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1 The next Contest this community
should have is one concerning the
rural mallboxee -to see just who
t could make the most attractive box
', ca their mail man's route. Next to
' Pr. the mail man is about the
): most important seemingly man to
expect About two years ago the
V Home Demonstration Club out on
somewhat of campaign In effect
l to standardize and improve tne
x. looks of the mail boxes- and im-
orove the looks of our newly paved
roadsas well as : the unpaved
- ones. Mrs. Rodolph Futreal came
p with a sample which many peo-
1 pie have since- loiiowea wun an
1 eye appealing one which must make
; the carrier smile and make his bur-
" den lighter. Tbla personal go be
, t tween box between each individual
and Uncle Sam should make each
j- of us take pride and a delight in
", : , making at ntflraotive enough to
xreet your mail man with a smile
' and make it a pleasure to deliver
' v- your most . precious treasure
your mail. Think of the long hot
summer days and the long winter
-' bad weather days he hag to face
stopping and starting. Refresh him
with a lovely box. In some sections
of the country you can see differ
ent signs hanging from the bottom,
' denoting perhaps, their favorite
. "".fruit, pet, animal, vegetable, and
vJ'what nots no one-has yet seen a
". human being hanging beneath one
yet but if times keep changing
i '
Wilmington Coca Cola
17 i 4'.,. i i
Bottling Company-
Wnmlniton 'N. C.'
and taxes remain the same who
knows? ''i 1
Many a clear Conscious ha some
times been, mutaxea xor a oaa
memonlf All in all. life is good
to those who are not backward
in coming forward. , .
Mrs. Eula Sanderson left Sat
urdav A. M. for a trio no in Va
where she will tour me sUte and
go sightseeing with a group of Club
women from Wilmington, returning
sometime next week. ;j,'v
Mr. A. L. Gatlln GPO U. S. Navy
returned. Saturday for another
thirty day leave for convesalence
from Bethesda Md. Hospital agalr
after a series of examinations find
him In excellent condition and can
now start, using his foot and leg.
Since going back to Md. Mr. Gat
lln was one of a group of inured
veterans to be entertained at the
home of General George C. Mar
shall at Leesburg, Va. last week
end. Reports is the General is a
handsome hostess and a fine en
Next time you feel you haven't
the right clothes, car, home, fur
niture, or ever looks make a visit
to the home of Mr. and Mrs. B. J.
Norris, of Beulaville, R.F.D. where
wee baby ox twelve years old
weighing only about thirty five lbs.
lies staring and living in an un
known world all bis own, Borned
11 years ago, he has never crawled,
walked, talked.' perhaps heard.
tnd may hot see well, and has only
eaten strained iood and juices fur
food. Drs. everywhere see no hope
for him. I wonder how many peo-
just found out last week. These
cheerful parent whose burden it
is to bear, is bound to live around
darkeness and unhappiness far be
yond the average parents, mingling
among tnelr daily lives and that of
the brothers and sisters of the
little child. I wonder just how
many folks can picture themselves
in this . darkness. Have you good
reason to complain 7 Check.
If you must cry over spilled
milk, ' couldn't you just condense
it just a bit?
Mr. Henry Sanderson of near
Magnolia was down Sunday after
noon Visiting friends and relatives
neN.M '' . .
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Beat of
Wilmington spent the week end
visiting her mother; Mrs. V. Milloy
ana Mrs. a. jr. uatun and family.
'2 ' ' Optometrist
- Wallace. North Care Una
Office Phone: 2051 Residence: 3444
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Sanderson
mnt the dav with the family Sun
day down at Sneads Ferry in their
cottage on the .Beach which lay a
must when time is available. , "
Those G. A. Girls who departed
Mnndav for a week's visit to a Bap
tUt Camp near South Port haven't
been so excited since the last Santa
Claus expectation. Here's hoping
thmr n mi iUt well and have a
nice time, -and return to their
homes safely. Those reported go
lng were: Kay Sanderson, Tbom-
asine Sanderson and Annett ana
Mary Gatlln ' and several others,
nama, iinVnavm. ;' y i v " -' K.:-
Mr. ad Mrs. H. J. Sanderson of
Wallace atoDned over to visit in
Oilnnnitnln after spending the day
at Sneads Ferry with Mr. and Mrs
T.- F.'. Sanderson. r?.'-
, a . t'mA aV ninnlnz on the around" around his plants
theiuvatorTnd wielding thej as a mulch and the results were
hoe In your garden, in a losing baW excellent; 1,
UwlthTeeds uul grass? .Why n Many, vegetables, flowers, egg
iSvJli : I iflanti.vand, cucunfbers (may be
It ta surprising how few igard4 mulched with straw, leaves Or pap
mSnT5f mulch- as art ,r. :. Azaleas, camellias, and blue-
aid in the conservation oi mwi"",
and the control of weeds. A mmchj
- -mini ; i
,4 nvS n x t QWCKv SERVICES fi I t
, ri CLINTON, fi. C
Mailing Address
Box 519 .
