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APRIL' 8, 1954 ;
- 1 Lri
"tj: '-.
VJarsavj-IoutQes Unveil
: The Warsaw Jtycte? 9tfl?l Uy Un
veiled their new miniature riding
traii ! :iirff Jhif pwCof the
State, gunday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Children -at ; well ad adult .were
; allowed on the train. Admialon cost
- baa been fixed at nine atfata pet
. It backs into loading platform
I siding. Sixteen children can be ac
jcommoaated at once,
j The minlatjure train .idea .repre-
sentt a 'tnajor , undertaking for the
I small 'Warsa w Jayoees organization.
Considerable work on the part , of
the membership of 17 has gone Into
AwlBb pjrojedl which (cost about
I $7p0 yitomthei, represents " almost
i ye ofl work since 'the Idea was
The layout is located immediate
ly behind nhe towrl ball on more
than an acre of land which, the
clufi hopes eventually to develop
into V & fully equipped recreation
' park tit the benefit vof the town
and surrounding area. Profits from
the train's operation used,
to further' their long range planning
project which embraces the Idea of
tennis courts, swings, see-saws,
merry-go-rounds, land the like for
children of all age groups. 1 , i v ,
The' train consists of locomotive
and two cars for-passengers Each
unit is 10 feet long. The layout is
an oval with a switch siding-fori
the loading and unloading of pas
sengers from 4 built-up platform.
Leo Brown advanced the Idea at
spsmg meeting last, May. After
receiving the club's enthukiastia en
dorsement, the members started
soliciting, verything they v eold
"beg, buy, berrow; or steal". Their
' Jack was phenomenaL -
The Borden Brick and Til Com
pany of OoMsbonigave some wheels
vand four body bases. They also
mated track which bad been used
at 1 ow- abandoned .May
Tear Hallways of Tort, Bragg J")
ettevOle gave sbme of its
These big ties were sawed up1 by
Odell Wood at his homt saw-mill,'
each making six for tbe'"Jacees
Speeds!." as the llnji k bea dt
bed. .' w . ,
'5; ! Aa: ACL crew'jild" theltock on
six Saturdays, the $30 expenditure
for their labor; being the biggest
single item of expense. The ACL
donated the use of its track laying
equipment, assuring accurate gage.
.Luther Lowe, ACL Negro foreman
lot Warsaw, supervised this opera
tion.. If' f '
The locomotive la powered by
15-hoMepowerne-cy Under gasoline1
motor connected to a Dodge fluid
drive transmission. This Hiin
Jerks in forward speed gear chang
ing., Two horns, for tows and open
country, are mounted, on the loco
motive. One gallon of gas. will run
the train well over bour, : I; r c
The unit has been, tested many
times loaded and empty and found
to be in perfect operating condition.
Banked turns permit -; maximum
. speed of 90 miles per hour.' How-.
over, It is planned" to run the; train
only at 10 to 12 miles per hour. The
20-pound, rifl' la well 'dpiked down
to the m cross ttssv-ft-'.--1:..) ur
"A wonderful thliig about j our
operation," President Johnson said,
"is we haven't solocited a dime from
' merchants. The Branch Banking add
Trust Company loaned us $700 and
all of our bills have been paid." '
Lee Brown, 'Who has been at the
fore . irl the whole - project, made
the all metal bodies for the cars In
bis tobacco flue shop. ; V- For the
streamlined front be used the grill
work of la 1937 Hudson Terraplane.
