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; Drive Safely '
Don't Be Duplin's
10th Fatality
, " X. AA
. ; 'W"V - " '
mk(B ii i i& HIS
VOL. 19. NO. 43.
Dffre Jo Regis fronts
Coming V tor kdutiion
'Seniors in hieh school who are
satisfactorily pursuing a course of
Instruction that will permit their
graduation at the end of this acad-
. emlc year will he granted a post
ponement of induction until after
their graduation if they make a.
r written request for postponement
and furnish a statement from the
principal of the school stating their
: class standing. : v,'.y..y '
College students will "be post
poned until the end of the present
academic year provided they make
a written request for postponement
and have on file information speci
fically stating that they are pres
ently enrolled and satisfactorily
pursuing 4 full-time course of
study. ;- v "-.
Pink Hill Doctor
Gets Deferment .
Dr. Joseph S. Bower. Pfaik Hill
physician, has- received '. notice of
, service deferment until - April 1,
-1053,1 he announced last week. He
received notice of recall into ac
: tive duty with the .United States
; Navy on October 1. . ...
- pink Hill citizens signed a peti
- tlon requesting he be exempted
from further military service be
cause of his medical value to the
community. Dr. Bower said he will
have to, serve a minimum of 17
: months when, he receives his ord
t ers to report for duty. . ; ' v
i ' 1 .
The beet way for a business man
to handle hard liquor Is to let bis
competitor do the drinung.
Ruf us VilHeins
, Kufus Williams, young (colored
. man of Rose Hill was arrested Mon
day afternoon by Deputy Sheriff
N. D. Boone for 1st degree burg
v. lary. - " '
Around two o'clock Monday mor-
" tXl U1B UUU1V W c. V Aspvuci
about 8 4r41eS' east of Bpse Hill,
Rufust Wftmms got a VmSset from
an out bniidhig, put it under a
' window; toe the screen away and
climbed in the house. ' He used a
flashlight to find his way around
and pulled the light switch and
unscrewed the fuses. Mr. and Mrs.
Teachey were asleep in one bed
room and their daughter1 Helen
Rose in a room across the hall.
Helen Rose heard a noise and got
up to see what it was. She dis
covered she could not get a light
to burn so went into her parents
bedroom, . waked, her , latner ana
told him she was scared, u She told
him about seeing a light flashing
and thought for a few minutes It
: was a ear coming down the road
but soon found out it Wasn't.' Mr.
- Teachey got up, tried the lights
end they would 'not turn on for
. him. He then discovered that the
r . . I .. .. . . , ti , n.
ilgnc BWlDCn naa oeeu puueu. no
caLed Ilepulty Sheriff Norwood
Boone. Boone and Policeman Bear-
ChirgedHVitKSFirst S Burglary
Two Weeks Superior Court Scheduled
, .Here In December;; Jury List
A two week term of Superior
Court will convene here Monday,
December 1st for trial of civil cafes.
Judge John Burney of Wilmington
Is scheduled to preside. The fol
lowing jurors have been chosen for
the two weeks: ffrki
. : , First Week v
ID. P. Moore, A. O. Wilson, Hoy
Southerlahd, W. B, Rivenbark, Geo.
W. Sullivan, H. L. Kennedy, Flave
Kennedy, 'Lloyd C. Jones, Robert
Grady, C. A. Cavenaugh, W H.
Brown, R. V. Williams, Jennings B.
Penny, Ki C. Carter, Wesley Gur
ganus, Erastus Dail Carlton E.
6cott, L.C; English, A. D. Horne,
W. R. Clifton, Herman W. Hugr
gins, Earl ID. i Smith, Nedham
Brown, Re Id E. Fussell, H. L. Pip
pin, D. W. Kornegay, Cloop Swin
son, E. C. Matbis, S. M. Jones, M.
