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the present
(concluded faun first page)
come Mr. Uamstrable C
When you, Mk Average
zen, tell the tnitfc about .
property, it willdo no good
your neighbor, Mr. Undesirable
Citizen. '' to teff t lie about fbis
property, because when the
books shoiw truly; what the pro
perty of Mr. Average Citizen is
worth, this evidence will clearly
and coftcfttfivefcshow what the
property Of Mrtf&dfesiraMe Citi
zen is worth. The local and dis
trict assessors, when they come,
to fix the yalue.df property, win
be governs by the sworn state
ment oC $ir. Average Citizen.
And wbten yfctf, Mr. Average'
Citizen; tell the unvarnished
truth aboift ytfur property, that
truth wilt wipe out every ine
quality . ia
taction in North
Carolina. > Tru^. values are al
ways equal values; but the great
est expert jcaoqot equalise a ser
ies of frlsehoods.
When wl the property in the
State s&|tf he ^Jac$rf on the
books at ill Sue value, many
benefits wflT a<?rue to you, Mr.
Average Sitizea^
1. Yei^. will, have the great
satidactio* of knowinarihat the
record written bf all the people
of the Sta& ia a. true record and
not a liable on the common
wealth. Thia^fcnowledge, *ill
wonderfully strengthen the mor
2. YouLvillSow that every!
discrimination k in taxation is'
wipcd-^otf aixtthat every citizen
is carrying his<iair part ol the
burden. : * . ? k*
3. As the values go op the
rate of taxatio& 'will go down,
4. The>jGeneraf, Assembly has
made a pledge, not to collect,
under the proposed true vafuea
tion ol pcoperl?jK?venues greater
than ten pgrceat in excess of the
revenues gcoU&ted under the
Tallies. This means
dry law advocates
" -r';v . rZjPr*
^':v? . i - I . : ' -1
(concluded from page 1)
-wetof assertm* ttort #|f outd j
merely permit jthe A-ery it ..
President as commander is chief
of the army had said was best
for (he next sixmoitibs.
After two and iiisee quarters
per cent beer had been bowed
over by a record vote of 151 to
gft? and tbfr was about the relaj
[five division on all amendments
? the prohibitionists went after
aootber amendment by Repre
sentative Igoe, Deippcrat. of
r Mobile, which would have
stricken out ail definition of ^in
toxicants . killing the proposal
128 to 83. ?>-_ __
There was the utmost confu
sion at times, despite vigorous
whacks with a gave), and some!
of the prohibition leaders ap- '
plauded every move in their
favor, The galleries, filled large
ly with women, and otficers of
anti-liquor organizations broke
into applaus when #he House
roared its disapproval of two
and three quarter per cent beer.
And then, when it seemed the
majority was dreary of voting
dowg eVeiy proposal by the
other point tf^ouder were
raised,- tiri some motions, de
signed to make 4b? law less r
drastic, were picked up' by the|
nape of the neck, as members
expressed it and bodily threw -it
~ - ?
(concluded from page 1)
(hem are camping in theC^ftps
Elysees and around the Palace
d* 1'Etoile, where they are keep
in* company with the special
night guards over fhe Ceno
taph to the dead in the tfar.
In all the squares of the line of
march the gaiety which was
dampened Saturday night by the
wot in fuli vent tonight, the
I ' ? '- 't .-'?K V ? ^ * ^ i ? ? ' I
i The Rest Is Sfleoce.
' "Why b it Sam, thai one sever
heats. of a darky committiog fui
ride?" inquired lhe Northerner.
uWeJ?, yob tee. it's disawaT
bom Whec a white pusson has
any trouble he set down aa* gits
tostudyw' *bout it an' worryin'.
Then firs' thing you know he's
done kitted hisstfr But when a
1 || ii i> ? n anln finmn 4*^ |l? m f
negro sets cHtto to toiDK iioui ;
his troubles, whyr hejes' nacfaer
ly joes -: to sleep^Pittsburg
Chronicle- Telegraph.
? inform the
9:30 p. nv when Miss Bessie
Mae Cason ww Wedded lo Mr.
[Jones Wellington Boomer.
> Tbe corfor scheme, which were
the Rainbow colors, was carried
out very effectively. The church
being decorated io cut* flowers
and peas.
As the strains of Lohengrin's
Wedding chorus was beautifully
played by Mrs. Morton and soft
ly sung by the Camp Fire Mis,
the two cousin^ tkto'Hm*
Lonnie Rasberry and Theimi
Jones, entered strowing flowers
as they went. Next came Miss
Isabelle Boomer from Lake
Landing; N. G, sister of the
groom, wearing * blue evening
dress with a blue tujle bair dress
can^iiura fan with sweet pea
showers and Miss Emily.MitcheJl
of Washington, N. G, dressed in
blue and gold With gold hair
dress aiuf fan with sweet pea
shower. Then Messrs. Angus
Cox, of WaJAinftt&and Sam]
Flanagan of Farmville, came.
Bottoming were Miss SaMie Jack
too of Greeaylle, Nl C, wear-l
ing ptnk and j^een with pink
hair-dress and fan showers, and
Miss Olivia Rasbeoy of Farm
ville in With pink Julie
besr on hair and fan with show I
ere Of sweet peas. Then enter
ed Messrs. Alfred Flanagan of I
Farmvilie, and; Ariel Ca0o.
Next came the tittle ring-bearer, |
Andy Noe, carrying the ring on
a staff of valuable holly hocks,
The dame of honor followed*
who ws? Mrs. J. N. Payne oil
Washington, N. C., dressed in !
white and gold wearing half ]
length veil. Miss Katie Cason,
maid of honor, followed dressed
in Orchid with orchid tulie Itak
bow and fan with showers. The
bride then entered on tbe arm of
her father, dressed in white
-v ?- :l : xraAwyf: ^5
? Tfcey left
lea of a weft bi
jho never boasJ
Among the numerous things
thai sre not wliat they are crack
ed upio be is a broken premise.
; A Jjeaius is iusually eccentric
but cs eccentric person isn't
necessarily a genius. ; > ^
? ?
Ejpsrieuce is ihe^idtesl thai
enables us to distinguish between
good advice and bad. ^ :y
Wige? Skinnum if^.
boastUig: of his popularity. He
iifRv much sought after?
Wagg-^o is an escaped co^
Lambs rush in Wall Staeet
-When Ihe old sheep fear to trea<kj
Notice is hereby given that J.
F. Harris ha* sold his interest in
the.firmdf Tyson & Harris to
C. A. Tyson, who assumes all
debts ancf liabilities created by
said partnership, abd all debts
due to and* owing by the said
firm will received land paid re
spestively by <3L A* Tyson, ep
cept $125.00 due^tbe Princi cola
Co. which is assumed J. F.
This the 10th day July, 1919.
State of North Carolina,
In the
and the defendant wijtf further
take notice that she Ji required
to appear at tfie ferm of Superior
Courtof PiltCou^tytobeheMi
ty, Greenville, North Carolina,
and answer or demur to the
complainf#*W;K& action or
the plaintiff will wply to the
Court lor the relief demanded
injsaid complaint. I
This tbe
There are
??. w >:*??,? . c-a ? ? *v
h a g<
strong Bank may be of vaJ^e to you.
ver we may be of
.??WWV- -V-'
i C<?f> o<?l<Ant tA ^Mirt fnf fKfl nilKlir
A State 8c
Greenville, N^C.
? ": ' . ? - i ' ? -
k- :? ? ? *?? ??? .? -?->-? - '
V". . ? ' V;"-.
is in the
are -
> aid THE
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