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V0U21, 0.13
Second J Ut. Ervln T. Kornegay,
on ot Mr. and Mr. Ervin Korae
, gay ot Rt. 1, AlberUon haa graduate
ed from the Signal Corps Officers
: ' Basic Course at , Tort Monmouth,
5 Lt Kornegay with three days
home after which he will report to
Fort Bliss, Texas on March 28, f cr
duty with 41st Signal Bn, He 111
graduate ot B.' r. : Grady High
School and of N. C. State College.
He entered Services on Oct 18,
1953. . .
' The Woman's Auxiliary of the
SarecU T.WB. Church, near Ken
ansville will present a series of pro
grams on Sunday night April 18. The
programs are entitled "An Ounce
of Prevention Just Simple Matter
of Arithmetic" and, "Robert Moffat
Returns With Africans."
Garden Club
Guest Mrs. Jackson
.. Mrs. Leo Jackson was hostess to
,( the members of the " Kenansville
5fa-den Club on Monday evening.
JTn ,vJdance with tw lsitors, Mrs.
tLs Vn Payne and Mrs. Clarence Mur
y. The president Mrs. C B. Guth
- tie presided and opended the meet
ing with the Club Collect She ex
pressed her .thanks to the club
members for their splendid work
and cooperation in making the flo-.
wer clinic held on March 20, a grand
success. ,
. Beautiful flower arrangements
- for the evening were made by Mrs.
A. T. Outlaw and Mrs. George. Fen
, ney. It was- voted to have a flower
. show during the spring, the date
to be announced ' later, and the
president named Mrs. Pippin, chair
. man, and on the committee to assist
Mrs. Pippin Mesdames, Vance B.
Gavin, John A. Gavin, E. A. Newton
, and Ed. Simpson. Rules and regula
tions for the flower show will be
announced later.
Mrs. John A. Gavin, who had the
program for the evening gave a
most Informative talk on Perennials
and Perennial borders. - She told
how to prepare the soil for the bor
ders, which is the most important
step, and told of the. care of Peren-
nials. Mrs. Gavin had colorful pic
. tures of perennial and annual
"blooms,- and gave .helpful sugges
' tions about what to plant in this
t ,ar At the close of her talk she
presented each person " prestnt a
perennial plant from her yard. 5 '
The hostess ' served ice , cream
float, nutty fingers and potato chips.
Warsaw Raises $218
In Heart
' Or. Edwin P. EWers, chairman of
the Heart Committee. Ms happy - to
'report that the total donations re-'
i i eeived in the recent Heart Drive in
Warsaw was $218.71. The Commit-
tee wishes to thank an those who
contributed to this worthy cause.
Annual tlegro Music and Art Festival
Be Held Charily School April 23r
l The Duplin County Negro schools
ar holding their annual Music and
Wdt.4t "tlM ttAa nvt Anvil 9
Al fc ' JIWUVI M" J lift vs 4fftH
and 4 in the Charity High School
itorhinv Rose Hill, N. C. Those
, Jho recal last year's exhibits and
performances -- will remember: the
fine work of th .boys and girls,
1 end will 'purely be eager ; tov see
.the event this year.' .s.i"
The Festival will turn tle class
' rooms at Charity High School into
Art galleries of the most colorful
i sort snd wlU hold- displays of
; paintings, handiwork, units of vork,
end other classroom' activities flone
'by chJldreft from- grades m,thru
"twelve. 1 ." ; ; i "
,' xhe Music Performance will be
held on Friday hight April at
' 00 pjn. This program U include
n number from each of the four
- Vih schools in . the County. We
. i Kave a nun-.-r of actions
45 Boy Scouts Receive Awards At
Court of Honor Held In Magnolia
The district committee of the Boy
Scouts of America held a Court of
Honor last Monday night in Mag
nolia at the. High School.' 125 par
ents, Scouts, leaders 'and guests
gathered for the event. Troop No.
49 of Magnolia had the opening
ceremony. Mr. George Powell,
Chairman of advancement presid
ed over the court. Mr. Bruce Boy
era, Scout Executive, from Golds
boro, Dr. .Hundley,-Wallace, Rev.
