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"Tbelfadoiuu.ot th Hixbway".
a Catholic trailer-chapel,- - will be
located at Blizzard Crosaroada,' ad
joining fDoc Herring's ttore, from
July 5-18. . From thi Church on
Wheela Mil be conducted a two
week preaching minion. Service,
begin each evening with a haU-nour
4 tonga. At eight o'dock there will
be the anawering of questions, ot a
religions nature, followed by a ser
"on oo one of the eternal truths
fc, r awaum wui conehifle miKh a
-I L 4 u.p:ny
Willi Carolina Safety
B. Fi Gradf Gym :
' B. F. Grady school gymnasium is
being completely remodeled on" the
Inside and new showers and bath
room facilities installed .
The project, which is estimated to
cost approximately ip.OOO is being
paid for by citizens of the B. T,
Grady school district, according to
principal H. M. Wells.
Old dressing rooms, located in
the south end of the gymnasium, are
being torn out .The space will be
used to- lengthen the court. Seats
will be Installed. A new floor will put In. ,
- Wells said an entirely new struc
ture would be constructed at thf
gym to house showers, baths' for
players and the public, and dressing
rooms, i: . V-'i . - ': s "V
" . Gurley and Gurley of Goldsboro,
. has been awarded the contract to
do the work, other than plumbing
. an4 felectric wiring... yi f ! " '
Elected Membter oL
v -! New York, New York, June 23
Mrs. Bess Harkins Hlnes of Oxnard,
California fornjerly of KenansvlUe,
; N. C; has been recently; Informed
by Dr. Myra Seldom Day, Ph. D,
executive national secretary of The
American Poets Fellowship Society
. Corporation of United , American
. Poets; division of The Internation
: al Poetry Advancement Association,
Ida, that she has recently been
: lected by the executive, membership
- board oi the society as a.memoer, ,
' ; Mrs. Hines well known writer and
; ' poet has been published in many
' newspapers and magazines as well.
as many well known anthologies
across the country. Her book "Slng
01 Th Heart" wa-published
TVs' 3anner Press of Kniory "Jniver-
Work ot Mrs; Hines .will be
Precluded In the "IBM National Acad
' emy Poetry and Literary Afttholo
I y" puLllshed by The Educational
Board of the society in co-operation
, with' T.e . Aewlenif. Kducatlonal
Pur "rations. Corp of New York
C . It work will also be includ
' ti 1 1 ' The 1954 .American. Poets
- ; Ant: y" published ty The Acsd
1 emy .4 a Corp.. I " City,
t - "t ill a o 1 ..jted in
t' e 1 ' ...3 V I ..I AMZK
111. -TRY TODAY." .
Section 1
- , :
picture on,ome phase of Our lord's
Life. The different motion pictures
Will portray the joys, sorrows, and
triumphs of Jesus, among these a
picture in natural color of "The
Lord's Supper."
In charge of the motor chapel is
the Reverend John Ti Roueche,
native of Salisbury, N. C Associat
ed with him in the work are the
Reverends Henry Becker and Joseph
Klaus.- - ' (
The ffurpon i.ftheajtaailer,s visit
- Two hundred and twenty eight
vehicles, comprising the entire fleet
of automobiles and trucks belong
ing to Carolina Telephone and Tele
graph Company , are now in the
process of visiting official inspection
stations of the Carolina Safety Lea
gue to be inspected, and have offi
cial green stamps of the League
affixed to their windshield.
This was disclosed today by ZM.
Friar, General Plant Manager for
the company who said that, although
the telephone company vehicles are
regularly checked for mechnical de
facts as a matter of policy, instuc
tions were made a short time ago
that the entire fleet be checked at
official inspection stations in coop
eration with the 1 Carolina Safety
League's new voluntary Vehicle
Safety Check .program now in pro
gress all over North. Carolina.
"We here at the telephone com
pany are 100 behind the Carolina
Safety League's ' program and will
sea to it that every, company vehicle
gets one ot the green stickers ef
the League," said Friar. , 1
' The new highway safety program
is sponsored by the North. Carolina
Automobile Dealers Association' and
other business firms and is. backed
by E. A. Scheldt, iState Motor Ve
hicle Commissioner, The purpose
of the campaign ts u .to:- persuade'
North Carolina Motorists , to. put
their automobiles througn a mech
anical' safety inspection which jls
offered them a.t no cost at any of
the official inspection stations of
the Carolina Safety' League,' :h )
Brewer Drug Cp
Brewer Drug Co. In Pink HiUhas
been named . to the Internationa
Rexall Roll of Honor,1 according to
information .'received .today by' Mr.
and Mrs. Billy Bmwmi,ys-lp
The citation,, made tor leadership
in merchandising, is" designed to
stimulate Rexall druggists ? to pro
vide mere efficient sendee to their.
