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'.-V . ,' t c.
3 C
j I i. John Vincent spent
r e..J in Greenville.
; 1 ' it. more and daughter of
i-l-lem were "' week end
j ct Mr. and Mrs. "Will Black.
I r. and Mrs. E. B. Hale and
I . s i l!rs. Carl Winders attended
t I ' family' reunion held In
recently.- .',
l . t :::: West and Mis Betty
X .t vi: . ISed relative at Clinton
l :. and Mrs. Ed Sheffield and
C$e1s are spending the week at their
tettaat Surf City.
Urs. Lillian Quinn was the week
cad guest of Mr. and Mrs. D. R.
Saieed in Greenville.
IDs Marsha Hipp has returned
' kae after several weeks visit with
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lail of Ashebora.
Met. Florence Houston Is spending
ffcis week at the beach. -
Mr. said Mrs. K C Jones and
fliajili 1 1 of Seven Springs visited
Mr. aad Mrs. Ira Knell Sr. Sunday
Mrs. 'Walter Giddings and children
C ffcyettevfile spent the week end
wtffc. Mr. and Mrs. F. F. Giddings
Mr. sad Mr. Claxton Fanner and
hOdre of Bafeigh spent a few days
recently with Mr. and Mrs. F. F.
' Ciddings. " .
Mr. and Mrs. John Bradshaw and
lehUdren and Mr. and Mrs. Forrest
Martin and children spent the week
- ad at Carolina Beach.
.Decia Carlton, young daughter of
Mr. -and Mrs. Nelson Carlton, has
returned home from Sidbury's Hos-.apWuV;'-;;'--:"-
Mr. and Mr.. Ralph Best Jr. and
c&iUrea spent Sunday at White
Mr. and Mrs. MUton West and
' SamUy and Mr. and Mrs. J. N. West,
Jr. and daughter were week end
sweat at Surf City.
Mr. and Mrs. C C. nKotts, Sr.
mm. Mr. and Mrs. C C Knots, Jr.
ml Hamlet were week end guests of
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Taylor.
Mr. and Mrs. lb S. Whittle and
; daughters, Mr. and Mrs. J. C Miller
aaad Mr. and Mrs. George Sutton
tl won spent Sunday at Topsail
Mrs. Alton Greenlaw visited her
Mrs. B. E. McCrosky of
HoeVhighani enroute the WM.XX.
CUnie In Charlotte.
tit. and Mni. Alva Lawson of
: Ones and Elsie Lawson rfI.CC.
Grae villa wort Sunday guests of
ilfe. and Mrs. J. M. Komegay. ;
K3s Mary Lynst Smith of Jack
oBBWvOle spent the week end with
flker parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kit-
Mae, Broc kis touring New
TTork ertth friends. - -. . V1 ;
' Us. and Mia. Ben Cooper of More
- fie ad City spent the week end with
Sirs. Floyd J. Strickland.
Sd : Strickland -' attended the
rDaoKhtry Reunion at G ashen Meth
dist Church Sunday.
Mr. and Mr. Frank Fonvielle, Jr.
' and daughter, SalUe Faison, of York,
TPa. spent Monday with Mr. and Mrs.
.John Fonvielle.
Mr. and Mrs, Charles Wahab and
. Mfcilrirm visited relatives in Wil
; jaahnfUm Saturday.
i Mc and Mrs. Ed Bines and daugh
apent the week' end at the Beach
the Miracle Service
that Gets Out
AH the Dirt!
' Why take second best when
die finest cost no more?
You'll love the ways pur
J amazing Sanitone, Dry Clean
. . log gets out even the embedded -'grime
that makes clothes dingy, wears
t fabrics taster. Spot are gone! Per ,
apiratioa soiling vanishes! No Mat
i ' cleaning odorst Better press lasts
'lonreri Minor mending free! You'll
r a iMinwair t Harlr tn nnlinarv rlMnln
HcikvU3e And Warsaw
trnoa Atrt. ; Please
with Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Oakes of
Greenville, . I ' v,-.;y. "c
Mr, and Mm Charles Sheffield
and boys spent last week at Topsail
Mrs. Lela Middle ton and Mr., and
Mrs. B. C. Surra tt spent Sunday in
Kinstoo, ;-.- i.v.",w v"',,.,..;
Mr. and Mrs. J. C Surratt, Jr. and
children of Goldsboro visited Mr.
and Mrs. X C. Surratt; Sr. Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Newton t
Wilmington"" spent Sunday with Mrs.
