good news of their happy effect upon our ■tpce, where they ^ f^claimed by faith ful servants; then, indeed, will it be wor* thy of its name. It should not be thought from this that error must not be named iggfid exposed, for the word of truth de scribes the course of wicked men, ad| even the “ father of lies;” also by the light of the sun we see evil as plaii^jp as good. So let “The Christian Sun,” like the Bi ble, invite to good, waiji against evil, teach truth, and expose error. Also like the na«* tural sun, help men to see all things around them, just as they really are, that they may know where is safety, and where is danger; how to shun the way of destruc tion, and how to walk the way leads to life eternal. ^ I have nOt written to dictate, but to ex ss a few thoughts whicl^I presume ac $ with yOurs; and ^ay the blessing of God attend yomr exertions, that the paper under your care may ever be a fountain* of dhri&tian light. W. R. Stowe. # Among our exchanges we are pleased to find the Richmond Christian Advocate; ^ the editor of which paper, in noticing J-hf Christian Sun, has made several observa tions, some of which we deem it necessa ry to notice, particularly the one with which he closes the article; We never entertained the opinion for one moment, that other-denominafions who receive and acknowledge the Brole as the true standard of the church, and who hold and teach the fundamental doctrines contained therein, were not Christians; consequently we still say, “ there is something strange, that the disciples of Christ should consent to be called by other names, even by those of other eminent disciples, such as Luther, Calvin, Wesley, &c.” The principal thing we had in view, however, in notic ing the article in the Advocate, was to pre vent misapprehension and mistake. The edited? in closing .hi* remarks, expresses himself tlj^ iftjH^tipn to the Christian Sun: “ We suspect it is a Qat&pbellite Christian.” We fKt inform th©^editor that in thatpuspicion he is wholly^tms ta ken. We have no^nnexion whatever with Mr. Campbell's followers. Upon all experimental subjects we differ as widely from them, we suspect, as does the editor of the Advocate himself. Wfe hope that the Advocate will be somewhat better acquainted with us ultimately, than it seems tqbe at present. J * ' The brightness of the evening star re veals it ere other stars are seen; it triumphs over the radiapce of the day. and antici pates the gathering darkness*# the night: so religion appears in the day of prospe rity and in the nighf of adffersity. Payments received lor First Volume of the Christian Sn# Jonathan Gant, H£ipy Gant, Jonathan K. Gant, Austin I6feyf**WUliam Peck, gtoini Hodge, Joseph Harder, Rennet Ha zel, William Holt, Pleasant Holt, Robert M‘Cauley, Robert Faucett, Jehu Hall, Johh W^mr, John G. Walker, #ol Jaj. Graham,TJenry Garrison, Samuel Har Cves, Isaac Foust, Madison Weed, ■ 1 Summers, Col. J< TroUnger, Mrs Mary Grit Sellers, John Holt, 50 cents*ff. C.; I William R. Stowe, Virginia. Acad The Spring denif commenced !on the 15th Prices of-tuition a^hejdlofore. Pries Ml board from $5 to $6: 50 per month. A full and complete academical course is taught in this institution, with four or five different languages. Moral and religious instruction carefully imparted. THE CHRISTIAN SUN, Is published at Hillsborough, N^C. ou the first of each month, at one dollar per annum, pay able in advance. Edited by Rev. D. W. Ker^ Of Ji All.communications must be Rev. D. W. Kerr, P. M.# Junto, ty. N. C. - D. IIeartt, Printer.

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