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II 12th Street and A. C. L. Railroad Track, ' SOUTHERN PINE COMPANY, North Carolina, j;
The Farmville Enterprise
.Published by_
G. A. Rouse, Editor and Manafer
Mrs. J. L. Shaekleford, Society Editor
Subscription Price
One Year *1-50
Sfrrc Months .75
Three Months
Advertising Rates
Funished on Application to Manager
Entered as second class trail matter
May the 10th, 1910, at the postoffice
at Farmville, North Carolina, under
the Act of March 3rd, 1878.
FRIDAY, MAY 16, 1924.
Blessed are the merchants who ad
vertise because they believe in it and
in their business, for their prosperity
shall increase many fold. y
Blessed are the country corres/
pondents who send in their well writ
ten items every week; for fame of
their friendly neighborhoods shall go
abroad in the land. : . \
Blessed is the woman who sends in
a written account of a party or wed
ding; for she shall see the details of
the function and the names of her
guests correctly reported.
Blessed are all those who do not
expect the editor to know everything
but who up and tell him when
ever an interesting event occurs to
them; for they shall have a newsy
paper in their town.
Blessed are they who get their copy
in early for they shall occupy a
warm place in the editor's heart.
Blessed are all those who co-oper
ate with the editor in his efforts in
behalf to the commuinty; for their
town shall be known far and wide as
a good place in which to live.?Bar
ron, Wis., News.
"I Should Slap A Rabbit."
Harry Thaw is just crazy to con
trol his five millions. There are two
BITS at evidence that may hurt him,
NesBITS and BahBITS-both parties
"squealed" on him. Looks Iflte h$
will lose by ? "hare's breath.*VHe
will probably see red, a*, ha* wont
"stan-for-white." C-Anyway, its late
season for a "Thaw-out."
All la Favor Say?
Two pretty girls kissed when they
met in the postoffice the other day.
Two men were standing near.
First man: "Fin opposed."
Second man: "Opposed to what?"
First man: "Women doing men's
Cr*. UoutovUt: TkU nowtfoPtr vM
htiiish "HilfjulHrntr mtkii form * roo
alar iMmrii. Wo rajgttl you cNf iku
* ? miJ h ? it m iS iau ? iifr aMkM
CffVWI flWP ywJi* *9 |V JQ%r TJClyw <7w?.
Vines.?A glass receptacle is the
best thing that can be used to grow
vines and slips in, as this allows
the son to get at their roots.
? ? ?
White Leather.?To clean white
leather bags, belts, etc., use oxide
of zinc.
Corn.?An easy way to restore
silk form corn is by using a veget
able brush. ;t i
- ?? ? : T:
link.?If your canary refutes to
take his bath just sprinkle ? few
seeds on top of the water, and be -
will be drawn to his tab. ? \
m 0..0 ;
Trouble Savem?A pile of ndw?>
papers kept in one corner of the
v kitchen will save much trouble if
nsed to set soiled JfjrtftfV';'-v t
, ? ? *
MSk.?It it said that if mjflc it
heated ontC it is lukewarm and 1
: K then suddenly cooled there will be
v V modi more cream. ^
gM Pexch Stains.?A peach stain is ?
done, however^' if these directLc^
wo&s if I
the stain is very^old. j
| . Chance at Dempsey J
Harry Wills, giant American
?negro heavyweight, who for years
has been a contender for Dempsey's
title, gets his chance September. ?
at Boyle's SO Aires, in Jersey City.
Tex Rickard will stage the contest
DR>fi^E. PnTM^N^'
Bank of Fajnmlle^B^jlding
Office 114 -^ONES? Reikis''
How gladly I j welcome the
verdant spring onion, that sheds
o'er my gardenf its capable
breath. It's goo/ fer my cold?
or to poultice iny bunion, and
helps to postpone when I'm
Sire in' with death! Its virtues so
rare,' lhat I g{adly repeat 'em,
although they are easy and well
understood,?I Xdiallenge the
strongholds of sconce V^beat
'em in uplift, exclusion, perfum
ery and food! What matter if
friends an' companions forsake
me, or face t'other/ray when I -
toot my bazoo ? ,Qf course 1*11
repent?if my srnarovertake me,
and set by mywl in a far
corner pew. . . /Let neighbors
insult me byholflin' their noses,
and kin tin* thai "polecats is on
tile increase"?/the onion dent
any mental hy rteric that enters
my kitchen ai ' fools with my
haslH1 ? '?