He gave bis time and sold the nW
. Kerlals at a&ptiy. ''k-;XJj
I rnturei plans for the Jaycees Spe
cial include addition of a third ear
and, stringing out lights 'around the
layout for Bight time operation. It
wOl be operatsc) . each .Saturday,
'Sunday,' and jioiJbly v Wednesday
afternoon from now until fall
Prior to the official opening of
the railroad Sunday the Jaycees
'shad simple dedication ceremony
, with town officials and several
ACL' BB officials present TJie Dis
tinguished Service Award for the
outstanding young man of the year
was also presented at this time. v
The. nearest miniature (train - is
lought to be in Wilmington, 00
miles distance. To the Jaycees know
ledge, thelrtf H the only home built
fob in (North Carolina. Their re
sxMircefalness has" produced a pro
duct which many towns spend from
15,000 up (with the "u" accentu
ated) to obtain. JUj-:')'
The unit Is entirely rustproof but
will be boused, fav thf "funnel,"
which Is not really tunnel at all
but ft, building , which formerly
housed 'a cannery and Hhrjoufh
which the track passes. W
' Wbflo Ithe. admissiorf !coft! hhs
been officially tabbed at nine bents
the .rider ; wUi no get; any change
bac.k from a dime. Instead,, ro
ceives ipfcwWbliwriim. Changing
a dime would throw the vertUre inta
the reaUn of Federal tax. Tr avoldJ
this and alsccountug penntesj for
ever, thie eaiousSlbw-gui eoh
tion was Workdpe ' f
oree A'iucess
. The April.Sbower CampoMM was
a big" success for the SciJuts of
(Duplin and Sampson Counties. . 1751
Scouts from the two counties gathr
ered U) ftar Wd Jor their Jsprjng
outing.' This event fvss filladith
fun and fellowship for all.;! There
were six events with prises - for
first anu red ribbons for ;second
nlace.Ajll events except one Were
operated on the Patrol Systetn The
toUowonft patrols Von the events:
Woodpecker , Patrol Troop, 139 -First
pbce in -the first aid relay,
-i Daniel Boone, Patrol Troop 135 -Second
place in the first ald;relayl,
i Woodpecker Patrol Troop 85-'-
First tlace in the Water BollingJ
Contests v .; j.
Daniel Boone Patrol Troop! 35
Second rplace in, the Water Boiling'
von-ess, v . :
Beaver Patrol Troop 35 y .First'
'place In the Vioneer Engineering.
t Wolf Patrol. Troop. 40 cond-
place in the Floneer arnginMring.
Daniel Boone Patrol Troop 35
Flrit-place in the Signaling CobtesU
Flying Baglo Troop 35 Second
place In The Signaling ConJpeSt
Boone Patrol 'Troop 35 -
pace in the Chariot Ijaee. -ver
Patrol Troon 35 - -Second
place Ja the Chariot Bace.!; j f ,',
Troop 38 First . place ;lrt the
Campfire Stunt v :
-Troop 40 Second place'.; in the
Campfire Stunt - " ' I
-The Fbsf Citizens Bank & Trust
Co. of Clinton- and . The. Branch
Banking: TrustXCcV'of Wurssy
each donated a beautiful Amerlcsii
Flag, to the district conuntttee of
their respective counties' to be a
WardM to the yunit thaThsd the
mosf advancement of percentage
basis for a period of jtive months.
This contest was known, as the Up
ward TrailContest It was received
With a great deal of pleasure from
every unit in the two counties. This
contest has helped our , advancement
more than any other single thing.
Summer Eaks 'of The First Citizens
Bank and Trust Co. awarded the
flag. 'to Troop No. 38 of Garland.
N. C. Joe Brown awarded the Flag
to Troop . No. 35 of Wallace; N. C,
on behalf of the, Branch Banking
St Trust Cof of Warsaw.
The: -District Chairman of Ad
vancement from each county Wishes
to thank the bank for making this
conies possioie. xney Sio wisn to
congratulate , the , Unit Leaders and
the Scouts for their wonderful par
ticipation in the contest.
: -The District Chairman- of , camp;
ing and activities from each county
wish to thank the v parents and
guests who came to the Camporee
Progranv They sincerely hope that
they enjoyed it and extend to them
and others an invitation to attend
any scout function at any time. They
extend a hardy word of thanks to
Kdgar Stafford-and his Scouts for
inviting us to Garland. Last but hot
least they wanf-to thank A)bel War
ren i or tne wonderful Sunday
School Lesson that he delivered to
the' Scouts and Scouters ' at ' the
Canipodee . site, tr-.iti, , :
From Florida
i s:
A. B. Sandlln, white, 35 of Beula
vllle, as brought bfeck to Duplin
County last week ttom Lakeland,
Florida, to stand trial for breaking
and entering the homjs o Mrs. Lula
Parker, in Beulayille on March 9.
:k Sheriff Miller wept to Florida
and brought Sandlln back. He was
captured in Lakelanc; by the police
department and retained until
brought' back to Kenansville. f :
Sandlln ws tried efore a local
J. P; the case was I submitted to
the Grand Jury whic found a true
bill-' . , . -
V. i
Clarence Warren named Outstand
ing man of the ; year, at. Wi rsaw
Sunday. - "' . ' . 'h .. n ';,
The! unveiling of the recjently
completed mmlature train Was. held
Sundav. afternoon at two o'clock
at the Warsaw Town.Hall tWithl
Rivers Johnson, Jr, president hi
charge. Immediately afterwards. Dr.
