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County, Court
1 Coxnty Court will convene Mon
day, February 4th with a full docket
on schedule.
9 week term of Criminal
r Court will convene here
y morning,., January 28th.
- Q. K. Nimmocks will pre-'
9 muroer case. ,w -v
w, ' tf" V' ' " -"v- ' . . - " - v., W- X-
J VCL.NO. 19
No. 4
ondaV : Decide Hash
Trustees. Meet
ital Site
The Board of Couotv Conunis-
. sionen has called a meeting of the
J uupun County Hospital Board of
Trustees to meet with the Board
of Commissioners at the ' court
house here Monday. January 28th
at 3:30 o'clock for the purpose
of discussing the hospital site.
The Trustees and Commissioners
will visit three proposed sites,
James Sprunt, Bowden and H. D.
Williams properties and discuss the
merits of each site.' It is under.
ood that following this the Board
f Commissioners will definitely
cide on the site. ' ' '
It Is reported that all the oroiv
erty of H. D. Williams from the
court house square to Grove swama
is now under1 consideratoin. Som
ao oaa acres is said to comprise
this property. The Bowden site
consists of some 60 odd acres and
about 8 acres' are available at the
Jamee Sprunt site. The minimum
reoutrement is about 8 acres.
Chairman Preston Wells stated
that It was thousht wise to call in
the entire Board of Trustees on the
matter so that every section of the
county wm nave a voice in -ma
ing the final decision.
:ol Auction For March Of Dimes
l!:!d Model Theatre January 3C;h
e folks in Beulaville will hold Uoned. In addition to the auction
annual Auction Sale for the a wnimt Wt.l ha been nlamd in
'it of the March of Dimes at; the lobby of the theatre with a slsn
reading "drop ,a coin and make a
wisn." All coins collected in the
well will go to the March of Dimes.
Lst year tne auction program
orougni m aoout fSOO. Everyone
is invnea to attend tne auction and
to donate something to be sold,
lodel Theatre on Wednesday,
ary 80th. There will only, be
show that night and hnnied--.iy
following the show the auc
.jnlwlll be held. All merchants
and farmers in and around Beula-
,viue (are donating items to be auc-
Ecrly Carr Newton, Accident Victim
tfizi In Golden Grove Cemetery Here
i Earty Carr Newton, age 70, prom-
- jnent Kenansvllle resident, was
V iUe? instantly in an auto wreck
( on Itockford Bridge over Neuse
s uerJ w 4noir County Sunday
about noon..,' Mr. Newton was driv-
' i? Jr Chevro16 coach for Coy
, Kennedy of Kepansvil)e when the
two ? Were going to LaGrange for
sSunaay dinner with Mr. Kennedy's
; ' M-.' Newton attended Sunday
Sehcbl at Grove church and the
. two, departed for LaGrange im
j nidiately thereafter. On Rockford
jprkjge they -met Ford driven y
Raebel Jones Whitfield accompan
ied by her sister Jean and Sybil
Suggs of LaGrange. The Whitfield
' sister are daughters of Ike Whit
field of the Moss Hill section of
j Ivenotr County who - is chairman
v of tite Lenoir County Board of
1 Commissioners. Officers reported
( that the Chevrolet struck the right
i raiang ot tne nridge and the rear
;, i enl, apparently swerved to the
t opposite side. The Ford, anoroach
fiag from the other direction, ap
parently crashed into the Chevro
let The impact killed Newton
instantly and seriously Injured
(Kennedy and the girls. Both cars
were practically demolished. , -
Kennedy and the sirls were rush
ed to a Kinston hospital where it
was found Kennedy suffered a
fractured left elbow, several brok
en riDs. At first it was thought he
suffered serious internal injuries
but latest reports from the hospi
tal indicate he is getting along
very wen. jtteports say the two
Whitfield girls suffered severe
cuts and bruises and the Suggs girl
uuerea a crusned ankle and
mangled hand.
v Patrolmen did not state -Sunday
irao was at lauit. The only com
ment made wasv that the wreck
was inexcusable. X--'-r'' w.W.,,, ;
Funeral services for Mr. Newton
were held from Grove Presbyterian
cnurcn in is.enansvllle,
was an eider ,at 3:30 Monday after
noon, conducted by his pastor Rev.
