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. fly BOB GRADY ,
i ODanayUIeWanaw-BtaiitollaT.
Warsavr and Magnolia, , In the
. wake of the proposed Calypso
' Falson High school consolidation,
have come up with an Idea. Last
week a delegation ? approached
. Board of Education Chairman Dallas
' Herring with 'the idea, Mr.; Herring
merely passed ' along their action,
making: no: comment X&kty-H.!-'?e-
i The proposal la that ' Xehanarllle;
Warsaw and Magnolia high schools
. consolidate 'into one .master school
' with a new and modern plant lp
' cated aomewhere in 'the 'neighbor
, bood of the Johnson Baptist Church,
at an equal distanceTrom the three
towns. 'J'ift vrfc' 5
, A first impulse of many will be
to oppose it No community likes to'
lose its school. The- fact, remain
; however that further consolidation
-is inevitable If Duplin High Schools
are going, to give our young folk
' the training they need. Should these
three high schools unite there could
. 'be developed one of the finest vo
cational departments to be found in
" any high school in Eastern Carolina.
'' The three agricultural units, home
economics units and a . complete
business course could be given in
' - -addition to other vocational train
Ing programs for those who do not
' pursue their education further, A
music ' department second to none
i: ' could be developed. Many courses
- that are not now offered in the
. three schools could be given, such
; as wider variety of foreign langu
.ages, even Latin could be 'restored,
' "'a subject the Writer thinks should
be required (old fashioned? maybe.)
Consolidate the three libraries and
,v ' it would surpass anything in the
'. county. With such a unit -as this
'" I think, in time, endowments could
:',be developed. A school of this type
should command nothing at all
V less than M.. A. vteachers, And,
.. sports fans, think about the football.
l --ketbaU. aaJ.baU teams
, -that could be developed as weu as
Stk and other sports not now in
- yyied In, and what a; band?
s I believe if a well rounded pro
; gram opuld be developed that pri
'cvate contributions could be secured
0 aid in the construction.
' Let's give' this ' some serious
. thought all o fus in all three com
munities, before Jumping at snap
'v judgements. The idea - cannot be
' carried out tomorrow but it is an
' r ideal to work tpward. Kenansvllle,
t Warsaw and Magnolia can do It In
:.- big way if they want to and if
they want to give their youngsters
c the very best possible in education
; advantages they will think in favor
of such an idea. Modern. transpor
tation and modern roads are open
ing vistas of opportunities undream
ed of in rural Duplin County. ' ?
, The idea does not call for conso
lidation of the primary and elemen
tary schools. By relieving the con
v gestlon in present buildings' the
': lower grades could expand more
and do better work.
v''Vi;'-:'?''' " ,''"' .
' lodge Moore
' Judge Clifton I Moore of Bur
gaw will address the Boy Scout
rally here Tuesday night ' Duplin
Scouters fortunate in having the
- opportunity, to hear Judge Moore.
w He has been outstanding in Boy
' " Scout work in Pender County for
, many years. " 1 ' K ' , -
In our opinion one of the best, if
not the best appointment Governor
' . Umatead has made since taking of
v flee was the naming of Judge Moore
to the Superior Court bench to
succeed Judge John J. Burney. We
v predict a long and useful Judicial
, career for Judge Moore, We would
1 like to nominate him here and now
- as a future member of the Supreme
Court of North Carolina.
' For some , time now " we , have
looked with questioning eyes at the
red strips on auto bumpers. One
thing we dont like 'is to see autos
; plastered with stickers, posters and
' ' bumper strips eta Our modern
automobiles are all pretty and we
hate to see them marred by a lot of
.' junk. However of late we have been
j thinking about the" red strips on
1 auto bumpers and have concluded
that all cars should, have them on
- front and rear bumpers. To date
the Times' cars do not have them
hut soon wilt It you have paid any
C-'terttlon to cars you approach from
,e rear at night with the stickers
on them you have found they warn
you in ample time that you are
approaching a car. Wouldn't it be
' a good idea to place them on all
" bridge abutments? These little red
stickers, called "Scotchlite", may
be the means of saving hundreds of
Uvea on our highways. ' -
to rrrcr.:
A4.4 i-aViU.XiftA'
pi C t, t i- Prawn's Garage)
A ami GunJdy IC5-1 (I Skarpe)
!. or ( f no anawer at KM) call
I M (3. T. Brvwn.)