Otto Matthews introduced the
speaker, Dick Bennett State J lycee
Distinquished Service Award i hah
man who spoke briefly on the (qual
ities of (the award "Man of ' the
Year" and presented it to the lcfcal
Jaycees Man of thfe Yean' ClaUhce
Warren, Warsaw Agriculture teach
er. Warren s a native of NeVon
Grove and attended Wake Forest
College three years before entering
service.. He Joined the Marines the
day after the Pearl Harbor attack.
He served three years In utelllgents
division of Marine Corps oxf the
front lines, v t. .v
'i He" graduated from'State College
Win. 108. He
is nkarried and has
Children. -.-ft v.-,.! n.
r Prior to coming to Warsaw, he
held positions A Greenhope School
in lake CuotK'Westfleld School
In Surry County: He then went back
to State College to ' receive his
Master's pegree.;.; f Yqif $;
Mr. warren during the past year
has built fats own" attractive; home
doing all the work himself iexoept
laying the slate blocks and help from
his brother-in-law on the root "He
Lis chairman of the County Agrlcul
f tur6 Teacbkrs. Presidenl of the
UJons Cluyvfliici Is Sj-onlorirlg the
t-ancer unve ana has, also, sou
in a drlvi
for the blind ,andj
sponsonsa a rat campaign He help
ed the coaches build two dr Natng
rooms lonto the gymnasium c uring
the year. He and the agriculture
students built a Welding roonc opto
the agriculture work shop.
Mr. Warren Is, a member of the
Baptist Church and is on landscap
ing committee of the church. He
teaches a Sunday School Class of
12 year (old boys.
School Committee
The Duplin Comity. Board
eatlon net ea Monday aftei
April 5, In the orfloe of the
Buperintendest of Schools iarKen.
ansvflle. Among seme of the
important things taken up
appointment of aeheol
men, whose terms expired this year
for the varuHrs sehoel districts for
a term of three years.
.They a as follows: Ki
1. B. Brown, O. L. Holland; War.
saw - I B. Hale, Lswton Albert-
Sheriffs Department
Several Liquor Manufacturing Stills
The Duplin County
partment experienced busy
encv;: 'i.v'.;-'.,,.,,:i.,'r;
Onslow County sheriffs d
foent Thomas J. Marshall,
and Ralph Miller, sheriff of
County, moved in on a Uqu
on the Onslow-Duplin. Count
Sunday and caught Stephen
and J. T. Whaley, white, o
a 55 gallon steel drum still,
barrels of mash Were destroyi
' On Rock Fish Creek, near Wi
on Saturday morning, 30 galli
bootleg whiskey, were, fourn
quart jars. No one was chsrgi
Saturday morning at 4:00
deputy sheriff Norwood Boone
ed Lot Chasten, Negro, of
for several miles before he
him on a dirt road near
According to Boone, Chasten stop
ped his car and ran into a wooded
area. Boone caught him and brought
him, back to the car. In a scuffle, to
get loose. Chasten hit Boone's; gun
which fired and wounded Chasten
Rose HH1
Charity, 4
-i ' ' i i i
Duplin ECCAlu
Meet Rose Hill
On Tuesday
On Tuesday night at 6:301P.M. at
the School Cafeteria in Bosej Hit
the .Duplin County-Chapter of East
Carolina , College Alumnf wijl hav i
a: dinner .meeting. Alipeople wh i
have attended East Carolina Cijlleg i
fcr Eaf Ca'rolinaTcaehets CoUege
8f(lryited an4nrg$dq attend fhi i
meetine. Husbands, wives, or sweet
hearts are also invited! Guestd will
be President, James Whltford of
the' General Alumni Association, of
The News ' and Observer, Raleigh;
Mr. James W. Butler, Mrs. Susie
Webb; arid Miss Gloria BlanWn of
the" campus at East Carolina. Coi ae
hnrf enjoy the 'good' food, fun and
fellow-hip as has been promised
by Mr. William 'R. Teachey, Presi
dent of the Duplin County Chapter.
