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: The Adelphlan Club met Thurs
- day evening In the home of Mr.
. Geneva Roberts with Mrs. H. W.
Plckson co-hostes. ,
CMr. H. W. Hurdle, vice-president
presided. Mr. C. R. Best gave the
devotional. Project chairman, Mr.
, Hurdle gave the report on Christian
Education a follow; & :
.1; Devotional conducted at each
j - 2. yed poster in "Go To Church"
campaign. 1 '"'--.
8. Observed World Day of Prayer,
' March 8. " ' 1
Two Week Old..
; Chicks
This Week At
ij-S-;..:, C:f.
Bargain Price
211-16 No. Heritage
Kinston, N. C.
4. ' Observed Good Friday for
school children. . '
8. Showed picture K "Nobleman
Son", a Cathedral film to colored
people at the Penecostial Holiness
Church Sunday, May ?8.
o. Distributed religious tract. 1
7. Five club member assisted in
Vacation Bible School -.'.
8. Attended Church in a body
twice. - - ; -
9. We plan to attend the Presby
terian Church in a body, in the near
future. . . ,
. Mr. Adrian Dail presented a
program on Art She had on display
the creative art work of the stu
dents of Calypso school that had
been exhibited at Kenansville Art
Show. f. ,-' ,
. It wa decided for the next meet
ing to be a. picnic meeting Inviting
husbands and children. n " .- . ,
The hostess served Ice cream and
cake. 't.iktf iv.y.'i
Davis, Judy Keelbauch, Betty Ann
and Clayton Sutton, "George Adrian
Dail, Laura and Gail Sutton and
Glenn Herring.
i Jimmy waa the recipient of many
lovely gifts. Horns with confection
were given as favor. ..'
Class of 1545 ;: :
llo!d Reunion ;
1 .The Ciass of 1943 of the Calypso
High School met at Griffins barbe
cue place in Goldsboro to celebrate
their y ninth anniversary,: 'Saturday
evening. , . . ,
' Those attending were: Mr. arid
Mrs. Francis Sutton 'and children,
Larry and Gail, Mr. and Mrs. John
Matthls of Wilmington, Mis; Kitt
Swlnson, Mr. and Mr. Harold
Summerlin, Mr. and Mrs. Norwood
Wilson and son, Mr., and Mrs. Mack
Walker; Ray pixon and Mis Janet
Bell. ' : '
:.,,, :' ' -
Mr. and 'Mrs. James Wolfe hon
ored their son, Jimmle, Tuesday
evening by giving a party celebrat
ing his third birthday. -'The
guests enjoyed an hour of
games, directed by Mrs. Edwin
Patten, Mrs. Ed Herring and others.
: Punch, , ice cream and ake were
served on the lawn by Mrs. Wolfe,
assisted by Mrs, Buddy Wolfe and
Mrs, Dorothy Albritton, grand
parents of Jimmie. - "
Those attending were: B. A. Worth
Wilson, Raye Patten, Douglas Gri
mes, Vickie Bell and Larry ' and
Gail Sutton of Mt.' Olive, Carl 'Hiott
of Wilmington, Robert Smith, Shar
on Parker, Janet, and Sammy Flo
wers, Jimmy Pate, Meg lwia.
Jane, . Vickyi Karen and
d At The New t
W Mile Dirt Tract
(J Every Saturday Night Beginning June 12 jj
0 Warm Ups 7:30 P. M. . M
Every Saturday Night Beginning June 12
Warm Ups 7:30 P. M, .
18:30 P. M;
Children under 12 years admitted tree when
accompanied by parents.
Mt. and Mrs. W.. H. Hurdle and
children, Paula and W. H. Jr. are
spending the. week at Carolina
Beach. Mr. Hurdle 1 attending the
Agricultural meeting being : held
there and Mrs. Hurdle is attending
the meeting of the Grand Chapter
of the Eastern Star being held at
Wrightsville Beach. '
Mrs. C. L. Sloan is attending the
Farm and Home week at State
College, this week.
Mr. and Mr. H. B. Kornegay and
Miss Fannie ; Sutton attended the
birthday dinner, to Clinton Sunday,
given by Mr. and Mrs. Deems cut
ton in honor of Mr. Clifton' mother
Mrs. Deem Clifton Sr.