J. SrnidlijClagnoliajDuplin Timber
Land Cv;ner Qualified Tree Farmer
Mr. J. A. Smith of Magnolia has
been practicing gooa lorest manage
ment for the past ten years. During
this time ne has improved me pine,
stands by taking .out trees of bad
quality and diseased trees. He has
also ' done some prunning in his
stands of young loblolly pine, cut
ting out undesirable hardwood frees
that interfere with the growth and
development of his pine timber. Mr.
Smith has a system of roads through
-out his forest 'land that serve a
duel purpose, as forest fire breaks
and roads to haul his timber pro
ducts to market ') i ?
s The Tree Farm system is a pro
motional program to-develop good
forest management practices, and is
promoted nationally by the 'Ameri
can Forest Products Industries of
Washington, D. Ci This program is
designed to give special recognition
to tlmberland ' owners who -have
done a good Job managing their
forests and protecting it from, fqrest
tires; thereby Inspiring others in
their immunities, j -;
Foresters of the Department of
Conservation and Development, Di
vision of Forestry, made ' the in
spection on Mr. Smith's holdings,
and reported that he is a leading
forest conservationist in his com
munity. ,
At a recent social held for De
partment of Conservation and De
velopment employees . of Duplin
County, a Timber Farm Certificate
was awarded Mr; Smith. - c...
Seventy interested persons . from
the Warsaw Community met at the
Grammar School Tuesday night and
perfected organization of a Cub
Scout Pack. This, was the third and
last in a series of meetings in which
parents have worked with Rev.
Norman Flowers, chairman of the
committee appointed by the War
saw Rotary. CJuh which-is sponsor,
ing the Warsaw Cub Pack and Joe
Brown-of Clinton, Field Executive
of Duplin: and Sampson Counties.
Arnold Davis was appointed Cub
master with Harlee Jones and Bill
Vann as assistant Cubmasters. Work
ing with Rev. Flowers on the local
committee are James Franklin
Strickland,4 J. ' P. Harmon, Glenn
Rollins, Milton West Rev. Paul Mull
and Lawtoh Albertson.
; Six Dens were organized with
Den mothers and chiefs as follows:
Den 1, Mrs. James Sauls Den moth
er with Freddie Revelle Den Chief;
Den 2, Mrs. J. W. Boyette Den
Mother with Charles Powell Den
Chief; Den 3, Mrs. A. C. Lockamy
Den Mother with Jimmy West Den
Chief; Den 4, Mrs. Bill Vann Den
Mother with Litch P. Huie Den
Chief; Den 8, Mrs. Paul Potter Den
Mother with Larry McCullen 'Den
Chief; Den 6, Mrs. Belton Minshew
Den Mother with K. Walker Stevens,
Jr. Den Chiet ' j :: v
The Warsaw Cub Pack will he
numbered 20 the same as the regu
lar Scout Troop, . . .. '
The' boys' in each den will hold
V . ... . .
a weekly meeting with their Den
Mother and Den Chiet Once
month .all Jens together with the
parents , of the boys will hold a
monthly Pack Meeting. 1. . a . ,
This brings to S the number of
active Cub Scout Packs operating in
the county. u -
, ' by Grady, Mercer y ,' .
: $2,704.81 was spent by Uie Duplin
County Chapten The National
Foundation for Infantile Paralysis,
in assisting families of local patterns
to meet the high costs of hospitali
zation, doctor bills, orthopedic ap
pliances and transportation, accord
ing to a ' report "submitted bf Mr.
Earlle C. Sanderson, . Treasurer, of
the local chapter. These funds were
spent In assisting 2 cases of polio
stricken in 1953 and tor continuing
care for ,1 cases of polio stiH re
quiring assistance from : previous
years. Since all the chapter members
are Volunteers, no funds were spent
for administrative expenses. ;
The availability of funds to help
pay iot this expensive disease is
one urgent reason tor contributing
to the March of Dimes," says Mr.
Grady Mercer and Attorney Russell
Lanier, Campaign Directors. "In ad
dition, prospects for a vaccine,
which may, prevent polio, appears
good, but the tests this spring will
cost a lot of money. This means
individual contributions must . be
ncreased it the goal Is to be reached.