' J."' K GradyA publisher' of The
Duplin Times, Kenansvfue and The
Weekly Gazette, LaGrange, hurt
week began a new and third vubuV
cation. "The Weekly Sketch bade
its first appearance', last Thtujsdj-y.
It is published froniFremOn t every
Thursday, and .covers the. seeks in
and around Fremont Pike villi and
Eureka with headoiartera ln Fre
mont J., W. Tomlinson, former re-'
porter-on the, Washington Star, Is
handling the ' News; Mrs.; Rupert
Barnes, ' of " Fremont, advertising
an,d . business manager and Mrs.
Russell Kirby of Fremont Woinan's
editor The Sketch, will be pifinted
1U Kenansville.. . il :., .
j Grady also began constructim of
au raddlttott to,The..Tlinei xffst
buUdlng last week. A 1000 scuare
foot, bnrf'.stb- laddiUon ii ilng
constructed ft the rear. It lslej pect
ed (to be completed and read r for
occupancy in a few weeks. Sam
Godwin bf Warsaw has . the con
tract Additional machinery lis plan-
ned in the Tiear, future especially
hi, the Job" printing "ine. . .. I
f MAtnAinl
Dealer In Varsaw
Famer's Hard waW and. rierlch'an'
dlse Co. of Warsaw , are! proud; to
announce their .appointment as the
exclusive Hotpoint Appliances Deal
er in Warsaw.' To view the bea utiful
new Hotpoint appliance visit thelr
store this week. They are, also, the
exclusive G.' E. Television Dealer.
Look for their1 announcement ad
m, wis paper. t
Appoinfed, By Board
Falseav . ' Chester BUhi J. W.
Warren,' Jr,( Calypso o M, B.
nett Jr. Jun. Grs4yi ,& F. Grjsdy
Aivln Kernegay,' Grover .Bhedeai
Beulavllle - Mrs. Ashe MHUri Bay
Thomas; Chlnqoapin Jack Albert
son, Hemer James; Wallace 4 Boy
Carter, Frank Jessup- 'Base ion -George
Carr, H. M. Prioe; Magnesia
- 3. W. Bvaas, Melvtn Pope;: Out
law Bridge '- L W. Outlaw, j. H.
Byrd; Potter HIU - Luther Beetle
Freely HaU, E. L. Quinn.
in the right chest but not seriously,
xwenty-xour jars ox non-tax . paia
whiskey were found on the 1919
convertible Ford. Chasten Is out of
Jail under $300 bond. On Wi
morning seven miles west
lace, Boone found a still,
it was a 250 gallon subi
still and 15 barrels of
destroyed. Two negro opera1
from the scene unldentifii
On Friday a 500 gallon
destroyed near Maxwell
is reported ta be one of the
stills ever destroyed in Dup
J-t-. ' 'm..".'i.w ' QUA Mil,
was destroyed and 200 gallons of
beer poured ,out by oftlceri j at a
still one mile west of 'ieacney, . s
, A 55 gallon-still and five gallons
of beer were found and destroyed
on Sunday ' afternoon,' , two j miles
east of Teachey.Hw,-
Sheriff, : Balphf Miller, Deputies,
T.i aV.Revette W- Ct Houston and
Norwood .Boone mad the bldSk.
i -mi
of Wal-
arjd said
masn 'Were
tats fled
Bdli J,
still 'was
Creex. and
sm' ss4IT1
i i jfoe xuitowing are sqpwn.W'u
Brownj Captain Phil Kretsch, Captain Harry W. Murphy, Lleutei
Murphy, Firemen .Q. fi. Guthrie,
I J. Smith and C.L. Nicholson. Absent when picture was taken jwere
Rtmu. Wllllaminrt mis tv. Onlnn 1hntn n.nlal T anla. nt XMnlm
( J
C4 ,! t .'i
Kenansville. students spent i last
Thursday touring Raleigh. Those
making the trip were:
Seventh grade: Mrs.' W. M. In
gram, teacher, Mrs. Wiley Taylor,
Mrs. .Garland Whltmani Mrs. Eszell,
Mrs. L. H. Rouse, Mrs. Mabel Sullir
van, i mothers. Students: : Vernon
Rouse, . Betty Taylor; ' Jewel , Stroud,
Harold Barnes, Jewel Brown; Oliver
Vestal Morris Cherry, Hazel Sand
lln, Brenda Grady, Edward Lee
Holland, Bobby Benson, Tommy
Knell.Joe Bcock, Raymond TeachA
cy, J. D. Whitman, Josephine Brock,
Patricte-.Whirsasni Ntaiey xGrady,
Sylvia Gooding, Casor BeB,. James
Edward Brlnson, Ruth Garner, Don
ald Medlln, ' Janice Goodman. Ben
WUllamsonV Deaaha Quinn, Shelby
Jean Quinn, Thelma Brock, Grace
Goodman, Eloise Pate, Alice' West,
Doreen Heath, Jean Futrelle, Ben
Price, Dell Jacksoni
: Eighth grade: Chaperones: Mrs.
