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' Duplin ; County ottieials elected
: last month were sworn In Monday.
' " fehown above'laklng; their bath be-
' for Judge Clawson Williams are
; -the five commissioners. iLeft to right
s " they are: Xnunett Kelly, reelected
for a four year term; A. C, Hall,
reelected for a four year term and
.'mamed chairman of the board, sec--'
ond time. Mr. Hall lias been nam-
t d chairman; Leon Brown, reelect-.
, ed for a four year term; Lott Kor
negay, newly elected for a two year
, term succeeding A. P. fates and
J, B. Stroud, elected for a two year
8" t "inTf ' 5 ) ". j"' ;i it-.' ' j fnjRwfi' MW. J
, Congressman : Graham . Barden
- atated Monday, night that he is op-
" ' . posed to the choo) non-segragation
decision 'recently handed down by
'.'.the United States Supreme Court
J . J At the meeting of the first annual
" 1 ; School ." Improvement . Conference
" for Wayne, Duplin and Sampson
- - v- Counties, in . Falson, Barden. said;
, "I thAnk the decision was and is
'( wrong for both races. No one fore.
" . 'HIUI 1H U vei III LU uw iJEMBilUVI
'HfieldifF.tnfcir 'the genileaa who
V vie the )eci8ion, for whom I nave
I Ii ' highest respect, - would have
V , Ae better,4o tend to their own
ualneag." V-j -; ;v' -VCv ''i: ';,:
, He further added, "The people of
f" ii n inn in ' i i .
' it.
') "
' t 1anJteptaiii 61 th LaGrange football team, an JEiiigbie
Lwisi Warsaw,s All-Joiference baclftnd 'araaiji, Jeft
' . V right,' receive the l!asttfcritr&4fd
' y championship trophiesohrTloBnT Sfftlthfield
vC J" coach and loop president, at a meeting jn Mount Olive
' Monday night." LaGrange and Warsaw tied for the con
: ; ference leadership. Photo by Vaden Brock. . , ; . ."
if i.
. "
AW nu see an interior
by Arthur Kennedy and operated by , Max tittle.' You folks who trade In BeufaYme' look for their
t.X 'ok. an inside- page and look for their specials in The Tiroes each week. The formal opening will
t on December 18th and they yUl give away 20 turkeys, that Mi". Kennedy hu raised, and 10 baskets
. JuedVom $10.00 to $15.00 Remember ' the- date, Saturday, December 18tfu (Photo by Lanier's Studio-
in Wallaoe),
- -
, -
' ' .": '..''.' - :'
term succeeding 'Dallas t'Joniea. 'V-'
Clerk "of Court R. V. Well was
reelected for' the 10th time. At the
end of his next four years he will
have served Duplin County as Clerk
for forty years. He is third in the
state lit point of service as, clerks
of superior court.' Only : the5 clerks
in Durham and Nashville have serv
ed longer than, Mr. Wells, r
Mr. Wellsv took his oath before
Judge Williams rand he in turn ad
ministered the "oaths to Sheriff
Ralph Miller . and his ' Deputies,
county magistrates and constables.
North Carolina love the Negro race,
We have progressed faster than'any
state in the Union in this respect
But this decision, has slowed dqwn
progress In the field of education.
"I don't see how . nine men of
such intelligence, as is on the Su
preme Court bench, could make
such a : decision , without having
planned some way .out of this mesa.
He added, "There is no ill will to
ward the Negro race, and I will do
all I can for theirs education, but I
am one Norm Carolinian who does
In other remarks, Barden said
he la "of the opinion that too much
control of local schools in Raleigh
"has caused a decline in community
interest in schools, v.'ji.i i
view of the new K Si L Market In
:-,..!-:;:'n-,Z - Y - J'i?
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- - "' ' j -'C : '" .:.':,'..,": '."v --l '")' v.'i ;'
SheriftciDeputies who furnished
bond and' 'took, the oath of office
were: :N.iD.vBoone, T. E. Revelle,
W, O. Houston and M. D.UShivar.
Special "deputies giving bond and
taking oaths were: R. M. Byrd, Ber
tis Fussell arid J. F. Futreal.
Township Constables who furn
ished bbntti4 took the oath of of
fice wefe' W. BKissner, Consta
ble, Magnolia Township; W. C. Hill,
Constable, Glisson Township; J. F.
Butts, ' Constable,' ' island , Creek
Townshtp''E.1 Hi'' Kennedy, Consta
ble, -LimeStonfc" Towhship; Ward
The .139 educators who met in
Faison yestrdav, discussed a pos
sible legislature flroaram which the
United Fortes Cn 'Education hope
to place before the General Assem
bly in 1955.
