the broad and extensive empire of Anti christ and Satan? Wl»t else has Christ vouchsafed to bless with his presence and power? What else has God promised to accompany with his Spirit, and the gifts and blessings that Spirit confers? What else can open a way for the light of hea ven into the darkened mind; for love and peace into a heart of flesh and selfishness and enmity; for life into a regioWof death? Unsupported by the Bible, and the God of the Bible, Protestantism is powerless, and the enemies of truth prevail. Here it may be proper to add, that the proper field of Protestant labor is, necessarily, at home, in our own bosoms and our own ehurches. For. there lies, as we have seen, the source of the evil, and we shall always find work enough to do, to keep our own garden clear of weyjds, and jpi a state of cultivation and improvement. As to apostates and apostate churches, there is no hope; for it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tast ed of the heavenly gift, if they shall fall away, to renew them again to repentaneef Not one instance of reformation in such a church can be produced; but on the con trary we see, in ever} case, declftnliOB from bad to worse, ' The only alternative, therefore, is to come out from among them and he separate. What a mistake is it to suppose that we must go abroad to attack Antichrist, when his sway and influence extends over every carnal mind, is confin ed to no one mode of attack, and mani fests as much rebellion against the law and government of Christ, when he makes the word of none effect, as when he thun ders from the vatecan, and command his bond slaves not to read; when he can do his work as effectually by means of the selfish, the carnal, the dogmatist and ex clusive at home, as by means of Jesuits and an army of priests. N o; the Anti christ most to be dreaded,Jsiadur midst and in ourselves ; and the Protestantism Ww. "*■ most needed is post at horfte, w We have been deserts not its not otifselves. to b& somewhat tedious in pressing the above vie ticularly 4he fact thatyhe carnal mind is the source of all selfish and unscriptural views, and all that stands opposed, both in Protestant and Romish churches, to the religion of the Bible; because it is the most important proof of the correctness of Chil lingworth’s assertion, that Protestantism cannot be severed from pure primitive and scriptural Christianity, which has for its object the cleansing of the sanctuary in the heart and in the church, by a baptism of fire and the Holy Ghost. The complete establishment within us of that kingdom which is to consume all other kingdoms; ^he Complete subjugation of all wills and all understandings, to the wjjl and wisdom of God, as revealed m his word; so that all the power and all the government may be qf God. Protestantism is merely the warfare of the Christian church, armed in defence of the faith once delivered to the saints, against Antichrist; armed,loo, with the sword of the Spirit against all errors at all tinB^Pie carnal mind is the seat - of this warfare, and hence to be success ful must be prosecuted in the strength of Him who fought for Israel and the saints of old. This, indeed, is a sine qua non, for our foes none else can vanquish ; < the carnal mind none else can destroy. It is the Lord alone who can destroy that wick ed one, by the brightness of his coming. Thus much by way of showing tha^he assertion of Chillingworth must be true, ex necessitate rei. I might now fill vol umes with extracts, which most satisfacto rily demonstrate that our author used the language; quoted at the head of this article, advisedly, inasmuch as it expresses the sentiments of the most eminent Protest- * ant reformers and divines. From the his tory of the Reformation, as ^sll as from the various orthodox confessions* might

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