E. Barfield, P. W. Teachey,, Zollie
, Knrnpffv. O. L Brown. William El
mo Maready, J, J. Blanton, David
R. Johnson,
Bill llenillTo Speak
. Bill Hewitt of Clinton, Assistant
(Boy Scout Director f or: fuscarora
Council, will be .the , principal
speaker at New Albertson Chapel
of the Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints Sunday evening,
November 30th at 7:00 p.m.- Mr.
There 'will be a meeting of At
coholics Anonymous at the Amer
ican Legion Homq in Wallace on
' Monday-nighty December 1st at 8
o'clock.' Two outstanding speakers
are on the program. ; ,
' y) n::ibs
A"pn I
t-nC. v ;
r "' fcf
j n, v
3 i v
' n, driving to Washlng
7 to a ttend the wed
, 5 ro."nr, Benjamin
1 1 s car near I-'a-i
is i- into the
i - t - ''. r""n
M i 1 -
Section I
We're Sorry, -Folks
Your Times is smaller than us
ual this week. In planning it Mon
day we reasoned that .this being
Thanksgiving week .advertising
would be light and since the pap
er was coming out on Wednesday
news would be light Here Wed
nesday morning we find we need
at least two more pages to get by
with what normally would be a
minimum but with our equipment
it is too late to add : two more
pages. Only ten pages comes to
you this week. We will make it
up ' next week, carrying the news
and ads that were left; out this
week. It seems that there is Just
no such thing as a small Duplin
Times any more, even occasionally
for a breather. We thank our cor
respondents and advertisers for
their cooperation this week. - The
office will be closed Thursday, Fri
day and Saturday so that our help
may have a few days off . We wish
all of you a safe and enjoyable
Thanksgiving. Ye Editor and wife
will be thinking of you in New
York over the holiday. JUG.
Hot ice
All entrants in the popularity
contest in Magnolia, sponsored by
the Magnolia Women's Civic Club,
and .which was a part; of the show
VShootmg Stars' may get a free
picture toy going to Shubert Wil
liams Studio lh 'Wallace, . No ap
pointment will be necessary. ', j
sArresf ed Monday ;
tlce Fussell with the blood hounds
went to the Teachey home, They
discovered the window and started
the dogs tracking from there 'Vie
dogs trailed the tracks back of the
house Into a field for about 1-2
mile then lost the trail. They
started them from the tracks at
the window again and traded tracks
there. " They gave up that' night.
The next morning Mr. Teachey call
ed Boone and he and SB1. James
Bradshaw of Burgaw came. They
followed -tracks leading down into
the field. They noticed from the
tracks that the person had a de
formed foot They saw a colored
man working down in a field, went
to him and asked to see his shoe.
He was their man. But us Williams
admitted to them that he was the
one who entered the house, t. He
said he did so hoping to find some
chant brine 'around. , ;
- Williams was given a hearing be
fore Justice of the Peace C. B. Sit-,
terson. - He told his story. Pro
bable cause was found. x Williams
was charged -with first degree burg
lary, placed in the Duplin County
fail without bond, to be tried in
the next term of Superior Court
on January Z6.
IW. O. Jones, A. E. WlUiams, Al
ibeA A. Carter. Remus Creel, L. R
Whitfield. Ernest Jones, R. A.
Oates. (Leonard Grady, W, P.
Brown, M. W. Sutton, W. J. Boy-
ette, H. D. Kornegay, Cleon Smith,
David E. Cavenaugh Wllbert Jen
oett, M.vT, James, R. A. Mobley,
O. H. James, Jr., Paul Southerland,
S. H. Mallard, Jno. W. Brice, J. H.
Miller, Perry King, C. R. Edwards,
Paul Cottle,- - Thunnan 1 Brown,
Wayne Quinn, Pi W. Teachey, Ro
land Thomas, T. C. Edwards, D. W.
