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VOL. 21, NO. 15
Ccunty Polio Drive Collects $6032.69
Mercer & Lanier Do Excellent Job
Grady Mercer and Russell Lanier
Co-Directors of Duplin County Polio
Drive announces the following re
, port ' The total Collection : during
; the drive was $6082.69, This is the
mott that has been raised in a
Polio Drive in Duplin County. It
.exceeds last years total by about
41600.00, the Chairmen of the Drive
contribute this to the splendid ;CO
operation of the workers who help
d put the Irive on and the citizens
of Duplin County who contributed
" freely to this worthy cause. The
CorChairmen want to take this op
portunity to thank all the workers
who helped put the Drive across
in such successful manner and all
the people who contributed in any
, way . financially or otherwise - in
this Drive. The totals from the var
v lous communities were as follows,
' and the person or Club that spon
sored the drive.' v": ,
' Hose IB11, N. C. Womans Club,
I itn. D. J. Fussell, Pres. . $256.08.
t KenansviUe, Afternoon Card Club
$3.00. . i . 'H
' Kenansviiie, Kontract Club - $5.00.
Rose Hill, School - $80.00.
; ' KenansvUle, Monday Night bridge
Club - $5.00.:
. Warsaw, School - $78.23.
- KenansvUle, School $110.90.
Chinquapin 'School - $93.00.
Cabin Community, Mrs. Panny
Rhodes - $12.01.
Long Ridge Church, Mr. Jonas
Pail . $10.28.
Calypso, School $112.30 .
faison, Garden Club, Mrs. L. D.
Groom, Pres. $213.46.
Falson, Ricky Bell - 60c.
, Potters ma. School - $56.85. .
BeulavlUe, U. D. C. - $167.67.
' ? WPTF, B, J. Shaw - $2.00.
" ; Calypso, American Legion - $85.71.
' ' Magnolia. School - $35.65.
' Outlaw's Bridge, School - $36.87.
' KenansvUle, Polio' Boxes $13.52.
BeulavUle, Polio Boxes - $19.15.
BeulavUle, School - $250.50.
Warsaw, B it P Womans Club,
Cleo Hobbs, Pres. . $416.96.
B. F. Grady, a M. Wells - $242.87.
y iiW', Bridge, H. D. Club, Mrs.
tlaw. Pres. $76.45. fc.v
LfV 1 County Colored division.
: Johnson - $6934.
v -nolla, Civic Club, Mrs. I S.
Pope, Pres. - $43.65.
Wallace, Sorosis Club, Mrs. Sam
Glasgow, Pres. - $2026.83.
' Miscellaneous - $12.91.
, TOTAL $8082.09..
In addition to the above named
clubs and their officers for their
. valuable assistance in the drive,-1
would like to thank the foUowing
persons for their assistance in the
. drive: J. R. Grady, Mrs. Winfred
Wells, E. C. Sanderson, Mrs. Chris-
tine WUUamSr Tom Boney, Duplin
, Times, Wallace Enterprise, Warsaw
' Falson News, Edna Kornegay, Byron
Teachey, David N. Henderson.
tlegro Schools Hold
Music Festival
' The Duplin County Negro Schools
will hold their First Annual County
Wide Physical Education and Music
Festival on Thursday, April 22, at
eight o'clock in the Douglas ifcgh
- School Auditorium.
This . program wUl feature the
various physical Education activities
taught in the schools and will show
representation of ; each of our
schools. The activities will consist
of pupils from the first through the
ninth grades. The " music wUl be
given by the High School Glee Club.
They are as foUows: Charity,. War
saw, KenansvUle ' and Magnolia.
Parents.' and interested, citizens in
" the schools throughout the county
are urged to be present There is no
' admission.
District H.D.C.
Meeting - Stedman
, , Duplin Home Demonstration Club
members will don their new Easter
dresses ' said' corsages" to attend the
twenty-seventh District meeting to
be held in Stedman on Thursday,
AprU 22. Registration will begin at
10.09 A. M. The morning session wUl
be a business session foUowed by
f . nd a fashion show in the
fNn." The registration fee, of
II take care of each person's
II Ml Wrw S f A IT
t 1 - i
Section 1 .
