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Re*U?*eD : PHONES : Offite 49
ir MOSEUSV ' "l
Main Street.
! with W. M. Lang.
:f;r-V Graduate Norse
Phone 34, Fnrmville. N. C.
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Crctmrttte. Fsnnrille,
Attarwys-at-Law V:-\f
Formville, N. Carolina.
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Office in Horton Building.
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Office in Long Building; 1
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le,N. C.
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Offlc* over CltUint Bank
PnAkn Wkcttm Swifett *n Desired.
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STUiHO up fiairo in Hud Hard
ware Co's. Building
Fvmville, North Carolina.
Farm ville Motor Gar Go
W. C. COLLIE, Msr. '
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Farmvllle, N. C.
Auto Repairing Especially.
We also repair Stationary Engines om
Shrfrt Notice. Let ua terye you.
Phone No. 85
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1 ""repairing
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F. G. ALLEN, FarmviUe, N. C.
Che&nut, Moore & Baker's
Located on Main Street
Clear. Linens, and Sharp Raton.
Satisfaction Guaranteed,; v.
Evidcftcc mtd?c Case' for lx>th>3tMe $uid De(ens^j|
brief, which is Taken From the Relleclor daily
One ?<? Strongest Fought Cases on Record in P:
County ? Much htteresl Manifested.
' ' -
Testimony all in Widne^da; afternoon? Lawyers Given Fourte<
Hour# to Add. ess Jury, which Ended Thmsday Night ? Judi
. Dan!c'.s Ct.a rgcd Jury Friday Morntaf-PabUc Anxiously Awa
cd the "So Say We All" of the Jury. JPolJudwai Sentenced?
five Years in (he Penitentiary. An Appeal was Taken ai
Pollard Returned Home Friday. Night under $7,060 Bond. J
^ I
First witness for prosecution
lail Friday was Mr. F. S. CorbiH
whose testimony was as follows:
That he went into Pollards
drug store for aclgaT about 16:00
o'clock Saturday night Jan. 17th,
where some boys were.playmgo
punch board. Pollard was be
hind the counter/. Aflcr. a very
started to leave store be heard
someone say "get out of here."
Corbitt then turned and as he' did
so, he heard 1he second com
mand, "get out of hero" and a
revolver report followed imme
diately. Says that there were
only a few seconds from time
Pollard said get out of here and
the firing of- a gun. The two
clinched and 'a second shot was
then fired, and that Pollard had
hold of, the breech . of. the: ?un
and Smith the barrelL He then
wrung tho gun fron i" Smith and
Pollard, while this was going on
Smith said, ''Sam you have shot
meandkiUed me for nothing."
Pollard replied "you have cursed
me enough and I have taken it
my last time." When Smith was
being carried from the stoic be
pulled revolver from his lelt hip
pockot and fired across breast at
Corbitt,. Askew and Belcher
took Mr. Smith home. On way
home Cari Turnage Said that he
would go /or the doctor and
Smith told Turriagehe need not
go for a doctor as he was already
dying. When they got Smith
to hU home he called his wife
by her name and said, "Mollie,
Sam Pollard has shot end killed
me, you need not cut up aboutit
for I am going to die."
On cross examination Corbitt
held to former restimony.
Second witness, Chief Lupton.
of New Bern, to state good char
acter of F. S. Corbitt former wit
ness. Then was called Sheriff
A. C. Gastrins, of New Bern also
to state good chancer of Corbitt
Botfi said same to be good. /A
The fourth was .D. R. Morgdai
(eye vyilness) lie slated that on
Saturday Jan. 17tli, he camc oul
.of barber shop adjoining Pollards
plncc. He saw a number ot boys
standing around thedoor^^^H
.in, ,isMlie did, -he saw Potjifl
fitaniling by the counter witM
nun in his hand and heard him
< ut of hero" to
nnrdfofcfoat moment shot
Tfownrd nIso^9p|K*vj^H
He. stated- that he wasiri Pollard^
drug store on Saturday night Jab.
17th, standing by side of counter
and Flowers, Skinner boys,
Church Perkins and a few others
were in the store and that all the
boys were at a punch board
when Smith entered door, Smith
was walking with hands in side
pants pockets. --
Howard spoke to Smith and
said "Chief, come up and take a
chance," Smith said "no, I am
hot taking any chances tonight."
