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lln. XV. F. "Bad" Rliller, News, Adv. Ecpresentative
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I Mr. nd Mrs. Resale Kennedy of
Beulaville, announce the birth of a
on. Morris. May 18 in a Kinston
hospital. Mrs. Kennedy Is the for
mer Miss Ruth Rhodes of Beulavil-
' '
Miller IIDC Mel
The Miller Town HOC met Wed
nesday night In the home of Mrs.
James Miller with Mrs. Ashe Mil
ler Joint hostesses.
The meeting was called to order
by the president, Mrs. James Miller.
Miss Lawson gave an interesting
demonstration on "Furniture ar
rangement." Mrs. Otis Miller spoke
.it If T Lf I 1 XT
n xvawiw a.aic, auu ija o. a,um-
an MUler on music. -, ,
fph linmtmmm lrvMl fuitltM aaiAjl
on lettuce, sliced ham, pickles, era-!-
eiiD cakes and iced drinks.
The June meeting will be held
with Mrs. Claude Thomas. v. : t
Mrs. tlinsen Church
Mm W Hlnaon was liostess
4 Tuetday night to Circle I Presby
terian women ox toe cnuiro. wis.
1 jt Italia Wmiami arMMed in the
albsence of the circle chairman. The
kiHm olnaeri witfi nraver. : v
Those attending were served ice
cream, cake and coca colas by the
hostess. .' :
yer. " ' ' r ""'--"
The hostess sewed toasted nuts
and an assortment of cookies with
Mrs. Johnny Cottle was honor
ed recently when members of her
family gathered at ber home for
a bar-b-q and picnic lunch, cele
brating her 59th birthday. A white
cake topped with candals made a
center arrangement, for the table.
n,raenuing wera nr. ami m.
D. Cottle and son Jerry, Mr. and
Mrs. Alton Sanderson and family.
Dir. ana jure, wriana sauuciwn,
M. ..Mra Unaa PrfHa Mr
anil Mr Miltnn fTnttle ami familv.
our. ana jnn. r uaseii, jnr. nujr
Cottle and Mr. Cottle, DusDana oi
Mm hnnnrM Mra. Cottle received
many lovely and useful gifts. -
lias Ubi DliKiy
(Mr. and Mrs. Warren Thomas en-
tnhlnJ at rtwlr hfflnt laat'Week
on May 22 honoring their daughter
Leta Warren on ner lain wnnu;
m.. MMt njtaa attrarliv.
iin uwn v"w -7
wers. A birthday cake topped with
lighted candles made a lovely cen
terpiece. Cake with iee cream, salt
ed nuts and coca colas were ser
ved to the 2B guests.
Celebrates Her ESfh
Birthday Af Dinne
The Young Ladles Circle of the
Beulaville church - met Monday
night in the home of Mrs. James
Thomas. :..;".'"--!.-;'''
(Mrs. Orzo Thigpen presided and
Mia jianrntLnnaravaa 14 nr Mra ItlO
mas. Mrs. Macon Brown, Mrs. El-
wooa uuinn ana Airs. w. r. auuer
aHiitad Mrt Tih lumen in a discus
sion on "Women Under-girding the
Spread of the Gospel" the topic of
me noma. (mowing we ncmirjn
renortia meetltw? cloned with pra-
a.m. ... luMMMll
Via if una. nuwt waa uvuwvu
L. C. Miller, Bland Miller, Coy Mil
ler ana- wea smitn entertained
tha hrwna nf the former wilti a ban.
o-l ana picnic umcn.
A -rliU. aui ailnlr A.V tanth nlmlr
candles centered the table and 2001
relatives ana trienas were in at
tendance to extend birthday greet
hug and best 'wishes.
nCc 'Wlnfred Miller, Camp Ste
wart, GaM Pfc. ElvU Miller, Camp
Perry, Teaes, auss Mosa neue aui
ler of Warsaw and Mr. and Mrs. S.