Newton's mother, Mrs. W. M, Bow
en. Among the ones attending the
funeral of Ralph Essick of Asheboro
ounaay were: Mr. ana Mrs. c W.
Surratt. Jr, of Rose Hill; Mr. and
Mrs. B. C. Surratt, and Mrs. Joe
Surratt, Sr.
Mrs. Allen Porter is improving
after .undergoing an operation at
James Walker Hospital.
Miss Annie Harmon of Fayette-
vuie spent the week end with Mr.
and Mrs. J. P. Harmon,
Mis Mary Elizabeth Packer of
ECC Greenville was home for the
week end "with her parents, Mr.
and Mrs. Sanford Packer ' '
Mrs, Clay McCuUen and Larry
nave returned home after a six
weeks stay at their Pine Island cot
tage hi Florida.
G. S. Best underwent surgery at
Wayne Memorial , Hospital Thurs
day. ' ' v
Mrs. G. P. Pridgen and Mrs. Rod-
ney Andrews of Jacksonville, Flor-
ida spent several days recently with
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Brown and Mr.
and Mrs. Eccles Pridgen at Norfolk
ind Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Sholars of
Rich Square.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hunter and Tim
were week end guests of Mr. and
Mrs. J. G. Kennedy at Beulaville.
Mrs. Greenlaw
B&PYClub Hostess
Mrs. Alton Greenlaw was hostess
at the regular meeting of the Busi
ness and Professional Women's club
on Monday evening. She served a
buffet supper on the lawn preceed
ing the meeting. Mrs. Frank Hobbs,
president; presided. Mrs. E. B. Boy
ette gave the secretary's report
The following foreign commission ij
chairmen were appointed: Education
and Vocation. Mis Mamie Bethea;
Finance, Mis Mary Alice Black
more; Health and Safety, Mrs. Al
ton Greenlaw; International Rela
tions, Mrs. Thomas , Rogers; Legis
lation, Mrs. Glenn Rollins; Member
ship, Mrs. Floyd Strickland; News
Service, Mrs. Mosely Phillips; Pro
gram Co-ordinator, Mrs. Thelma
Taylor; Public Affairs, Mrs. J. P.
Harmon; Radio and Television, Mrs.
Robert West; National Security,
Mrs. Polly Todd; Samarcand Pro
ject, Miss Annie Margaret Sykes;
Sick and Cheer, Mrs. E. B. Boyette;
Home Project, Mrs. Paul Kitchin;
Parliamentarian, Mrs. Avon Sharpe.
Reports of the State Convention
held in Charlotte June 3-7 were
given by Mrs. Frank Hobbs, Mrs.
J. P. Harmon and Mrs. Avon Sharpe.
I '
i K j
km--: m
Call T.Irs. J.Iinshew, Phone 554
Miss Pc.r Kpjnjy
Ihr.crcd At Lunchncn
Miss Ross ; Garner .,: entertained
honoring ' Miss Patsy Kornegay,
bride-elect of July i, at a luncheon
Those attending were the brides
mother, Mrs. Gordon Komegay, and
other summer bride elects. Misses
Molly Hipp, Betty West and Helen
Sutton. . ,
Miss 'Kornegay was presented a
corsage of white carnations with
Misses Hipp, West and Sutton re
ceiving gardenia corsages.
Upon arrival the guests were serv
ed appetizers of tomato juice from
a .lazy susan table. After which
they were invited into the dining
room. Guests found their places
with individual wedding bell place
Mrs. W. W. Garner assisted by
Mrs. Bill Craven served creamed
chicken in pattie shells, snap Scans,
frozen fruit salad, peach pickles,
hot rolls, lime sherbet, bridal cakes
and tea.
The table was centered with an
arrangement of white gladiolus,
rose and feverfew.
Miss Kornegay received china in
her chosen pattern.
Mrs. V. G. Britf
Mrs. W. G. Britt entertained her
bridge club and additional guests
on Wednesday evening. Summer
flowers were used in the decora
tions. Club high, a bracelet, was
won by Mrs. J. M. Kornegay; visit
ors high, tea towels, went to Mrs.