Mattie W. Sadler, Mrs. J. T; Hayter,
Mrs. Casteen, Mrs. Cay SummeHlnl
Students: ' Laura Kinsey, Dorothy
Barnette, Rebecca Grady, Linda Sit
terson, Linda Alphin, Linda Kay
Benson, j Johnnie Daughtry,' .' Ruth
Cavenaugh, Aubrey ' Alphin; Edna
Heath, Juanitt King, Hester Cais-I
teen, Joyce Jones, LurlinSt Brock,
Geraldine Dunn, 'Earl Stroud, Emory
Sadler, Lee Register, Ewood Reg-1
ister,' Durwood Holmes, David' Sum.
merlin, Joe Goodman, Walter Keath,
Carl Penn, Jack Brock, Randall
Brown.' ". 1 v
Club; Wiley Head
' Frank S.' Wiley, principal 'of the
Pink Hill School, was. named presi
dent ot the newly organized Civitan
Club in'th Pink HUI School Cafe-
teru, .' Wednesday night March 31.
Past president Jack Hankins. and
incoming president Walter Carr Cox
of the Kinston Club, were among
the organizers. Harvey Turner is
the clubs vice-president John O'
Connor will serve as. secretary and
Lynwoiod, Turner as treasurer; The
Board of Directors named are: J.
Mel viz Jones, Robert Holt Whltford
Hill, W. H. Jones and Dr. H. A.
Edwards, Rev. J. R. Regan is chap
lain and Roy Taylor ,1s Sergeant-
ai-arnB. ... .
.'- The group will meet each .fitst land
.third Wednesday evening at the
school cafeteria. Charter night was
set for 7:00 p.m. April 21.
Warsaw Under
' Attention is called to the fact
that the area within the corporate
limits ot the town of Warsaw; and
ah area a miles, wide beginning at
a ' oxtet . projectedy northeast and
j southwest along and beyond the
north corporate limits of Warsaw
and extending (northwesterly along
tJ. S. 'Highway , No. 117 with said
highway as a center line tor a dis-
1 tance of . miles is under quarantine
for- White Fringed Bettes.
U S.
Order No. 71
I KenAnsvilIe'fe New Fire1 Truck and Volunteer Firemen
) ..1
ACiMuiBviue a new lire ituck;
k: Chief
Jr, A. T Outlaw, . Jr, Ivey Bowden,
Board of Education
O, P. Johnson, Superintendent of
Duplin County Schools, has) an
nounced that the members of the
Duplin County Board of Education I
Monday, April 5 to sponsor a Spell
ing contest in the white achols of
the county. ' f'
This (s being done in an efiort'to
boost and encourage better, spelling,
among tne pupils In all departments,
of the schools - primary, granmar
snCj high school. l(t has recentlj been
revealed through (Jucstipnnajn s that,
have been sent to Duplin graduates
x n olJi
i definite need fir.ihore stnss in
spelltag'j'.especialljt at the high'
school kveL'Thp. question laires
were sent as one,, part, of, the acti
vities of the Kellogg program vhich
has been in action ( JJlplin Cpuiity
tor .the past hree yUtrs. f .
Money for 'medals was donated by
members (of the board of education
and there will be first' and second
prize ' given in each department .
primary grades, gitammar grades,
and high school. -Each school will
' have n elimination contest and se
lect one participant from each de
partment ox its school. ' These) con
testants will meet at the Kenans
vflle High School1 auditorium on
lluniber Children Heeding Foster Homes
"The" number df children m need
of foster home care Is increasing,"
said Mrs. Taylor, Superintendent of
Public Welfare in , Duplin County, in
discussing the need for boarding
homes for children In this county.
