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One BUck Sheep '4 Qnkil
.1. first taw Topd - f Cros-de-
Cagne a small tbelow Nice
on the French Rlviers." Pat, mr
wife, was suffering from the Monte
Carlo complaint that day. you
, eat baby octopus In Florenoe, you
(et the Florentine complaint: In
Venice, It's the Venetian complaint
In Duplin Countyyou get the same
complaint from eatinc too much
barbecue. Anyway, ifr a pepto-
bUmoMhlrifc and that day Pat was
sufferint from the effects of too
much,, baby octopus and garlic
mayonnatM eaten thetjight before
at a Jflonte-Carlo cafe. -..
Visiting us at the potel Mlrabeau
was "an energetic Charieston friend
touring Europe after br gradua
tion for the purpose of drinking
Coca Colas on the terraces of the
best hotels in France, and complet
ing a gift list for all her relatives.
By 'the time the reached us at
Monte-Carlo,; her travelling cases
were stuffed with Scotch1 woolens,
Swiss watches, toys' from the Black
Forest .and Irish linens. For herself,
she had decided to take,, home to
-South Carolina a white miniature
French poodle. Miniature French
poodles are tov dogs what midgets
are w people.
We rode by bus to the Interna
tional Chien Kennels jK our friend
to go dog shopping.nAie bosomy
proprietress of the kennels - was
' having a house-cleaning in prepa
" ration for a shipment of 85 Pekinese
dogs from Geneva: She didn't have
any white miniature po6Uea;V':Xv;:;
Then Topaz walked around a cor
ner and all work stopped While
painters and kennel keepers gather
ed him up shouting, "ici, Mignen."
That's not a steak; it means, "hi 'ya,
baby." Right that moment Topaz's
life changed and our troubles be
gan, v
That night Topaz was risking
Monte-Carlo complaint by eating
handouts from every guest at the
Hotel Mirabeau.' '
The English will permit you take
dogs into their country, but they
must remain in quarantine for six
months before you can have them , ,
Six weeks later, Topaz and I
it the day at the American Con-
te at Mice preparing his permit
id visa to enter the U. S. It cost
me two dollars to swear that Topaz
' was "one live dog? The chewed-up
desk legs in the consul's office still
attest to nis visit. The red govern
ment seal on his permit looks like
a prize camelia at a flower show.
Topaz flew the Atlantic from Nice
, to New York, and farther on to
Charleston, where he spent some
v time with a friend of ours await
ing our arrival from England. .
"L' Affaire Topaz" began when an
air port official, wishing to show
: proper concern for animals in trans
it, telephoned our friend that there
was a dog in -a crate vat the air
port with her name on It
Two days later, the customs of
' ficials notified our friend td be on
1 the alert to receive from France
"one live dog." She pleasantly ln
' formed customs' that the dog had
. . been playing' on her lawn for two
r days. Topaz was Immediately charge
- ed with illegal entry into the coun
try; the air port official with aiding
. and abetting said entry, and our
friend with harboring an alien.
An inspector 4rove out to the
' country where Topaz was staying.
I do not know what passed between
them, but after Topaz had a heart-
to-heart talk with the Inspector,
they compromised by taking Topaz
. back to the air port and letting him
come back In again In a proper
' Last ear we had to return to
England;' but ' Topaz,.- completely
. . Amencanizea, spent im wmier ai
the country club in Charleston.
MUW TV 1U4 . SV "
' Springs, where he is the delight of
all the local dogs. French poodles
: arvr ciuwua uj uatiuv.
, If by any ' chance yon see ome
" thing solid black that looks like a
sheep running along the highway,
: please dont throw a brick at it
Call it to find out which way It's
going. It may be Topaz, and we'd
' be much abllged if you'd bring him
, . 1 ' 1 4 '
I Anybody want to buy 40 nuall?
1 Mark Cherry of Mt Olive, has 20
pair of quail to sell before he leaves
: for the University of North Caro-
it t-n-
- .Complete quail housing Is also
available for someone wanting to
go Into the quail-raising business.