C. Miller and daughters of Nor
folk, Va., were rand children from
out of town attending. Other re
latives and friends included Mr. and
Mrs. Ashley Hayter, KenanaviUe;
St. Dickie Bays, Cherry Point; Pfc
Tony Manger, Camp Lejeune; Pfc
v wnilama nama Perry. Tex
as: PKc. Ottia Gerald Miller, Fort
Brass; ana nev. wasw n. uw
. Henry Johnson Weds
Dorothy Thigpen In
i Double Rine Rites
day May 27, in the Cedar Fork Bap-
list cnunon, miss iwrouiy a'hc"
hAAaMMA fhat wwrwnm nr nenrv juan
ston, USMC of Camp Lejeune and
Newman, G.
nka Ha k t. TAmnm. oastOT of
M.a Ua MK)faltM In aPttifM Of
palms, pines and baskets of white
gxaos ana jevemew. .
Trie weaaing music was reran
mi rv Mn. Om Thitzoen and Joe
Jackson who sang The Lord's Pra-
ii.. -M,1 I la fllHnlV HD1TH. .
The couple emerea womnn un
attended. The bride was attired in
a navy blue crepe street lengm ores
with rhlncstone trim and navy and
white accessories and carried a pra
yer book topped with white or
chid, showered with satin ribbons
and pom-poms. v ......
fia. aaya RordM
Thinen. uncle of the bride and
Nonman Huff man ot iinm
, sirs. Thlgpen, mower w w wriua,
nn an enaemble of Bvy and
- I . Mil rnaa I'll! aarfre
-wauiaj auu w w--
The bride is te youngest naugn-
u, ..a Mn Walter Mearis
Thigpen. She is a graduate of Beu-
tavuie scnoot ana nam vcw
1 1 -MinaHnar Mm cere-
uauwaw " " w -
mony the newly-weds left for un-
announcea poims. r or uweuu
bride lifted the orchid from her
bouquet Upon return they will live
in Kinston. -.; ':'
, 1 i . : --t v. -4. m I
w . -i " ' v.". V ,
8 i . I Lau jelor
and son Ttm y ere Sunday din
ner guests of Uwr. ami Mrs. ruacn
DiuUa I iii javumuuR.
nuiuwu -
mr Hallla Alhertann tad Pfc,
Charles Albertson has been trans-
iered from Turner ait se, tu
i n, n m RaWnlr. Va. Thev
" - : Y-JT'-Zi. .i.u
man aavaral ' IllVfl jam WK wui
ha naranta. Mr. and Mrs. J. E.
.. Friends of Mrs. Adolph Jones re
gret to know she is ill in a Kinston
hospital. ; ";. -''
TiaTM iiKia wai !r an Mb vhtcii cuir
fined to ber home suffering an at-
ISt. and Mrs. Alton exum, oen
ny Ray Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Clif
ton Exum, Mr. and Mrs. Warren
Thomas and Leta Warren Thomas
SnOppeu lU IVUUHiUU OHUUMaj. .
m. mji Hn Kiirwn ljiaier. nui
and Mrs. James Miller. Miss Betty
Mrs. James Keetfer.
CarroU Miller and Jimmy Miller
enjoyed a fishing trip and picnic
at Swansnoro jasi wee. ,
. I -w- aa-a-iaea
'JiJ Tula aa aha la klaYWIl to
her many friends received many
lovely ana usnui gmm.
nr. .ml Mn T.lavtd Thomas. Mr.
Wlllla Jnnei and Mrs. Pho-
iwui .... - -
be Pate visited Mrs, Aaoipn jones
Mrs. R. E. Quinn of Raleigh vis
ited relatives here. , - - . '
ium t n Oiiinn. Oerald. Zona
Oninn Mra. ,Lou. Belle
Williams and Richard Williams at
tended the graduation at WC last
weekend. Miss raye vumn vmm
titm wmAnwMtm eJass.
Miss Betty Gould Quinn is vlst
ing Mr. and Mrs. Rolin Thomas in
inVWKK, Via. , , .
(Mr. and Mrs. Llnwood IVwards
and Mr. WUbur Evertoa have re
turned to their homes for the sum
mer from the Bible college in Na
shville, Tenn.