It to symbolized by f! distinctive
lapel and store window insignia.
Issued to recipients of the award,
and by publication ot the names of
Honor Roll stores in a special book
let distributed annually to all Rexall
druggists in the United 'States and
Canada, , ' ' - . -
The honor, Js swar-d by. the
Interna - I A '" of Fexall
C .us, J n - 1 ind.pc ' .
d -t d i ' j 3 authorial
a iits 1 r i... 1 products in Can
adian and United States communities.
to. JOuplia.. County is to give the.
ftqU about, the. Church's doctrine,
to promote,, good-will and under
standing smong all groups, and to
high-light prayers for world peace.
. There is no collection or charge
connected , with hq services. Noth
ing is sold, free souvenirs art avaiU
,eble Visitors )nay follow the out-
ooor program; from the privacy of
their earf er use the seats which
e- prcyideaV-A-tfe "weliSXne.
The, ,tj,'S Army and U. S. Ah
Foree Recruiting -Program will be
separate functions on 1 July.
The Army Recruiter for Kenans
ville and vicinity. Master Sergeant
LeRoy X Cook, will be located in
the Court House Building on Thurs
day of each week; Monday, Friday
and Saturday at the Court House in
Clinton and on Wednesday at the
Post Office Building in Wallace.
Young men and women desirine
information pertaining to enlistment
and advantages obtainable through
enlistment in the Army or Womans
Army Corps (WAO should contact
your Army Recruiter on days
shown for your area or Telephone
Clinton 3102,
i-'t rTitWrffcW : m
j.fiiiajun, a KenansvilJe
gro, Who has served eight years
Wrlson sentences totaling 46 years
is ishtitled .to-a .new trial, Superior
Cmirt Judge $ Paul Frizzelle ruled
;ln. ,Kinstbn, V v
.'Judge Frijaelle held that confes
sions whI,cliwere used to convict
Hosea Parkr.k. 38. on eharn.. n
breaking and, entering, and malic
ious nd felorjus, burning ot prop
ertrwere.improperly obtained.
t . ',- -, : ,-. .-'v 1 ' - ' ' -
4 A,iudgemnt, signed in Lenoir
Superior Court here said that while
Parker was held in the Snow Hill
jail and questioned by law enforce
ment officers He was struck several
times fey IDep, Sheriff Fred Caroway,
a deputy sheriff of Greene County."
Judge Frlzzelle also said Parker
was denied counsel in some of the
cases. Parker entered prison on
June 23, 1948. He had been tried in
Greene, Lenoir; Duplin and Bertie
euntiessad sentenced to a total of
48 ears .on thf , charges. v ;.
A 12-month sentence given Park
er for attempting to burn the Snow
HUlail was altowed to stand. Judge
'rtzzelk's orde?: came after a hear
ings under th states post convic
tions itatute .which allows a hearing
tor prisoners who claim their con
stitutional rights were violated dur.
ing trial proceedings. v ,
Theijudrement. said ' that after
farkr a- tited. to jescaoe. from
e f now J a jail by starting a
t:.?, : a ws,i h. . icuffed to th bars
-f 'i. I - .ted Parker at say
?- .v.-Hl , undo T"e from
. . ,..e down, I will tell
I we did." The on-1
ft. a eotuined from Parker were
uf. at his trials 1 all four coun-
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Duplin County IIEA
Air Force To Por
Own Recruiting;
. Joint Army-Air Force Recruiting
ends in Kenansville today, as the
Air Force takes over their own Re
cruiting service under a complete
new oranization, the 3500th USAF
Recruiting Wing, with headquarters
at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,
Ohio. ' 1
The organizational structure of
the new Wing includes six group
headquarters which correspondes to
the Army areas. Headquarters for
the south-east 'will be at Robins
Air Force Base, Ga. The Groups
will be responsible for the direct
operational control of the detach
ment and station level units, each
group controlling its assigned units
within Its respective area.
Detachments are located in and
near principal. North Carolina cities,
with main stations for testing and
examining at Raleigh ahd Charlotte.