t \ ? 1 i * J
( S*?MI6 yj
- ?-n
After numerous ea quests, I am anK
nouncing myself a candidate for Repr.
resentative to the Legislature, subject
to the Democratic primary, and as!
the support of .all tine Democratic
voters of the counter
J. Farmville, N. C.
I hereby announce myself a candi
date for Representative! in General
Assembly of North Carolina, subject
to the action of the Democratic Pri
mary. I will appreciate your vote
and support /
I beg to aimounde my candidacy for
re-election as Treaiurey6f Pitt Coun
ty, subject to the aki^n of the Demo
cratic primary. .1 amreciate the sup
port given me imtiiepast, and I trust
that my record Jn omce is sufficient
Aor me to ask your vote and1 support
ih the coming primary, assuring you
jftiat the same will be appreciated.
I want to be County Jjrdge because
I stand for Law and Order, for Ser
vice above Self, and Yor the adminis
tration of the lawVith fairness and
impartiality to Ydn without undue
harshness to anjj and with special
favors to none.
I hereby annotBfcesmyself as a can
didate for the office\f Register of
Deeds for Pitt County,) subject to the
approval of the Democratic primary.
I will greatly appreciate your support
and I shall be glad J6 render my very
best service to Op people of my
county.if nomira/ed and elected to
I use this method,, to ad^se the
subject to the action of the Derac
cratic Primary I will continue to do
my utmost to Yulfill thp^requirements
expected of nu as to/fhe enforcement
of all laws an< other duties that be
long to me. jriU appreciate your
vqte and supp in the coming pri
mary, and stand ready to serve all
people alike.
After mature conBideratioa; I have
decided to become a candidate to
succeed myself aa Registorof Deeds
for Pitt county, subject/to the Demo
cratic primary to bar held in June.
Xn making this announcement, Iwant
to thank my friejodB for their support
of me in the paMrand express, at the
same time, my pope that the serviee
which I have been able to render has
justified the confidence placed in roe
by the electorate of the county. If
nominated and elected, my constant
aim and desire will be to render the
best service possible at all times and
to all the people. ,
I desire to announce to the voters
of Pitt County mjydandidacy for the
office of Judge if the County Court
of Pitt County/with the assurance
that if elected h -will faithfully and
impartially discharge the duties of
this office to the best of my ability.
I will appreciate very much your
support of me in the Primary.
W. A. DARDEN, Attorney.
To The Democratic Voters of Pitt
I am a candidate for the office of
Judge of the County Court to succeed
myself in the coming primary and
will appreciate your support I an.
a candidate on my record as Judge
of the County Court. In the per
formance of the duties of this office
I have endeavored to enforce law
without fear or favor, and n&intair
for the county a (court whifch would
demand the respect and admiration of
the entire citizenships / have faith
fully served the pe<Me and if re
nominated I shall continue to conduct
the court and enfojft the laws as 1
have heretofore. \J - '
I believe I have satisfactorily serv
ed the people, and I am asking for
the honor of this office again in order
to continue render pffijHc service ;
By virtuim ih? powel contained
in a certain Wtgage executed by
Cap Barnes add Tom Barnes to R. L.
Davis, on thrf21st day of November
1919, duly recorded in the Registry of
Pitt County jn Bdok C-18 at page 810,
default having been made in the pay
ment of theapotes secured therein.
The undersigned will sell at -public
sale before thtt 'Courthouse door in
the Town of Greenville, N. C., *to the
highest bidder Nr Cash on Monday
the 16th day hi June 1924, ?at 12
o'clock noon, tfiej following described
tract of land, flying and being -in the
Town of FarWle, County of Pitt,
and State of l\ofth Carolina, descrfb
ed as follows, Wwit:- ?
Situated in tint Town of Farmville,
on East side of IMain Street, in front
of the Townseip Ware-house beginn
ing at Arnold fcpree's cornea, runn
ing Eastward^ with Arnold Dupree's
I line 195 iei to back line; thence
Southward al right angles 75 feet to
Lassiter's copier; thence with Lisslt
eris line 135 fedt to Main Street;
thence Norifward with Main street 75
feet to the beginning.
Said sale tmade to satisfy said in
debtedness ?cwed by said purchase
money mortgage, v. . ? ?