"In spite of the more thah 800
licensed foster boarding homes for
children in North Carolina anid the
two licensed homes In this county;
there Is constant need for addition
al homes," Mrs. Taylor said. !
"There is particular need for fos
ter homes which can offer speciali
zed care for children who are men
tally retarded, physically handicap
ped, or who have emotional, pro
blems. This type of home supple
ments the. resources of the homes
which provide care for , deserted
and neglected children."
The State-wide program which as
sists in providing foster boarding
home care for children is one of
the most valuable programs admin
istered by welfare agencies, -in the
estimate of the State and county
welfare officials. State and county
funds are available to provide the
,cost of this boarding home ) care.
The county department of public
welfare shares responsibility for
the child with the foster parent. A
staff member makes regular visits
to Uie home.
Foster boarding homes are licen
sed under State law by the State
Board of Public Welfare. Under one
plan foster homes provide .care for
children being studied for adoption.
Another plan provides care , for
children who are deprived of. the
privilege of being in their! own
homes for r some sufficient reason
and are in need. ' v
Provision is made in these foster
homes for children who (are ': ne
glected or deserted while plans are
being made for permanent living
arrangements, r. -an foster homes
-'. HL yt". Xl
Lauren Sharpe, Asst. Chief Bglpb
Jack ' Brinsoh, Lieutenant Donald
Billy Stephens, Woodrow. Brinsoh,
Captain Willard Brlnson; . Firemen;
Ch,ln' W HfaTtoj ' " ' '
fWednesday, AprU 21 for the finals.1
Medals, wp - be presented to the
winners oh Thursday night;' April
U at the Kenan Memorial AudMor-
hmi when the annual Music and Art
gets under way
' j: : J
I lev Shop Op ens
.' Mrs. . Christine J. Kennedy and
herViliephew, ' Beasley M. Jones of
have' opened
ladles and dflldrens shop in Beula-
ville. Mrs. Kennedy is going to man.
age the' store with the help of one
clerk, 'Mrs. Scott Smith of Beula.
villei'.. !''' I . il- n ' . , i-
r Mrs. Kennedy is a teacher of the
second grade at Beulavllle School
and plans to continue teaching". Mrs.
Kennedy, better: known as 'Tean'
Kennedy, has lived in Beulavllle
practically aU of her life. She was
formerly Christine Jones and is the
widow of the late Gordon B. Ken
nedy and has three children, Sally
JO, Bennett and George.
She and her family are members
of . the Presbyterian Church. She
will appreciate a part of your pa
tronage. ,-
in Velfare Aaent
children with behavior , problems
are provided good homes so they
can become better adjusted. Chtld
rea wtih physical or mental handi
caps are given the individual at
tention needed. Care Is taken by
the county welfare staff to place
a child in a home suited to his
special needs. A foster home pro
vides board and shelter for the
child and the foster parent Is en
couraged to give him a share in
the love and sense of belonging
which family life contributes.
To be considered for licensing as
a foster boarding home it is neces
sary for the home to be acceptable
with respect to sanatary and health
factors. Fire safety factors i are also
considered in the licensing process.
There must be income already com
ing into the home for the. foster
home program is essentially a ser
vice program and should not bo
thought of as a way of securing
income. The program is consistent
ly stressed as a resource' in safe
guarding the welfare of children.
In Duplin County we have' two
boarding1 homes licensed .for, four
cnuaren each, one of these- pro
vides care for mentally or physical
ly handicapped, emotionally 'dis-'
turbed and sometimes 'delinquent.
There are five free foster .homes,
providing care for one Child each,
"Needs of children In this county
can only be met as homes 'are made
available to give., licensed, foster
home care. We urge interested IndJU
vlduals to contact the cpunty de
partment of public welfare regard
ing ithis program. One ?' of our
greatest needs is homes for children,
either boarding homes of tree fos
ter homes," Mrs. Taylor concluded.
, Mrs. Thelma Dt Taylor,
Supt, Dept. ot Public-', "'
" Welfare' tj 3 v aS
iliiv: Jit. Ii 'i'i' -ifi );!.-'(:) ''5 y.:S'';!i
On Friday, .March 19th the new
fire: truck , arrived, in Kenansville. .
