb. This
was a few days after the last atomic
bomb explosions in the Southwest.
It wasnt exactly a comfortable
feeling", yet we reasoned it could
not be that or more than just light
ning would be flashing."'
.-. v..,.- r :' '"v :-
, We called the telephone operator
in Warsaw She saw no such goings
on in the sky there. After thinking,
a little more on the subject we de
cided to call Ralph t Applewhite,
Tide .Water's -trouble shooter in
Warsaw. Ralph eased our nerves
very quickly-when he told us lt
must be two high., voltage power
lines coming, in contact with each
other. He said a Company truck
was already on the way as other
Kenansvillltes in town bad been
awakened by the same lightning
and had called him before we did.
J We then jumped into our car and
drove towards the court bouse. As
we approached the down town sec
tion we saw the last flash through
the trees as the main switch in
Warsaw was pulled. Two high
power lines in front of the Baptist
church here had hit together, burn
ed apart and fell to the ground
sending arcs of fire and light into
the sky, f r U; v.n'if ;;;
The next day, some of the fellows
who went up town to see what was
going on, said they got very little
sleep the rest of the night following
the two hour excitement Howevet
we were fortunate to hit the bed
and begin snoring again in a short
time. " (
File within ten days afterTfotice
of Classification is mailed, a j-e-
request for personal;' appearance
before the Board, if desired. Such
a request Will be granted if filed
' within ten days, but only one ap-
tke cf ... , ..A i.i vii a 1-.
days htur the date of mailing cf
the Notice of Classification. This
applies to the notice mailed after
either the original classification or
the notice' issued after personal
appearance before the' Board.
Mr. Outlaw pointed out that observance-
of these .simple rules
would give everyone assurance that
the local board was fully informed
ft the facts which might have a
hearing upon the registrant's classi
fication, He added that persons who
wish to discuss a case with the
Board should request an appear
ance at the proper time and not
attempt , to discuss It with indivi
dual Board Members . outside of
the Local Board Office He pointed
out that such practice would save
time and that the interested parties,
could then be sure that all of the
Board ' -Members had . complete
knowledge of the facts which they'
wished to present. He stated that
the Members of the Board are doing
their' best to determine the proper
classification of - each registrant
and that they earnestly request the
cooperation of the 'public. ,1. ,'
vitles to be held during the week,
p' Accomplishments of the nation's
Club members last year set a new
record, with 77.8 per fent comple
ting projects in. farming or home
making, Harrell says.
' Club : boys and girls produced
100,000 acres of garden, raised
9,000,000 chickens, and 1,000,000
head - of livestock; grew 900,000
acres of food crops, and canned
16,000,000 ; quarts of fruits and
vegetables.' They made their home
more attractive and liveable by im
proving 650,000. rooms, making
850,000 arts and crafts . articles,
beautifying the grounds of 120,000
homes, making 2,200,000 articles
of clothing, and planning, prepar
ing .and serving 20,000,000 meals.
Some 310,000 members kept
personal achievement records, 510,
000; participated In fire and acci
dent prevention, 360,000 conducted
soil and wildlife conservation prac
tices, and 150,000 carried out for
estry , projects. ; ' ;v
Nearly three-quarters of a mil
lion 4iHers carried on special
health activities, and 300,000 had
periodic health examinations. Many
served as junior-project leaders,
conducted recreational activities,
and served' their clubs and com
munities in other ways. ;
' -
Enter Service V
. Lattie Williams, son of Mr. and
Mrs. L. O. Williams, left Monday
for Lakeland Air Base in San An
tonio, Texas, where he will enter
the Air Corps. Lattie or "Sonny" as
he is also known, was a student at
Campbell College until a short time
ago when he enlisted in the Air
Forces .-, i ;
t Charles Jones, .' son of : Sheriff
and Mrs. Ralph Jones left Monday
for San Diego, Calif r to enter the
Navy. Charles was a member of
the Senior Class . in , high r school
and played on the basketball team.
Superintendent of Duplin Coun
ty Schools O. P. Johnson is attend
ing the National Education Asso
ciation Convention being held in
Atlantic City this week. Mr. John
son accompanied other superinten
dents from this area. -.,,
r tt
We're pretty sharp when
comes ta helping ' you
solve your insurance, prob-
2 lems. Don't hesitate;
I Investigate."'
"No. no, Kilroy, juttfU elderly
i F
The fifth induction call for 50
men has been received by secretary
if Selective Service, Bernice A.
amor, xne men. are aue to re
port March 6th and will be select
ed from those having passed their
physical exams. , '
... Sheriff Jones and Deputy Sher
iff Perry Smith recently returned
David Leach, Negro of Faison, to
Duplin from Philadelphia on the
charge of assault with a deadly
Weapon with intent to kllL
Leach had an argument with Wil
lie Bryant Faison in his pool room
In Faison In March of 1947 and
shot Faison with a 38 caUber pistol
and fled. He was located In Decern- 1
her 1950 serviiif a sentence In
Philadelphia for carrying weapon.
Ob completion of hi term he
was turned over to Ouplia author!.