J. T. Barter, assisted bv Rev. Lau.
ren Sharp, pastor of the local Bap
tist v Church and Rev. Lloyd Ver-
Jat. uiive. Masonic rites by
St Johns Lodge No 13 of Kenans
ville, wer e, administered at the
Krave. interment was in Golden
Grove cemetery. Active pallbear
ers were R. V. Wells, Lloyd Ferrell,
"""i aa viarence murpny, J. B.
au-oua, Lon Merrltt and J. R.
Grady, Deacons in Grove Church. .
Ueh survived by two daughters,
ptrs. Jack Sitterson of KenansvUle,
-Irs. James Taylor of Wilmington
"w " son, arr wewton of Wll
i. L. Williams of KenansvUle; three
u""i a. a. ana sam of Ken
iCfiUe and Ernest of Wilmington.
. "Larly M mort everyone called
urn was almost an institution In
wen ville. He was a friend to
"I J was loved by alL He wag a
oyil f niber of St Johns Lodge,
wvi ? s rved every of f ice from
y-r to master. In Grove church
ie t -ryed as Deacon and In recent
' i as Elder. He was faithful
e t e cUrcn and Sunday School.
' r-v..r looked for big things'
i.e wets content to go his
; "f doing the Uttle things
v i have gone undone or
' ' a chores, that other folks
. - overlook. His life was one
e service in everything he
. Ills wife, the farmer
i Wells, of Magnolia died
i end he reared his family
wit. He was a devoted hus
t id father. Early will be one
most missed persons In Ken--e.
' . ; .-, .'. i
Health Dep
is Kep
" Grady "team who took first:
uiu nxienuoo iooi laeniuicauon contest. Reading left to right
the contestants are: Nick Korneosv nraii cimn..n.
Ray Kornegay. Nick and Kenneth, brothers, are sons of Mr. and Mrs.
Ervin Kornegay. - Both are members of the senior class. Gerald is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Simmons and is in the 10th grade.
Face Heavy Court
shooting his wife a couple of weeks
ago bear Beulaville and William
McCallop, Negro from Rose Hill,
will be tried on charges of murder
ing his wife.
A total of 57-cases have been
docketed for trial or hearing. Court
Station last Winter. .Carr I nut nn. WMfr with nnUt . . .
i . oruwn, negro me cases iDeing disposed of.
of Beulaville, will be tried fori
Judge Q. K. Nlmmocks will ooen
a week's term of Superior Court
nere Monday for the trial of crim
inal cases. HiehliBhtlna the week
will be three murder cases. On
the docket are Henrv Vernon Carr
Negro, charged with the murder nF
a varrou man .at Boney's Service
-1 '
f m
" 1 fi,,,
artment Shortage
aid By Mrs. Gooding
The Treasurers' Office of Duplin
County yesterday received a cash
ier's check from Mrs. G. V. Good
ing, wife of Dr. G. V. Gooding, in
the amount of $1,430.61. The
amount reported by the auditors as
missing from the Health Depart
ment In the complete audit of that
department last year.
Mrs. Gooding addressed the fol
lowing letter to Ralph Jones:
Jan. 23, 1952
Mr. Ralph Jones,
Treasurer of Duplin County
KenansvUle, N. C.
Dear Sir;
Upon information that an audit
of the records of Dr. G. V. Gooding
tend to disclose a descrepency in
funds in the amount of $1,439.61:
as Dr. Gooding is in the Pacific
Area, and in Military Service of
the United States, I am delivering
to you a Cashier's Check in that
This check is to cover anv and all
aiscrepencies snown by the audit.
