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    Z.IA iZKZZ3KY JIXT 84. 1952.
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Two new heavy duty 2 and 3 plow
general purpose tractor the John
Deere Model 50' and '60' were
announced Saturday, July 18 by
Johnson Cotton Company. ;'
At the Announcement Day, which
Included the first public showing
of the Model '60' L. B. Fussell stat
ed these new tractors replace the
Models 'A- and 'B' in the John
'.Deere line.
Among the major advancements
: featured on the new tractors, Fus
sell listed duplex carburetion, 'live'
power shaft, 'live' high pressuta
Powr-Trol, ' quick change wheel
tread, effortless steering and new,
more practical styling. These new
features he added, mean stepped
up tractor performance,, easier
handling, greater comfort and con
venience, and better all around ec
, Duplex Carburetion, according to
' Fussell, Js a revolutionary develop
- ment in tractor engines. Through
; a new type, double barrelled car
buretor, fuel is metered in identi
cal amounts to each cylinder, pro
viding livelier, more flexible pow
er, smoother performance and
faster cold weather starts as prov
ed In intensive laboratory and field
A New live Power Shaft is
independent of the transmission
clutch and provide continuous
power for operating power driven
machines. Fussell pointed out that
this feature reduces clogging of
power driven machine to a mini
mum, eliminates much ot ibi clut
ching and shifting formerly rein
ed, and speeds up .all power take
off jobs. He aleo added that the
new tractors with the 'live power
shaft will pull ana operate any
power driven machine within their
power range without the need of
an auxiliary engine.' The new
power shaft has an independent
clutch which protects the system
and cushions shock loads.
A New 'Live' High Pressure Powr
Trol, also direct engine driven,
operates independently of both
the transmission clutch and the
power shaft. Fussell said tint
RoseHill Icals-Sodety ' Alia iJeakM&TJt
SU''- . ... .... .,.! c.Wrmtlnns and Advertising.
sTdephone 243-2. Please Call In Tour News. . Mrs.ieias WIu.t-- ,.
Mrs. Robert Fields, Duplin Times Representative
Ing constant I hydraulic presM;
gucn as a oumuv ivw.t wm - -power
feature will save the op
erator up to 40 per cent of the
time and effort formerly required
in clutching,, and chitting gear.
Fussell added that the new tractors
have a higher speed hydraulic
pump which increases the lifting
capacities of the hydraulic system
as much as 114 per cent over the
elder models. 11
Hi thiVc Change Wheel
. ; 1
Rear Wheel Tread adjustment
are much easier to make in these
new models, according to Fussell.
To adjust the rear tread, the opera
tor jacks up one wheel at a time,
loosens three clamp screws, tight
ens two jack screws, and turns an
adjusting nut to get the tread de
sired Fussell continued, that when
the desired tread is obtained, jack
screws are backed off and the three
clamp screws tightened, locking
the wheel in position. - Both wheel
hub and wheel clamp are tapered
when operating equipment requir-to assure positive locking.
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Spend Saturday
At White Lake
Mr. Gordon Sanderson, Inter
mediate Sunday ' school teaehrf,
carried his class to White lak for
flxy n ittiliKf. i He was
assisted by Mrs, J. L. Fussell, Miss
Mary Ann Fussell and Mr.. Manly
A picnic lunch was spread at
noon. . The following members en
joyed the day, Misses Nancy Fus
sell, Carolyn - Fussell, Margaret
Cotton, Sue Fussell and Mary Lou
Fussell and Mr. Morgan Pope and
Daniel Fussell ' Jr. 1
Lake Tut Is Interesting These Days
Especially Fish Feeding After Dark
; reonwe irom,iar ana near ari: ...... , . .
following the signs reading fLake TJonald Mallard of Salemburg vis-
Tut. - One finds most any type of
relaxation and entertainment,
swimming, ': sunning.-' plcniclng,
ahade and seats o relax, pets for
ited relative here on Sunday aft
ernoon. - - ,
. Mrs. Albert Well and Ann Davis
spent Tuesday with Mrs. Peyton
the children to see Jitterbug contest Warrior near Willard
and most interesting is the fish
deeding ! when the lights are on
; from 8 p. m. til 10 p. m. on th-i
1 board walk. That is a sight well
worth a trtn to Lake Tut any night.