"We, therefore, appeal to every
citizen in Duplin County to give
more in to the March of Dimes."
Mr. Smith receiving Timber Farm I
Certificate from District Forester,
Herlevich of Whiteville, and Duplin
Contracts Let Yesterday For Addition
To, Duplin Agricultural Building
Bids were accepted here yesterday
for a large addition to the Agricul
tural building. The bidding totaled
$36,380.00 including everything.
Plans call for construction of a
unit onto the rear of the present
building, two stories high. The
lower or ground floor will be oc
cupied by the P-MA- and will have
two offices, a large, room,
contact room and a vault Entrance
"to Ihe PJlJCoffices" will be from
the southeast side of the building.
The present old library building is
to be moved and entrance from
the sidewalk will be through this
area. Colored toilets for men" and
women will also be on the ground
floor with entrance on the north
side. V
The main floor, on a level with
the present auditorium, will house
the Soil Conservation service, Farm
Home Administration and Crop In-
surance. with toilets for : white
women and men. . v ; J
The present basement Will be
Tri-C6unfy .e$ders
Tuscarora Councnr.wwttH.Thead
quarters in Goldsboro, will serve as
host, to a tri-couhty Volunteer Lead
ers Training CUhicon February 28,
27, and 28. In fact there will be
two clinics in operation simultan
eously, one at the East End School
in Goldsboro for Colored Scouters
and one at the' Goldsboro" High
School for White Scouters. The East
Carolina Council with headquarters
in Wilson, apd the Occoheechee
Council with headquarters in Ral
eigh, will join forces with Tuscarora
in. furnishing trainees and faculty
members. National and :: , Regional
Executive Staff members will di
rect the training. Scout, Leaders
from 'this 87 county area, served by
the three Councils, will spend- a
most valuable week end seeking
new methods and exchanging tech
niques. This will be North Caro
lina's largest Volunteer Scout Lead
er's Training Program. ; 'T'f
The opening session for both clin
ics will be , a supper meeting on
Friday, February 28 at 6:30 pjn.
Meals for the white course will be
served at the Goldsboro High
School Cafeteria, and for the Color
ed group; at the East End School
Cafeteria. The closing session tor
the white Scouters will be 1:00 pxa.
Sunday, February ?8. The Colored
Clinic will close Saturday night 3
,.".''; V j - ' ,,j.'t i V
' Invited to participate in this
Training activity- are: (1) members
of toe leadership Training Com
mittees, (2) persons who will serve
as faculty members in local trains
ing courses, (3) Commissioners, (4)
Cubmasters, (5) Scoutmasters, (6)
Explorer Advisors, (7) Den Mothers.
Faculty Advisors from the Nation
al Office of the Boy Scouts of
America will be E. E. Hoisington,
Assistant Director of Volunteer
Training, K. H. Haysbert, member
ot the National Training Staff, and
Marlln Selg ot the Cub Scout Ser
vice, John Shutt of the Regional
Office in Atlanta, and Frank Wood,
member ot the National Cub jScout
Committee will participate. . X :
Courses will be offered In Cub
Scouting,- under the leadership of
East Carolina Council. Boy Scout
ing under the leadership of Ocean
eechee Council, Exploring and Com
missioner's Service both under the
County Forest Ranger, Eugene C.
Wells looking oh. '
; , '
converted into storage space.. The
Farm and Home agents will occupy
the present floor and an accordian
curtain will be placed in the audi
torium to cut off the Home agent's
demonstration kitchen. Dur ing
demonstations it may be open and
the entire auditorium used.
A heating system will be installed
for -the entire building using an
Loil furnace. ...The present building
win oe completely renovaxea.
The project -calls for a sewer
system to. take care of the Ag.
building, jail, welfare building,
county library and court house. It
is hoped the addition to the build
ing will be completed and ready
for occupancy by August 1st. Leslie
N. Boney of Wilmington is archi-
tect. Jones Construction Company
of Wilson, builders of Duplin Gen-
eral Hospital, was awarded the
general contract; W. M. Wiggins of
Wilson the heating and plumbing
j contract and H. C Cooke of Calyp-
so the electrical contract
Tra inihg Clin ic
direction of Tuscarora Council.
r Basic Training certificates will be
presented to those who complete
Courses.. ,'"''.
