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v 5
SUBSCRIPTION BATES: I3JS per lear in Dnplln and a4jlnlnf
Counties; f4 M outside this area In N. C: (&00 outside N. .C.7 v '"
I m3K Medica Society
I 1 Renr Alfred Pnllnck of Warsaw J , W , W .
:" . .. II! ' " I I left Sunday to take a position M I :'':..;--.'':r'':V,- . . ' MV;''V'VW :
j -.TUe Farm i;uas at waimw nsa
vA resumed tU c lanes each ThurwUy
night at 7:30 p. m. at the Africal
ture Shop. All fanners axe Invited
.'.-(! to attend, Clarence Warren la lead
er of the clan.
' I'll I .1 - . ...
1 it ; T . . v.
: death on Sunday morning in Watts Hospital In Durham saddened the
' state. Funeral services were held from Trinity Methodist Church at
L Durham on Tuesday morning. He was the third N. C. Governqr to die
i In 'office, the first in this century..
School Improvement Commiltees
Hear Miss Kitchin On Guidance
,r On Tuesday night a dinner meet
'9 j v'wai' heldJ by ttw School Tm
"1 (y v yvement Committee cpmposed oi
i,V V principals of the county, y.T. A.
i '?""presiderits, X. A. presidents
u and executive committee, two teach
' i j ers from each school and commit-i-:
- teemen of each schooL
. -. Mr. Dallas Herring presided at
i 5 the meeting. Supt O. P. Johnson
. ' Introduced his brother D. S. John
con, superintendent of Rocky Mt.
City Schools, who - spoke a, few
, words and Introduced , Miss Kate
Parks Kitchin, dean; of girls guld
' ance advisor, of the Rocky-Mount
Senior High School, who gave an
Inspiring talk on guidance. ,
(. ' , Previous to this meeting Mr. Her
. r ; ring had sent out questionnaires to
- , the t' teachers for suggestions . for
Prominent Minister
Unity Methodist Church Revival
1:1 Walter " Anderson,' outstanding
- Methodist Layman, will hold a week
revival at Unity Methodist Church
beginning Sunday night, November
1 lth and closing Saturday night,
.November 20th. In addition to Mr.
fc- Anderson's messages, special music
v - various church choirs and quar-
( Waiong with group singing will
.i aire the weeks meeting. I
Mr. Anderson, who is now Direc
tor ot Camp Activities and Assist
ant Secretary of Church Extension
in the North Carolina Methodist
Conference, is well known for his
long and outstanding record in law
enforcement work. He has - been
Charlotte Chief of FoUcs, Director'
of the State Bureau of Investigation,
and was recent? State Prisons Di
rector for North' Carolina While
in this field, Mr. Anderson achieved
an outstanding record. Even vwlth
these man duties, 'Mn Anderson
has always had time for the work
of his church. While State Prisons
Director he conducted many Youth
Revivals throughout the Conference.
Last year, Mr. Anderson gave up his
prison Work and 'was Immediately
en i Ibyed By the "Methodist Church
on a full time basis. Sine then be
Irs been responsible for the bulld-
- ' ' 1 I
school improvements in Duplin. Dr.
R. W. Brittell ot the University of
North Carolina had made cfiatts'of
the- results of the questionnaires and
showed, them to the teachers.
' The meeting was well attended.
A county-wide Schoor Improve-.
ment meeting will be held on Wed
nesday evening, November 17 at
7:30 p. m. in the Douglass High
School Auditorium. Parents and
teachers working on the various
phases of the program are expected
to attend. ' .
A very interesting program has
been planned and we believe you
will -benefit from the same.
To Preach At
'ne of maftv new, Methodist church
es in Eastern North Carolina. Along
with his regular church duties he
has been conducting . revivals all
through .this area. He Is in constant
demand by all churches and minis
ters of the conference. Unity Church
feels that they are Indeed fortu
nate to secure Mr, Anderson for
this week. ,
In anticipation of the large crowds
expected at the' church, additional
chairs ' have been : purchased and
borrowed. The church is now ready
to 'take care of the largest crowd
In its history. The congregation is
anxious to-share .these wonderful
messages with as many , who can
come to hear Mr. Anderson.
Unity Mpthodist Church is locate
ed five miles from Warsaw, From
Warsaw,' the church' can best be
reaohed by taking the left hand fork
at Jo Sutton's Store and continu
ing on that road for 5 miles. From
Kenansville, the church can best be
reached by t taking the right hand
turn In front ot the ,Grove-Church
and continuing on that road tor B
miles. Signs will be placed at these
locations -directing strangers to-the
church. Services will begin each
night at 7:30 p. m. I
was iworrt Jn as Governor of North
Carolina oft Chief ' Justice M. V.