Ues following extradition. Leach Is
now awaiting trial In Uia County
Jail In the April Superior Court,
... -
In a recent domestic argument
MattieFiclds Graham of near Sar-
ecta threw lye water InUHber bus-
sand's face re-suRJr-g in serious
Jondllion requiring hospitalization.
Ie Is now rrlwl f the hospl
al having I t l a j;ht of his
li? t eye but it I s I' might the left
ye is l.'i gwi i "'.'on.
, f "a I i 1 1 , e county and
I1 ' x 1 " t on a warrenl for
.. t. i a i r n.
Unlversalist women from Du
plin are expected to attend an U.
W. Institute Day in Rocky Mount
Saturday, Feb. 23th, according to
Mrs. J. H : Parker of Outlaw's
Bridge. Mrs. Parker urges a large
attendance from Duplin.
. The Institute will convene at
10 A. M. In Glenwood Hall with
the President Mrs. W. C. Grady of
Kinston presiding and leading the
devotional. Business and Music will
follow immediately. At 11 o'clock
Mrs. Ruth -Privett BeU will dis
cuss, "The Contribution Church
Women Can Make. To. The Youth
Of Today", to be . followed by a
general discussion on AUW pro
grams. Lunch will be served at 12
noon. , , i ; . 1 .
; In the afternoon the meeting will
reconvene at 2 o'clock at Glenwood
Hall. Mrs. S. V. Wllkins of Rose
Hill wlU lead the deyoUonal, fol
lowed by music. Miss. Alma Louise
Murchison will deliver a lecture,'
followed by an informal tea.; '
- Glenwood Hall Is the home of
Rev. and Mrs, Skeels in Rocky Mt
and is located at 105 West Haven
Blvd. Visitors will be welcomed to
the meeting. - '
) The Chest X-ray clinic- will con
tinue to be held at the Health De
partment . each Monday morning
and Wednesday afternoon.. ;
The V. "F". W, ot Pink Hill will
again sponsor a square dance every
Saturday night from 8:00 'til 12:00
P. M. at the Pink HiU Hut The
Smith Band of Beulavllle will fur
nish the music A small admission
will be charged. ... , ..... 4 . ; -
) C. B. 'Tap" Sltterson of Kenans
vllle who has been suferlng ser
iously with' Arthritis at his home
here took a definite turn for the
better Wednesday night' It was
feared he Would have to be taken
to a hospital for treatment He
hopes to be out in a few days now.
J. Oliver Stokes of Kenansvllle.
was taken to the James Walker
Hospital Monday afternoon -for
treatment and a rest Recently he
Injured his head while alighting
from an. auto. Doctors said he suf
fered a slight concussion. -He is
expected home In a few days,.
,CLA,cc:r:;:j i : . .
Two cents per !. i
charge of 50o. V.. i 3
an account ni.j 11 1
money stamis,
"or check wlti '.. :
'j Use the Times t: -;M
yon have an; t
or exchange, or wat
. we 'will accept prod
. payment "
t . ' RALEIGH, N. I
; The Readers . Digest
for S 1.00. See Mrs. Flo
Fink Hill, N. C. Telephon
Large living room, two 1
large kitchen, bath, hot '
oreaO .' MRS. SIMOI
f,it'lr'',,-''t'' Jw -';L :'-
t-zs-u trr""'rm"":
with car for route work.'
In day. No experience
required. Steady. Write
t; l Mr. McVey, Can
. BalUmi
2-2S-2t pd. "
red. Containing ' money
er's license. Reward.; '
; : ditor's of flee, Kenai
It '..,,;-.-
you, want any Pecan Ti
see me at once. Time n
the last of March.
S2t Cn:;''(.
Sure Johnson,, the old master
painter from Kenansvllle and Beu
lavllle, Is . reportedly back in the
hospital Mr. Johnson recently suf
fered a heart . attack. We don't
know his condition at this writing.,
j " ' ' ' 1
, . Cheap chickens seldom - cheep;
long." Buy better chicks. -
; Having' .this day qualli
mlnUtrator 'of the estat
Katie j C., 'Gresbanv, dei
Duplin County, North
this is tb notify all. persi
claims against said esta
sent them to the undent
verified, on or before
from, date of last pub!
this notice or this notli
plead in bar of their ree
. :.V' ?
f All persons" indebted. 1
tats will 'please make i
settlement." .';"'i ''
- . This the 21st day of
151..". .;,;
j I - K W. Gresham, A
t f tor Mrs! Katie C.
I ' estate, Beulavllle,.
3-20-6t AWO ' '
There are 675 miles
paths m the- Great SmO
' tains.
t r -It has become necessary for me' to close
Beulaville Soda Shop. As much as I regret
'- circumstances are forcing 'me to : leave Ce
f vville.:;"i P $J;
. : , - I iwant to thank the hundreds who t
patronized the business since I have been c;
g ating it J sincerely regret that I have to h
Beulaville and my friends. ; ; V
;'' 'p-'j:"--'" f '?4fr'''4-." '' ;' .' -r'"!; ' .W'o-
r.rcuiLT rr.0M burIpes; to cur.irn
r.: . irTr'rcD inside

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