Buckner, James E. Whitfield, Jesse
Lanier, J. L. Rich, A. R, Wood, Jes
se D. Thompson. I ' . :
' L. F. Blanchard, Archie Hender
son, Willim D. Brown, E. E. Ma
ready,. C. L. Sloan, Tommie Baker,
Jr.. J. H. Cavenaugh. Ralph Ma-
reaoy, Amos J. iwiaw, jvi. j. trope,
Leslie Bradshaw, Millard Ecdwards,
Nlek Edwards, J. A. Swinsen, Jr.,
R. B. Dickson, Marcus Jones, Onnle
Whaley, Ben S. Swinson, Jr. . i
. ' i
At Altsrtson Chapel
Hewitt is an Interesting speaker
and always has an inspiring mes
sage for, his, listeners.' Aioertson
Chapel sponsors a Boy Scout troop
among its group. All members and
the general public is invited to at
tend this meeting.- ?
The public throughout this area
Is invited and' urged to attend.
Bot.i men and women are invited.
Rem; d your friends and neighbors
who ht not see this notice.!
Jured was little- Johnnie Brown.
Johnnie's grandfather, M s o n
Brown's mouth struck Johnnie on
the head and one of his teeth cut
inte Johnnie. Others in the, car
were, Mille Ivey, Mrs.. - Mason
Brown and Mrs. iotty Brown. . ..
' FJ)EHWnKJ rrrL-
EiEhodtofr t i , av..,e( -,jrWont
pi e n"y o"-i-a.
lal ' Lil l: ' "-y;1 f
- .( a t lr f. La t
WLA002 Govt. PdBx Washington DC Nov 20 241P
Bob Grady , ; ? ;
Kenansville N Car
Just received a telephone call from public health
service; informing me of approval of Duplin General
Hospital application. Department states that approval
covers total cost of $776,250 of which the federal govern
ment contributes; $263,925 and that the building will
contain 50 beds and 15 bassinets. ; ' v
Graham A Barderi M C $776,250 $263,925 50 15
: : It is now expected that the contract will be let
about December 15th to 20th and work sHould get under
way about the first of the year.
No Loitering
Corporal Brooks of the State! sary. The Times will pubhsEnames
Highway Patrol has been requested 'of any person or persons found
by officials to have members of 'parking on or using school prop-
the State Patrol in Duplin make
regular checks on scnool grounds
throughout the county and Kenan
Auditorium in Kenansville for per
miscous parking and loitering "at
nights. . Cpl. Brooks said his force
would be glad to cooperate with
school officials 1 and report any
violations of parking1 regulations
and making arrests when neces-.
Sfafe-Vide Meeting To Discuss
Rural Fire Protection Is Called
A second state-wide meeting to
discuss Rural Fire Protection has
been called by Commissioner of
Insurance, Waldo C. Cheek, and
will be held at 10:0& a.m., Decem
ber 3, 1952. in the Assembly Room
of tne Kowan county Liorary in
Salisbury; North. Carolina. - ' '
At this conference, tt 4s expected
a definite plan will be agreed to
concerning areas qualifying for col
lection of Firemen's Relief Fund
Tax, preferred, procedure In the
organization of fire districts and
municinak wl shins to extend Pre
taction to rural areasV and areas
qualifying for reoucec; tire msur
ance rates.-'" ' : . "
This meeting follows a previous
statewide nwetirif held in Salis
bury in October at'wnicn time a
of their study at the meeting in
Hold Southeastern
The Southeastern District Feder
ation of , Home Demonstration
Clubl held its Eighth Annual Meet
ing at the Shawton High School at
Lllllngton .North Carolina. -? The
theme of the meeting was, Today's,
Home Builds Tomorrow's World.'
Greetings to the delegates was giv
en by Mrs. Pernicy Swinson, Pres
ident of the Southeastern District
Federation, and Mr. J. S. Spivey,
Principal of the Shawton High
School. 1
The address was given by Mrs.
Harriet Pressly, Woman's Program
Director for Radio Station WPTF,
Raleigh. " Mrs. Pressly spoke on
'Making a Career of Homemaklng
Mrs,? Pressly in her address said
that the home-maker was (D a
peace maker, doctor and nurse.
