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Itr,a Auditorium I
Tuesday, March 9
. Vrf, 1 '
tKc W of Buf'
: . " :-v;-f: f - ft 1
VOL.21,, NO. 9
C ICIi 23 - April 4 "
In preparation for the eventful
Youth -Week to be observed by the
Warsaw Baptist Church March 28 .
April 4, the greater council met on
Thursday night to lay final plana.
Marvin Sutton, youth week pastor,
,- had his full deconship church coun
cU, and other le'presentativea pre
sent lo present detail plans tor each
phase fit the work. Special com
jmltteea have been selected and
great days are ahead according to
the youth reporter, ,''
. : Sunday, March 2 ' ' the entire
Sunday School will be manned by
the youth, herald Quinn will serve
as ; Sunday School superintendent
- and every class will have a new
.teacher fox the day. Likewise, each
TT I Ml t . I J, . J
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Renins Prepared
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' . We wish to express -our sincere
and deep appreciation to our many
kind friends and neighbors for all
the thoughtful deeds, floral designs
and expressions of sympathy shown
us during the recent bereavement
of our loved one, little Deborah
Carr Brown. "
' The Homer Carr Brown
V - family, Af:vtJt'Vki
counselors for the Training Union
Deems Pollock serving as General
Director, Miss Wilms Brinson will
be thev president of the Woman'
Missionary Union and the has work
ing with her i full corps of officers
and circle chairmen... All teachers;
counselors, and chairmen, ' will , be
named later. Chairman of the dea
conship is George West Bis group
has many, activities on schedule.
During the morning and evening
worship hour,. March- 28, the youth
week pastor, Marvin Sutton, will
bring the messages, supported by the
youth choir, youth ushers, and youth
deaconship. ' -? v';
Following a strenuous iweek of
worthwhile activities . of ' worship,
service, recreation, the climax will
be the youth revival on Friday
night Saturday and. Sunday. Charlie
Allen, bf Wake Forest ' who '.has
been youth week speaker for three
previous years, will again . come
with his excellent team to conduct
the hours . of - worship during the
youth revival With felm comes
music director and a special soloist,
The members of the team are the
same as those who participated last
year. "Work and more work under
the guidance of youth who are dedi
cated to an opportunity to be and
give their best for Christ in -War
saw is the plan ahead. Approximate
ly 75 young people of the Baptist
Church will be in active service
throughout 'the week. .
For Rent
Kenansville and Warsaw :
Phone 554 Warsaw O
Srpingtime ,
Robert L. West
Seeks Judgeship
Robert L.Vest, recently released
from-active duty- with, the U. S.
Air Force, announced from his home
in Warsaw, N. C that he is a cand
idate for Judge of the General
County Court, i '
Se-openlng his office in Warsaw
in January Mr. West said "I have
been running for the office of Judge
of the General County Court of
Duplin County since involuntarily
recalled to active duty in 1951." He
has held that office from 1947 . to
1991 and previously served as solici
tor In the same Court He believes
that bis previous service ' to the
people of Duplin County qualifies
him to again .hold this, high office
it public trust r T ' , -
West was born in Magnolia In
1908 the son of J. J. and Bertha, P.
West he attended the public schools
at Warsaw, Louisburg College, Duke
University, and received a special
law degree from Wake Forest Col
lege Law . School, in 1938. He Is
licensed to practice law in all the
State Courts and before the United
States Supreme Court- He is mar
ried to the former Anne Van Wyke
Pollqck of Kinston, N. C. r
Always active' in civic life Mr.
West has served as Secretary of the
Warsaw Chamber of Commerce for
more than 15 years. He has served
as County Chairman for the Ameri
can Bed Cross, the- USO and other
organizations, He has been president
of the Duplin County club' and in
1940 he was State Treasurer of the
Young Democratic Clubs of North
Carolina organizing Eastern North
Carolina Clubs for the YDC of
Mr. West is a Mason, a National
Sojourner and a Shriner .
He is active in his church, having
served as Superintendent of the
Church School, Steward, Teacher of
the Mens Bble Class and Church
Lay Leader.
He volunteered for federal service
with the U. S. Air Force in March
1942 and served 4- years. During
World War II, he served in Florida.
and Utah, and while with the
Twentieth Air Force in the Pacific
was stationed on Saipan, Tinian,
Guam, Iwi Jima, Japan and in the
Phlllipines. A Colonel in the U. S
Air Force Reserve, he was involun
tarily recalled to active duty during
the Korean Emergency.
v Mr. West said he had served, his
people in the County, State, and
Nation and that he particually
likes working with the people in
Duplin County, that he enjoys the
work with its citizens, the members
of the bar and the law enforcement
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Services At Warsaw
Melhodist Church
i Worship' Services will be held at
the Warsaw Methodist Church each
evening Mon Mar. 8 through Frl.