Sam Hayter, ' Kenansville, John
Smith, ; Maghoila; Frank Quetti,
Wallace and George Powell, Wallace
presented the awards to the Scouts
of Duplin. ,
The following Scouts received
awards: '
,i SECOND CLASS: .Robert Dail,
Mac McNeil, David Benton, Charles
Byrd,, Arthur f Barnes, Linwood
Cockrell, Dannie Batts, Jimmy
Grady; Glenn Britf Ray Brown,
Charles Burrows, Marshall ' Cain,
Thomas Hardison, Graham Kilpa-
trick, Leroy Maready, Billy Rose,
Jerry Smith, Benny Teachey, Joel
Williams, Steve Rhodes, Bennett
Kennedy,' Jim Brinson, Bobby Grif
fin, Charles Brooks, Riley Bishop,
Joseph Bishop, J. D. Williams. -
FIRST CLASS; Fred Baar, Bill
Straughan, Jimmy Johnson, Pat Mc
Gowan, Johnny Murray, John Tea
chey, Dean Whaley, Richard Whaley,
Roy Cavenaugh, Jimmy Chestnut,
STAR: David Wheeler, Kenneth
Brooks, Bill Browder, Jimmy Hund
ley, Harry Pucket Dwight Kaster.
UF& Gene Wells. L ' .
EAGLE PALM: Turner Rivenbark
75 Merit Badges -were presented
to Scouts that' ad 'completed the
requirements in various fields of
study; .Vv..C
At each court of Honor this year
there will be a 8" status to present
ed to the unit that wins the most
points at the court That unit will be
able to keep the status te until the
next court at which time another
troop will have a' chance to win it
At the end of the year the unit that
has won it the most will be able to
keep it for good in their :Scout
meeting place. This month troop
NOs.35 -of Wallace Won the Statu-
-jfci-es r"
At each court we have a handi
craft project to - be -turned in by
each imit and then the judges pick
the best project that ha been en
tered. This month troop No. 20 of
Warsaw won first place in the hand
icraft project. "
Our sincere appreciation goes to
Scoutmaster John. Smith and his
Scouts for "their acting as host tq
the Scouts of Duplin. ... '
It is the' hopes of the district com
mittee of Duplin that the Scouts of
Duplin will keep up the good work
on the advancement trail of Scout
ing. A Scout - only , benefits from
Scouting if he advances.
Prominent F.V.B.
Minister Dies
At Beulayille
The ReV. Robert Chauncey Ken
nedy, 73, died. Saturday morning
at his home near Beulaville. Funeral
services were 'conducted at Sandy
Plain Free Will Baptist Church of
which he served as pastor for a
number of years, at 3 pjn. Sunday
by the Rev. Stephen Smith of Mid
dlesex,, the Rev. W .S. Burns and
the Rev. Lloyd Vernon. Burial was
in the church cemetery. He had
served as pastor', to a number of
churches and helped to organise
eight' churches in Eastern .. North
Carolina, He is survived by his wife,
the former Mrs. Annie Barrow; four
sons, Paul, Joel, and Arthur, all of
Beulaville, 'and Rashie Kennedy of
Greenville; three daughters, Mrs.
Etta' Futrell of Deep Run, Mrs.
Dorothy Thigpen and Mrs! Ervin
Smith of Beulaville, three step-sons,
Lester Barrow of Vanceboro, Mrs.
Lizzie Pate of New Bern and Mrs.
Margaret Thomas of Belhaven.
The public is cordiaUy 'invited to
attend, this tree performance so that
all may be informed as to what
the schools are doing on a CulturatJ
H The school win be open for those
who wish to see the exhibits on the
following days and' hours:
Friday, April X from .8.36 ' M
Saturday, AprU S, from 2:30 V 8:30
. Sunday, April 4, from 2:30 - 8:30
and from 5:00 0:00 pjn. j ; ' !'
,To climax the Art and Music
Festival a County-Wide P.TA. pro,
gram will be held on Sunday; April
, from S:S0 to 8:00 pjn. in the
Charity High School Auditorium.
..-The program; tot this occasion
w J be give by the t-'' : "i
School P.TA. under tr j i
Mrs. Jessie Smith. 1 : w , ?
rendered by the paraua of lum
Hill, Wallace and Chinquapin Districts.-
Mrs. Alsa Carr
Buried In Burgaw
Funeral -services for Mrs, Alsa
McL. Carr,. age 77,Aere held from
the . Presbyterian Church ,ln Bur
gaw Wednesday afternoon at four
o'clock, conducted by her pastor
Rev. M. G. Stimpson, assisted by
her, former pastor Rev. P. L. Clark,
retired Presbyterian minister of
Burgaw. Interment was in the Bur
gaw cemetery. , , -
Mrs. Cart is the former Lillian
Grady, daughter of the late Stephen
and . Margaret Grady of Sarecta.