UirV tiaa haan at It nrtif itahlv inm
he started with a couple opair of
Faiaoa auail two years ago .
Mark would like to sell them
now, as the birds should not- be
transferred between April and Sep
'tember, their breeding season.
I learned a lot about quail in cap
tlvity t'-'s week when Mark show
el me i -ouiid Va 1 hsry Jn. lit
C've. y w'.'.l not hatch their
e i I- 9 li i -vi:-'. they leave
l 3 t ys ; n.i :..uim. iui
r . n c' s are t U-nther-
i . a tiM lv about
tlx c i each week that aeU for 13c.
"' . - . '
C "if
by i. B. Grady" " '(
About three hundred and twenty
five Men of the Church of Wilming.
ton Presbytery, gathered in ; the
Wallace Presbyterian Church Mon
day night for the annual meeting.
It was t the largest ' gathering of
Presbyterian Laymen in the history
of . the WUmingtoi) Presbytery,-
was reportea. "
Trior to the meeting a barbecue
chicken supper was served in the
lunch room: Dallas Herring of Rose
111, president of the organization,
opened the meeting and presided.
Invocation was by Rev. W. B. Hood,
pastor of the host church. Scripture
was ' read by McNair Johnson of
Willard and prayer by Luther Pow
ell of Wallace. Rev. Mr. Flowers,
minister at Warsaw was introduced
to the crowd. . f : .
Dr. Frank Hall, noted minister
of Wilmington, delivered the ser
mon on the first verse of the 12th
chapter of Romans, which Mr. J6hn
son had read. Dr. Hall said he was
elated over the gathering of so
many men in the name of God. He
said this was a sign of a new day
in the church world. He appealed
to his listeners to surrender " and
give their whole) hearts to God
which ' is the first request of a
genuine Christian. . He continued
that if each mad in the audience
Ao tha ttey wuldbring
about ajeligiousrevolution In the
world. He , commented on the. tre-
""T xucw wj.u wau.
bership in this county. It is without
precedent, he said, and yet in, the
realrnof moral and .octal problems
thA Miiith inHsw tine iia ."i.iilaHiA
the church today' has no more
power than it did some "years back
when the membership was much
smaller. -
Today, he said, Christ is calling
men to go forward under His, ban
ner. He then spoke on two areas in
which men must go forward. 1. Our
total personal dedication to Christ.
Not part time, but unconditional
surrender. We cannot serve God
and mammon, he declared.' Area 2.
A sincere concern for the lost world
in the name of Christ, How much
concerned are we? he asked. If we
really felt -the need we would givr ttv OUi.twlliUUSii
ourselves in a -measure that
never have before, he said.
"..Dr. J. O. Mann, leader in Men's
work, spoke briefly -on the jtask
before the Men of the Church.. .
John Diefell, . president of the
Men of the Church of the Synod
of North Carolina, spoke about the
meeting of the Men of, the Church
tO be neia in New Orleans next Tall
and urged a large attendance from
mis' area.
Leslie Boney, Jr. spoke in behalf
of the magazine of the 'Men of the
Church. President Herring appeal
ed for more local organizations of
the group. Hugh Johnson of Rose
HOI, secretary-treasurer, made: his
report A constitution and by-laws
was presented by Rev. M. C. Mc
Queen of Clinton and adopted. New
officers for the coming year elect
ed were: Leslie N. Boney, Jr., Wil
mington, president; Dr. D. D. Clark,
Clarkton, 1st vice-president; retir
ing president, Dallas Herring be-
each,'. v ' . - . -
The law forbids raising quail for
personal , eating purposes, but it
would be an appetizing sight to see
them fussing and .dusting them
selves in the back yard.
- Mark's quail call up wild quail
to the yard. If there's no social
significance in . that, sit least It's
nice and friendly. , r ' . -"; , s .
- First Row Holding Guidon Sfc.
Second Row L-R Harold Brown, VascO FutraL
r-l!j Henderson, 1st Lt Rhhard S. Er"e (T "t. .'