BarnhUI. Tuesday afternoon at 4:00
o'clock. Hodges is the son of a ten
ant farmer in Virginia. His father
moved to LeakivUle when Hodges
was a yoith'g boyf Govr Hodges went
to work av'afrfcariy age in the
mills in Leaksvillie and worked him
self up. to beoortt vice-president of
the Marshalild , Co. Two years
ago he -retired front bis business lob
and rahfor Lt'. tiavernor of N. C.
Magnolia Methodist
Building Fund Drive
ClimaxWMVVW plannlng,by
both "toe ' Wiaiwarid Ways and
Means CdiftljrufW8gnolia Meth
odiits will mbfcrfcV'on a fund rais
ing campeiiT'i$4ehd the church
into a new 'efa'tf the morning wor
ship servt'fln. ' Sunday, Novem
ber 14th. Following the services and
i dinner fop the Building and Ways
ind Means Committee, a two week
every matrjber .canvas will begin.
During tnia 'time each). member will
e solicited for a pledge towards
.he proposed building. It Is hoped
that enough cash can be raised dur
ing -this-'two week drive so that
construction can begin in early Jan
uary.- ' 1
The proposed building Is to be a
Church School Annex that will be
loined to the present Church build
ing by means of a 12 foot enclosed
Vestibule. 'The new building will
contain over, 25,000 feet of floor
space and will have 6 classrooms,
kitchen, a fellowship room seating
90 people, and two rest rooms. The
estimated cost ot the building is
around 15,000 dollars. The building
has been planned to accomodate an
enrollment of 150 people. Every
need of the church has been given
careful consideration by the build
ing committee, and the committee
feels that Vthis building will fill
every need.
The' proposed building has been a
growing need of the church for the
past few years. Attendance and en
rollment has increased steadily ov
er the past few years, and as a re
sult the present building is inade
quate:' Many classes are meeting in
overcrowded and temporary spaces.
two classes now meeting in one
room. Prospects' for continued grow,
th have also made the construction
of a new building a necessity.
Members of the Building Com
mittee are' Mr. H. T. Brown, chair
man, Mr. C; H. Pope, Mr.- H. L. Pip
pin, Mr, C,V-'Jri Thomas, and Mr.
Bromley,'.' Pope., Members of the
Ways and 'Means Committee are:
Mrs. H. lvPlPPlnV Chairman, Mrs.
C. H. TopAMrt.' N!. Pickett. Mr.
Joe RoUsAW' Mri I M. Sander
son. Jr.vYheVpelrtor is Rev. J. G.
White. 'W''v
In October
it V
The folio
wing 'marriage .licenses
i.'ii i
were ' issued by' .the . Register of
Deeds Office' Of Duplin County dur
ing th month of pctober 1954T v y
WHirSWooVg Colte Caldwell
StatesvUlalVN:fC.'i' Sarah Levan
Harris; Stativiije( N, C; Stephen
Hans Cottle, Warsaw-Faullne Jones
Todd. Warsawi Stacy Spencer Huff.
man, 'J'ackon. NiJ,vC.Elean6r Bay
James, wauace; Mvvme iorace aau-
Iter, OWon;N.y CrMary Magalene
TuraeCPlnJcvHil&vJ. C? Kermlt
Harold . Woodruff, VBt. a, aeima, jn.
C. -Evelyn Jones, Rti 2, Mt Olive;
Gerald Mewborne Uzzell. LaGrange
-Eva Belle Kornegay, Warsaw; Lin
wood Earl Sumner,. Beulavllle-Tyn-ia
Qulnn Thlgpen, Pink Hill;, Thom
as Alva Herring, Rose Hill-Sally
May Jones, 'Magnolia; Melvln Aus
tin Winders, Rt 2, Mt. OHve-Ella
Mae Franklin, Morganton; -.N. C.;
John Harold Jarmon, Pink HlllJNel
Iie Jevoa Smith, Pink Hill.
COLORED - Allie D. Johnson.
Warsaw Viola Johnson, Warsaw1,
Robert - Benjamin . Brewington, fU.
2, Falson-Viviair Goodman, - Falson;
Ernest' Samuel .'Smith, Rose Hill-
Sally M--MoClannmy -Wilmington,
N. C; William O'Neal Ward, Falson
Mary Lee Lattner, Falson.... ,
14 Marriage;
Licenses Issued
The Ground Observer Corps of
Warsaw held its first meeting Wed
nesday night at the high school at
8:00 p. m. Sgt. Bruce Fountain of
Durham spoke to the 15 present.