March 12. The Services begin at
7:45 PM. The Rev. E. Gene Purcell
of Ahoskie, North Carolina will be
the guest minister for the week.
I The public is cordially invited to
worship with us.
Miss Chambers
Is Church Guest
- "Telling the Story in the Home
land" will' be the theme of the
dynamic message to be delivered
at the Warsaw Baptist Church by
Miss Irene Chambers, Sunday even
ing, March 7 during the evening
worship hour. The pastor, Dr. Alton
W. Greenlaw, announced her visit
to be one of the highlight occasions
of the church year.
Forceful and dynamic in person-
Lally and convictions Miss Chambers
has no hesitation tf speech nor
lack 'of words to describe actual
economic; and spiritual conditions
existing throughout the south. For
several years she has- been serving
as a . field representative of the
Baptist Home Mission Board and in
this capacity she travels constantly
throughout the Southern Baptist
Convention territory - 32 states, to
study the needs of the people and
to promote avenues of meeting the
needs. She attends conferences, in
stitutes, and assemblies to present
fthe challenging opportunities and
appeals. .
On Monday night Miss Chambers
will be the visiting speaker at the
general W. M. U. meeting at the
church at 8 O'clock. As program
chairman Mrs. N. A. Mitchell will
have charge of the devotional fea
tures to be followed by the informs-
tional and inspirational address by
Miss Chambers.
The public is cordially invited to
both services in which this out
standing and well informed speaker
shall share of her travels, studies
and personal experiences in the
fields of missionary endeavor
throughout the south.
Miss Baars Honored
At Birthday Dinner
Mrs. J. W. Straughan and Miss
Ann Straughan entertained at a
birthday supper honoring Miss Carol
Baars on her fourteenth birthday.
A spaghetti supper was enjoyed by
Carol, Mary Susan and Fred Baars,
Jr., Mable Jane and BUI Straughan,
Judy Rollins and-Walker Stevens,
Jr. Carol received a corsage upon
arrival. After supper the following
were invited in for birthday cake,
ice cream and iced drinks: Judy
Standi, Litch Huie, Keith Hobbs.
Charles Powell, Kenneth Smith.
Marie Cockrell, Deems Pollock and
Lynn Veach.
Friends of Little Tim Hunter, son
of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hunter, will
be orry to, hear he is confined to
his home due to illness.
Have To Be
it ri
Mrs. Standi
Entertains At
Mrs. V. A Stencil entertained
members' of her bridge club at her
home on Tuesday evening. Arranger
ments of early spring flowers were
used throughout the home.
Mrs. S. L. Torrans received hand
cream for high score; Mrs. Forrest
Martin was given decodorant for
traveling. ,' "
The hostess served frozen straw
berry short cake, 'nuts and coffee
to: Mrs.. Torrans, Mrs. Martin, Mrs.
J. D. Davis, Mrs. J. H. Wahab, Mrs.
W- B. Whitfield, Mrs. E. E. Jones
and Mrs. George Hopkins.
Home Mission Class
Held last Week
The WJU.U. of the Baptist Church
held its Home Mission Study course
at the chui-ch last week. Mrs. AW.
Greenlaw taught the WM.U. and
Y.W.A on' Tuesday night. She
taught the book "In Evangeline's
Country" and showed a film on
"The llew Orleans Story." Assorted
fruit was served to the one hundred
members present. On Tuesday and
Wednesday afternoons Mrs. John A.
Johnson taught the study to the
Juniors. Ice cream was served to
the members present. Mrs. John
Fonvielle and Mrs. Mac Brock
taught the Intermediates Thursday
Mac Johnson
Honored At
Birthday Party
"Mac" Johnson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. George Johnson, celebrated his
fifth birthday Thursday afternoon
when his mother entertained about
thirty of his little friends at their
home. Outdoor games were led by
Mrs. Elwood Revelle. The children
were then invited in the house for
Mac to open his gifts. Mrs. Johnson
assited by Mrs. Revelle served birth
day cake, ice cream, bubble gum,
candy and favors .