C " r), Alvin Grady, Liward Earl Lve .t, i
&.tuul Tta. - i ' ' ' "
Third Row L-R Harry Miller, LsRoy Kennedy, ,
'1 fri IcTCi
I. p. Wil!;erson t! Adminisfrofbr
Duplin G::.crd II oi?i hi; Coming May 1
: t O. Wilkerson, administrative
assistant of Rex Hospital in Sale Wh,
was chosen administrator of Duplin
General ' Hospital at a meeting of
the Board of Trustees here last Fri
day night Mr. Wilkerson and Mrs.
Petteway.v former administrator of
Memorial General Hospital in Kins
ton, personally appeared before the
Board. Mr. Wilkerson was selected
unanimously. He will take over his
new duties here on May first.
Mr. Wilkerson is from Greens
boro and Is married to a Miss Bizzell
of Newton Grove in Sampson Coun
ty. -.They have no children. He is
a graduate of Wake Forest College;
Holds Successful Meciing In Warsaw
: The regular luncheon meeting of
the Duplin School Improvement
Committee, operating ;, under -. the
Kellogg Foundation, was held in
the . lunch room at the Warsaw
OMilAri mhnnl nn VTttlTtAti A last
Week; It was tte uest attendance
at .uch-. meeUng held recently,
The program was as lolloWl: Re
8ultg of the fouow-up study of drop-
outs, by Dallas Herring, Implica
tion! ip. the results of the study for
the program, by Valm Her-
ring. A responsibility of the county
Office in working with school
groups on these implications, by
O. P. Johnson. How these inplica
tions will be dealt with in indivi
dual schools by O. P. Johnson.
Mr. Herring then discussed plans
of following up Duplin: graduates
Argument; Defendant Is Not Held
climax of an argument was - the
death of Willie Moore," colored, by
James Phillips, last, Sunday night
near Brice's Store. Moore had been
to ' Phillip's house earlier in the
afternoon and had gotten involved
in an argument with another per-
son. Phillip's wife tried to stop the
argument which ended by her be-
Inir knocked around and eettine
cut by a pocket knife in the hands
Leslie Miller Under Bond Charged
With Maliciously Shooting Marine Car
Leslie Miller, white, was; re
leased -under a $500 bond for ap
pearance in Court, March 1 on a
charge of - assault , with a deadly
weapon,' causing property damage
to the car of James Lester, a Marine
of Camp LeJeune. The shooting
occurred Sunday night on the old
section of the highway 24 at Weav
er's Bridget The Marine stated, In
a Justice of Peace hearing, that
came .2nd; vice-president; secretary
-treasurer, James A. Scott of Wil
mington.. Rev, Milton. Faust, director . of
Evangelism for the N. C Synod
spoke briefly of the Evangelism
program to be held In Raleigh Feb.
17 and 18, -
. battehy mb" - ; -150th.
. aaa en. (gun 90mm)
' Tc-livilla, N. C. v . ; -
Robert I rice.
F.av; nd Zrrl
. :ley, V "Uei : -1 EaudTsnn, o"y Tt"nst v'f.
:j: loritk I. L-It - Lft'-i'a I. - C"xxiinaa,
' JCc.I Zolli, 3mim Allen ,", Jdy XX Vhaley,
' Randolph KZZm, Richard McDowell JJorrl Grady.
fl- fr""''if
served his time in the armed forces;
spent two years internship In hos
pital administration " at Rex and
has served two and a half years at
Rex as administrative assistant At
present he is acting administrator of
Rex. He and Mrs. Wilkerson are
members of the Methodist church.
They expect to move to Kenans-
ville the latter part of Aprit
' The hospital builders began pour
ing the root this week. The second
and third floors ' are poured and
visitors may walk up now. The contractor-
says we may plan to open
the institution about the last of
October or 1st of November.
who have gone on to college and
those ' graduates who did not go
to -college.' (' -
The general discussion, intermin
gled with the speeches, was on the
manner and methods of determin
ing what, if anything. Is wrong with
our present school system in Duplin
County and what methods need to
be taken to improve those condi
tions. Do we need more vocational
training? More or less emphasis on
certain subjects, such as foreign
languages, etc.?
