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Come Service Representative
.. Carolina Power & Light Co. .i-
Helpful Hints
1. When lettuce leave refuse to
C- part without breaking, ' soak .the
iead in ice water for ten minute.
Shake oft surplus, water, wrap In
a damp cloth, and place In refrlger
, ator. When ready to use leaves will
' part easily. ' ,
,2. To peel oranges or grapefruit
and free fruit entirely, place fruit
in hot water for ten minutes.
. 3. Rinse a pan in cold water be
' fore scalding milk to prevent stick-
- ' - ,
4. To melt chocolate, greese pot
.. in which it is to be melted. -
;. 5. To keep cheese fresh, cover It
with a damp cloth moistened with
vinegar. .. . . ,;.
s 6. To measure syrup and molasses,
grease cup in which It is to be
measured. :4 ,,,..;,.? '.' .ifglt
7. Place a piece of apple In your
. brown sugar Jar and t will keep
the sugar from drying out and lump
ina. Trv Mia Mma OTrrra fn IiiaJm
- cookies. f-.v.--.:if. c'!
1 8. '.To prevent waste or eggs from
cracking when they are to be boil
ed, allow them to. stand a few min
, ' ates in very warm water before
putting them in boiling water.
, D. The way to prevent the burnt
taste from scorched milk, put the
pan in cold water, adding a pinch
' of salt to the milk.
10. To 'clear, fat of sediment un
wanted flavors, and foreign mater,
add potato dices to melted fat and
'fry until slices are brown,' The po
, taoo will "sponge up" any extran
' eons flavors and most of the'sedi
' merit.' ' .
Dempsey L. Arnette, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Fred Arnette, Bowden, is serv
ing in Alaska with the Army at ttie
Port of Whittler.
Army units stationed in Alaska
undergo intensive field training
while guarding the northern ap
proaches to the United States.
Arnette, who entered the Army
In December -1953, arrived in Alas
ka this month from Port Belvoir,
The 1854 edition of the Wake
Forest College annual is dedicated
to basketball coach Murray G rea
son. '" "
- Lifetime Aluminum '
1M1 Dawson St
Phone 2-3242 or 3-2782
Wilmington, H. '
Duplin County Order
k UJ H rirrj 13
Auction Every Thursday
. Buying and Selling Daily-
Telephone 3161- 6171 ; Wallah, N. C.
Listen for top hog prices each day over Clinton
Broadcasting Station about ; 12:15 and Wallace
Station at 12:25. f . s
Tobacco Trucks
Buckeye Oil Burners
5-V Crimp Tin
We Invite You,To Visit
Our Grocery Department
"Everrthlng Pt The
i J
' by V, MUloy
Mrs. Sam Bostlc and' young son,
Joe, returned last week from Rocky
Mount, where they visited with
Mrs. Aderlan Teachey and - family
for a few days.. Mrs. Hebourn Wll.
kens still remains. "
Mrs. Roy Smith . and daughter,
Janice, are in Columbus, S. C, vis
iting with 'her daughter and family
for a few days. '
, ' Mrs. ' G. F. Landen and son, Jeff,
are spending a few, weeks -In Geor
gia with her parents and their fami-
v uiue jurenoa i&ay oaerrut 01 yvai
lace spent the weekend at the home
of her grandparents; Mr.t and Mrs.
Leslie 'Norrls, while her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. C, Merritt of Wal
lace, attended a social party at Top
sail Beach over the -weekend, with
friends'. romallef;.;
Mrs. Hebourn Wilmins, who fell
a few- weeks ago, 'still remains In a
critical condition due to complica
tions, at her home. (
Mrs. Rollen Norrls was called to
the bedside of her father, Mr. Blllie
Turner of Warsaw, who was at the
point of death, but seems to be
rallying a bit at last report.,
Mrs. Ida Bostic has been visiting
with her sister, Mrs. Ella Robinson
of Clinton, for a few days, and has.
returned home. i':-. '...
' Mr. Delaney Evans, son of Mr.
and Mrs,' Robert Evans, has .re
turned home from E. C. T. C. for
the summer weeks and is at home
with, his family.
Mr. Elolse Williams of A. College,
Wilson, will e' at home with his
family during his summer weeks
from his school.
Mrs. Terry Parker and son, Har
vey of Ceo'ar Fork, was a recent
visitor of Mr. and Mrs. G. O. Park
er and other members bf their fam
ily here.