. .Each Wednesday night there is
a Jitterbug cqntest. Last Wednes
V day the winners were Pop James of
Bose Hill and Marilyn Williams of
Wallace. The dance hall waa pack
ed with people. No one seemed to
- ' mind the heat
i. ' On Sunday afternoon a swlm-
min contest is held. Last Sun-
. day 1st prize went to Brownie Sal
, mon of Wallace and Ed Linesay of
. Wallace winning 2nd prize.
Mr. Bernard Tut' Fussell reports
i; that last week end he had the larg
,rest attendance since the official
Mr. Fussell offers nice picnic tab
" les and grounds to the public free
t of charge.
Miss Evelyn Barden of E. C. C.
- spent the week end with her pa
P rents Mr. and Mrs. T. A. Barden.
j Mr and. Mrs. John Cooper, Jr.,
and family and Mr. and Mrs. 'Jack
C; ' Dall and daughter spent the week
, end at Topsail Beach. f ''
,1 Mrs. Agnee Fussell, Mrs. Marg
: aret Cooper and Mrs. Lucy Farrior
I of Rose Hill, Mrs. Clute Blvenbark
t. and Miss Annette Robinson of Wnl-
: lace plans to leave Sunday to at-
tend the Huckleberry Mt. workshop
' camp. " '
' ," Mr. and Mrs. John W. Mallard
,, and son of Raleigh, Mr. and Mr.
Miss Patsy Ruth Wilson of Ra
leigh is visiting Mr. and Mrs. De
witt Lockerman and family.
Miss Evelyn Fussell of Durham
is spending a weefci vacation with
her parents Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fus
celL . v.i'.i:
Julian Marshall is at home with
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Mar
shall after attending summer
school for 6 weeks at Carolina.
Week end guests of Mrs. D. D.
Ramsey were her sister and fam
ily, Mr. and Mrs. Q. M. rooie ana
daughter of Neuse.
Mr. and Mrs. Pat veuano ana
family of Ambridge. Pa., and Mr,
and Mrs. George Watson of Long
Island, N. Y., were Tuesday night
guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Dixon. -
i Mr. W. J. Walton of Raleigh is
spending a few days with hi sister
Mr. D. D. Ramsev.
Miss Carolyn Wells left Thursday
to spend a couple of weeks with
her , cousinu Betsy Matthews, in
Winston Salem. ,
Mr. and Mrs. Vann Jones of Wil
mington visited friends and rela
tives here during the week end. i
Mrs. W. T. Blanchard and child
ren have been visiting her lister
in Norfolk, Va.
Mrs. Townsend
Is Feted At
Layette Shower
On Monday evening Mrs. Thomas
Townsend was honored with a sur
prise Layette shower at the homo
of Mrs. Francis Townsend in Wal
lace. She received many useful
Two tables of bridge and 1 table
of canasta were played.
When the gtteqts arrived ice
cream, cake and nuts were served.
After games of bridge and canasta
were played, cold drinks and po
tato chips were served.' ;
" a - - . :
, fe l';
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.. I
Southern Pulpwood Forester Urges More
Expenditures For Forest Fire Control
Districts Meet
At Rose Hill
On Monday evening, July 21, the
Duplin, and Francis Asbury sub-
districts, met jointly at the Hose
Hill Methodist Church at 7:30.-
After devotional and fne Uusl-
ness session at the church, the
group went to Lake Tut where
swimming was enjoyed and a pic
nic upper wa spread. " ' '
A good attendance was reported.