This the 15th of May 152$-;
.fahpetaoin etaoin etaoinetaoin aoin
-V R. I- Mortgagee, ;
John Hill Paylort Attorney.; . f
-i.. , - " ?
;.'vt "A*#*'-5 Vm.. 1im?I
note secured t^ eretjv ^ before the^ jj
16th day of
at 12* oClock noon; the fol
-2 JUrjl,
*'.* * *5* ? ??
Poetic genius draws, perhapsT the big
gest load of handicaps . . . She tots her
inspiration soar to haunted realm or
tuneful shore. . . . She revels where the
skies is blue, and paddles some in lore'*
canoe. . . . She seeks Ambrosia's honied
bowers, and tastes the wine, And gathers
flowers. . . . She fittr where boss-mint
-scents the dell?fur off from Sordid busi
ness-hell?But, her shinin' light grows
mighty dim, when a wood-tick bites her
on the limb 1
Poetic genius soar* aloft; |n search of
somethln' sweet an4 soft. , . . She seldom
condescends to go among the bunjbly,
meek or low. . . . She covets wild ambi
tion's crown, while sodden ballast holds
her down.... She finds some tawdry, ple
bian thing that shatters her angelic wing.
. -a . Its mighty hard to court the muse,
whan Holly wants some better shoes , . j
or, monkey with a sweet romance, when ?
? Bobby needs a-jpisif.'of'pants!
r..fv.ii, _y J it LTII Jfi
? SIK WOK-flBuRr ? tO Dcw - IKI
j^Wn ^ ?ai ghmM^ fe I
fc_ Abb
l4** ? *r*#wlr?4M"|jpiW BAg^HA
We Spind, AUo Save-Full Beard at 4-Wiiy Except
Laborer*??Old Men Clave Learning?Money in tne didic
5v-!s'w.' *W?? *wnr-5?f? P+>.- -"V r*.. ? _ .
fa?. ? . ""V- .V u/?\a\%T . '
Americans are saving money as
never before, and prohibitionists
will find comfort and ammunition
in that.
Savings bankdepoaita increased
last year one billion one hundred
and forty million, a good deti of
money, and that*s only ? small part.
Other hundreds of millions were
invested in real estate, bonds,
stocks, etc. In the world's history
there a nothing like the way in
which the American people both
SPEND money and SAVE money.
Savings average thirty million
dollars /a day, about thirty cents
a- day for every man, woman and
child?not bad. .
Yet you have pessimists predict
ing hard times and sensible busi
ness men actually frightened by
their own talk about "a bad Presi
dential year."
We are indeed "fearfully and
wonderfully made," and well may
we praise the Lord. What horri
ble things MIGHT happen if our
glands ran wild, as in the case of
a little Russian boy four years old.
He wears a full beard and has such
abnormal power that he wrestles
successfully with grown men and
must be watched lest he strangle
bis playmates, having the brain of
a child and no realization of power.
Doctors say the unfortunate boy
has excessive development of vari
ous glands, especially the thyroid.
Marvelonsly we are balanced,
and we should be grateful. At the
Equator, temperature 140, or the
North Pole, 50 below zero, the
temperature of your blood remains
the same, not a change of one de
gree, while outside temperature
changes two hundred degrees.
And the earth, that fioating hot
house in which you live, sails
through frightfully cold ether per
manently at "absolute zero," cold
. inconceivable to us, and we are
protected from it '
Washington predicts that portal
employes will get an increase of
$800 a year, "all except laborers."
WHY except the laborers T , Their
children eat as much, wear ont as
many shoes as others. The Gov
?eminent can afford to pay its work
ers well, and should remember that
the child of a laborer may he the
moat important citizen or the fu
ture, ana, anyhow, should be well
. -fed. Kcata, the poet, worth ten
million average human beings wu
the aen of a livery stable groom.
The Governor of Connecticut,
past fifty, "will enter Yale Univer
sity, to specialise in Watery and
psychology when his torn ends,
and that in normal. At fifty, men
really want knowledge and value
it. In early youth they crave ex
ercise and excitement.
In childhood we lock them up in
schools, forcing knowledge into
them fay a pumping process, when
they ought to be oot of doors. And
when they are old we turn them
out into the golf fields and let them
make geese of themselves, when
they really ought to be studying.