Mrs. Milton--Parker and daugh
ter, Ann, spent the day in Golds
boro last week with Mr. and Mrs.
Duffy Lane and family.
A recent "Big Dinner" was held
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Batts, who had as guests: Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Batts and grandson, Stan
ly of Silver Springs, Md., a son,
Robert, now stationed at Ft Jack
son, S. C Mr. and Mrs. D. E. Riv-
enbark of Wallace, and Miss Caro
lyn Johnson of Harrell's Store, and
Miss Fonnie Wilson of Wallace.
Mrs. Ray Laner and mother, Mrs.
Paderlck, made a business trip to
Kenansville last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Craft and
two apnsj, Lionel and "Rickey" of
Houston, f, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. R.
W. Treharne and sons, Richard and
Ranny of Dayton, and Mr. and
Mrs. Marvin Beale of Wilmington
are spending sometime with their
mother, Mrs. Vida Milloy, and oth
er friends and relatives, while on
- Mrs. Enla Sanderson Is spending
few days with her daughter, Mrs.
Guy Rhodes of Richlands, and
plans to take a trip to Raleigh with
her daughter to Raleigh at the Farm
and Home Week there with club
members from Richlands.
- Miss Nellie Sanderson returned to
Greensboro College after spending
a week at the home of her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Sanderson.
Mrs. Raybourn Batchlor and Mr.
and Mrs. R. Norrls visited the fam
ily of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Turner of
G. B. Applewhite
Real Estate
Established 1912
Phone 2526 -Carolina
Beach, N. C.
Rents Sales
Stock Yard
Fansi Hew"
w arsaw tasx wee.
Bible Schgol began a week's study
Monday with a record crowd and
here's hoping not a child will miss
the opportunity to , be : here all
week.' .Friday night it's hoping all
parents Will' attend the exercises
looked forward to so much, v
Mrs. Rosamond Rhodes and Miss
Bertha Rhodes of Richlands stop
ped over last .week enroute to Lum
berton -Visit a daughter, Mr. and
Mrs. Pete Shaw.
Mr. Joy Wood has been 111 at'his
home here for a few days. Friends " Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Sanderson
hope him a speedy recovery and be of .Magnolia were recent guests 'of
able to be out again soon. - . .Mrs..Eula Sanderson and family.
.'.Mrs. Rudolph Futreal and Mrs. ' Mr and Mrs. Jimmie Southerland
Eula Sanderson took b Joy ride "d daughter Susazan were recent
to Richlands last Sunday after-
noon.- i
' Bible School closed last week aft
ei1 week's well attended classes
at the Presbyterian church. Also
the Ladies of the Church held their
regular meeting recently with a
good record." Mrs. Lynoel James,
president ' Topic, "Church In The
World Today," The Jr. Choir are
expected to have B picnic June 26
at the church. Mrs. Doherty lead
ing program.'
Mr. Freddie Futreal of. U. S.
Navy just flew In from California
on a 15-day leave after several
months in the Pacific waters, near
Japan . and vicinities. - Freddie is
looking good and seems very hap
py, in getting home among friends,
Mr. and Mrs. L. R. Wilkens of
Wilson have returned home after
visiting with his mother, Mrs. He-
bpurn Wilkens, who has been seri
ously ill recently, but seems to be
mending slowly, at her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmo Maready at
tended graduating classes at the
school for the deaf in Morganton
last week, where their son, Lin-
wood, is a student, and who re
turned home with his parents for
the summer months, on vacation.
Misses Janice and Pat Maready
and grandmother, Mrs. Rhoda W.
Maready, is back at home after a
few days visiting with Mrs. Beulah
Cavenough at Richlands, recently.
Mrs. Scott Turner of Beulaville
recently was visiting with Mr. and
Mrs. Hebourn Wilkens her broth
er, on a short visit
Mr. and Mrs. John Hianiwek of
Mechanicville, N. Y., and son, Da
vid, 14-months-old, have been vis
iting with her parents, the Rev.
and Mrs. Doherty, for several days;
son David will spend the summer
weeks with the family ' when the
parents return home soon.
M. Sgt N. B. Wilkens of Bolixi,
Miss., is home on leave to be with
his mother, Mrs. Hebourn Wilkens,
who remains ill at her home.
Don't let your mouth, "water or
your palate suffer for want of a
"Special Made H-o-t DOG - coming
soon at the Hula Drive In Theatre
- where you can eat with ease - and
enjoy your favorite MOVIE! Towns
like Chinquapin have been made
by HOT DOGS! Look for the signs
of the "Drippy Droopy Puppy," who
invites you to supper!