Duplin Man
Kills Self:
Ivan Rouse, 37, of Calypso died
at 12:10 a.m. AprU 12, in Wayne
Memorial Hospital, Goldsboro, from
rifle wounds self inflicted' ,at his
home Sunday night. , t
; Surviving ; are Mrs. Rouse, the
former Geraldine Barwlck, of Dup
lin County, and one daughter, Eu
dine of the home; his mother, Mrs.
Lizzie Rouse of Albertson; eight
brothers. Laddie, Fletcher, Clayton
and Rigg, aU of Albertson, Claude
of Calypso, Richard of Deep Run,
Cleber, of Ft. Bragg and Daniel of
Ralegih, -Route 4; and one sister,
Mrs. Pete Kosonovitch of Rome, Ga.
. Funeral services were held in the
Calypso Baptist Church Tuesday at
3 pjn, with the pastor, the Rev.
M. M. Turner, officiating, and burial
was in Maplewood Cemetery, Mt.
.Rouse wa sin the bathroom at his
home when he shot himself through
the head with a XX rifle, the bullet
entering behind 'the left ear, offi
cers said. He had been unemployed
for several weeks and members of
the family stated that he hod seem
ed nervous and despondent tor the
past few days.
Deputy Sheriff Murray Byrd of
Faison investigated and Duplin
County Coroner Gurman PoweU
ruled the death suicide.
The MagnojUa LiQus Club an
nounces the beginning of their an
nual fish fries, AprU 21 -to run
through September on each Wed
nesday aigbt from six o'clock on.
Plates: adults $1.00; chUdren 50c
These suppers wUl be held at
Carltons Pond, south of Warsaw.
Albertson Square
The, Duplin Square Dance Team,
of Albertson township, met in the
home of Mr. and Mrs.' Faison Smith,
Thursday night, AprU 8. They had
as their special guests, Mr. and Mrs.
Lr B. Jenkins and Mr. .and Mrs.
John Jenkins of Kinston and Mr.
and Mrs. Jack Perkins of Pink Hill.
These guests are considering spon
soring the Duplin Square and Folk
dancers on Television. '
After the supper the square
team did a few numbers, then every
-one Joined in the fun and had a
good time. . .
Those .attending were: Mr and
Mrs. L. B. Jenkins, Mrs. Flora War
ren. Mr. and Mrs. John Jenkins, BUI
Rhodes, BUI King, aU from Kinston;
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Perkins, Mr. and
Mrs. W. W. Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
Clayton Stroud, and daughter Mary
land of Pink HU1; Mr. and Mrs.
H. M. Wells and Connie Jo of B. F.
Grady School;' Mr. and Mrs. James
Ward, Rose Hill, N. C. Mr. and Mrs.
W. L. Blalock, Mrs. Lessle Horton,
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Frank Outlaw,
J. D. Grady, and Peggy; Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Grady, Richard Grady,
Hess Davis, Jr, Douglas Smith,
Hughlene Murray and , Sylvester
Tew;.. . - : 'V-i."". :-h
' The Duplin Square Dance Team
wUl go on Television on Saturday,
AprU 24, over station WNCT, Chan
nel 9. The hour wUl be announced
next week. : ' : .
Bessie Williams
Under $1000 Bond
1 Bessie Williams, 40-year-old color
ed woman of HaUsville,, is being
held in $1,000 bond for appearance
at County Court, KenansvUle, May
S to answer charges of aUedgedly
stabbing her husband, Farlanda.WU
llama, in the back with a butcher
knife en April 5. ;V'".
Her husband, who was reported
as improving Wednesday, nearly
bled to death after the incident
Probable cause was found AprU
12 at a hearing before local Justice
of the.Peace. -:V''!
(.According to the Duplin County
sheriffs office, Bessie Williams has
been indicted on' several occasions
fori cutting her husband in several
stabbing incidents. -'p; r.. ; '
; Daniel W. Lanier wiiih "the seven prints ne entered in the 1954 North Carolina
Iotoraphers CcmvEntiom Association in Winston-Salem on April 4, 5, and 6,
About 200 photographers attended the convention and entered photographs to
be judged by five leading photographers from out of the state. Mr. Lanier enter
ed ten prints and had seven accepted for hanging in the public exhibit during the
three-day convention. , (Photo by Lanier's Studio in Wallace)
Mefhodisl Revival
The KenansvUle MethoaUst ChurcJh
will hold its Spring Revival next,
week, AprU 18 23. Revival Services;
will begin on Monday night and;
continue through Friday night With:
the services beginning at 7130 -pjn.
each night. The pastor, Rev. J. G.
