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Czrrizd To Janics Cijca n Ti'.r.h -tin
Miss Mary Theresa John ion.
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. CUr-
nce B. Johnson, became the fortda
of James Graham Bryan, son of Mr.
nd Mrs. Lucine Bryan In a lovely
v afternoon ceremony at Trinity
Methodist Church on July 12 at
3 o'clock. ,
Dr. H. I. Glass, pastor of the
church, performedlhe jceremony.
. The church was decorated with
tentia palms and large arrange
ments of white flowers. Two can
diebras were on either aide of
the altar.
Music was furnished by Mrs.
Harris Bullard, organist, who play ¬
ed the traditional wedding music.
auet was like the honors attend
ant's except tied with pick satin
ribbon. '
Beet Man
Lucine L. Bryan was his eon's
beet man. Ushers were:- Gordon
M. Sanderson, of Rosehill, cousin of
the bride, Lewis Venters, former
ly of Wilmington, Joseph H. Wey
ers and Corporal William B. Ven
ters, formerly of Wilmington. -
The bride's mother wore a pink
lace street length dress with white
accessories and wore a corsage of
white carnations. .
Mrs. Bryan, mother of the
groom, wore an aqua lace dress
with white accessories and a cor-
Sam Taylor, vocalist, sang 'When eae Pe Pin carnations
I have Sung My Songs To You',
Thine Alone' and 'Oh Perfect
Lace and Nylon
" The bride, given in marriage by
v her lather, wore a Css of Chan-
tilly lace and nylon with a lace fit
ted bodice and long sleeves of
lace point. The cheer yoke was
- fashioned into a sweetheart neck
line embroidered with seed pearls.
The skirt was of double net gath
! ered at the waist, and she wore
. a short train. Her headpiece was
crown shaped and covered with
seed pearls and rhinestonee with
a double nylon net veil. She car-
rled a cascade shower bouquet of
; feathered white carnations.
; Miss Mattie Florence Johnson,
- sister of the bride, was maid of
honor. She wore a shell pink dress
of lace and nylon with a fitted
bodice and double nylon net skirt
over taffeta. Her hair arrange
ment was of pink and blue flow-
era. She carried a bouquet of pink
; asters and carnations and blue del
: phlnluras tied with blue satin rib
bon. Attending as bridesmaid was
Miss Wilms Gladys Johnson, an-
- other sister of the bride.. She wore
an ice blue dress of nylon and lace
-with a fitted bodice and double ny
lon skirt gathered over taffeta. In
A reception was held in the rec
reation room of the church, which
was decorated with garlands of
greenery. The bride's table held
anarrangement of white flowers
in a crystal bowl and a three-tiered
wedding cake.
Serving punch at the reception
were Miss Ann Anderson and Mrs.
Joseph H. Weyes. Miss Pat Wilson
presided at the bride's book.
Immediately after the reception
the couple left for a short wed
ding trip to Myrtle Beach, S. C.
The bride wore a navy blue crepe
dress and a gold linen Jacket with
navy blue accessones. She wore a.
corsage of white carnations taken
from her bridal bouquet.
The couple will be at home at
2835 Jefferson Street in winning-1
Out of town guests -were: Mr.
and Mrs. Harry Potter and sdri of
Jacksonville, Mr. and Mrs. S. A
Sanderson of Rose Hill, Manley
Sanderson of Rose Hill. Miss Syble
Oglesby of Morehead City, Mr. and
Mrs. K. w. Johnson ami children,
Cordell, Colbey and Oletta of Ken
ansville. Mrs. Robert Fields and
daughter, Bobble Jean of Rose Hill,
Louis Venters of Fort Dlx, N. J.,
Corooral William B. Venters of
Jr ln1r she wore an arrangement I Plainfield, N. J. and Graham San-
iiu ua owe xiowers. Her bou-derson of Rose HUL
. o
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o s
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wmm ..