It was decided that the group
would visit the new model high
school in a body in Rocky Mount
on February 12th.
Mrs. J. B. Stroud of Faison, chair
man of the group, presided.
of Moore.
1 .atar Mrvira ratnrvtaH tA PttfnlfwT
home and started an argument with
him. Phillips stated that he warned
j Moore not to' come into his house
but Moore paid no attention to the
warning. As he started through the
door he reached into his pocket,
presumably for his knife. Phillips
picked up his gun and shot Moore.
He died almnjit lnstantlv.
Phillips is not being held.
he 'pulled onto the road to check
a tire when Miller started shooting
toward him. Miller fired 3 or 4
times, blowing a nole under the
left front head light bf the car and
cracking the windshield.
The incident was reported to the
sheriff's department and Monday
morning Miller was questioned but
denied knowledge of the case. In
a hearing held Tuesday the Marine
and a lady friend identified Miller
as the person who did the shooting.
It takes dollars to convince people
you have sense. '
Men like to be listened to
women listen to be liked.
Trouble seldom comes to those
who enjoy their life's Work.
" "'I
"r "i
CotUe, Alfred : Edwards,' Bobby Mob-
. . ... .V
Terms Of Duplin Commissioners To C.
With 1954 Election; 4 Year?ADd AIgl
v Relocation of ft section of high
voltage power , lines will necessitate
power Interruption Sunday after
noon in lower Duplin County and
eastern Sampson County, according
to J. C. Maultsby of Wallace, local
manager for Carolina Power and
Light Co ' : -
Power will be off between 1:30
and 4:30 Sunday, afternoon, Febru
ary 14. The area to .be affected
Includes Wallace, Warsaw, Harrells
Store, -Teachey, Rose Hill, Charity,
Turkey, JCenansville, BeulaviUe,
Chinquapin, Magnolia and Tin City.
Maulteby', explained that mid
afternoon was chosen at the time
a power interruption is least likely
to cause customers inconvenience.
. The interruption will permit line
men to relocate poles supporting
33,000-volt lines. Crews will take
advantage of the outage, Maultsby
added, to .' perform maintenance
work that would be dangerous with
lines energized. v
Members of the Duplin County
School ' Improvement Committee,
about 40, will go to Rocky Mount
tomorrow to inspect the new million
dollar high school there. It is said
to be one' of the most complete in
the state. Daniel Johnson, brother
of Duplin's ' superintendent, O. P.
Johnson is superintendent of the
city schools there.
Josephe B. Cheshire, Jr., of Ral
eigh has reported the following
bankruptcies in Southeastern Caro
lina: L. & J. Super Market, Wallace;
Williams Package Company, Wall
ace;1 The Alanson Company, Wil
mington. First meeting of creditors
meetings for the two Wallace con
cerns will be held at the Community
building there Feb. 24th at 11:30;
Creditors meeting for the Alanson
Co. will be held in . the Feolral
Court Building in Wilmington at
S;063junr Febr 24th. -
This item would be common dur
ing the tobacco barning season but
may be classified as a little more
newsier at this time of the year!
Last Week a tobacco barn on the
farm of Mrs. Wm. Pickett of JCen
ansville was destroyed by fire.
On Monday; of this week Chas.
Grady of the Wesley neighborhood
lost a tobacco barn by fire. Also
destroyed all his tobacco sticks and
much of his farming equipment,
which were stored in the barn. Both
fires were caused from burning off
grounds around the barns, it was
reported. v
Highway foreman, Gene Tyndall,
announces that the new concrete
bridge over Cooper Mill run on
the Kenansville-Bowden road is
scheduled to be completed March
2nd and the rpad will be opened.
Two new homes have recently
been built in the Wesley neighbor
hood. DeLeon Quinn has built
very attractive home facing high
way Hi just North of Wesley. At
present he operates Miller's Service
Station at Westbrooks.