Though I have no way of know
ing as to the correctness of the
audit, in order that the Tax Payers
of Duplin County, may be protect
ed fully, I am paying the full
amount that the audit tends to
disclose as due by Dr. G. V. Good
ing. I am paying this amount, volun
tarily from my own funds. It is
not being paid with the funds of
any other person.
Mrs. G. V. Gooding
It is reported by county officials
that the acceptance of this money
does not imply in any matter that
the courts have not or, will not
prosecute. The settlement was
made as a purely civil matter. Nor
wood Boney and J. Faison Thom
son are representing the Goodings.
Court House reports are that
Solicitor Walter Britt, who approv
ed the county accepting the money,
expects to present the case to the
Grand Jury next week. Last fall
Solicitor Britt informed the Times
that he hoped to Bet it to tho
January Grand. Jury.
Auditors have completed work In
the Sheriff's department but have
not made their report.
Grady Cub Scouts Visit Planetarium
Theodore Herring
Arrested For Liquor
Theodore Herring, Gllsson Town
ship farmer, was arrested at his
home this week on charges of pos
session or wmsKey wnen officers
arrested him following a raid on
his home. - Constables A. R. Marley
and John Butts o Wallace, accom
panied by a former deputy sbexiff,
Riveres Rouse, Went to ' Herring's
nomcano xom flim uey ma a
search warrant. According to the
bheritrs office here, Theodore said
"Come on it's here." They found
a five gallon jug of whiskey in the
pantry. Herring is. under bond
awaiting trial in County Court on
Feb. 4th. .
Robert Bird
Livestock Meeting
Here January 29
There will be a one day livestock
school in KenansvUle at the Agri
cultural Building, Thursday, Jan
uary 29, beginning at 10:00 A. M.
and lasting until about 3:30 p. m.
Five (5) Livestock Specialist -from
the Extension Service and the
North Carolina Department of Agri
culture in 'Raleigh will be here to
discuss different phases of Live
stock production and marketing.
Among the specialist who wUl
meet with us are: Jack Kelley,
Extension Swine Specialist; Sam
Buchanan, .Extension Beef Cattle
Kenan Auditorium Presents
Stage Attraction Next
ant Installed
WeekjHeating PI
Localiown Board VofesSupplyW
Harold Cooley
To Address Farm
Bureau Meeting ,
Officials of the North Carolina
Farm Bureau announced here to
day that Congressman Harold D.
cooiey, of Nashville, Chairman of
the House Agriculture Committee.
will be one of the outstanding
speakers who will address their
lotn Annual convention, which will
be held at the Sir Walter Hotel, in
Hospital; Dog Tax; Parking Regulations
ine Town oL KenansvUle board i mwu u.. j ,
of commissioners voted unani- 31 thVstsThdTheubUcTs T
ZriaSt,Weetk ft pr0Vld th,e to cooperate by not double pfrt
necessary water to the new hosDi- mo r nriri ,. i. , K.
w.T ?r:X "BZLF . au are filled
lioT jTZ..a " r ""Iiln we business district motorists
tT.x-'.x . w . . """"' opruni , are requested, and expected to Dark
Specialist; A. V. Allen. Extension ;. leigh, February 10-13.
Animal Husbandry HoeriH.tsT-1 (Mr. Cooley represents the hiuh.
n. ; jj. viuessewjurry, juar&eung jy agricultural ourtft Uongression
Specialist of the N. C. Department
of Agriculture, and John Hunter.
Farm Management Specialist Beef
Cattle and Hogs will be the main
things discussed. Acreages of per
manent pasture and numbers of
livestock , are growing fast in Du
plin County, we need to keep up
witn tne new developments and-
recommendations to assure suc
cess. Every person interested in
the production and marketing of
beef cattle and hogs should at
tend this meeting. We are sure that
it will be Interesting and helpful
to uvestocK producers.
