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: ydL, fei, no, 36
i KENANSVlLLE,4 NORTH CAROLINA7 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 1954 c atie h-oo ntride thtotrwun n. a sm mtUt, n. c. ' l
A Lcccl Ciiizen
f.' HI 0 1
.1 Z .?:-
. ;yjori qroiim Th motto thai
. mU. but uyi bo much.: What
bai happen, a tot that interested
group oi.jruen arid wottieW Who met
with,. th. Carolina Power" Compai
. n'i representatlyt .and 'enjoyed
: .such, delicious dinner? . i.
' .Could U b that big-thingi are
to -the-making and the "next three
i n anths they wtU'irmade known?
, A 1 the riner Carolina jreports that
lii ve been puBlishfed, 1 Kenansville
liis not bjeent among, them,' With
t s new cleaner establishment the
; sc ut hut; hex several .new home
to say nothing of the almost com.
pi ted buindirigs that are county
,,vf de projectWhat''happened?
nd have you poticed . lately how
W ill. th1 streets' are beginning to
-lo ik? With tHe back to school slo
ga ni, fresh as yet,.the.aidetyalks have
taken on that I'Bacfc to SchooJV' took J
wtm weeos ana grasses.. brimmed
and -cuLA town can be- no ifiner
: thin: the people in it, or7 no more
. attractive than the people make it!
,Xm'if gef ,bucyl L4' , bririg tten
. anville out to the front and win
i iiition J 1 ! A CITIZEN, ,' av
iiiiion J ( ! A C
m Diipltn
tew J
xM Sonowing Duplin County men
were enlisted in the Air Force by
Sgffc. H. Allen local Air Force Re
cruiting Sgt
! , James W. Mallard', route 1, Beula
ville; Vasoo Futtral, route 2, Pink
Hilll Nance G. Thomas, Kenansville;
George T. Batchelor, Magnolia; Os-
car Lf Riveabark. Wallace; George
H. BrowWaflaceyChVletKHaft
were all gent tb Lackland Air Force
Base:' Texas, While in Texas they
" .-..itl tt..i.. .tt...t .&'l.t
ana sangnmem w jww vc una
Mr Foie ioo. Sgt Allen can
A auct
itactad te .Kenamville ' en
at -the Cooraiouse and
tn Tuesday', at the Pott
, ' v. u Rifco to-help any
young men or ladles that want in
lormation about the Air Force, ' "
Marriage Licenses
Issued In August
James Donald Lester,- Lansing,
MichigahJulia Dean Kennedy, Beu
laville, N. C; James Edwards Wells,
Sit, Olive, N. C Alma Jean Whit
Held, Mt Olive, N. C; Randall Al
bertson, Rt I," Beulaville, N. C
-Annie Bruce Grady, Rt, 1, Ml
Olive, N. C; Lauchlin Alexander
Bethuna, Clinton, N. C. . Evelyn
DeLeon Fussell, Rose Hili N. Ci
Jackson Barham, Carthage, Mo.
Shirley Gray Cockrell, Warsawk .
C4 Jms R. Syket, Rt. 2, Wallace,
V. C Martha Jean Wells, Wallace,
N. C; Charles Jloward -Matthews,
Cumberland Co.V-Ada Mterlyn Xing,
t. WallacSf N. r'C.Vi wd Hampton
Cooper, Raleigh" N. C.--Mary Sue
Burch, ICewuksville, N. C.; Charles
JuUan Coker, QHvi N.-.C-V
Ruby tee Sullivan, Mt Olive, N.
C, t .
' ' Jamea Hjurrison'LeeV Magnolia, N.
C Ullle Pearl IjenneU, Rose Hill
K. C; David Moor. Jr, Rt X
Kenansville, N. C Viola Boykln,
RFD, Faisoa, N.