(Mirn & ? u J
iLl j8m
. Macaroni ;SpLd
HERE'S a fine supper for
outdoor eating porch,
terrace or garden. It is sat
isfying and can be almost en
tirely prepared in the morn
ing hours and kept in the re
frigerator until supper tjme.
The whole family will en
joy it, , ;
Vegetable juice,' macaroni
chefs salad, relishes, garlic
bread, coffee' jelly ( with ba
nanas, iced coffee.. . t. ,--,
'The hot coffee, which you
will convert into iced coffee
can be made; several hours
before serving, and cooled irt
a non-metallic container. If
you prefer, make it double
strength at the .last minute
and pour into ice-filled
glasses. Be sure the coffee '
is fresh and strong, and that
you serve it with- plenty of
ice in the tallest, frostiest
glasses you can manage.
Serve with cream and a
pitcher of simple syrup or
Macaroni Chefs Salad
(6 generous servings)
One 9-ounce package elbow mac
ro ni, 12 stuffed olives, sliced; Y
f . .
1 X i
Macaroni salad, coffee jelly and Iced coffee pep up summer-wilted
appetites ana can oe preparen BeirBui.
pound American cheddar cheese,
cubed; Vt pound bologna, cubed; 3
tomatoes, quartered; 1' cucumber,,
sliced; salad greens, Russian dress
ing. ;.; v '
Cook macaroni in boiling, salted
water until tender; drain, rinse
with hot water; chill. Combine
macaroni, olives, cheese, bologna,
tomatoes and cucumber. Place in
Soften gelatin In cold coffee; dis
solve in hot coffee. Add sugar,
stirring until dissolved; add sherry.
,Chil! until set. ' Place sliced ba
nanas in serving dishes, cover
with coffee Jelly. Serv,e with light
cream.::- 1 -'' .' " r
Looking for substantial but easy
to get luncheon dishes? ' Well, try
a i Fluffy Tomato Rabbit .
't-i-r (4 serving) -h-,vm.-m!.w..
' Ohe canH!l'" cup) condensed
tomato . . soup, S i cupi shredded
American cheese, teaspoon dry
mustard, ft .teaspoon Worcester
shire sauce, 2 eggs, separated; toast
or crackers.? tpf-ti&-t.v:- -r
Heat soup slowly; add; cheese
and ' heat until melted, . stirring
constantly. Add mustard and
Worcestershire sauce to beaten egg
yolks; stir into hot mixture; Gently
fold in beaten egg whites and
heat thoroughly. Serve on hot
toast or crackers..:,-";-:r'i:;y,..:-
Baked Efts In Tomato Sauce
.uru.wi4 eervlno)--!"'---'"' -
One can Cl cups) condensed
salad bowl with salad greens, fossi tomato soup. A eggs, 2 tablespoons
' Y ,t..,( f i..U '
with Russian dressing.
Coffee Jelly With Bannnr.s
; (t servints)
One and one-half tablespoons
unfavored gelatin, 3 cups strong,
hot coffee. 3 tablespoons sherry, ; ts
cup strong, cold coffee," H' cup
sugar, 2 bananas cut In V4 -inch
slices. .... i
' Pour V can tomato soup .into
each of four buttered baking cups
or muffin tins. Break an egg into
each; dot each with Vt tablespoon
of butter and sprinkle with pep
per. Bake In a moderate oven
; (350 degrees F.) for 20 minutes.
I Oarnish with parsley. T
Mrs. Louise C. Bullock of Mt.
Olive, of the State Blind Commis
sion, and Miss Mary Lee Sykes of
Kenansville, Public Health Nurse.
on the Boardwalk at Atlantic City
during the. American Nurses As
sociation Convention.
Clean Up
Drastic Reductions
Lemon Chiffon
Ice Cream
Gardner's VELVET CEiIifon Fcr July
Chiffon IcVrCream. It' 8ummr'
flavor to cool parched palate L
I Is
HOOD, before her marriage in
the parsonage of Falling Creek
Baptist Church on July 3 wa3
Miss Pattie Avent, daughter of
Mrs. Nettie Avent Sinclair of
Faison and the late Spencer G.