Mr. Freddie Futreal of U. S. Navy
returned to California last week
after several days on leave here
with his family and friends.
Mr. Raeford Edwards, son of Mr.'
and Mrs. Hutchen Edwards left for
Ft. Bragg last week with several
others who will be in training for
Uncle Sam. Good luck boys.
Mr. Lee Baysden whb has -been
a patient at McCain Sanitorium for
the second time returned home re
cently in good health and pro
nounced well. Hoping he will be
OK from now on.
Mrs. Viola Fountain and sister
attended a Stork Shower recently
honoring Mr. and Mrs. Leland Brad
shaw of Rose Hill at the home of
V- snd M-s, Fred Bradshaw. Games
prise and refreshments were en
juyea along vWth loads of useful
gifts, for the "Expectlngs."
Funeral services were held last
week for Mr. Joy Wood after a
long illness. x
Mr. Steve Fountain is back at
home and able to continue his duties
after an appendix operation in a
Wilmington Hospital.
Mr. Dun Sloan who underwent an
operation at a Kinston Hospital re
cently is at home recuperating.1
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mitchell and
small daughters - BeUy Gail and
Dian of Frankfort, 111. are spend
ing sometime or summer months
with her mother( Mr. and Mrs.
Leslie Southerland, Mrs. Souther
land having been recently on the
tick list, bt somewhat Improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Brown of
Shawnee Aklahoma , recently re
turned home after a visit with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Brown
and otHer relatives here. ; ,
Friends of Mrs. . Laura Fountain
2-1 A x , , TAKE A MINUTE 10 1MNK , g
0 r V-AUV
1 ' Jl VIH. 0?"'
i I "JZZL . -.' " ' -
sends sympathy for her after . a
serious fall recently having brujaed
her leg and is now having to be con
fined to a wheel chair. Mrs. Foun
tain Is around 87 years old and
still suffering from shock.
. Mrs. . Guy Rhodes , of Richlands
has returned home after spending
several 'days with relatives here
and in Lumberton. -
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baldwin and
n Henry Jr. of Raleigh were re
cent visitors 01 ms mower, jurs.
Sdie Bryan nd
visitors of Wilmington on business.
Mrs. Ned Craft of Pink Hill re
cently visited with her son, Mr.
and Mrs.) Walter Craft and son of
Houston, Texas at the home of Mrs.
Vida Milloy where they have been
spending their vacation and a few
days and at Pink Hill with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Craft.
Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Treharne of
Dayton, Ohio and Pittsburgh, Pa.,
and children have returned home
after a brief stay Wit hher mother,
Mrs. V. Milloy and family - also
vjsiting Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Gatlin,
and Mr. and Mrs. Halley Bishop
of Jacksonville, Fla for a few days,
accompanied by Mrs. Milloy.
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Beale of
Wilmington spent a week end with
her mother, Mrs. Vida Milloy be
fore taking off to Houston, Texas
- to be gone two years where Mr.
Beale will be employed.
Mr. and Mrs. Haywood Fountain
and daughter, -Mona Lynn of Jack
sonville, Fla. have returned home
after a vacation with Mr. ana Mrs.
Paul Fountain and Mrs. Roewns
Thigpen of Beulaville.
Mr. and Mrs. Horace Stroud of
Richlands was a recent visitors at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. P. J.
Fountain and family, over the week
Mrs. Mary Edwards and Mrs. Ray
Mitchell of Beulaville and Cedar
Fork have been visiting at the
home of Mrs Sudie Bornw and Mrs.
John Bryan recently.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Powell of
Wilmington have been a guest of
her mother recently, Mrs. Laura
Fountain who is now an invalid at
her home.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brant and small
daughter of South Carolina spent
the week end here at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elliott
Pickett and family on their way
to Kings Mountain where Mr. Brant
will be employed for an Indefinant
Mrs. Lizza Brown - a veterian
rvacationest - and grand-daughter
Miss Phyliss Brown daughter ol
Mr. and Mrs. Leo Brown are spend
ing the summer months in Raleigh
with her daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Worth Proctor and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Simpson
and family have moved into their
new home near Jacksonville re
cently - friends here hope them
much happiness there with their
Mr. and Mrs. Foy Brown and sons
of Jacksonville, Rayboum and Dan
ny, spent a recent week, end with
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Fountain and
Friends - don't go hungry on Sat
urday nights - Enjoy a Bar-B-Cue
and Chicken supper for the taste
and EXPENSE - of completing the
Bethelem F. B. Church in Fountain
Town - which is almost compieteu
outside. Decorative
indows arp
already attracting much attention
here due to the beauty of them.