S. W. Marriner; Second high, novel
ty matches, was received by Mrs.
J. H. Hines; Bingo, sachet, was won-
by Mrs. Frank Hobbs.
The hostess served ice creamj
cake and nuts to: Mrs. Kornegay,
Mrs. Marriner, Mrs. Hines, Mrs.
Hobbs. Mrs. John Fonvielle, Mrs.
John Vincent, Mrs. Otto Matthews,
Mrs. Mitchell Britt, Mrs. Fes Mit
chner, Mrs. Rivers Johnson, Jr,
Mrs. John A. Johnson, Mrs. Elbert
Matthis, Mrs. Earl Huie, Mrs. Bill
Taylor, Mrs. Ed Hines, Mrs. Ed
Strickland. Mrs. W. P. West, Mrs.
W. J. Mlddleton, Jr, Mrs. J. N.
West, Jr, Mrs. Bui Sheffield, Mrs.
Morris Jordan, Mr. Ed Simpson,
Mr. W. N. Craven, Mr. Glenn
Rollins and Mrs. Paul Britt
Charles Hales Gets
KINGS MT, N. C. Preparations
are now in progress for the fourth
consecutive season of "The Sword
of Gideon," running July 22 through
August 14. Dramatizing the famous
Revolutionary War battle of 1780,
The Sword of Gideon" is an out
door drama sponsored by the Kings
Mountain Little Theatre, and is a
noncommercial, non-professional en
terprise. In previous years, the
Kings Mountain outdoor drama has
been staffed entirely by residents
of this area of the state. To further
I the growth of the drama, this year
I several people of other localities
have been imported to assist with
the production of the drama
Included among these is a resident
of Warsaw, Charles Hales, son of
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Hales of Route
1, who will play the lead role in
"The Sword of Gideon." Mr. Hales
attended Campbell College, and
Warsaw High School, and at present
is a student at Appalachian State
Teachers College in Boone, N. C.
While at Campbell, he was elect
ed the "Best Actor of the Tear,'
and 1954, he won a special first
award at the Carolina Drama Fes
tival held at the University of
North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Ap
pearing in such plays as "Antigone'
"Ten Little Indians," and "Home of
the Brave," Mr. Hales will be seen
luring the summer season as the
firey idealist, "Reece MacDermott",
kwho fought to overthrow British
rule 1 nthe North Carolina motuv
Directed by Bill Trotman, who
hails from Winston-Salem, N. C.
and is at present working toward
his masters degree in Dramatic Art
st UNC, "The Sword of Gideon"
will play Thursday, Friday, and
Saturday nights of each week in
the Kings Mountain National Park
Amphitheatre located near the town
of Kings Mountain.
tf. D. Club Meet
Mr. R, MT Herring" entertained
the Penny Branch Home Demonstra
tion Club at her home on West Hill
Street Extension with Mr. C. W.
Hinson and Mrs. James Sutton as
eo-hostesses on Wednesday after
noon. t- , '. : ; ' ' ; :j
Mrs. W. D. Byrd gav the devo
tional using the ten virgins in con
nection with the Family Life pro
gram. She urged each member to
be prepared to give her best to her
family, friend and neighbors.
After a brief business session Mrs.
J, B. Torrans gave a demonstration
on quick and easy meal. She pre
pared and served a dinner; the
menu consisted -o budget ateak,
green bean, potato sticks, hot roll,
iced tea and peach shortcake., ,: v
Mrs. Torran assisted by the hos
tesses served thirteen member and
one visitor. .
,. . -
Minerc! Sprigs
II. D. Clabr:c2l$
The Mineral Springs Home Dem
onstration Club met with ' Mrs.
James Sauls and Mrs. Watus Eng
lish, co-hostess, at the home of Mrs.
Sauls on Tuesday afternoon.
"Sweet and Low" was sung by
the group at the opening of the
meeting. t
1 Mrs. Sauls gave the devotional
on "What Shall We Seek. "Seek
Ye First the iKngdom of God.
Mrs. Leon Taylor, secretary, read
the minutes of the previous tweet
ing and they were approved by1 the
Budgeting food with one dish
quick and easy meals was demon
strated by Mrs. Sauls, hostess.