This event marked the highlight of
tne long awaitea . juuuimenx or
dreams for those who Wished for
protection and security for life and ?
August the Board of Commissioners
of the' Town of Kenansville placed ;
an; order for the truck and appoint- '
ted tauren Sharpe to be the Fire '
Chief and' Ralph Brown to be as- v
sistant Chief. The truck is to be -paid
for from the tax funds of the
Town of Kenansville. AS 'soon as
his appointment Chief Sharpe to
gether with his assistant' Ralph
Brown, 'began planning ' for . and : ..
training the volunteer firefighters.
As anyone Who 1 knows ' anything,
about firefighting will couch, these
firelighters- have accomplished a v
great deal and are i worthy of the
pride and esteem of any town of
comparable size. A a date to be
later determined, an explanation of
the iequipment and a demonstratiosi .
will be given in the i cpurthouse
square on an afternoon in order
that all the citizens and friends can
see bow these men' work.
The fire truck is an F-750 "Big
Job" Ford chassis and n the fire
equipment is built by the Americas
LaFranoe Foamite Corporation of
Elmira, New York, the largest and v
foremost builders, of fire equipment
in the world. The truck' was rated.
by the National Board of Fire . .
Underwriters as a 600 GPM pump
er, but on. actual test , tne truer
pumped jin excess, of 700 GPM from
draft and in excess of 900 GPM from
a good hydrant It Is equipped with
1 150 ft X 1" high pressure hose
reels, 2 150, ft. X 1H" permanent
hose connections, a. hose, bed hold
ing 1000, ft, of 2)4" hose, a 500 gallom
water tank, and can . produce m
GPM at BOO lbs. cf pressure. It has
a luu complement oi waaera, uxea,
lights, fire .extinguishers, pike poles,
crowbars, and such other equipment
which, is standard on a first class '
fire engine. , The iPord chassis Was 1
specified by the company' as bemg
most suited for the Job because ot '
high horsepower, and power mnV
out at. all SDeeds.'.and eSDedallT.
because of its ability a a auperb
of Kenansville ae better tire engine
could be bought at any price. Chief
Sharpe, and Asst Chief Brown: saw
a truck of less horsepower and size
peing tested at the proving grounds
of the American-LaFrance factory
and readily saw the result of using
inferior quality and pcwer.. Even
with its full load, this truck which
Kenansville bought has no reaction
whatsoever as to being loaded - its
performance is not curbed in the
slightest. The members of the Fire
i". . . i n I., .in ,,r
lkuu uuru, UIV1W .uu mam uwwut
their equipment at anytime and you
can be assurred that it will begives
the greatest of care that is only be
fitting to so expensive and impor
tant a piece of equipment The Fire
Department asks that you be coop
erative in helping to take care of ah
its equipment.
Duplin Votes Join
'Duplin Citizens, in a called meet-'
lng In Wallace, at which Mrs. Elisa
beth Griffin, executive secretary
of Wayne County Girl Scout Coun
cil addressed the group on the ad
vantages of Joining a proposed five
county Girl Sccut Council, lort"
week voted to Join the area council.
It was the fourth county group that,
has voted to enter the council.
The meeting was held at the Wal
lace Presbyterian Church, with
Mrs. J. T. Taylor, Jr, chairman ot
the Five-County Development Com
mittee for Duplin, presiding.
; Mrs. Griffin's address was center
ed on the advantages of Joining the
proposed council and the financial
responsibility that would have to be
met'"'' " !
The council would be made up ot
Wayne, Craven, Carteret Onslow JS
Duplin counties. j
Citizens In Wayne, Carteret, Ons
low and now Duplin have voted te
Join! , ' y; t"-
Pvt. Johnson
,'."T, ', :
Pvt. James O. "Jimmy"
son ot Supt. and Mrs. O. P. Johnsoa,
of Kenansville was appointed bv
structor in high speed diesel (motors
at Ft. Eustis,, Virginia. 1; r.
Jimmy entered, his basic tfslninf
at Ft. Jackson, South Carolina and
completed it about November 1. Be
was then sent to a sixteen
training course In Diesel motors and
as soon as he completed the
was promoted to instructor in high
speed Diesel motors
' . . . :. J J . J
, i 1
t " I - r'- -1. 1 'A ;.', .. .. . i i . .. .. ,. -itMtu MM,.. Jaik
, .

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