Mrs. Huie Hostess
At Bridge Party
Mrs. M. J. Middleton, Jr. was pre
sented a pair of cutwork pillow
cases for high score and Mrs. Bill
Taylor was given a brass trivet for
second high on Tuesday evening
when Mrs. Earl Huie entertained
her bridge club at her home on Hill
Arrangements of camellias and
daffodils were used in the living
The hostess served pinaepple upside-down
cake with coffee to: Mrs.
Middleton, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. F. A
Mitchner, Mrs. J. N. West, Jr., Mrs.
Walter P. West, Mrs. John A. John
son, Mrs. B. D. Johnson, Jr. and
Mrs. Elbert Matthis.
.-, r
- Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Summerlin of
Summerlin's Cross Boads were din
ner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Listen
Summerlin Saturday evening. ,
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1 , x "
'r.i 'jam s,
Rotarians Entertain
Ball Team
The fiotarlans entertained the
Warsaw Basketball Teams and
coaches at their regular meeting
on Thursday at the School Cafeter
ia. "Bed" Hitchcock of Raleigh was
guest speaker and gave a program
of entertainment and instructions
on "Better Basketball" and showed
a film on N. C "Basketball Season
Last Year."
Dr. J. M. Kornegay, president,!
presided at the meeting with 21
Rotarians, three visiting rotarians
and fourteen student guests present
Meet Mrs. J. J. West
The ' James Kenan Chapter of
United Daughters Confederacy held
its monthly meeting in the home of
Mrs. J. J. West with Mrs. Mills
Hodges, Mrs. C. A. Womack, Miss
Lenora Womack - and Mrs. Q. J.
Sutton as co-hostesses.
Mrs. L. B. Huie, president, pre
sided. Mrs. G. P. Pridgen led the
ritual, salute and pledge. Reports
were given by Mrs. L. S. Whittle,
treasurer; Mrs. Robert West gave
a report on the marking of -Confederate
veteran's graves and Miss
Mary Alice Blackmore, Recorder of
It was voted to send a copy of
the U.D.C. Magazine to the Warsaw
High School Library. The District
meeting to be held at Jacksonville
was announced. Mrs. Paul Potter,
program chairman, presented a very
interesting program on the Lives
of Sidney Lanier and J. B. Stuart.
Mr., Robert L. West showed scenic
slides of western states where he
was stationed while in service.
A delicious salad plate with rus
sian tea was served to guests, Mrs.
W. P. Pollock, Mrs. S. W. Marriner,
Mrs. Norwood West and Robert
West; members, Mrs. John Barden.
Mrs. Paul Berry, Mrs. N. B. Boney,
Mrs. C. F. Carroll, Mrs. N. A. Mit
chell, Mrs. W. J. Middleton, Sr.,
Mrs. J. W. Quinn, Mrs. J. A Rackley.
Mrs. Charlie Reaves. Mrs. C. W
Surratt, Mrs. L. S. Whittle, Mrs.
L. B. Huie, Mrs. Robert West. Mrs.
R. C. Pridgen. Mrs. G. P. Pride
Mrs. Paul Potter, Miss Eula Powell
and Miss Mary Alice Blackmpre.
Mrs. Paul Potter entertained her
bridge club with two visitors, Mrs.
E. D. Pollock and Mrs. H. L. Stevens
Jr., on Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. J. P. Harmon received a
novelty pitcher for club high score;
Mrs. E. D. Pollock was given novel
ty soap for visitor's high.
The hostess served a salad plate
with coffee to: Mrs. Stevens. Mrs.
Pollock, Mrs. Harmon. Mrs. Allen
Draughan, Sr., Mrs. Paul Berry,
Mrs. N. A. Mitchell and Mrs. L. S.
Whittle. , '
To The Voters Of Duplin County:
request your VOTE and SUPPORT which will be greatly appreciat
ed. '
Robert L West
per fr DvH. nl adJotetM
area ta N. cj I itu c
Mr. and Mrs J. C. Surratt, Jr. of
Goldsboro announce the birth of a
son, Joseph Caldwell, HI on Tues
day, February ; 23rd., at Wayne
Memorial Hospital. ;
Mrs. Surratt is the former Shirley
Norman of East Bend.
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IT C110l
Subject to the will of the voters
in the Democratic Primary Elec
tion on May 29th, 1954, 1 hereby
DATE for the office of JUDGE OF
r Having served in this high of
fice of public trust, and having
been involuntarily interrupted in
1950-51, may I NOW respectfully
Makes Dean's Lis)
Miss Betty West of Woman's Col- i
lege, Greensboro, daughter of Mr. .
and Mrs. Ellis West, who is major, .,
ing In Primary Education recently ,
made the Dean's list ,
I - - A.-

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