B. K. Bradshaw
B. K. Bradshaw of Rose Hill
died Wednesday afternoon, July 16
at his home. Funeral services were
held at the Baptist Church in Rose
Hill Friday at 10 a. m. and burial
was In the Peterson Cemetery near
Rose Hill. Surviving are three
brothers, L. B. and Hicks of Ros
Hill and Rex Bradshaw of wiiiara;
and a sister, V-- C. C. Carter of
Rose HilL - ' '
Atlanta. Ga:. The South'8 $3,-
000,000,000 forest products income
could be doubled u puouc expen
ditures for fire control were in
creased from five to 11 cents an
That Is ' the opinion of H. J.
Malsberger, general tnanager and
forester for the Southern Pulpwood
Conservation Association. It is con
tained in a comprehensive forest
fire report issued today, by the
pulpwood organization.
. "In spite of the vast contribute
shower withoitf taking one is
accomplished at tieneral Elec
tric' Schenectady; N. ', Y re
search laboratory with this spe
cial shower tester. The Jet of
water ere ready , for use in the
event a scientist'' clothe catch
Are or to neutralize an acid
burn. Seldom used, the device
are checked periodically.
, Unsafe Items - .-.'::(
Heading the list , ot ten Items
checked were one out of seven
brakes; one out of twelve front
lights: one out of fourteen rear
Hints, and one out of fifteen steer
ing and exhaust systems in need
ox maintenance auenuo nior saie
vehicle operation.
Of 335,016 passenger cars check
ed, 31.45) were in need of service
attention compared to 30.6 (in
1051. Of 48,704 trucks cnecitea,
39.7 were unsafe compared to
27J in 1951.
An additional comprehensive
'Safety - Check' of 169.576 vehicles
conducted In Florida by the Florida
Automobile" Dealers'' Association
showed that 56,370 or 33.2 failed
to pass. 131,223 cars and 38,353
trucks were checked by Florida
dealers wit hofflclal O. K. stickers
being placed on vehicles passing
the check.
Safety Check Reveals One Out Of Every
Three Vehicles On Roads Are Unsafe
Mr. and Mrs. Ray M. Williams
of Savanah, Ga., announce 4he
birth of a son, on July 20. ' Mrs.
Williams is the --former Patsy, Wil
son of Rose Hill, N. C, i.
The Attendance at LAKE TUT, ROSE HILL, gj
N. C. is increasing daily, especially in picnic gath
erings. All picnic tables and grounds are free, i
No charges. ' . ' jJ
Be sure and visit LAKE TUT from 8 p. m. M
til 10 p. m. while lights are on and see we nsn
while being fed.
" Don't forget Jitterbug contest each Wednes
day night and Swimming contest every Sunday
afternoon. : . ettL2a
'WASHINGTON Preliminary ore
ports of a nationwide " 'Safety-
Check' covering more tnan one nan
million cars and trucks, reveal
32.6, or nearly 1 out of every 3,
are. ,unsaf e due 1 to- needed service
attention to one or more' parts af
fecting safe operation. ".- ;
'Safetv-Check'. W. F, v Hufstadef,
Chairman 'of .the - Inter Industry
Highway 'Safety a Committee, and
Vice Presi'dfent of General Motors,
said, 'Vehicles today apparently
are not as afe as a year ago when
a similar sample check showed that
30.2 were in need of maintenance
attention. t The results of this
check indicate the need for all own
ers to have "their cars 'Safety-
Checked' periodically.' ' (
With an, estimated 40 muuon
loot forest products are making to
the South's economy, only one-half
enough money is being appropriat
ed to protect this resource from
fire," Mr.- Malsberger said. '""On
the average, only two-fifths of. a
cent of each public dollar appro
priated is allotted to fire control.?