Site. It is understood that the Kite
has been narrowed to those three
locations. They are in close nrox.
imity of the present water tank
and We town fathers decided the
town was able to provide water to
these sites. The oronosal mils
for digging another well, installing
an additional pump, enlarging the
present tank, if necessary, and to
lay a six inch water main to the
It was ordered that a tax be levi
ed on all dogs in the town of Ken
ansvUle and dog tags be provided
the owners. A tax of one dollar
wm be levied against male and
two dollars against female does.
Mrs, Adele Kornegay was elect
ed town clerk to replace Mrs. Vir
ginia D. Holland who has asked
to be relieved of the duties.
I It will be noted that parking
n i
1 t
f !
"!ej In Dc;!Ia ?
1 To mmy Brooks of
",;:, J f nires ' t'
r rti t totiil of wre'
- last year. Xir.
reveal tlmt 838'
e reportel . taring .
1 t"" T f
Judge Olive Out :
For II.-C. Governor
Judge Hubert E. Olive of Lexing
ton last week announced his can
didacy for Governor of North Caro
lina to succeed Governor V. Kerr
Scott. Judge Olive brings tar two
the leading candidates in the nee.
Senator Wm. B. Umstead of Dur
ham was the first to announce.
..Governor Scott this, week an
nounced his support : of Judge
Olive's candidacy.
Local Drug S!:re
Relied Sunday
KenansvUle Drug Store received
a , visitor some time early Sunday
morning when thieves crashed out
a plate glass window and entered.
The Narcotics box was broken
into but nothing was found as the
local drug store does not stock nar
cotics at present Soma paregoric
was missing, cigarettes and wrist
watches. Lipstick found on cig
arette stubs indicated a woman w
in the party. '.- ,
No clues have been found.
Guest Minister at Grove Church. ..
: On Sunday monnins at 11-15 Mr
S. Y. Pharr. Jr.. a student at TTninn
Theological Seminary, in Richmond,
va., wm oe guest minister at the
Grove Presbyterian Church. Mr.
Pharr is a native of Tar Heel, N. C,
a graduate of Davidson College, and
To Tour Florida:
Production Areas
For two straight' years, reserve
feed stocks in the United States
have gone down while livestock
vjmXtm nave increased. . :
al District embracing seven coun
ties, which in the Census of 1950
showed a population of 401,913,
the largest Congressional District
in North Carolina.
Some of the important legisla
tion shaping up the Farm Program
which has been enacted during Mr,
Cooley's Incumbency in office and
during nis membershio on the Agri
culture committee ot the House in
abides tlie Rural Electrification
Program. Soil Conservation rinnH
Control .and . the Rural Telephone
In addition, Air. Cooley served
as a member of the Select Commit
tee on Economic. Aid to European
Countries, which was set up by the
Eightieth Congress to study the
preliminary needs for legislation
for effectuation or the Marshall
Plan. This Committee studied the
entire European situation from
start to finish and made recom
mendations to the Congress. These
recommendations became tha baaia I Anv farmer, agriculture worker
of The Marshall Plan which was er person in Duplin County inter-
uner inaugurated. - estea in tne agriculture production
The Farm Bureau officials also, " the State of Florida, particular
ly marketing and vegetable produc
tion, is invited to make a seven
day tour of Florida, February 17th
through 23rd, 1952. County Agent
Lacy Weeks announced Saturday.
The purpose of the tour, said
Weeks, is to visit the vegetable
and cattle producing areas of Flor
ida and observe first hand their
methods of production, processing
and marketing. "By observinc what
otners are doing," continued Weeks,
'tore improve our own methods of
production and marketing."
me tour wiu oegin at Rocky
Mount at 3:39 v. m. Sunday. Feb
ruary 17. It provides for an over-
nignt tmuman trto to Jacksonville.
Fla., arrrving there at noon the next
day. The group will de-train at
Jacksonville and journey by char
tered bus on the tour of South
Florida. . .- '.. v, .