The local Air Force recruiter is
T-Sgt E. H. Allen. The Air Force
recruiting office for Kenansville
and community is located at Court
house building on Wednesday.
Hail Strikes
Hear Here, Much
Damage Reported
A small but ' severe hall - storm
brought destruction to a one and.
half mile farming area near here
Sunday afternoon.
Farmers of an area 3 to 4 miles
west of Kenansville on the Warsaw
highway reported from 20 to 100
per cent damage of tobacco crops
after hail "the size of marbles"
hammered, down for two minutes
at around 9:30 pjn. Sunday. 1
Corn leaves were shredded but
growers said they expected only
slight damage since most of the corn
crop was already large enough for
ItWymw HOt-tobr aertoaty afitecV
One of the hardest' hit farmers,
Darii Hodges, On the W. E. Middle-
ton farm, told the News-Argus that
he had two acres ot tobacco totally
destroyed by the hail. He said
eight to nine leaves on each stalk
were cat off by the storm and that
remaining leaves were broken and
punctured. .
His crop was insured.
J. W. Hodges said 50 per cent of
his four acres of tobacco was de
stroyed. Luther J. Wilkins reported
50 to 75 per cent damages on five
acres and J. D. West reported simi
lar damage on 13 acres.
Several farmers reported 10 to
25 per cent damage.
Tuscarora Camp
Enrolls 150
Some 90 Boy Scouts opened Camp
Tuscarora's third week Monday,
bringing the total enrollment for
the camp thus far to approximately
350 an Increase over last year.
Bruce Boyers, Boy Scout execu
tive said last week some 180 scouts
attended the second period. This
inns 4Via VavtwMmt niimhcr afiar Trt nt
, 7, m " , . X V
tend summer essiona CamP Tus"
that the week's activities was con
cluded Saturday night with a camp
fire. The "record-breaking" number
sent the year's attendance ahead of
last year, Boyers said. But, he add
ed, registration tor the next two
sessions of the over all six-weeks
camp has fallen off. He said vacan
cies are still open for Scouts to
sign up.
During the first two weeks, 260
Scouts attended the camp. "There
are still vacancies in the coming
two periods and if we are going
to better last year's attendance mark
we have to have more Scouts to
sign up now" Boyers said. "Camp
Tuscarora has shown improvement
in attendance and facilities over
last season," he added. ' .
Jim Tom Spence J
Wins P. Hill Derby
: Jim. Top Spence,' son ot Mr. and
Mrs. J. T. Spence, Sr. of Deep Run,
Route, 1, was presented a $25.00
War Bond as the winner in the
Soap Box Derby race staged in Fink
Hill at 1:00 p.m, Saturday. Nine
teen, .youngsters from Duplin and
Pink. H1U participated, and each
entrant received a gift The race
was sponsored by the Pink Hill
Fire) Department and Chief George
Turner was I 'aster f Ceremonies.
A' T : -t and oHldal Soap Box
Lerby fc, .inets were presented to
each boy prior to the run-oft The
group competed: in the annual Deri
by race In Kinstoa at 2:09
... f
Wells Representing
Meet. Hew York City
Washington, D. C., Mr. and Mrs.
Hugh M. Wells have been selected
as delegates to represent the Duplin1
County unit ot the N. C, Ed. Assoc
iation at the 92nd annual convention
of the National Education Associa
tion (NEA scheduled to be held in
Madison Square Garden, New York
City, June 27,- July 2. NEA is a
professional organization of tea
chers, .f v'V- ' '. ''
Of the 20,000 teachers and educa
tors who are In attendance this year
at one of the nation's largest edu
cational conventions, 4,400 are dele
gates officially representing state
and local associations. They come
from every state, the District of
Columbia, Hawaii, Alaska and Puer
to Rico to attend the representative
assembly which is held in conjunction-
with the annual meeting.
Nationally and .internationally
known leaders addressed many of
the general sessions, including John
Foster Dulles, secretary of state;
Dag Hammarskjold, secretary-gen
eral of the United Nations; Robert
R. Wagner, mayor of New York
City; Samuel M. Brownell, V. S.
Commissioned of Education; Ralph
Bunche, director, Trusteeship Divi
sion, UN Secretariat; Grayson Kirk,
president, Columbia University and
William A. Early, NEA president.