Suppers will now be served in the
basement - kitchen from now on.
Friends of Mrs. Cora J. Sander
son surprised her at her new home
in Beulaville last week with a
"House Warming Shower," sponsor
ed bv Mrs. Clara Sholar, Mrs. Jim
mie Southerland and Mrs. Tom
Ives. Many useful gifts wer? en
joyed and Mrs. Southerland is still
in a state of "Shock & Apprecia
Watch Out For
Fake Termite
A warning to home owners ag
ainst fraudulent termite exterm
inators has been given by the Better
Business Bureau.
They say that already this spring
there have been several reports of
questionable practices by so called
axtermlnators. There are many re
liable operators in North Carolina,
Testing Machine
MBMy,.B.mminiK m.r
This fadeometer at the J. C Penney Co. laboratory, where mer
chandise Is scientifically tested for. quality and performance, checks
textiles and other materials for color-fastness to sunlight Cloth which
withstands extended exposure to the concentrated sunlight simulated
bythe machine is considered satisfactory for suits, overcoats and
outerwear. Today's customer shops with greater assurance than ever
before with the knowledge that modern science is at work in his behalf.
Further Supreme Court Rulings
On Racial-Segregation Cases
Within ten days after the United
States Supreme Court handed down
its public school segregation deci
sion on May 17, the high tribunal
made further rulings on three seg
regation cases in places other than
public schpols.
The court sent back to .lower
courts two racial segregation cases,
won in the lower courts by Negroes,
stating that there was no reason to
hear these cases because of the
courts ruling on school segregation
cases. These two cases concerned:
1. Three Negroes had sued the
San Francisco Housing Authority
for admission to a project which
had been built for Italian families.
The Negroes were refused admis
sion on the grounds of a "neighbor
hood pattern policy" which the city
said would protect the racial com
position of the neighborhoods in
which the projects were located.
The California District Court of
Appeals had said that the "neigh
borhood pattern policy" violated
the Fourteenth Amendment ,and
had stated that the Negroes must
be admitted.
2. In Houston, Texas, a Negro was
refused admission to a muncipal
golf course reserved for wttite play
ers, and the Court of Appeals held
that his constitutional rights had
been violated.
In the third case sent back to the
and it pays to check on the oper
ator you intend to hire.
Termites work slowly, but presis
tently, and you have time to check
the extermiinator's reputation be
fore you hire him. A delay of a few
weeks, or even months, will make
little difference. (
The Better Business Bureaus are
cooperating with the North Carolina
Pest Control Operators' Association,
regarding the reliability of people
who solicit work in termite control.
If you will contact any one of these
organizations, they will be glad to
Here are some tips on how you
can gauge the reliability of persons
offering termite control service.
If you are told that termites will
soon ruin .or cause your house to
the firm as questionable. Firms
which charge according to the am
ount of chamical used like wise
are questionable. Any good termite
operator can estimate the cost just
as a carpenter can estimate the cost
of a repair job.
I Si I
3 Si !?4 U U
M 1
MACHINERY COMPANY, INC. kinston.northcarolina-phone4176
Checks Quclity
lower court, the Supreme Court at
first had said it would hear the ap
peal, then it vacated the judgment
and sent the case back, ordering the
lower court to consider the case "in
the light of the segregation cases
decided May 17, 1954 . . . and the
conditions that now prevail."
This third case concerned James
Muir, a Negro who was refused ad
mission to the Iroquois Amphithea
tre in Louisville, Ky, for a play,
because the park was reserved for
white persons. Muir's complaint was
dismissed by the Federal District
Court which maintained that the
theatrical association sponsoring the
play was a private corporation and
therefore not subject to regulation
under the Fourteenth Amendment'
In addition to these three cases,
the Supreme Court refused to hear
three other cases concerning rulings
by lower courts in public school
segregation cases.
These six cases finished the Su
preme Court's docket Of appeals in
volving racial discrimination for
this term of court which ended June
7. Next fall, however, the decision
of public school segregation will be
considered further by the Supreme
Court in an effort to formulate
the proper decrees to effectuate the
constitutional ban against public
school segregation.