- I
V AO the arts and crafts leaders of
the twenty-eight Home Dfcmon
atratloh Club of Duplin County are
expected to attend and receive train
ing in "Making Hboked "Kug" n
Wednesday, afternoon, September
29th, at 2.00 p. m, in ;tb Masonic
Lodge Building, Kenansville, Miss
Rose El wood Bryan, extension spe
cialist of North Carolina State Col
lege, will train the leader, wh will
give the training to dull Members
at the November , Oub . meetings.
Afl leaden are urged to attend..
ScW Boche1i"a Js died'
, ,vm f up mm mm ninni
WUlard after a Ulnese ef the
jpn Ave years. "..(..'
I .neral service were, held fcem
TVo'lle Free Will Baptist OufJi
T. '-y ar:reen at 3:00 o'clock
y l Samuel Grime of Wallace.
I .t'.aerrwa in" tTe '" 1 cetp.
t y. . h '
K is' survived by hi wife, tie
t rn;SiiM-Tis"" of Willard,
f" sons Cennie Kocbell of !"oa
r s I . r! "s, Hubert RocheU ef the
I Ri rewtry Eochell of 171U
1 C i -r I-,, f--"t
ci ..J Le Sit-craua.u;Jea.
T riAKVbaitK rut ikuc ur wuL5 uonaia acnucKer, ngni, state supervisor oiinefenn-
t yl vania Council of Churches, turns over "Pennsylvania Harvester No. 2,1' a station wagon equipped
with portable altar and organ, to Chaplain Joseph Lopez, of New York City, in Adams County,
Pa. The "harvester," 19 of which are already operating In 25 states, are designed to bring spiritual '
'' -' - , comfort to migrant farm workers. . yvVit w v
Annual 4-H Poultry
7 Aaristont Ciwty Agent
f-Tbe Dunlin Countw 4-H dubs
plan to hold their annual 4-H Club
poultry show and sale at the Agri
cultural. Building in Kenansville at
30 a? m. on September. 18.
' There -will b H flocks; of pul
lets competing for iWOJBB prize mon
ey. TJwse boys and girls received
their thicks last Jpring through the
4-H club poultry chain-' sponsored
r4jrflMrltosbuck Fbuftdattori.Each
club members received 100 day old
chicks. These chicks were U. S: Cer
tified Parmenter Beds. ,.
When the club member received
their chickens they 'agreed ia grow
Oie munder the best possible rec-
ommendtd practices, and to retur
ro,",e " "i" Ior lne laM
Pullets to hp rfd auction. i;wns $2.40-per hrc,? f , ,
2nil AiinuahJunipl:
r k a mb. :m m V
And Sale Be Held Here On 15th
' y' E. JL "SIMPSON -fi
Aslatasrt stfy Agemti.;
; The Second Annual Wallace, Jun
ior Xobaccrf Show and Sal will be
held in the Blanchard-Farrior Ware
house in Wallace on' September
15th, and Kith.
: . This is the second such show ever
held in this area of North Carolina.
The entrants are all young boys "and
girls of school age and are mem
bers of the 4-H F. F. A. or N. F. A.
Clubs. These boys and girls select
ed tobacco as their club project
last3tear and this show and sale
represents a climax of their pro
ject work.
The purpose of this project is to
teach young North Carolina Farm
ers how to grow a quality tobacco
and present a more attractive pro
duct on the warehouse floor. The
presentation of an attractive pro
duct is. stressed more than quality
tobacco, becsuse ; North Carolina
Farmers' have a habit of producing
quality tobacco, but still have a long
way to go in learning to present
td tt buyers art ' attractive, and
well sorted tobacco. We hope that
Dr. Hoffman To Lead
Dir. Arnold Hoffman, music sup
rvisoMf the N. C. Dept. of Public
Inttructloiv Raleigh, will lead a
workshlp on ' Rural Church Music
for all who are interested in im
proving worship : services in the
churches of Duplin County. This
workshop on Banal Cbmefa Music
; 1. 1 .te'-noon, October 3. at three
O'clock In the Kenansville High
School Auditorium, Kenansville.