Everyone is urged to attend the next
meeting on the 15th of November.
"Bundles for Peace" were collect
ed at the Kenansville Methodist
Church last Friday evening. Mr.
Blizzard of the local school faculty
showed a picture of the conditions
In Korea at the time he was there.
He also made a most interesting talk
on the people and their great needs.
To Launch
November 14
Kenansville Hold
Harvest Festival
The annual Harvest Festival will
be held at the Kenansville School,
November. 18. Everyone is invited
to attend.
There will be square dancing,
cake walks, fish ponds, bake sale
and other forms of entertainment
One Interesting' feature wlU be a
Country Store with all items selling
lor cants. - ,
A supper will be Served In the
urtiool cafeteria from 6:30 til 7:30.
A program under the-direction of
Messrs. Helton, Blizzard and Body
will be staged in the auditorium at
7:30. During the evening a King
and Queen will be crowned from
each department of the school.
Eastern Carolina
Tobacco Report
WILSON, Nov. 8 Steady to
slightly higher average prices were
naid for most grades ol eastern
North Carolina flue-cured tobacco
mis week.
Quality of marketings was some
lower compared to last week. Vol
ume was light, however, season
gross marketings exceeded total
sales of the previous crop reports
the Federal-State Market News Ser
vice. Sales for the week ending
November 5-. totaled 19,871,546
pounds and averaged $54.50 per
hundred down $1.34 from last
week. Season sales were raised to
486,185,046 pounds for an average of
SM.OS'. Total gross sales for the 1953
crop amounted to 479,821,151 pounds
and averaged $57.10.
Increases were shown for a little
over half of the grade averages.
Gains generally amounted to $1.00
and $2.00 a hundred pounds and cen
tered on leaf and smoking leaf of
ferings. No change occurred for a
fairly large number of grades while
a few suffered small losses.
Lower quality offerings ot leaf
and lugs increased slightly in per
centage. The proportion of smoking
leaf was smaller. Poor to good leaf
and low to good lugs made up the
bulk of sales. 1
Receipts of the Stabilization Cor
poration under the Government
loan program decreased to around
of weekly gross sales. Deliver
ies for the season approximate
Wallace closed on November S.
Goldsboro and Dun nwill hold fin.
al sales on November - 10 while
Washington closes the 12th. .
Health Staff
Altends Meeting
Mrs. Rosemond Brock, Mrs. Nor
ma Candreva, 'Miss .Inez Barkley
and Mrs. Gordon Kornegay, all staff
members of the local health depart
ment, attended a lecture and round
table discussion on mental health at
Cumberland Health Department in
Fayetteville last Friday.,, -. i . '
These lectures will be given each
first .Friday for a period of nine
months by vDr. Howard,. Psycholo
gist of the University ot North
Carolina. Miss Dorothy Boone, men
tal Hygiene Consultant of the State
Board of Health is director ot this
program," , ' ,
i i .
..Tha reason - some -men-are mis
understood Is that they possess
nothing worth studying, i ?
In last week's paper, a news story
accidentally reported Ralph Miller
as getting so many votes on the
Republican ticket. This was an er
ror, as Sheriff Ralph Miller is a
full-fledged Democrat and has al
ways been. Please pardon this er
ror, Mr. Miller.
Prominent Rose
Hill Citizen Dies
A. R. Bland, age 77, retired busi
nessman of Rose Hill died at his
home Tuesday morning at 12:45
o'clock. Mr. Bland was born In
Duplin County on May 15th, 1877,
the son of George Washington
Bland and Ann Elizabeth Young
Bland .He was a member of the Mt,
Zion Presbyterian Church, a life
long member of its Board of Dea
cons and Church Treasurer for
thirty eight years. .
He is survived by his wife, the
former Adell Scott, one son, A. R.
Bland, Jr., of Kenansville and one
daughter,- Anne Katherine Scott
Bland of Fayetteville, one brother,
John David Bland of Rose Hill,
two grandchildren, and several
neices and nephews.
Funeral services were held Wed
nesday afternoon at 3:00 o'clock at
the Mt. Zlon Presbyterian Church
by Rev. Samuel G. Harness of Dur
ham and Rev. Wade Allison. Inter
ment was in the family cemetery.
