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. April's here, cure His not England at all, but Ireland '
r to. 'Tis the time of Ireland's spring festival, AN TOSTAI '
: Irish people are in a gay and festive mood waiting to
a you to their beloved country with such a celebration esv
rowhere else in tha world..: r:,.'..-'i--v:-' ' A,.-".-:'.?; ;':
ning with the Pageant of St. Patrick on Zaster Day, lasting !.
, - ay 8th, there is such a program of events as would stagger '
i imagination of any but the Irish, St Patrick landed near tha
i of the river Bourne when he returned to Ireland M a mission,
y. On Easter Sunday in 432 A.D., he lit the Paschal Fire of the Hill
1 Slane. The whole story of tha Chrlstianlsation of Ireland will
I e re-enacted with a- cast of thousand and prominent Irish actor
will have the leading roles, ,A " I , V .V ' 1
From Baile A tha (Dublin to you) where a floral pageant will form
part of the National Opening ceremonies to County Donegal where
there will be a gathering of the Tir Conaill Clans, all Ireland will
be in a holiday mood. No matter whet interests you, you will be able
to find it somewhere in the Emerald Isle during An Tostal. f
You like' sports? You have come to the right place. There is tha
magnificent Dublin Spring Horse show,; One of the features will
be- the Jumping competition .for the Tostal International Cup. They
say that there is something in Ireland which helps them breed'
better horses than' are bred in any other part of the world. It may
be the climate which keep the grass and alive through the cool
summer and the mild winter. It is more probably the limestone and
dolomite formations - where these are, found are the best stud farms.
Then Irish managers have proved to be the most successful. They
know horses, they use . more common sense and more imagination.
They breed great winners for generations,- not just isolated ones
here and there. And ride? How the Irish can ride, how they can
Jump! It's more than mere skill, it's often outright daring that gives
such lest to their superb performances in steeplechases all over the
i Ireland is a paradise for fishermen. During this spring festival,
there is a Tostal World Angling Competition. Competitors can fish
for four classes of fish, salmon, trout, pike and perch. They are
not limited to specific waters but can fish on any lake, pond or
'. river that suits their fancy. There will be local angling competitions,
; too, and you might even win two prizes, one local and one national.
. An inveterate fisherman will stay for the unequalled Mayfly fish
lng which starts about ,the second week of May. They call it dapping
.the Green Drake. The rise begins usually on Lough Derg on the
.; Shannon. By the end of June the fly is up on Loughs Mask and
Carra. The trout appear to go crazy during this time and discard all
,- their natural cunning. It is a fishing holiday that will make any
'. 'listener green with envy whenever the tales are told. One of the
- most valiant fighters is a species of trout called a Gillaroo. You'd
i be most apt to find it at Lough Melvin near Bundoran.
The hundreds of fishable rivers and streams are free from pollu
. tion, and the salmon fishing is unequalled! There are fifteen major
salmon rivers all prolific with the noble fish. Many of the best
waters are preserved, but stretches can be rented for short periods.
Many hotels have fisheries in their neighborhood which are re
. ' served for the hotel guests. Fishing is much less expensive, in Ireland
than in any other country. No fishing license is necessary for trout
nor for what is called coarse fishing, pike, perch, bream, and rudd.
And a 20 pound pike is nothing unusual!
In Galway on May 8th and 9th will be held the first National
' Currach Racing Championships. What is a currach? It is a flimsy
, canvas canoe. The design of this tricky craft is exclusively Irish, and
the courageous and skillful fishermen who man them on the Western
, Irish Seaboard are among the world's finest sailors,
r There will be an International Seven Day Cycling Race during An
Tostal. It will start in Dublin on April 25th and will take the riders
. all over the country through the towns and cities in Ulster, Con-.
nochtm Munster and back through Leinster.
- Many top American, British and Irish golfers will play in the
. Tostal Amateur and Professional International Foursomes held at the
, Hermitage Golf Club in Lucan, County Dublin. But one of the
xaniest events will be the Golden Ball Golfing Marathon - only the
. delightfully humorous Irish could have dreamed up such a competi-
tion. It will be held in Curragh, County Kildare on May 8th and 9th.
' There is only one holel You must drive off the first tee at the
Cill Dara Golf Club outside the town of Kildare. The objective in the
eighteenth Green on the Curragh Golf Club fives miles away. You
traverse the beautiful plains of the Curragh of Kildare. And you are
allowed only three clubs - your own choice. What a sporting event
that will be!
In lovely, lovely Killarney there will be a Pan-Celtic Festival
from April 27th to April 30. Celtic music, songs and dances will be
. performed by representatives from Brittany, Scotland, Cornwall,
Ireland and the Isle of Man. And this year, who knows, may see the
the appearance of the great O'Donoghue who once ruled over the
country which surrounds Lough Lean. He revisits his ancient domains
at sunrise on May-day morning, the anniversary of his departure.