; Reservations should be made by
sending $2.00 to your Council Head
quarters. It is anticipated that total
cost for meals Will be $5.00. Room
reservation may . be '. made- through
your Council office. '-.';:
Dr. Howard . Baucom, Tuscarora
Council Leadership Training Chair
man, urges the Scouters in this
area to take advantage of this train
ing opportunity. He emphasizes the
point that never before in this area
have so many trained leaders as
sembled such fine facilities -to stage
a big, interesting, tralng activity.
' Training courses , similar to this
are also being conducted in Colum
bia, S. C, Spartanburg, S,C Griffin
Georgia, and Tampa, Florida. ' '
Month; Beulaville Holding Open House
WHEREAS, the Departments of
the Army and the Air Force are
desirous that the strength of ,the
National Guard,. Army and Air
Force be materially increased as
soon as possible, , and ,
'. WHEREAS, this can be aocom-
pushed by a concentrated recruit
ing campaign designed to encour
age enlistment ot young men and'
men with prior military service,
and . 'f-v fY.?:.' ' '': " '
WHEREAS, The North Carolina
Army and Air National Guard
through the years have served our
State and Nation long and faith
fully, in time ot war as well as in
time ot peace, and merit the whole
hearted support ot th entire cltlaen
ship ot' this state; t
B. . Umatead, Governor of North
Carolina and : Commander-in-Chief
ot the North Carolina Army and
Air National Guard, in order to
accomplish the assigned mission and
to honor our . men ot the North
Carolina National Guard, tor their
services to the State and Nation
in every armed conflict in which
our country has been engaged, do
The IT. S. Navy Recruiting Office
in Wallace has been closed tempor
arily. ' s t
In the future . those wishing to
enlist In this branch of the office
can apply at the: Navy Recruiting
Office in the Wilmington Postoffice
between 8:30 ajm. and . 4:30 p.m.
Mondays through Fridays and from
8:30 a.m. to 12 noon on Saturdays.
'The Board , of Trustees 6f the
Duplin General Hospital will meet
in the court house here Friday night
to Interview applicants for the job
of administrator. The meeting will
convene a 7:30.
' Members of the Sophomore class
of Kenansvllle High School sends
thanks to the patrons and friends
of the school who attended the
basket ball games and to the play
ers on the town teams and school
teams. The class cleared $78.00
which will go into its treasury. The
girls ganie came out tie 17 to 17,
and the school boys' team defeated
the town team 40 to 30. The scores
as reported on the score board.
Superintendent Johnson announ
ced this week that he has received
$1500 from the Kenan family to be
used towards completion of the
auditorium. Mr. Johnson says this
money will be spent towards com
pleting tlie front of the building.
Arthur Grady of Albertson was
reported in the court news recently
to have been tried for possession of
non'tax paid whiskey. The report
was in error. He was tried and ac
quitted on charges of possessing
tax paid whiskey.
Work is moving along rapidly on
construction of a new concrete
bridge at Cooper's Mill between
Kenansvllle and Bowden, The road
pseAjJ:nresept.Aboult three .or
four more weeks will be required
to complete the job, it is reported.
It is expected that the stretch of
dirt road from Unity Church to
Williams Crossroads will -be paved
before too much longer.
Miss Carolyn Robinson of Rose
Hill began work in the Clerk of
Court office here Monday. She re
places Mrs. Chas. Wahab of Warsaw.
LeRoy Simmons of Albertson,
president of the Duplin Farm Bur
eau is In Atlanta this week attend
ing a regional meeting of the
National Farm Bureau.
The latest political rumor is that
county commissioner Dallas Jones
may run for Sheriff. Also reports
are going around that he will seek
re-election as a county commission
er. Rumors also have it that Durham
Grady of Albertson and John Good-
son oi wouescrape may """"
uicii uni, j .
uoninussioner irom uju. uisuivk
During the past week you were
alarmed by the signal of fire. This
fire was only a mock fire - tor that
we should all be greatfuL This fire
terminated the first phase of train
ing for the members of your fire
department It was also necessary
that a test be made on our present
system of calling to action the
4 (Continued On Back)
hereby proclaim the month of Feb
ruary, 1954, as NATIONAL GUARD
ot North Carolina. I urge all citi
zens ,ot this great State to support
wholeheartedly the North Carolina
National Guard, both Army and
Air, and the citizens ot each com
munity are requested especially to
assist their local unit in Its recruiting-,
campaign. I ' :0
hereunto set my hands and caused
the Great Seal ot the State ot North
Carolina to be affixed .