Dr.: Hoffman's appearance in the
.. '':. 13 Men lnducled,Augail26
The local Draft Board has recely -
?d the. October, call for induction
ur jgni men xinuccooer u ana
Or thirty seven men for physical on
pctober t, nj, ' A
i The toUewing list ef men were in
lucted at. Raleigh on August 26:
Earl Gray' Stuart, white, Teachey;
Joe Richard Maready, white. Chin,
quspin; Hubert. Zarl Bowden, col
ored, Magnolia; Berneil Gooding
Milleri white," Beulaville: 1 Emery
. The chairroan. i
with the committee, met at the
oltureh, Monoajr night complete
plans for the Homecoming t the
Cs'tjo Pres yterian Church, $epw
tender 19l Tite-, (allowing art en
the committed i - '. 4 r- ,
l--isly .Mr., -d-t
: I. Jart" s. .:r.
C-e, Atii. tlaiXuiaite Laa
bert and Mr. Hmry C, Albrittoo.
rinaaee Ed Lewis, -M. JLam
bxi, Tvrt"-e! Goodrich. .x -
Grounds H. M. Sutton," Mack
FroiJ'.iunt Arthur Davis, Robert
VTatrs 1 , B, r'.- . "
Davis, T. D. HoUeweU, KUat Mabel
Shov And Sale
mber 18th
. The money that is obtained from
this sale will go to sponsor this
same poultry chain for 1955. The
$100.00 . prize money' is not taken
from the sale, but is given every
year by the Sears Roebuck Founda
tion. . ' '
; This sale is open to the public
;and the 4-H clubs of this county urg
es yon to attend this show, if it is
possible and purchase a cage bf pul
lets. It is also an excellent op
portunity for the; citizens of this
county to Obtain-aft excellent pro
duct at a fairly reasonable price.
The, auction 'win begin at 9:30 a.
m., September 18. ; All the birds
must be sold. They' will be sold in
lots of 12, with the bidding taking
place en, the price 7er bird. The
Tobacco how
through, the 'Junior Tobacco-Show
and Sale and4hewdrk- UMNfJT;
F.A:;and 31. F. A. Clubs that our
farmers of tomorrow -win fee afble
to compete with anyone in the
orld when it comes to marketing
; In show this year is sponsored
by the Blanchard-Farrior Ware
house, Tobacco Associates and the
North Carolina Extension Service
of North Carolina State College.
The prizes are very attractive and
should stimulate every boy and girl
in this county.
They are: County Prizes, 1st
$100.00 Bond; 2nd S75.00 Bnn'- 3H
$50.00 . Bond; 4th $25.00 .Boqd;
5th $25.00" Bond.'
State , Udzes .aise y5st $2004)0
Bond; 2nd $100.00 Bona; 3rd u..
The public is' invited to attend
this Show and Sale. The tobacco
will be on ihe Warehouse floor at
10 p. m. on Wednesday, Septem
ber 15, and will be sold at 8:00 a.
m. on septemner 10. Frizes wui De
awarded to the entrants at 9:30 a.
m. on September 16.
Workshop Oct. 3
county Is . being sponsored by the
Home Demonstartion County Coun
cil. : :
' All pastors of churches, pianists,
choir; directors, choir members and
any others who are, interested (both
men and women) are cordially in
vited to attend. There .will be no
admission charge, but a silver of
fering will be take feelp defray
expenses of the meeting.
Belmont Price, white. Wallace;
Henry .. Aldrich Preeythe, r whltej
Falson; Nathan . . Lewie Dudley,
white, 'Ml Calypso; Willie Carrcll
Branch, colored, Mt Olive; Frank
lin Herbert " Chesfnutt, eolored.
Magnolia; Leland James Brinson,
white, Pink Hill; Elbert Jurl Batch,
eler, white. Pink Hill: Jerry Mich,
ael Fouta, white, Falson and Jesse
Thomas Easter, , white, Chinquapin.
taaahest, tin. JKobert Waert,-att.
Sam Smelling and lira. C L. Sloan.