' Wlnfred Miller, Colon Whaley,
-i ii rnnk Jamea and At-
IM i.l. . - i - -
ras Pate were home from Camp
Stewart last weeEeno.
Mrs. Ruth Harris aiid Mrs. (Mary
nesdav with Mrs. John G. Kennedy
Mrs. Virginia P. Quinn and son
Davey have returned to their home I. rtK.nal Hill '
Mrs. LIU K. Lanier and Mrs. Si
bil B. Lanier made a ouamess wv
. . V .411. IHhiiwAlM .
Mra Aufcrav Turner and son oc
Pin mill were recent guests of Mr.
j. D. sanaun. - .
CpL Glemt Lanier from Fort
Bliss, Texas,. Is visiting his par
ents? Mr. and Mrs. Archie Lanier.
He win return to Camp Storman,
California. California. ;
Mrs. James Miller and Mrs.
Bland Rose attended the County
,u.ii awtttx Kenansvllle, Mon-
T. Ciiwtu aphnnl her at the Bap
tist church Sunday a class of 109,
omjt thirty short of enrollment.
Several visitors mcniaeu mt.n. u.
HoUday and family or wtanxngion.
rr. .Unal tlha aHult class with
interesting ref re races of the olden
days as well as tne present.
llbe WMU neKI ll S moniuiy nmv
l. TKiiraAav tlltfht wittl S
ills mov y
large attendance Just being seated
when, "bang" out une ugnies wen
for an hour. Despite this the meet
ing preceded as planned with Mrs.
Tom Ivee leading Devotional and
our president, Mrs. oaeu naynor,
in charge of the program. Refresh-
Hiarn fiarvpf4 jnnftlsrtinfl Cm
U1CUW VV w -
pimento cheese aanclwicbes, pickles
cooaues, ana ewes, .
fman and Bobble Gresham assisted
in the serving. Santa Claus could
get very Jealous .if he were around
when all tne . rouyanoas wbs
k.i(I arnund with all the recl-
nitanfa oAtHru? ttieir surorise at
the close of the meetings. But those
who forget? Better luck next meet-
lw" - -jsni.i'- . '' ' '
Those hoys who have passed the
38th parallel over in Korea so
iimu anav he Hilnklnc thev
will be old, gray-bearded men be
Cam fcan aaf in fnmm hflml. And
may wonder wtiat n s su aoow. nm
the women who have been left be-
a 11 va A aaa mail time
come in and a cheering word from
their; loved ones. (.;
u fafham ninkn. son o Mr.
ami Un Henrv Dixon was home
i ma for a faar dava from a
training camp In CM. Tne you in
fill lad was smiling but already
tha amii nt anidier who un
derstands the tragedy that may lie
before turn, adoux me oasgesi "in
ference in humane people since
Adam probably is NOW It's US In
stead oi Adami
from an annual slghtrsselng trip
up the country as tar as wasmng
ton, D. C, accompanied by Mrs.
Mary Sanderson, teacher, and Miss
Hall- Those trips are made to fur
ther the education of seniors and
re very helpful for those who wish
to try the fields for vocational pur
poses, .'-..- -
- A araaV'l RUM a4winl Of HdaDtunS
and Presbyterians together closed
last rriaay nvsm wion a vewuiui
program of the week's work by
A good attendance was bad all the
week.' .
Mrs. Kenneth Palmer of Schen
ectady. New York, niece of Mrs.
ectady. New lore, niece oi wir. "ljri.imi. .
Tom Ives to visiting Mr. and Mrs, the Day was meant to honor, as a
r'; V ;r ' - ( Diiriiig ;;
Ycu'll IB
Than. -FrL-Sat
01 This Week
OnHBrafulatlona to Mr. and Mrs
T 4 Bnkliumi n Splnia. Utah
who recently celebrated their 74th
wedding anniversary, ages 95 and
93 years of age. Mr. Robinson re-
Ohlaf Rlankhnulc'a muf-
uigiiw roa -m.. - i
derous attacks on helpless people
wbJcmnow onngs laugm w hup
lions through the movies. The Rob
Uialr Ions lives to good
living, kindness and a willingness
to be good citizens, a goou upi
uiaa Plata ami Rllnbeth Morton
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph
Uarfal fnaa MMaM II tMU mm mw
tended trip to New Bern and Jack
sonville where they were guests m
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Morton and
other relatives.