Avent. The bridegroom is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
- Hood of Grantham.
In Faison
Faison, Saturday at 7 p. m. at her
home Miss Judine Clyde Kinney
necame the bride of Robert Glenn
, Floor baskets of White gladioli
and fern, and tall candelabra with
burning tapers furnished the set
ting for the wedding. The Rev. D.
F. Kinlaw, pastor of the Methodist
church officiated,
. The bride is the daughter of Mrs.
piiitlillifr: wililpif
PPiM ,;;:fiil
(f'' ;s.y: Sis! 1
A -1
Miss Loyce Jacquelyn Carr, dau
ghter of Mr. and Mrs. Julian Au
brey Carr of Wallace, N. who
are announcing her" engagement
to John Thomas Phillips, son of
Mr.' and Mrs. Abner Phillips of
Warsaw, N.' C. The wedding will
take place in August.
fngogcmenfs Announcecf.....
Mr. and Mrs. William Harvey
Pope of Rose Hill announce the en
gagement of "their daughter, Huld
ya Carolyn, to the Reverend Joseph
Meek Goode Warner of Charlotte,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Oliver
Warner of Greensboro. The wed
ding will take place the seven
teenth of August in the Rose Hill
Methodist Church. L '
Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Latham of
Rose Hill announce the er,-agement
of their daughter B-bara Anne
to Samuel Henry Johnson oi
Charleston. S. C. only son of Mr.
and Mrs. Elliot W. Johnson of Dei-
way. The wedding will take place
August 30 In the Rose Hill ML Zion
Presbyterian Church.
Father Of Bride Officiates In
Hale-Coafes Wedding Ceremony
Judson Elliott Kinney and the late
Mr. Kinney. The bridegroom is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Bowser
of Duncanville. Pa.
The bride - wore a floor length
gown of white slipper satin, de
signed and made by her mother.
The fitted bodice featured a sweet
heart neckline with long sleeves
ending in poinls at the wrists. . Tlw
bouffant skint was worn over crino
line. She carried a white prayer
book, topped with an orchid. Her
finger-tip veil was attached to a
satin bonnet.'
The bride's mother attended her
and wore a turquoise taffeta floor
length gown and a pink carnation
of Mount Olive In the State of North Carolina
, . ASSETS 1
At the Close of Business on June 30, 1952
Cash, balances with other banks, Including reserve V
balances, and cash items in process of collection ..$ 747,699.92
United States Government obligations direct)
' tand guaranteed : ; 4,114,000.00
Obligations of States and political subdivisions ......... 455,020.52
Loans and discounts ,. 9.19,312.73
Bank premises owned $5,000. furniture and fixtures S7 30S '; 12.305.00
Other assets .. ....... 8,932.54
.i - -n,
total assets I:.;.................. :
Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships,
UU VWVIHMIVIIQ .................. j..Ma. .......... .....................
Time deposits of individuals, partnerships;
: WilU CUIIUf4IUtlIlS . ........i....................-M......,...l
Deposits of United States Government (including
posuu savings'
With her father as the officiating
minister, Miss Margaret Qulnn
Coates, daughter of the Rev. and
Mrs. Edwin S. ' Coates, became the
bride of Charles Herbert Hale on
Thursday in a double ring cere
mony at 4:30 In the Farmville Pres
byterian Church, of which the Rev.
Mr. Coates is the pastor.
The bridegroom Is the son of the
late Mr. and Mrs. George. Herbert
Hale of Scotland Neck.