Howard turned his face toward
punch borad and paid no more
attention. Pollard turned and
walked toward the cash register.
Howard testified that he then
heard a voice say "get ouV
and at that moment a shot was
fired. He turned and saw Pollard
with the revolver in his right
hand and Smith had his left
hand on barrell of the gun, the
two had clinched and another
shot followed. Howard ran out.
When another shot was fired he
returned and heard Pollard ? say
"that Smith had curaed him like
a dog and he had taken it his
last time.",
P. S. Hobgood, an eye witness,
was then called and his. testi
mony "was that on Saturday
night 17th he went into Pollard's
drug tfore to get a package .of
cigarettes and that a number of
boys were landing r-round a
punch board. That Smith was
dandiug in the flore about 12 or
14 feet from Pollard. Hands in
his side pants pockets. That he
hud seen Smith in Turnage's
rftare a few minutes before Pol
ZzZks Gtaocus A. Bryant
M m4 L?? ML Mm* SJ7 V-TLSON, N. C Exp^rienc* : 1W* - ltU
i v..
l>. n -?T tll^L ^ ? - - ?V- - . t ? ? I.
tinvjRmii ww noni nm jvycji UTpmpmi auubikw.
AH Saw?r? HUMS* through thJ? Ctfks?, ?llher by AuKUnti, or My
lurite t*d tttinJ to you and jronr frlnk l)tt cowlcty o# this of floe for
Uforatilo*. or vt% will bo *Iad |o call upon you t! jroor coarcftlcoct
lard went 10 the cigar cote and
.sold Hobgooil a package of cig
arettes. He Parted out. Smith
[was standing near middle of
i^lore. Hobgood -heard Pollard
[say "get out" and turned and
;saw Pollard standing with a re
volver drawn on Smith, and fired
[into him. Ilobgood then ran to
IT urnage's. ilore where found the
bight po)ice and told him that
^Pollard had shot Chief SiQith.
i Seventh witness wns Rufus
Skinner, on eye witness. Smith
canJe in the ?lore with coat un
buttoned and hands in side pants
pockets and one of the boys ask
ed Smith to take a chance and
one of the boys asked Smith to
take, a chance and he replied
that he didn't wimlto. Pollard
moved to the cjgarshow case.
Smith was Landing a little dis
ftanl. Skinner -turned his face to
ihe punch board and in a few
mrifiutes he -heard PoHard say
rgefqutof here" and then fired.
Skinner said bo fled from -the
t The tetftimony of fRoy Skin
?iier and C. S Ik) won, eye wit
Besses for State, was same as
hat of Rufus Skinner. ,
Tenth witness T. C. Turn age.
"he pisftol is produced by Mr.
(image and some of the cham
ps being 3iill loaded. Sheriff
udley was ordered to unload
ime \vhich he did:
Mr.Turnage is Mayor of I'arm
JW>- -ind 8atd- tha) op Saturday"
"i r/ l^th.ahat he was
in a sober condition. About
A ^o'clock Turnnge wns told
that,! S. M. Pollard had shot
.Smnh. Turnage rushed in and
found Mr. Corbiit and Mr. As
kew endeavoring to separate the;
wen. . ' ' ? ? ' ? ? ' ? ' . .
smith said he' has shot mp and
killed^ne for nothing. Mr. Turn
age and Mr. Belcher and Askew
Aahed to take Smith out. Ju?l
before leaving the door Smith
drew a revolver from his left hip
pocket and shot at Pollard. . On
way home Smith remarked sev
eral times that he was going to
die. Turnage says he was in the
bank Monday or Tuesday be
fore the shooting and that Pol
lard came to the window and
as,v.ed what be would sell him a
pi&ol for. Mr. Turnage told
him that he would sell him one
for 10 ner cent profit.
On Monday or Tuesday before
the tragedy, Pollard came in
to Turaage's ?ore to purchase
an automatic gun and Mr. Spiv
ey sold him one. The pi&ol
with which Pollard shot Smith
was brought into court and in
dentified by Mr. Spiyey as the
one sold him Saturday night. He
was at Turnage*s &ore and &ates
that he went to Pollard's drug
Sore about 20 or 25 minutes af
ter shooting had occurred.