Sat ami Un. deal B. Dixon. Jr.
Haaaraa. New Yortc who were
married May 17 and taking ad
vantage of the short leave, spent
part of their time wimuor. ana Mrs
w Max-tan ami nnuv nere. jviao
Tisttlng the Mortons last week were
Mr. and Mrs. b. n. uixon oc new
Bern, parents 'of Mrs. Morton.
Watch out and aoa-t -over-wu-
aa n aaaaHier" for BUT llTl-
tation and bhies. When one's cran
ky with husband or wife and chil
li rn it anav mean we need a thoro
ugh checkup by our physician to
see of we're up to par. me cam
be lived In a day. stay relaxed
mm av(M tl WArk AtOlm AT rest
wwhkhever is needed! An old say-
ins. "A treasure is not aiwaya a
.nyl Sia.4 a Man! ta Vnn a
treasure as worth remsmberi . so
U good neaim, ana m anuiiy iu
be casm ana re--"- ana get mi
aawinnlhliaa. t 'Vaa
A Greyhound ous joled with tu
at luit naviv tMiinra rnm uifl xi.
Sthool returned last Thursday night
Ives this week along with their two
children, Carol and Billie. Mrs. Pal
mer Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
B D l.nU alater laf Mn. IVeS. ,
. jr. J U. .1.
maw .ajtaia iwaa iiiieo nci aia
Mta m ,
tMt in Clinton recently who has
heen verv ill with flu. (' ! '
Mrs. Bill Brant and Pvt. Brant
left last week to visit with Mr.
Brant's friends in uimer, . ior
. wMlr an tMTOre DIM lUe Uu
for the west coast. Mra. Brant ex
pects to return to her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. E. Pickett when her hus
band leaves the first of June.
Last Wednesday, Memorial pay!
Here's hoping commercials will ne
ver take the place of the sentiments
nier lum Aiea so t '
but the sales of t hem o-ouil
mind us of what we ewai -eei -
The HDC met tnis weea: m ra
home of Mrs. P. A. Maready with
large cre(d attending. Miss Law
son demonstrated picture of fur
niture arrangement. Mrs. Waiter.
Rivenbark discussed topics on soo
ther's Day, refreshments were ser
ved, one visitor was present.
Watchea, Clocks. Jewelry
We Weflcflpffiae un IT
i A
Wallace gitrawtafy
Brady's Shoe Store in Wallace has been modern
ized loadd to your shopping comfort and pleasure.
Brady's again offers a wide selection of in-season
bargains for this big Strawberry Trade Days event.
wonderful buys ottered you
tractive prices you'll always fi
TI7 Tl
01 Our Store
All Sn.r Gccds
And Spring C::ds
..x. ' ....
1 . .
For This Big Event
1 . i..--.
day night In the egricuiture build
. Mesdames Ashe Miller and Her
man villa., mat with Mia avnmen of
the church in Falson, Monday night.
Mrs. D. q. Watson ana oaugmerB
nf Smttlhilelil visited her. Barents
Rev. and Mrs. A. Ju. Brown xnurs-
day. . .
Alien Quinn of camp stewan,
Ga. spent last weekend with Mrs.
Oulnn and ' his oareota. Mr. and
Mra Sewell Oillnfl. r
Misses Dinah Eubanks and Dor
een Nethercutt, Mesdames O. S. and
O. M. Thigpen made a -business trip
to Raleigh Thursday.