She stated that the homemaker in
the - Home Demonstration Clubs
should challenge' themselves and
go out and get 'new members into
the clubs. 'The women of the Home
Demonstration Clubs should work
more in the churches, and the edu
cation of the child and community
activities, such - as P.TA, are also
Rev: John Grant: Is
TAX SON ,Thft Reverend John
Grant, ministerial student of Car
ter Bible College, Goldaboro, has
accepted the pastorate of the Mil
ler's Chapel Free Will Baptist
(Church near' Faison, and will
preach , there ' . each . .second l and
fourth Sunday, it was announced
by offivlasa of the Church.
Rev.' Mr. Grant is an ordained
minister of the Wilmington Con
ference of the Free Will Baptist
Negro Home Demonstration Club Women
Miller's Chapel Free Will Baptist Church
Substitute Clerk At
The United States Civil Service
Commission announces an opening
competitive examination for' the
position of substitute clerk. War
saw, N. C. Post Office. At entrance
salary of this position is one dol
lar and sixty ens 1-8 cents per
hour.. '.- v .; v V v.., '.
1 Applications for this position will
be' accepted by the Director, 4th
U. S. Civil Service Region, Tem
porary. Building, 3rd and Jef
Vcrs:ySeOT-yafer Bond Bids Are Out
Officials of Warsaw have announ
ced the bids en the water and sew
er bond project have been rejected:
'I'nis ran several tnousana aouars
1 her than money allotted. Bids
vi . J be reopened on the project in
the early erring. .' ..
rrfcpre is no escarp the fact
f at r I '..( r our nr i nor any
i ,r( it It' 3 t " :ie Com-
erty for private purposes. It Is a
violation of the law to usurp school
property for private purposes
without permission of' officials.
TICE. The flagrant disregard for
decency and respectability on the
part of some of you has made this
action necessary, vj .
Salisbury. Members of this com
mittee Include Chief Jack Wake
field, Guilford College Fire Depart
ment Guilford County; Mr. H. E.
Williams, Safety Engineer, Field
crest Mill, Rockingham County;
Chief p. L. Cox; Durham Fire De
partment, Durham County; Chief A.
A. Ferryman, Wrigbtsboro Fire De
partment, New Hanover County;
Mr John . Wallace, Troy Fire
Department Montgomery County;
Chief Harold V. Glover, South Sal
isbury Fire Department, Rowan
County; Mr.- Hugo Heidenrelcb, re
presenting Mecklenburg County;
Mr. Wally Dunham, Forsyth Coun
ty Commissioner, Forsyth County.
'Invitations to this meeting have
been extended' to County Commis
sioners Fire Departments. Mayors,
District Meeting
the responsibility of the homemak
er. Mrs. Pressly concluded her
address by saying that a house is
built of wood. brlcK and stone, but
a home is built of love, trust, hon
esty; peace and happiness.
Skits were given by . women of
the following counties:- Cumber
land, on "Family Budgeting'; Har
nett County, 'Aims, tt Objectives of
Home Demonstration Clubs:' John
son County, 'Use of Modern Cleans
lng Equipment : and Wake Coun
ties 'The Importance of Using En
riched Cornmeal.' '
The members of Duplin County
Home Demonstration Clubs who at
tended were as follows: Mesdames
Marie S. McCalop, Naomi Huff in.
Emma Wallace, Emma Powers,
Dorothy Powers, Edna Wallace, Es-
telle Bryant, caiiie Stevens, Jar-
earet Herring. Florence Ingram,'
and Davetta Herring. The report
of the Achievements made by Du-
plin County for the year was given
by Mrs. Marie McCalop of Warsaw,
. By Mrs. F. W. Conbett
Negro Home, Demonstration ' ;
: Agent. . .