White, wUl be the preacher for the
services. Special music wUl be pro
vided by the Church Choir.
The revival comes at the close
of the Church Attendance 'Crusade
which began last January during
which an effort has been made "to
increase regular church attendance
and to increase interest in the total
program of the ehurch. During this;
crusade the church has experienced
several Sundays of near record at
tendance. The theme of the Cru
sade has been, "Give God A Chance
The pastor and the congregation
extends a wlarm Invitation to all
the people of the community "to
come and join in these services.
W. E. Craft, Chairman of the
Board of Elections, announced that
he WUl be in his office in Kenans
vUle until 6:00 p.m., Saturday, for
filing of aU county candidates. Sat
urday, AprU 17, at 6:00 pjn. is the
dead-line for aU candidates filing
for county and township - offices.
This includes the state Representa
tive and State Seriate office.
Next week the Times wUl carry
a complete list of all candidates
who have f Ued, and also a list of the
county poU holders.,
Local Talent
"You Cant Beat Fun," a big stage
show, spotlighting aU local stars
wUl be shown in Mt Olive on Wed
nesday and Thursday, AprU 21-22,
at the Mount Olive High School
Auditorium for the Benefit of buy
ing a foghorn for the Fire Depart
ment This show is sponsored by the
Mt OUve Volunteer Fire Depart
ment ' ;
Duplin Negro Fatally
Bessie Mae Tann, colored woman
of Faison, is being held in the Dup
lin County jail at KenansvUle in
connection ' with the slaying ' of
Mather James Cobb, colored man
of Faison, Saturday night
Cobb was shot with a pistol on
the , outskirts of Faison. He was
taken to the Henderson-Crumpler
Clinio at Mt. Olive, but 'died before
arrival. : - , " '' -
: Bessie Mae Tann, who has been
charged with the shooting, came to
Mt Olive later Saturday night and
was arrested by the poUce there
-J l -J
A i 4 , . I ) if i J ,v:W;Vv, I ).::;:", J
t 1.
, i i',(.t
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WtfcfM ; I,:, ' j
Beulaville Local Talent
Kerr Scott In -Fmk
Hill May 1st.
U. S. Senatorial aspirant, W. Kerr
Scott and thirty-six, one to six
months old registered buU calves
wUl be the featured attractions at
a gala "Steer-Away" event at Pink
Hal on May 1. Abo. on hand wlU
be 36 entrants who contrived to
beat Candidate Scotf s previous re
cord a six-hour walk between Kins-:
ton and Hargetts Crossroads in 1919.
The March third, 31 mile walk!
contest attracted state-wide interest
The presentation ceremonies will
take place in the roped off center of
town and wUl get underway at
1!30 PM., May 1. Between four and
five thousand persons are expected
to attend the festivities. The pubUc
is cordially invited.
Bands from the B. F. Grady
School, KenansvUle High School and
BeulavUle High School have al
ready been booked and others are
expected to take part.
This event scheduled to take
place in AprU was called off be
cause of the inability of the Jersey
Association to furnish the calves at
that time.
Tom Davis, former Pink HU1
Mayor, and chairman of the Lenoir
County Welfare Department wiU be
Master of Ceremonies. Come on out,
Wilton Sumner
- Wilton Sumner, 25, a farmer of
Pink Hill, Route 2, is in a serious
condition In a Kinston hospital of
self-inflicted wounds.
Sumner shot himself Saturday
afternoon about 2 o'clock in the
chest with a 32 rifle.. The bullet,
fired at an angle, came out near
the tipper part of his neck.
''Wednesday afternoon Sumner was
considered in a critical condition by
his Kniston doctors. He is reported
to have been drinking heavUy since
after they had been alerted by Dup
lin County authorities to be on the
lookout for her.
Cobb, according to reports by
Duplin officers, was about 25 years
old. He was shot twice In the chest
and once in the head. Tann is re
ported to have said that she and
Cobb had been arguing all day and
that she got tired, of it and shot
him. ;
Coroners Inquest was held before,
Coroner Gurman PoweU, on Wed
nesday night and Bessie Mae Tann
was held without privUedge of bond.
i 1 1 it I v at-'- I mw t (
.'r' JiiJU-U ,
r. r
Miss Clara Galtney arrived Sun
day to start work on the big mus
ical variety show, "You Can't Beat
Fun" which presented on
AprU 22, 23, Thursday and Friday
at the BeulavUle High School Audi
torium for the benefit of the Lions
Club fund for the Blind.