Places of Interest to be visited
are: Beef cattle ranches, vegetable
fields. Everglades Experiment Sta
tion, lettuce packing plant, Sugar
elsewhere. It will be noted that
only one side of the street at the
rear oi tne court house has com
piete spaces marked off. Due to
the narrowness of the pavement
uniy ine nonzontal line could
oe marjeed off on one side. Thi
motorists win nnd that there is
ample room to park the car so
that the rear end is inside the
horizontal line. Please park ac-
i-uiumgiy, it is requested. On
court weeks it is almost impossible
to drive through this street at
times due to neglect in parking
The town has not passed any
ordinance with notice mower to en
force parking regulations and hopes
it will not become necessary to do
so.' Attention also is called to care
less parking in 'back lots. Please do
not park a car where Dassaee nf
inner cars is oDstructed
Church Sunday
Kenan Memorial Auditorium will
make its debut Thursday January
41st. ln ,t(ie iield.. of . drama when
the famous Grass Roots Coiftpaiif
presents Mozart's "School tor Lov
ers". The auditorium isn't quite
complete but is gradually being
completed, in recent weeks the
heating system has been Installed
and entertainments can now: be
given in all comfort regardless of
the weather outside. Seats will
be placed on the floor for this
stage production and the balcony
seats will be available. Recently
a new $750 curtain has been pur
chased for the stage.
A large crowd is expected to at
tend this first stage performance
and tickets are now on sale in every
white school in the county. Re
ports indicate a very large attend
ance from all sections of the county.
Kenan Memorial Auditorium is a
county institution and should be
used by every community in the
county. It is not just a basketball
court but an auditorium with one
of the largest seating capacities uf
any nice building in the state.
Ine Grass Roots Opera ComDanv
of the North Carolina Federation
of Music Clubs will present Moz
art's comic opera SCHOOL FOK
LOVERS in English. In this per
formance Robert Bird will double
as the director and as Gratiano, one
The cub scouts of the B. F. Gradv
Troop are making a study of the
stars ana moon, at their meetings
mis montn, ana on Sunday Jan
uary u, tney went to Chapel Hill,
accompanied by their parents, to
visit the planetarium. Those mak
ing the trip were Mr. and Mrs.
Dempsey Smith and son" Robert,
Mr. and Mrs. Hess Davis and Larry,
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Holt and son,
Mr. and Mrs. Faison Turner and
Ben, Mr. Faison Smith and son.
Mrs. Christine Williams and sons
Melvin and Glenn, Mr. and Mrs.
LeRoy Simmons and L. G. and Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Shepard and
Junior Mozart Club Studying
Musical Life Of Composers and Artists
The Junior Mozart Club of the
B. F. Grady school held its monthly
meetings during first semester of
our school year in our music studio.
We have studied different-phases
of musical life of composers and
'Bftisten sonf "atfOnstrumental
music. '" r
We had discussions of ways and
means of making better programs
in musicianship and music apprecia"
A Christmas party was given
Dec. 17th. Carols were sung, piano
solos played. Jeanette Kelly and
Lester Britt sang solos. Gifts by
the entertainment committee. Pa
tricia Herring and Joan Westbrook
received prizes for best piano
A recital was given in the school
auaitorium Dec. 18th for the ElenV
entary grades and parents of music
students also attended.
Officers are: President George
Westbrook, Vice President Rc
Marie Herring, Secretary & Treas
urerBetty Rav Oulnn
Chairman JMarilyn Stroud, Report
er Helen Waller.
Three Duplin Men
In Attack on Enemy
Three Duplin Navy men, Milton J.
Bradshaw, seaman apprentice, USN,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Brad
shaw, "and Bobby M. Teachey, fire
man apprentice, USN, son of Mr.
and Mrs. John R. Teaehey and Lt.
jg) Benjamin F. Cooper of Warsaw,
were aboard the battleship USS
Wisconsin when she unleashed her
first .sroup of "calling cards" on
Red forces on the Eastern coast of
Korea recently.