Billy Rose of Wallace is spending
this week With Bobby Farrior.
' Carl Hiott of Wilmington Is visit
ing Jimmy Wolfe thi week.
Mrs. Mack Broadhurst left Mon
Hnv to attend summer school at
v.i7. i East Carolina CoUege in Greenville.
Oscar rinoaes oi wummgiuu spcm
the week ends as a guest of Mr. and
Mrs. Leon Flowers.
Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs.
Leon Flowers were Mr. and Mrs.
Don Flowers and sons, Donnie and
Freddie of Raleigh and Miss Doris
Flowers of Wilmington. Mondays
guest were Mr.and Mr. Kenneth
Sasser and children, K. F Gene It
Martha and Mrs. Robinson of Thom
asville, Ga.;
Mrs. Annie Flower was a dinner
guest of Mr, and Mrs. Carson Boone
of Raleigh,
Mrs. Mosley Britt and daughter
of Albuquerque,.- New Mexico is
spending several days with Mr. and
Mrs. Clemle Cole. .-x. :'-- &
- Mr. and Mrs. Albert Dickson of
Garner were week end guest of
Mr. and Mri James Dickson..
"" Miss Peggy Grlce and Mr. Frank
Billings were members of house
party at Topsail Beach last week.
Mrs. H. W. Dickson attended the
graduation exercises at State Col-
FeUow Hi-Way 1 East Watch Signs for DtreeOms
. ... . , . -a ' S-
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To be suro to get the most
for your money compare
the ranges you see, fea
ture by feature.
: ;v. 4
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I. '-J5::; CI.
The inant son of Sgt. and Mrs.
Wlllard Whitley, who has 1 been
quite ill at a Marine hospital at
Camp LeJeune, is improving and is
expected to return home shortly. '
Sgt. Whitley, stationed r tn the
Armed Forces in Austria, has been
flown here to be with ton and
Mr. Whitley, who are living in the
home of her parents, Mr and Mr.
W. W. MaxwelL Albertson, Rt 1.,
while the Sgt. is on foreign duty.
lege Sunday
- . Intended Foc Lsat Week
Mr. S. D. Davis and Judy Best
are spending the week with Mr.
and Mr. A. G. Smith of Clinton;
Mr. Jiaybelle Hawes Mrs. Her
man Lewis and Mrs. Carlyle Dick
son of Rocky Mount were dinner
guest of Mrs. Clyde Broadhurst
Mr: George Albritton and daugh
ter Jane Norman are spending some
time with Mrs. Albrittons mother
Mrs. Hattie Cozart of Greenville.
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Maxwell spent
the week end with Mrs. Emmett
Bellamy in Wilmington.
Mrs. Sallle Britt has returned
after spending some time with her
daughter and her family Mr. and
Mrs. Ppllock of Dudley.
Mrs. Lola Martin and Melva Mar
tin attended the graduating exer
cises of the Everette High School
this week where, Miss Jane Martin
granddaughter graduated. .
J. A. Davis small (on of Mr. and
Mr. . A. Davis is an operative
patient in Wayne County Memorial
Hospital, v. i . . xti
Mrs. J. B. Strickland is spending
the week with her father Mr. T, &
Langcaster. ' in .Rocky Mount.
Mr. James Strickland has re
turned to her home after spend
ing two weeks with her father Mr.
J. G. Hooks of Wilmington. -
Mrs. Geneva Robert visited her
son and family Mr. and Mrs. W.D.
Roberts of Carolina Beach this
week. -:i i".
Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Uzzell were
guest of Mr. and Mr.' Alex Sander
son Thursday night .
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Medares
and children have left Thursday
for their home , in Pensacola, Fla.
after 'spending a fewdays with
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Taylor.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Taylor Jr. and
Ray III were dinner guests of Mr.
and Mrs. Ray Taylor Sr. Thursday.
Mrs. Esther Jennette or Clemson,
S. C. is visiting friends and rela
tives this week.