Theatre Man
Gets Promotion
B. E. Smiled, recently appointed
manager for the eastern district of
the Statesville Theatre Corporation,
has estblished office in Weldon at
the Center Theatre and is happy to
be back on home ground after a
four year stay in the western part
ot the state. According to an an
nouncement issued this week by
the Statesville Theatre Corporation,
Statesville, N. C, Mr. Smiley will
have supervision over the Levon
Theatre In Enfield, the Dixie Thea
tre in Scotland Neck, The Car View
Drive-In Theatre in Loulsburg, and
the Sunset Drive-In Theatre In Hob
good, and will actively manage the
Center Theatre, Weldon, also Motor
Park, Pink Hill, N. C.
Born and raised in Warrenten,
N. C, Smiley is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Jack Smiley, and like many
good theatre men, he claims to have
Third East Carolina Folk Festival
In Kinston; Lunsford At Work
The third East Carolina Folk Fes
tival will be staged in Grainger
High School auditorium in Kinston
on November 26 and 27th beginning
at 6:30 p. m.
The festival is under the direc
tion of Bascom Lamar Lunsford,
noted authority on folklore in the
United States. Mr. Lunsford has
been directing a similar festival in
Asheville in August for a number
of years and also one at the Univer
sity of North Carolina in Kenan
Stadium and at the N, C. State
Fair for a number of years.
Three years ago Mr. Lunsford de
cided that one should be conduct
ed in Eastern North Carolina and
went to Duplin County for his sup
port The people of the B. F. Grady
School district, Kenansville and the
Beulaville Selected
Observation Post By
Mr, Ramon Davis wishes to an
nounce that the City of Beulaville
has been' selected by Civil Defense
Officials and Air Force Ground Ob
server Corps 'Personnel as a loca
tion for an Alraraft . Observation
It has been determined that a
Ground Observer Post is required at
this city In order to obtain .more
adequate coverage In this' area In
sofar as spotting of aircraft la con
cerned in the event of a national
emergency, A post at this city will
lessen the possibility of destruction
of Prime Target areas selected by
the enemy.
Mr. Davis states that many cities
and communities throughout N. C.
are already .organized and partici
pating and many more are needed.
Persons volunteering - for duty
A $600 Educational scholarship to
be awarded the winner of an essay
contest open to all high school stu
dents in North Carolina sponsored
by the Medical Society of . North
Carolina Is announced by Dr. Don
ald B. Koonce of Wilmington, Chair
man of the Society's Committee on
Public Relations.
Essays may be submitted anytime
during the period January 1 to
February 26, 1955 through local High
School principals, on the subject
"The Advantages of Private Medi
cal Care."
The first prize of a $600 scholar
ship will be made payable to any
cut his permanent teeth on a pro
jection machine. While still in high
school he worked afternoons and
Saturdays in the booth at the Imper
ial Theatre in Warrenton, instructed
by that theatre's first projectionist,
George M. Robinson. Since that
time he has worked steadily in
theatres; first at the Imperial, as
general manager for the Plymouth
ind Daly Theatres in Plymouth,
is manager of. the 1ixie Theatre,
Scotland Neck, as city manager for
the Reeves, Lyric and State Thea
tres in Elkin, as manager of the
Plymouth Theatre, Statesville, and
at the time of his promotion was
advertising manager for the States
ville Theatre Corporation.
Mr. Smiley is married to the for
mer Miss Hazel Louise Ellington,
daughter of Mr. .and Mrs. R, H.
Ellington of Henderson, and they
have three children, all of whom are
in school; Rose Marie, In the tenth
grade, Larry, in the sixth grade, and
Joyce Ann, a first grader. The
Smileys are making their home in
Duplin Times joined Mr. Lunsford's
efforts in 1952 held the first festi
val in this area In Kenansville.
Last year the festival was held at
the B. F. Grady School. This year
the Kinston Chamber of Commerce
is joining the Grady School and
the Duplin Times In sponsoring the
event in Kinston.
Mr. Lunsford expects to have
nearly all who participated In Chap
el Hill and at the State Fair to
show their wares on the stage of
Grainger High School auditorium in
addition to a number he expects to
dig up in the areas around Kinston
and Eastern Carolina,
It is hoped that the Festival will
continue on a permananet basis In
For Aircraft
Civil Defense
with the Observation Post will not
be required to participate daily. Par.
tlcipatlon will be required only dur
ing practice exercises, emergency
alerts and In the event of 'a nation
al emergency. Young and old may
take part in this vital Defense Pro
gram. - The first meeting will be held
next Tuesday, Nov. 16 at 7:30 p. m.