DONE at the City ot Raleigh this
eighteenth day of January in the
year of our Lord, Nineteen Hundred
and Fifty-four..!'. V;?!: r.;?
William B. Umstead
r Governor f- ;.'..'.,;:'
S X. L. Rankin, Jr. , '
Private Secretary y.'
r Richard S J3ostlc, 1st Lt'Arty.
Commanding Officer of Btry B,
150th AAA Bn (Gun 90MM) NCNG,
Beulaville, North Carolia proclaim
"OPEN HOUSE" to any one desiring
more information about the Nation
al Guard and its advantages. On
each Monday, night from 7:30
k:8 Clifton
Church Attendance Crusade Enters
Second Month In Four Local Churches
The' Church' Attendance Crusade
being conducted by Kenansvllle,
Magnolia, Unity, and Wesley Meth
odist . Churches enters its second
month this week. The Church At
tendance Crusade is part of the
evangelistic program of The North
Carolina Methodist, Conference for
the 1953-54 Church year. This pro
gram is designed to increase attend
ance in Church School and Worship
Service, to stimulate interest in the
total program of the church, , to
bring unchurched families into the
fellowship of the church, and to
make every member a working
member. The program started the
first Sunday in January and will
continue through Easter.
Already results from the Crusade
are encouraging. Kenansvllle ' has
had the best Church School Atten
dance in the history ot the church.
More interest is being shown in
all phases of the church work.
Magnolia has had large crowds dur
ing the worship services and also
good attendance at Church School.
Unity has raised its average atten
dance almost thirty members per
Sunday. Perhaps the attendance
at Wesley has made the greatest
jump. The Church School has In
creased steadily each week and is
now at a new high in recent church
history. Besides the increased at
tendance at each church, there has
developed an even finer spirit of
fellowship among the church mem
bers and the churches.
These fine reports are due to the
hard work being done by the var
ious Crusade Committees. The Pub
licity Committees have been con
tacting the entire membership
through letters and church bulet-
ins. The Visitation Committees hawispnt'fe?.. this" important -business
oeea vuuimg me eiiure meuiucij
ship and speaking to them abou
Church Loyalty. "Missed You"
cards are also being sent out each
week to those who were missed the
week before. The Registration Com
mittees have been hard at work
keeping accurate attendance re
cords and charts. The work of these !
committees has been the' ' telling 1
factor in the good results.
Plans are now being made: to in
crease the efforts with each passing
week. It is hoped that all four,
churches will reach new heights in'
their attendance records. Plans are
being made for "Roll Call Sunday's"!
and "Bring A Visitor Sunday's"
The Visitation Committees also
plan to increase their visitation
aaph waaIt nnH will start visitfnff
fhB .lnhllrrle(j fBmIuM this month.
Registration Committees, who
have already been overworked, are
now getting ready to count even
bigger results.
As the second month of The
Church Attendance Crusade begins
there is a feeling among all work-
ers that even greater things are yet
t0 COme.
Charlie Kennedy of Beulaville
was seriously burned late Monday
afternoon when an oil stove ex
ploded in the trailer where he works
on watches and radioi He was aided
by several people who was passing,
in getting out of ihe trailer. Late
today in Parrott's hospital he was
resting, hut reports are that a lot
of skin grafting will be necessary
on his legs where the worst burns
are located.
Getting off to a good start for the
Finer Carolina Contest is the Band
Matron's Club of Warsaw in spon
soring a Benefit Dance to buy Band
The Dance will be held at the
American Legion Home on Saturday
evening, February 13, from 8:30 til
Music will be furnished by Ron
Galli's Combo.
. United States farmers harvested
more than 340 million acres in 1953,
lessthan during 1952, or any of the
seven years from 1953-49.