Mrs. Elvin Carter reported on
Family Life and stressed the in
dividual of three A' Affection,
Approval and Aeception. - '
Mrs. Elvin Carter, Mrs.. James
Sauls and Mrs. Sylvio Pecora re
ported on the arts and crafts they
had seen on display at Farm and
Home Week. Aluminum trays were
of special interest Plans were made
to have a demonstration on these
rays. -
The special for the week was a
flower show: Mrs. Leon Taylor won
1st place, Mrs. Pecora, 2nd, and
Mrs. Norman Parks, 3rd place.
The hostesses served ice cream
and nuts.
Twelve members and four visitors
were present
Mrs. Geo. Hopkins
Mrs. George Hopkins entertained
members of her bridge club on Wed
neday evening. Mrs. E. E. Jones re
ceived an aluminum, oven set tor
high score; Mrs. Y. A. Standi was
given plastic card for second high
and Mr. Forrest Martin seceived
a china powder dish for traveling.
The hostess served ice cream and
nuts to: Mrs. Jones. Mr. Standi,
Mrs. Martin, Mrs. 3. H. Wahab,
Mr. S. L. Torran. Mrs. J. JX Devi
and Miss Doris Register.
Janet Bowman
. ... , .
Mrs. Glenn Brown and Susan
Brown entertained Tuesday after
noon in their home tor Miss Janet
Bowman who is visiting her aunt
Mrs. C. J. Brown.
Contests were enjoyed with Mary
Lou Potter as winner, who received
a theatre pass. Afterwards outdoor
games were enjoyed. Pineapple
Cherry ice cream and cookies were
enjoyed by: Janet Bowman, Susan
Brown, Mary, Lou Potter, Sue Whit
tle. Diane 'Wahab. Mable Jane
Straughan, Judy Pearsall and Dottie
Philathea Class
The Philathea Class of the Bap
tist Church met at the home of
Mrs. A .L. Humphrey Thursday
night with Mrs. Ed Hill and Miss
Fannie Wilson as co-hostesses. Mrs.
Kathleen Snyder, class teacher, led
the devotional.
After a brief business session the
hostesses served ice cream roll and
toasted pecans to the fourteen mem
bers present.
Mrs. L. S. Whittle
Mrs. L. S. Whittle entertained
members of the Junior Baptist choir
at her home Thursday night Mrs.
John A. Johnson, leader, directed
the choir in practicing hymns, which
the choir will sing when they parti
cipate at the Hymn Contest at Cas
well July 3rd. Seventeen members
Mrs. W. W. Garner entertained
by playing an accordian and then
led games.
Dr. Greenlaw and Mr. Ormond
Grlce came in for refreshment of
home made Ice cream, cookie and
punch. f i . , .
.1 .
C F. Parrish, in charge of poultry
tor the State College Extension
Service, reminded Tar Heel poul
trymen last week that all precau
tion should be used in immuniza
tion their flock against fowl pox,
bronchitis and New Castle disease.
He aid the state veterinarian, a
well a extension workers, discour
age the widespread use of live vir
us Vaccine, vi:. b.v::.'
V:&i:aPx ' Vaeelne
- Parrish said the regular (owl pox
vaccine may be administered when
the young bird (eight to 12 weeks)
are .carried to range. Infectious
bronchitis vaeelne may be used
when pullets are about Id . week
old. and Newcastle disease killed
virus vaccine may be administered
when pullets are placed in laying
Mrs. Peal Pclldr
Vins lliqh Score
' Mrs.' Paul Potter won a plastic
billfold tor high score; Mrs. Robert
Blackmore received a drinking cup
dispenser for second nigh and Mrs.
Paul S. Berry was given bath pow
der for low score OH Wednesday1
afternoon when Mrs. J. P. Harmon
entertained her . bridge dub. .. , . v ;
Upon arrival the hostess served
a salad plate to: Mrs. Potter, Mrs.
Blackmore, Mrs. Berry, Mrs. Allen
Draughan, Mrs. L. S. Whittle, Mrs.
A. M. Benton and Mrs, N. A. Mit
chell. Rev. II. H. Flowers
Named "Most
Valuable Rotarian
Dr. J. M. Kornegay presided at
the regular Rotary meeting on
R E. Wall made remarks on the
safety program.