at the Beulaville School auditorium
for the purpose of getting organized
and trained. United States Air Force
Personnel will be present to explain
our defense requirements to be fol
lowed with a movie showing the
simulated destruction of one of our
largest American cities. - : . t
. You are urged to share In this
vital community project ' Contact
Mr. Davis for further Information a
bout how you can help.
college or university, Wetted by the
winning essayist, which meets the
standards of the Southern 'Associa
tion of Colleges and V Secondary
Schools. Prizes will also be (Ward
ed to winners of second and third
place essays. , ', ,' f ir'
The three top papers in North
Carolina will be forwarded to the
Association Physicians and Surgeons
for competition in the National con
test. National prizes are $1,000 for
first prize; $500 for second place;
$100 for third place; and $25 each
for the fourth, fifth and sixth place
winners. . ' r ,
Two North Carolina students were
NEW $60,000 WALLACJE OIURCHShown above is the pew $60,000
North ' East Fxe Will Baptist , Church, near WalljCe which wa
dedicated October 31st, 56 years after the church was organized..
East Central Conference Standings
Christmas Seal
Sale Begins Hoy. 22
Mrs. Gordon Kornegay, Seal sale
chairman for Duplin County Tuber
culosis Association who has recent
ly been appointed by Dr. O, . S.
Matthews, president of the Associa
tion, announces that beginning of
1954 sale of Christmas Seals will
start November 22. The seals will
be mailed throughout the county on
that date.
The designer of the 1954 Christ
mas Seals Jorgen Hansen, a Dane,
will honor the first seal sold in
Denmark fifty years ago. The design
on the seal is based on the tradition
al Christmas Eve celebration in
Denmark when all the members of
the family join hands and dance
around the tree singing carols. A
cross each sheet of the 1954 seals,
dance rows of children holding
hands among brightly lighted trees.
Mr. Hansen now lives In the United
States where more than seven bil
lion Christmas seals were distrib
uted last year alone. Further details
it the sale will be announced later.
If a sucker is born In this world
every minute It is about time to
stop the clock.
ter of Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Blanton of
Wallace, Is a member of the Wallace
4-H Club, carried the electrical pro
ject for two years. She has repaired
several electrical appliances, made
two lamps and hat learned to. use
an electrical lroner. Bema county
Winner of the Farm and Home Elec
trical Project, Gwendolyn attended
the State Electrical Congress held
In Hotel Charlotte on; November 1
and 2. The Congress was sponsored
by Electrical Power Company! of
North Carolina.
f i m m si am 4m
among the top national winners In
the 1954 contest Robert Taylor of
Siler City, took top honors in th
national contest following his sweep
of the state contest Ronald Willi
ams of Winston-Salem, who tied for
second place honors in the state
wide essay contest placed fourth itt
the national rankings. '
This is the eighth consecutive
year the State Medical Society hast
held an annual essay contest spon
sored by the Public Relations Com
mittee of the State Society in cc
operation with the Association of
American Physicians and Surgeons.
Results of games played Novs
New Bern 34 - LaGrange T
Warsaw 26 Mt Olive 14
Smlthfield 14 Richlands fl
Morehead 20 Wallace W
Conference Standings:
Team ,
Mt. Olive
5 1 0 833
4 02 833
5 2 0 714
3 2 1 583
3 2 1 583
2 4 0 333
1 6 0 143 '
0 6 0 000
Games to be played November 12
Eurgaw at Warsaw
lit Olive at LrOVange
Vallace at Richlands
Selma at Smithfield (non-confeO
1. The coaches will meet at the
Mt Olive Community Building on
Monday night, November 15, at 7:00
p. m. to select an all-conference
team. Coach McClenny will have
the responsibility ot notifying the
other coaches if there is a change,
in place and time of the meeting"
2. The all-conference team will be
guests of the conference at its next,
regular meeting on November 2Z-
The world may owe you a living;,
but by the time you collect youH'
be on old man. v - . ' i
twiiilwJMtttjii-4?.,, i't) -'
C. who is a member of the Rosa
Hill 4-H Club carried the v Farm
and Home Electric project for two
years. In the 1954 project, Eugene
Improved electrical wiring on hist
farm and also bad a Farm and Home
Electric demonstration on the con
struction of an electric 'fence. Eu
gene hopes " to represent Duplin
County In the District Contest to be
held next spring. Eugene attended
the-JState Electrical Congress In the
Hotel Charlotte on November 1 an 1
2. The Congress was s , d ty
the Electrical Power Company of.
North Carolina.
JlLJ- .... I
(- ,'''
" S

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