' Nearly 8J2 million tons of the
major deciduous fruits ot the U. S.
were produced in 1953 some S. per
cent less than in 1952.
9:40 r PM, which is regular Drill
periods, we invite anyone to come
see the work carried on during
drill. On week days, Monday - Fri
day, the Armory will be open
from 8:00 AM 5:00 PM at which
time Sgt. LeRoy J. Kennedy will
be on hand to answer any questions
one may ask concerning the Nation
al Guard. ' " ;
Richard S. Bostio ' '
1st Lt, Arty. ' ) 1
i Commanding Officer,
LCMre JoPbPst
i rV"":
v- '
41 """j
- ' !
w - '
BssMaMsjMmi i wmmmmmmidmx4mmmmmmmmM
The Duplin , Circuit Methodist
Charge wil hold its First Quarterly
Conference at the Kenansville
Methodist Church on Sunday, Feb
ruary 7th. The Duplin Circuit is
composed of Kenansville, Magnolia,
Unity, and Wesley Methodist Chur-
ches. The First Quarterly Confer
ence will be conducted by the Wil
mington V District;- Superintendent,
the Rev, V. E. Queen. Mr. Queen
will bring the message of the morn
ing after which the business session
will be held,, All Officials of the
four churches are urged to be pre
gesfion.- Visitors win also pe wel
comed to hear Mr. Queen.
Red Cross Holds Mid
"On" last Wednesday night Jan
uary 20, 1954 at 7:30 the mid-winter
meeting of the Duplin County
Chapter, American Red Cross was
held here in the Chapter Rooms at
Kenansville, N. C. The Chapter
Chairman Harry E. Kramer of
Wallace, N. C. presided 'over the
meeting. In his opening remarks
he welcomed " all present and Intro
duced the two new Board Members,
namely, M. V. Orr of Warsaw as
vice-chairman and H. L. Stevens, HI
as Campaign Manager.
After the reading of the minutes
of our last meeting by the Execu
tive Secretary splendid reports of
the officers and various chairmen
were heard as follows:
Vice-President M. V. Orr,
Treasurer, Paul Ingram.
Fund Campaign plans, H. L. Ste
, Three white youths were senten
ced, here last week by Judge Paul
Frizell, to East Carolina Industrial
Training School for breaking enter
ing and larceny.
Jerry Thornton age 16 received
a sentence of 3 years, Curtis Gautier
age 14 was sentenced to 5 years and
Norwood Thornton age 15 was senV
tenced to 5 years.
The judgement read, in part,
"until such time that the Superin
tendent and Trustees sees fit' that
they are worthy and may safely be
discharged." , V
The youths were involved in a
number ot break-ins around Faison,
some places being entered more
than one time. x '
Young Gautier was picked up by
a Mt Olive policeman at a theatre
after being tipped oft by Deputy
Murray Byrd. After being taken to
police headquarters Gautier con
fessed to six break-ins within; his
three 'weeks fling ot crime. He ad
mitted having entered Faison Drug
Store four times, John Bells Store
and Roscoe Cooper's, once each. .Vi
Norwood Thornton had 7 counui
ui Dreeuung eaienng ana larceny,
against him. . , . .. iipvt
Willie James McLean, charged
with false pretense and fraud, plead
guilty to false pretense was senten
ced to State Prison from 4 to 8
years. .. -.': : ''-J''s
Rudolph (Mut) Pate, plead guilty
to assualt with a deadly weapon,
was sentenced to 2 years on the
roads. ' ' - ''. lf: V,'i
Bur lan Smith, charged with pos
session of non tax paid whiskey
for purpose of sale, aiding and abet
tihg in same, plead guilty to aiding
and abetting was given 6 months on
the roads, suspended on S years
good behavior and not violate any
liquor laws. ' .''.' -'.1..'' .
James Elbert Pitts,1 on trial for
possession ot non tax paid whiskey,
transporting, aiding and abetting in
Dunlin County Boy Scouts will -
observe the 44th anniversary of
the Boy Scouts ot America in Kenan
Memorial Auditorium here ? next
Tuesday night February 8tbv All
Scout' troops in the county will
assemble' here at 7:45 for the -anniversary;
program and all Scout
parents' j and friends are cordially t
invited' w anena.