A reliable operator should have
established headquarters and a de
pendable local reputation. Do not
depend on guarantees. Most of them
are worthless. Rather, depend on
the reputation of the operator. Do
not consider price the criterion of a
good job.
19 From SENG
Enlist In Navy
19 men from SENC were enlisted
in the U. S. Navy at Raleigh through
the Wilmington Navy recruiting of
fice during the month of June, it
was announced today by CPO E. L.
Knight, USN of the Wilmington
Navy recruiting office. ,
This sharp increase over pre
vious months of 1954 reflects the
incraesed quotas presently allowed
the Navy by the Department of
Defense. During July, 204 men will
be enlisted in the Navy at Raleigh..
22 of this total will t taken from
the, Wilmington Navy recruiting of
fice which, serves an area covered
by the following counties: Bladen,
Brunswick, Columbus, Duplin, New
Hanover, .Onslow,. Pender; Robeson,
Sampson and Scotland.' Any young
man interested in obtaining infor
mation concerning the benefits of
a Naval career may contact his
(Navy recruiter through the . Post
master at tne county seal oi any
of the above named counties.
Seventeen Men ,
Inducted June 25
Seventeen men from Duplin
County left June 25 for induction
into the 5i.rmed Forces. The nine
white men were: Marshall Murphy
Carr, Jr., Wallace; Daniel Henry
James, Rose Hill- Elwin Wells,
Teachey; David Allen Sandlin, Beu
laville; Roger Everton, Beulaville;
Randolph Houston, Beulaville; Sam
uel Louis Rivenbark, Willard; Wil
liam Franklin Johnson, Wallace;
James Raeford Edwards," Rose Hill.
Colored were: Raphael Wayman
Carlton, Wallace; David Lawrence
Jenkins, Seven Springs; Jerry Sut
ton, Rose Hill; William P. Fennell,
Rose Hill; Ethelle Stevens, Mount
Olive; Garfield Matthis, Magnolia;
Johnny Moses Fisher, Wallace and
James Mathis Bowden, Magnolia. '
The next pre-induction examina
tion will be held on July 28.
It is very important that all men
who are registered for the draft,
to notify the draft board their
change of address.
Those who have been classified
as 4F are subject to reclassification.
Too Many Crops
Becotae Problem
Diversification of farm operations
is all right, says J. W. Brown, Mar
tin County Negro farmer but don't
carry a good thing too far.
Brown, who lives at Jamesville,
Route 1, is thoroughly convinced
that tobacco, peanuts, corn and four
commercial Vegetable crops is just
a bit too much for one man to
handle, says R. McK. Edwards, Mar
Carolina Beach, N. C.
Hotel Royal ralm
Centrally Located Reasonable Rates, .
TV Lounge Free Parking
O Modern Cafeteria Elevator Service
Fireproofed by Sprinkler System
For Reservation
Write - Wire - or Phone
Carolina Beach, II. C.
See Us For Your Building
Windows Pine & Oak Flooring
Doors Screens
Roofing Brick
Hardware , Ply Wood
All Other Bonding Materials
r?.dZz&&luZh, fee.
1400 W. Vernon Ave.
' ' ' Kinston. . C
tin' County Negro farm agent for
the Agricultural Extension Service.
As a result of trying, to spread '
his labor too thin, says Edward
Brown has found that , his biff
money crops; peanuts and tobacco,
have suffered from neglect. "It will
take the' profit from his beans and .
cucumbers , to' get the grass out of
his tobacco and peanuts," says the.
Negro County Agent, y , ' ; . i, . 1
' To aW to this trouble, aays Ed- .
wards. Brown has found that the
nriw of beans this year- "will' bare
ly, cover thoi, cost of baskets- and ,
picking 'SV-f0imW
The point of diversifying farm
operations is to have income in over
a greater part J' of kthf Vyeraj . flay ,'.
Edwards. But he advises farm era
not to carry diversifications! too
Th Wake Forest College Choir
travelled aver 2,000 miles and made)
over 30 appearances during its 196
spring tour to' North Carolina.
Construction began recently on
the $1,726,1221 brick gymnasium on
the new Wake Forest College cam
pus. The big building will contain,
almost 3,000,000 cubic feet of space.
1 "i - t H 6
Long lotting units
Even heot distribution
Econbmicol curing
Simplo operation
Safe, fume tight,
smoke tight
Mi Olive, N.C
Phone 2250
h'v.t '
,, 4 ,'....

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