Miss Galtney comes to BeulavUle,
well recommended. She was gradu
ated from the University of Missi
ssippi with a &A. degree. She has
been interested in Little Theatre
work, -radio, TV, and pubUcity and
promotion of civic entertainments.
She has had special training on this
particular production and her abili
ty to work With both dramatic and
musical talent wiU be demonstrated
in the variety show she is produc
ing here. 1
Miss Galtney, in an interview
today said ,'1 am most enthusiastic
over the production and the possi
bilities for an outstanding show
here in BeulavUle. Everyone seems
so friendly and cooperative, I know
I shaU enjoy my stay here."
The foUowing members: I. J.
Sandlin, Jr., Ralph Lanier, Schott
Smith, Ray Humphrey, Aubrey
Johnston, James Miller, Clinton
Campbell, Elvis Sumner, Ralph
Jones, Walter Goodman, Mavis Jack
son, Richard Bostic, M. H. McWhort
er, CecU Miller, W. N. MUler, Rus
seU Lanier, Arthur Kennedy, Her
man Gore, Macon Brown, Orzo
Thigpen and John Kennedy, held
a meeting to make arrangements
tor the show and to choose the
"You Can't Beat Fun" uses the
Hidie-Ho Club as its setting. Ten
prominent local men will appear in
special costumes representing the
Broadway Butterflies and the But
ter and Egg Men who are attending
this gay spot where "Everyone goes,
and anything can happen." A mas
ter of ceremonies keeps things mov
ing at a rapid pace as he introduces
a variety of acts.
Twenty-four teen-agers have been
selected to appear as chorus girls
and five outstanding local speciaUty
acts will be spotlighted in the show.
These speciality acts will include
musicians, singers, dancers and im
personators. Brofher-ln-Law
Mrs. Dail Passes
William Vaden Guthrie, age 65,
died on Friday, AprU 9, of a heart
attack at his home, in South Hill,
Mr. Guthrie was a buyer for Im
perial Tobacco Co. and was retired.
In past years he worked on the
tobacco market in Goldsboro. Fun
eral services were held Saturday
at 2:00 p.m. at the home with inter
ment in South 'Hill cemetery. Mr.
Guthrie was a native of Virginia.
He is survived by his wife, Maude
Ormond -of Goldsboro, three child
ren, Vaden Guthrie, Jr., David, Mrs.
Jimmie Trublood all of South Hill.
He is a brother-in-law of Mrs. Dail.
J 1
i Sift
mttM $M Mtelda tlili araa
Hamer Faces
Death 6y Gas
Robert Hamer, Duplin County
Negro, awaited death in the gas
chamber at Central Prison after the
State Supreme Court refused him
a new trial .
Hamer was sentenced to die last
September for raping Mrs. Howard
Hatcher, 17, a white farm wife on
March 25, 1953.
Hamer appealed on the basic that
his confession to an SBI agent was
not voluntary and that a highway
patrolman prejudiced the jury when
he mentioned that Hamer was a
fugitive from a prison camp at the
time of the assault.
Officers extracted a confession
from him by threatening to turn
Mm over to a mob. Hamer said. He
said he confessed because he was
ignorant of his legal rights. He said
the threats influenced a later con
fession that he assaulted but did
not rape the woman.
Associate Justice Sam J. Ervin
Jr., wrote the court's opinion on
the appeal, holding that the latter
confession was vaud although the
earlier confession had been exclud
ed from evidence at the trial.
Sheriff Ralph MUler has received
ten passes for Duplin residents de
siring to witness the execution of
Robert Hamer.
K. B. Bailey, Warden of State
Prison, said that the execution
would be carried out with lethal
gas at 10 o'clock on Friday, AprU 23,
the Sheriff said. He added that
Bailey's instructions regarding dis
tribution were that none were to
be given to any of the victim's
family or the family of Robert
W. A. Brame, a member of the
Board of Paroles, last week wrote
the Sheriff "for any further de-
Sunrise Service
Hallsville Church
An Easter Sunrise service will be
held at the Hallsville Presbyterian
Church on Easter Sunday morning
at 5:15 a.m. Jhis service is presented
by the Youth fellowship of the
church, and WiU be assisted by the
Church Choir in the presentation of
special Easter music. It is a service
of worship and praise, and will in
clude a pageant depicting the events
of the Resurrection morning.