Andrew Moore, who te&ified
that he was night police. That
at the time of the shooting he
was in the rear end of Turn
fcge and Co's. Sore and previous
to this time he had talked to
Smith and knew hiin to be in a
sober state. That upon hearing
of the shooting he went immed
mely to Pollards Sore. He enter
ed the drug Sore where he saw
the two men clinched. Pollard
holding the breech of a pUk>l
And Smith the holding the bar
rel. He caught Smith's wrkft
sod tried to part the two when
SfQith said "don't pull my arm
IU(e that. Pollard has shot And
killed me for nothing,' and Pol
hud said that Smith liad cursed
h|A to everything that he could
think of end that he had put up
Mb if his lail time. The two
men -were then seperated and
Smith was carried from the
?torc. That when near the door
Smith drew a revolver from his
left hip pockct and turning, fired
at Pollard.
Mrs. T. II. Smith, who testi
fied that she was the wife of the
late T. H. Smith. That on the
night of Saturday J7, her hus
band was brought home and he
told that Sam Pollard bad shot
him to death without giving
him any show and it was a cow
ardly trick. Mrs. Smith further
testified that her husband was
not intoxicated on the night of
With this the prosecution reel
ed its case and the witnesses for
the defense were called an<f
sworn. ?<. ; J
* The FirA witness for the de
fense Dr. D. R. Tayloe, of the
Washington Hospital, Waffiag
ton, t-f C." who testified. JfiTiat
T. H. Smith arri ved 'at his hos
pital between .4 and 5 o'plpck
Sunday morning January '"loth.
That when Smith reached hos
pital he was in a conscious and
rational giate. That examined
and found that he had 2 wounds,
one in the left side of the abdom
inal region and the ball taken
from victims .body was a 32 cali
bre fleel ball
?. M. Pollard loos ^and at
4:10 P. M. whose testimony was:
That he was 42 years?of age,
bom in Fahnville, fived there 'til
18 ^esirs, old went to U. ?. Army
served e^ven years, 3 months,
Furamlle, this was 1901, where
he'has lived since then. Married
Delphia L. Belcher October 30,
1902. After went to Farmville
he was Traveling salesman for
about two years. Then ran a
grocery &ore for 1 1-2 years.
Then ran a bar-room to 1908.
oecn running arug store jince
bar closed. That he had Unown
T. H. Smith for about ton years.
On Saturday night January 17tb,
he was in his &ore conducing
his business. That a few minutes
prior to the shooting, Perkins,
Flowers, Howard were in &ore.
Perkins was cleaning floor.
Flowers landing by large win
dow in front. There were 5 or
6 playing a punch board which
was on snow case parrallel with
window, when Smith . came in
door Pollard was landing by
this show case, he turned to put
some money in the cash register
and then went to cigar case to
wait on some one. One of. the
boys asked Smith to come and
take a punch. He said "No, I'm
not taking any chances tonigt."
He' then walked toward the case
where Pollard was landing.
Pollard said "Smith I told you
not to come in my place, so get
out." Smith said I wont go any
where. Upon this Pollard shot
him, fearing that his own life
was endangered. Immediately
after the shot was fired. Smith
grabbed the barrell of Pollard's
pi&ol and Pollard caught him
around the neck with the left
arm. While they were in the
clinch, the gun fired (he sec
ond time. That Will AskSw
came in and he called him to
take Smith's right arm to keep
him from getting out his own
piSol, saying that he would net
shoot Smith again anyway. Sev
eral men took Smith and ear
ned him toward the door and
upon nearing the door he drew
a revolver from his left hip pock
et and tired at Pollard. Pollard
Sates that he kept eyes upon
Smith'* hands from time he en
tered until t>not was fired. Says
to have had four notices during
'continued on 2nd page)
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all points North and Weil.
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mediate Nations.
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We& Pullman Stepping" Car"
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H. S. Leard,
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Admission 10 c.
> . ?
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at the
Agent for
National Life Insurant! C?.
of Monlpeller, iff., Eatna
Fire, and other Jbe*f tire ;
Insurance Companies.
; " " .r
? * T, y.i * *"? ?* ? i??W 1 ,.*i ? '-?Ji

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