My grandfather who lived past 98 told me that he once saw the
great man on a May-morning long ago'. Only the favored ever see
him, and ever after they have great good fortune. The first beams
of the rising sun had turned to gold the summit of Glenaa. The
water was hushed and still. Suddenly near the eastern shore of the
lake the water became violently agitated. A huge wave rushed
across the lake. Behind the wave mounted upon a snow-white horse
appeared O'Donoghue, fully armed, followed by numerous youths
and maidens who moved lightly over the water accompanied by
enchanting music. As they entered the narrow strait, a mist obscured
them from view, but the music continued, growing softer and softer
until it finally faded. My grandfather would croon to me a bar or
two of that celestial music. And if ever I hear those strains again, I
shall know that O'Donoghue is near.
It may sound fanciful to you unless you are Irish, and if you
aren't, then you are to be pitied. But no child who has been sung
to sleep with the strains of the great O'Donoghue is ever afraid of
water. Jt may be that we know that under the water here is a country
called Tir-na-nog - which means the country of the young. And those
who have seen it even in their dreams remain forever young in
And there will be a Choral Music and Dancing Festival at Cork -with
dancers from many countries. At Athlone the All Ireland
Amateur Drama Festival will be held. All Irishmen can act - it is
part of their nature. The most humble task becomes glamorous when
it is dramatized, and no one with a drop of Irish blood hesitates
to dramatize anything which comes his way.
Yes, Ireland is the place to be now that April's here. You will be
greeted with such warm and sincere hospitality. You will be greeted
in the spirit of the charming Gaelic song:
"Oro, 'se do bheatha abhaile,
''Nois ar theact an tSamhraidh."
which means simply
"Welcome, welcome home
At the coming in of summer."
Published each Thursday in Kenansvllle, N. C County Seat of
dltsrlal, business office and printing plant, Kenanstflle, N. C
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as second else matter.
TELEPHONE Kensnsrille, Day 2S5- Night tU-l
SUBSCRIPTION RATES: $33 per year to Doplm, Lena,
Jeaes, Onslew, Pender. SssBpsen, New Hanaver and Wayne
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Advestistov rates tarnished en request . "
A DaplM Cswaty Journal, derated to the nUgteBssatertal.
ad agrlenltaral deraloseaeat ef Dapite
I i
tion of military aid to France to
help fight this war. There are rapid
ly developing signs that do not look
good to me. , ,
What Next?
' The hydrogen ' and atomic age
may well teach the evil forces of
the world that the dignity of man ls
paramount; that no nation can go
it alone without spiritual leader
ship; that communism offers only
tyranny, fear, poverty and death.
Democracy is the only answer. -Highway
Early last week the Senate passed
the Highway Bill. Most of the de
bate on it concerned the various
amendments.' Final passage was by
voice vote.
Washington got hot last week for
a time - - the weather climbed"to
83 degree and a big thunderstorm,
cooled things off . . . The Weather
was so cold that the Cherry Blossom
Pageant had to be held indoors. Re
ports reaching .our office indicate
the excise tax reduction has helped
business. That's one of tue reward
ing thing of public ofilce - the op
portunity to get things dona to help
the people ' -
Eznoksy Says:
...V - '
' f I
r ...
Plantings must be protected
from fire I ' -:' :-
WASHINGTON Several weeks
ago I wrote in this column about
my position on Congressional in
vestigating committees. As your
Senator, I felt you have a right to
be informed on this important ques
My position has not changed. I
believe we need to change the rules
of the committees to halt "one
man" investigations and to change
the desire for headlines. I will not
repeat my remedy for this evil, but
pimply say that new rules of pro
cedure for investigating committees
should incorporate the fundamental
rights guaranteed in the Constitu
tion. Lie Detector
When the time comes - and it has
already - that the investigators have
to be investigated then the people
have a right to wonder if their
sacred rights will be protected. I
was shocked to see that there had
been a suggestion that lie detecors
be used in the current Army-Mc
Carthy investigation. It does not
appear to me to be the proper pro
cedure to use when tampering with
the fundamental rights of citizens.
While we are completely opposed
to atheistic communism, we can
certainly have more effective me
thods of committee procedure which
will do the job of rooting them out.
Indo China
But In spite of these domestic
and economic problems - and they
are important - I believe the eyes
of our country are focused on the
grave international situation. I re
fer to Indo China, the far-away land
seven thousand miles from our
shores where the cancer of com
munism continues to gnaw at the
articles of free men. This war has
Leon J. Simmons
In Mount Olive
Erra heat JittribistMii
EceaoEsical tmlxy x
tmcxt tlznt
been going on for about seven years.
It was being .waged while we were
fighting fn Korea. The United States
has been footing the bill for this
war by paying about 80 percent of
the cost. This bill amounts to
round a billion dollars.
Another KoreaT
It may well be that the Adminis
tration will call on the Congress to
become more involved in this ser
ious matter. We are furnishing sup
plies; we recently added technicians
in a non-combat category. I am not
ready to vote to send American
boys as combat troops to Indo China
in what seems to be developing as
another Korea. I favor the continu-
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o Bergmn Hunters By" JIMfTYS o
ro?. county co:::cc:oni3
I hereby announce my candidacy for County Cemmlssianer
frese the 8th. district, Kenansvllle, Marnolia, Rese BUI Tew
-i'-.)-'.; -'h .'f-. "inu :-f,. '
ships, Tew veto, and support will be appreciated. 1 , .
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i i
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