Clinton, N. fV
an i
order of the Superior Court of Du
plin County, made in the special
Proceeding entitled: "G. R. DAIL,
ET ALS, EX PARTE" the under
signed commissioner wiu on m
lfiih day of August, ai i:uw
Noon at the courthouse door in
Kenansville, North Carolina, offer
for sale to the highest bidder lor
cash that certain lot or parcel oi
land lying and being in the Town
of Kenansvme, Kenansviue iown
shtD DunUn County. North Caroli
na, and more particularly descriV
ed as follows:
A certain lot or parcel of land
adjoining the lands of H. E. Phillips
on the West, adjoining Kenans
ville Drug Store lot on the East, ad
joining the lands of Duplin County
on the North and adjoining Main
Street in the Town of Kenansville
on the South and being described
a follows:
BEGINNING at a stake on the
North edge of the Street leading
from the Duplin County Court
house in an Eastern direction, the
Southwest corner of the lot own
ed by the Bank of Kenansville, for
merly, at a point which is North 75
West 87 feet from the Southwest
corner of the Dr. A- J. Jones of
fice lot, now owned by C. E. Qulnn
and runs thence with said line of
the said Bank of Kenansville North
15 East 75 feet to a ; stake, ssid
Bank's corner, formerly, in the lice
of J. A. Gavin, formerly, now Du
plin County; thence with the last
mentioned line South 75 East. 37
feet to a stake in said line; thence
South 13 West 75 feet to a stake on
said street: thence with the edge of
said Street North 75 West 37 fee?
to the point of beginning, contain
ing 2775 square leet, more or less.
And being the same lands as set
forth and described in a deed to E.
J. Dail and R. D. Dail as recorded
in Book 284, page 625, of , the Du
plin County Registry, reference be
ing bad for a more complete and
accurate description of same. Ref
erence is also made to tne Last
WU1 and Testament of R. D. Dail jn
Book 10. page 214-216. of the of
fice of Clerk of Superior Court of
Duplin County.
;, A ten per cent deposit rw
quired of the successful bidder as
evidence "of good faith.
Advertised this the 16th dajy of
July. l52.
. t H. E. Phillips, Commissioner
8-14 4X HEP , . , r v'
Ka n material Mich as hay,
strsw, strawy manure, leaves, eaf
mold, peat, sawdust, pines traw, or
paper which can be put down On
the ground around plants for the
purpose of conserving moisture
during the hot, dry, summer weath-t
er. At the same time it will keep
down most of the weeds.
,1 recently read of one gardener
who collected all the cardboard
boxes he could get at the stores,
flattened them out, and put them
berries which desire. aa acid soil
may be mulched with sawdust, leaf
mold, or peat Red raspberries,
dewberries and grapes may be mul
ched with straw or strawy manure.
- In all the cases the mulch should
be applied after the soil has been
well moistened by rain or Irriga
tion. If fertiliser is necessary It
also should be applied before the
mulch is laid down. '
You will find that In small gard
ens a mulch will help solve many
of your cultural, problems. .
veruit J, dm . '
before tiie 2 t. c o i -y.
or thi snotiue wiU be pieddeJ i.
bar of their recovery. All per3ons
indebted to the estate of said de
ceased are hereby requested to
make prompt settlement with the
undersigned. ? ,
- This July 21, 1951-
-Miss. Mary L. Falson, .)
Administratrix, C. T. A.
of1 the Estate of Miss Zilla E.
. . ration, oeceasea, j t
Oxford, North Carolina.) )
tvster & Royster.. Attorneys,
OxfordNorth ccaroiina.