Several methods ,of raising the
money were discussed, in four
groups. In the assembly : before
Barden spoke, a,-, .review of the
group meetings was presented. The
Congressman, commenting" on the
possibility of more ' taxes, said,
will never believe' the people of
North Caroliiie.aTe4- willing to
pay for a good education for their
children. Barden who wOl head
the house of Representatives Edu
cation and tabor Committee in
the new Congress;, says he thinks
there Is a place for the Federal Gov
ernment in education, but thinks
the situation should be approached
with care in order "not to wipe
out state lines with Federal aid to
schools.'' ' 1 -
"The Universal Military Training
Program will probably come be
fore the Congress in the, spring,"
he said. "The position I will take
on the 'matter la that we can edu
cate and train at .the same time.".
In the afternoon session, the
group heard Guy Phillips, dean of
Schools of Education at University
of North Carolina. He discussed va
rious phases of education.
A. B. Gibson, superintendent of
Laurinburg Schools, informed those
attending of United Forces for Edu-
atlon program. . .
Small discussion groups were led
by Gibson, I C. Kerr, Sr., of Clin
ton; O. P. Johnson, of Kenansville
aiid Lester Gillikln;- of Goldsboro.
State Legislators attending were
Dr. David f; Rose, and W, S Kemp,
of GoldsbWo; -ehd Mitchell Britt,
The group voted to hold another
School Improvement Conference in
1955. The place and d a t e of the
meeting was not, decided.
Beulavllle. The new. store is owned
House Carlton, Constable, Warsaw
Township. ., 1 '
"' Falson W. McGowen was renam
ed County Auditor; Gilbert Alphin
was renamed Tax Collector and
Mrs. (D.fl Jr.) Winnie Wells of
Wallace was named County Attorn
ey succeeding Vance B. Gavin.
Judge Williams administered the
oath to our new Judge Grady Mer
cer and Solicitor David Newton
wick.) -(Photo by Paul Bar-
Wreck At Sarecta
Kills One
Three highway accidents were re
corded In Duplin County during the
past week.
General Lee Outlaw, Negro was
killed in a wreck near Sarecta Sun
day night. The accident occurred
near W. W. Smith's store. Durwood
Noble, Bosie Outlaw and Alton
Midgett and wife and children, Ne
groes, are in the Kinston hospital
as a result of injuries received in
the wreck. ,
According to Patrolman C. C.
Hester, Outlaw was driving the car.
A , tractor and trailer, traveling
south on highway 117 near Bowden,
left the highway on a curve, travel
ed 225 feet at which, point the trac
tor broke lose from the trailer and
traveled an, .additional 75 feet.
'f'Eryfn Lee Spooner of Wilming
ton, was driver.' Investigating Pa
trolman Hester said Spooner ap
parently fell asleep. Estimated
damage is set at $7,300.
; Spooner received severe lacera
tions of the head and a compound
fracture of the left arm. He was
taken to a Wilmington Hospital.
Ira Craddock, Negro, skidded In
to a ditch on. a curve on a rural road
between Bowden and Kenansville
in the Grove Swamp section Sun
day afternoon. '
Hester, investigating, sale) Crad
dock is under arrest for careless
and wreckleas driving.
Alton Howard, native of the
Benlaville section, who worked
as linotype operator for the Times
two years ago and was given
leave of absence to serve his two
years In the Army, came back
Monday after completmg that ser
vice. He and Mrs, Howard are
living In Warsaw. The Times
feejs very fortunate In getting
Mr. Howard back. For the past
three months hle-treth itn-Uw,
Dan McMaster, has been holding
p7 Christine Williams Receives
For Work In
Mrs. Christine Williams, Duplin
County Register of Deeds and a
resident of the B. F. Grady, com
munity, was presented the Scouting
Award Wednesday night at the an
nual banquet of Tuscaroro Boy
Scout Council, The event was held
at the Goldsboro Country Club,
. She .is the first woman in the
Council, 5 Composed , of . Duplin,
Wayne, . Sampson- ' and ' Johnston
Counties,; to receive such an award.
Scout Executive Bruce Boyers said
Mrs. , Williams has . been, one of the
outstanding Cub Scout Den Moth
er! and Scout leaders to participate
in the Council's activities. -
Mrs. Williams delivered one of
the principal talks ,f dr. the occasion,
"A Mother Looks At Scouting."