- O. R. Blizzard has completed and
moved into .hjs new home across
the road from the old Wells home-
place on the Pearsall Chapel road
west of Wesley.,
Treasurer Faison McGowen of the
Duplin County CROP reports that
a total of ' 5S8.69 was turned in 1
from the recent CROP drive in
the county.
As " expected' Duplin r Democrats
went over the top in donations for
the Jackson-Jefferson Day Dinner
to be held in; Raleigh Saturday.
DupUn sent in 1350.00. It's quota
was only $250.0. As a result Dem-
ocrauo vnairman jt auon ncuowan
received a hand painted neofc tie
with a Donkey and Elephant! de
sign. One, Duplinite bought a $50
ticket KK- iihfi:
A "steel drum whiskey still with
a copper condenser Was picked up
in Faison township, near the Samp
son County - line, Saturday. Five
baifells of mash was also picked
up. On the raid were, deputy T. E.
Revelle, W. O. Houston, W. B. Klss-
ner and Murray Byrd. No arrests
were made. 1
HJD.C. Ooanty Choral Practloe
The February Coimty Choral
practice for Home Demonstration
VLoft day, I'M (""rown'a Garage)
' "las tsclty r.34 (U Eharpe)
i. ( J m aasnrer at 4) eaQ
lH (X. T. Brawn.)
VI. Stout, Wallace, Named Commander
Of Duplin Unit American Cancer Socicly
""The American Cancer Society,
North Carolina Division, Inc. takes
pleasure in announcing the appoint
ment of W. E. Stout of Wallace, as
Commander of the Duplin County
Unit of the Society. Mr. Stout is
head of the Stout Realty Company
of .Wallace and is known through
out the county as an enthusiastic
leader in anything he undertakes.
He has been assured the fine sup
port of people in every section of
Duplin. We look forward to a great
Duplin County Boy Scouts Observe
44th Anniversary Of Scouting
' Duplin County Boy Scouts, along
with The Cub Pack at B. F. Grady
and the newly organized Cub Pack
at Warsaw, celebrated the 44th an
niversary of Boy Scouts of Ameri
ca in Kenan Memorial .Auditorium
and 4-H members will be held on
Tuesday afternoon, February 16, at
2:00 P.M. in the KenansviUe High
School Auditorium. Mrs. L. K. Al
derman is the pianist-director. Prac
tice will begin for entering Radio
Station Wf.TJ. Contest Any who
wish to become a member of the
Choral group is invited.
Pauline S. Johnson, Home Agent
Publicity Leader's School
A publicity Leader's' School for
Publicity Leaders and Club Secre
taries will be led by Miss Jean
Anderson, Extension Specialist, for
Home Demonstration leaders on
Thursday afternoon, February 18,
at 2:00 P.M. in the Home Agent's
Office, Agricultural Building, Ken
ansviUe, N. C.
Pauline S. Johnson, Home Agent
Home Dem. Special Interest
Special Interest meetings for
those interested in learning how to
use their sewing tnachme attach
ments will be held in several places
over the county. Plan to attend the
one to be held nearest you. Each
meeting will be held from 2:00 to
4:00 PM. in the afternoon. These
will be taught by the Home Agents.
Sewing Machine Attachments
1. Friday, February 19, Penny
Branch Club House near Warsaw.
2. Monday, February 22, Home
Agents Office, Kenansville.
3. Tuesday, February 23 Xa Place
4. Thursday, February 25, Teachey
Presbyterian Recreational Room,
Pauline S. Johnson, Home Agent
The Leader of the famed Marine
Corps Band, "The President's Own,
has extended, an invitation to enter-
tain visiting student groups during
the Spring and Summer months at
the Marine Band headquarters in
Washington, D. C. 1
Phil Kretsch, local banker, at
tended a joint conference on live
stock production and financing in
Raleigh Tuesday.
' Duplin County banks sold $32,
038.25 in E & H Bonds during the
month of January according to a
treasury department report
Duplin County patrolmen report
that from 2:00 p.m. Friday, Feb. I
5th. to midnight Sunday a total of I
21 autolsts were caught by the )
speed watch or "Whammy". 19 were
speeding, one drunk and one fol
lowing too closely. Ten were stop
ped and warned about driving too
slow and for improper equipment
$ miles east of Kenansville on high
way 24 thirteen were caught for
speeding on Friday afternoon.