Rev. N. H, Flowers was present
ed an award for "the most valuable
Rotarian" of the year. -
L. B. Huie and J. J. Armstrong
tied for best attendance trophy.
During the business session it
was dedded that the next meeting
will be held at Carlton' Pond. Of
ficers tor 1954-5S were installed
with A. M. Benton, president Joe
Beat and W. M, Johnson of Clinton
were visitor. '--:'
'1 '" f I'i ,
m,1 r ti
'X f u
nouae u u il wtt.i), iu jo,
said ParrLh, ma&es it nece-c -ry
to catch the birds o. Jy once wLiie
on range.' .
PanrUh outlined a aeven-nolnt
program tor using poultry dlsfc';e
vaccines: ,
, Program CoUiea
Powell's Dress
You have been asking about it, you have been wondering about
it and you have been waiting for it Now friends and customers I'm
talking about that big JULY CLEARANCE SALE that POWELL'S
DRESS SHOP always puts on. This is the biggest and most exciting .
sale that Powell's Dress Shop has ever offered. EVERYTHING is
, , rM - ' , ' - 1 rt
on sale. Yes - I mean everything - Sheers, Linens, silks, crepes and
Spring Suits - All Beach Wear and Sportswear such as JANTZEN,
KOBET and other good lines smashed to the bottom.' Now is your
time - you know what Powell's Dress Shop Sale have always meant
to you. Take advantage of these wonderful saving on quality mer
chandise now.
Powell's Dress
In area formerly served by -Tide Wafer Power Co.
The THIRD rate reduction since the merger. This time Residential and
Farm Customers benefit by $190,000 savings. Reduction effective on bill
rendered on and after August 1st.
When Tide Water Power Company was merged into C. P. & L in 1952, an immediate
reduction of $812,000 was granted to residential, commercial, industrial and other customers
in the area formerly served by Tide Water Power Company.. In 1953, a further reduction of
$200,000 was granted small commercial and industrial customers. This new saving of $190,
000 goes entirely to residential and farm users and will become effective on bill rendered on
and after August 1, 1954.
3.9c per kwh for the first 50 kwh
2.9c per kwh for the next 100 kwh
1.9c per kwh for the next 100 kwh
1.5c per kwh for the additional kwh
Average Charge: Not less than 1.9c per kwh plus $1:50 per kw .
in excess of 1 0.0 kw of maximum hourly load used In the current
the above new low rates will be subject to a discount ,
up to $2.25 per month for heating water electrically.
OPTIONAL RATE: Customers whose normal Use In the future
will be more than 1250 kwh per month may apply for the follow
ing OPTIONAL RATE which may result in a still lower average
price per kwh: .
3.9c per kwh for the first 50 kwh ,
2.9c per kwh fpr the next 100 kwh
1.9c per kwh for the next 100 kwh . . ,
1.5c per kwh for the next 500 kwh "
1.25c per kwh for
When th maximum kw registered during the current month (by a kilowatt
meter suitable for measuring the loads used during a 60-mlnute1 interval) exceeds "
4-0 kw, the number of kwh in this block will be extended by 50 kwh for each 0.5 kw !
of such excess but not by more than the number of kwh used in excess of 750 kwh.
. Present customers having demand meters may select this rate ofcjhe GENERAL
rate whichever, best serves their advantage. ; - ,z " ' ;;-v-;y:'
THREE PHASE SERVICE: Where 3-Phase Service Is required for xctp
tionolly heavy loads o slight additional charge will be mode.
Go All-Electric and Save! . : ?
1 ' k ' . t 1 . ' , I , ' 1 " 's r '
(.CArrourJA Fovizn a lig! it cq:.:?anv
LI ltt Cf t 1 1MB-
ufact.srer t-.i, '
are aiU-kiiaere
the nose intn
muscular, and f
t e wU '. Tl
' ;ae
-r in
e intra-
i.i . .9 r ."-b ot
iint . c aiimln-
t, .ration ct vaek....e nu.y ruult In
heavy losses, v I
the additional kwh
1 Vaccinate only I ... y 1 1. .
3. Limit use of live virus vaccines
to area where outbreak of tlie
disease have occurred or when
there is a strong possibility of, an
outbreak occurring.
4 -(B .
y ' . -r.-s ' ""-1 ' - : I.'

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