She was. educated in . a private
school conducted in her home and
.1 attended the North Carolina Normal
College, now the Womans College of
the University of North Carolina.
Most of her life was spent in teach
ing school until she 'retired a few
years ago. 'Mrs. Carr was a devout
Presbyterian, active in every phase
of the church' work. To her the
crowning glory of her life, ih ad
dition to raising a family of unus
ually fine children, was the fact
that two of her, sons "became Pres
byterian ministers. Rev. H. L. "Lon"
Carr is now pastor of one of the
largest Presbyterian Churches, .in
Erie, Pa. and Dr. James M. Carr is
Secretary of rural church work in
the Presbyterian Church of the
South with headquarters in Atlanta.
She is survived, in addition to the
Revs. Carr, by . her husband and
three daughters, Mrs. Charles Pop
lin of Elkin, N. Cj Mrs. L. K. Ber
key (Sarah Carr) of Beverly Hills,
Calif, and Mrs. J. E. Chestnutt of
Richmond; one sister Mrs. Myrtle
Johnson of Burgaw and eight grand
children., ',
Bob Cat Badges
' Pack 20 of the- Warsaw Cub
Scouts met at the Town Hall Tues
day evening, March 30 at 7:30 with
Joe Browrn district, executive and
Bruce Boyer Scout executive, of
Goldsboro' as guest r
, Cub Master,; Arnold- Davis pre-
Sided and opened the meeting with
the group singing "America" led by
Mrs. Paul Potter.
Bob Cat badges were presented
the cubs followed by the Den
Mothers and Scouts repeating the
pledge. Receiving badges' were
Jerry R. Albertson, Bobby i Batts,
Micky W. Askew, Micky Benton,
Walter BosUc, Jr, Gerald Brad
shaw, Jimmy Bradshaw, Billy Byrd,
George Clark, Jr, George Dunn,
Johnny Harmon, Jr, Joe HarreU,
David Hinson, Ashley Jones, Billy
Knowles, Brad Minshew, Neil Mit
chell, Bobby PearsalL Paul Potter,
Jr, G. W. Rollins, Jr., Dwight
Smith, Charles Stevens, Jimmy
Strickland, Billy Vann, Lee West,
Raymond Wood, Sammy Henderson
and Jack Sauls.
Bruce Boyers spoke briefly on
Cub Scout work, which was follow
ed by a question and answer per
iod. Den Mothers, Mrs. Belton Min
shew, Mrs. Paul Potter; Mrs.: BUI
Vann, Mrs. James Sauls and new
Den - Mothers, Mrs, Milton- West,
Mrs. Jimmy Hooks and Mrs. John
Bradshaw were recognised. Treas
urer tor the Cub Scouts is Glenn
Rollins. v
The next pack meeting will be
held AprU 27 at the Grammar school
lunchroom. . "
Dupiin Farmers
cce .
Orders For Ubr
by H. ReynoUs, Cavity Agen
Duplin County farmers who will
need extra labor tor harvesting
tobacco should place their orders
at the Agriculture'Bulldlng in Kenansville-
at. 1:30 PJaV April 8. Mr.
J. M. Hunter and Mr. John McLean,
of the North Carolina Employment
Security Coifunlssion will be here
to take these orders. Most of the
labor crews coming from Mississippi
com in groups of from 30. to 80.
Barn hands and field hands are
available. Farmers who need labor
should try1 to find work a full crew
in their communities. Farmers who
use this labor- will furnish living
auuters and transportation from
Mississippi to Duplin County and
back to Mississippi at the rate of
t cent per mile per person. About
100 Mississippi workers helped har
vest tobacco in mpltn County last
n Man. 'of it' farmer -Who.
used t -in have W 'ted tlat "they
ant u i t tlim aln this year,
lhererjre.' their work must havo.
been satisfactorily. April will be
the only date for taking orders tor1
Presented Warsaw
.''.'K,',i- fv.'Jtv'A-'-'' v-ii ',r
this tobacco labor.