New Minister At
Denomination. Miller's Chapel is
a member of the Cape Fear Con
ference, Mr. Grant is a native of
Snow Hill in Greene County. For
several years he was the full time
pastor of Mill Street Free Will
Baptist Church in Rocky Mount. ;
In connection with the Miller's
Chapel pastorate, he will serve the
Turkey F.WS. Church each first
and. third Sunday. : , V , .
Warsaw Post Office
ferson Drive, S. W.; Washington
,25, D. C. until further notice. '
Competitors will be required to
report - for written examination!
which will Jie held as soon as prac
ticable after the date set- for the
close of receipt ; of 'applications.
Full- information, and application
blank may.' be obtained from Sec
retary, Board of U. S. Civil-Service-
Examiners, at the Warsaw Post
Office, North Carolina.
Reprted B:I!ar
Last reports from Sheriff Ralph
Miller state he is doing fine in a
Kinston hospital where he under
went an emergency operation last
week for appendicitis. -He Is ex
pected to be back home in a few
ays.v -.: , . 'I.'. ,
IlKievementTjgjDec. 3rd.
f - :S ' ' r " : ' ' " " " i ' ' i " , U ' iii I The Duplin County Home Dem-
Lodgtf Supper Here
At School Lunch
; St "John's Xdge, A.F. & AM.
will hold the' regular December
supper ' at the local school lunch
room on December 4th. Repair
work in the lodge dining hall makes
this necessary. Regular commun
ication: will be held in the lodge
hall Immediately following the sup
per.l, , .-.r-'.'
-.'A . i i . . :
25:Year Old lleqro
John Dee Newkirkt 25 year old
colored man was arrested Saturday
night,-November 22 for raping Elno
Rose Huffln, 18 year old colored
girl at Cabin, . .
John Dee Newklrk went into the
negro joint and -stuck -knife ag
ainst Elno Rose Huffin's back and
trrahbed her by the hair on the back
of her head and made her go out
side to a car parked near toy, where
he choked her and bit ner in sev
eral places and . raped her. After
the act was completed the girl got
away from him and went to Wallace
where she took out a warrant for
him. Constable John Butts and Po
liceman E. W. Whitaker made the
arrest. , :
The hearing was before L. R.
Brown. Newfirk plead not guilty
but probable cause was found and
he was placed in the Duplin County
Jail to be held without bond un
til the next term of Superior Court
in January. . . . y' -
Pvt. John Kennon
Plans Exercises
ALASKA Army paratrooper
Pvt. John C. Kennon, son of Mr.
and Mrs. Furnnie Kennon, Route
2, Kenansville, N., C, winds up
the final phase this week of his
participation in isxereise warm
Wind, a test of United States Alas
kan 'defenses. .A .... . .
The exercises began for him al
most a month ago when he was
airlifted from Fort Campbell, Ky.,
to Alaska in th longest military
airlift on record Since that time
he has been glyiA-iold weather in
doctrination and pitted against
an enemy 'aggressor force, in re
alistic, cold weather maneuvers
which included a paradrop of more
than 300 ld0Wfrom his regi
ment." """-'Ijv: "
He has participated with elem
erita from 'AkSiForce. Navy, and
ifrilTdfefenseVttuifStflf Alaska In a
rlald exercise' .'to' test eauioment,
supplies and logistical support for
artic fighting', He was fully equip
ped with ite-plates cold-weather
and special cldthing, '
An assistant flO-mm. mortar gun
ner In Ckmpair.M the 303d Air
borne Reginwntit-ipombat Team,
Private KenhrtKn(ered the Army
in uctooer. iwaxv.vy
Mrs. Haittie DaU
.' Mrs. Hattie Dail, 64, widow of
Octave Dan of Mt. Olive, died Wed
nesday Nov.- lath at 8 a. m. in a Ra
leigh hospitals Surviving are four
daughters. Mrs Vernon Batchelor,
of Mount Olive with whom she liv
ed, Mrs. W. C. Smith of Ingold,
Mrs. Ralph Johnson of Roseboro,
and Mrs. . Robert - Lamb of Fort
Bragg; one sister, Mrs. Matthew
Bell of Mt. Olive, Route 2. Funer
al services were held Thursday at
3 p. m. in the chapel of the Tyndall
funeral home, with the Rev, Russell
Harrison, pastor of the Methodist
Church, officiating, and burial was
in Maplewood Cemetery.