Mrs. G. Alex Rouse at the organ
and Elbert - C. Holmes, baritone,
presented a program of wedding
The bride entered the church
with Edwin Massengill of Raleigh,
a cousin. She wore a strapless bal
lerina length gown of white tulle
1111.. , Jit i
aiiu - iruautiiiy jnce, wim a lace
bodice Jacket and a high collar
with buttons down the front. The
bouffant skirt of tulle over satin
lace. Her shoulder-length veil of
imported illusion was attached to
a lace cloche' trimmed with seed
pearls. She carried a cascade bou
quet of Starlite white roses and
stephanotis, centered with a white
Miss Henrietta Cooper of Wal
lace, cousin of the bride, was maid
of honor and Mrs. P. C. Evans, Jr.,
of Hartsville, S. C, and Miss Jen
Easley were bridesmaids, s, Their
strapless gowns of mauve nylon
net were appllqued with lace leaves
and made with fitted bodices and
bouffant skirts, ballerina-length.
They wore matching stoles, band
eaux and mitts, and carried arm
bouquets of pink and lavendar as
ters tied -with ribbon. -.
JJr. G. Fred Hale of Raleigh, un
cle of the bridegroom, was best I
man. , Ushers were George C.
ureen, Jr., Sam M. Hanff and j v.. u...
travel, the bride wore a champagne
silk shantung suit with a heaven
ly blue blouse and brown and
white accessories, and an orchid
corsage. .'.. 1
The bride was graduated from
East Carolina College, Greenville,
receiving an A. B. degree in pri
mary education. Since graduation,
she has taught In the Scotland
Neck schools.
Mr. Hale attended State College,
Raleigh, with courses in civil en
gineering. . He served, in the Unit
ed States Army during the last
World War. He. has held for sev
eral years the position of forester
for the Riverside Manufacturing
Co. in Mufreesboro.
The bride's mother was the form
er Miss Geneva Qulnn of a family
long prominent in Duplin County
Society. She is a sister of Mrs. W.
J. Pickett of Kenansville. Mrs. J.
banded with wide matching B. Cooper of Wallace, and J. L.
Wuinn of Chinquapin; and the
aunt of Mrs. Vance Gavin, Mrs. D.
H. McKay, Mrs. A. R. Bland, II and
Miss Martha Picket of Kenansville
and Miss Henrietta Cooper of Wal
lace. : ' : - .... .'
Amos Brinson Host
To Church Deacons
Amos Brinson ' entertained the
deacons of the Baptist Church at
the regular quarterly meeting on
Friday, night at a dinner at his
home. .;' ' ;
Those present were4 F. W. Mc-
Sowan; JO. Stokes, J" B. Wallaces,
Ellis Vestal, W. M. Brinson and
the Reverend Lauren Sharp. The
K it
' otherwise known as "Penny," attends the annual "Journee Jes :
j. Drags'? In Paris wearing a simple dress and a wide straw hat The
I wife bit the NATO commander was one of the many 'notables at
I tending the pneafiernoon affair which saw elegant coachef parade
: through the Champs Elysee area to commemorate -begone days,
i' I. ' " 'i i i i i "' ii
made peach ice cream and pound
caKe lor aessert.
, 3,25779.73
- 1,978,023.64
Deposits of States and Political subdivisions : . ...
Other deposits certlfied and officers' checks, etc.)
lotai deposits . .... $2,910,788.91
Bills payable, rediscounts, and other liabilities
for borrowed money
Other Liabilities' .. .
Total Liabilities (not including subordinated '
obligations shown below) ... ., ...
CapiUl ...,..
Undivided profits
, t Total Capital Accounts
.4 214,613.57
hi bank's capital consists of Common 'stock with total
par value of $75,000.00. '
Total deposits to the credit of the State of North Carolina
ur aiiy oiiicibi tnereoi
Assets pledged or assigned to secure liabiiities" -" "TT""
and for others purposes .....t..:....-..:;......;. ' ' s 164 000 00
. JD-.H- Outlaw Cashier of the above-named "vank."do soiemnly
wear that the above statement is true, and that it fully and correctly
T? oihe eveT "tters herKhtauieTand
set forth, to the best of my knowledge and belief. T ,
. v CorrectAttest:" D. H. OUTLAW
' ' ' W. T. CHERRY ' '
' t ' -' , . E- C. CASEY, , ,t
SUte of North CaroUna, County of Wayne ss- ' DlreCt0"
Sworn to and eubscribed before me thU lltii day of July 510-!2.
and I hereby certify that I am not an officer or dlrectorVthis' bank!