QUEEN AZALEA VH CROWNED - Beautiful Ella Raines is crowned Queen Azalea VH at the Corona
tion Ball at Wilmington's Seventh Annual Azalea Festival by Gen. Mark' Clark, Festival guest of honor.
, Miss a star of movie and television tame and General Clark, president of The Citadel, is former
commander of United Nations forces in the Far East.
Services Held For
; Sunday worship service was Aeld
at the Home for the Aged. Sunday
ti -. -'l'.-- rfl; t. - - -f'i.-r
uicraoua, Afcning uie wmm was f
Mrs. Kathleen P. Snyder assisted
by Mesdames R.l"C Thigpen. Brax
ton Bill and John Wood." 1
(Too late For Last Week)
Sunday afternoon, March 21 wor
ship service for the aged was con
ducted by Mesdames Kate Herring,
Oscar Best, C, V. Gamer, Walter
Carter, Cora Scott and Corrie Peele.
- Monday afternoon. Prayer service
was .held by Mesdames E. C. Taylor,
Lonnie' Benson, Listen Anderson,
Lillie Anderson and Miss Inez. Tay
lor. Miss Taylor read from the book;
of Luke 10:25-37, giving a wonderful,
version of how we should help our
neighbor.- , ,
Last Wednesday,! , among those
visiting the Home front the Magnol-:
ia Missionary Baptist Church were:.
Mesdames Sheldon Batts, Warren
BosUc, Fred Johnson, Allie Rogers,
J. D. Everett; Berkley Wilson, Owen
Bishop, Roland Wilson, Bill Wilson
and Miss Minnie Johnson.
Met Mrs. Hayter
A general meeting ot the Women
ot Grove Presbyterian Church was
held, Monday afternoon, with Mrs.
J.':T.-Hayter hostess. Mrs. N. B.
Boney presided and held open de
votional assisted by Mrs.. J. A.
Hines and Mrs. Roy Sitterson. Spec
ial prayer was offered by Mrs. J.A.
Gavin. . "t i f '
A program on "World Missions"
was In charge OI mrt. Clarence.
Murphy. 1 ; - . i '
At the close of the meeung, Mrs.
Hayter served cheese crackers, as-1
sorted cooKiea ana cone. , s.,.
Svsisws'S BaLmwrtwi
The Kenansville Senior Class, en
tertained the Junior Class at ' a
weiner roast at Whitfield's 'pond.
near Mt Olfve. Tuesday night. ;- ,
About- thirty-two members at
tended., v., ' - "V J ' T
key Covn flssd
Of' Ik;! Oraanizcd
w - - . " w . " f ." i0 .:
The local Jaycees met Thursday
night, March 24th.-Officers for the
ensuing year were elected and the
by-law and constitution adopted.
Officers elected , were: President,
Ivy N. Bowden; 1st Vice president,
John B. Ball; 2nd.; Vice, president
V. H. Beynoldsf leerttary, iW E.
Craft; 'treasurer;". TJ-jyte; Di
rector arc Jack Bflnsoti;- Harry W.
y irphy asJlWUfcy BooUL Officers
wUl also serve asurector.
PUns are being mad for a char
ter night banquet t which time
the charter will be presented to the ,
1, 1954
M f
x s 1
"tf -(.. jt V
Varsawites Attend
&ywlBR Tirs n Mr,
RoWt L West will attend three
day course in Press Photography;
Aprl, 2, and 8; at the Carolina
Inh on the eampuS of the University
of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Cub Seoul Pack
Meet Held
A picnic supper and pack meet
ing was held by the Cub Scout
troop, Den- Mothers and parents of
the Scouts, Thursday night March
25 in the school cafeteria.
j: Speaker for the evening was
Scout Executive, Joe Brown of Clin
ton, who spoke on scouting and re
minded the parents of their respon
sibility in helping promote better
scouting. He was introduced by
Phil Kretsch, local banker.
During the meeting merit badges
were awarded the following Cubs:
Johnnie Hester, Bobby Daughtry,
Jimmle Jackson, Robert Caison,
Ricky Pridgen, Nicky Bowoen,
Steve Jones, Carol Hall and Jerry
Den Mothers are Mrs. Jonn nan
and Mrs, Ivy Bowden.
v Parents attending were: Mr. and
Mrs. Hubert Phillips, Mrs. Roscoe
Jones,' Mr. and Mrs. C. C, Hester,
Mrs. Leo Jackson, Mr. and Mrs.