Let yourself and not your words
oreach for you. ;
Radicalism isn't a principle it's a
stomach condition, , .
II tf 1 a-'l;!!
nem ror Kape
SUBSCRIPTION RATE: S.50 par year in VnpUn and adjoining
cniintlMt X4.A0 notsidn thla area In N. VS5.0C utald w C.
Pink Hill Names Georii Turner Fire
Chief; Other Men To
Named to operate the new $10,-
000 lire truck received for Pink
Hill last week are the -following:
Fire chief, George Turner; Asst.
Chief, J. V. Caudill; Captain, Jep
sie Pickett; 1st Lt, Burnice Mal
pass; 2nd Lt, Levi Everett. Driv
ers. Alton Taylor, enns uoomos,
Herman Stroud, Johnny Westbrook,
New York Yankee
Of Wallace Lions Club Monday
champion, New York Yankees base
ball team was guest speSker at the
meeting of the Wallace Lions Club
Monday night at 6:30 at the Amer
ican Legion building there.
Scarborough has pitched with the
Washington Senators, Chicago
White-Sox, Boston Red Sox and
the New York Yankees. He won
five important ball games for the
world champs in September which
materially assisted in placing the
Yankees in the October World Se
Claude Heeler was in charge of
the program and made the arrange
ments tor Mr. &car.Dorougn 5 visu.
He introduced the speaker. Spe
cial euests at the meeting were
Coach Thell Overman and Assis
tant Coach Miles Buck of Wallace
High "school. Members of the ath
letic teams of the school were
guests of the Lions.
The Yankee pitcher is a former
school teacher, farmer and pickle
salesman for the Mount Olive Pic-
Next Monday
Is Important
Day In Duplin
Next Monday, December 1st, will
find the court house here a busy
place. All officers elected in the
November election will take their
office and all re-elected will take
the path again. The Board of
County Commissioners will reor
ganize and name a new chairman.
Emmet Kelly will replace L. P.
Wells on the board and Mrs. Chris
tine Whaley Williams will replace
Gilbert Outlaw in the Register of
Deeds Office. .
Duplin Library
Board Has Meeting
The Duplin County Library
Board met on Wednesday of last
week. County Librarian Dorothy
Wightman, reported. Miss Evelyn
Day Mullen, chairman of public
libraries in Eastern Carolina was
present and spoke oh development
of public libraries in jjupun. . ane
is working with the board on some
of the local problems. The Duplin
County Library gets state aid each
year and her talk had to do with
the best use of this money. The
local library receives $3200 a year
from the state and an annual bon
us of $300 to $400. Members of
the board attending were: Mes
dames Lawrence Southerland,
chairman; N. B. Boney of Kenans
ville; W. ii. curton, liaison; raui
Potter, Warsaw and Lula Herring
Of Rose Hill. ' '
. The Magnolia-Rose Hill high
school Juniors will present a three
act Jnvsterv Slav. 1Aoartment 13'
on Friday night, December 5 at 8:00
o'clock in the Rose Hill school au
ditorium. Admission 25c ana tuc
Juniors To Present
Play 'Apartment 13'
Man jjeiy Fire Truck
A 3. Taytojj,' and Wilbur Tyndall.
Noezlemen J. F. Williamson,
Clyde Hartman,- Aaron Murphy.
Johnny Jones, Newtoert Adams and
John Bell Jenkins.;'
Hose-men 8am Davis, Graham
Turner. Woodrow Smith, Horace
Lee, Adolph Howard, Jr., and.JSth-
ro niuv -' ".'..'iv,-r vi" , a
Pitcher Was; Guest
11a rMn.nv i ',:W A1ttAjtA llfi Tflnmi.
milounfoiiv during the off seiH
son. , '
Justice Sitferson
Makes Report
The following is a report from
Justice of the Peace C. B. Sitter
son on arrest made in Duplin
County recently.