History Mrs. Adrian Bell. Mrs,
JV R. tlaxwell, lire. Leen . Flower
end Mrs. Jem jpickjson.. -" ""''
reed-rs. Lela Kartin, Mrs. Ed
Lewis; I -. t H. Sutton, Mrs. Paul
C; '' . l'ary Cmeroa."
I. u, ..- 1 1, t, H. B. CorMgay,'
rja J j Grice and Mrs. P. B.
Sloaa. . '. '.V 1 0v C
' Trogmm James Strickland, Rev.
T. O. Eyrd, H. B. Kornegay, Mrs.
J. B. Strickland, Mr. James Dick
son. ti;V' ','t 4" u " , .
' nowersrllx.. H.. Jk-Koraecayi
UnfEia Beit and Mr. Gordon
Grice, j xi f''" , ...
Methodist Revival
The pastor and membership of
the ' Magnolia Methodist . Church
have been busy over the past few
weeks making plans for their re
vival to be held Sept. 19-25. Plans
call for the services to begin on
Sunday night, September 19 and to
continue through Sunday morning,
September 25, with services begin
ning at 7:45 each night. The pastor,
Rev. J. G. White, will also be the
preacher for the week long services.
In addition to the messages each
thee will also be a song sevice and
night, there will also be a song ser
vice and special choir music.
Preparations for the -revival be-,
gan on Sunday morning. August 22
when the pastor preached on "A
Prayer For A Revival". At the close
of this service "Prayer Convenant
Cards" were signed by the member
ship on which they pledged them
selves to pray daily for the church,
the pastor, and others outside the
fellowship of the church. A second
pledge service was heldi on Sun
day -morning, August 29th when
those inrt 'present for the-other
service were given art opporttmitj
roS'E0?!: 'CTTt one day ith the company.
AU . CUUTI WM JElaauc m iwtc WUJ
member of thJ congregation sign
the Prayer Covenant
Since then, weekly prayer meet
ings have been held at the church
each Tuesday night at 8:00 o'clock.
During these services, the congre
gation divided "themselves into small
prayer 'groups, under he direction
6f a prayer leader, where they
pra: ed for those on their individu
al prayer list and also for the suc
cess of the revival.
The Commission On Member
ship and Evangelism has also been
busy securing the names of those
in the community who have no
church home. This has been done
so the pastor and members of the
church can -contact all in the com
munity during and before the re
vival about their church relation
ship. An effort will be made to
reach every unchurched family in
the community.
Publicity about the revival has
also been directed to the communi
ty by way of large posters, postal
cards, and word of mouth invita
tions. It is hoped that by tills extensive
preparation and the prayers of the
membership, that the revival will
have a lasting and far reaching ef
fect both in the church and the
Remal Sept. 12-18
"'Wesley Methodist Church will
hold their 1aU Tevival during the
veek ef September 12-18 at their
:hurch on the Kinston highway four
nile outxkte mf Kenansville. Ser
vices will . begin Sunday night
the 12th and 'wm cenunue through
Sunday night the tSth, with the pas
tor, Rev. 4. C White, preacher for
the week. Service will begin each
night at 7:49 with a eone; service and
special ehofir musle. The public
is cordially Invited.
The congregation has been held
Lag special prayer meeting for the
revival since, the first Friday night
k-eptmbr during which special
prayers were drectad fee these out
side th fellowship ef the church.
wbe have ae church Jtome has.als
bees made, and an effort to bring
them late the, fellowship of 'the
church will be made be for and dur
ing th tevival Postals have keen
sent to an In the community an
oeuaeing the revival services eleag
with, poster pUced la . 'store
throughout the communrty.
It U hoped that these effort will
bring about a lasting and far reach
ing revival for the church and the
eomnnwity. y, . ..T.VTT "
"There were 'IBS associations en
gaged in marketing fruits and veg
etable in the South last year.
-There tr M'tlau.Uterinf plants
in North Carolina, utilizing 2,100
head ef beet animate week.