8 28 6T R R
QUESTION: What points should I
be included in a good farm rental
agreement? - ; ,
ANSWER: C. B. Ratchford, In
charge- of farm management ana
l2'to;the'feed?i'--''T'. t-.o lai'.z
ANSWER A recent test by the
U. S. Department of Agriculture
shows that pigs do gain more when
fed ' growth-promoting . .antibiotics
marketing for the . State College but Wn growth la Umited U worms
Extension Service, says a good
lease is one that is written down
on paper; covers "more than one
year, or eUe has an automatic re
newal" ciause i 0 specifies how the
expenses, upkeep, and labor, as
well as Income, are to be sharad;
encourages the tenanj to produce
livestock as well as crops; and pro
vides for permanent improvements
on the land and in the home.
QUESTION Can the ill effects
of worms in hogs be overcome by
adding aureomycln and vitamin B-
are -present' " Even when feeding
aureomycln " ana vitamin' u-n,
farmers still need to control worms
for maximum pork production.
" In the tests, worm-free pigs on
the special diet gained 161 lbs.
each, but those infested with worms
on this diet gained 118 - and 120
pounds, respectively. ; The worm
free pigs on the . regular diet gain
ed 98 pounds and 154 pounds each,
and those infested With worms on
the regular diet gained 70 and 84
pounds each." -1 1 i - ).
:i v.ltct .. -if ,-i i.'i. :i;;'nH -,
O J , O
i Srv, ' 'j0i ' ' 'I Vf. -V V.1 H Vf w
c oooooooooooooooooooooco.
-All Kinds Moulding and Trim-'
, J. - TELEPHONE' 2542 v
' For Free DeliveryPrompt Service
Calypso Veneer Go.
Wildlife Commission To Meet
Clvde P: Pa-tton. Executive Direc
tor of the North Carolina Wildlife
Resources Commission, announced
today that the Commission will
hold its July meeting in jtiaieien
and at Morehead City. . !
The Raleigh meeting wiUf Degin
at? B0-p) m. lpn -Saturday, July
26, when the Commission Will con
vene, in tneir neaaquaners. oiiu.-v
to conferiwith -persona wishing to
discuss any. business to be brought
before the group.
After the Saturday meeting, the
Commission will make an .inspec
tion of some of its operation in the
eastern part of the state, ending at
Morehead Cltv. At Morehead City.
Commission members will eonfer
with members of the 'Department
of Conservation and Development
on' mutual' problems, and conduct
further business as may be . nec-
essary.i''J' -' pv'?'.' iimtrj fat, a
.' The undersigned;' having quali
fied before the qierk. of the Sup
erior . Court of j Duplin county,
North Carolina, as Administratrix.
C. T. A-i of the. Estate of Miss
Zilla E. Falson, deceased this is to
notifv all persons having claims
i mo
For many years the South
tic states have been using;
fertilizer than any other
of the country.
Loin rates on 1952 crop tobacco
range by grades from $74 per 100
rounds for too grades down to
$17 per 100 pounds for certain
'nondescript" grades. M f
Wholesale prices of moat dairy
products are about the same as
they were a year ago. . . t i
kc:p Year
l And Be Sure Of Looking U
, Tour Best Always In
Oothes. ,J
', '-" "-sT'i P
' For A Spotless Spar!
Home Send ,Us
Run And Drapes. We
t v v
will clean Your
IDr.p,. JE' V
i Your Uphols ... -v-jVi U
I Uu 1 1
nack Par4ner,
:: YeH.'' reacih lor
u 'OermeVt h.e()!(,n ? t !
5 time yotf , yi tit .your;
disinfectant to: use :
Iroiind the, farm,
lit'g highly, effective
rs ram vars'itii
73 H
.,u 'f-iT-f-firtmWAVS''1 6i'
rt ii(tnt-z. v,i5i i ' ,
wfJBlt'f Trt ih-uu)U'y
1)1 vriltnoa-vsnuli' 1 ! i. l
You Are Assured Your
Laundry And Dry Clean
ing Get Prompt Atten
- ITkxpcrikncb k
I I i ". CARS , I ,
W."'ST "" "
M i ! ' ' ' 1 Viol?" l''rlJfn,i! "i!
f ;J, .vupi C: ' ncoi-f. r.:u- ,iwt N
Short Course ;
Offered Duplin
llegro Youlh :
"Negro Farm boys and girls of
Duplin County and the. state wl(l
take advantage of the 'low cost.
specialized abort ' course offered
July 21 through 26V Some 1,000
boys and girls from over the state
will gather at A. & T. College in
Greensboro on Monday for the six
day event. . Approximately 50 boys
and girls from the county will par
ticipate. . i
Mrs. Alberta Newkirk' and Mr?.
