1 John ii. 27. God’s people M ere an-I .» j cienlly called IsraiA, but Isaiah, lxv says, “ He will call his servant by another name,” Isaiah lxii. 2. says, “ And thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the Lord shall name.” The name was first given at Antioch, 26. “ And the disciples were called Chris* tians first at Antioch.” \ The o: word which is here rendered called, seetns to intimate that they were called Chris* tians by divine appointment, for it gene rally signifies an oracular nomination, or a declaration from God; and to this pur= pose it is generally translated. Hence it follows, that the very.namfi Christian, as well as the thing, was a drnne original; assumed not by a private agreement of the disciples among themselves, but by the ap pointment of God. And it is a remaAa ble fulfilmeut of the prophecies above quo - ted. See Smith’s New Testament Dic tionary, and Dr. Clarke on Acts xi. 26. There is no other name known in heaven, and God will own no other on earth. And so soon as a man forms any other govern ment, or as a disciple of Christ submits to any other in the church, or assumes, or subipits to wear any other name, he by so doing raises a barrier to the unity of God’s r 'family; ami just asfar as they are separa ted from Christians on earth, are tht^ se parated from saints in glory. There are* none but Christians in heaven. A man may have another name, and go to heaven, but no j>thcr can give him admittance. What folly, then, to wear a name on earth, e gates w'hich must be dropped with of heaven. The members of this family are easily distinguished from another large family, called the house of the wicked, and the house divided against itself, of which the Devil is the father. la the house of God is found love, joy, peace long meekn life is enjoyed. . mi m , gei^eness, jpbdiiess, faith, teinpcfecCu aid! the light a#j ricR- there is ! * darkngag. hypocrisy, prevaricalioi lipifJSBtation, adultery, foioiearic cleanness; lasriviouspee# idolatry, craft, hatred, variance, emulation, strife, seditions, heresies* envying* Mm, tfriSikenness ^■■■■■pP^yiUpg, |*y that- do # such things shall jtot inherit the kingdom of God. Though these two fa milies no^ev exist, and on eartb&re grow iil^togeth^r like the tares and die wheat* "the time is coming when the^afth shall be reaped, and the wheat gathered into gar names wntten in heaven j let us lay up our treasure there, Ikat Our hearts and conversation may be there, from whence lishments, ancf ‘attended by many of dignitaries of the church of England, was never^itWfked tK officiate in any of their churches, "although he belonged to the "Scotis^^sUibUshment. Many of the cler gy of the English chunk \v<Md eoi.sijer w(Sloq!v for our Lord Jesfcs Christ shal^ Change our vile bodies, and fas tlHJYyJilvC unfiPliis own gltujous botl iring and kingdom., f** imm\, Va. Marc1. 1#1$44. Dielf, L L D. author of the Chris lilosopher, the Philosophy of Heli the inclines proposed by your ve friend,’ these can be no great , ety in answering them. To the .« Whether Y'|it a minister of tne , V l have to reply*that I have lor :me o'ccctjsioiiCiated as such,

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