MahVoiind In Weeds On EdgeMagnolid:
Company "M" 1 1 9 th Inf ant ry-Varsaw
Camps Af Fort McClellan, Ala.
.Company 'HI" 119th Infantry.,
Warsaw's own National Guard unit
has lust returned from one of its
most successful summer camps un
der Capt. Henry C. Merritt, The
unit left , Warsaw at ; 11:50 p. m.
August 15th and arrived at Fort
McClellan, Ala in time for an 8:00
o'clock breakfast Monday morning.
The first week was spent on the
various ranges of the camp (Ml
rifle, 30 cal. Machine gun, 81MM
Mortar, and 75MM Recoiless Rifle).
"M" Company had 100 gualifica
tion of its men on all ranges ex
cept the Ml Rifle range.
The weekend was highlighted by
the arriva) of Billy Graham, noted
evangelist, and his service held on
Saturday night. Estimated attend
ance of this meeting was over
twenty thousand. Lt. H. C. Allen
taught a Sunday School lesson the
following morning which was so
well attended by the men from
Company "M" that the Regimental
Chapalin commented on it during
his regular Sunday morning ser
vice. The men of the 30th Division
moved into the field to spend their
second week. Pup tents were set
up, field kitchens erected, and la
trines dug Monday morning. In the
afternoon a demonstration of tanks
and infantry in the attack was
presented to the division by its
own components.
During this summer camp some
thirty odd members of the North
Carolina Senate and House accepted
invitations to visit the Division dur
ing its stay in the field -and observe
first hand Just what the National
Guard was accomplishing. Company
"M" was very fortunate in having
as its guest Rep. Carl V. Venters
eating breakfast and dinner with
the men before being flown back
to North Carolina by the Air Na
tional Guard. All of these men ex
pressed their amazement at the state
of training the Guard has achieved
with its limited drill schedule.
The following two days were uti
lized by "M" Co. to run Platoon
oroblems prepared by the platoon
leaders, Lt. H. C. Allen Machine
gun, It. George C. Kornegay 81MM
Mortar, Lt. Raymond Rivanbark
75MM Rifle. These problems were
so well prepared and executed that
Company "M" won the Batallion
training award as having the best
training within the Batallion dur
ing the 1954 encampment
The remaining days were spent
preparing to return home. Beds
and mattresses had to be turned in,
buildings scrubbed, windows wash
ed, areas policed, but finally train
time arrived and the company was
loaded and returned to home sta
tion .safely.
.Warsaw has reason to be proud
of her men for no other company
in the third Batallion can boast of
their record over the " past four
years. With Captain Henry C, "Mer
ritt commanding during this period
Company "M" has compiled a rec
ord of three Superior ratings and
one Excellent They have never
been TVted as merely Satisfactory.
Young men who join the National
Guard before they are 18Vi years
of age cannot be drafted. Corrapany
"M" now has room for several men
who wish to serve their country and
fire Department
tjels Resuscitator
tV '
.Recently the Kenansville Fire De
partment received an Emerson Res
uscitator This la one of the most
valuable pieces of life saving equip
ment that a rescue squad can have.
Its two tanks at oxygen and mech
anism can aeiform many service.
It can administer perfect artificial
respiration, provide oxygen for alra
ple respiratory , , and can re
move mucus and ether jeeetructlve
fluids from th sir passages through
a catheter. Among Its many uses are
treatment far respiratory failure
deriving frees, smoke miffocatiea,
electrte shock,' heart failure, pot-
industrial accident,' drowning, gas
poisoning, drug poisoning, asphyxia
of newborn babies, hospital emer
genctes, neighborhood accident, and
first aid tor polie. This Is the enly
such equipment known la the coun.
ty or between KusJisvilld and
Wilmington. Tnera will be ae charge
lo the cttiMns of Kenansville aad
the enly charge elsewhere would be
for the amount ef oxygen used. This
is one further stop toward the. real
izalion at aeon:;Jete Er and emer
gency service by Umi . Kenansville
Flr Department
Four Injured In
Sunday Wreck
Four people were seriously in
jured when an auto in which they
were riding went out of control and
turned over last Sunday morning
about 9:15 and the four and a small
baby were enrouted from Bliz
zard's Crossroads to Albertson
Chapel church for services. The
wreck occurred between Blizzard's
Crossroads and Blizzard's Mill in
Glisson Township.
