paper, pay the printer, the book-binder, the saies-man. You do not pay for the truths it contains, for &ese ate invalu able. • - ,Thus in suppoitu only pay liim fordo a minister. You laborSM trouble, the same as in thePase of any other pub lic servant. We had intended to notice other objec tions, but after what has been said, they are too ttstifal for serious thought, and her fore bible truths are like the chaff of the summer threshing floor. We would, therefore, dear brethren, in the name of Christ, exhort you to take this subject in to serious consideration, and to apt syste matically in the fear of the Lord. At the beginning of every year, let each church ascertain of their minister what he consi ders a fair compensation for his labors a given portion, or all, of his time. Let the sum be definite and mutually fixed upon by the parties. Let the church pass a re solution, and consider it most sacredly binding, to remit this sum to their pastor in such instalments as shall be fixed upon * at the tin\e. Then let a collector, or col * lectors, as may suit the location of the church, be chosen from the brethren, and often it is advisable to have some chosen also from the sisters, whose duty it shall5 be to solicit a subscription, and subse quently to collect and pay it over to the treasurer. Then at the end of each quar ter, or six months, as the previous contract may specify, the pastor has only to re ceive the stipulated sum from the hands of the treasurer. Thus doing, “nit things are done de cently and in order.”" Christ’s commands are obeyed. The pastor’s heart is encou raged. The church find, by happy expe rience, that “it is more blessed to give than to; receive;” that he who “soweth bountifully shall also reap bountifully.” Thus “ both he that soweth and he that reapeth rejoice together.” goodness; creates nCW hopes, when all earthly hopes vanish; and throy* over the decay, the destruction of existence, the mosfcgorgeous of all lights; awakens life teven in death, and frona^..destniction and decay grails an in ladder of all com the most amaranths, and divinity; makes torture and shame the Paradise; and for above Tjprthly hopes, calls np visions of palms and gardens of the blest, the security of everiasing joys, where the sen sualist and the sceptic view only gloom; decay, annihilation, a&d despair. •" - /.KM' '■ S ~ Sir H. Davy. WHICH WILL m DO? Orif of two things nmst be done |n this country; Parents mull expend money to educate their children, or they must pay taxes to build penitentiaries and to punish crime. There is a great mistake about what is calleiLyducation. Some suppose every learnm man is an educated man. Nonsuch thing. That man is educated, who knows himself, and who takes accu rate, common sense views of men and things around him. Learning is only the means, not the end; its value consists in giving the means of acquiring the disci pline which, when properly managed, it gives the mind. Some ef the greatest men in the world were not overstocked with learning, but their actions proved they were thoroughly educated. Washington, Franklin and Sherman, were of this class; and similar, though less striking instances may be found in all countries. To be ed ucated, a man must be able to think, rea son, compare and decide accurately. He may study metaphysics till he is gray, and languages till he is a walking polyglot, and if he is nothing more, he is an uneducated man. There is no class in the country who have a stronger interest in the prope*. education of children than fanners ; and the subject should receive from them the attention it deserves. IDLENESS.—It is a mistake to imagine, that only the violent passions, such as ambition &nd love, can triumph over the rest, lienees, languid as she is, often masters them all; she indeed influences all our designs and actions, and insensibly consumes and destroys both passions and virtues. Do not bite at the bait of pleasure.

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