I. R. Caison, Mrs. Ivy Bowoen ana
Mrs.' John Hall.
Pstsy's Beauty
$!::? Moras
Pat'i Beauty Shop, owned and
operated by Mrs. Andrew Patterson
In Kenansville. has moved from
the 2nd. floor of the Miller build
ing 'to her home on Rutledge 6t,
opposite the Methodist Church. Mrs.
Patterson has converted n room
of her home into a modernly e
qulpped beauty shop. She says she
can- giver bettor service and the
ttdies will JiaVe" more ' prhracy In
her new location. : :
First Prcsii::.! ,
jicess Cls:l) llcre
. e t.,.,
Any men between the ages of 21
end 39, of good character are invited
td loin the organizaUoit
The object of the newly organize
ed Javceet of Kenansville U to
promote civic, commercial and in
duetrial interest in the community
ftiroiiahr active arid constructive
nroocta, to rbnder tothaxotfimuni.
ty and iUfcitizerai-'ir better plane
to live., work and playft-hme
the further purpose of this orgahW'
cation to provide its membership
training to leaderahip ' and ; civic
consciousness to better their
tulne at citizen,
eotmtleac flM outride this acwa
Mrs. Guthrie
Entertains Lanefield
The Lanefield Home Demonsta-
tion Club met Tuesday with Mrs.
C. B. Guthrie. Twelve members and
one visitor was present. Mrs. Clar
ence Murphy was welcomed as a
new member.
Mrs. Perry Smith called the meet
ing to order. Mrs. Barnett gave the
treasurers report and read the min
utes of the last meeting. Mrs. Guth
rie gave the devotional.
It was decided and a committee
was appointed to make a display
in some public place, using some
phase ot the club work, competing
for county prize. After business,
Mrs. Pauline Johnon brought us an
informative and interesting message
on Food Conservation. Mrs. Guth
rie brought to the club the life of
the writer, William Walford, who
gave us the poem that later be
came the hymn, "Sweet Hour ot
Prayer." Mrs. Jim Fulford brought
us bits of styles for young and old.
During the recreational period
several impromptu quartets were
enjoyed also a bean guessing game.
Mrs. Henry West, Sr. assisted fie
hostess in serving congealed salad,
hitz, cookies and coffee. -
Woman's Club To
The April meeting ot the local
Womans Club will be held, Thurs
day afternoon April 8 at 3:30 in the
Lodge building. Mrs. AT. Outlaw,
chairman of the (Welfare Depart
ment will be in charge of the pro
gram. v'1 v ''iij,i'':v
All members are urged to te pre
sent end visitors are welcome.?'!;
. A scene from Oe. Juutor-Sentoc
. r ...
banuet held m the kUnansviUe
O.E.S. Officers
Officers, for 1954-55, for Chapter
215 Order of Eastern Star were in
stalled in a public ceremony, Fri
day evening March 26 in the Chap
ter room. '
The meeting was opened by the
retiring officers followed by the
presentation' of the flags. Visitors
were welcomed ' by the retiring
Worthy Matron, Edna E. Brinson.
Following a solo, "Welcome", by
Thelma S. Stroud the Past Matron's
Jewel was presented to the out
going Worthy Matron by Ruby G.
Newton. Past Worthy Patron's Jew
el was presented to the outgoing
Worthy Patron, Lewis Westbrook,
by his wife, Margaret H. West
brook. "Whispering Hope" was ren
dered by , Annie Hinton Harmon,
Cleo Spell Hobbs and Margaret
Simmons Strickland. Following the
special music the outgoing officers
retired and .the incoming officers
entered for installation. Prayer for,
the new, officers was offered by
Past Worthy Matron, Margaret H
Elective . officers installed were:
Worthy Matron, Kathleen P. Sny
der; Worthy Patron, Lewis West-L
brook; Associate Worthy Matron,
Matoaka Westbrook; Associate Wor
thy Patron, A. Colon Holland; Sec
retary, Xouise K. Boney; Treasurer,
Virginia D. Holland; Conductress,
Mary Alice Blackmore; Associate
Conductress, Thelma Murphy.