Mrs. Myrtle Hardy, age 50, was
driving a 1950 DeSoto and Mrs.
Marie Antwine, agen 21,. sitting in
the front seat with her holding her
small baby. Mrs. Glennie Blizzard,
age 71 and Mr. James Allen Hardy,
age 76 were in the back seat. The
report said the driver reached ov
er to shade the sun from the baby's
face when the car went out of con
trol. Officers said it traveled 288
feet on the left shoulder then trav
eled 57 feet across the road to the
right shoulder then traveled 90 feet
on the right shoulder turning over
and stopping top side down. They
were all carried to a Kinston hos
pital. Mrs. Blizzard suffered 7 broken
ribs and is reported doing fair. Mrs.
Antwine was later carried to Duke
Hospital where she was suffering a
crushed paw and all bottom teeth
knocked out Mr. Hardy was sent
to Duke with a dislocated hip and 3
broken ribs. Mrs. James Hardy, the
driver, suffered abraisions on the
forehead and a small wound on her
right leg.. The baby was unhurt.
McArthur - Powell
Reunion August 29
The McArthur-Powell Clan met
at Williams' Lake Sunday, August
29, lor their second annual reun
ion. Miss Annie Kate Powell was
in charge of registration, beginning
at 11:00 o'clock.
At 12:30 a bountiful lunch was
spread on picnic tables beside the
lake. After lunch the meeting was
called to order by the president,
Mrs. Kathleen Powell Snyder. The
Rev. David Bascom Nicholson III,
of Athens, Ga conducted devo
tions. Miss Myrtle Peterson gave a
cordial welcome, in rhyme.
A beautiful tribute was given to
Oscar P. McArthur by his good
friend. Dr. O. L. Parker. Then the
group stood for a moment of silence
in memory of Mr. McArthur and
other relatives who had died since
last year.
The historian asked for Oie names
of newlyweds, and for recent births.
Two marriages and Id births were
reported. The oldest rermher fee
sent was Mrs. J. A. McArthur; the
youngest, Patricia Kay Poole.
For the program a historical
sketch, written by Mrs. Martha
Elizabeth McArthur James, , was
read by Mrs. R. A. McCuUea, her
granddaughter. This was followed
by special anecdotes onmefming the
family and - the' history ef their
lives and loves.
James H. Register reported for
the nominating committee the fol
lowing slate of officers for 1SB4-95,
which were unanimously elected:
President, & J. WUHamson; vice
president. Myrtle . Peterson; secre
tary, Edith Rose; treasurer, Undell
A. Powell; Reporter, L O. Wilker-
son.. - ! ' .
A rising vote of thanks was giv
en Mr. and Mrs. Clayton William
for their generous hospitality. The
group voted to meet at Halt Lake
aext year, on August 38, with the
A. W. Blaaehards as beets, .
128 guests registered tor this, de
Friendship Church
!witoCcniirj Sp 19
Homecoming day will be neld at
TieadabiD Methodist Church. Sun
day. September tth, b-&ning with,
Sunday School at 40:99 o'clock felt
lowed'by worship services at if:
Plenie lunch wa be served on
ground at l.-M o'clock.. .
iBev.l Xay Goodwin, former
tr will be the speaker at the .
ternooa worship which will be at
30 o'tlock. 1 , -1,
All termer pastors, past and pre
sent members and friend of the
church are Invited to come.
.. ..
Never can we toll just Which
part of our anatomy ef our clothes
to have insured, so
pays to be insured from, head to
toe, and clothe from inside to
Yesterday in KenansviAe cer
tain party off ered to take another
party home in their pick up truck.