One ot the highlights of this
year's convention is the use of the
United Nations General Assembly
Hall for several section meetings
on the theme, ' "Education and the
United Nations." Among those who
were to address these sessions are:
Mrs. Eleanor' Roosevelt; James J.
Wadsworth, deputy United States
representative 'to ' the United Na
tions; Rt. ' Rev. Msgr. Frederick G.
Hochwalt, secretary-general, Nation
al Catholic Educational Association;
Earl J. McGrath, president. Univer
sity of Kansas City and former
U. S, Commissioner of Education.
The National Education Associa
tion, founded in 1857, now has more
than a half million members who
are served by 87 departments, divi
sions, commissions and committees.
Approximately 5,200 local and state
associations .are. affiliated with the
NEA. ' 1 , ''V-.r - l .-
r .. .......
Pays Local Taxes
The Carolina Telephone and Tele
graph Company through its local
manager, W. Y. Vann, today pre
sented checks to the county of
Duplin and the towns of Wallace
and Warsaw amounting to $3,342.60
and $1,585.47, respectively.
These amounts representing the
estimated ad valorem taxes for the
city and county are based on the
valuations of the company's prop
erty in the towns ad county as de
termined by the State Board of As
sessment on other than real proper
ty and the local -valuation of the
real property of the company. Pay
ments are made during the month of
June in order that the company
might avail itself of the discount
allowed on ad valorem taxes paid
prior to July 1, 1954.
The local manager noted that the
amount of local taxes paid for 1954
exceeded those paid for the pre
vious year which, he stated, is in
dicative of the continued increase
in costs of providing telephone ser
vice. The. total increase in the above
local taxes over 1953 was about 16
Four From Duplin.
The following Duplin County men
were enlisted by Sgt. I. H. Allen
local Air Force recruiter.
William W: Taylor, route 1, Wlll
ard; Jesse B. Pptter, route 1, Ken
ansville; and Currie A. Dail, route
2, Warsaw. The above men were en
listed in the Air Force for four
years and was sent to Lackland
Air Force Base, . Texas. While in
Texas these men will receive their
basic training and assignment to an
Air Force School.
Avery T. Kornegay, route 1, Mag
nolia, waa enlisted in the Air Force
for . four years-. and was sent J to
Donaldson Air Force Base, & C. He
formerly served two years in. the
Army. - v
l!ev Home Owners
Class Co ll:!d Here
A "new home owner's" elass will
be held on acb Wednesday night,
beginning July 7th through July 28,
at the KenansvlUe' School Auditor
ium at 7.30 pjn.
Those attending will be Instructed
Inadequate wiring, kitchen plan
ning, plumt'"g-ln appliances and
lighting by T s Sarah T, Jones of
Klnston ' r. Walker McNeill of
V. .us-"". T wiih Carolina, Power
and I
lo.j wives and husbands wffl at
tend t 1 schoql which is open to
thf puUic. ' 't.. -yjf 1)?
HDB8C&VT10N uaTB: tf per yew to lwplto and adjotatac
jnuUwJUl eatelde this aree ta N. C4B eatalde C
ttevjs Briefs
. Lift Water Ban
Faison has removed its restriction
on water1 usage.
City hall in Faison Monday morn
ing said the water shortage is over
and citizens may use it at will.
Last Friday, the town was threa
ten with a water shortage, prompt
ing town fathers to request .resi
dents to use water only for essen
tial purposes.
The shortage brought pickle work
in that town almost to a stand-still
the latter part of the week, but a
spokesman at city hall said the com
pany now has its own well.
Town Office Open
The C. B. Sitterson office which
has been used as a town office is
now open.
Mrs. Dixon Gutherie, Town Clerk
is on the job as usual and water
customers will go by and pay their
bills as usual.
The Town books are being audited
and it is expected that a new water
and street superintendent will be
. named within the next thirty days.
LjChe Town Board, will meet Man-
'job apply to the Mayor or any mem-
ber of the Town Board.
Dr. Gooding At Home
Major G. V. Gooding of the U. S.
Army returned last week from
Europe where he has recently been
stationed in Italy. He has a few
more weeks service then will retire
from Army life, it is reported.
Hot Weather
Duplinltes have been swealtenng
in the heat the past few days. The
thermometer registered, in the sun,
104 degrees here last Saturday and
106 on Sunday. Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday were a little more
Crops Suffering
Farmers are beginning to get a
'little jittery over weather pros
pects. Most tobacco growers are
housing now but lugs coming off
are reported to be of a low quality.