The Labor Government of Eng
land has abolished all duties on'
automobiles, motor cycles, moving
picture films and watches?and
that, in spite of Great Britain's
terrific war debt.
This highly intellectual Ameri
can Republic is planning a tax on
radio sets, which is about as intel
ligent as it would be to tax school
books or new ideas. To allow
twenty billion dollars' worth of se
curities to go untaxed and put a
tax on horgan ingenuity is foolish,
to put it-mildly.
Mason J. Aldrich bought a Bible
at auction for twenty-five cents,
and found nr it two bills, one for
$100, the other for $2." A wonder
ful bargain, newspapers call it But
there are better things than $102
to be found in any Bible. There is
salvation, most important, and if
you are more interested in money
than salvation, as some are, you
[can even make money by reading
the Bible.
Isaiah, Job, the Pialms stimu
late the mind, make the brain work.
A stimulated mind succeeds,
whether in making money, or
avoiding sin.
"To lend dignity to their bobbed
heads," English women wear fil
lets of green and gold, or little
spikes, in Goddess of Liberty fash
ion. The real dignity of a bobbed
head, is a.well shaped skull. Noth
ing is more dignified than the sym
metrical head of an intelligent
woman, bobbed or not Eventually
aU woman will est their hair in
such fashion as to show the whole
forehead, the ears and the shape
of the back bead. But i> wDI V\f;e
tlm - to get used to it.
for thrstate senate
I hereby annouhcemyeelf a candi
date for the State^ehate, subject to
the action of the Democratic primary.
a m. jones.
for treasurer.
.. ; :ab '
I hereby amounce myself a Can
didate for the^fice of Treasurer 'I
Pitt County, and appreciate your
vote in the prinuw of June 7th.
near Falkland alibut 10 days ago a
Black Mare Afyile 4\year? eld weight ?
1000 lbs. v Any information appre
ciated. Suitable refelfcd.
R. Wiliams
Gretoville, N. G.
bank/Nipt sale.
In The District Court of The United
States for the Eastern District of
North CurolinaV
In the Matter offF. L. Shirley $ros.
Co. and F. L. Shirley, G. M. Shirley
and W. C. HinWi, Individually.
Under the poweAvested in me as
Trustee of F. L. Shirley Bros. Co. and
F. L. Shirley, G. M. Snirley and W. C.
Hinson, individually, /Bankrupts, and
in pursuance tc an/order made by
Hon. Joseph B. Chefcsire, Referee in
Bankruptcy, in the above entitled ac
tion, dated at Ralefeh, N. C., on the
22nd day of April, U924, I will offer
for sale, at public action, to the high
est bidder, for cash,Nat the place of
business formerly occupied by F. L.
Shirley Bros. Co., in 1 the Town of
Walstonburg, N. C., oi the 19th day
of May, 1924, at 10:00? o'clock, A. M.,
a number of Tobacflp Co-operative
Association certificate and a number
of Fisheries Products Company shares
of stock; and all oflthe uncollected
accounts and notes receivable in the
hands of the Trustee or the said Bank
rupts. ? i
Said sale will be made subject to
the confirmation of the said Referee
in Bankruptcy and 10 per ccr.t deposit
required by purchaser until confirma
tion. I
This the 6th day of Way, 1924.
T. C. TURN AGE, Trustee.
?The Rouse Way-Til Right . Way
' f "Tr"-. V '' ' <' ? ? > h
/ A Welcome Member \
/ \ of the Fajmly. \
/ ) A MOTOR cat is never mofe appreciated thsn in
/ Ol<; springtime Its convenience and enjoyment
/ arc shared by all the familvjrand by speeding up die
/ day's wok, it provides m<rt time for recreation. i
/ A Ford jdkWng Car provides every motor car pssen- J
I tial at thflEjhfest pricjr for which a five passenger car /
I hat ever sold Vapripfepnly piade possible by complete I
I manufacture, i\rrymendou3 volume, in the largest and I
I most economical operated plant* in the automobile - J
I Efficiency o^mannbeture ? accurately reflected in the /
? I ? quality and^irice oAhe Ford Touring Car J
^^dbf Stdan ? *68vC All prices f o b Detroit J
Yon can buy any moderoy making a small down- /
. - nfiyment arranging easterns for the balance j
>Or you can buy on our JVeekly Purchase Plan. /
\ /
\ / See The Nearest Authored Ford Dealer. J
m 7
I t DgZiUS ? w

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