Only one wreck was reported in
the. county. No one was injured. Car
damages estimated at $130. L. C.
Bostic of Beulaville was the driver.
Officers reported a loose mule
jumped Into the road in front of
him and he was forced to run off
.the road. Patrolman in Duplin are
unanimous ' in their opinion that
the use of the speed Watch has
definitely reduced, the number of
accidents ' in . the county. Among
the speeders caught Friday night
was a Marine who was driving to
Indiana and had to be back at the
Marine base at 6:00 a.m on Monday
-.Alt churches are urged to attend
a box party sponsored by the
YJ?A. of Sarecta F. W. B. Church.
It Is to be held February 13th. at
7:30 at Hoy Dunn's house in: Ken
ansville. All are invited both young
and old..Oome and bring someone
with you. Girls - bring a lunch, and
Boys - dont. forget your, pocket-
book,, o.'', , - ' "l
IM per year n Unpttn and aiJotnOf ':
ie tWs ana ta N. C4 th nna ?
expansion in the total cancer pro
No county of comparable size has
demonstrated more continuous sup
port in this program during the
past twelve years, and with' this
kind of spirit, ';, and under Mr.
Stout's . capable; leadership, we are
confident that our. program of re
search, education, and service
program to save lives from cancer
- will continue to go forward." ;.U
here Tuesday night Duplut District '
President, E. Walker Stevens of
Warsaw, presided Scout executive
Brown of Clinton announced the
event from .the' microphone.
Nearly 400 Scouts, parent and
friends enjoyed the hour's program
which was highlighted by the 40
piece band of, Wallace High School
which presented a majectic picture
on the stage. They furnished appro
priate music throughout the pro
gram. Mrs. tris Leary is director
of the band.
All spectators were sitting in
balcony seats and the floor kept
open for the Scout drills and as
The program opended with all
Scouts standing at attention as
Flags were presented. Byron Bryan
of Calypso gave the address of
welcome. Seated with him on the
stage were Scout Executive Bruce
Boyers of Goldsboro and - Duplin
Scout Fipance Chairman Roy Carter
of Wallace. On the opposite side of
the stage sat President Stevens and
the speaker, Judge Clifton Moore
of Burgaw. ' - t Vt,'.
In a ' candlelight ceremony the
scouts repeated the Pledge. Mr.
steveWTmssaBced'-' Judge Moore
who has been outstanding in Boy
Scout work in Pender Coimty and
the Cape Fear Council. Judge
Moore said he had never seen finer
evidence of the Scouting spirit
Paying homage to Duplin he said
that Duplin County, in Scout work
as in everything else, always comes
up with a job well done. He brought
greetings from the Cape Fear Coun
cil. He briefly reviewed the begin
ning of Scouting in the United
States telling how Wm. E. Boyce
went to England and brought
Scouting back to this country. . -
The Boy .Scouts of America is
chartered by the United States Con
gress, he said. There are now a
million and a half adults in this
country active in Scouting and 4
million Boy Scouts. We need more
people to wake up and take active
interest in Scouting, he continued,
for the Boy Scouts are the leaders
of tomorrow. There is' not a Com
munists connected with Scouting,
he added. t
Scouting lays a hand on every
boy involved and points the way to
a better life, no matter where he
comes from or his status in society.
Negro Scouting is also growing, as
it should be. It costs only $12 a
year to maintain a Boy Scout, he
said, not including his uniform' and
a few other incidentals. It every
person donating to Scouting would
resolve to maintain one Boy Scout a
year (only $12.00) Scouting would
grow by leaps and bounds, he told
the audience. He concluded with a
plea to every one to give Scouting
larger support
Scout Executive Boyers then re-
coenlzed some of the wnrlrara in
Scouting in Duplin today;
M-Sgt MUton i. Whaley, U. S.