The Wisconsin dropped the one
ton, 16-inch "cards" on enemy in
stallations and troop concentrations
below Wonsan, in support of Repub
lic of Korea and U. S. Marine Corps
"EifP(llpnt " uae tio tapm ,ica
bf the two young lovers. Mr. Bird hv Anmv
was brought to. North Carolina byto describe the accuracy of the
A. J. Fletcher to direct his program Wisconsin's gunfire as she inflicted
oi opera promotion tnrougnout tne heavy personnel losses and des
Grady Chapter
Of FFA Winner
Of Tool Event
The B. F. Grady Chapter of
Future Farmers of America won
first place in a federation tnni irin.
tification contest held here Jan
uary 10.
The Grady team scored 292 out
of a possible 300 points. Nick Kor
negay, who led the team with 99
out of 100 points, won a power
emery wheel. Gerald Simmons,
with 97 out of 100. and Kpnnoth
Ray Kornegay, with 96 out of inn
won a hand drill and bolt or wire
cutter, respectively.
The Grady team also won the
contest last year but lost out in
the State finals at Raleigh Th,
year the team had a higher score
now in his second year at the Sem- f fa'e- ,He ls graduate of Ohio traction to enemy depots, ware- than in 1952 and hopes to do bet-
In.m 1 TlniUArCttU anil etnrfiul .tu l 1 1 . . I . i ' W uc
wcujT. i.....w.,j avuuicu vuh:c in nouses ana gun emplacements.
He comes in connection with the I New YorK with,-, the late Oscar I
Mid-Century Development Program "Kle and opera dramatics in New I a a a
1m .1- J - At M . i Vnb jaatleVa I'm,,!- ft TX111 : I I k SaSk ataS aSa, ask aaa alfl
stated that many other outstanding
national and state officials repre-
Huung, AgnouKure, industry and
Labor, would appear on the -programs
during the four-day session
of the convention, which is expect-
ea to oe one oi tne largest in the
nisiory oi tne 74,ow member state
Duplin Sldenfs
To Oe Adilioned
f Jerciilh College
Students of Mrs. W. J. Middleton,
Jr., of Warsaw will attend piano
auditions at Meredith College, Ra
leigh, N. C. January 18. Les Pod
olsky, distinguished concert pian
ist, lecturer and editor of the
"Classic Sonatos" will hold reper
toire clasKs and will audition the
foOnwlng students, Judy Rollins,
I; r Vv,.h, Joyce Whittle, the. y
Red Cross Worker
Visits Kenansville!
ter in the State event, whprp nach
prizes are awarded.
The Grady team received a Fed
eration banner for winning the
event. It had studied for the con
test by long and careful examina
tions of the 230 tools at the school.
Rose Hill was second place win
ner in the contest, in which schools
ticipating. He will present to the discharge from the Army he
cal Education and the pressing need ew Orleans Opera Association, AiifirHA! DIa
for new ministers in our southland. ,Fort Worth CMe pera Assoc!- AWdrUCU 00006
uuu nwu vpera vruua, snreve-i :. . '
Colony Opera Guild. Mr. Bird has DIV. IN THE FAR EAST PFC jit a n d Pender counties
suns manv leading ralea .with th wm;m ti eimTuu, t.. i " -
v . . u. nnU V. A.UU IC A ,
same companies as well as with the Chinquapin, N. C, recently was i
awuu vpcra iriuia. uuring tne awarded the Combat Infantryman
summer he directs the Opera Work- Badge for excellent performance
shop at the Eeagle Music Colony at of duty in Korea with the 1st Caval-
Dcnroon iaxe. ew York. For.rV Division
Brverai summers . ne nroduced
Miss Mary Carruthers. of Golds.
boro and Atlanta visited the fin.
plln Coimty Red Cross Chapter operas for Television Station WRGB
Jean Jones of Warsaw, Sally New
ton, Anfela Dauirhtry and Call
f.ewion oi 'i.enanvLle. : I
here Friday, January 18. Miss Car
ruthers is temporary field rear.
sentative for Mrs. Marion Everett
who has been transferred to At
lanta, US. :,!.; :sy !.:
A business meeting? will be held
at the local 'Red Cross Chapter
room, Friday, February .. .