: E. 'Walkta- Stevens of Warsaw,
Dupllii Chairman of Boy. Scouts,
has announced that Judge Clifton '
Moore ot Burgaw will be the prin
I cipal' speaker. 1
I ;'' Judge Moore has been Interested
' in Boy Scout work in Pender lor '
many . years: He has served . Jt
Troup Committeeman; Chairman ot
Pender District for two years; Pres-
ident of .Cape Fear area Council 9
embracing 8 counties; two years and
Is now serving second term a
Commissioner et Cape Fear Coun
cil. s rii: I'X'lMf '
Program: Byron Bryan of Calyp
so and Mt Olive will extend wel
come; Scout dedication; Cubs, Mrs.
Christine Williams, Scouts, Jimmy
Bowden; Introduction ot speaker. .
Walker Stevens; ,, Speaker, ; Hon.
Clifton L. Moore; Recognition' of
leaders, Mr. Bruce Boyers, Tusca
rora Council Executive and closing
prayer by a Scout -
,'.';.,,n-"..! .- . - '
'Members ot the Warsaw Finer
Carolina Committee met at Branch
Bank on Friday afternoon to adopt
the projects' for the Finer Carolina
Contest ." i '
E. C. Thompson, General Chair
man, presided at the meeting. . - ,
The following projects were adop
ted (1) Religious Institutions ,'2
Municipal Recreational Facilities (3
Municipal Utilities (4) Youth Act
ivities - (5) General Community
Beatification- f Alternate) JWtag.
new Business Tewn. - -
All citizens are urged to give
- Yinter Meeting
vens, 'HI " r"
' ' Service Groups, Mrs. Sam New
ton, "i ,
In the absence ot the Jr. RedF
Cross chairman, her report was read
by Mis Dorothy Wightman. r
Mrs.' N. B. Boney, the Ex. Sec.
gave reports of The First Aid an -Home
-Service Chairman in their
absence. She also gave some Im
portant information regarding the
Blood Program and announced that -the.
Bloodmobile from Charlotte
would be in Goldsboro this Friday,
Jan. 22 from 10 AJM. to 3 P3C and
urged the Board Members to pas
this announcement around and "try ,
to send volunteer donors up there
since our chapter was asked to co- (
operate .with the Wayne County '
Chapter,, ARCs again, as- we have
been doing so for over a year. - ,
same was sentenced to 8 months , on
the roads, sentence suspended on
3 years good behavior and not to
violate .any liquor laws; "
Percy Allen Heath, plead guilty
to possession of non tax paid whis
key, transporting and allowing his
car toV be used for transporting
whiskey was sentenced to 12 mjnths
on the roads, sentence suspended i
on 8 year good behavior and, noti
Violate any liquor law ' ' ;
Bemlce Edwards, plead guilty to
possession ot non tax paid . whlsjiex.
transporting, aiding and' betting In.
samei'was given 12 months on the
roads suspended on S years good j
Jesse Lee Haswell, was foundl
guilty of speeding 65 miles per hour
end was sentenced to 80 days ore
the roads, suspended on payment of
$10 fine and cost Defendant' gave
notice ot appeal to Superior Court.
Haley' Junious Murphy,, charged
with operating auto while, intoxicat
ed,, careless and reckless- driving,
plead guilty to careless and recklessx
driving.' ordered to pay $29 and. '
Court Costvc .
j James AQea Herring, found guilty
to operating auto while intoxicated,
careless and reckless driving was '
sentenced to 8 months on the roads,
suspended . on good behavior, . not ,
operate an auto for I year, forfeit
drivers license for 1 year pay S100
fine and court cost Defendant gave
notice of appeal to Superior Court,
Appearance bond fixed at 8200. - .
vBernice Brlnson, charged Withi
operating auto while intoxicated,, ,
careless and reckless driving, as-
sault personal injury and property
damage; was found guilty of operat
ing auto While intoxicated, senten
ced to 8 months en the roads sus
pended tor 2 yen n irnod behavior f
not operate 8
.. 1 ...
drivers Jicen
$100 fine a
appeal. t o
Ed Jose ,
Cioui destru
' (Cc.
1 n anil nnv " .
Gave notice of ..
nt $250.
..ullty to mstv- ....
) jail property,
. a Back) .

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