Mr. Aubrey Cavenaugh an elder
of the Warsaw church filled the
pulpit at the Presbyterian church
Sunday. The pastor Rev. Taylor
Byrd is attending the meeting of
the assembly at Montreat this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Davis and
daughter Patsy Sue Smith have
moved to Carolina Beach for the
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Flowers
and daughter Janet were dinner
guests of Miss Doris Flowers in
Wilmington Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Luther Jenkins of
Warsaw were dinner guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Leon Flowers Thursday.
Miss Mary Elizabeth Packer stu
dent of East Carolina College
Greenville was a dinner guest Of
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Flowers Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Waters spent
the week end at Carolina Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Albritton
were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Leon
Broadhurst of Wilmington, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Thurman Jernigah
and children William Allen, Roselyn
and Albert Daniel of Jacksonville
were guests of Mr. and Mr. W. J.
Sloan Sunday.
The State College bee . specialist
say B. E. Grant, Ijertle County
farm agent, was one of the first
to receive- Star Line, hybrid' queen
from Curtis, who began shipping
them over the state in mid-April.
tl;v; Oi'ilcers :
' The Leaguer of the Snow H)ll
Free Will Baptist' held their May
business meeting in the , home of
Mr. and Mrs, William Earl Tyndal
on Friday night, May 28. The Gen
eral Director, Joyce O. Tyndall pre
sided, Mrs. , Rotha r. Reardon - had
charge of the . devotional, after
which the business was entered in
to. The main purpose of this meet
ing was to elect officers for the
coming yfear. The following officers
were elected: :.
General Director - Joyce O. Tyn
dall, Asst. General Director - Shel
by, Jean Powell, Secretary & Trea
surer - Judy Wallace, Asst Secre
tary & ' Treasurer Mary - Gould
Wallace?"'.;.; -'cu' , ''; ,v; '
' After the business the hostess
served refreshments.
. Patented, Streamlined
'.. -TOnly on the Tappan Super-Sixty .Series wilL ,;
' C - you find Important : modern features J as f :
I J the Visualite Oven, lift-off Oven Door, High
'' . Center Oven and Covetop. Let us demon-
' r : ' strate. .
Model tiowB
CkzOSQ , 1 '; .
. ns
cK:r tiv-l Crtt peymenf
rs Cash Price $219.75 jLw
V $129.75 ,
L. P. Little aid Eulk Gas
' nmifil iiiiiwiiii(i
. TIm Flnt. I
Palaalad 6ekt-
C4 PrMsre Uck Oesloa
; In this unique design, water pre-
tur prorines a watertight seal
utomtticslly st both high or low
prtifures. No tools required. No
hooks, latches Or gadgets. Faster
' and easier to use, the McDowell
i, CoitpUns ssms tuna and money .
Frio Planning Service!
Free literrturerT T T
Ojff Kinston 4737
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph K. Smith of
2626 Nocatee Dr., Miami, Fla. " an
nounce the birth 'of a daughter,
Susan Marie, weight 8 lbs. 6 or in
a hospital there at 11:54 a.m. May
Th father is a native of Pink Hill
ind the mother, the former Miss
Vancy Calssen is from Miami.
Boy & Cub Scouts
Hold Pack Meet
Intended For Last Week
Scouts and Cub scouts met Thurs
day evening on the lawn of Mr.
"and Mrs. James Strickland for the
last pack meeting of the year.
Scout master James Strickland
introduced the speaker of the even
ing Mr. Bryon Bryan president of
Tuscarora Council. Mr. Bryan en
couraged the scouts to attend sum
mer camp. v
Mr. Joe Brown scout field execu
tive encouraged the boys to be
come scouts and said, "it was a
family affair" the boys had. to have
the encouragement of the parents
to become good scouts.
The presentation of the awards
were made by Mr. Bryan.
Ray Southerland and Chubis Bo
wen, bob cat pins. Ronald Cates
and Douglas Guy, Wolf badges,
gold arrow and one year pin.
Douglas Gwantley 1 bear badge,
1 gold arrow, a 2 year pin and 2
silver arrows. Billy Tadlock and
Rufus Bennett, bear badge, 1 gold
arrow and 2 year pins. Larry Out
law, Nlckle Grlce, George Adrian
Dail and MiUofd Turner, Lion badge
1 gold arrow and 2 year pin.
