desire to be greatjfoher than come down before God; dictate meaning*o the word, instead of undersla^plng it as it is; dogma tist instead of believing; sulfctitute opin ions for truth, and*ophjstry for facts; in short, ever be an active agent for the father of lies, ^o matter where found, it will ever give exercise to Protestant vigilance; will always render any, and every church liable to carnal legislation, carnal domin ion, and a carnal priesthpod, pushing for lordship and power. As Paradise was not without its serpent and its tree of knowledge of good and evil; as there were hostile Canaanifes in the land of promise^ tares among the wheat, ana even in Paur a law in the ^embers warring against the law of his mind, ancf bringing it into cap tivity to the law of sin and death: so the Christian church has in its bosom ene mies, as much as ever opposed to the law and government of Christ, as zealous as ever in their efforts to supplant the Word, and if they cannot openly cgptrol, to di vide airi conquer. The humjm heart re mains tne same ever teemingwurce otejr rors and delusions, the same ever fruitful soil, producing tires which have overrun the church,, as a garden is overgrown by y weeds, or the cultivate# field by a wilder ness. The prince of the powers of the air, too, the spirit that now works in the hearts of the children of disobedience* still operates, through his human agents, against revealed truth, and in favor of lies. Hence the fact that an erroneous doctrine imme ately finds numerous advocates, and Bible truth is so unwelcome. Hence the indu bitable evidence which we have, that Je suitism, hypocrisy and craft obtain a pa tronage which is denied to wisdom, puri ty and truth. In other words, that the father of lies is always exerting himself and his influence in favor of his own off Hence so much faith that stands s in the wisdom of men, which is foolish ness .with God; or that which is earthly, - ' s sensual and devilish; and so little inFVie power of God, and the truth of God. Hu* man nature, which has ever exhibited lt iself in all religions, is still apparent in those of the present day. Hence the uni versal partiality to that which is of human invention and home made in religion* in* stead of thaft which is heaven-bom. The propensity to idolatry is a%strongf and pro minent as Over; the only difference is, idols of wood and stone have given place to phantoms and phantasies; tp creatures of the imagination instead of works of men’s hands. Systems and the gods of ^Systems, receive the homage due to the God of the Bible, the costliest worship and the real preference of the larger num ber. While the temples reared by the follpwers of Mammon glitter in their mag nificence, Hi whose birth, place was a manger but too Often meets his followers in a shed. Every indication is given that the second beast, ^hose number is 666, aims to exercise the power , of the first l&east before him. In other words, that the carnal mind which develops itself among the sects, is gaining the ascendan cy. How strikingly, for instance, does the English church evince the growth and encroachments of this form of Antichrist in the progress of PuseyiSm. If this man ifest aversion to the faith once delivered to the saints continue to increase, it will soon leave but little of primitive Christianity that will be visible, but the two horns like a lamb, all the rest being beast-like, or carnal. Who shall say, in view of all this, and more than this, that Protestants have not work enough to chr yet, and that their religion, must not necessarily be the Bible; for whatelse can reach the source of these evils, and still greater, which now threat en Christendom? What else can be made «« instrumental in the destruction of the car nal mind but the word of the Spirit; what else can force its way into the strong-holds of the man Of sin; the camp of the enemy;

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