The public is cordiaUy invited to
attend this early morning Easter
Hold Services
For Aged
Mrs. Kathleen P. Snyder, Mrs.
Bernice Powell, Mrs. Fannie Wilson
and Mrs. Harper Creech held Sun
day School this past Sunday at the
Home for the Aged. Mrs. Snyder
gave her version of the Crucifixion.
Death and Resurrection of Jesus.
Her explanation was so clear and
concise, it just held the old folks,
so much so, that said they actually
feel that they were right there. We
deeply appreciate the time and ef
fort the women from Warsaw spend
here at the Home for the Aged, and
wish to thank them for aU they have
done in the past and for the work
they will do in the future.
E. C. Alumni Ass'n.
Elect New Officers
On Tuesday night the 13 AprU the
Duplin County unit of the - East
Carolina Alumni Asociation met in
the lunch room of Rose Hill School.
A delicious supper was served.
Mr. Bill Teachey, the president,
presided over the meeting. Speakers
for the evening were Mr. James
Whitfield of Raleigh, president of
the alumni association, Mr. Jim
Butler of Greenville, alumni secre
tary; Mrs. Susie Webb, secretary
at the alumni office.
The group decided to raise a hun
dred dollars for a scholarship to be
awarded 'to some worthy Duplin
county boy or girl.
New officers elected were: Miss
Grace Baker, president; Mrs. Pearl
McGowen, vice president; and Mrs.
Garland Rivenbark Carr, secretary-
treasurer. Anyone wishing to donate
to, the scholarship fund will please
see Mrs. Garland Rivenbark Carr or
the principal in his community.
wta niadoigU
Mr. and Mrs. Si tferson
Golden Wedding Anniversary
Garden Open
Easter Sunday
The garden of Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Holmes will be open Easter Sunday
afternoon from 1:30 to 5:30.
The Holmes Garden is located on
the farm of Mrs, Bessie Wooten,
3V& miles east of Mount Olive, on
Route 55. It is approached by a half
mile lane of dog wood trees planted
22 years ago.
TaU pines and native shrubs pro
vide a beautiful and colorful setting
on a hill side overlooking the pond.
Over the four acre garden Will be
found brilliant azaleas and late ca
mellias, dogwood and wisteria in
This is woodland garden present
ing a scene of tranquil beauty.
Every effort has been made to pre
serve the rustic, natural informal
setting which is such a fine back
ground for the strictly southern
planting. The bloom is expected to
be at the peak on Easter Sunday.
An offering wiU be taken at the
gate for the Building Fund of the
Mount Olive Presbyterian Church.
Unity Church
Sunrise Services
The second annual Sunrise Ser
vice will be held at Unity Metho
dist Church on the Church grounds
this Sunday Morning at 6:00 a.m.
Plans are being made for the ser
vice to be held on the East side of
the church as the sun comes over
the horizon. In case of rain or cold
weather the service will be held
in the church.
The Sunrise Serivec was started
last year by the congregation and
the pastor, and has been adopted
as an annual affair. This year the
young people of the church are
taking the lead in the services.
Young people wiU lead the worship
and a youth choir wiU bring special
Easter Music. A large cross is being
constructed and wUl be the center
of the worship center. A blanket
of dogwood and greenery wUl com
plete the worship center.
The young people, the congrega
tion, and the pastor extend an in
vitation to aU the people of the
county to come and join in his
The man who finds himself in the
most fixes is the one who has no
fixed course.
Last Will And Testament
Of Rev. R.C. Kennedy
The Rev. Robert Chauncey Ken
nedy who died Saturday morning,
March 27, at his home in BeulavUle,
left the foUowing WUl and Testa
ment to his chUdren. The wiU in
itself is a tribute to the life that
Rev. Kennedy lived.
- Dearly beloved children as much
as it pleased God to entrust in my
care on this earth His little living
souls bought with such fearful
price; I feel it my duty to write
you my wiU and testament, as life
is uncertain and some of my dear
children so young. My earnest de
sire is to be ready when the Master
calls, both in body and soul, and
if I should leave you so young, I
wish you to read this to comfort
and console you. If it be God's will
that I leave you such a wall of
prayers gone to Heaven that He
wiU guide and save you to the fifth
generation and longer if it be His
will if time should last so long.