My commission expires April 25, 1954. ' wtidiic
Stedman KItchin of Scotland Neck
and Henry Gray Shelton of Speed.
The mother of the brtUn
powder blue lace and chiffon dress
with pink accessories end an or
chid at her shoulder. Mrs. Spencer
Lewis of Scotland Neck, : aunt of
the bridegroom, were a navy sheer
dress with French blue trim and a
corsage of orchids. v
JoUowing the ceremony, the par
ents of the bride entertained at
a reception In the Faiinui.i. tx.ii
of the Church. Following the n-
ception, the couple left for a trip
through the mountains of the Vir
ginias, after -which they will be
at home in Scotland Neck. For
Oh, - I have slipped the surly
bonds of earth . . J
And danced the skies on laughter-
Sunward I've cUmbed and Joined
the tumbling mirth
Of sun-split clouds and done- a
hundred things
You have not dreamed of Wheel
ed and soared and swung s .
High in the sunlit silence. Hovrin
there, , t
I've chased the shouting wind
along and flung"
My eager craft , through footless
' halls of air. .
up the long dellrlobs, burning
I've topped the wind-swept heights
-With easy grace, ..
Where never lark, or even eagle
And, while with sUent, lifting mind
I've trod
The high untrepassed sanctity of
Put out my hand, and touched the
face of God. t -
. John Gillespie Magee, Jr.
' . J1"0"1 the N" Y- Herald-Tribune.
(The author, aged 19, an Ameri
can volunteer with the Royal Can
adian Air Force, was killed in ac
tion Dec. 11, 1941.)
ter beans, tomatoes, cole slaw, corn
on the cob, potato salad, home-
Mrs. F. McGowan
Hostess For Club
Mrs. F. W. McGowan entertained
the members el her bridge club at
her home last Wednesday night.
Mrs. Joe Wallace won high score
prize, and Mrs. Louise Mitchell' re
ceived a .guest prise. V After4: the
play, the hostess served fruit salad
and Iced drinks for refreshments. '
Bill Ipock, District Wildlife pro
tector, reminds sportsmen that
combination hunting and fishing
licenses expire oa June 31st. New
licenses are now on sale at all li
cense dealers. V - '
" "' iV'-' Vii ' i' i
Swine parasites cost " American
farmers millions :t dollars each
year la losses thai could be avoid
ed by a simple, control program,
say animal husbandry specialists
TB AC C O : " a WE EiS -;
.-..,-JM.iri.V .,1 4,.. ltlK1 . -v!- ' jjHjjiBi .. f - . I
' - " '"' 'Jj a " ' r.-" "'":'-'-;ri::Tj''i''; I
corsage. . ' -
t (Following the ceremony the
bride's mother entertained at a re
ception. ' The -dining table . was
covered with a white cloth and
centered with a two-tiered wedding
cake topped with a miniature bride
and bridegroom. Green and white
decorations were used in the dining
room. Mrs. W. C. Stafford of Gold,
boro, cousin of the bride, served
the cake. Another cousin of the
bride, Mrs. Dan Wise of Golda
boro loured punch.
The bride wore as her going
aw'roitlit a navy fcw . Cro-.
Farm-tested unci farm-proven original brand of IDE insecticide
v.;;.,,-;i... '. 5-;.; -;V ,; '
controls ,;
-.-.?.! Oil:
Hornworms :
Budworms v :
Flea Beetles
RHOTHANE dW msecticides are
, Easy to use
tow in perracre cost ; : -V - ,
Harmless to foliage and equipment
And safer to the user'
Available from your dealer for dusting or; spraying with7 t
ground or airplane equipment.
HHOTHAWt tnir mm tag. OA. Pal.
Of. ami im pruteipm" fonts wmli-lw.

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