Aaron Peterson, R.F.D.. Mt. Olive
was arrested on November 16 by
Deputy Sheriff R. M. Byrd for
driving a motor vehicle while in
toxicated. He plead guilty and was
placed under a $200 bond for ap
pearance in County Court.
Nathanel Leroy James, Rt. 1,
Maple Hill, arrested by Patrolman
J. S. Briley for driving a motor
vehicle without operators license.
Cited to County Court.
Adolph Bostic, arrested by Pat
rolman F. E. Epps on November
7th for operating a motor vehicle
on the public highway of N. C.
with improper registration, to wit,
dealers license tag for private bus
iness. Cited to County Court.
Edgar Holmes .arrested Novem
ber 16 by Deputy Sheriff R. M.
Byrd for being drunk in a public
church In Calypso while church
was being held. He plead guilty
and was confined to Duplin County
Jail for .a- period of 30 days to
work the roads under supervision
of the State Highway Commission.
Leslie Earl Moore, arrested Nov
ember IS by Patrolman C. C. Hest
er for falling to stop for a stop
sign where sign was properly post
ed. He paid a fine of $10 and
court cost. r
Ossie Graham arrested by Patrol
man C. C. Hester on, November
16 for parking improperly on pub
lic highway plead guilty. Road
sentence suspended on condition
that he pay a fine of $10 and court
Albert Grayson Albert arrested
on November 19 for speeding and
falling to stop for a stop sign by
Patrolman C. C. Hester. Cited to
County Court.
Brown Lucia-n James, arrested
on November 23 for speeding by
Cpl.-T. G. Brooks, patrolman, was
cited to County Court.
Harvey Sinclair, arrested by E.
W. Whltaker, Policeman on Novem
ber 22, for appearing in a drunk
en condition in the town of Wal
lace. , He plead guilty and paid
court cost
Charles Frances Cook, arrested
on November by Patrolman J. S.
Briley for speeding was cited to
County Count. "
Elwood Rudolph Heath arrested
on November 21 by Patrolman Bri
ley for careless and reckless driv
ing was cited to County Court
Rex Batls, arrested November 18
by Patrolman Briley for driving in
a careless and reckless manner,
tail spinning, was cited to County
Court ,,v
Carolo Lanier arrested on Nov
ember 18 by Patrolman Briley for
careless and reckless driving, tail
spinning, was cited te county court.
Avery Lee Cottle, on November
23 was arrested by Patrolman W'
Proctor for speeding. He waseited
to County Court. iVv ;
James Grant Highsmith,1 arrest
ed on November 25-by Cpl. Brooks
for speeding was cited to County
Court - - vsv .
onstration Federation will hold -its
Achievement Day Program on
Wednesday afternoon, December 3,
1952. In . the Kenansville High
School Auditorium at 2:30 o'clock.
Mrs. J. B. Torrans, Council
Chairman will preside.
The theme of this Achievement
Program will be 'International.
Good-Will.' Miss Nancy Prltiett,
I. F. Y. E. 4-H Student, just return
ed from Germany will be guest
speaker. She will present slides
and tell of her experiences. A
special guest will be Mr. Hans
Framzen. a German Exchange Tea
cher who will be in the county at
that time.
The Duplin Choral Group under
the leadership of Mrs. Robert
Blackmore will present a short pro
gram ,f favorite hymns, followed
by devotions to be presented by
Rev. Lauren Sharpe, Kenansville
Baptist minister.
Toe various Club s outstanding
achievements w!il be given by
club presidents in a panel report. .