Many things, Dear Children, I wish
you to know, that my time and
place cannot telL I will try and be
as brief as I can to let you know a
few of my wishes, for fear you wUl
not read it as often as I would like
you to.
Dear Children, my first and
greatest wiU is that you read your
Bibles and abide by its command
ments. Lay not up for yourselves
treasures upon earth, but lay up
for yourselves treasures in Heaven,
for where your treasure is there
will be your heart also. Life does
not consist in the abundance of
things in this world, but seek ye
first the kingdom of God and his
On Tuesday. April 13, Mr juA
Mrs. C. B. Sitterson celebrated their
fiftieth wedding anniversary. Seven
teen guests, immediate members of
the famUy, enjoyed the turkey din
ner which was served In the Ken
ansvUle Cafe. Two of Mr. and Mrs. ,
Sitterson's children were unable te
be home for the occasion, they were
C. B. Sitterson, Jr. and famUy of
Appleton, Wisconsin, and Dr. B. W
Sitterson and famUy of Clncinnatti.
and granddaughter Edwina Peele of
Bridge water, Virginia.
On Tuesday evening, from 8 un
til 10:00, Mr. and Mrs. Sitterson hel
open house and many friends call
ed during the evening. The honse
was attractively decorated. Guests
were invited into the dining room
where the table was centered with
a beautifully decorated three-tiered
cake. The cake was iced In white
with gold streamers tied with bun
ches of forget-me-nots, and topped
with a crown of golden leaves en
circling the traditional horse-shoe
which held the numbers fifty and
on each side were three-branched
candelabra with golden candles. The
buffet was covered with an arrange
ment of gladoU and chrysanthem
ums. Guests were served ice cream,
cake and coffee by Mrs. W. J. Sit
terson and her daughter Mrs. Flip
Peele of WUliamston.
"Pap" and "Miss Lily", as they are
affectionately caUed, moved to Ken
ansvUle twenty-five years ago and
have endeared themselves to the
people in KenansvUle and the sur
rounding communities. They have
reared a fine family and have en
joyed life to the Dullest extent
"Pap", who has been town clerk for
several years, has carried the town.
burdens with a friendly grumble and
has a cheerful word for everyone.
"Miss LUly's" flowers are beyond
comparison and she is always ready
to share them with everyone. .Her
many thoughtful deeds of 'kindness
are felt and enjoyed by her neigh
bors and the entire town. Congrat
ulations to you both and may you
enjoy fifty more years of married
Easter Vesper
On Easter Sunday evening at the
hour of 6:30 pjn. a special Easter
Vesper Service wUl be held at the
Grove Presbyterian Church. The
KenansvUle Young People's Leagues
and the Church will be in charge
of this service of song and pageant
appropriate to the Easter session. All
persons are invited to attend.
righteousness and aU these things
snail be added unto you. Trust in
the Lord with aU thine heart and
learn not unto thine own under
standing. In aU thy ways acknow
ledge Him, and He shaU direct thy
paths. Be not wise in thine eyea
Fear the Lord and depart from evil.
Honor the Lord with thy substance
with a free heart and a willing
mind. My dear children, despise not
the chastening of the Lord, neither
be weary of His correction, for
whom the Lord loveth He correct
eth. So dear children, when sick
ness and trouble come, only feel
that Jesus knows best, and if you
will bear it with Datience. nravinr
always, it wiU be an uplifting of
your souls and work out a far more
exceeding waite of Blorv. Humble
yourselves, therefore, under' the
mighty hand of God that He may
exalt you in due time, casting aU
your care upon Him for He careta
for you. Boast not thyself of to
morrow for thou knoweth not what
a day may bring forth. Let another
man praise thee and not thine own
mouth. My chUdren be wise and
make my heart glad. If you cannot
speak good of anyone, speak noth
ing. If you hear anything bad of
anyone let it not come from your
mouth. The tongue is a fire, a
world of iniquity and unruly evil.
fuU of deadly poison. Speak not
evil one of another children, he
that speaketh evtt of his brother
and judgeth his brother, speaketh
evil of the law and Judgeth the law.
There is one law given that is able
to save and to destroy. Who art
thou that judgeth another? Judge
not that you be not judged,
See Last Will, Back Page
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This is the computer-generated OCR text representation of this newspaper page. It may be empty, if no text could be automatically recognized. This data is also available in Plain Text and XML formats.

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