ir the poet in the raws his scenes from tHe Bible, ttdver can fail to please; his writingtf^ire always new, Are you pleased with the thunders of eloquence? Here is another inexhaustible source. Some passages of scripture are irresistible. What can be more grand and sublime than^David’s description of the appearance oQBie Most High? “ He bow ed the heavens also, and came down, and darknesp was under his feet: he rode upon the cherub, and did fly; and he was seen upon the wings of the wind.” Do you ask for more such passages? I could quote a volume; but let the description which the Prophet Habakkuck gives of the gran deur of God suffice. “ Before him went the pestilence, and buriflHg coals went forth at his feet; he stood and measured the earth ; he beheld and drove asunder nations; ihe everlasting*moiintains were scattered; the perpetual hills did bow; his ways are everlasting.’* It was such eloquence as made Felix tremble on his throne. But poetry and dogidfece are not the only beauties of the BibleLf^We there find sound science an^ philosophy; there we find history the most perfect; and there, too, we have the biog- ! raphy of many great and learned men. In the Bible, we have the history of him who groaned on Calvary. From that sacred summit a flood of light broke forth upon ord. It was the dawn of redemp superstition fled, affrighted# before the glorious appearance of Christianit; and the church of the living God arose c the ruins of the heathen altars. The ai tomatons of pagan idolatry tumbled to tl dust, and the false deities perished on ( lympus. That glorious gospel which a fected this great work, is contained with the fiiblc- Like the rainbow which hung out in the heavens, it was sent?jj token that God would .be windful of u Glorious token! I rejoice when I reaQj and 1 would recommend it to all my fe low travellers to the grave. The waveja time are rolling on to sweeps sway; an f HE PILGRIM'S MR ACT. BY REvf cHARLES HALL. Tlie May flower on NewAnglt furfd heir letter’d sa* And through her chafed and moaoti»| rt?oud» December's breea**» wait; Tel on Ibat icy deck, behold a meek but daunt less band, ~ vy Who, for the right jp worship God, have left their natijmrJ*fH§s _—_ Afltl to this dreary wilderness this glorious boon they brig|| WJi “ Jl Church without a Bishop- a Stole without a Those diring men.those wherefore do they ... %yi»y rend they all the leiwjjir lie* of kindred and of home? 'IS?^ *Tis Heaven assigns their noble work, man's spirit to unbtnd: MUtey come not for themselves alone^-Abejr come for all mankind; And to the empire of the West this glorious H| boon they bring— “ J Church without a Bishop—« Slate without a King.'9 Then. Prince end Prelate, hope no more to bend them to your sway; Devotion’s fire inflames their breasts, and free doin points their way; And, in their brave hearts* estimate, Uwere better not to be, Than quail beneath a despot, where the uo'il cannot be free; And therefore o’er the wintry wave, those ex iles come to brine «J Church without a Bishop—a State without a King." j£nd at ill their spirit, in their sons*, with free dom walks abroad j The Bible is their only creed—their only i narch, God ! the hand is raised—the word is spoke—the solema. pledge is given— And boldly on oar banner float*- in the tree air of heaven, Ti|e motto of our saiated sires,-and loud we make it ring— •• A Church without a MUhop—a State without m King.** - against too Jiy pursuing a steady course government, severity will very

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