OB. F. Grady, Mrs. Dempsey
Smith; Maple, Mrs. Kit Brinson;
Outlaw's Bridge, Mrs. M. L. Out
law; Chinquapin, Mrs. E. Green;
Rose Hill, Mrs. Roy Southerland;'
Mineral Springs, Mrs. B. D. Lloyd;
Pasture Branch, Mrs. Jack Albert
son; Teachey, Mrs. Charles Hearn;
Lanefield, Mrs. Herman Phillips;
Hbmemakers, Mrs. James Whit
field;La Place, Mrs. Lonnie Bell;
Scott's Store, Mrs. Zollie Korne
gay; Penny Branch, Mrs. Bill Vann;
ftockfish, Mrs. Amanda Williams;
Miller, Mrs. Herman Miller; Tin
City, Mrs. Norman Whaley; Mays
ville, Mrs. Liston Swinson; Mag
nolia, Mrs. J. W. Evans; East Mag
nolia, Mrs. Stacy Cavenaugh; D. S.
Club, Mrs. Francis Usher; Bummer
lin Cross Roads, Mrs. E. M Whit
man; Bethany Chapel. Mrs. Gordon
Thigpen; Friendly, Mrs. O. D. Hol
land; Cabin, Mrs. Bland Nobles;
Franklin, Mrs. Elbert Davis; Calyp
so, Mrs .Owen Sutton.
A welcome will be extended by
Mrs. E. A. Newton. President of
Kenansville Woman's Club.
Special music selections will be
given by Mrs. Florence Currie's
third grade in the Kenansville
school. : ,.u
lITflrm RiirAjUft. nrtzAs uill AA aw
arded by Mr. Leroy Simmons,
County Chairman of the Duplin
Farm Bureau.
Mrs. David Williams will be in
charge of club awards. Perfect at
tendance pins and guards and read
ing Certificates will be given. The
attendance Cup will be awarded
to the club with most members pre
sent at Achievement Program.
Clubs with highest scores will be
given prizes by county score-keeper,
Mrs. M. L. Outlaw, and prizes
will be awarded to clubs having
outstanding exhibits.
All club members and friends of
club work are invited.
Following the general meeting, a
social hour and tour of club exhi
bits will take place in the Kenan
Memorial Auditorium. The exhib
its this year are shaping up to be
the best yet. Many phases of clun
work will be portrayed.
Those Committees in Charge of
arrangements are as follows:
Registration, Rose Hill Club;
Courtesy, Teachey Club; Program,
Penny Branch flub; De-coration,
B. F. Grady Club ;Exhibits, Scott's
Store Club: Refreshmenls, Sum
merlin Cross Roads Club; Music,
Duplin Choral Group.
Pauline S. Johnson
Home Agent
Florida Minister
At Warsaw Church
Next Sunday
(Important Notice
Rev. J. S. Garner TH.M.; of the Presbyterian Church of Orlan
do, Fla., will hold services at eleven
a.m. on Nov. 30. The public is cor
dially invited.
Army Takes 15
From Duplin
The local draft board announces
the names of fifteen Duplinites in
ducted ireto the Army on November
17th as follows:
WHITE: Johnny Whaley, Wal
lace; Orvis Brown, Beulavllle; Wy
att Elwood Roberts, Rt. 2, Mt
Olive; Arnold Ray Strickland, Fai
son; Douglas Wills Townsend, Al
bertson; Clifton Herring Brock,
Beulaville: Lenwood Horace Heath,
Rt. 2, Mt. Olive and Leonard Rus
sell Raynor, Beulaville.
-COLORED: James Henry Best
Warsaw; James Jerome Hatcher,
Rose Hill; Guy Vernon Miller,
Kenansville; David Hall, Jr., Rose
Hill;. Learn on Ross Loftin, Faison;
James Owen Phillips, Kenansville
and Cerdozo Perciville Carlton,
The B. F. Grady Home Demon
st ration Club will meet with Mrs.
Scott Herring on Monday night,
December 8, instead of December
1, as has been previously announc
ed. The club will enjoy a Christ
mas party at this time. Mrs. Demp
sey Smith is President of the Club.

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