After asking the question "What
Is .v Mother's f, responsibility' In
Scouting?" she brought out that her
"greatest responsibility Is to hold
on to her' husband with one hand
and to God with the other hand in
creating a home In which' children
can enjoy 'fun of growing up and
developing good character.' ' " ;'"'
Iwlght Kastevi -of Wallace, -we
presented an Swafd for outstanding
leadership in thf field of -Scooting
He ii aisoclatervith the U"i S. Soil
Servleev -'vs'.vVy ;'ii:';;-f'lf'
r The Silver Beaver Award, highest
kward in Scouting for leadership,
went to Glenn Grler, Jr., of Smith
field. .v , .:l ::;- w
', John Turner, of Mrami, FlsU de
livered the principal address, . He
is head of Cities Service' Oil for
Florida. '. A: i . "
.-4Wt . -i .awv. be, lMh Meed' not appear antll
- Vnm m V out of tf arf National Representatives. Taee&sy, Nevonber 14th. -
, M r , . , ' . .
- '''; -'C'V C y ,.:( ':r. V :'s4)'i:.S'-f''' raV'X t -fti '- W''vvvi
'1 .
" . 1 u 1.1'
ference for Wayne,' Duplin and Sampson Counties was held Monday
in Faison. . Congressman Graham Barden, second from right, was
principal speaker in the evening. Pictured are, left to right, Faison
Pwywm iii'iiw u.mtmmm-nmii-0:MmmiMii .n.ytjwii m &ja.j(dc)'j .....
,s-. i i i '
l ' ' ... i.i
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, .',. , i MpSMst I. c - A
: I-'.:- i
'T ..... - . - - : f - -
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i ' '.': :V?
DREAM TEAM Any high school football coach in Mount Olive tackle; Frank Skinner, Smithfield back;
these parts would welcome having these boys on his Roger PhimpWpawvgud;oe Creech, Smithfield
roam o motftincr Nnwmhor is.. ' thp lUst center: J. TO Ajaweri; Wallace end; Back row: uene;i
Central AUdttferencS
the conference at a meeting in Mount Olive Monday
night Shown with Bill Taylor, left, of Warsaw, the
conference's "Coach of the Year." thev are. left to right,
front row: Bill Hill, LaGrange back; Jackie Crumpler,
Cotton Referendum
For December 14,
Tuesday,' December 14, is the day
cotton growers will decide whether
marketing quotas will continue in
effect on the 1955 cotton crop, of
ficials of the State Agricultural Sta
bilization and Conservation Com
mittee have reminded farmers.
All. farmers who grew upland cot
ton in 1954 will be eligible to vote in
the upland cotton referendum. At
least two-thirds of the growers vot
ing by, secret ballot must approve
the quotas if they are to continue
in effect.
The vote follows the Secretary
of Agriculture's proclamation, pn
October 14, of a national marketing
quota and a national acreage allots
ment for the 1955 tobacco crop oil
upland icotton. Such a proclamatlqpJ
must be made under the law whenj
Cub Scouting
youth," he said, jTfou have noth
ing , "Men have an obligation to bring
Scouting 'to more hoys. Too often
we ask a friend to help and give
him nothing to do with our boys.
Men who. give of their time, should
be given something concrete to do."
, He stressed the necessity of dose
relationship between family, church
and Scouting. "If America is long
to continue as powerful nation,
she wOl have to have a return to
things more spiritual. We ' cant
leave God at the church steps each
Sunday morning.''
He brought out that a distrust
among men is permlnafclng the coun
try with a Slight fringe'; of dishones
ty, "Time has been," he said "whan
a man's handshake was his con-
trac"' --.;s -"'. v1'
';' "We have a purpose In Boy Scout,
ing to build character and you can't
build character without God. It is
important that we give religion a
place la our lives. V . , 1 w ..f.
He concluded, "As long as a boy
believes in the Scout laws, he Will
never Stray rom HiemV : "nH
Bi I. 3ryan, of Mount Olive, has
beeJH named president of the Coun
cil for 1955. r
Other officers are Loren Derr;
Wayne vice-president; Roy Carter,
Duplin, vice-president; W. F. Shuf-i
ford, Sampson, vice president; and
Sam Stealings', Johnston, vice presi
dent, ": , ' ; ; ' :
Hrma4 041 treasurer.. W. t.
Kemp, N. P. WUllami and Roy Car
Annual School Improvement Con-
pliyem they werCmed by
Is Scheduled
Throughout State
the prospective "total supply" of
cotton exceeds the "normal supply."
The total supply of upland cotton
for the 1954-55 marketing year was
estimated in October at 21.5 million
running bales, more than 3.8 mil
lion bales above the normal supply
of 17.7 million bales.