This was Just fine except for "the
fact that one ef 'the parties was
In a hurry to get home to dress
f t a funeral. Due to the rush,
the driver turned Into the drive
way in a quick hurry, the door
flew open, and the party landed
on the extreme port of his anat
omy right in the middle at the
highway and did quite, a bit of
skidding. Seeing an approaching
car on the highway there was
the necessity to hurry but due to
the absence of his pants In the
rear, it took quite a bit of ma
neuvering to get off of the high
way in time and at the same time
keep his bottom covered. Imag
ine his predicament . '
Still we say It b best to be
covered with insurance, for one
never knows where fate might
deal Its hardest blow. '
The Twilite Drive-In; ' Theatre
opened last Saturday night,' after
several weeks of (eing closed due
to fire and wind damage. Mr.
Lanier has installed new equipment
and also is equipped to show cin
emascope pictures. Mr. Lanier has
many good pictures booked for the
fall and invites you to come visit
R. E. (Bob) Sheppard, prominent
Kinston tobacconist and native of
Duplin who has. been on the sick
list for the past, tew weeks, ia at
Rochester, Minn., where he is un
dergoing examinations and treat
ment at the Mayo : Clinic. Latest
word from Rochester this week was
that he was awaiting consultations
rf'.-tm to ascertain wheth-
lasr he would undergo surgery.
H. A. Smith, son of Albertson
and trained radio and television ex
pert service man has opened a ser
vice shop in the Holt-Simmons
store building here. Mr. Smith
comes to Kenansville well recom
mended to service any model.
We dont know II th weather
man has made an official record in
Duplin this week but we take it
he has as other sections of the state
with accurate records say the heat
has broken aQ records tor the time
of year. In KenansviDe the therm
ometer in the sua registered 108
at 11 s. m. Sunday; 107 at 11 a. m.
Monday and 110 deigrees in the sun
eft 91 o Tuesday. These are the
same thermometer readings.
County officers and patrolmen re
port they are well pleased with the
showing of 3huplin County over
the Labor Day weekend. No deaths
wee recorded and not but one seri
ous adederrt.
Prominsnt Local
Man! Buried Here
George Franklin Brown, 68, of
KesansviUe, adied in N. C Memori
al Hospital, Chapel Hill, Monday
at 12:45 pi-m.. Funeral services were
held at, Grove Presbyterian Church
at 4:30 p. m. Wednesday. The Rev.
Lauren Sharpe, pastor of Kenans
ville Baptiet Church, officiated. In
terment wa In Golden Grove cem
etery. Surviving are his wife, the
tenner VerOe Baker ef pink H1U;
two sons.Ceorg Randall and Shan
non Douglas, both of the heme;
toeor daughter, Mrs. & J. Smith,
-Jr. ef NorWk, Va, Mrs. Walter R.
Cook of Hampton, Va, Mrs. Paul
Baker et KesmnsvOte and Ifattic
Brown of Goldsbero; twa grand-
cUldrea;,' . emt -breOter, Luther
Brawn ef Celumbus, Ga. and Mrs,
Nora Shaetfer of Kenansville. - t
Active (pall betfntr were tvy
Bowden. IX.- C. IMhercutt Faison
McOowenJ leland BrasweU. John
B. Hall and Ira Caison. Honorary
nallbearerb were: Leo Jackson, c
C Tyndafl, Ameg Brinson, ir. It
Brinson, C VB. OrS-ensi- & A.,
(C. freosj; iB. AaI
Boone, Edi Li ttieton and Dr. Good-
ingj I ' IMMI i .
Mr. Brown was bora lit Kenans-
vUIe, eon (of the late Merrill ana
ILucy Brtren. He had been employ.
o oy torn suie oignway commusion
tor the past 2S year. He was the
tint person to be hired hers when
the prlcco camp was fiat opened.