Appointive Officers were: Chap
lain, Sally Ingram; Marshal Alice
Rogers; Organist, Mary Lee Sykes;
Ada, Cleo S. Hobbs; Ruth, Margaret
Johnson; Esther, Nannie Sue West
brook; Martha, Mary B. Fulford;
Electa,' . Shirty 'T. Alphln; Warder,
Mary Southerland and Sentinel,
Myrtle Quinav
i Installing officer was Margaret
Hottewood Dlllard of Penderlea.
Other offlceraTwere: Installing Mar-
snai, Bessie 3&.ornegay; installing
Chanlain. MaWaret H. Westbrook:
installing Organist, Pannie Rhodes;
installing asecretry, Kuoy li. pew-
ton and.,- Installing Conductress,
S&Qy P. TyndalL .
'A1bTvThe Ros6ry' was sung
tf TMeTma"S.' Stroud. A program,
"An Eastern Star Rosory" was un
der; the direction of the retiring
Matron. Followed by the addresses
of the Worthy Matron and Worthy
Patron. . ;.v ' y,
:li3it the close of the meeting a
reception was held in the recreation
room. A color, scheme of green and
white,, was carried out in arrange
ments of white carnations,' snap
dragons and fern. Refreshments
were individual cakes Iced In green
and white, punch, salted nuts and
Friendship given the double-cross
always retaliates with 100 per cent
Mercer Appointed County Chairman
II. C. Society For Crippled Children
Grady Mercer County Solicitor
has been appointed County Chair
man for the North Carolina Society
for Crippled Children and Adults,
and plans to put the drive on during
AprU. This drive will be handled.
primarily through appeal letters
sent out to the citizens of Duplin
County urging them to contribute
as much as possible to this worthy
It is one of the most appealing
causes which confronts the public
each year. Some 101,000 persons
not aided by other sources received
be "ts from the seal funds last
y'-Jfthose crippled by conditions
other than poliomyelitis are aided
by ; this campaign. The public is
urged to buy and use these seals
for their letter to spread the word
is?' 1
,gl School Saturday ',t, March
I - .-.-T -,,:
(30, showing the dressed up Juniors
price tc crr.T3
of campbell College will be tha i
speaker at the Associational-wldo
Evangelism Rally to be held in -the
Warsaw Baptist Church next
Sunday, April 4th at 8:00 pjn. The
public is cordially Invited.
. ' .... , . i
Revival Begins
Rose Hill Ocplist
Church llexf Sunday
' Revival Services will begin next
Sunday. April 4th, at the Rose H1U
Baptist Church. The pastor, Julian t
Motley, will be the preacher and
will be assisted in the services by i
baritone soloist Richard Thornton
of Wake Forest College and 'Paul '
I Royal of High Point, music director.
Two services will be held daily,
j Monday through Saturday, at 8:00
I ajn. and at 7:80 pjn. The meeting .,
I will continue through the regular
Sunday services, April 11th.
Motley became pastor of the Rose
Rul Church in" December ot 1983.'
He will apeak at each ot the daily
services. -,"'CT.i
Thornton has previously been in
revivals at the Wallace and War
saw Baptist Churches. He has been
widely used in such meetings since
he entered Wake Forest Colleger
where he is now a member of the) :
Junior Class. HIS home is taTtortofcJ,
Salem. ' :-i'f
Royal comes to the Rose HUH
meeting with experience as a
church music minister. Before en
tering further training in Chicago
from which he has. recently re
turned, he was minister of music
in the Hilliard Memorial Baptist
Church of High Point He will lead
the congregational singing and di-,
rect three choirs during the ser- '
A special service of prayer will
be held each morning during the
week at 6:30 for the benefit of those
who cannot attend at 8:00 a Jn.
The public is cordially invited to
to others. We feel that all who get
the seals will appreciate an. op
portunity to help a cripple child.
It is a cause which is and should
be dear to the hearts of all who have
seen handicapped children denied
the proper place in Society. Be
cause deep in the heart of every
crippled child lies the hope thet
someday he can run, play and work
as normal children do. This ambi
tion of these children can be full
filled through your liberal dona
tion to the most worthy cause.
These children, who are victims
of circumstances beyond their con
trol, are . entitled to all the help
that we can give them in order
that they might be prepared to take
their place in society . and help
shoulder the burdens ot civilization.
I f Mm Vd U.e entertainei, J.
1 Thomas, Jr. of TbomasvUl In nlghl
I ' ; -
fcca th Charity X b ln .
1 w:m-wM

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