Mary Williams, 4-R Club leaden
will assist the 4-H Club Agents
with the bulky group, " A
Mrs. Louise Carter Bullock td
Wolfescrape - Township and Miss
Mary Lee Sykes of Kenansville as
seen on the Board Walk at Atlantic
City, N. J. recently where they at
tended the National Convention of
the American Nurses Association.
Mrs. Bullock represented the N. C.
State Commission for the Blind and
Miss Sykes represented ; Kenans
ville and the Duplin County Health
Hf Mwnrr oura
' " ' " J--i-y-i I
: - ; - - :t :j it. 'u, vti.u i j ,vm(i j y " l ,
Yi' - KJ :i' llPi ---ilX -v x-
k.--f.55ST -4-- H .4.. y
rr . a l.u.fhinlla
'. BojW Aaooetanoai
$ thisWml plntorEmbbnen '
Ambuunee Sendee Day or Nleht
. -mil til til I I ill "t ff ' "T
y; e
r 1
i mm asasi aSsssf li aaavav $ aaaa aaaas) anas aysaf sjbjsj - 5
rr lfAiin' nnATrTiAM r afillf
"j i,
IT. :;3 St W 4 i V" t. -S 1 . 'A
1 Power SUtrint now availablf onSube
' .. t, . "v '
u tc Af fKaaamastercptonai tttxtrafOsU
r-wiu uic nucu vye tcu you mac Dusiness is ereac.
-tHis is-to coina Dhrase-a"8hopper'8 ' TheyVe ietting more powtr-and the 1
M markets. ttl 1 ?f f I cii? Wa
..... .i a... .r K . M Hi It 19. ill TO1 l 'kr? .. ! H I f I f. at. r ' - 7 r ? r ' Ji i, Im L 1 X -j. . JL. - . 111''! 'j.
4Vrii2rili"C-.i i-vl, ..V'iili Thei'Ve ifettinil 4,biif.CiirP Coinfdrt :
TOUU arc uuuiu;:ia,Bfcu iwt. ut. wit.
TheyVe8 "getting ;.Vbig-carP c6imfof t, : mor peifepuyiryuick
-t ..-.ui j uA. : a Thftv'r tfettintf fl ride that crtst a million J f ! ""X uiupr ur, m mcir prux or
UlCy gCVlor.VVUl nicy jty uih"' ; ."7.."P- Z-P .ZZ7-X7-" "Tt ittiu ... , . H . ' a
V takingadoublelo,k at price tags. morex rg f
I Mi '-TV i If . . AslTiev like Ihe room: Ae fabrics
j WotmarKelW nerC vTif xtratCeintmenU they Ilnd in thetHwfeatJbeh
- ,
Do you know
Buick prices are down within easy reach'
of the folks whd buy: what known
"the low-pricedkthree.r t, k lt?U
i can do
iT!:--" r f" : vv;, ;s
smart-stepping beauty picturea 55X1 ybfl can afford a ficwarf yda
And they like Ehrnaflow -Diiv&fdf. H uil. th nrn.,H 'nWflpf n,vir
., , i - ; ' . v- '".,," tw www v a V aviMyXaS. . v . 1 g J
;e the way itandleiJ They )&4vfff', trimfyipvitirdb fofutto-
' : , Fact is - a biX chunk of Btiick
',J comes from the; filks who. trade in one
of this low-priced trio. -. L
or very few extra c
, lting a lot moire automobile,
m 1 TiJj j - rsj-i . 1 i. I V. 1S IT SHlUaflU VainEafTaV laiAdffll Aa,
t.of inewsTiisrr:ineerea.ineyiiKeuieDeii 7 r r .
, v . , Jts jp lreDaii o ungine ana mey wee me - " v " , , y f ? i a p 1
sales lis Jks, ,i'4i.U, - -iu?'Akiii sijnsst: .iIalZLi r " '
.1 i. V i . . " . ... I t .. . ...
Ww 4 - t mi : -1 Al M?. S A . . f .,'.T I
ra dollars, ttieye.fe & Rt 7 ; ; : Folks find tkit each one ' f jr , ' -
jtoniobile. " ' is me buy in its field. I ?tfthffiQ M" S
r vet- ; '
' M
i !;3 I r,ifi rnA if
r.r.8 tfisnt-f
IruL rorr:
Zi -t
"If 10
4 test
alL iiir.TS cr i:
s ImI fci ki
wabsaw; ic. a

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