A gruesome, orgy fight rnet coun-
ty authorities yesterday morning, 1
according to Sheriff Miller; nothing t
the like of which he has sver seen I
before, he said, when he and core- t
ner Gurman Powell -went to Mag- 1
nolia to investigate the repore of
finding the f body, of a dead white
man, , A
In, the back yard, hidden in tall 1
bushes, was the decomposed, maggot
eaien miay oz jnonrue jrayne, a
year old white man. Sheriff Miller
said maggots an inch long and morb
were; eating the top part of the tori
so from the upper chest, up hii
throat and over his face to the fore
heed' Coroner Powell, after investii
gating, did not empanel a jury hut
ordered the body buried immedi-j
atelyi Quinn-McGowen Co. of Warj
saw Was called and special equips
ment :. was necessary to wrap the!
body,! encase it in asbestos so it
could', be handled t for immediate!
burial In" the .Payne cemetery just
outside Magnolia. v j
The! story: Monroe Payne, unmar-j
ried, Was living with his divorced
brother "Cottonhead" Payne in a,
house on the 'outskirts of Magnoliai
"Cottonhead" told that on Sunday!
morning Monroe was high as A
Georgia Pine"".- Cottonhead fell. Off
the porch and broke several ribs.
Monroe, left the house. He had 'not
been seen since until yesterday
morning when his uncle 1 and a
Whitehead Negro were in' the back
yard of the hpme and smelted the
odor. The Negro began looking' a
round and found him in the weed.
House' Break-In j
Pollers H ill ' j
Sheriff' Miller, reports, a breaj
in near Potters Hill Monday morn
ing. The sheriff s department, be
ing helped bjrthe. S p. 1 ne ow
tinuing the investigation and, toi
date no arrests have been made. '
The story: Monday morning be
tween' seven and 12 o'clock the
home of Enoch F. Hall was entered
by thieves tearing off the screen of
a kitchen window. After gaining
entrance they ransacked the house,
opening trunks, suit cases, etc ap
parently looking for money. Papers
were scattered over the floor. The
, - 1 aq
only item missing was a uu ui u , j
rifle bullets. In a trunk some loose j
change was in a purse undistrubecL
Some loose change was stolen. SBC '
agents George Kennedy and John '
B. Edwards of Kinston are assiUng "j
in the investigation. No one was al i
home at the time of the robbery. i
S. E. Junior Dairy
Fortlext Yeek !;
The Southeastern Junior Dairy
Cattle Show will be held in Wil
mington, September 16 and 17, at
Legion Stadium. The purpose of
this show is to encourage young far
mers to grow and care tor superior:
dairy animals. -
The program will feature a Ban
quet on the night Of the 18th, with r
the club members and their par
ents attending. The Banquet will!
be followed by an evening of enter- -tainment
program. Duplin County
will be represented in this show byr
W. G Simmon, Remus Creel. Jr.,
Clayton Max Creel, and Stanley
Berrell. f
tit-- '
From Dublin'
,'- m 1 . r y "
.The following men were inducted
into' service at Raleigh on Septem
ber T, Baymend Brown, whiter
Chinquapin; lsli Elweod Willi
am, white. Albertson; James Carl
ten Rouse, white. Bee Hill: John
Clayton Frederick; white, Warmw
and Walter Daniel Beetle, white.
Beulaville. f
MAMMtnt W. Hat -
Mr. HarriettW. Lee as si am
Friday at ooonVat the'heine ef h.r
the'heine of her
em i-KLee Ik the recU Com
he farocU Cem
Ihaees, of, several.
were conducted w
munity after an Jltosss
weeka.t-i .tl. ,
Funeral servioes
trom the home Saturday afternoon
atawi o-CIoca b Rev. W. R. Kn
hedyt Burial followed in the Smith
family Cemetery near Dean Rim-
mum , m , nunna DT
thrM ' anni
John H. Lee of the hnmk Rtnk. rt
W of Pmk Hill, i: A. Lee of OrifT
ton, one daughter, Mrs. Mary JonuT ,
o skenansvui, ininy .eight' grand
children, fifty two great-grandchil-
dren aad one sister Mrs, Dora Cart- '
er of Kenansville.

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