Some say they doubt they are worth
saving. The drought is beginning
to approach the seriousness of last
Cotton Blossoms
A second and third cotton blossom
was received by the Times this
week. W. N. Driver of Faison, rt. 2
sent one in on the 25th and O. H.
Best of Warsaw sent one on the
26th. They were a little late to get
a subscription renewel. J. B. Stroud
of Kenansville sent in the first one
last week and received a year's
District Governor
Lion Lauren Sharpe of Kenans
ville was recently named District
Deputy Governor at the State Lions
Convention in Raleigh.
At Lions Mee t
Young Douglas Turner of Rose
Hill was a guest of the local Lipns
Club last week and gave a demon
stration of three-way electric swit
ches. Young Turner, a 4-H member
and FFA has chosen this work as
his project He has won first place
in competition in Duplin and will
go to Whlteville this month and
compete in a district contest The
Lions enjoyed bis demonstration
Which he explained in simple terms
so that anyone could understand it
I 'th ef Jaly
I A week end of celebrations with
wrecks and drownings. Stay home
and miss the show. ,
' Th raJrebnea
The only people we feel sorry
for on the 4th of July are the high
way patrolmen. They have to stay
on the roads. , A ,
rr. :
Reports from North Carolina com
mercial Irish potato grower at of
June '1st indicate production' -mis
yearwiH total 3,300,000 bushels, com
pared with 3,705,000 bushels ia 1851
ansville's popular water and street
superintendent since 1933 until his
death last Friday, The above pic
ture shows "Pap" with the old town
truck -and only means of fire pro
tection here until the fire truck was
bought It might have been' said
that "Pap" was our fire department
at that time. (Photo by D. W. Lan
ier, Wallace).
"Pap", as he was better known by
everyone, had become an institu
tion in Kenansville and almost in
Duplin County. When we first put
in a water system "Pap" seemed
about the only person available who
would take the job.
He came here In 1928 with a road
construction force and soon made
himself one of the fellows. He and
his family were popular from the
start. Through the depression years
and on into better times "Pap" was
always on the job where the town
was topcerned. He loved it as If
it was -his native home. Regardless
of time or circumstances when bis
services were needed by the town
he was always on the job. "Pap"
worked' tor Kenansville for years
at an almost unbelievably low sal
ary, and only -in recent years was
his pay adjusted to reasonably com-
Funcral4crvices Held At leccl Cfc::cb
, : -. 11'. -.i ' .f ;j .... . - ..... ......
For C. B. "Pap" Sitterson Last Sunday
Mrs. Strickland
Drowns At Faison
Mrs. Margaret Strickland of Fai
son apparently suffered a heart at
tack and died while swimming at
Taylor's pond near Faison late Sun
day afternoon.
Chiet Ennis Kornegay and Edgar
Summerlin of the Mount Olive Fire
department took the department's
resuscitator to the scene in an ef
fort to revive the young woman,
mother of three children, but re
ported the machine was unable to
extract water from her lungs. Dr.
Glasscox, Faison ' physician, was
called to the scene and pronounced
the woman apparently had died ot
a heart attack.
According to by-standers, several
of whom were from Mt. Olive, Mrs.
Strickland put up no struggle and
did not call for help. Ann Stokes of
Faison was at the pond and saw
Mrs. Strickland go under. She cried
for help.
About five minutes after Mrs.
Strickland went under, the body
was removed from the water and
efforts made to revive her.
She was the wife of "Mutt"
Coroner Gurman Powell said no
inquest will be necessary.
Local Fire Truck
Called Beulaville
The local tire truck had its second
cell on Monday night when Patrol
man Norton of Beulaville called the
local fire department The truck
and voluntary firemen received the
call at 1145 and at 12:10 were on
the scene at Walter Whaley service
station about three miles beyond
Beulaville. The combination dwell
ing and store had caught fire from
a pile of lightwood stumps near by.
It Is thought someone had thown
gasoline on the stumps and . they
caught fire. The local fire depart
ment had it ' under control in a
brief time. Estimated damages wens
$75 to $100. , , ,
:'-PVT. FLOYD SMITH, J. -"W :1
FORT KNOX, KY-Rvt; Floyd
E. Smith Jr whose relatives, Mrs,
Eloy E. Smith resides at 424 Penn.