Jesse, Fussed
Gals Promotion
While serving with the 3499th
Mobile Training Group at Chanute
Air Force Base, HI., Jesse R. Fus-
seu, uhaf, son of Mr. and Mrs.
Jesse B. Fussell of Route 2. Sam
Hill, N. C, was promoted to ser
Land Ranch, Tamlaml Trail pack-;
ing nouses, r on Buyers,' research
laboratories and many other Inter
ested locations, y .v. ; -;-
February 7. 1953 is the deadlina
for reservations, Weeks said. Any-
uae inixeesiea m niaxing tnis TOUT
is requested to contact Weeks st
the Agriculture Building, at his
esrfit $qi? le convenience.
in Schenectady, and made many
appearances on tne same station.
Mr. Bird is also well .known as a
concert and oratorio singer and
can oe neara aauy over a North
Carolina radio network.
This performance of SCHOOL
FOR LOVERS la belns- aoonanred
by the Duplin County Schools.
i?ccets are on sale at au the white
schools of the county, and sell for
$M and $1.29 Including tax. There
will be a matinee performance In
the afternoon for the school child
ren, and a full night performance
at 8:00 o'clock.
This is the first time opera has
been brought to Duplin County.
Many have the Idea that all opera
is spoken in a foreign language and,
a a lortn ox entertainment the av-
The badge, a symbol of the front
line fighting man, distinguishes the
combat soldier from rear area and
service troops. It consists of a
miniature replica of a Revolution
ary War flintlock rifle mounted on
a blue background and suDerimooa-
ed on a wreath. ,
Simpson ls serving as a member
of the 5th Cavalry Regiment, a part
of die 1st Cavalry Division.
Pvt. Hall Starts
Basic Training
Aberdeen Proving Ground. Md..
January 17- Pvt Gordon Hall, son
of (Mrs. C. M. Jones of Route 1,
Kerr has started basic tra'n'ne with
wUl be proving n'week" '
Opera is good entertainment that
anyone can enjoy." A School For
Lovers" Is all spoken In English.
Opera lovers in Duplin know what
to expect and those who are not
familiar with opera should take
this opportunity to find out what
it is all about . Treat yourself to
some real entertainment by attend
ing this event next Thursday night
Training Center.
- Upon completion of his eight
weeks' basic training, Pvt Hall ex
pects to be assigned to one of the
many Ordnance schools In which he
will receive specialised training.
The current training consists of
Fundamental Instruction In Infan
try subjects and applying class
room theory In the field. .
1951 Plates Must
Be Gone by Jan. 31
Raleigh A reminder to hurrv nn
and get your new license plate
came irom tne Department of
Motor Vehicles today. Last vear'n
plates become invalid at the end
of the 30 day grace period midnight
January 31.
So far, Commissioner L. C. Ros
ier said, there have been only 500,
000 new tags sold, leaving roughly
800,000 to go. With the deadline
n Sarins motorists are solr.iz to
have to hurry up to avoid the' rush
of last minute buyers. The 1032
tags have been on sale throughout
tne Mate since uecemoer 1.
Tag sales are conducted in Ra
leigh five days a week, Monday
through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to
5:30 pm. Seventy branch offices
phis the Winston-Salem Auto Club
also retail the new tags. Only one .
license plate is being issued this
year and it ls to be attached to the
rear of the vehicle.
With Welfare Dept.
Mrs. James S. Murphy of Ken
snsvUle has accepted a position
with the local Welfare Department
She will replace Miss Doris Bouse,
bride elect of the month. .

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