Mrs. Corbett Weston of Pink Hill
visited her mooter Mrs. vauie
Whale laa week.
iTVi W f . Nnrria Veaara Oarl
nnrne Sfflwuit Maiatim and RaV
mond Mercer attended the Memor
ial Day auto race in lnfliarajpoiu,
Ind. v -
Messrs, Ernest Batts and Marlon
Bratcher and Misses Betty Jean La-
nlap aiul Hazel Rronm vial tail Gar.
aid Batts and Stanley Bratcher in
Georgia last weekend. . . -
JLf lH iim laAain nt iTavetta.
viUe is visiting ber parent. Mr. and
Mrs. j. v. jaoxson.
Dr. and Mrs. F. L. Norriss spent
Sundav in Greenville with Mr. and
Mrs. D. C. Whitehurst. '
Mrs. S. B. Kennedy and family
visited her parents Mr. and Mrs
Rrfd Janea Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Barbee and
son of Rlchiands visited Mr. ano
Mra. T. V. Dohaon Sunday.
JMm-Am ratfret Sa knimr ttiat
Messrs. J. T. Miller, Clyde McDow
ell and Raion itiupen remain a
natlant In a Favettejvllla hamiiaL
.Mra ArnKart RiwMel mmd daumhter
of Jacksonville are spending some
time with Mrs. Roland Babcheior.
Mr. and Mrs. Foy Jones. Jr.. of
Mltin Park- Mn A I lira Jone.
Mrs. Phoebe Pate and Mr. Atlas
Pate attended the birthday din
ner of Mrs. .Macy Mallard in Pol-
liwkavllle Suratav. ' ' -
Mr. and Airs. J. u. inemercun
ml inn of Kenanaville. and Mrs.
rialav Maflumai vlaUad Mr. and
Mrs. Homer Howard in New Bern
.Qtwwfav. - ... ' v. . .
iFrierMia of . r. waiter Mercer
reoret to know he is ill in a Wil-
agt. rioy uamey was uorne mm
namn RtaruMrf last weekend. 1 '
nura Hnmar MAK1Tnan HU mourn
of South Port are visiting her par
ents . t v. and Mrs. a. i b.
I.lft.u Jamie Oulnn haa returned
to his home atom a trip to New
York.': "'""v-f"-
Friends of Jesse Brinson regret
to learn he Is ill at hi home uf-
iferlnar' from a anlder bite. .
Messrs. uarence wwnea m
TTill Bnawa PienM. fklvrn MeTCer
and Arthur Kennedy have returned
from St Louis wnere tne anena
TV. mtrmmi WOta la Bk tOT HUmMr-
. I wmrm in thia hich-
wedge sandal that's Just slender
strips of Milan straw cries erosa
lng over your vamp, jwoaircoot,
White. Only
I-Mla ankle etraB twinCS
Brettily obout your ankle Just
.1-4-11 ml a eniil mmfflM
sandal . with pleated side. . High-
wedged and versatile, nuicner unen
of aaaay-ooiored atmnge, lemon and
Ume, also wmie.
Ikaaa aaBI
nd a! Brady's!
Let's . :M
? . Gather
Arid Pretty :
mem aai aa
Let's rather knots this
hua mM mm! ftitatrJiaa
ale . rawalHIflaMal aaBalal With buf
or party manaers, a yea kike M.
Nice hlgk wedge. Im Rainbow tesv
ed fuchsia. yeUew, violet and Ihne.
Asso wuie.
Rings On
alai aMna Mi her feci and
rings on her toes . . . and shell bel
pretty whenever ane goes sua aandala of
l.athar anal the effect
UWUWW . - . .
Is atunnwg. Rainbow onsea meson,
and lemon. Also wwie.
... and nothing much more to
these barefoot sandals that create
nnMe a wnnderlul effect. Their
comfort . wUl . explain ..why . the
faaaaaul Innk-alik footwear
long ago! Many kued melon, lime,
green and yeuow. aim wmw.
. Just as cute. Just as young, Just
as comfy as walking barefoot when
you're wearing this twin-bockied! '
casual of supple leather. Toes, oat
heel out, style law Tangeriac Ahw
white. , ,
:::.( '
i mm
r ; 3 i , i -
ed a roHtry mewiTw;.
i ',. ' tenlavCSoa' N. C.
"Year Shoe V

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