Avenue E-Town,' Ky. has complet
ed the Armor Track Vehicle Main
tenance Course No. 16. at The Arm
ored School here, -i , ,
(The course trains the student to
perform organizational maintenance
and recovery of track' vehlcles. It
includes training covering engines,
chassis units and power trains, and
organisation and administration of
unit maintenance hops.
PRICK ltA fcN't-
pensate for his work but he was
never properly compensated for the'
long hours and night work he gave
the town in his earlier years. He
did not complain, just went about!
his work in the manner , of a man
thinking a job well done was its
own compensation. '
When better times oame around
and. the cost of living 'Went up he
was forced to take on some outside
work in order to provide for his
family. A few years ago he was
appointed a justice of the peace
an was subsequently re-elected1 each"
election year. He also served the
county as Coroner from 1946 to 1950,
As Justice of the Peace "Pap" be
came well known throughout the
county and was one of the most
popular J.P's the county .has ever
had. ,
J ;'Pap" and his wife, "Miss Lilly".
have reared a family of five child
ren of whom they are justly proud.,.
They have been devout snembers ...
of . the local Baptist church and,
active in all its rork."- . . ..,..-.
The large attendance at -the funw.
eral and huge floral offerings .1
the high esteem ia which he
held. "Pap" Sitterson will lWe inw
the history of Kenansville. r ,
by J. R. Grad
Funeral services were held from .
the Kenansville Baptist Church at
4 p.m. Sundxy for C. B. (Pap
Sitterson, Sr., who died at his home
here Friday morning. Services were:
conducted by his pastor, Rev. Lau
ren Sharpe of the Kenansville Bap
tist Church. Interment was ' toe.
Golden Grove Cemetery. i':
Mr. Sitterson, age- 69, has been
superintendent of the KenansvilJe"
water system and streets for the
past 21 years also he was a prom
inent justice of the peace in Dnpliat
County. A native of Bertie Comity;
he was a son of the late T. B. aaeT
Sally Waters Sitterson. .
He came to Kenansville in 128
He was a mason and prominent im
civic affairs.
He is survived by his widow, Mrs;.
Lillie Dale Ward Styterson, a native
of Bertie County; one daughter, Mrs.
R, X. Peele of Williamston; four
sons, Roy and Jack of Kenansville,.
C. B. Sitterson, Jr, of Appleton
Wise, and Dr JBeecher Ward Sitter
son of Cinclnnatti; eight ' grand
children; one brother, T. B. Sitter
son, of Windsor; five sisters, Miss
Maggie Sitterson, Mrs. Joe Spivey
and Mrs. Edgar Hoggard of Windsor,
Mrs. J. L. Swain of Covington, Va.,
and Mrs. Blair Jenkins of Raleigh
Active pallbearers were: O. P.
Johnson, Faison McGowen, Amos
Brinson, E. C. Tyndall, ' Hubert,
Brown, D. H. McKay, Joe Wallace
and Hubert Phillips. Masons bad
charge of the funeral at the grave.
Ralph Jones Hew
Lions Club Head
The Beulaville Lions Club enter
tained their ladies at the annual
Ladies Night in the Beulaville lodge
building, A chicken dinner was ser
ved. The ladies r were presented)
favors. " 11.,.' ...
,The following officers have, been,
named for the new year: v ' ?.
President, Ralph Jones; 1' v. presi
dent, X. L. Kxum; 2 v. president,
R. J. Lanier; t v. president Cecil
Miller; Secretary t Treasurer, I. J.
Sandlln, Jr.; Lion Tamer; W. H.
Goodman, Jr.; Tall Twister, Orze
Thlgpen; S year Director, James ,
Miller; 1 year Director, Macon
Brown; 1 year Director, R. & Beetle;
1 Year .Director, Clinton Campbell;
Immediate Past President Auhrey
Johnston, , , , I r t , '
' ' Cemaalttee Chalrmesf , .. t
Attendance, Orzo Thlgpen; Fn- ;
nee, James Miller;. Membership,
E. U Xxum; Program, Aubrey J-1- .
ston; Constitution Is By Laws, WJT. "
Millar; Sight Conservation' ft Blind1,
Elvis Sumner; Publicity, I. J, SandW i
lin, Jr. Agriculture, W. J" MiJie; .
Sa' ty, Macon Brown; Health tr '
WeUare,' Russell J. Lanier, Activl- "
ties, Cecil Miller, , .
" t t ' ' i K ' '
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