;. Citing lire control progress dur
ing the past 20 years, Mr. Malsberg
er said 78 per cent of the South's
woodlands are now protected from
fire." He added, however; that 41,
000,000 acres are not yet guarded
by an organized fire control sys
tem. V't . 1 ;;?! ;
When this remaining acreage is
protected, and with good forest
management practices, we. can ex
pect fully stocked stands growing
wood at full capacity,' Mr. Mals
berger declared. "It ,c.. will, mean
more Industry, more employment,
more payrolls, safer investment in
forest lands, expansion of the tax
base, and a better living." ;
'Copies of the report, entitled
Forest Fires r- Your Loss, may
be obtained from the association's
offices, 156 First National Bank
Building, AJanta, or from any of
the South's pulp and paper mills.
Attractively printed in two coiors,
the publication traces the history
of the wood burning custom, cites
the causes of fires, discusses flam
ages and prevention metnpos.
Charts show the status of the fire
situation in lrivtdiial southern
states. i.
a ;uo
f -: LI- - Li ' L--" !
vehicles ott the highways, he stated
'every motorist should make certa4n
his. car . ia in safe operating' condif-
xion an. or jne lime. . tsui mat is,
not enough, in addition to starl
ing holiday or vacation trips in a
sae) carvi-make certain, you- drive
in a saie manner.' , t
The 'Safety-Check11 program was
conducted during the month of
May by the Interindustry Highway
Safety Committee in cooperation
with the National Safety Council.
Results were obtained on the ba
sis of 'Safety-Checks made by the
nation's automobile, truck and tire
dealers of 551,26 vehicles in yii
states and the Districtof Columbia
Wm. E. Wheeler
William' Edward Wheeler, 89, of
Route I Wallace died at his
home Thursday afternoon. . Fun
eral services were held on Saturday
at the Hopevllle Baptist church
Interment was in Hopevllle Ceme
tery. He is survived by hie son,
Preston Wheeler, one daughter,
Mrs. L. W. Garrls of BurgaW, one
brother, A. J. Wheeler of Elm City,
one sister, Mrs. L. C. Piner of Bur
gaw, two half sister?, , Mr; LeltH
Forbes, of Wilson,' Mrs Margie Efc
lers of Greenville, 10 grand cmic
fen and 20 great grandchildren.
Cut Actions Count
Graham Blanton is attending tl'ei Charles Hall of Winston Salem,
4-H Club week in . RaleJgh thislvlelted his parents, Mr. apd Mrs.
week. Graham is our Rose Hill rs-l Heman Hall Wednesday tad Thurs-
Ten items affecting safe vehicle
operation were included -la the
voluntary- check. '1 v r r ,
Brake and Lights Head List of.
Half an acre of land produced
$406 'worth-of cabbage for ' Lee R.
Wilson. Route 1. Lake Lure, ac
cording to F. E. Patton, Rutherford
eenntv oeent. -"--""'"" 4.t
Dates for the 1952 North CaCro
Una State Fair, to be held at Ra
leigh, are October 14-18. . , ! .. .
i. County Agent S. C. Winchester of
Pitt County reports that small
grain yields in that area were un
usually good this year. Many grow
ers reported yields above. 40 bush-
els per acre for wheat and 80 bu
shels per acre for oats,
i! A conference of hurley tobacco
workers will be held near Waynes
ville, August 20-22. 1
Johnson Cotton Company
-' I .i PARIS GREEN - .
'I 'i AND SPRAYERS. ! ' '
Special Price on Clue Ribbon Three And Four Ply
, TOSACCO TWINE, 5 Lb. PacLa;es . $3.87
3 r.,'J (TAX INCLUDED) ' v ; ;
! L l J --V? ' art
: 1 I
y: For "v- -:
''-j ' LTi J2c ihi John D" , -50"
1 T"-?. our,r!rri.ij m..-wn Imoa iWre trolr ereat
1 thrc'j3t races in ?"--t --,-,, k ,
-f new tntctorfc , , ,
V y 1,4 kj kj (
(till Vfl
-"tf K d t 7 -
-1' 1
:" ' w k
,V'-lf J.-K ,r,B. 4 ... Ufa ,

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