Ray Kelly, Bobby Farrior and
Bobby Birch, gold arrow and 2
year pin. fcacn uon received a cent
flcate of graduation. Woody Best
1 year pin.
Two scouts Donald Gwantly and
Jimmle Tadlock were awarded Den
chief cards.-
Mrs. Robert Farrior thanked the
den mothers Mrs. Gordon Grice,
Mrs. Adrian DaiL Mr. James Tadlock,-
Mrs. Milford Turner,". , and
Mr. Gwantly for jtheir service the
past year, t - k ,
Mrs. "Adrian spoke if the work
and cooperation of cub scout lead
er ' James Tadlock. Mr. Tadlock
spoke on the ' work of the scouts
and untiring efforts of their most
able leader Mr. James Strickland
who has given so freely of his time
and means to-the scout work in
Calypso. . ' ' ,
. The parents of the scouts and cub
scout chairman and their - wives
were invited and a brunswick stew
supper cooked on the lawn was en
joyed by alt ,
tlewlyVeds Feted
Intended For Last Week
Mrs. H. W. Dickson, Mrs. Edward
Lewis and Miss Peggy Grice honor
ed Mr. and Mrs. William Sneed
newly weds Thursday evening at
a miscellaneous shower at the home
of Mrs. Dickson.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lewis greet
ed the guest at the door and intro
duced them to the receiving line
which was composed of Mr. and
Mrs. H. W. Dickson Mr. and Mrs.
William Sneed and Mrs. Geneva
Miss Peggy Grlce presided at the
brides book. Mrs. Bryon Uzzell
poured punch assisted by Mrs.
James Dickson.
The guest were invited Into the
dining room where the table was
layed with lace cloth and centered
with an arrangement of white snap.
dragons and greenery flanked by
crystal candelbra with tall white
The gifts in pastel wrappings
were placed on the table where
the bride and groom opened them
and thanked each one for the gilt.
Mr. & Mrs. Sloan
Intended For Last Week
Mr. and Mrs. Davis Sloan were
honored by Mr. Sloans family Sun
day by giving a barbecue and picnic
dinner at the school lunchroom.
Those attending were Mr. and
Mrs. Davis Sloan Mr. and Mrs.
Needham Sloan and daughter Mary
Vivian of Carolina Beach.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Smith and
children Gloria Ann and George of
Clinton, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Davis
and daughter Cyria Jos, Mr. and
Mrs. Arnold Davis and children,
Barbara Ann and Bobby of War
saw, Mr. and Mrs. William Davis
and children, June, Billie and Vir
ile, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Davis and
children Vickie and Karen. Mr. and
Mrs. S. D. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. Bill
Best and children Woody and Judy,
Mrs. Donald Lambert Mrs. S. D.
Davis. Sr., Mr. and Mrs. W. J.
Sloan and Mr. and Mr. Glenn
f v
' COW. HK two IMM mUOM. fct, WOW 1 ,
i , ' '
"I'm sorry you fellows misunderstood what I meant by a
- . ' .... jlAuWtl. jltll ft '
rvice. North Carolina State College:
Extension Division wilt hold its
second annual salt water spore fis
hing institute at Morehead City
June M 18.
In addition to lecture and dem
nstrations, the institute will include
a day's fishing in the Gulf Stream,
and surf, off shore, and sound fish
" United States farm exports total.,
ed $244 million in March, 1954, some
3 per cent above the February fig
ure but 3 per cent below the March
1953 figure. ' " ' '
I A Reminder
Salt Wafer Fishing
According to Extension News Se-
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H Checking Accounts - Savings Accounts - Money,
H Transfers - Safety Deposit Boxes - Travelers
Checks - Money To Loan - Information rertaui-
fj ing to Investments, Etc.
You are cordially invited to use these
S oervices.
Lg . ;
' "Make Our Bank Your Bank"
Mt Olive i i Cypso j
fL., -
611 N. Heritage St Dept. D
Kinston, N. C.
, Tkompson Irrigation :'
t- i
. IOaston, N. C
I.. - J , .-: iSiMi
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V:.. ? . k - ,'i V'.,-, , v
' ' I'Vi ', I
vV.Mt Olive, NAipJj 0;jM
1 "
i :

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