Air Force has assumed his duties
as Recruiting Officer at Wilson,
N. C His office is located in the
Post Office. Sgt Whaley - has. a
total of 17 years in the armed ser
vices having served 14 years in the
Navy and three years in the ' Air
Force. He and his family are resid
ing at 1019 North Bynmun St, Col
lege Court in Wilson,
1 i
:'' rC - -
As we go to press o-
'so t
r dte-
. , Ois-
date has announce ! f ' 1
Duplin. E. E, Kelly of
resenting the 2nd com:
trict, composed of Wo '
son. Albertson and I
ship, encumbent, is rc"
ceed himself. '
In the elections ' r
system of electing
doners Is being chan.
X to suc-
-r pliiVaH'
. e wiiK
ie nominated in the I y iTimary 4
as usual ana eiecrea m uw- uj.
However, in U"f fall general elec
tion the three commji. ji-mer candi
dates receiving the bsg.'.tst vote
will be elected for a four year
term and the two low w',i be elec-
-.a . i iiii.iii T -.'...a in
lea iwu nwr aaai. - ....
ture elections all '
I candt
TS will
jaa yiith
i SO that
dates far county comn
be elected for four 7
two and three alternttu.
there Win never be a
turnover in the Board of County
CorAniisatonera. .
Duplin elections chairman, Wm.
E Craft- Of Tenanaville, announce
that forma re now " ne.jor
candidates to" "le"ai,3 t j may file
at nny time between now and sw
set on April 17th. Fii g fee la on
percent of the total annual salary
or a minimum of $5X3L , '
, A meeting of the Democrat)
County Executive Committee ' ban
been called for 2:30 p-m, on Monday,
February 15th. This meeting date '
is set by the Stat Board of Elec
tions and applies to every .county
in the state. At this meeting the
names of three Democrat will be -selected
and sent to the state Board
of. Elections from which two -will
be chosen to serve for the next two
years on the county-- Executive
Committee. - - .
Attempts Suicide
GREENVILLE; Feb. 9 A 80-yeaa
Old man attempted suicide with a
pistol, in Proctor Hotel Saturday
while talking to a friend on the
telephone, police reported yester- ,
T"Ka man VtvpnrtA YAailaMn -:4a1a..
phoned his friend from his room In
the hotel and fired the shot while
talking over the phone. 1 ' - -Police
said that the friend. Bob
Hart of Greenville, told them that
Goodson telephoned, him; and said v
that he was going to "end It nB."
Hart told policemen that be saked '
the man if he had been drinking ;,
and he replied that he had not
Hart said he then beard the report ,
of the pistol and be notified poltee.
The. wounded man was rushed .to
Pitt Memorial Hospital. Police said
that Goodson had evidently shot
himself through the month 'and the
bullet came out through his Jaw.
Hospital authorities reported Good
son's condition as " . "satisfactory".
Police stated that' no note waar
found at the 'scene. It was under
stood that he 'was separated from
his wife. -i, .' ? 1 :i . ,
' It was reported that the man bad
been staying at the hotel for about
a week He is engaged in a roofing
business in Greenville. '. .
Mr. Goodson is a native of Duplin '
County, v:,' , :'' t' 'i
1 1' 1 11 i m
Oraforiccl Cc:.:f
The annual American Latrin
Oratorical Contest win get under
wht Tnia nmnt - - - . .
ation wffl bo held at B. F, Oadyl -High
School Tuesday night, Febra
ary 23rd. at 7:00 p.m. The district
contest win be at WaBaec on FH-'.
day night, .February 3rd and ZMvi-'' ' V
alnn nun I i nl v. . . .
t , srgaw on jaaren-.-.
2nd. at 7:00 pjn. The prize for the
aisxncx winner will be $100.0 1
savings' bond! Division wlnness wiH-
throiwK Ka .m. 4 i :
, - - uuuuou con-:.' '?
test On Chicega I "onal winner,
wiH receive a r J scbolajsbin.. .
A medal, will 1 ssisui u.i.
school winner lit e county. i

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