If fanners approve quotas by the
necessary two-thirds majority vot
ing, the price support available to
eligible growers will be at a level
between 82 1-2 and 90 per cent
of parity. If the quotas are voted
down, the maximum level of sup
port to eligible growers for U55
crop cotton will be 50 per cent of
The Voting in Duplin will take
Place Tuesday, December J4, U&L-at
the polling places listed below which
will be open between the hours
of 8:30 a. m. and 6:00 p.m. Albert
son, Holt's Store; Cypres Creek,
Jay Maready's Store; Faison, Fai
son Town Hall; Glisson, Melvin
Powell's Store; Island Creek, Ken
neth Teachey's Store; Kenansville,
Agricultural Building; Magnolia, L.
M. Sanderson's Store; Limestone,
Ransom Mercer's Store; Rockfish,
Rockfish Community Building;
Rose Hill, Rose Hill town Hall;
Smith, Freely Smiths' Store; War
saw, Warsaw Town Hall; Wolfs
crape, G. E. Alphin's Store.
Turkey Shoot
December 11th j
The Kenansville Jaycee Christ
mas "Turkey . Shoot" will be held
Saturday, December 11th in the
Andrew Scott field near Rutledge
Cemetery on the Kenansville -Beu
lavllle . Highway. The event will
start at 10:00 a.m. and continue on
through the afternoon as long as
the turkeys last. The shot-gun shells
will be furnished by the club..
Jack . Brinson, Chairman -of the
Jaycee Turkey Shoot, . says, "Our
Thanksgiving Turkey -Shoot was
very successful onsiderlng that h
rained until - about 1:00 : p.m. iht
day the event was held. The club
decided to . hold , the, Christmas
Tjn-key Shoot ,' early before most
r . ououi t criy ' Deiorv most
had gotten, theul Crititnt
Clerk ef Court, R. V. Wells,
announces that there will be no
eoart Monday. All -Jurors trnn
mone far eeart Monday,' Decern-
bar Uta need not appear
Wh " fl-1', ;
McGowan, who introduced, Barden;
School Board; D. J. Rose, North Carolina senator from Wayne; Barden.
and Guy Phillips, who delivered the afternoon address.
- (News-Argus Photo By Barwick
wray oanron, vvmirau, '."
tackle, , and Hughie Leisj Warsaw back. Photo by
Vaden Brock.
New Building
For Albertson
The Albertson Ruritaii Club will
break ground at 2:00 p.m. Saturday,
December, 18 for the community
building that has been in the mak
ing for several years. M. B. Holt is
the present president of the club and
J. D. Grady is the Incoming pres
ident. Various comdhainity activities
save raised the money! " J ?
The national president, Mr. Brake
of Rocky Mount, will deliver the
principal address.
The building will be one story
and will sear 300 people. It will be
located at Holt Store,
f 4,'.
9" '
I' i"
- V
Native of Mt Olive Who for the past
K the Goldsboro Nrcre.
.ociaU difc ancTjJnJljb edltol of
He wUl Uve ia LaGrange but hopes
KenahsvlU, and wUl begln-Rwnbling
schedule. w't Apro be on
X: nlppiM
. mZFmm& T'Mr,tWyrWve, so it you want tc
w isSat5TdSn't hesiUte. , ' , , .
- " r
i:6vH,'li'.A.v.'"'i''' - - :''' '
nas no misgivings about that and Lnnot sf-nxitiv . t
.mhih miir
Dallas Herring, chairman of Duplin
Teachey, Wallace guarrg.
Mr. Hawks Speaks
A tobacco meeting will be held in
the court house in Kenansville on
Thursday night, December 16 at 7:30
p.m. Mr. S. N. Hawks, Extensfara
Tobacco Specialist from State Col
lege, will be at the meeting to- dis
cuss tobacco varieties. Irrigation
nematodes, sucker control, insects;,
plant production, and repaai'ihg- to
bacco barns.
There are many new variEtfesr of
tobacco out this year tfra farmers
will want to get inf ornratlorrr on. A3B
farmers should also be interested
in the new information'', available
on all other phases of tobacco pro
duction. Farmers and! other people
interested in tobacco are urged to
attend this meeting., . '' f
three years has been Farm Editor:.'
iTh pltnfhnSe, today
m Vefekl) iaUM m LaGrange,
to spend qult .. bH time lr, '
Dypiin .raoon as m worviw-
the look-out for Paul Berwick. A'
nalnluf t0 n erutches, hut hw '
- , Hw jw wo,,, tu ujc
. ; '
A'' ' '

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